Although we’re finished with Shinmai and caught up with Yarisugita. Crowdfunders are interested in other series, so the work continues!

I want to make it clear that I (CBC) don’t make any money off the crowdfund project and never have. I make monetary donations towards the translations like all of the other crowdfunders.

Why are translators being paid to translate this?

Nomi was originally commissioned back in April of 2016, because fan translations for the series were all but dead. Nobody was translating the series with any sense or urgency and fans of the series decided to take matters into their own hands. Things worked out well with Nomi, and since then the scope of the project has grown to translating the remaining novels in the series, side novels, and drama CD’s.

The translators are simply selling a service that the crowdfunders are paying for. As Nomi puts it, “it’s a really big commission with multiple clients paying for the same thing”. The original idea for the project came from CBC and he handles all of the administrative duties with the project. If you have any inquires on the intention of the project feel free to contact him.

How do I get the translations?
Help pay for a particular part, and you will be counted in as one of the clients. CBC handles distribution of the files.

Public Release of volumes?

Chapters are typically released once a month.

The chapter I’m trying to read has a blank page? 

That simply means that chapter hasn’t been publicly released but is available to donors.

Will you translate all of Vol. 8/Vol. 9/Vol.10/Vol.11/Vol.12 Other parts of the series?

Nomi is at the point where she’s more or less just translating side stories, drama cd’s, and cast interviews.

How are the prices decided?

Chapters are priced at give or take $250 per chapter (some might be a little more depending on the length of the chapters).

Drama CD tracks are priced at $1 per every 30 seconds

If there’s something non Shinmai related you might want translated Nomi’s usual translation rate is approx. 0.02USD/English word. For manga, it’s a flat rate of $7/first 10 pages, + $1/3 pages thereafter, quoted per 2 chapters (max).

Is there a minimum payment for me to receive the translation?

I’ve seen other paid translation projects where there’s reoccurring fees and tiered content. That’s why I wanted to make the paywall as harmless as possible. Originally people were able to contribute as much or as little as they could afford. However after some people decided to question the legitimacy of the project, we’ve set a minimum of $10 to receive full access to the translations and all future updates.

So, what exactly do I receive if I pay?
Your $10 contribution will give you all of the Shinmai volumes that have been translated through the project and all Shinmai volumes that will be translated in the future. You’ll also get translations for the drama CD’s, and translations for any novel that gets translated through the project after we’re done with Shinmai.

Even if I only pay once and only for a particular part?
Yep! You only need to donate once, on any part at all, to receive every part that had been done and will be done thereafter.

How do I send a payment?
– PayPal – pirateaniki@gmail.com
– Ko-fi – https://ko-fi.com/ukanomiyaki
– Buymeacoffee – https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ukanomiyaki

How do I receive the files after I pay?
E-mail CBC (xiiisuperior@gmail.com) informing him you have paid, and he will send you the files as soon as he can. Please be sure to provide a receipt to be used as verification and feel free to redact any information you feel is personal.

If you have any more questions, please contact CBC at xiiisuperior@gmail.com or leave a comment. Thank you again for all your support!