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I hope everyone is having a great week. Crowdfund contributors the remaining portion of part 7 of the volume 11 prologue will be finished tomorrow (Chisato and Basara’s kiss scene if I remember correctly). This will also finish up the volume 11 prologue. Nomi is planning to jump back into finishing up volume 9 next. Chapter 1 isn’t entirely all that long so look forward to the road trip to the Hero Village.

In the event any crowdfund contributors are missing access to the files please send me an email.

Departures news update/site update


Hey everyone,

The official twitter page has been counting down the days until the OVA releases in theaters. Today they were quite generous and showed off some new images as well as the bonus poster for viewers who attend during the second week the OVA is in theaters. The new images confirm that chapters 1 and 3 of volume 8 will be getting adapted with this OVA.

In translation project related news, crowdfund contributors received the translation for part 6 of the volume 11 prologue. The remaining portion of it will be finished in Nomi’s next update. I also updated the sample translations on the site and added the 3rd part of the volume 9 prologue.

New Departures Images from twitter

New Departures Images from twitter

1/13/18 NicoNico Stream Recap *NSFW*


The good news about the NicoNico stream is that there was more than 60k people watching the stream which shows that the Japanese market is hyped for the OVA. Hopefully their enthusiasm translates into ticket purchases for the theatrical release. Unfortunately we didn’t get a new trailer. The stream began with the promotion of the light novel. Then the 4 seiyuu’s present gave a brief introduction for Basara as well as the 6 girls in his harem. The stream then turned into a glorified information session where they talked about the logistics of the theatrical release and promoted the “Ecstasy” BD box set along with the standalone BD release of the Departures OVA.

They pretty much showed off all of the different store specific bonuses without the “sample” tags and they also showed off some new ones.  Generally speaking the seiyuu’s seemed to be enthused while they were promoting the different products. Towards the end of the stream, it devolved into seiyuu impromtu imouto role play. I totally understand why they added Yuki’s seiyuu to the event at the last minute. She really carried the stream at the end and showed off her range as a voice actress. Hopefully she isn’t too busy in March, because she would be great to the next live event.

After the stream, they also announced additional screening of the film between the 17th of February and the 2nd of March.

Shoutout to MKnRec over on discord for taking screen caps of the event.














Quick update

Hey everyone,

Hopefully everyone is having a productive start to the year. We should be getting some new information on Departures in a few days during the NicoNico stream. Crowdfund Donors part 4 of the volume 11 prologue was completed earlier today and I sent out the finished PDF earlier today. I also updated the sample translation on the site with part 2 of the volume 11 prologue.