Prologue: The Wolves’ Morning

Part 1

Neo Kichijoji was a part of Kichijoji City, the world’s first supernatural ability zone, which was designated as such following the event of the descent of the seraphim that bestowed the city’s common folk with unusual powers.

Though Kichijoji was already popular not only within the country but also internationally, the city’s new status as the exclusive supernatural ability zone meant that many across the globe began to apply for candidacy to enter the city, wanting to acquire supernatural abilities in the pursuit of new possibilities for mankind.

The government of the supernatural ability zone modified the city into what was known as the Otherworldly City—a concept that designed a city that facilitated another world despite existing in the same world as the real world—and the city had massive appeal to many from far and wide.

Nevertheless, the brighter one’s light, the stronger the shadow.

Apart from ordinary and prestigious businesses vying for entry one after the other, an influx of wanderers and criminal organizations was also present in the supernatural ability zone via the efforts of illegal immigration brokers.

It was through these groups that the vicinity surrounding Kichijoji station became known as the largest red-light district in the metropolis.

And thriving within Neo Kichijoji were a pack of wolves known to wield the power of Seven Deadly Sins—an organization comprising of a select few who held the same senior rank, known as the strongest supernatural ability organization in Neo Kichijoji even as many high-level users were present among them.

It was the Hungry Wolf Brigade, whose very name was enough to shake the supernatural ability zone, and it was an organization that had a tremendous influence in Neo Kichijoji.

And among their massive influence, a certain reliable rumor was beginning to spread around the city recently—the Hungry Wolf Brigade had recruited themselves a new member.

Part 2

Midnight marked the end of that particular day, welcoming the arrival of a Thursday.


A young woman’s sweet moans pierced the silence of the deep twilight on a bed that she was supposed to be resting in for the night.

It was the newest member of the Hungry Wolf Brigade—Kosaki Yui.

She was a student of Seikei Academy’s senior high school division, and she had assumed the role of student representative ever since she had enrolled for the academy during her elementary school days due to her consistently getting top scores in her tests and grades in her year.

More outstanding than her grades was her amazingly beautiful appearance, one so pitiable that one could almost swallow hard at the mere sight of her; her bodily proportions were comparable to that of a gravure idol’s, and much like her grades, her bust size was the best among her peers.

Such qualities had bestowed Yui the moniker of “A Once-In-A-Millenium Representative”.

However, Yui was currently in a state that was far from the excellent student she was assumed to be.

Her intoxicated eyes were wet with desire as they sparkled beautifully like diamonds, her long, flowing hair that reached to her back disheveling in a tempting manner as she writhed miserably. A pleasurable sensation was welling up from deep within her body, and her breaths were slowly getting warmer and warmer.


Yui had been engraved with the depraved mark of Lust; it was one of the marks from the power of the Seven Deadly Sins, shared among the members of the Hungry Wolf Brigade who have awakened their supernatural abilities from them.

Being the newest member of the group, however, Yui had yet to properly awaken her own supernatural ability from the mark; and if she were to want to control its powers…she would have to harbor lustful feelings, even if only a little, stimulating the mark and losing herself to it.

In addition to that, there was another compounding issue: the marks of Sin had Retribution effects that would activate during specific periods of time, whereby a particular day of the week represented by a particular Sin would have its effects temporarily strengthened.

The mark of Lust had its Retribution effect applied on Thursdays; that being said, the specific time of which it would stimulate itself was irregular, changing based on the position of the planets in the solar system that were associated with the Sin on their rotational and revolutionary axes.

It was now 2 AM, Thursday in the middle of the night; it meant that the mark of Lust was currently strengthened by its Retribution Effect.

The effects of the mark of lust could be suppressed during its stimulation when the bearer is asleep; Yui had attempted to go to bed earlier that night for that purpose, but the sudden warmth in her body made her incapable of sleeping well and forced her eyes open.

Afterwards, her body only proceeded to flush obscenely from the pleasurable heat welling from within, a carnal, throbbing sensation rising from within her as she became incapable of falling asleep again.

“Aaaah…nnn, haaah…no…!”

Yui writhed amidst the irresistible pleasure, relieving herself of the smooth, sheet-like texture of the quilt covering her; a faint, sweet-smelling fragrance began to waft in the air.

It was Yui’s scent, one that had filled the futon by this time; the fragrance was a mix of the scent of body soap that rose into the air from the extreme heat she was feeling, as well as the womanly fragrance her body was releasing under her entranced state.

Yui was wearing only a men’s dress shirt in place of pajamas; her large breasts were a poor fit for the piece of clothing that they rose and fall conspicuously with each breath she took, and their swelling nipples were also so obscene that one could clearly see their erect state through the fabric.

A pair of pink panties could be seen through the hem of the shirt she was wearing as her inner thighs were rubbing against one another.

“Ah…ah…!” Yui gasped in embarrassment over her unsightly state.

W-What do I do? At this rate, I’ll…

It was not merely lust that Yui was engraved with; the source of her agony came from a magical deity from another world.

Having not conquered such a power for herself, Yui was currently incapable of doing much against it; but that also did not mean that there was no saving her.

Yui was currently living together with a certain young man from the Hungry Wolf Brigade—Takanashi Sirou, a classmate of hers, and a senior member of the organization.

The mark of Lust that Yui had in her possession initially belonged to Sirou—that being said, he was the only person in the world that had the ability to appease it.

Following the events from the other day that led to Yui officially joining the Hungry Wolf Brigade, Yui had sworn to belong to Takanashi Sirou. It was then that Yui had requested that Sirou guide her to the point where she would be utilize her own supernatural ability of Sin by awakening the mark of Lust, to which he obliged.

He had agreed to be there for her so long as she willingly requested for it; he would satisfy the lust within her, much like the extremely erotic way he’d done so for her when the Retribution effect for her mark was first activated and the mark was stimulated soon after.

However, Yui was unable to bring herself to ask for his help; it would be bothersome to wake him especially given that Sirou was already asleep at such an hour.


More than anything, it was extremely embarrassing for her to ask for Sirou to help her.

That being said, Yui had to deal with her current predicament somehow on her own.

It was necessary for her to control the mark if she were to awaken the supernatural ability of Sin associated with it; that being said, the stimulation of the mark of Lust was a good opportunity for her to get used to its lustful, stimulating aftereffects.

Yui desperately tried to endure the pleasurable sensations welling from within her in abundance, knowing that she would finally be able to activate her supernatural ability after conquering it.


“Nnn…haah…nnn, aah…mmph…no…aaahn…!”

