Chapter 2: I Believe that this everyday is happy

—- One late night.

Celis Reinnhardt woke up from sleeping in an awkward position on the bed. 

She felt a hot sensation making it difficult to sleep.


Being unable to do anything about it, she got up and checked the digital clock on the bedside table showing that it was midnight. 

Although it’s springtime, Even if you’re waking up early, there’s still a while to go until sunrise. 

She should try and go back to sleep.

In order for that to happen though; she needed to figure out what’s making it so difficult for her to sleep. 

Celis then checked the temperature and humidity displayed on the digital clock alongside the time. 

“…The temperature doesn’t seem like it’s uncomfortable”

Using the air conditioner wouldn’t be necessary.

Most likely, it’s a problem between the linen bed sheets and her own body temperature.

…Well, this kind of thing happens.

First and foremost, Celis Reinhardt isn’t used to living here yet.

From the bed she uses to sleep — to this room she’s sleeping in as well.

Thus, Celis took off her pajama pants and unbuttoned the top three buttons of her pajama top.

With that, the fever she’s been feeling subsided as the air of the room flowed through her pajamas. 

At this rate, if she were to lie down; she should be able to sleep. Instead Celis’ feet touched the floor.

It’s because she’s thirsty. 

So she left the room and went down the stairs —- she opened the living room door and stepped into the kitchen.  She then filled a cup from the cabinet with water from the regrigerator’s dispenser. 

As the cold water flowed out of the cup and wet the back of her throat; she received a pleasant chill down her spine. After finishing her cup, she let out a small sigh. 

Now, if she goes back to sleep, she should be able to sleep peacefully till morning.

Just as she was about to wash the cup in the sink,

The door to the living room opened, and a person entered.

The silhouette that appeared in the dark, is someone Celis knew well,


Surprised with the coincidental nighttime rendezvous, Celis said his name aloud.

“Celis… What’s wrong, can’t sleep?”

Her childhood friend, the master of this house Toujou Basara, instantly noticed her in the kitchen. 

“Basara, you too, why….?”

She gasped as she finished her question. 

—- It’s because Basara was wearing only a pair of boxers.

Basara’s honed body has the virile sex appeal of a man.

Topping it off, there was soft steam coming from Basara’s body.

It’s obvious what he’s been up to until now.

“No, there’s no more drinks downstairs so… I came here to get some”

Basara was right in front of Celis’ eyes as he said that. 

Without thinking, her face flushed red, and Basara quickly realized the reason.

“…Oh, sorry, I’m not dressed”

“N,no… You didn’t do anything wrong Basara. This is your house after all.”

As Basara felt bad, Celis kept quickly shaking her head. 

—- Celis is a freeloader here at the Toujou household.

To make matters worse, she’s using Basara’s old room. 

Since Basara’s the master of the house, she can’t fault him for how he spends his private time. 

A bit of steam was coming from Basara’s body —- It wasn’t because he just came out of the shower. There’s a much lewder reason behind it. 

The relationship between Basara and the other girls began before Celis started living in the house. Furthermore, it’s necessary for their livelihood.  

Celis understood exactly what Basara and the girls do in the giant basement bedroom created by Zest’s power. 

But, she can’t take them to task for that though.

At the very least, Celis was unable to do anything against Shiba Kyoichi — But against him, Basara and the others managed to triumph and in that, they saved the world from destruction.


Just from being face to face with Basara like this, she was able to grasp just how great a power Basara had attained. 

It wasn’t only Basara. The girls who decided to spend the rest of their lives with him had also attained power at a level far beyond Celis’ own. 

On one hand she’s impressed, on the other —- being face to face with Basara like this, with his body emanating the sweet scent of women as it’s his cologne, made her heart race unstoppably.  


Celis subconsciously gulped.

—- On the first night she moved into the house.

Celis received the baptism Mio had warned about back during their bath in the hotspring of the hero village.

The succubus Maria had said that it’s so they “could understand each other”, and as such she received the baptism from her.

It was something Kurumi received as well, however Maria’s power had increased significantly since then. As such, Celis fell into a state of arousal to the same extent of as a master-servant contract — with that, Basara had helped relieve her.

She was given a taste of the kind of sensations that Mio and the other girls feel. It was an intensity enough to shake her core values and take her consciousness. 

It’s an extra dimensional pleasure she couldn’t forget in her lifetime — and then, as it was engraved upon her, Celis reached high extremes again and again in front of Basara and the girls.

Needless to say, it’s not like they crossed the last line, but even then, she feels embarrassed every time she remembers it. 

That’s because,

…At that time, it wasn’t just me…

In order to make sure Celis didn’t have to experience that embarrassment alone, and in an effort to increase her immunity and resistance, by Maria’s suggestion, Basara, Mio and the other girls did more embarrassing things. 

He completely ravaged Mio and the others.

Mio and the other girls went well beyond the line Basara couldn’t cross with Celis. They smiled seductively as Basara thoroughly pleasured them. 

It was as if they were real sex slaves. 

Celis kept wondering if that time wasn’t just a dream.

Having Basara relieve her from Maria’s “baptism”, and the happiness of Mio and the other girls felt with Basara — it wasn’t that.

Maybe it was because of her first orgasm, or prehaps the sweet sensation she felt when she saw Mio and the other girls having sex with Basara — she felt jealous. 

Even though they give into their instinctual desires towards each other…Through their lewd actions and emotions they forged their bonds. Basara and the girls had a strength Celis couldn’t have no matter how much she strongly desired it. 

