The Secrets of A Certain Competent Maid

There was a desk meant for official duties, a desk that was made from expensive materials but possessed no unnecessary decoration for practical use.

Sitting opposite the stack of documents on it was Ramusas; he was one of the main powers of the Demon Realm as the man who led the Moderate Faction, as well as the younger brother of the previous Demon Lord, Wilbert.

He now sat in his office within Wildart Castle; the curtain of night had long fallen upon the scenery outside the window, and as he looked at the time, he knew that it was already quite late.

Silently, Ramusas went through the piling stack of papers before, signing them and disposing of any that were unnecessary. Although Ramusas had to busy himself with office work following his already exhausting work during the day, he did not seem to show any sign of feeling worn out whatsoever.

There was a sudden knock on the door, to which Ramusas simply said “Come in”. He had already expected the arrival of his visitor through the footsteps approaching his office.

“Please excuse me.”

The figured who appeared was a woman with silver hair, with a keen gaze that possessed an icy coldness to it; the maid outfit she was dressed in was made with the best cloth but with minimal decoration, much like Ramusas’ desk.

It was Lucia, Maria’s older succubus sister who served as Ramusas’ aide.

“Everything has been settled successfully on my end. Please confirm that everything is as such,” Lucia said, placing another stack of papers on Ramusas’ desk, to which Ramusas only took a mere glance at the increased workload.

These numerous documents were related to issues between the two ruling factions of the Demon Realm, the Moderate Faction and the Current Demon Lord Faction; although they had seemingly settled their disputes the first time, previous, unaddressed conflicts would be proposed during the various discussions of peace between them.

Although Ramusas and Lucia could have allocated such work to their lower subordinates or other related departments, the importance of their current work meant that it was more efficient for the two to take responsibility themselves.

After all, such issues needed to be addressed appropriately and the two factions needed to find a common ground for the sake of maintaining peace between both sides.

“Good work. Rest for today.”

“Yes, sir. Please excuse me.” And after a bow, Lucia began to walk out of Ramusas’ office.

Ramusas then glanced at the work Lucia had given him to ensure that it had indeed been completed, and this did not go unnoticed by Lucia herself.

Lucia was no longer needed to assist with these affairs any further—she presumed that Ramusas had decided as such, and their short exchange earlier had been meant to inform her of that.

Ramusas, however, would still need to busy himself with work that was due that day, work that Lucia would be incapable of helping him with.

Lucia felt the urge to tell Ramusas to not overwork himself rise in her throat; however, she would have wanted it not for her own sake as his servant, but for that of his own.

Lucia placated herself of the irritating feelings that were welling up inside her, knowing full well that she ought to do so. The extent of which she could aid Ramusas was to reduce his burden, and she had fully completed what she had been assigned that was within her capabilities. She understood that these were her duties as his aide.

Ruminating on plans meant for the following day, she walked toward her own room, situated within the Wildart Castle. Befitting of her status as Ramusas’ right-hand woman, she had been granted a spacious room for her use, and the way it was kept thoroughly tidy and orderly accentuated a light lived-in feel to the room.

Something that didn’t belong in that room was present on the table, however—it was a brand new notebook computer.

Lucia first turned on the power of the notebook; she then made tea, placed a cup on the table, and sat on the chair that was tucked within it. By the time she had done all those things, the PC had fully started up.

Without any change in expression, Lucia then put on her headphones, and using her mouse she clicked on what was obviously the icon of a game on her computer. Several moments passed before the title ‘My Unknown Youth Life with my Real Little Sister’ appeared on the display.

Much like the title suggested, the game was one that featured the love of the protagonist and their younger sister; as Lucia continued clicking her mouse, sweet moans preceded the beginning of a rather brutish lovemaking scene.

In other words, she was playing an eroge.

Lucia concentrated on disciplining the younger sister within the game, her gaze ice-cold and razor-sharp; she spared no detail as she played the game, listening to every voice clip through her headphones, and not finding the need to click to progress through the game texts tedious.

She played as if she wanted to investigate every single aspect of the game, from the visuals to the background music.

