Prologue: A Thursday of intertwining Fates

This is a tale of a young man and his girls—individuals who have possessed the power of the Deadly Sins within their bodies.

And they live more freely than anyone else in a zone known as Neo Kichijōji…

This is a tale of a pack of wolves. 


Cries rose from the arms of Takanashi Sirou—they came from an adorable little girl that looked to be about four to five years of age, and large beads of tears were pouring out from her eyes that were as round as jewels.

The two were currently at a large intersection near a station; many pedestrians waiting for the signal could be seen around them.

There was a disputable fact despite the situation: Sirou had not been the one who made the young girl cry. That said—

“Everything’s okay now…that must’ve been scary for you, wasn’t it?” He gently whispered that into the young girl’s ear and hugged her.

“…Uuu…waa..h…” The girl huddled herself into his embrace as if to attach herself to him.

Sirou had rescued the little girl when she was about to be run over by a car a while ago; however, the girl had not dashed out onto the road on her own, nor had the vehicle appeared to have aimed to ram into the girl prior.

Whatever it was that had put the girl’s life at risk, it was no longer there, for it had already left the area.

The red signal finally turned green after a while; someone then approached the two from the other side of the pedestrian crossing.

“Sirou-san, is everything alright?”

The person was a young girl who looked to be about ten years of age, holding a heavy brown paper bag in her arms as she took wobbly, awkward steps toward Shirou and the girl he was hugging. Within the bag were ingredients that Sirou had purchased with the girl earlier.

“My bad, Mikoto, I’ll get to those right away. I imagine they’re quite heavy,” As he carried the young girl in his arms, he lightly apologized to the young woman who had finally arrived…Inaba Mikoto.

“Oh no, I’m just glad we’ve managed to meet up in time.” Popping her head out from the side of the paper bag covering her face, she let out a bright smile. Her upturned eyes were as round, large and mischievous as a cat’s as she addressed him; butterfly-shaped ribbons adorned both sides of her little head, her long hair tied into pigtails.

What was more notable about Mikoto was the maid uniform she was wearing, one that was customized to her personal liking; a sensual, diamond-shaped cut bared the chest area of her attire, the result of which caused the eye-catching sight of her faintly bulging breasts to stick out. Another similar cut also exposed her well-shaped navel. She also wore frilly stockings held up by a white garter belt for good measure.

Mikoto looked cute, but there was an almost sinful air of eroticism surrounding her, one that was a poor match for her youthful appearance.

That said, Sirou was on the way home from shopping with Mikoto and was waiting for the signal to allow them to cross; it was then that Sirou had spotted the cute little girl opposite the railway that spanned three tracks wide, holding what seemed to be a plastic bag from a supermarket. There had been no sign of a guardian accompanying her, and one could assume that she lived close by and had been entrusted to carry out a simple errand.

The issue had occurred in that crucial period of momentary time while they were waiting for the signal to turn green—a young woman had dashed past the girl from behind as if she were running away from something.

That in itself posed no issue—the problem was instead the four well-built men in black that had chased after her.

“Get out of the way! Move!”

One of the men had shouted that as the group barged into the crowd awaiting to cross; the angered voice of an adult was threatening to a child, and as the little girl turned around, she’d stumbled backward, falling onto the open road.

Worst of all—a ten-ton truck was coming the girl’s way. The surrounding people, distracted by the men in black, had paid no heed to the imminent danger that was about to claim the young girl—the young girl herself had also been completely unaware.

“…—Mikoto, hold these.”

Sirou had passed the bag of ingredients to Mikoto before dashing out onto the road. He leaned forward and took an initial step—kicking off the ground with a springing strength from his right leg, he began an explosive acceleration, achieving extreme speed by his second step. And by the time he had taken his third step, he had already leapt at a height that had him drifting over the black minivan that was fast approaching from the right.


Placing one hand on the jet-black roof on the vehicle, he lightly pushed himself over the minivan; as Sirou shifted into the opposite lane of the road, he used the boot of a white SUV approaching from the left to spring himself into a lowered jump, immediately launching toward the little girl.

And all of that had taken him only an instant.

The moment the ten-ton truck sounded its horn and its brakes screeched, Sirou had already landed on the ground on his back before he leapt away with the little girl in his arms.

—All that had culminated into their current situation, with the girl being fortunately unhurt as Sirou gently hugged the little girl, she gradually stopped crying. As he gently lowered her to the ground, Mikoto walked up to the little girl Sirou had just rescued, crouching down to meet her gaze and flashing a gentle smile at her, petting the younger girl’s head.