Therefore, for her sanity— she didn’t need to think about that.

That much aside, when she regained consciousness, she felt deep shame, that feeling of longing then, it felt like a dream born from the melting of her consciousness from all the sensuality.


What made Celis’ convictions shake, was how Basara and the other girls kept desiring each other.

Converging on one point with Shiba, the peace they achieved — with it came the strength they grasped in their hands and their lewd relationship.

The intense sensuality was something that came with their everyday life as a byproduct of the battles where they risked their lives.

— As such, Celis had acknowledged their lewd relationship and actions.

Despite that, it doesn’t mean that she’s completely okay with it. In her current state, seeing Basara as he just finished having sex with Mio and the other girls, filled her with great embarassment. 

“…Well, please don’t let it bother you. This is your house Basara, so it’s best you do what you like. Besides, even I’m looking like this—-“

Celis was flustered and froze up as she said that. The three buttons of her pajama top were unbuttoned, exposing the cleavage of her large breasts. Instead of wearing bottoms she only had on panties. 

Furthermore, it’s just as she said. This is Basara’s house so he should do as he likes.

— Even though she was aware of what Basara, Mio, and the other girls were doing downstairs. 

Still it was as if she was giving him an open invitation — There’s nothing she could do considering how she sounds and the way she looks.


It appeared as if Basara had taken that meaning from her words.

It’s understandable. Surely all of Basara’s arousal from being with Mio and the others in the basement isn’t gone yet. In Basara’s mind, Celis said words allowing him to do as he pleases with her. 

“P-please wait, Basara —- mm?”

It was too late for her frantic attempts to stop him.

Basara’s burly arms grabbed her by the waist.

By the time he was holding her close — he had already forcibly taken her lips.

Part 2

During the night Celis moved in she was relieved from the aphrodisiac effect of Maria’s “baptism”. 

Basara had played with her breasts and butt. He also lewdly sucked on her nipples and put his hand into her panties fingering her. The only thing he didn’t do was kiss her. 

He didn’t want Celis feeling any loneliness, pain, or feelings of dissatisfaction. 

Basara being the way he is, did this because he cherishes Celis. 

As she thought about that, Celis could no longer hold back her feelings.

She made a secret confession.

That she, Celis Reinhardt likes Toujou Basara.

She’s always loved him, even dating back to the time she visited the Village for a joint knowledge exchange. 

It wasn’t just a feeling she had as a child, but something she’s held for all this time. 

Even as she was raised far beyond the oceans, in her heart, Basara has always been the only man for her.

However, there was no reason for Basara to know this.

Most likely, Basara saw Celis as a precious childhood friend.

Therefore, she’s different from Mio and the other girls who swore to spend the rest of their lives with Basara — Celis could think of having a different future, so a kiss wouldn’t be a joke.

She not only avoided the final line, but she avoided the first line. 

However though — Basara was now kissing Celis.

— In the kitchen at midnight, he was roughly taking her lips.

This was Celis Reinhardt’s first kiss.

Her better judgement flew away, especially since it was with someone she likes from the bottom of her heart. 

In the confusion of how sudden it was, she felt a pleasure she couldn’t understand, taking away the strength to resist from her body. 

“Mm… Chuu, aah…. Mm… haah…. Basara… aaah…. mm… chuu ♥”

Knowing there was nothing she could do, Celis couldn’t help but to accept Basara. 

— With that said, with the way her movements seemingly allow everything, Basara made a bolder move. 

As he continued kissing her, where she had unbuttoned her pajama top — he placed boths his hands on her chest, as he forcibly pulled on the left and right sides of her shirt, the buttons instantly unfastened. 

With a violent force as if tearing it to shreds, her shirt was completely opened up — the pajama top which had lost the bottom half of its buttons slid off her shoulders.

“—-Mm, Basara… Wait, mmfuu?!”

A sound slipped out of her as they momentarily separated. Celis, a bit surprised, opened her mouth. Basara then took her lips again, this time even more forcefully. He went further than just the touching of their lips, his tongue slid into her hot mouth. 

“No… haaaah…. chupu, nchuu… haah, mm… chuu… ♥”

With the way their tongues entangled, feeling the overwhelming sensation of Basara’s kiss, Celis’ mind instantly melted. 

Her pajama top then slid down to around her wrists, completely exposing her soft mounds. 

— At that moment, Basara groped Celis’ breast with both hands. 

“Mm, haah —— fuaaaaaaaaaah♥”

Her body bucked up lewdly, as the sweet sensation from her chest traveled her spine.  

…N, no w… way…

Celis Reinhardt couldn’t believe what was happening. 

Having her breasts groped by a member of the opposite sex — by Basara, was something she experienced her first night living here. 

Nevertheless, Celis felt an alarmingly strong pleasure from that. 

At that time, she was then marked with an indescribable climax. 

The intensity of that climax was more than enough to develop Celis’ body within that one night. Therefore, even without Maria’s “Baptism”, Celis’ body which tasted an abundance of sweet sensuality could tremble as it received pleasure. 

Therefore — what came next was natural.

Every time her chest is rubbed, Celis’ body jolts up, and her hips shake lewdly. With that, Basara’s left hand reached behind her groping her butt. 

“Haah, no…. Basaraaa… faaaan, aaan…. aaaaaaaaah ♥”

Having both her breast and butt groped roughly, Celis let out a melting moan as she fell into deeper sensuality.

