General News and Updates

This past weekend I added a second translator ( On Takahashi) to help Nomi with translations. He’s primarily going to be focused on finishing the translations for the first two chapters of volume 8. Since he enjoys reading the series, I’m currently waiting for him to catch up on reading volumes 5 through 7 before he begins translations for the first two chapters of volume 8. He should hopefully be caught up by the end of this week.

In terms of experience, he has done translations for Mitsubishi, Japan Rail, and various video game companies. He’s also translated several shoujo manga, and has done translations for Macross Frontier as well as Re Zero.

Nomi will be starting the translations for the volume 11 prologue this week.

In terms of updates.

I added the second part of volume 8 chapter 2 and I also added the fourth part of volume 9 chapter 4. I also posted the volume 11 summary. Keep in mind it isn’t completely finished yet and is missing several details.

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