Shinmai Maou Volume 11 Summary


Part 1

      Picks up right where volume 10 ended. Chisato saved everyone and created a barrier (which was a copy of her apartment) as a space for Basara to make master servant vows with Mio, Maria, Kurumi, Yuki, and Zest

      Basara has received Mio’s fire element so he proceeds to have sex with Maria

      Maria is able to make a master servant contract with Basara thanks to the power of Chisato. (The succubus curse that they’ve relied on in the past can only be performed on the night of a full moon)

      Maria and Basara have sex (ass slapping from volume 5 returns as well)

      Basara receives Maria’s wood element and proceeds to Kurumi next

Part 2

      Kurumi finally gets to achieve her greatest desire and be like the other girls (She’s always wanted to have a master servant contract with Basara)

      She apologizes to Yuki for being the first of the Nonaka sisters to have sex with Basara. Yuki is okay with it since Basara receiving Kurumi’s water element is necessary

      Basara and Kurumi have sex and he receives her water element. Yuki also gets involved and gets revenge for Kurumi fingering her butt in volume 9.

Part 3

      After Basara makes Kurumi his and receives her water element he moves on to Yuki.

      Zest comes to the bed since it’s her job to help with Yuki

      Yuki takes up the doggy position and has vaginal sex with Basara

      In order for her to completely submit Basara decided to have anal sex with her in order to give her a pleasure that Mio has never experienced

      After receiving Yuki’s gold element Basara moves on to Zest

Part 4

      Basara has to now have sex with Zest.

      Zest is concerned about losing her powers

      Mio wakes up and decides to help Basara with Zests vow

      Mio explains to Zest that she needs to trust in Basara

      Basara and Zest have sex and he receives her earth element

Part 5

      Basara has finally completed his master servant vows with Mio and everyone

      Basara and Mio decide to have sex again while everyone else is sleeping

Part 6

  • Part 6 moves on to see Shiba’s condition, as well as his progress in unleashing his power
  • He had knew that Chisato had hidden them in a space of course, but his side is unable to find them
  • They mentioned that despite being a Togami, Chisato would not be able to match up with the Shiba now

Part 7

  • The space Hasegawa created is based on her own apartment but altered to have extra room, Basara starts this chapter showering
  • The others are presently sleeping
  • As he exits to the changing room, he came face to face with Hasegawa
  • He thanked her for all her help, and she voices how the rest seemed happy to have had sex with him and how she wishes for the same
  • However this isn’t possible, as she does not want to take the risk of unbalancing Banishing Shift within Basara
  • The two of them made out
  • The kiss in a sense is a promise for them to be able to do the same one day




Part 1

  • Another scene of Shiba as he stood waiting for his power to charge
  • Explanation regarding elements and the like
  • He understands what happened with Basara and the power Basara holds.
  • However, he notes that it’s not just Basara who grew stronger


Part 2

  • This part is about Yuki
  • Explanation about how the positioning work. They want to form a Solomon star of the five elements (like a barrier) in advantageous positions around the city, hence the girls moved to their respective areas to amplify this and to create this stronger situation for Basara
  • Of course, there are foes in the area as Shiba understood this also – he has his Legion prepared all around
  • Yuki prepares to fight


Part 3 – 6

  • Part 3 is about Maria
  • Like Yuki, there’s a bit of world building here – in this case, with demon related things and the like
  • Maria then encounters unexpected company — the current demon lord Leohart and Rath?
  • Maria talks to them, establishing they’re not enemies and want to help as the death of Basara would do them no favour with the current situation in the demon world
  • They’re not the only ones who came from the demon world: their old allies too have come to aid them, arriving when they were in the space amplifying Basara’s power and Kurumi encounters them
  • A giant thing is seen among the skyscrapers of Tokyo – not Legion, but Zest’s power – Zest too, encountered a face from their past in the demon world. (Luka)
  • With the help of these allies, they are able to set up the barrier needed to amplify Basara’s strength


Part 7

  • Following suit, it was Mio’s side, like everyone else her power significantly amplified
  • There is more explanation here, and while previous chapters has more on the demons, their reasons, and how they got to this place, Mio has more on the current magic, Byakko and the elements
  • As Mio was ready to fight in a spot of trouble – Takashi arrived in front of her


Part 8

  • This covers Yuki’s fight that was started in part 2
  • In a spot of trouble, she was helped by an old friend: Celis had arrived to join the battle. Presently, she is wielding a different holy sword that is not Georgius
  • She and Takashi had moved due to Sheila’s invitation
  • Celis expressed her conviction towards Yuki
  • The two fought together to success, and Yuki set up her Solomon Barrier