Her body flushed to an even hotter state as the pleasure within her escalated to a level beyond her limit. Appeasing such a level of lust that had been stimulated for so long would require her to reach the extremes of her pleasure by undergoing a violent climax.


Gulping, Yui began to slowly unfasten the buttons on the shirt she was wearing. The powerful sensation of lust meant that she could muster little strength for her fingers to do so, but she somehow managed to unfasten them all through a series of ragged, hot breaths.

She then remembered a scene from a particular video she was showed the other day whilst succumbing to her misery; she had been introduced to the video when she was discussing about ways to appease her mark of Lust with a certain perverted loli maid of the brigade, who was the bearer of the mark of Gluttony. Said brigade member had prepared the video featuring masturbation to her during their session, suggesting Yui that she would be ready to relieve herself of the effects of the mark when push came to shove.

However, Yui had been introduced adult films that featured sexual acts by women who were used to them, while Yui was an innocent young woman who was unable to bring herself to go through with many of the deeds she was shown.

Even so—


She didn’t want to be a burden to Sirou. She wanted to prove herself helpful to Sirou, even if only a little.

She wanted his approval as well as that of the rest of the members as a real member of their organization.

Gathering whatever courage she had, Yui timidly reached for her breasts and gently caressed them, twisting the most tender parts of her body in erotic ways.


Her body flinched immediately in response, a strong sensation running throughout her core the very moment her fingers touched her breasts.

Even so, it was not enough to take her to the brink; despite how sensitive her body now was, a simple caress on the breast was not enough to bring her to the pinnacle of pleasure she needed. Any half-hearted attempt to pleasure herself would only manage to further amplify the stimulation of the mark of lust.

That said, Yui fretfully shifted her legs and wiggled her waist bewitchingly.

“Yaah…nnn, mmph…haaah, aaah, nnn…~~!”

Her crotch was now unbelievably hot, and Yui dreaded the idea of confirming the state of what was under her panties. She slowly reached her hand toward her underwear to gently examine its surface near her crotch, only for her fingers to grow wet from the sweet fluids overflowing from it with a watery noise.

“Ah, no…”

Her panties, smooth to touch, were now inexcusably wet.

Yui could no longer bring herself to go any further.

There was only one way she could escalate to an even more intoxicated state than what she was currently experiencing right now.


Yui’s thoughts trailed to the young man who had tenderly proposed that she belong to him.

She knew that he would definitely mess her up as such that her carnal instincts would run wild; she knew that Sirou would be able to bring her to her absolute limit repeatedly and finally satisfying the stimulated lust within her.

Yui knew with her body the extent of the pleasure Sirou was capable of giving her…as well as how frightfully depraved it would be.

That said—

“…Haah…Takanashi-kun…!” Yui finally called out pleadingly, as if desperately wanting to cling onto something.   

“…So you’ve finally called for me, Rep.”

It was at that moment that a voice suddenly answered her; before she knew it, Sirou was present. It was the person whose assistance she desperately yearned for, standing on the side of the bed as he stared at her kindly.


“Sorry for coming in on my own. Though as easy as it would be for me to drift off to a long sleep, I can’t trust that everything will be absolutely alright, now, can I? I’ve been standing by in case something happens when the Retribution effect finally comes into place.” Sirou said, lifting Yui onto her bed.


As Yui stared back at her with wet eyes, Sirou gently turned her waist over with his arms and gently lifted her, adjusting her so that her back was facing him, holding her in his embrace from behind.

“You shouldn’t be forcing yourself like that…what are you going to do if something goes wrong?”

Yui was unable to fight against the sensation of his breath as he whispered that into her ear.

“Yaah…nnn…Takanashi-kun…haaah…no…” Yui breathed, writhing even more amidst the unrelenting lust stirring within her.

“Really, now? Would you care to explain why you’re using my shirt in place of pajamas and desire to become mine even during your sleep, then?” Sirou giggled, stripping Yui of the shirt she was wearing.


Her body twisted in embarrassment as the red on her face reached her ears; she voluntarily slid her arms and shoulders from the sleeves of the shirt as Sirou removed it…leaving her upper body fully exposed, only her panties remaining.

Her breasts were now exposed in Sirou’s full view, their nipples fully erect.


There was also no hiding the fact that her panties were soaking wet at this point in time near her crotch, such that they were almost translucent enough to show the twitching shape of her member, dripping with her womanly fluids.

“Ah…ahh…” Yui’s voice was barely a whisper from her embarrassment.

“It’s alright…this is all due to the lust within you, after all,” Sirou said, kind with every word.

“Aaaah, nnn…Takanashi-kun…”

She knew that Sirou would accept her despite how shameless she was being—she knew that it was alright to be spoiled by his tender thoughts.

She would use the lust of an ancient magical deity stirring within her as an excuse…to lose herself in her carnal pleasures.

Relaxing and preparing herself to submit her body to him, she turned over her shoulder to look at him.

And then she spoke.

“Please, Takanashi-kun…please mess me up again…!”

And Sirou responded in kind to her plea as the Retribution effect amplified her mark to its absolute limit.

He groped her breasts, shaping them into various lewd shapes with his fingers.

“Ahn, fuaaahn…Takanashi-kun…haaah…ah…haaaah…!♥”

The instant escalation of pleasure sent Yui convulsing backward and upward as her entire body trembled from the sensation; as Sirou continued to play with her breasts, the lust growing within her reached the pinnacle as she underwent a violent climax, stripping her of any consciousness she had left.


Her ecstatic moans signified that she had completely succumbed to the lust within her.

However, that was still not enough to appease the Retribution effect of Yui’s mark of Lust.

“Let’s continue, Rep,” With that statement, Sirou proceeded to grope Yui’s breasts even more forcefully.

“Haaah, nnn…aah, aaah♥…yaaah…nnn, haaah…fuaaaaah! ♥”

It was now so astonishingly easy for Yui to reach her pinnacle of pleasure; Yui’s breasts, large enough to contain Sirou’s fingers amply as they remained at their mercy, were aggressively squeezed and pulled into lewd shapes, her crotch unleashing waves of her womanly fluids with each climax, wetting her panties beyond their capacity and staining the bed she was upon.

There was no telling how many times she was brought to her limit now—but Yui continued to revel in the sensation of Sirou caressing her.

Sirou then pinched the stiff tips of her breasts with his thumbs and index fingers, rubbing them in a teasing manner, the motion sending a wave of indescribable pleasure coursing through her.

“Ahh…nnn…fuaaahn♥….haaah, Takanashi… kun… no…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~♥”

Kosaki Yui had reached the absolute peak of her pleasure despite knowing just how unsightly her nipples were—she had been completely and utterly overwhelmed by her lust.