“Now, why don’t you tell me what color your panties are?”

It was an unthinkable suggestion—one that invited an immediate chop on the head of the pervert who’d proposed it.

“Ouch! W-why did you hit me, Sirou-san?”

“It’s more appropriate to ask for her name in a situation like this. Panties are just crossing the line.”

“That’s the first time I’ve heard about that, though.”

“I suppose. This is the first time I’ve actually said something like that, too,” Sirou knelt down in front of the little girl, holding the purse that was hanging around her neck.

“Let’s see…ahh, this should be it.”

As expected, the little girl’s name and a telephone number were written on the other side of her purse.

“Kobayashi Maki…huh. Alright, just hang on for a little moment longer, okay? We’ll take you to your mama very soon.”


The little girl reacted to the mention of her name and “mama”, bringing her gaze to his; she nodded wordlessly as she tightly and endearingly embraced him again.

“…Why, aren’t you an angel,” Sirou gently stroked the little girl’s head, seemingly intent on returning the favor to those who had almost hurt her.

“You’re actually criminal, Sirou-san~ Rather than a lech, I think calling you a lolicon might be more appropriate now. That’s why you’re stuck with the moniker of ‘The Walking Dick of Neo Kichijōji.”

“You were the one who wanted to know the color of her panties, Mikoto. Has anyone ever suggested you look in a mirror?”

“I do happen to be a girl, so it’s fine in my case. After all, I’m allowed to go into the same toilets with this girl, and go into the same baths with her, too.”

“I suppose it’s a crazy world we live in.”

“That’s supposed to be normal, though, isn’t it!? Jeez…” Just as she was getting excited about their conversation, Mikoto sighed at his response. “At any rate, do be careful, Sirou-san. It’s Thursday, after all.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.” Nodding in response to Mikoto’s warning, he lightly patted the young girl he’d rescued on the head. “That said, Mikoto, do pardon me, but can I leave this girl to you? You can contact the phone number here and arrange for her parents to come pick her up. And if you happen to reach voicemail, I guess you can take her to Nagumo-san.”

“Aye, I got it.” Mikoto gave a cheerful response at the mention of a certain female police officer that they were familiar with.

“Oh, by the way, you did happen to pick up some eggs earlier, didn’t you? Give them to the girl.”

“But…without those eggs, the sukiyaki we were planning for dinner tonight is gonna end up ruined.”

“That’s true. Still, have a look—the girl went out of her way to buy stuff home and now it’s become like this.”

Sirou showed Mikoto the white plastic bag he had been holding in his left hand; within it was a crushed plastic packaging containing the now-broken eggs that the girl had bought.

“Well, I don’t mind the whole thing if you put it that way, Shirou-san, but…don’t you think Renya-san might be pissed about this?”

“It’ll be alright. I’ll handle whatever he’s got coming for me later.”

“Well then, Sirou-san…as I thought, you’re going to…”

“Yeah,” Sirou replied, facing the direction the men had run off to. “Those old men from earlier…I think I should make a little complaint to them.”

Part 2

An area lined by commercial buildings existed 500 meters away from the station; it had once been a district lined with a series of small shops forming maze-like alleyways.

She found herself trapped between concrete walls left and right, dimly lit by the little sunlight that reached the gloomy alley.

“…—Give it up. You can’t escape us.”

Having chased after Kōsaki Yuki and finally cornered yet, the men in black forced their verdict on her.

…Have I just made a mistake …?

Had she only been fixated on simply escaping, she could have gone into a busy road or shopping district; a bustling area with lots of people might have made it much more difficult for the men in black to use force against her. However, it wasn’t impossible for them to subdue her without the use of force despite the difficulty—she had been chased all the way even through that large intersection, and she’d heard the sound of a horn and screeching brakes behind her as she ran.

Yui never wanted to go against the signal and risk someone getting hurt—nevertheless, the men in black had persisted in their pursuit despite her gambit.

…What do I do?

She thought of how an accident or the like may have occurred as a result of her actions, reaching the brink of tears at the possibility.  

“If you don’t want things to get rough, do as we say. Don’t resist us.” The words were a warning to her that they had every intention of using force if the situation demanded it.

And the moment she made up her mind—

“…——Ah. There you are.”

There was a sudden, forceful voice; behind the men in black was someone calmly standing by the edge of the alleyway.

