Chapter 1: Master-Servant Vow with an All Too Beautiful Goddess

Part 1


Master-slave vow.


That is, the deepest subordination one could give to one’s master.


It is the ultimate form of master-servant relationship, which could only be reached between a master who’s prepared for his subordinate to belong completely to him and a subordinate who could vow their body and heart entirely to their master.


On the other side of the unbelievable power that came with it, is a forbidden relation that could not be erased — those who could reach this master-slave vow are close to none among those whose souls are tied together by the master-slave magic.


Hence, up till now it had been seen as nothing more than a legend and fairytale.


—- However, the master-slave vow exists.


The reason is that Hasegawa Chisato witnessed the fulfilment of such vow right before her very eyes.


And five of them too.


Toujou Basara, who became the absolute master within the space that Hasegawa had created.


The girls who became absolute slaves, Naruse Mio, Naruse Maria, Nonaka Yuki, Nonaka Kurumi and Zest.


—- It was Hasegawa who had recommended the vow to them.


In the ancient past — those expelled from the divine realm became demons, and swearing revenge on the divine realm, came the great power from the master-slave contract magic.


For a divine being like Hasegawa, this wasn’t a knowledge she was privy to.


But, knowing that Basara had tied a contract with Mio, Hasegawa went to collect the information.


Basara is the child of Hasegawa’s —- of Afureia’s beloved cousin Raphaeline, who had her divine power stripped from her as she was sealed away. A miracle born from Jin of the heroes, Sapphire the sister of previous demon lord Wilbert, and Raphaeline.


If it’s for Basara’s sake, Hasegawa had resolved to do everything she can.


To Hasegawa Chisato, Basara is an irreplaceable person.


Hence, finding Basara adorable for not doing it just when they’re pushed into a corner by an enemy, but also to relieve Mio and the others when they fall into their aroused state, yet still repressing his own desire as a man —- seeing that Basara, she could not repress her own desire and entered the bath with him.


Just a bit of mischief. But, Basara washed her breasts lewdly, and even though she held no previous experience with men or desire for romance, Hasegawa felt an uncontainable ecstatic pleasure… Without realising it she kissed Basara.


At her, Basara was unable to control his urges… Hasegawa let Basara do as he desired with her body, then she put his member between her breasts and serviced him.


It was her first time. For someone to make such an impression as a man towards her.


Hasegawa was unable to contain her welling feelings for Basara.


When Sakasaki Mamoru — Ornis, caused an incident that made Brynhildr run unchecked, and knowing that Basara and the others had to go to the demon world, Hasegawa asked Basara for a secret relationship of a man and woman between them. And then, fulfilling her own feelings as a woman, and for Basara to release his desire, Hasegawa bestowed divine protection upon him.


There was benefit in it, with Basara getting through the decisive battle with the current demon lord that unfolded in the demon world, being more resolute and returned to Hasegawa’s side.


—- On the flip side, she held a cold-heartedness she did not hold to this extent before.


Worried for that Basara… Hasegawa asked him for a hot spring trip. There, he asked for her to tell him about his own birth and about herself — hence, Hasegawa bared it all. How Basara was born, and of her true form.


She had always kept quiet about it. She had always lied about it, yet Basara was so kind.


He thanked her and spoke on how she’s precious to him too.


She could no longer hold back… Hence, Hasegawa tied both a contract to connect him with part of her divine powers, as well as tying the master-slave contract with him. Altering the time flow within a barrier, in what flows like a year she lewdly fell into being Basara’s sex slave.


With that, Basara’s power increased, and Hasegawa became a new trump card for Basara.


But even with that, Shiba Kyoichi managed to surpass Basara.


The strength of the man Basara must take down —- of Shiba Kyoichi, was truly that fearsome.


Shiba has absorbed and corrupted within him Togami Reginleif, manifested Kouryuu within the barrier he had created through the divine weapons, the four gods, and his power in the five elements continued to grow.


To win against Shiba, simply reaching the master-slave vow wasn’t enough.