After a few hours, the end credits began to play; however, there was not even the slightest hint of change in Lucia’s countenance. Following the end of the credits screen, Lucia removed her headphones and looked toward the title screen that had appeared on the display before her once more.

She caught a glimpse of her reflection through the momentarily blackened screen, and her lips parted ever so slightly. Her eyebrows creased at the notion that something was out of place.

Turning around, she noticed that there was a box on the bed; she could not recall such a box existing in her room, especially one so large she could barely hold it with her own two hands.

How long had the box been there? How could she not have noticed it when she first returned to her room?

Acting on her suspicions, she approached her bed and examined the box for any signs of technical and physical traps, before processing to examine the box’s physical and magical qualities. After ensuring that the box was not laced with any threat from both spectrums, she began to physically inspect the box.

“This is—”

Within it was a package that was far smaller in size; perhaps it was better to say that the box was far too big to store it.

That aside, it was an authentic computer game of sorts that laid within the box. The package along with the box seemed to make up an eroge.

The realization caused Lucia to clench her fists and assume a defensive posture, entering a state of preparedness for battle as she turned around; she showed no signs of hesitation or surprise as she detected the presence that suddenly appeared behind her.

However, the next action Lucia took was to sigh deeply in relief.

“…Just exactly what do you think you are doing?”

The presence she had sensed behind her earlier appeared before Lucia in the form of a young girl; Lucia could feel nostalgia welling up within her as she recognized the girl’s familiar face, who was now smiling as she turned toward Lucia.

The person standing before Lucia right now who was absent just a short moment ago was none other than her mother, Sheila.

Lucia had left no openings when she was playing her eroge; even with her headphones on, she had the skills to notice if anyone entered her room, more so if they made themselves present when she had just finished playing her game.

“It’s just a little space magic. Just a little, ‘kay?”

Just a little, as you say…Lucia frowned at the way her mother had termed her actions.

She had to admit that her mother was a far more frequent user of such a variant of magic than she was, and she found herself swallowing a breath at Sheila’s precision; the composed Lucia thus did not find herself angry that her mother had created a dimensional tunnel that lead to her own room again.

Paying Lucia’s thoughts little mind, Sheila then surveying the room as if she owned it.

“Oh, I know, don’t worry. I’m aware Maria-chan’s really been immersing herself in a lot of erotic games lately too.”

Lucia’s brows creased. Her irritation was evident, regardless of whether she knew that because Sheila had been spying on her while she was playing, or if she presumed that Sheila had been messing around with her stuff while she wasn’t around.

“That’s not my reason,” She said amidst a sigh. “Given then Mio-sama’s currently placed under our non-intervention policy, it’s also important for us to prepare ourselves to maintain a relationship with the human world from now on. As such, to broaden my views as a succubus, I have decided to play this so-called erotic video game—this game featuring play with a beautiful young heroine—in order to understand this human culture.”

“Yes, yes, that’s true. Even so, you’re still a succubus, no?”

Lucia creased her eyebrows in resignation.

“And while all that’s true and all, putting that aside, I happened to order all those online,” Sheila pointed at the box she’d brought over, “The delivery service of the human world is really efficient. I wonder if the Demon Realm could emulate that…”

“And how exactly did you get those…? In other words, you’re saying you obtained them directly from the human world?”

“Oh, there are a lot of different kinds of souvenirs in there, you know,” She said, slapping her hands to relieve the stress from the heavy illustration books she had been holding. “Here we have some stuff from the human world: erotic drawings, shunga designs and illustration books, shunga handkerchiefs…”

“I’m grateful, but I’d ask you that you be more conscious about the problems that we’d have if you’d just slipped in and out of the human world like—”

“I just remembered something: important business! Good night, Lucia-chan.” She turned around the moment she said so and conjured a magic circle that opened a dimensional tunnel, before disappearing without saying anything further.

Glaring as her mother disappeared in an instant through the dissipating magic circle, Lucia sighed yet again. Left in her room were thick shunga illustrative books, handkerchiefs with unique, erotic designs and patterns on them, as well as a sizable pile of erotic video games.