Part 9

  • This covers Mio fighting alongside Takashi and Takashi’s struggles with Byakko and the like
  • At first, Byakko was on the opposing side, giving them trouble especially for Mio to set up her side of the elemental star
  • But with Takashi’s presence and show to Byakko, and Byakko’s acknowledging him, Byakko was regained from Shiba’s control and returned to Takashi
  • In the end of this, Mio was able to set the element on her side too, completing the five elements in the area surrounding to help Basara


Part 10 – 11

  • Basara felt the completion of the Solomon elements as he’s entering Tokyo Tower
  • He resolve himself to enter, but as he does so, a familiar face greeted him too
  • It was Takigawa, who then made clear to him the situation around Tokyo with the demon army arriving and the like
  • The two of them went inside together – while there isn’t a disturbance going in, on the contrary it seemed like Shiba intended to welcome them in – the sight they saw was no longer of their world, as the space had been twisted by Shiba’s power with Reginleif
  • From the way it looks, Basara was able to grasp that Shiba’s current outfit was mostly of fire and gold elements, but one much stronger than Suzaku and Byakko – this is a power that came with how he weild Reginleif. It is obvious that it isn’t just Basara who had gotten stronger in the past hours.
  • The two of them prepare to fight – with Basara facing Shiba and Takigawa getting ready to face Koryuu


(IN SHORT: This chapter is a lot of explanation on magic, area as well as the arrival of former foes and friends who are aiming to help Basara’s group – a lot of it is through the organisation and help of Sheila.




Part 1 – 3

  • Basara had arrived – he thought on how he is here thanks to everyone
  • Shiba was eroded by Reginleif, while Basara was ready to fight at full power and wearing full armour
  • However, as he readied to attack the dragon flew to the sky in an instant
  • It was then that Shiba appeared and said Basara shouldn’t be so surprised at this happening
  • There is explanation here about Koryuu and Shiba’s powers, as well as the presence of the ‘dark’ element that he holds too
  • He then challenged Basara to show him the power he gained when he ran away from him
  • Basara closed in on Shiba and they began to fight
  • At seeing Basara block his ‘Ki’, Shiba realised that there is more to Basara than simply his bloodline and the Solomon barrier the girls created
  • Part 3 ends with Shiba realising that Basara had made the master-slave vow with Mio and the others


Part 4

  • But there is a degree of power control that is quite difficult between Basara’s bloodline from his two mothers, the Solomon barrier and the power up resulting from the vow
  • There’s also the problem with how Shiba’s Ki does have a one hit K.O. Sort of capability that he has to be wary about
  • Shiba then began taunting Basara: pointing out how the vow, unlike the contract, tie the girls to him forever and it may cause them trouble if his Banishing Shift ran wild yet again and so on
  • Basara returned it with how Shiba, on the other hand, only sees his power to a means to an end – his bond with them are stronger and it’s a relationship they’ve all decided on even through tragedies.
  • Basara declared he would never allow Shiba to take their smile and life, and prepared to take Shiba down – betting his all on it.


Part 5 – 6

  • This part returned us to Leohart and Maria. They had been fighting Legion for 30 minutes now while Maria keep up the Solomon Barrier
  • Legion however keeps regenerating – and as according to Balflear they will keep on doing so to no end
  • Leohart wishes to know more about Shiba and asked Maria, and Maria told him about Shiba and how he’s a clone
  • Leohart then spoke to Balflear about Vatican, as for a time Balfear was taken by Vatican and experimented on, which is how he had this connection with Shiba and is cooperating with him, what happened there as Balflear for a time was taken by Vatican too and his connection to Shiba
  • Of course, due to the cruelty Vatican had shown to them, they wanted revenge
  • There are more on demon world politics and how it involves Leohart that leads Balflear to work with Shiba instead.
  • Still, after hearing it Leohart knows he cannot accept such a behaviour
  • There is a fight and more talk between the two of them. Leohart’s power is beyond expectation
  • It is revealed that Leohart made a contract with Liala – effective as more than being the demon lord, he wishes for the power to protect and stay with Liala – he became what he truly wanted to be: a knight who protect his sister and it awakened a power in him
  • After which Leohart revealed his reason for coming is similar to Basara: he too, has things he would never give up and he cannot let those who would take it away from his go free.
  • They managed to capture Balflear


