Why purchasing the LN’s BD’s and other merchandise is important

I’m one of those people that strongly believe that if you enjoy a series then you should support it as best you can. Obviously buying the BD’s, figures, and art books can be a bit expensive. Supporting series via purchasing the LN’s and manga is much more realistic for people that don’t have much disposable income.

It’s a great way to boost the chances of your favorite series potentially getting sequels, OVA’s, or other types of spinoffs. Sometimes surreal shit might even happen, and you become friends with some of the people involved with the light novel, or in my case, the anime adaptation of your favorite series.

Volume 12 first week sales and Sample translation update

Hey everyone,

Volume 12 sold 12,222 physical copies in its first week. That puts it just behind volume 10 and ahead of volume 11 in terms of first week sales. The digital sales of course aren’t accounted for, but it was a top seller a bookwalker for the first week.

If you’re interested in checking where it ranked in relation to other novels check the MAL link here to the weekly chart for April 2nd-8th.

I updated the sample translations with the first half of volume 8 chapter 1

Volume 12 is out

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 9.57.16 AM.png

Volume 12 is out and it’s currently a best seller on amazon which is pretty damn nice. Thanks everyone who continues to support the series. Nomi’s summary for volume 12 is currently a work in progress and we’ll try to get it out some time early this week.