It was a young man, one who carried an unusual air about him. He was clad in a black school uniform from head to toe, with the buttons of his blazer exposed; the hood of the white hoodie he wore underneath his uniform hung around his collar, giving a rough impression to his otherwise stiff choice of dress. His unkempt, thick hair appeared to have no traces of dye.

Outwardly, he appeared to be no more than an ordinary teenager—but Yui could see something in him that was supernatural.

It was his eyes—eyes that were so deep a color that they seemed as if they could suck anything into them as he administered her…more specifically the group of men in black. However, said group of men didn’t appear to have noticed the supernatural trait that the boy possessed.

After a moment’s standoff between the two sides, one of the men closest to the young man approached him. 

“Wait! That person has nothing to do with—”

One of the men immediately stood up to the young man, unheeding her exclamation.

“Get lost, brat. Don’t get involved in this over your own worthless curiosity or a false sense of justice.”

“I have no such intentions. I simply wanted to make a little complaint, that’s all,” The young man stood his ground without any sign of trepidation in the face of the large man’s attempt to intimidate him. “…After all, you lot happen to be responsible for almost dragging a little girl to her death.”

His voice edged to threaten ever so slightly, his expression darkening.

“It was really frightening for her, you know…she stood there trembling and crying after all that. And here she was supposed to safely reach home, greeted by her warm mother and commended for her effort.”

He then displayed a white plastic bag that he was holding.

“As you can see, the eggs she went out of her way to buy are now left all broken now. And as important as something like this is in our world, what are you guys going to do about this little waste you’ve made?”

The man dressed in black before him responded—but not with words. He roughly slapped away the plastic bag the young man was holding from his hand.

“…I mean, come on, being so rough with perfectly edible food like that. You might get punished for that, you know?” He sighed as the plastic bag made a scratching sound as it brushed against the ground, extending a hand toward the plastic bag that held the package of broken eggs.

However, the man in black stomped down on his hand with his right foot, the grating noise indicating that he wasn’t showing any restraint.

 “I’ll say it again—get lost, you little brat. Or else—”

Something suddenly interrupted the man before he could finish—it was a loud noise. Simultaneously, the concrete wall of the building gave in, a crack resembling a spider’s web forming on its surface.

The boy had clutched the man with his right arm like talons, slamming his head into the wall with all his might.

“—Or else what?” The young man smiled coldly, slowly addressing the rest of the surrounding men.

“W-What are you—” As the remaining three men became startled and prepared themselves, the young man released his grip from the first man’s head, and began to dauntlessly walk toward them.


The remaining men withdrew something from their left breast pocket in a slanting motion with their right hands, making a metallic sound—they had unleashed shafts made of steel. The sound of sparks crackled as the rods shone—they were actually electric batons.

The three men then lunged to attack the boy simultaneously—it was three against one in a narrow alley, with the young man having no space to dodge nor a place to escape to.

Even so, the boy only continued to calmly walk toward the approaching men; and in the next moment—


Kosaki Yui’s eyes abruptly widened; the young man had slipped through the seemingly impenetrable front that the three men had made completely unscathed.

“…You okay?” The boy smiled as he turned to look at her behind him.

The three men folded as they fell onto the ground; brushing past them, Sirou had swiftly incapacitated the three men in black with a shift chop to each of their necks.

…Now, then.

As he eyed the surprised young woman before him, he began to take a guess how she stumbled upon such a situation. She had been chased by a group of unsettling men—he had no doubt on the fact of the matter. She was wearing the school uniform of a high school that was only a short distance from where they were at; it was an important clue in deducing who exactly the young woman was. What stood out more than anything, though—

…Yeah, this one’s a looker, alright.

The sight before him was miraculous, such that he found it almost pitiable; she returned his gaze, her large eyes shining as if they were diamonds. Her smooth, silky hair that reached down to her back was tied into three braids held by ribbons on her left; her nose, her lips and the contours of her face were aligned almost perfectly. It was easy for such exquisite looks to grab the attention for any who laid eyes on her.

Nevertheless, something disproportionately contrasted her youthful looks; she was unusually busty, such that one could bring an average hundred people and their combined sizes would still not compare to hers.

That was quite a big chest she had…quite some big breasts.

And Sirou so happened to be lucky enough to savor their heavenly sensation; the girl had suddenly and hastily embraced him.


He first felt their soft, ample volume; having received her current embrace, their bodies were huddled close together, and he couldn’t deny that it was quite the enticing situation. Apart from her overwhelmingly excellent bust, her body was lined with sensual curves from her waist down to her butt, such that it allured him to almost try his hand at touching it. Of course—he wasn’t capable of doing that, for the girl’s hold on him was rather strong. Leaning back slightly, he caught sight of a sudden movement.