Turning Yui toward him, Sirou then proceeded to suck on her nipples and reach into her panties to fondle her butt aggressively, swelling her lust even further in another series of violent climaxes.

Yui knew full well that if she wanted to unleash her supernatural ability of Lust, she was not supposed to regularly appease it, but instead transcend it beyond its limit, stimulating it to a point where she can freely control it.

“Aaaah♥…yaahn…nnn, haah♥…aaah, Takanashi…kun…nnn, haahn…mmph, mmm…mmph…♥!

Before she realized it, her tongue was already twisting against Sirou’s pleasurably; their kissing was such that her butt shook violently and obscenely from the sensation, her womanly fluids overflowing from her crotch to her butt, soaking her panties and causing Sirou’s hand to make watery noises as it continued to fondle her.

It was then that Sirou’s lips slowly parted from hers, leaving a thread of saliva linger between their intertwined tongues.

“…Ah…haaah…nnn….” Yui gasped dreamily, reluctant for their lips to part so soon.

“There’s really no need to worry…I’ll mess you up even more,” Sirou said, taking off his T-shirt that was his clothing for the night.

“After all, you already belong to me, Rep.”


As Sirou loomed over her, she readied herself to accept what was to come with an expectant gaze.

And it was then that her eyes suddenly opened.


Sirou was suddenly no longer there—rather, the entire state of the room had changed entirely.

The gentlest ray of sunshine slid through the crevices between curtains of the nearby window, signifying that it was no longer the middle of the night. Her mind was unable to think properly for a moment…but she knew one thing.

It was all a dream.


Yui’s face flushed bright red. What she had remembered was not merely a dream.

It was something that she had actually experienced…when the Retribution effect activated on her for the second time two weeks ago.

…After that, Takanashi-kun and I…

Sirou had then proceeded to appease the stimulated mark of Lust, unrelentingly caressing her and bringing her to the brink of pleasure countless times.

“It’s alright, Rep…let yourself feel better and better, and let the fact that you belong to me sink in even more.”

Yui had gulped and nodded in agreement when Sirou whispered that to her—and eventually, it led to her being fully naked with even her panties taken off of her.


Remembering the scene she had been through in all its vivid detail, Yui’s face flushed bright red.

“Hey, Rep…good morning.”

It was Sirou. He was in her room, on the same bed as she was…and under the same futon. She could feel his breath on her face from the distance they were at, and he wore a refreshed smile on his face.


Yui was unable to think the very moment she woke up to this; she remained in a momentary state of disarray, unable to comprehend her current circumstances immediately.

Um…this is…

As much as everything she’d remembered so far was a dream, what she was seeing before her right now was not.

He’d slipped into the bed of a sleeping young woman while being completely naked, smiling idly at her with his face only inches away from hers…it would have been an inappropriate response to have thought what to do then and there.

She wanted to commend herself for not screaming immediately in response.


As perverted as Sirou was, he valued Yui more than Yui valued herself. That being said, perhaps this was happening because there was a very important reason to; perhaps he was doing this because it was for her sake.

There was also another particular possibility—that being said, Yui took in a deep breath.

“Hey, Takanashi-kun…why are you on my bed?”

“I’m sorry, did I startle you? It’s just that you’re quite adorable when you’re sleeping, that’s all, Rep.”

“That’s a statement that would be appropriate for a manga scenario where a character’s about to kiss their significant other on the cheek in the heat of the moment or something. Creeping into another’s bed while being naked is hardly appropriate.”

“Hmm…a very dull response from you, Rep. You could act a little more flustered about the situation, you know?” Sirou gave a dissatisfied response as Yui rose from the bed, letting out a sigh.

“As I thought, it is you, Mikoto-chan…” She then mentioned the name of a certain perverted loli maid from the Hungry Wolf Brigade.

“Oh my, so you figured me out?” As the man beside Yui rose from the bed along with her, his voice suddenly changed to that of a young girl’s.

It was Inaba Mikoto, the bearer of Gluttony; she possessed the ability to take the form of others.

Knowing Yui’s feelings toward Sirou, she would use such an ability to stimulate Yui’s lust by transforming into him. She possessed a duplicate key to the apartment Yui and Sirou were staying in together, and would occasionally make ambushes against Yui day and night as she pleased. Of course, the two still got along well despite everything, and Yui was genuinely happy with her company, and that made her tolerant of her antics at the end of the day.

Despite that, however—

“Why are you up to something so ridiculous this morning again?”

“Oh, I initially thought I would just masquerade as Sirou and pull a prank on you by having you get startled by waking up next to him.”

“It’s unlike you to want to transform into Sirou and play a practical joke on me.”

“I can’t say I appreciate how you’ve ruined the mood by quibbling on me, Yui-san.”

“I wonder if it was appropriate of me to have done that, then.”

“Well, now it’s even harder for me to appreciate the fact that you think that way!”

Mikoto crossed her arms in front of her, shaking her head.

“While I’m at it, when I decided to invite myself in, I noticed you were sleep-taking and panting on your bed very erotically, Yui-san.”

“…Was I really?”

“Why, of course! I did my best to hold back, but I simply couldn’t resist!”

“So you’re saying that because of that, you transformed into Takanashi-kun and crept into the futon to wait for me to wake up…”

“Yeap! I figured that something exciting would unfold if everything ended up going smoothly,” Mikoto said. “Though I thought I was supposed to have acted out the part perfectly…how did you figure me out?”

“Takanashi-kun wouldn’t go out of his way to do anything that would possibly stimulate my lust. There’s also the fact that there’s still quite some time before the morning coffee’s ready.”

Sirou used the timer of his coffee machine in place of an alarm clock in his abode.

Although he would obviously bolt awake at the first sign of any suspicious noises, Sirou would usually sleep until his morning coffee was ready.

Yui knew the amount of strain Sirou had to deal with as the bearer of seven magical deities of another world—the bearer of the Seven Deadly Sins sleeping within him. Yui had behaved the way she did to not take away from the valuable rest Sirou needed to combat the burden he was shouldering.

“Still, even if you knew full well that I was being an impostor, I would imagine that you would at least feel something upon seeing Sirou naked…when did you manage to get used to it, Yui-san?”

“You’ve been mischievously masquerading as Sirou against me so many times up until now, Mikoto-chan, and there was also that particular instance the last time, as well…rather than say that I’m used to seeing him naked, it’s more so the fact that I’m getting little used to all these pranks you’ve been playing on me.”