With the sensation of her entire body being assaulted, the blush that surfaced on her skin turned it to a faint pink color. 

She let the pajama top fall from her wrists to the floor. Putting both arms around Basara’s neck Celis hugging him — her legs then wrapped around his waist further increasing their intimacy. 


Celis could feel something thick and hard pressing against her navel. As she looked down slightly, she could see Basara’s large bulge covered by his boxers. 

…Basara… is this aroused by me…

What came with this rising thought was deep shame — but even far more than that, pleasure.

Even though there are so many attractive girls… Basara still desired Celis.


Celis couldn’t hold back her feelings anymore.

At the truth that is Basara desiring her this much, her sense of reasoning flew away. 

 Basara, while holding Celis, lifted her up onto the counter by the kitchen sink, and continued kissing her — but not on the lips. 

Due to the way Basara lifted Celis up onto the counter, her chest was level with Basara’s mouth. 

With her breasts in his sight, her plump nipples began perking up as a soft sensual heat hotter than summer began building in her chest. Feeling this endless sensation, lewd buds began to bloom. 

Having taken her nipple into his mouth lovingly, Basara moved his head lewdly kissing and sucking on her nipple. 

“Aaah, Basara… Haaah, Basara…. Aaaaaaah ♥”

Her body trembled sweetly from the pleasure of her breasts being sucked on — from that, she climaxed.

—- A, mazing… This is…

Celis Reinhardt thought about things once more.

— Drowning in pleasure, this is how Mio and the other girls submit to Basara. 

— If this is the case, swearing an absolute vow is only natural.  

When one is marked with this pleasure from the person they love, there’s no other alternative.

As a result of receiving pleasure below her stomach that was so intense it made her sights go white, Celis’ womanly honey instantly spilled out — from her moistened panties, the crotch part couldn’t hold back its lewd overflowing, so it dripped to her inner thighs and even to her butt. 

It was a climax so intense, she could no longer deny it.  


“No… Haah… Mm, fuu… haah… ♥

Finally coming down from her increased sensuality, Celis sighed sweetly — the intensity of the climax took both her body and heart, leaving her trapped in a cage of pleasure.  

Her shame from earlier was gone. Her instincts were all that remained. 

—- How much she likes Toujou Basara, how she wants to be one with him.

The base desire of a single girl.

“…a…haah… Basara…”

He looked into Celis’ eyes, as if her desire was completely made known. 

“Yeah — I understand” 

Basara moved his hands toward Celis’ pantines. Grabbing her panties, he began taking them off her. As she looked at Basara, Celis responded by making it easier for Basara to take them off of her by freely lifting up her hips. 

With her panties off, Celis was completely naked. 


Without saying a word, Basara put his left thumb in the rubber of his boxers and began pulling them down, with his right hand he took out his penis. 

It was at that moment Celis Reinhardt saw Toujou Basara’s penis. 

Basara’s penis, which was fully erect, bent back as far as it could go. It’s so big that the tip reached his navel. It kept twitching as he yearned for Celis.  

Celis couldn’t take her eyes off the absoluteness of its presence. 


Calling out to Celis in a low voice, Basara focused his eyes on her with an intensity. 

— Celis was already naked. She couldn’t get more bare than this—

Nevertheless, Celis responded to Basara. It’s clear what Basara wants.

It’s the same thing Celis wished for.


Celis Reinhardt, as she was positioned on the kitchen sink, with Basara looking at her, slowly spread her legs. She exposed her most embarrassing place.

Basara, slowly approaching her, positioned the tip of his penis to enter her. With that, their most lewd membranes were rubbing against each other. 

“Mm… Aaah…. aaaah ♥”

Moving her hips forward a little, in that sexual position, Celis received excitement to the point of being driven crazy.

This is the limit. Not only for Celis, but for Basara too.

“—-Celis, I’m putting it in”

He wasn’t asking her permission, but rather making a declaration. 

“Yes Basara… Please take my first time”

Celis spoke with a lewd smile — and then, the two of them became one.

— However, nothing happened after that. 

Then, she opened her eyes.


Celis made a dumbfounded noise.

What’s before her eyes wasn’t Basara, but the ceiling of her room. 


Celis got up and looked at the clock at the bedside.

The time is a little before five. Although it is early, it’s a time when the sun would’ve risen. 

As such, Celis came to the realization — It was all a dream.

Thinking at that moment, 

“—-So, is it you again Maria?”

Celis lifted up the blanket.

She wasn’t only put in a state of arousal that first night during her baptism.

Since she started living at the Toujou household, the home’s prided ero loli succubus had been visiting Celis’ bedroom to show her lewd dreams at night.



Celis made another dumbfounded noise.

Maria wasn’t in her bed. Which meant the dream wasn’t the prank of a succubus. It was something that manifested by itself for Celis. 

In the next moment,  


Celis Reinhardt turned extremely red.

Part 3 

“…What was that?”

Celis said aloud without thinking.

For someone like her, a chosen one among the Hero Clan to be a holy knight, to have such a lewd dream. 

…On top of it.

Celis checked her physical state. On the upper half of her body, she had on her pajama top with the three buttons unbuttoned; showing her cleavage. On the lower half of her body, she was wearing panties. 

However, this wasn’t the problem. 

In her dream, Celis had unbuttoned her shirt and stripped to her panties. In truth though, this was something she had done before sleeping to make herself more comfortable. 

But — Celis had another problem. 