It was the first man in black whom he had slammed into the wall;he was supposed to have been knocked out. The man was now aiming a weapon at him—he must have hidden it under his suit…behind him. The bodyguard’s weapon of choice was a submachine gun of the latest model; the safety had already been removed, and his finger was already on the trigger.

…I see.

There was the sound of gunfire, and Sirou had pulled the girl toward the ground in the nick of time; the bullets only pierced through the thin air of the space where Sirou once stood.

They’d escaped by the skin of their teeth. And yet—

The moment the two fell onto the ground simultaneously, a forced occurrence had transpired; Sirou had pressed his lips upon the young woman’s. It had been a sudden, unexpected accident…but it had been a kiss nonetheless.

…Well, this doesn’t look good. That was what first came to Sirou’s mind.

“Mmm–!?” The young girl reacted unexpectedly, though; opening her eyes in surprise, he could see a certain crest appearing deep under them.

…Damn it.

In response to the worsening situation, Sirou reached for her head; startled by the sudden kiss, she tried to stand up and distance herself from him, but—

“Whoah, that’s dangerous.”

Sirou immediately wrapped his arm around her head and clutched her into his embrace. Their lips touched again, but they managed to avoid the second bullet just in time, which flew above the girl’s ahead. And as Sirou pondered on the situation—

“Nnn…no…nnnn…haaa…aah…” Surprisingly, the young woman whom he had just kissed began letting out sweet, confused breaths.

…Oh, my.  

No matter how one looked at it, Sirou, of course, was fully responsible; holding her waist close to him with his left hand, his right hand held the back of her head, and his tongue inserted itself into her mouth as their lips remained locked upon one another. Their tongues intertwined as viscous fluids stirred in their connected mouths, the exchange making watery, sweet noises.

—A man’s instinct is truly frightening indeed. He said, eying the enticing reactions the girl was giving.

Such was why he held the moniker of “The Walking Dick of Neo Kichijōji”.

“…You…don’t mess with me…!”

Angered, the man in black aimed the muzzle of his weapon at them; it moved unsteadily, however, perhaps because his vision was blurred as a result of the initial impact he had taken to the head.

“Ugh, this is a really dangerous situation.”

Pulling his tongue out of her mouth, Sirou sighed as he caught sight of the young woman’s butt. Groping it with both hands, he helped himself to its warm, soft sensation.


As the girl laid atop his waist, she rocked her hair, disheveling it as her sweet body was pressed onto his. A third bullet was fired, but it only passed through the gap that divided the girl’s body and Sirou’s.

“Wha—…?” The man in black let out a dumbfounded expression.

“…Hey, this is a really lewd ass,” Ignoring his assailant, Sirou continued to indulge in groping the young woman’s butt.

The wielder of the submachine gun went into a state of shock; his target had just dodged three bullets from a semiautomatic weapon almost effortlessly, as if he had completely seen through the bullets’ trajectory and the timing of which they were fired.

“I assume you were instructed to capture this little missy here, old man?” The young man asked the man in black, who remained in shock.

The targeted young woman who had been atop the young man recoiled and leaned against the wall of the building.

“——You know, if you’re going to fire, why don’t you make sure you’re aiming properly at me first?” Standing up, the young man smiled, unfettered as he provoked his assailant.

“——You little!”

Enraged, the man in black adjusted his machine gun to its fully automatic mode and pulled the trigger; the weapon used a special, double-helix-shaped magazine that was capable of housing up to 129 bullets. Having already fired three bullets, he had 126 remaining—and he unleashed his entire magazine at him.

“Wha—!?” The man was left utterly flabbergasted the next moment.

The young man had formed a katana in his hand the moment the man pulled the trigger; he moved like a flash, his figure a blur as he moved about the alley, white flashes slicing across the confined space like threads drawn in the air. These flashes weren’t from the muzzle of the firing submachine gun, however; a shrill, metallic sound resounded repetitively, drowning out the noise of the bullets.


He had just fired at a rate of thirty-two shots per second; having exhausted his bullet supply in an instant, the man in black released his grip on the submachine gun in utter disbelief.

Over a hundred bullets fired toward a short distance have been cut down with a blade. He was able to confirm that each bullet had been stopped; he could see each bullet—a total of 126—at the young man’s feet.

