Volume 13 Bookwalker preview is live

Ookuma blessed us with wedding illustrations for everyone. For those interest in pre-ordering the ebook from bookwalker, here’s the link.

30 thoughts on “Volume 13 Bookwalker preview is live

  1. For some inexplicable reason, in spite of being a digital copy, the store says it can’t sell to my region. So, does anyone know if VPN’s would trick the store in allowing me to purchase?

  2. The wedding illustrations are a sublime mix of beautiful and erotic – which is to be expected, but noteworthy nonetheless!

  3. Does this mean, that you guys can already and slowly start working on the translation of the available portion?
    Are you possitive about the translation being done in best case in a few months or so?
    Thanks for the hard work!!

    1. Well a majority of the heavy lifting is already done. It’s just going to be going back and seeing what’s changed since the original release of existing content. I do want to give Kadokawa and Sneaker Bunko time to make their money though.

      1. Based on the Content pages from the preview could you please tell, how much of it is new content? There are like 17 chapters? Can you tell which one of them are new ones?

  4. This is about the anime not the novel but i cant find an uncensored version on Crunchyroll or Funimation so where do i look?

  5. Are you willing to take a weekly payment to get a full chapter paid off or does it have to be one whole payment?

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