“Goodness me! To think that you would hold such resentment towards my erotic passions meant for you, Yui-san…”

Mikoto was shocked as she reverted into her normal, petitely beautiful form from her Sirou masquerade. Her hands were on the ground, devastated by that revelation, and she was naked, much like the form she assumed when she was disguising herself as Sirou, and her back was faced toward Yui, exposing her small, petite butt.

Yui couldn’t resist a chuckle at the silly, yet adorable sight, and it was at that moment she suddenly realized something.

The air around the lower half of her body was unusually smooth; Yui relieved herself of the futon to confirm the one possibility she had assumed.

“…Hey, Mikoto-chan? Do you know about the panties I was wearing?”

“Nope, I haven’t seen them at all. I don’t suppose you happened to have lost them? Now that won’t do at all!” Mikoto turned around, curling her right hand into a fist. “Those panties were the panties you were wearing when we first met one another, Yui-san, and it’s an extremely rare personal treasure of yours too! Leave it to me—I’m sure I can find out where they are!”

“Alright. Thank you, Mikoto-chan,” Yui said with a smile, placing her hands onto Mikoto’s shoulders.

“While I’m at it…how exactly do you know that I happened to have those panties on me?”

Part 3

At the same time Mikoto was facing Yui’s intimidating smile after the former’s show of perversion, her twin sister, Rin, was bathing at her own apartment.

She had risen almost an hour earlier than usual, and it was currently past 5 AM.

The bathroom was lightly filled with steam from the hot water of her shower, signifying that Rin had been showering for quite some time. Having already cleaned her hair with shampoo and conditioner and subsequently rinsed it, her long hair was now curled within a towel on her head, and she had also finished washing the rest of her body with body soap.

That being said, Rin was currently enjoying herself in the bath rather than cleaning herself.

“Hmm, hmm…hmm, hmm, hmm~hmm, hmm~”

She hummed as she enjoyed the warm sensation of the hot water spouting from the shower head and going through her entire body, coursing her right hand throughout her body. The gesture traced the lines of her body, with her modest curves from her small butt and bust emphasizing the fact that she was still a young girl.

“Mmm…sigh,” Taking a final, relieving breath, she finished her shower and left the bathroom.

A morning shower was the most important part of Rin’s daily routine, and the first thing she would do for the day upon waking up; the shower would begin her day by rinsing her of anything lingering from the previous night, leaving her refreshed and invigorated as the time of day changed.

Wrappingher petite body with a towel and tucking in the corner of the cloth near her left armpit, she departed toward the dressing room from the sink. From there, she proceeded to dry her hair with a hairdryer and her towel, and just as she was about to brush her long hair, the intercom suddenly rang.

Given the current hour, however, it was unusual for her to be receiving any visitors.


Putting her hairdryer aside, she went out of the dressing room and headed toward the front door, wearing nothing but her towel wrapped around her. She walked composedly, not stopping to examine who her guest was from the indoor monitor installed on the wall, and unlocked the door to notice that a certain blonde young man was waiting for her outside.

He was tall and well-proportioned, and the irritated look he wore on his face suggested that he was still sleepy. He donned a rough look with a casual T-Shirt and a pair of shorts, along with sandals for footwear.

The young man who had arrived at Rin and Mikoto’s apartment was very familiar with the particular twin present currently—it was Midou Renya, a member of the Hungry Wolf Brigade, much like Rin was. His right hand was placed behind his neck, and he looked as if he found the visit rather troublesome, his left hand holding a portable game console.

“Ugh,” He muttered in a low voice, entering Rin’s apartment without any reservations, and Rin naturally welcomed him in; this was an expected occurrence, for Renya would visit the twins every morning.

“What’s wrong? It’s still too early for breakfast, isn’t it?” Rin asked. Renya seemed to be more focused on the interior of the room, his back turned toward her.

“I was woken up…a certain asshole decided to give me a call so early,” He said, brazenly taken the left corner of the sofa of the living room for himself and beginning to play the game he had brought with him. It was his reserved spot for when he would visit Rin’s apartment. “Well, where’s the idiot who decided to interrupt my sleep?”

“Mikoto’s actually over at Sirou’s apartment. She seemed to have gone out really early today; she seems to have taken quite a liking to Yui, and it would appear that she wants to teach her many things.”

“I really don’t think she’s the best person to try and patronize her.”

“Well, I suppose so…” Rin smiled wryly, returning to the dressing room. Wanting to finally put on her clothes, she removed the bath towel wrapped around her, seeing her bare body reflected in the mirror of the washbasin.

She looked every inch a young girl who would be entering her third year of middle school the coming spring.

It was likely more apt to describe her as a third-year student from elementary school given her young appearance—one that she seemingly shared with her older twin, Mikoto.


Inaba Rin examined her chest, which was fairly small given her moderate development for her age.

Sirou engaged in regular sessions of erotic activity with Mikoto as a means to suppress the effects of her mark of Gluttony; this meant that Mikoto’s chest was larger than her younger sister’s, likely from a result of Sirou having fondled it many times.

However, Rin did not desire to resort to such means. As much as she liked Sirou herself, she only appreciated him as a comrade, and nothing beyond that. And as much as she wanted her chest to be as large as her sister’s for her age, Rin did not want to engage in the same erotic deeds her older sister regularly engages in with Sirou for that purpose.

And there was also the fact that Mikoto herself had since began to hunger over beautiful women or adorable young girls following the relationship she established with Sirou…though Rin herself was unsure if that was a result of Sirou’s bad influence or simply as a means to suppress her gluttonous impulses.

…And that would be quite the problem for me.

Nevertheless, Mikoto did not have the courage to make her forward advances on Mika, their brigade leader; this led her to be quite frustrated about the fact that she was unable to indulge herself in what seemed to be her supreme target.

It was only recently that Yui arrived as a new member of the Hungry Wolf Brigade—famed as a student representative available only once in a millennium, she had since become Mikoto’s new outlet for the desires that were denied from her when it came to Mika.

That being said, Yui’s anger towards her newly designated role was quite the frightening sight to behold.

Even so…

Yui would somehow manage to put up with Mikoto’s harassment and generally tolerated her in the end.

The dynamic between them was as if she were an older sister tenderly and openly spoiling her younger sister, and Rin was sure the two were enjoying themselves in various ways in Sirou’s apartment that morning.

“…There shouldn’t be any problems.”