If the bullets had simply been sliced through, the bullets would have continued firing ahead given their momentum; that said, he should have seen the bullets scattered around him, and his attack would have posed a threat to the impulsive young man and the young woman they intended to capture; however, what he was seeing before him was that the bullets had completely fell under the young man’s feet, suggesting that he had completely neutered their impact while blocking his bullets.  

“Superhuman physical ability, and the ability to conceptually manifest a weapon…are you a Pure-Blood!?”

“No, I’m not. I’m simply using my own strength right now,” The boy said, narrowing his gaze as he plopped the back of his blade onto his shoulder. “—Well, do you want to keep this up?”


As the remaining man was met with a cold stare, he quickly thought to himself:

—I know what being in this city means.

The group selected for this capture mission had been well-trained in combat and firearms, such that they  should have been able to handle the supernatural ability users around the city; however, their expertise only managed to allow them to pit against the average, more common ability wielders.

…What do I do!?

It was very possible that he would unleash an ability on him—that was what being in this vicinity entailed, after all, for supernatural abilities were commonplace there. Though he was nothing more than a human in the outside world, he was not human in this city—this Otherworldly City. Nevertheless, the cornered rat would bite the cat, and the result of the match would be clear.


The man raised his arm in a horizontal motion; activating a mechanism of sorts, he planned to fire a bullet from underneath his sleeve. Choosing to trust in his refined skill in firearms, he wanted to bet everything one a single, unexpected shot. However—


A scream from the man in black came instead of a gunshot; swinging his weapon downward, he crushed the man’s hand with the black of his blade before the man could pull the trigger. The man fell to his knee as he writhed in his excruciating pain.

“I was hoping you’d just take your friends and just run along, but…I suppose it can’t be helped if that’s how you want to do things.”

As the young man sighed, he forcefully backhanded the man on the neck; the man’s head flinched upward from the impact, falling to the floor face first at the same moment.


The violent impact was enough to strip the man of his consciousness. Coincidentally, his face fell atop the very place his foot had stomped down on earlier—right on top of the plastic bag with the broken eggs. Amidst his dimming vision and fading consciousness, the man in black caught the last, silent words of young man.

“Here, have the food you ruined. Be sure to take responsibility and eat it all up—down to every last bit of eggshell.”

Part 3

Kōsaki Yui had just borne witness to the young man subduing the men in black; and these men weren’t common street thugs—they were highly trained professional forces.


She froze in disbelief at how the person before her had managed to handle them all by himself; in the meanwhile, the young man began inspecting the breast pockets and trouser pockets of the fallen men.

 “Hmm…as I thought, no ID cards,” The young man retrieved one of the mobile terminals from the men in black—removing the battery and the communication chip, he placed the withdrawn items into his uniform’s breast pocket.

It was then that she voiced out the question that she’s harboured regarding the young man.

“Excuse me…you’re Takanashi-kun, right?”

Yui inquired the name of a classmate which went to the same school she went to—his full name was Takanashi Sirou. And before he could properly respond—

“Ah~ Found you, Sirou-san!”

A cute young girl wearing a revealing maid outfit arrived at the back alley where the two stood, confirming that the young man was indeed Takanashi Sirou as she walked up to him.

“So how did it go? You said you were going to make a complaint and…oh, it seems things have already been settled a while ago,” She said, eyeing the fallen bodies of the men in black scattered around her feet, “I’ve never seen this group before…do you think we should report it to our leader?”

“Sure. I settled this by hitting them on the neck. I’ll explain myself afterwards. How about you, Mikoto? Have you managed to contact that girl’s mother?”

“Yes,” The girl whom Sirou called Mikoto replied with a nod, “She so happens to live nearby, so she came out to greet us almost immediately. She was really grateful about you saving Maki-chan, you know? She said she wanted an opportunity to thank you properly.”

“I see…and you properly refused?”

“Yes, courteously. I made sure I passed her the eggs, too.”

“Good, then. Thanks for the help,” Despite his composed, gentle tone, there was a sharp glint in his eyes as he addressed her.

“…You didn’t ask for the color of her underwear or anything, did you?”

“Hahaha, oh, I would never do something so absurd!”

In the middle of their conversation that was seemingly unknowable to Yui, Mikoto suddenly noticed her presence.

“Ah, look who’s here, Sirou-san! She’s Kōsaki Yui-san, isn’t she? You know, your classmate who’s deemed to be a once-in-a-millennium chairwoman?”

“That’s correct. It seems that those old men were after her for some reason.”

“So you helped her out. My~ Just as one would expect from The Walking Dick of Ichijōji. Good job!”