Mio and the others, all five of them have an element they’re in charge of – converting that to power and sending it through to Basara, flowing it so it’s compatible within him so he could fight on par with Shiba. With this much, in terms of skills and strategy, Basara should be able to fight on the same playing field as Shiba.


It was a risk. Against Shiba who has had everything sorted, Basara had to make miracles happen five times in a row.


Even so — Basara managed to reach the five vows splendidly.


Hasegawa watched as miracles happened one after another.


And then, even though she felt happiness for Basara and the other girls’ attainment of this new strength, what occurred in Hasegawa’s chest was a painful feeling of loneliness of herself being the only one left out in this.


—- Because at this point, Hasegawa can’t give Basara her virginity.


If they add Hasegawa’s power, they would then ruin the five elemental compatibility that was built by Mio and the others.


That’s why she has to endure it. That’s why she thought she could endure it.




When she came face to face with Basara in the changing room after he washed off the sweat from his intercourse with Mio and the others, she was unable to contain her welling feelings.


Even without tying the master-slave vow —- Hasegawa’s feelings for Basara are absolute.


She shouldn’t have to repress that.


Hence — Even if it’s just kisses, Hasegawa piled them on Basara’s lips.


Basara allowed that of Hasegawa, and wrapped his arms around her waist,


“Haah… mmm, chuu… nmm… aah, Basara, nchuu… chuu ♥”


And now Hasegawa, in Basara’s arms, lost herself in the lewd kisses.


Having just bathed, Basara was naked. Hasegawa was in a babydoll so sheer it was transparent.


As they exchanged body heat with the sensation of their bodies, and with just how their tongues intertwined lewdly, she understood.


Basara’s power as he reached the vow with Mio and the others, had now surpassed that of her own.


“…Amazing… Basara, you’ve gotten to this point…”


At the might of her master who has achieved this transformation, as she kissed him, she shook in pleasure.


With that —- At her who was as such, Basara did more to her.


As they kissed, he moved his left hand down from her waist to her butt, then his right hand at her back to the front to softly fondle her chest.


Hasegawa, who already had felt so much from just the kiss nipples stood,


“Mm, aah… Basara, chuu… haah… no… mmm, aaah”


Her chidings had melted sweeter than anything.


With a lewd pleasure that made her tremble, Hasegawa couldn’t stop the lewd happiness that’s overflowing from herself.


For a woman who had completely fallen into being a sex slave, there is no way that they would not feel joy at their master’s affection.


With the tempo of the immodest thrusts of her waist, the right strap of her babydoll fell, and in that way, it slowly showed her breasts… Exposing the lewd shape of her erect nipples.


With that,




At Basara whose lips parted from hers, so close that they share a breath,


“Basara… Mm, no… If you do more than this…”


Though it’s a feeling she can’t suppress, even so thinking of stopping —- it was at that time.




Suddenly, there was a sensation at Hasegawa’s crotch.


Looking at it, Basara’s member which had ejaculated inside Mio and the others, was once again hard.


However, it was not Basara’s penis that Hasegawa knows of, it was completely different in size than Basara’s member which she had serviced with her mouth, hands and breasts.


“…It can’t be… Basara, can’t be this big…”


As a side effect of the master-slave vow with Mio and the rest, Basara’s penis had grown to an even more impressive size. At the overwhelmingness of it,




Hasegawa gulped down unconsciously, and she was unable to take her eyes off it.

Basara’s member, with his arousal, throbbed lewdly.


“….Wait. Just now, Naruse and the others are calling”


Hasegawa was flustered as she turned her heels back towards the bedroom, and Basara took grasp of her right wrist.




The gaze of Basara who called out to her again, was without a doubt one that wished for service from her, as he grasped on to her wrist, he led her hand down to his crotch.


With that, Hasegawa could feel the hot sensation of Basara’s hardness, and at that the manly sensation against her,


“….Ah, aaah….”


Hasegawa simply submitted. Though she knows she can’t go for more than this —- but if Basara wished for it, she could no longer suppress her feelings.


—- Hence, she could no longer deny him.