As much as Rin could overlook the fact that Mika’s outrageously large bust came from the fact that she was a full-fledged adult…there was the fact that Yui’s bust was also unbelievably large despite the fact that she was only two years older than her. She couldn’t see herself reaching Yui’s size in a mere two years’ time, and to make matters worse, Yui was now in Sirou’s custody, living together as Sirou would help her appease and control the mark of Lust engraved within her.

It meant that Yui’s size would only continue to grow larger—and the same could be said for Mikoto as well.

“…Well, that’s alright, now, isn’t it?”

Despite her jealousy towards how her sister’s body was developing, her thoughts did not stimulate her envious impulses—she did not want to catch up with Mikoto or Yui, after all.

Sighing in resignation, Rin picked up the panties she had selected for the day, sliding them through her thighs and adjusting them. She then put on a white shirt and put her usual charm and ribbons on her hair, before exiting the dressing room and heading toward the kitchen, which was connected to the living room Renya was in.

“Hey, Renya? Would you like bread or rice this morning?” She asked, turning toward the living room.


Renya was completely absorbed in the game he was playing however, not turning around to even give her a proper answer, even if an unsure one.

The fact that he was ignoring her brought a dissatisfied curl to Rin’s lips.

If you’re going to act that way…

A mischievous smile surfaced on his face as she tiptoed toward Renya, sneaking up behind him; then, as Renya stood utterly unaware and defenseless, Rin’s attention became fixated on the side of Renya’s neck, which was exposed due to the nature of the shirt he was wearing.


By the time she could hear the single throb of a heart resounding with the motion, she was already fully absorbed with her target; her vampiric instincts had activated, and she stared at Renya’s neck, she approached her lips toward it as she slowly opened her mouth.

She bared her fangs, but she did not aim for his neck—she aimed for his right ear.

“Ah– aaaaaaaah!?”

Startled by having his ear suddenly bitten, Renya shrieked in surprise as he flinched off the sofa and tumbled over it.

“W-What are you doing all of a sudden!?” His face was bright red and his hand was pressed against his right ear—a reaction beyond Rin’s expectations.

“Pfft, ahaha…that’s what you get for ignoring me. As much as I’m not up to do what Mikoto likes doing to Sirou, I can do this much, at least.”

Pleased by Renya’s flustered response, she straddled herself on top of Renya, undaunted and prepared to go even further.


“Well, Renya, what will it be? Will it be bread? Will it be something heavier? Or perhaps—” Chuckling at Renya’s panicked and bewildered state, Rin inched closer to him and whispered in his ear.

“Do answer quickly…or I won’t let you off with only your ear otherwise.”

Part 4

“For crying out loud, Mikoto-chan…”

Having peacefully had her panties returned, Yui had since hung a placard that read “Currently regretting” on Mikoto’s neck, and she’d ordered her to repeatedly write “I’ll no longer sneak into another’s bed naked” as punishment.

She entered her dressing room, ready to partake in a morning bath that she’d gone out of her way to prepare the night before.

As she slowly unfastened the buttons on the dress shirt she was wearing one by one, her thoughts traced back to how she had begun to adopt such a habit in the morning.

It was two weeks ago—the Retribution effect of Lust had woken Yui from her slumber in the middle of her night, and as she remained miserably entranced on her own in her bed over the overwhelming lust within her, Sirou had ended up helping her with her predicament.

In order for Yui to acquire the supernatural ability of Lust, she would have to be engraved with the obscene pleasures of a woman, brought to the brink almost incalculably and continuously give in to her lustful impulses and sensations.

Yui did not have any problem with that in itself, for it was Yui herself who had asked for Sirou to do the things he did, despite how embarrassed she was by it all.

Nevertheless, going through such intense sessions inevitably caused Yui to lose consciousness and fall asleep then and there. That being said, remnants from such sessions from the sweat that came from how heated her body was from the lust she was feeling along with the womanly fluids lingering on her thigh should have remained, but Yui did not feel the discomforting feeling she expected from them when she next opened her eyes.

It seemed that Sirou had made sure to clean Yui’s body with a towel and wet wipes after she had passed out.


The thought made Yui so embarrassed she felt as if she wanted to die.


Yui gulped at her reflection in the mirror, her arms crossed in front of her naked body after taking off the shirt she was wearing, her breasts resting atop her arms temptingly.

Her cheeks reddened at the mere sight of her own reflection—although she thought nothing of her own reflection before, she now saw that it portrayed just how obscene she looked compared to previous instances. And she could feel that her body had become more provocative, even if a little.

…I’m sure I’m not imagining this…

She noticed that a lot of her physical appearance changed, from the size and shape of her bust, as well as the curves around her waist and butt—they were all womanly and sexy developments.

…My body’s already changed this much despite only having had Takanashi-kun do those things to me for such a short period…

It was likely the result of the accelerated hormone secretions from how she’d climaxed uncontrollably during her attempts to gain control of the mark of Lust; the stimulations of the mark left her entranced and shoved away any semblance of reason and rationale had caused her hormones to be released in a way that would otherwise be impossible normally.

..But more than the fact that I’m letting Takanashi-kun do all those things to me…

Yui felt even more embarrassed by the fact that she was left in such an unsightly state after that, leaving Sirou to clean up the mess on her body.

That was why Yui had requested Sirou to provide her with a bath every morning, much like their habit of drinking coffee on Sirou’s bed together.

The fact that she was able to wake up earlier than usual that morning was thus a blessing in disguise.

Spring break ended just yesterday—the new school year would start today, and she couldn’t be late for her first day.

Nodding as she gathered her resolve, Yui opened the door to the bathroom and entered it—


Only to stop in her tracks. Someone was already using the bathroom ahead of her, and her eyes met the certain person who was inside.

Yui went still with shock, while the person before her had the opposite reaction.

“Hey, Rep…good morning.”

It was Takanashi Sirou, soaking himself within the bathtub as he met her with a composed smile.

Sirou greeted Yui as she entered the bathroom, seemingly invigorated.

It was as much of a surprise for him as it was for Yui; she was, after all, exposing herself right in front of him without wearing so much as a single thread on her body.

…I guess there is merit to waking up earlier once in a while, Sirou thought at the stroke of luck he had over being able to see Yui naked.

Sirou had risen earlier than usual, for he had other matters to attend to apart from having to go to school again, so perhaps he was unconsciously excited about the changes that were to come, and had decided to take a bath earlier over such a refreshing feeling.

Sirou administered the few possibilities that would explain why Yui had entered the bathroom despite the fact that Sirou was already inside before her.

 The first was that Sirou usually wakes up from the timer of his coffee machine—perhaps she didn’t think that he would ever wake up at an earlier time and entered by accident.