It was, the womanly biological reaction to having an extremely lewd dream.

Due to her lewd dream, Celis’ body is flushed hot, and like in her dreams, her panties are completely soaked. 


A wet sound could be heard as she nervously put her hand into her panties. 

Celis’ crotch was soaking wet, so there’s no mistake.  

Her dream of having sex with Basara had made her cum. 

As she thought about the situation, she couldn’t make up any excuses. 

…So my body became like this…

While in a sensual feverish state, Celis Reinhardt gently hugged herself.

— It would soon be a month and a half since Celis came to live in the Toujou household.

After Basara defeated Shiba — the top of the Vatican and the Hero Clan, the holy king Albareos disappeared. The Vatican, which is subject to reproach from the other districts for abandoning missions, and needing to overtake responsibility, quickly moved to find a new holy king, however the bishops that were elected as candidates have an indecisive attitude towards this.

If one was to become holy king under this condition, not only do they have to shoulder responsibilities regarding Albareos’ disappearance, they have to fix up the currently chaotic Vatican. It’s a good plan right now to have someone who can rule absolutely for a long time like Albareos.

…. Even more than that.

There are problems related to how Albareos did the experiment with Reginleif, how Shiba was born, and other hidden forbidden issues of the Vatican and Village.

In regard to the dealings with Basara, while there aren’t many specific details, it ends up with them having to listen to their demands.

During this time of confusion, Celis coming to the Toujou Household, was something requested by Basara and the others, and the Vatican simply had to agree to it.

During the fight with Shiba, Celis fought forcefully to help Basara, and in the end even though she received no permission from the Vatican, she continued to fight by their side to the end.

As such, returning home she would receive punishment for this unpermitted action.

Precisely because of that, there are those in the upper echelons of the Vatican who would use this to save themselves and let Celis, who was dispatched as a special agent this time to shoulder the responsibilities for the events.

The reason being Cleo Anders, who was dispatched together with Celis, had not seen through it which then gave Shiba the opportunity for his treason.

But — Basara and the others helped Celis. They threatened that if Celis was to receive punishment or blame for this, they would reveal information to the other Hero districts. Hence, as planned, Celis became the new hero responsible for observing Basara, and was said to be dispatched to Basara. As such, not only did they protect Celis herself, they also preserved her reputation. Right now, while she lived at the Toujou Household, Celis also transferred into their school, Hijirigasaka Academy.

As such, Celis could only be grateful to them.

She thinks that she has to help Basara and the girls to pay back that debt.

—- And then, the first step towards that was happening tonight.

That’s right, today is an important day.

Even so,

“Seeing such a dream, until my underwear became like this——“

Due to all Maria’s pranks, it became as such.

As she looked, it wasn’t just her panties, but her bed sheet was also soaked lewdly.

If it’s just her panties, she could avoid using the washing machine, and simply hand wash in the bathroom, and let them dry in this room without anyone knowing, but seeing as it’s her bed sheets as well, it’s impossible. 

Seeing as how the sheets are soaked, the mattress is probably in a similar state.

For Celis, she was being allowed to use this room, further, it used to be Basara’s so no matter how embarrassing she would have to clean it up.

Furthermore, it being clean would give her some relief.

— Being a special holy knight, Celis is able to use the four elements.

As such, it’s a possibility for her to use her water magic to wash it, and dry it using wind magic. 

However — if she uses her magic indoors, she runs the risk of Basara and the other girls overhearing her. 

It’s best to avoid surprising them and causing them unnecessary worry.

No matter what, the bed sheets and mattresses of the Toujou household are cleaned everyday. Considering their relationship, Maria’s older sister Lucia seems to have given them a sort of special cleansing form of stone with her succubus magic. It seems like something used by the maids at the castle for the moderate faction, and it became an essential in the Toujou household since returning from the demon realm.

But Lucia has her position as the maid of the moderate faction. As such, so that the stone isn’t used by anyone but Maria and Zest – the two demons in charge of chores in the Toujou household, it seems to have been locked.

…Other than that.

Basara also holds one like it from Sheila, for use in the event a sexual occurrence happens outside, but then she would have to ask Basara for it.

Basara also has in his possession a similar one like it from Sheila, for use in the event sexual situations happen outside, but then she would have to ask Basara for it. 

As such,

“So, I have to ask one of those two again… As expected,”

Celis soaking her bed lewdly, wasn’t an incident that happened for the first time that night.

When Maria pranked her through her dreams, similar things had happened, she had gotten their help cleaning it up then. The first time it happened, she had chased Maria out in embarrassment, but in exchange Zest who came by after had kindly helped her clean up so that it wasn’t known by Basara and the others.

Maria too, despite her succubus’ pranks, had helped her clean up after to keep it a secret from the others, having the care to do that much.

To top it off, thanks to such happenings, Celis was able to open up to the two of them, who are pure demons.


She can be with Basara now thanks to them.

With Mio and the others, they had helped Basara a countless number of times.

They were — doing what Celis wasn’t able to do from so far away.

The girls are Basara’s precious “family”.

Protecting those precious to Basara —- is her mission as well.

Not as one of the heroes, but as herself, Celis Reinhardt.

And then Maria and Zest, welcomed Celis not as one of the heroes, but one of Basara’s childhood friends. As such, Celis as well considered seeing them not as demons, but as Basara’s family she wanted to forge a relationship with.


Maria already figured out all sorts of weakness from her, though.

— But this much should be a daily occurrence here.

