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Volume 8 chapter 2 part 1

Volume 8 chapter 3 part 6

Volume 9 chapter 4 part 2

I’ve decided I’m only going to post half of each chapter on here. If you want to read the chapter in it’s entirety contribute to the project. I also created a discord (you’ll find the link under the contact us tab) for if people have any questions or just want to hangout. Most of the time I’m usually busy work, but If I’m available I’ll be happy to engage in discussion. Email though is the most reliable way to get in contact with me though. I’ll If I can find the time I’ll try to update some of the other chapters either sometime during the middle or end of the week.

Volume 11 November 1st

Yeah as the title says volume 11 is going to be releasing on November 1st. Everyone that is able should support the series and buy the raws.

Volume 11 Amazon

Volume 11 synopsis

Everything is for this moment. Finally, rushing into the final Phase!
Having a five way affinity, tying their contract into the very end, Basara’s group face Shiba in a fight once more. However, Shiba who awaits them calls upon a new being different from the four gods and the  Golden dragon — the conclusion of Basara who’s looking ahead to the future is?!