After some careful thought, Lucia primly placed the illustration books she’d received on her bookshelf, and extended a hand toward the box filled with the erotic video games.

Part 2

Lucia returned to her room considerably later than the previous day that night.

Looking as if though she was not tired whatsoever after a day’s exhausting work, she quickly got to business; as usual, she opened her PC, made some tea, and fiddled with the mouse.

Several icons that were not present yesterday were now lined upon the display of her computer; Sheila had quickly and efficiently installed the games that Sheila had given her last night before she went to sleep.

Clicking on one of the icons, she initiated one of the games.

Gazing at the display of the computer with her typical and unchanging cold gaze, Lucia had come to partake in the erotic games of the human world that she had experienced up until now with great anticipation—the concept of an erotic game had become a topic of great, deep interest to Lucia as a succubus.

The game at its core was largely a story involving rich and fascinating depictions of a scenario that usually involved protagonist and his fellow heroines, allowing an immersive and resonating experience from the various aspects included in the game, such as the player being able to understand the emotions of the characters in the story, the resulting climax, and the various erotic scenes available.

Even among the succubus culture, one had never witnessed a product made from the delicate concept of applying eroticism to stories.

Lucia had also gone through the shunga illustration books she was given last night, and through the discovery of various story-based shunga and the fact that they had been published for a long time, she rationalized that the concept had existed in the human world for quite a long time, and had developed into the product she was playing as technology continued to advance.

However, it still was not eroticism in its own natural form.

Having purchased the game My Unknown Youth Life with my Real Little Sister due to its reviews of having extreme erotic scenes, Lucia herself had found the acclaimed experience unsatisfactory to her tastes.

Succubi were a race of sexual demons that had their power elevated through sexual pleasure; that being said, human eroticism was nothing more than a relic of the days long past to the succubi.

“Humans are capable of interesting things…I’d give my praise, but this is as far as it goes, is it…” She said coldly.

Perhaps there was no need to study human erotic games extensively after all; she had such a thought in her mind since the previous night, and her stand did not seem to change that day.

It was then that her eyes suddenly widened.

“This is…!” She said with a high, surprised voice.

The concept of the game itself was not rare at all; it was simply a matter of having divergent routes in the story where the player had to go through all of the important plot points of the game in order to access the route of a main heroine that they particularly fancied.

The girl that appeared in the display was a dragon, possibly the main heroine, however; and this character did not seem to have any physically human traits, or did it seem capable of taking on a human form.

The form of the character was evidently reptilian, with massive, strong wings spread wide, its fangs bared. Its body was covered in scales as sharp as blades. The glint in its eyes suggested that it had some profound level of intelligence, and its breath let out occasional instances of flames.

It was no exaggeration—the main heroine was the very thing itself, a dragon. The beast’s physique spanned almost ten meters long including its large tail.

“Dora-chan, wait…”

It was a cute voice, and its source then appeared—it was another heroine, a slime. Much like the dragon, it had no trace of human form in it whatsoever, its dark green body of viscous liquid wriggling almost repulsively. Her adorable voice was one of the seven special abilities she was equipped with, and it appeared to possess the setting of being able to camouflage or imitate other appearances with its mucus body.

Then there was a humongous, one-eyed giant that was even larger than the dragon—a Cyclops—appearing with a towering, vividly-colored frame, yet with the demeanour of a lively young girl.

There was also a manticore that looked too old yet too young.

This was followed by what was called a Mongolian Deathworm, with a body of nothing but an earthworms, releasing toxins as the eccentric being fired out waves of lightning attacks.

“No heroine in this game takes on the form of a human… and bestial or interspecies love is rare on its own already, even within the diverse races and species of the Demon Realm…and to begin with, what in the world is a Mongolian Deathworm?”

Lucia took another look at the package of the erotic game with the title ‘Gachi☆Mon’ again—there was no doubt that was manufactured from a company in the country of Japan from the human world, though there were no such products in the Demon Realm to begin with it.

And then the erotic scenes came about.

“As I thought…this is the extent of what it can offer.”