For someone to be so soaked beyond their panties, all the way to the bed.

This happened to be a part of everyday life in the Toujou household.

Part 4

Even if she keeps holding her shame, there’s no helping being conflicted over it. 

That’s why Celis left the bedroom and headed towards the first floor to improve her current state.

The time was still a little before 5am — Basara and the others should still be in the giant bedroom downstairs. 

As such,

…Now was the chance.

While there isn’t much she can do about the bed sheets and the mattress, for now she can only focus on what’s possible, which was washing the sweat off her body in the shower and washing her panties. 

With that said, as she approached the first floor, she noticed a nice scent wafting about. 

“…This is”

As she approached the living room, she figured it could be coming from there. There was a door opened a bit — and from inside it came the noise of cooking utensils and a mouth-watering scent. 

Celis peeked inside from the already open door, and there were two figures cooking in the kitchen, which was adjacent to the living room.  

Zest and Yuki are the ones in charge of breakfast today.

In the Toujou household, the main cooks are Zest and Maria. Mio, Yuki, Kurumi and Hasegawa take turns helping them.

With them smiling so peacefully and chatting as they cook, it would be hard for anyone to believe that they were once a member of the hero clan and demon on opposing sides.

In Celis’ view, that reality makes them look like sisters or something.

It’s an unshakable bond born from Basara. 

It’s — something Celis can’t yet attain.

In the distance,


Celis hesitated to enter the living room, and the two of them became aware of her presence.

With that said, Yuki and Zest looked at Celis welcoming her. 

“Morning… Celis”

“Good morning, Celis-san”

“Yes… Good morning”

As Celis returned a smile to them,

instantly, she remembered her current predicament,


Damnit, her feet suddenly stopped. She hasn’t even showered yet.

As there’s a possibility that Maria would fish it out, she couldn’t use a tissue, and if she was to get changed, there’s a possibility it would drip onto the new panties.

She didn’t have the courage to walk around the house without panties on. Therefore, even though she brought a change of clothes with her, Celis was in a state where her crotch was completely soaked. 

Celis froze up without thinking, 

“? Celis, what’s wrong?”

Yuki in the kitchen, turned a little towards her.

“N, nothing…”

Being put in an embarrassing position like this, though she just thought about their distance just now.

Furthermore, with her shame winning, Celis was at a loss for words.

— For Celis to have soaked her panties and bedsheets, isn’t something Yuki was aware of.

Maria and Zest are the only ones that knew about her embarrassing secret.

Of course, even if she was aware, Yuki certainly wouldn’t be judgemental or treat her differently. However, Yuki is her childhood friend, and because they know each other well, there are things that are more embarrassing between them.

“Um, Zest… do you think you can come here for a bit?”

As Celis asked with her cheeks flushed red, Zest said “yes” and stopped her cooking, and approached Celis,

And then,

“…Is something wrong?”

 Zest asked, as she looked at her. 


Zest seems to have noticed Celis’ currently indecent appearance, that was the reason why Celis called Zest over.  

“Um… Sorry, I’m… Again”

Celis said, with her voice growing softer,

“—-It’s alright, please leave it to me”

Having understood everything, Zest smiled at her, and then she turned around,

“I’m sorry Yuki-san… But can you watch over my cooking for a while?”

Without asking any questions Yuki said,

“…Yeah, sure. Leave it to me.”

She nodded, then returned to her cooking. 

With that, Zest, whispered,

“So, I’ll clean up your bedroom… What would you like to do with your panties? If you’d like, I can take them for you.”

“N,no… I can clean this myself.”

Zest smiled at Celis, who was rubbing her inner thighs together in embarrassment. 

“I understand… Well, Celis-san, it’s fine if you take care of it after your shower, but can you call Maria over?”


Zest nodded a yes, responding to the dumb-founded Celis. 

“There’s something I want to discuss with her… about preparations for tonight”

Part 5 

After she left Zest to take care of the bedroom – Celis began walking to the bathroom.

Making use of the detergent available in the laundry room, Celis washed her panties by hand in order to clean them up. 

After running hot water on her body in the shower, she was finally able to calm down. 

She desired to remain in the bath like that,


Celis stopped with just a shower and left the bathroom.

Zest had asked her to call Maria over.

Tying a soft towel around her breasts, she dropped her washed panties into the laundry basket. Even though they were already clean, Maria and Zest are in charge of the household chores. Celis was able to wash them to a point where it would no longer be embarrassing for them to wash them. She decided it was okay for Maria and Zest to do the second wash and handle drying them. .

In exchange for that, there’s something she had to do.



Celis’ body shuddered a bit as she thought about calling Maria over. 

—- Last night, Mio and Kurumi spent the night with Basara.

Yuki and Zest were in charge of breakfast.

The remaining Maria and Hasegawa spent the night normally.


Since it’s Maria, there’s a chance she would get involved with Kurumi and Mio.

The reason for that being the consequence of their life and death battle against Shiba. 

During that battle, embroiled fiercely against Kouryuu, in order to take her power over the limit, Maria had recklessly burned her own life force. The high amount of sexual activity Basara and the others do, part of it seems to be in order to revitalize Maria’s life force.

Lewd acts like that serve as a source to revitalize a succubus’ energy. 

As such — most likely, Maria was downstairs in the basement right now.

Celis put on her new panties through each leg one by one. 


As she pulled them over her butt, snapping the rubber around her waist, she let out a sigh. 