Or perhaps she thought that someone had forgotten to turn off the bathroom lights the night before.

There was also the possibility that she was preoccupied with a particular thought weighing on her mind, and it was enough for her to ignore the discomfort that would otherwise be natural for the situation.

Though regardless of whatever it was—

…How is she able to act like this despite the situation …? Sirou wondered just how Yui managed to be so composed—he was sure that she would be screaming any minute now.

However, Yui responded in a way that Sirou didn’t expect.

“…Haah,” Instead of a scream, Yui let out a deep sigh from her lips. “…What am I going to do with you, Mikoto-chan…”

Closing the door behind her, she approached the shower to begin washing herself, exposing herself to Sirou in all her glory. 

…So, she’s apparently…

Yui was seemingly under the impression that the other person in the bathroom was actually Mikoto disguising herself as Sirou. 

Mikoto had been heavily involved with Yui ever since the latter joined the Hungry Wolf Brigade; it was only natural, for it was Sirou himself who had enquired Mikoto to take care of her as their new member.

Given Yui’s extremely earnest personality, it was likely that she was very bothered by the lust within her especially after her continuous sexual sessions with Sirou in order to awaken her supernatural ability of Sin; her hesitation and apprehension often caused her to suppress her instincts, thus preventing her potential from properly awakening.

This was why Sirou had asked Mikoto to help Yui to handle her concerns over the matter; it would be easier for Yui to follow a girl’s example, and more importantly, Mikoto was a prodigy at reading the hearts of others.

Mikoto’s innocent disposition was sure to prove useful in encouraging Yui following the incident with the Kagurazaka family.

Moreover, Mikoto was also the bearer of the mark of Gluttony—this caused her vampiric instincts to go out of control regularly, and so she required Sirou to constantly appease her with pleasure. This made her the perfect role model Yui needed to put her heart at ease regarding the new relationship she was now in.

…Oh, well.

Mikoto had shown great enthusiasm and joy when Sirou had given her that request, though he also detected a hint of unease during that time.

And from then on, Mikoto would come to Sirou’s apartment daily uninvited; as expected, Mikoto and Yui got along well, such that the two usually also shared morning baths with one another. It was likely that there were instances that Mikoto mischievously transformed into Sirou while the two were bathing together.

Sirou was also aware of the fact that Mikoto had snuck into their apartment with the duplicate key she had with her that morning.

…Who would’ve thought that it would end up making me some lucky pervert.

As much as Yui now belonged to Sirou, it did not mean that Sirou had the power to do whatever he wanted with her as he pleased.

As much as Sirou had plenty of opportunities to see Yui naked ever since the mark of Lust was engraved onto her, the spectacle of Yui bathing was truly a sight to behold. There was also a certain freshness at the sight…despite being stark naked, she was exposing herself defenselessly and without embarrassment, blissfully unaware of the fact that Sirou was indeed Sirou.

He placed an elbow near the rim of the bathtub, resting his check upon the palm of his hand as he thoroughly helped himself to the sight of Yui’s naked body.


Yui seated herself onto the bath chair as he soaked the natural sponge available to her with body soap, squeezing it before slowly and attentively spreading the foamy soap all over her body.

…So she’s left-handed. Sirou thought, continuing to watch Yui wash herself with great interest.

As she finished scrubbing her hands and her arm, she continued down her elbow and under her armpit, and the very moment she took the slightest inclination forward, Sirou could see her abundant bust from his perspective perpendicular to hers.

And she was doing all that without knowing the reality of the situation.

…Yeap, the rep’s really something, alright.

Each time Yui rubbed the sponge she was holding onto her fair skin, she applied white, foamy soap on her body, as if she were coating herself in fresh cream. After thoroughly cleaning her entire body from both halves of her body down to her feet and toes, she squeezed the sponge to produce more foamy soap yet again; curling her index, middle and ring fingers together, she then extended her hand toward her inner thigh.

“…Nnn…” Letting out a faint breath, she spread her hands up and down across the section of her inner thigh, making obscene watery noises with the motion.

“…Please don’t stare at me like that, Mikoto-chan,” She said as she noticed Sirou staring at her, letting the hot water of the shower cleanse the foam away from her body. As she turned off the flow of the water, her skin sparkled marvelously after being cleaned, leaving Sirou once again in amazement of the beauty of her naked body.

“Well, then, Mikoto-chan, please come over here. I’ll wash your back for you,” Yui proposed gleefully, still completely unaware that she was talking to the real Sirou.

“Much obliged, then.”

So this was it—he was about to enjoy being a lucky pervert to its fullest.

Rising from the bathtub and wrapping a towel around his waist, Sirou approached the bath chair and sat on it, and he could hear the sound of body soap being pressed out of its container from behind him.

“Alright…I’ll begin now.”

Yui appeared embarrassed for some particular reason as she said so, wrapping her arms around Sirou’s body.

…Is she not supposed to wash the front of the body first rather than the back?

Yui herself was not holding a sponge with her…she instead embraced him from behind, and Sirou could feel a warm, soft sensation pressed onto his back, going up and down in a slippery motion.

He knew full what Yui was doing despite the fact that he couldn’t see her from behind him.

“…Um, Rep? What are you doing?”

“What do you mean, ‘what am I doing?’ You know just what I’m trying to do here, don’t you? Jeez,” As embarrassed as she was, she continued to rub her soap-laden breasts onto Sirou’s back in an erotic way.

“You’ve said it yourself, haven’t you, Mikoto-chan? You said that washing Takanshi-kun’s back with my breasts like this would make him happy…I want you to help me practice like this.”

…Goodness me, Mikoto.

It seems that it was due to her efforts that Sirou would be able to experience something so wonderful, and Sirou had no complaints on the matter: the sensation of Yui’s breasts against his back felt utterly heavenly.

“So you’re saying you want to please me, Rep?”

“I…” She grew even more embarrassed at that question, “I’ve been under Takanashi-kun’s care for quite some time now, but all I do is oblige without doing much in return…that’s why I want to do something that would please him, at least.”

“I appreciate your sentiment, but is it not embarrassing for you to attempt this?”

“Yes…very much so. But if it’s what I have to do to please Takanashi-kun, I…” Her resolve was admirable as she continued stroking Sirou’s back with her breasts, “Still…will Takanashi-kun even feel happy over something like this?”

Yui was innocently unaware of just how perverted her current behavior was—beyond the incomparable pleasure she was subject to when she was under the effects of the mark of Lust, she was quite unfamiliar on sexual matters.

“Yeah, there’s no doubt about that. It’ll feel great.”