Her eyes filled with sensuality, she drew a seductive smile on her face,


“Doing this…. At this rate you won’t be able to think up of strategies straight”


Leave it to me — saying that, she slowly moved her hand and began to stroke Basara’s member.


—- How to pleasure Basara, that is something Hasegawa Chisato is familiar with.


Hence Hasegawa, moved her wrist as her slender fingers lewdly worked on Basara’s shaft all the way up to the head, rubbing on it. With that, soon, a bit of pre-cum began to leak from the tip of Basara’s penis. Using the sticky, transparent substance as lotion, the service from Hasegawa’s hand was lascivious. Soon with that, she could feel even the veins of Basara’s penis’ hardness, and the shape of the head which thrust into the insides of a woman mercilessly, as it stands lewdly up.


“…Amazing, to this extent…”


With the increase in size, Basara’s penis felt even more lewd, the aroused Hasegawa, without thinking, began kissing Basara. Basara replied back, kissing with his tongue, further, he groped Hasegawa’s now exposed left breast.


“A,aah… Mm, chuu… Basara… haah, chupu… nchuu ♥”


Hasegawa who moaned sensually, has her hands move even more lewdly to service. With that, Basara’s penis grew even bigger and hotter,




To Hasegawa, whose moans mixed with Basara’s breath as they exchanged kisses, his hands moved even more intensely,


“Mmm… There’s no need to hold back, just like this… Cum…”


With her pleading mixed with pleasure, Basara, clinging close to her,


“…Ah, I’m cuming… Sensei”


Just as he said that, Basara’s penis shook considerably — and at the next moment, Basara’s member reached its climax in Hasegawa’s right hand. What he ejaculated is a plentiful amount of tremendously hot semen. And then, as it overflows hotly from Hasegawa’s hand, it dripped down on to the front of her baby doll, staining the sheer silk fabric with a lewd white,


“Ah… Aaah, mm, fufu… Even though you came so much inside Mio and the others, amazing… haah ♥”


As Hasegawa is spellbound, she changed the movements of her hands around Basara’s hardness to gentle strokes, then, choosing to time it with the calming of Basara’s penis, she let go and opened her right hand.


With that, the semen that flowed in excess on her fingers and to her palm steamed lewdly, and just like that it flowed down to her wrist,




Hasegawa licked it. Basara’s semen, which she just tasted not too long ago, had a thicker taste and more pungent smell than before, and Hasegawa’s mind melted in its sensuality.


“Mm… chuu, haah… lick, mm… chuu… licks, nfu ♥”


Hasegawa was in a trance, she licked all of Basara’s semen on her hand up. She drank it up while letting it dance on her tongue, letting it slide down her tongue and into her like a lewd essence.


“Mmm…. Haah, aaah… ♥”


At the lewd sensation, Hasegawa’s pale butt trembled.




Her face intoxicated, she gulped down.


As Basara’s cum is gone, her mouth feels lonely…




Basara called out to her, like he wanted to bring something to her attention.


As she looked, Basara’s penis which had just ejaculated was erect once more.


The huge penis shivered in what seemed to be pleasure, from the tip to the frenulum, the remains of the semen that he ejaculated on Hasegawa dripped. Hence,


“Aaah… Leave it to me”


Hasegawa pulled an enchanting smile, pulling the semen-stained babydoll off from the shoulder straps.


—- With a string, she was naked.


And then she kneeled in front of Basara —- with that, right in front of her eyes was Basara’s hardness.


Basara’s member demanded service, and with that Hasegawa licked her lips lewdly, and brought her wet lips closer.


—- It was then, that from the corner of Hasegawa’s eyes, she could catch a glimpse.


At the entrance of the changing room was a bare naked girl —- Naruse Mio, who had just tied a vow with Basara.                                                                                                                                                                


At the eyes of Mio who looked down at them, Hasegawa’s heated passion cooled down.


“I-I apologize Naruse… In front of Basara somehow, I couldn’t hold myself back…”


Although Hasegawa desired Basara, it could break the affinity built by Mio and the rest. Hence, Hasegawa quickly parted away from Basara.


“No, Hasegawa-sensei… You should continue.”


But, as Mio said that to her, she was paused still.