And then,


There, Celis suddenly realized.

As she planned to wash her soaked panties then return to her room right away, she brought no other change of clothes except for the panties.

Although she had her pajama top, she didn’t have any bottoms to go with them.

She had the choice to go back to her room,

…But there was the possibility that she would run into Zest who was taking care of the room.

She was embarrassed to see Zest right after she cleaned up after her lewd mess.



Celis put on the pajama top and buttoned herself up.

Due to her dream, she buttoned it all the way to the top. 

“…It’ll be fine, right?”

She muttered to herself as she looked at her reflection in the mirror, then she left the changing room.

— Her feet were taking her in a direction that was one unfamiliar to them.

It was the basement Zest created using her earth magic.

Walking slowly down the stairs, she was greeted by a thick door.


After gulping down, she turned the doorknob.

Putting some strength into it, she pushed it open, and at the same time, 

“Aaaah ♥ haah, mm… aaah, oniichan, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ♥”

She started to hear lewd moans that reverberated in the secret basement of the Toujou household.


Panicking, Celis let herself in so that she didn’t let the voice spill outside the room. 

Behind the door was a faintly dark hallway. 

In an environment so much like the night, here she instantly felt strange.

—With that said, Celis had been in this basement several times before.

That’s how she knew on the left side of the hallway is a wall, and on the right side is glass. 

The glass is like a window, though what kind of place is behind the glass window? 


Celis Reinhardt gathered her courage to look through the window.

What she saw — was the giant bedroom of the Toujou household.

It’s a living room-like environment, not only with a sofa and coffee table, but also a large television.   

Most notably what draws the most attention there is the large round bed.  

And — on that bed, exactly what Celis expected is happening.

— It was the cause of her lewd dreams this morning.

It was the lewd everyday life in the Toujou household. 

Three people, Toujou Basara, Naruse Mio and Nonaka Kurumi were having intercourse.

Kurumi, in her bondage outfit that’s held together by gears is extremely sexy, but Mio’s appearance was even more lewd than her. 

Her large breasts were completely exposed through the open type bustier, wearing lacy dress gloves and a garterbelt. Even so, on her head was a cute cat ear headband, and from her butt a tail.

However —- that tail was connected lewdly by a cord to a small remote control that’s tucked on the elastic of Mio’s stocking. At its base are silicone beads, which, when Celis first arrived at the Toujou household, she had no idea what they were.

But now, she understood what they were. They’re anal beads with vibrators in them.

—- Mio is currently the world’s lewdest cat-bitch.

Right now, Basara is penetrating into her like he’s assaulting her from their cowgirl position, Mio’s breasts lewdly hit her waist as they bounced on her chest.

“Yaaaahn ♥ Mm, haah… Oniichan, more… fuaaaaaaah ♥”

As the pleasure from penetration increased, Mio begged Basara for even more pleasure than that.

And then Kurumi, holding Mio from behind, was fondling her breasts.  

Kurumi looked at Mio who’s making a lewd face, lost in the pleasure Basara gave her with an aroused smile, she took the tail in Mio’s butt pulling out the anal beads. 

And as that happened,

“Nfuu… Mio you really look like you’re enjoying yourself. Basara-niichan, give her more”


Following Kurumi’s instructions, Basara violently thrusted from below,

“Kyaaaa ♥ Aaah, oniichan, oniiiiichaaaaaaan~~~ ♥”

Mio, who through that thrust instantly felt a wave of pleasure shoot up, let out a moan in both pleasure and surprise, drowning in the lewd sex with double penetration from Basara and Kurumi.

At their lewd bodies,


With her face turning deep red, she couldn’t stand still,

That being said — the other side seems to have not noticed her.

Still, Maria, the person she’s looking for, was neither on the bed nor in the bedroom.

….In that case, she must be in that bath.

Celis’ gaze moved to the side of the bed —towards the changing room that’s located within the basement.

And then — what’s beyond that is the Toujou household’s prided big bath.

Most likely Maria was preparing for Basara and others to have a bath.

…That’s luck in misfortune.

If Maria was on the bed with them, then Celis would have to call out to them. Even though she was determined to do that when Zest asked her for this favor… It’s way more than she expected, and the conditions have shifted slightly in her favor.

That being said, the door leading to the changing room that leads to the bath is in the bedroom.

In order to reach there, she had to get past Basara and the others’ intercourse. 



Celis looked down the hallway and at the end of it was the end of the glass wall.

The door-less entrance, set that way to go towards the living room.

She had no choice. Zest was fulfilling her request regarding her sheets.

And in exchange, Zest had asked her for this.


Right then was the moment she found her resolve, and stepped into the bedroom where Basara and the other two are having sex.

Her eyes then met with Mio’s.

Naruse Mio, saw when Celis walked into the bedroom where the three of them were at.

It’s strange for Celis to come to the basement.

Perhaps it’s even the first time she came here on her own.

It must be something urgent. But Celis was frozen at the entrance.

And then —- with her cheeks turning red, with her eyes glazed, she looked towards Mio.

—- Celis is an important guest, and a new friend.

However — Mio didn’t call out to greet Celis.

She couldn’t.

Mio right now was in the middle of something more important than greeting Celis good morning or asking her what she’s doing — Inside her vagina, Basara’s fat penis was rubbing against her, thrusting against her womb, as a burning sensation welled up in her bottom half,

“Haaah…. aaah, oniichan…. Mm, amazing…. aaaaah, you’re so amazing… ♥”

She erased Celis from her mind and drowned in only Basara and the pleasure he was giving her.

