Yarisugita volume 2 prologue

Happy New Year to those that are already in 2022! To the rest of us still stuck in 2021, enjoy the last few hours of 2021. Anyways I figured I would post something for the end of the year. Wishing health and success to everyone and their families in 2022.

26 thoughts on “Yarisugita volume 2 prologue

    1. Volume 4 is supposed to be plot heavy since volume 3 was more or less setting the table and allowing the characters to breathe a bit following volume 2. If I had to guess, I would say it would release towards the end of this year or early next year, that’s if Uesu is keeping with his trend of releasing one volume a year.

  1. Hello friend, long time no see, hey you will upload the rest of volume 2 of yarisugita and there are any news of volume 4?

    1. Yeah and there’s no news on volume 4. If anything Go Hands anime work are probably why it’s held up.

  2. Hey ,
    When will the vol 13 be publically released (English version)…
    Or is there any way to get early access for the eng version?

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