“I see…thank goodness. Let’s continue, then,” Slightly delighted, she then inched toward Sirou’s ear to whisper her next question. “Hey, Mikoto-chan…you do these kinds of things to Takanashi-kun as well, right?”

This was something that Mikoto had revealed to her around the time they first met, and around the time Yui first experienced the Retribution effect of the mark of Lust, of which Yui was the only bearer.

Nevertheless, Sirou had to regularly appease various other women afflicted with the brand of Lust—Mikoto being one among them.

Sirou possessed the Divine Suppression parameter, which enabled him to appease Mikoto’s vampiric impulses that were amplified by the mark of Gluttony.

Yui noticed the seductive expressions that Mikoto was capable of making, which suggested that she was someone who had plenty of experience engaging in obscene activity with Sirou, though not to the extent that was carried out within Sirou’s secret relationship with Mika. 

“Please, Mikoto-chan…I belong to Takanashi-kun now, so if you know about anything I could do that would please him, I want you to teach me,” She pleaded.

Her request did not strictly come out of a desire to repay Sirou for everything he’d done for her; she was also jealous that Mikoto was capable of engaging in lewd acts with Sirou so freely, though she was likely unaware of that given her personality.


Her brazenness was not doing any favors to help appease Sirou’s escalating excitement.

“Then…I suppose I could teach you a little something,” He said, turning around so that their bodies were facing one another, before wrapping his right hand around her waist. The motion caused Yui’s large breasts to be pressed against his chest, molding them into enticing shapes.

“Ah—” The sudden occurrence caused Yui to gasp.

“What’s wrong?”

“N-Nothing. It’s just that you usually demonstrate by telling me what to do, Mikoto-chan, so I was just a little surprised when you decided to touch me all of a sudden…” Yui explained.

I see.

Sirou had asked Yui to belong to him in an effort to protect her; in response, Yui had asked Sirou to help her with awakening her supernatural ability of Sin by teaching her how to control the mark of Lust, which was something all the members of the brigade knew about.

Yui had chosen Sirou to help her specifically—that being said, it was likely that Mikoto also refrained from stimulating Yui’s lustful impulses to satisfy herself in his absence.

Yui was bound to realize the truth that she had been interacting with Sirou the entire time eventually.

…I suppose there’s no helping it for now.

It wasn’t that Sirou wanted to keep on deceiving her—he knew that it would be necessary to come clean with her, one way or the other, and there was also the fact that her desire to engage in such lewd acts was not strictly directed toward Mikoto alone.

That being said, exposing himself now would very likely stimulate Yui’s lust; it was also for the best that he should reveal himself a little later, if only to teach her how to service him by using her body to wash him.

He reached his right hand wrapped around her waist toward her butt, caressing it as his other hand reached for the bottle of body soap, removing the pump and slathering its bubbly contents all over Yui’s breasts.


The sensation of Sirou groping her butt as well as the cold feeling of liquid on her breasts caused Yui to twitch and shiver within Sirou’s embrace, and he placed the emptied bottle of soap after pouring its contents onto her breasts.


A dry noise resounded across the bathroom at that gesture, causing Yui to flinch slightly in response.

“Alright, Rep—lean on my center,” He said, shifting their position as such that Sirou was now lying down on the floor and Yui was now straddled on top of him.

“Keep on moving like this…stick to me as closely as possible if you can, and don’t be embarrassed—be as aggressive as you can.”

“O-Okay…um…so, like this?”

Following Sirou’s instructions, she began to rub her soap-laden breasts across the front of Sirou’s body. She was still rather unrefined at it, though it was still a very lascivious spectacle.

…As I thought, she’s actually really good at this.

Sirou was bewildered by the pleasure he was receiving from just how talented Yui seemed to be at something like this; despite doing this for the first time and despite the fact that she was lacking in much sexual knowledge, she was already capable of delivering such pleasure intuitively. Though Sirou knew that there must be some unusual amount of lust sleeping within Yui the moment she was considered compatible for the mark of Lust, but this essentially proved that she had a natural talent for things like this.

Nevertheless, if weren’t for Sirou’s decision to protect her innocent, pure self, the cursed fate of her restoration ability meant that she might have inevitably fallen to the dark cruel world, much like the tragic fate she had decided for herself when she had attempted to put an end to the Kagurazaka family before destroying herself along with them.

Had the Kagurazaka family realized her innate affinity for lust…it was very likely that they would have bound her with drugs that would give her sexual pleasure in an effort to utilize her restoration ability for their own gain. But fate seemed to have other plans, and instead of waiting for such a possibility to end up coming to fruition, Yui was imbued with the mark of Lust during her unexpected meeting with Sirou; Mika had also made the right decision in order to protect Yui, at the end of the day.

As if to evidence that, as Yui continued to service Sirou with her foamy bust without reservation at Sirou’s direction, her body underwent a sudden and immediate change.

“Nnn…haaah, ah…nnn…no, why…nnn! ♥”

Pink tips began to erect erotically from beneath the foam on her breasts, her temperature rising as she began to let out sweet moans.

Yui was still unaware that what she was doing right now was considered a sexual activity.

The mark of Lust began to stimulate, and Sirou was not the only one enjoying her service; Yui did not expect that she was capable of feeling pleasure from her actions, but the rising heat from her bodily arousal was saying otherwise.

The way she pressed her soapy breasts onto Sirou made continuous sticky noises, her congested nipples piercing through the foam and sticking out obscenely.

“Why am I…I’m supposed to already…used to this…Mikoto-chan…is something wrong?”

Yui was already so used to climaxing so many times under Sirou’s hands; despite still having the impression that Sirou was Mikoto masquerading as him, her body was now conditioned as such that she could easily recognize that he was the real deal and was reacting accordingly—a sinful, obscene demonstration of a young woman’s lustful instincts.

…She’s almost at her limit.

The very moment Sirou deduced that the time was right as the mark of Lust was finally beginning to come to life, the door of the bathroom suddenly slid open.

“Yui-san, I’m finished with the notes you asked me to repeat about not sneaking into your bed naked while disguising myself as Sirou!”

Mikoto suddenly entered the bathroom stark naked.


At that moment, Yui immediately stopped what she was doing on top of Sirou’s body, utterly bewildered. Her thoughts went into a frenzy as her gaze shifted between the two.

As much as Mikoto had the ability to transform into Sirou, Sirou did not have the ability to transform into Mikoto.

It meant that it was the real Mikoto who had just entered.


As Yui went still in utter disbelief at the situation, Sirou scratched his cheek with his finger.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t honest with you. It’s just that it’s so cute to see you do your best like that, Rep.”