With that, Kurumi who’s also indulging in the same lewd pleasure rested her chin on Mio’s left shoulder. 

“Fufu, when Basara-Niichan holds you, your face really looks like one of a sex slave”

With a voice that’s laced with a seductive laugh, she pushed the anal beads deep inside Mio again,

“Yaaah, that’s… aah… Mm, aah ♥”

 With the rotors in the beads vibrating from her butthole to its deepest part, Mio’s body shuddered with lewd pleasure.

—- Having reached the master-servant vow, there were no more issues with them having sex.

In fact, since the day they defeated Shiba —- Mio and the other girls spent their days having sex with Basara.

—- So, what Kurumi said was simply the undeniable truth.

Naruse Mio is already Toujou Basara’s sex slave.

And then — inside Mio, Basara’s member gradually grew bigger.

Naruse Mio understood that it was a prelude to him coming.

Basara had creampied her an innumerable amount of times. As such, responding to the elevated pleasure Basara’s member gives her insides, Mio instantly felt a lewd sense of happiness.

“Aaah… Amazing…. Oniichan, you got so big… Haah, mm… are you coming soon?”

With her on top of Basara, Mio asked with glazed eyes happily.

“….Yeah, soon… I’m coming”

With that said, Basara grabbed onto her hips with both hands, intensifying his thrusts, making the lewd wet sounds from where they met grow louder.

“Haaaaaaaah…. Aahn, come… Oniichan, loads…. Come deep in me, aaaaaaaaaah ♥”

As her long hair shook, Mio’s butt lewdly moved, welcoming the moment of joy.

And then,

“…Mio… Mio… I’m coming—-“

As Basara said that, he thrusted up — Basara’s penis spurted a load into Mio. 

Responding to the violent waves that came from Basara, Mio let out a cry. 

“Haaaaaaaaah, come… come…. haaaaaaah”

Mio’s sensuality was heightened instantly,  as she intensely came with her butt lewdly shuddering over Basara.

Part 6

— Naruse Mio is currently in the first term of her pregnancy.

Mio isn’t the only one, but all the girls who made the vow with Basara are pregnant.

The children in their wombs are of course, all Basara’s.

However, with the power of Togami that Hasegawa regained, the children in their wombs are all protected by her power.

As such, no matter how rough Basara has sex with them, they’ll be fine.

With morning sickness and pain suppressed, if they wish, until they give birth — even having sex with their water broken, mother and child would be fine.

— According to Hasegawa, the first four to be pregnant were Mio, Yuki, Zest and Hasegawa.

After discovering that truth — of course they all decided to go through with carrying the babies and giving birth. 

And then, after the result of some discussion, they concluded that everyone who tied the vow with Basara wanted to be the same, so Kurumi and Maria had taken special succubus medicine for fertilization.

Basara then drank a strengthening potion, giving them a large quantity of creampie. 

As a result of that — they both ended up impregnated, and all six of them were successfully pregnant with Basara’s children.  

Their due date is in the winter.

Hasegawa isn’t only capable of natural birth as she wills, but she can also adjust the growth of the children within a barrier, link the mothers’ conditions, and therefore match it so they can give birth at the same time.

—- Mio and Maria, are children of the previous demon lord Wilbert through different mothers.

This is a truth that cannot be changed. As such, the children they give birth to would have blood of the demon lord, and their birth order could cause a political problem among the demons.

In order to avoid future risks and problems, all six of them discussed giving birth together in secret. 

However, this hasn’t been finalized yet.

Mio and the other girls would support whatever Basara decides — but He wants more time to think about it before coming to a decision.

—-Just giving birth isn’t a problem.

Therefore, the six of them don’t mind.

Because through this, them and Basara bond further as a family.


“Haah… aaah… mm, uuh… haaah… mm… ♥”

Mio, having just been creampied with a large load, filled with a hot pleasure in her womb, slowly fell on top of Basara, who was lying down on his back. Slowly he then leaned his body forward.

Basara’s penis inserted inside of Mio’s vagina continued to pulsate, giving Mio waves of pleasure while maintaining its size and hardness even after mass ejaculation. Even in such a lewd state — with her cheeks resting against Basara’s burly chest, Mio reflected on their relationship.

At first it was a lie to get revenge on Zolgia who killed her adoptive parents.

But even so, despite their lies, Basara still saved her and accepted them as family, by situation, even the Hero Clan — reached the conclusion of their discord with their once friends.

—- When they first tied the contract, there were times she resisted her fall to an aroused state.

She had no sexual experience. Plus, she was embarrassed of herself being seen in that state by Basara.


Partially because she didn’t want to lose to Yuki, partially to get stronger… Mio and Basara did more sexual acts together, and she began to submit to Basara more and more. When she realized she was clearly in love with Basara, in the lewdness of their acts, and the pleasure and shame she received from their acts, she lost all her resistance. 

Also — since going to the demon realm, Mio and the other girls became even more lewd. They began to sexually pleasure Basara, they’re not only receiving pleasure, but they’re giving Basara pleasure too. And then — in the final battle against Shiba, they gave their virginities to Basara and reached the master-servant vow with him. Mio now feels nothing but happiness in this. 

Basara continued moving to the vow’s passion, as the inner part of her body throbs, she’s unable to hold back her love for Basara. Feeling the pleasure from being assaulted, and feeling the euphoria from getting creampied, she’s filled with so much happiness.