“Nice to meet you! I’m Inaba Mikoto. Now, Kōsaki Yui-san, please tell me the color of your panties!”


She didn’t know what to say in response to the unexpected question given to her with a cheery smile; a scabbard then suddenly thrust up Mikoto’s bottom.

“………Drop it.”

“Owww! T-To think that you’d thrust a girl’s precious butt with a scabbard…what do you take my anal for, Sirou-san?”

“If a girl can’t be taught through conversation, then I guess there’s no choice but to do so through her body.”


“By the way, Mikoto…I hate to break it to you, but we have a bit of an issue here. You see, I happened to accidentally kiss her when I pushed her onto the ground earlier.”


Sirou’s words caused Mikoto to freeze from her state of wriggling on the floor like a caterpillar from her sore butt.

“Umm, Sirou…? Were you serious when you said that?”

“Yeah. I’m serious about this.”

“No! It can’t be…today’s Thursday, don’t you know that!?” Mikoto said in utter disbelief. “Well, how did it turn out?”

“Well, what’s surprising is that she appears to be compatible. That said, it seems that we’ll have to do something about this lady here one way or the other.”

It was then that Sirou finally addressed Yui directly, slowly approaching her.

“I know a lot of things have happened, but for the time being, we should get a move on…can you stand?” He extended his right hand in front of Yui, to which she took and stood up with his support.

“Well, let’s get going, Chairwoman.”

As he said so, he—Takanashi Sirou—let out a composed smile.


The year was 20XX; seven seraphim descended upon the city of Kichijōji.

Their descent preceded a certain phenomenon within a radius spanning several kilometers around Inogashira Park—the birth of supernatural abilities in people, blossoming one after the other. They then caused a massive, tall structure to appear within the park, disappearing within it.

The Japanese government had made repeated attempts to connect with the seraphim only for said attempts to end in vain, for the seraphim heeded not even a single call, nor had they made any appearances or leave any notable statements; and despite the initial confusion surrounding the emerging supernatural abilities, it was eventually discovered that they were only usable while the wielders in question were within the designated area—leading to the deduction that their applicable area was extremely limited.

Said deduction resulted in the designation of the world’s first supernatural ability zone by the government; from a humanitarian perspective, Kichijōji’s residents were not isolated with the city itself being independent from its surrounding districts. That said, Kichijōji City had since attracted many from not only Japan, but from around the world—within and without, many sought entry into the city, seeking new potential for the human race. Companies also sought to relocate one after the other, such that reestablishment in the new vicinity was decided via lottery selection.

Nevertheless, the early stages of the discovery of supernatural abilities and the resultant research on them came with various unknown risks. In response, the government altered their designation of the initial supernatural ability zone into the Otherworldly City—they coined it as an area from another world that simultaneously existed in the current world, one that stoked its appeal to the local and foreign alike.

A system was established, known as the Otherworld Transfer: it was meant to record and transfer personal information such as identification, while also coming clean with the risks that existed in the supernatural ability zone for individuals’ acknowledgement. However, people began to enter the supernatural ability zone without going through the designated procedures; some even ended up tragically disappearing from the immigration lottery. Others sought to relinquish their past, the supernatural ability a modicum for them to discover and live out new lives for themselves.

Eventually, reports of brokers conducting illegal immigration activites began to circulate; the influx of illegal, antisocial forces and vagrants was termed Reincarnation Transfer. A significant portion of these illegal immigrants chose to live around Kichijōji Station, which was not a new, emerging district, and was one that instead kept most of its former appearance. Despite the notable decline in public security, the government recognized such lawlessness, deeming the variety of people and their usefulness toward the research of supernatural abilities worthwhile.

Many years passed, and the largest entertainment district in the metropolis was formed, spanning a size that surpassed that of Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ikebukuro— Neo Ichijōji. As the government underwent plans for extensive research on these supernatural abilities, they were met with a delighting miscalculation; individuals born with and having hidden their supernatural abilities have ventured into the city in search of easier lives, different wielders from those who attained their supernatural strengths from the arrival of the seraphim. Different classifications were thus designated given the varying source of their supernatural abilities; those who found their supernatural abilities via the influence of the seraphim were known as the Awakened, while those in possession of supernatural abilities by birth alone were known as the Pure-Bloods.

More and more individuals possessing supernatural abilities are beginning to gather among the overflowing masses of Kichijōji City. Years have passed since the descent of the seraphim, and supernatural abilities have become a common occurrence since.

And so Kichijōji continues its reign as the number one spot that the new generation wants to live in.