She was offered something she felt that she had no need to see, for she was already equipped with such knowledge as a succubus.

Lucia’s throat suddenly felt dry, and she drank some of the cooled tea to quench her thirst.

After finishing an erotic scene where the protagonist had to partake in lewd acts with a 10-meter long dragon and completing the game, her gaze turned toward the box beside her computer, filled with more of the erotic games Sheila have given her the night before.

Having only installed those games yesterday, Lucia had yet to ascertain all of the content for herself.

After she scrutinized the package again, she gazed at the display in bewilderment.

“I know that you can focus on the routes of every boy and girl in the game…I understand that much, at least. But all the targets available in this game are robots? With their lower halves spanning three meters and their upper bodies fifteen kilometres? Why do they have to make their sizes so specific!?” She could no longer resist her rising tone.

The Demon Realm had no friendly relations with beings like robots or any of the sort; still, she understood that to the Demon Realm, this was a love that involved beings akin to Heroic Spirits spanning fifteen kilometres tall!

Lucia suddenly became aware of her reflection on the display; it indicated that an unmistakable look of surprise was engraved on her face at the moment.

Lucia took in a deep breath, after which her expression no longer wavered.

Her gaze implied that she now had every intention to read everything as she remained fixated on the display.

“So this is the extent of human eroticism…” With a click of the mouse from her pale finger, she activated ‘Gachi☆Mon Harmony’ again. “How fascinating. Well, let me see all of it, then—for the sake of a new future for a sex demon such as myself…no, for the entire succubus race.”

Lucia smiled. Her lips curled upward knowing that she was a succubus on a mission, ready to surpass the newfound knowledge she’d learned from another world.

Part 3

“Mother,” Lucia called out to Sheila at a corner of the Wildart Castle.

“My, my.”

As Sheila turned around, she was presented with a large bag, with all of the erotic games that she had given Lucia several days ago neatly kept within it.

Her eyebrows furrowed at the sight of the bag; given that she’d already returned all of the games without even a week passing, she assumed that there was only one reason for her doing so.

“So they weren’t to your tastes after all? What a shame.”

“No. I’ve completed every route of every game. I also went through all of the illustrations.”

“Eh?” Sheila exclaimed, her eyes widening. “It hasn’t even been a week since I’ve given you all those games, and speaking of giving you those games, I did happen to give them to you while you had a dreadful amount of work to do, didn’t I?”

“I cut down on some of my sleep hours for that purpose.”

“You say that as if that’s not really going to bother you, but is your body really okay?”

“But of course. I know that taking care of my health is very important even though I’ve been staying up all night.”

“So you didn’t sleep at all?”

“That won’t be a problem,” Lucia said, withdrawing a potion bottle from her own bag. “I’ve used a magic potion to ensure that I’m adjusted enough, such that there will be no compromise to the governmental affairs.”

“You haven’t really made any adjustments to how long you’ll be staying up for as well as managing your own health, though, have you?”

“This potion stimulates bodily activity. In addition, the potion will help to recuperate any damage of fatigue I’ve sustained during my all-nighters.”

“…You seem to be alright, then. If that’s the case, everything should be fine, but…”

“I wanted to prove to you that I would have no problems going through all these games within a week.”

“I don’t think you’ll be able to keep this up for more than one week anyway,” Sheila said, giving off one of her rare, authentic expressions.

“Yes. I’ve already finished all the routes.” There was a moment’s silence, before Lucia opened her mouth to speak again. “Thank you very much.”

She took a deep bow.

“I suppose you feel a bit embarrassed about how enlightening the experience has been.”

“Not at all. If anything, I’d say the games have left a profound impression on me.” She said, continuing as she looked at the game in Sheila’s hand. “I confess that I have held a certain disdain toward the human race up until now.”

She then stared into space, as if she was imagining something in her mind.

“The war god, Toujou Jin. His son, Toujou Basara, whom has let us bear witness to his power first hand, power that brought great influence to the affairs of the Demon Realm. And then there’s the Hero Clan, who has produced such warriors. Perhaps I understand such an example in my mind, but  I suppose in the end, I don’t understand the actual essence of it all.”