He then shifted her head around with his hands, forcing his lips onto hers.


The mark of Lust surfaced upon Yui’s eyes, her breaths let out clumsily as her mouth was clogged by Sirou’s lips, her body trembling violently as it remained atop Sirou’s body.

Her body was growing weaker and weaker from her trembling pleasure, and Sirou parted his lips from hers at that moment.

“Ah…nnn, haah…nnn…haah…aah…nnn…♥” Yui’s expression was wet with carnal delight.

“Very impressive, Sirou-san. For you to masquerade as me while engaging in some hot soap play to make her intoxicated, that is,” Mikoto said, eyeing Yui’s intoxicated state.

“I can say the same about you disguising yourself as me and sneaking into her bed naked.”

More importantly—

“This is something I’ve only learned recently, but what’s this about the Rep wanting to practice rubbing her breasts on my back?”

“Yui-san wanted to repay you for everything you’ve done…has she made a mistake in that regard?”

“I wouldn’t exactly call it a mistake…”

Nevertheless, the mark of Lust had been completely stimulated at this point, and Yui had already fallen into a violent intoxication.

Sirou had to step in now.

“It’s okay, Rep…I’ll appease you now,” He said, embracing her gently as he lifted her up by the waist.

“If I may, Sirou-san…I’d like to help you out,” Mikoto suddenly said, fidgeting her index fingers together as she stared at Sirou with upturned eyes. “I was denied the opportunity back when we first met at the safehouse, after all, and all this happened because I disguise myself as you a lot, so I thought I should do something to take responsibility for the situation by being helpful to Yui-san.”

As admirable as her words seemed to be, it was clear that she had an ulterior motive behind the suggestion.

…Well, I suppose…

Mikoto had been allowed to be present at the various instances where Sirou had to be present to appease other girls up until now, on the condition that she remained fully obedient and didn’t do anything weird to the other girls he was assisting. Moreover, he had asked Mikoto out for an errand back when Yui’s first experienced the Retribution effect back at one of their safehouses.

It was for that reason that Sirou would allow Mikoto to join in their sessions of sexual activity together—and usually without much, if any, ramifications.

Of course, there was no denying the fact that part of Mikoto’s motivation was to finally have her way with Yui—though there was also the concern from her that came from the fact that Mikoto now valued her as well.

Moreover, Yui was now already aware of what Sirou had been doing with Mikoto; that being said, it would perhaps be better to demonstrate with actions than words given that she was now aware of that fact. And after demonstrating the extent of what they usually did with one another, Yui would be allowed to decide if she wanted to take a step further for herself.

“I suppose. Alright then, Mikoto—do what you must.”

Holding Yui’s waist, Sirou consented to Mikoto’s request to join them.

Finally realizing that she had been servicing the real Sirou with her breasts this entire time, the realization was enough to fully stimulate the effects of the mark of lust, the intoxicating, sweet sensation gradually robbing her of her consciousness.

…What do I do now?

She knew the reason she was suddenly so anxious—Sirou had just allowed Mikoto to participate in an effort to appease her lust.

It was embarrassing enough to already be doing such things with Sirou, but to be doing it while Mikoto was watching…while Mikoto was joining in…would be even more so.

Her body trembled at the thought.

“Hehe, I finally get to make you feel good, Yui-san!” Mikoto said, flashing a coquettish smile as she rotated behind her. “Now then… let me take a good look at you, Yui-san.”

Clutching Yui’s right arm and left hand with her little hands, Mikoto stretched them away from her center, exposing Yui’s most private portion of her body.

“No…Mikoto-chan, please don’t…” Yui panted in her embarrassment of having her chest and crotch exposed, but her attempts of resistance were futile, for she was no match for Mikoto’s vampiric strength, her intoxicated state was slowly depriving her of any ability to resist.

“I won’t stop. Sirou-san’s already given me permission, after all. Right, Sirou-san?”

“Well, I suppose I will allow it for this morning…”

“Hey, Rep…put your hand away,” Sirou said quietly, eyeing the exposed region near her crotch, which Yui was desperately trying to shield with her left hand.

“…” Yui gulped at the comment, her face red.

Yui had already exposed her naked state to Sirou before, back during the events of the Pinky Promise Case in the private couples’ pool of the secret underground floor of the Heaven’s Ocean Club.

However, she had been within the pool of the water the entire time for that instance—things were different now, and she was not within the steaming hot water of a bathtub, but on the floor of the bathroom.

If she were to withdraw her hand now, she would be fully exposing her most embarrassing spot in full view of Sirou—and she felt ridiculously embarrassed just by thinking about the idea.


“Come on, Yui-san…you must let Sirou see just how lewd your body is. Only then will you come to control and accept your lust.”

Yui understood the merit in Mikoto’s words, for she knew she wanted to awaken her supernatural ability of Sin.

“It’s okay to be embarrassed. You won’t be thinking about it soon, though. But for now…please expose yourself without any reservations.”


Yui’s entranced gaze darted to Sirou at Mikoto’s words.

“——Rep,” Sirou stared at her kindly.


Kosaki Yui steeled her resolve after exchanging that glance with Sirou, slowly removing her left hand from her private part.


Her voice was naught but a whisper at her successful attempt of finally exposing herself. After what seemed to be an eternity, she opened her eyes, unable to resist the lingering silence any longer.

Sirou wasn’t fixated on her exposed private part, however.

“…You did well, Rep,” He said, wanting to reward Yui for enduring against her embarrassment. He planted a kiss on her lips, and his praise was more than enough to make her shiver with delight.


She couldn’t take it any longer—she accepted Sirou’s lips and intertwined his tongue with his.

“Good work, Yui-san. Now, as promised, I’ll make it so that you can’t think about anything anymore,” Mikoto said seductively.

Circling her slender arms around Yui from behind and under her armpits, Mikoto then relentlessly caressed Yui’s breasts, now highly sensitive over her escalated lust.

Meanwhile, Sirou, who was directly in front of her, placed his hand onto Yui’s crotch in places of her own—though instead of covering it, he was now rubbing her highly sensitive spot, shaping it into something tempting and obscene.

“Aaah…nnn…mmph…haaah…Takanashi-kun…aaah…Mikoto-chan…fuaaahn, haaah—AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH~~~~~~!”

Sandwiched tightly between both Sirou and Mikoto as she was left and their mercy, the overwhelming sexual caressing she received sent her moans echoing across the bathroom.

The aftermath left her a coquettish mess of a girl consumed by the depraved sin of Lust, her expression full of her carnal desires.