Enjoy Yarisugita Volume 1

I’m not into wrestling but if there was a title belt with the fidget spinner in the middle of it Uesu would be strutting around the ring with it. Shinmai volume 12 only emboldened him as a writer. He really went out of his way to make Yarisugita live up to its namesake and I’m here for him pushing the envelope. When it came to getting Yarisugita green lit (free nipples and all) Dude went into the meeting with the folks in charge and convinced them to let him have his way. “Muh publisher” and “Muh editor problems” be damned. In terms of fanservice, this volume really was just testing the waters. Uesu even happened to work in a sex scene for the people into those.

As a fan of Uesu, I’m really glad to see the dude is getting to live out some of his dreams and work with his favorite anime studio Gohands. Anyways, I’m enjoying the series and the characters so far. Without going into spoilers, Sirou is great and the way the volume ends is interesting with regards to whatever it’s setting up.

So now I’ll be going back to working and playing Ghost of Tsushima.

Den of the wolves

This chapter is classic Uesu food porn. I’m not sure why but he loves to include scenes of characters cooking and enjoying food together in his novels. This chapter you’re going to meet the rest of the members of the Hungry Wolf Brigade and you’ll also learn why Yui is being chased.