Lucia was now letting out her sincere thoughts on the matter.

“The erotic games you’ve given me, Mother…they’ve allowed me to reconsider my narrow opinion of eroticism as a succubus and have allowed me to experience many new and profound values. And the shunga illustration books you’ve given me have given me a perspective of the history that has culminated into the very products I’ve now experienced.”

Her expression was tranquil.

“Perhaps this is all part of their strength…part of the strength of humans, that is.”

“Indeed. Sure, you may be changed a little and you’ve learned something new, but…in the end, you’re still a succubus at heart.” The irresponsible, yet immensely powerful Sheila nodded in satisfaction at her daughter’s sentiments.

“And I will continue my efforts thusly,” Lucia said. “As a succubus, to strive deeper, and with more perversion. I won’t sit by and do nothing as a demon of sexual desire, nor will I be of a quality that loses to the mere erotic games of humans.”

Lucia’s expression changed to be somewhat cheerful.

“Besides…” She whispered, and her eyes were cast downward, “I think Maria, who’s already been exposed to games like this far earlier than I have, will far surpass my expectations of her.”

Her thoughts turned to her younger sister, who was in a world next to hers separated by dimensions.

“That little girl of ours…Maria’s already been exposed to far more of the outside world than the both of us have. So that’s why I’m sure…” Her gaze was filled with tender thoughts of her younger sister.

Sheila gave off a motherly smile; Lucia was truly an older sister.

Part 4

“Well now, for the sake of the irresistible pleasures of both Mio-sama and Basara-sama, I, Naruse Maria, will do my best in my study of more erotic games today!” Maria said, feeling motivated as she switched on her computer.

As always, the first thing she did was to gather information so that she could pioneer a new erotic game. Humming a tune as she went about her habitual surfing courses, she gathered information about the quality of erotic games from sources such as credible reviewing sites, officially followed SNSes, and manufacturing sites. Following that, after getting the inspiration she needed, she also thought about potential illustrators and scenario writers looking to be part of any games.

All while she was doing her research, she was playing several demo games that she’d downloaded.

Although it was all a common routine for her, she would usually find new information, making the experience fresh nonetheless.

“Hmm. This page says that there are plans to release something new soon…sounds good. I’ll bookmark it and come back it from time to time.”

She decided to read the page carefully again—it was an erotic game review page.

The initial review involved composed criticism that was very objective. It provided a detailed view of the good and bad as well as aspects such as the system and scenario with almost mechanical precision.

The more she read it, however, she noticed that there were several points of criticism that were heading toward a different direction.

The review was also very passionate in describing each individual character included in the scenario, such that Maria could almost feel as if the writer’s earnest thoughts on the matter were directed to herself.

“Still, this just shows a real bias towards these kinds of games, doesn’t it? Even for me, ‘Super Robots Harem War’ is just far too niche for me. It’s fine to be enthusiastic about one game, but to think they’d go as far as to write about stuff like ‘Gachi☆Mon?’ This person’s really a new level of pervert. Of course, a real succubus would obviously appreciate stuff like this and shower it in praises.”

She suddenly stopped speaking, and her fingers froze on the mouse.

She took a look at the name of the poster on the site, which she had paid little attention up until now. It read ‘Maid of the Demon Realm – Lu-tan’.

She suddenly imagined the sight of her older sister Lucia clicking the enter button to finish her comment with her usual serious expression in her mind.

“Oh, no, no, that’s just…that’s just impossible. Hahaha…” She laughed, brushing the thought of Lucia focusing on playing an erotic game with the same serious expression from her mind.

“In any case, I’ll be counting on this reviewer for reference from now on! For the sake of letting Mio-sama drown in endless pleasure, for the future of the succubi! —Huh!? Am I really going to play a game as niche as this!? Wait a minute, what exactly am I thinking about right now!?”

Maria decided to continue reading reviews yet again.

The girls had already known what they needed to know.

Nevertheless, theirs was a sisterly and parental bond that transcended the boundaries of world and dimensions easily, and would bring forth the birth of a new possibility.

One that was fitting of a succubus.