Part 7

  • Returns to Basara vs Shiba
  • Basara as usual has speed based tactics which allowed him to avoid Shiba’s attack
  • However, a counter attack was unsuccessful as Shiba showed more of his strength
  • The part end with Shiba preparing to attack Basara with lightning based attack – Mikazuna


Part 8

  • Mikazuna hit Basara badly as he hit on the asphalt and right through the ground to fall into the underground station (a station on Tokyo Hibiya line)
  • However, thanks to Brynhildr he was able to survive this
  • Being aware of his surroundings, Basara made use of the element for it for his counter attack
  • Shiba feigned being trouble when he was not – he too, had considered the geography and flow of elements and used it to his advantage, preventing the counter attack
  • There’s a back and forth battle here with Basara on the offensive
  • Shiba uses his power with darkness
  • In the end, Basara was caught into it and swallowed into Shiba


Part 9

  • This part returns to Mio who’s holding down the fire side of the Solomon star
  • She could sense something is wrong with Basara – it’s like he disappeared, even if she knows he’s still alive thanks to the vow
  • She’s torn because she has to hold on to the star despite her concerns for Basara and wanting to know what happened, and worrying about how he’s against Shiba
  • But Takashi told her to go – the fire side had been set up and now it’s just to maintain it which he can do
  • As such, Mio left it with him and went towards Basara
  • On the way she met Takigawa, who had been helping Basara away from Shiba – he asked if Basara is in trouble. Mio answered that she truthfully does not know but that’s why she wanted to hurry to him.
  • She’s not the only one who went there, leaving the barrier with their allies – Maria too arrived, followed by Zest and Kurumi.
  • The three of them take on koryuu and told Mio to go on ahead. After all, all of Mio’s attacks would not work against it due to elemental disadvantage.
  • However, she would be able to help Basara and Shiba


Part 10

  • Mio rushed to where Basara is to be greeted by Shiba
  • He claims that Basara is now inside him totally
  • But Mio knew this isn’t true – that Basara is still alive, she tells Shiba that she could feel him but not inside Shiba. This is a lie – that is exactly where she felt him from, but admitting it at this point may mean admitting defeat
  • Shiba suddenly attacked Mio, she was able to respond at first but the following attack is not as easy to dodge
  • She was fortunately saved by Yuki


Part 11 – 17

  • They know to save Basara they have to take down Shiba
  • The fight between the girls vs Shiba and koryuu commenced
  • The fight vs the dragon is difficult for the three left there, but matching it with each other’s movement, they were able to regroup to a skyscraper hotel Takigawa is on
  • Zest and Kurumi is at their limit for their power
  • In order to finish up Koryuu, Takigawa needed to collect his power, saying that it might be another five minutes or so. There is an explanation here on the demons too, and why this is necessary.
  • As such, Maria prepared to use her trump card to hold on for those five minutes
  • The “Magic Key”, and she unleashed a great power of it. Kurumi, who watched, was amazed by the sight of it
  • The chapter detail more of this fight – how it was led first by Maria, but Zest and Kurumi soon followed, as well as Takigawa
  • In the end, the combined power of Maria and Takigawa took down the Koryuu


(In short, this is a very action packed. Maria serves as a particular highlight for these bits, even though Kurumi and Zest also played their roles.)


Part 18 – 19

  • Shiba observed this happening but isn’t troubled by it
  • He isn’t affected at all by his battle with Yuki – she hasn’t even grazed him as of yet despite all their efforts
  • But as Shiba spoke of the future he envisioned – of everything under him, Yuki collected herself and attacked him not wanting such a future
  • Despite this, Yuki still could not match up to Shiba despite all her best efforts, and ended up very badly injured
  • When all seemed lost with her badly injured, red lights came from Shiba’s body
  • It was then that Basara reappeared


Part 20

  • Basara asked Mio to care of Yuki, and Mio saw that while Yuki’s wounds are grave, she could still save Yuki
  • By the girls fighting Shiba on the outside, and Basara himself fighting to get out from the inside Basara managed to escape from Shiba’s clutch
  • However, his time inside Shiba weakened him significantly


Part 21

  • Despite Shiba saying that it’s all for naught, Basara got up to fight him
  • A fight isn’t just on power, Basara believes – he is not alone and he has strength from that
  • Mio and Yuki believes in him, and he’s determined to answer to them


Part 22 – 24

  • Is an intense battle between Shiba and Basara
  • Of course, as this is the final battle of the series Basara’s Banishing Shift plays a key role in this battle
  • These scenes are mostly action scenes that overlap with a bit of introspection on the nature of Basara’s power and the like
  • It was an exhausting battle, but in a grand finish where Banishing Shift won over Shiba’s move, Basara won
  • The world enveloped in a white flash, and all had ended
  • Before Basara passed out, he told the girls that it was time to go home together




Part 1

  • This part concerns Basara’s father Jin in Vatican
  • He’s goes to the special department of the Vatican to see Holy King Albareos
  • Jin showed his capability to use Banishing Shift to make the Shiba clones disappear
  • At the end of this part, Jin turns into a dragon and eats Holy King Albareos


Part 2

  • Basara still saw dreams of the tragedy that happened due to his Banishing Shift going out of control. It isn’t something that will disappear, but it is one he will have to live with
  • He woke up to Maria 69-ing him
  • This whole part is a threesome service scene with Mio and Maria
  • The H-Game from the first volume makes a return. Turns out it has a sequel.


Part 3

  • This about a week or so after the battle with Shiba. The group still had spring break then but it was ending
  • They have also been especially horny, most likely an after effect of the vows. Still, they do not regret their decision.  Lewd stuff had to be done so that Maria could recover the life force she used in the battle against Kouryuu. 
  • They do use the giant bed in the basement, but the previous night Basara was sleeping in his room
  • This scene is followed by a service scene with Yuki in the bathroom


Part 4

  • This is the next service scene with Kurumi and Zest. It starts out with Zest cooking sexily in front of the stove. Kurumi is on the couch sending an email to her parents, as well as contacting the movers. The scene ends with Basara, Zest, and Kurumi having sex on the couch. 


Part 5

  • After they’re all done, the group head to school together
  • It’s arranged that they will be in the same class this new school year too, and it was decided that they’re in class 2F 
  • They reminiscence a little, met with old classmates
  • A surprise: on the class list, there was the name ‘Naruse Maria’. Maria is now attending school with them
  • Not to worry about Zest being home alone: she too, is joining in the school
  • She uses the name Zest B. Steward for her registration and acts as the new English teacher
  • Maria and Kurumi are together in class 1F
  • Positive reminiscence on Village, Shuuya and Kaoru, as well as the demon world related allies


Part 6

  • Political situation of Vatican, Village as well as the Demon Realm as talked on by Basara and Takigawa
  • Basara briefly recalls a phone conversation with Jin
  • A little more on Basara’s two mothers
  • Basara once again ascertains his resolve to live on these peaceful days with those he loves, and how if that is to be threatened, he would fight to resist it


Part 7 – 8

  • In the infirmary, a voice called Hasegawa Afureia — it was Shiba.
  • In the aftermath of the battle, Hasegawa saved him even though she herself has not forgiven him, and as such he is indebted to her
  • She saved him not because she herself wanted to: it’s because it’s what Basara would have wanted. In fact, he had requested it of her – to make sure Shiba does not perish, even if he himself should have to. This is done without anyone else’s knowledge
  • The two of them have a talk on Basara and the situation at hand
  • Turns out Hasegawa and Basara also completed the vow as by Mio’s wish
  • The balance of elements evolved into a yin/yang effect where the 3 demon girls balance out the yang side, and Chisato and the Nonaka’s balance out the yin.
  • Everyone’s power levels after the vow: Basara is now on par with the strongest of the Ten Gods. Chisato is at the level of when she was Afureia, Mio has the potential to reach Wilbert, and it’s a similar for Maria who inherited the blood of the strongest succubus. Yuki and Kurumi are on par with Celis who has Georgius, and Zest has surpassed Zolgear.
  • Hasegawa as of tonight, will be joining the Toujou household as well
  • Celis would be joining the Toujou household starting next week. Celis does not know of the relationship between Basara and Hasegawa, but Yuki assured Hasegawa that it would be alright
  • In the end Shiba left expressing what he had to say, passing an amicable message to Basara through Hasegawa. It does not seem like he would be causing them trouble again soon. Still, he knows much about Basara and Basara’s background, and anticipates things from him
  • Mio and Chisato are pregnant and Shiba hints that the others too will soon be carrying something precious inside their body – in short, Basara’s children


Part 9

  • This part has to do with some classmate related things, most notably a short service scene with Nanao. Nana


Part 10 – 11

  • They went shopping for groceries, and headed home together to celebrate Chisato moving into the house, Maria and Kurumi being first years, and Zest new part time job as an english teacher.
  • Mostly of sentiments of the protagonists and concluding statements of the series as they step forward into the future together, tied with their vow