Mio now, with her cheek against Basara’s chest, was tasting the happiness from the creampie. 


Suddenly — as she looked to the side, she once again noticed the presence of the young woman at the door of the bedroom. 

— It’s Celis Reinhardt.

In the battle against Shiba, Celis had disregarded her position as a holy knight of the Vatican, rushing in to help Basara, Mio and the other girls.

The reason why Mio and the other girls are able to enjoy such a happy everyday life is partially thanks to her as well. 

Therefore —- Mio wanted to get along with Celis.


Right now Celis has a problem. A problem related to Mio and Basara.

— Since Mio wanted to help solve that problem, she took action to help Celis. 

She brought her body up, looking at Basara seductively,

She brought her body up, and looked into Basara’s eyes seductively. 

“Oniichan, please… more… ♥”

While showing Celis, she begged.

With that, Basara’s penis within Mio twitched.

“Mm… See, oniichan… You want to keep coming inside me as well… ♥”

As she said that, she tightened her vagina to clench on Basara’s penis.

“Yeah… That’s right”

Basara nodded quietly — at the same time,

“Aah…. Yaah, mm… aah, again… haah ♥”

Instantly the vows arousal activated, and Mio’s sweet voice spilled out, as she made the face of a lewd sex slave. 

“That’s right… Fufu, Basara-niichan… If you’d like, please use this”

Kurumi suddenly took something out from below the pillows.

It was a red heart shaped pill case. From inside, she took out a purple pill and handed it to Basara. 

Mio understood exactly what that pill was for. 

“Mm… Kurumi-chan… Could it be that’s…”

“Yes. It’s the special ejaculation specific pill that we used to get me and Maria pregnant. When I asked Maria if there were any left she gave me this one.”  

While nodding, Kurumi said, 

“I thought of getting Basara-Niichan to use it when he’s with me but… It’s fine, I’ll give it to you, Mio. After all, I’ve already used this medicine with Basara once before… Plus, we can ask Maria for more”


“Basara-Niichan… Show Mio the amazing sensation you gave me and Maria when you got us pregnant”

Kurumi declared. 

“——Got it”

Basara put the purple pill into his mouth and swallowed it 

Mio tried remembering the time Basara impregnated Kurumi and Maria — but she couldn’t. There was something obstructing her thinking. 

Basara’s penis still inside Mio swelled up to twice its size- no four times it was. 

“No…. Haaah, no way… Oniichan… You’re so big… haaah ♥”

Mio could feel her insides expanding with the increased size of Basara’s penis.

And, at that moment,


As she screamed, Basara’s penis spurt a hot load into her. 

Even in the confusion of the sudden occurrence, Mio reached a heightened climax. Her body was already reacting from the way Basara creampied her with the lewd state of the master-servant vow.  

With that,

“Why are you surprised Mio… Look at what got us pregnant”

Kurumi said with a seductive smile.

“With the medicine just now, Basara-Niichan cums more than plenty. It will also keep going, and it’ll reach 5L”


“Aren’t you glad? You want to be creampied by Basara-niichan more right? With this, you’ll be completely filled up, surely you’ll be satisfied”

Since Basara came, Mio had fallen into an absolute state.

“Aaaah, haaaaah ♥ haaaah, aah, nhaaaah ♥ haaaah, nooo, aaaah ♥ Mmm, fuaaan ♥ ahaah, haah, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~~ ♥”

Due to the euphoria from the vow, continuing to engrave itself on her, Mio’s pleasure continued to grow greater and greater. 

But — even as Mio had drowned in the depths of pleasure, Basara continued assaulting her. 

The ejaculating penis began rubbing against Mio’s insides as it thrusts. 

“No, that’s…. aaaaaaaaaaaaah ♥”

While she’s being creampied, the giant penis moved inside her, pushing against the entrance of her womb — at the realization that she’s experiencing a forbidden pleasure she’s never experienced before. 

“Noo, aaah…. haah ♥ what is this…. mm aaaah, oniichan… oniichan, mmm… amazing… Like this, while you’re ejaculating… fuaaaaaan ♥”

Mio reached a heightened euphoria once more.

And then.  

Some time had passed after Mio climaxed.

Mio, had plenty of semen flooding out of her from where they’re joined,

“Aah… Mm, haah…. aaah ♥ no… aaah, aaaaaaaaaah ♥”

She was turned into a slave for this interdimensional creampie pleasure.

—- Mio’s stomach was a little expanded.

With Basara’s penis acting as a plug, there’s more cum flowing inside her than flowing out, with how it’s pushed in through her vagina, her womb has expanded a little. 

Kurumi looked at Mio’s lewd appearance. 

“Fufu… You’re so lewd, you look so properly pregnant”

Kurumi licked her cheeks from the side,

“No… aah, haah…. haaaaah ♥”

Mio reacted to the word pregnant, letting an aroused moan spill out from herself.

— She no longer knew what to do with herself.

But — with the happiness that came from the constant creampie, and the pleasant feeling from inside her body, she knew she wanted to stay like this forever,

— But this can’t last forever.

Kurumi, lewdly fondled her chest,

“Mio… the medicine will soon run out for Basara-niichan”

With that said, Basara’s ejaculation suddenly stopped as if it was enough.

“Mm… haah… mm, aaah… mm… haah… aaaah ♥”

Finally, the high from the creampie ended, and pleasure from penetration was the only thing that remained. At that moment — Mio let out a hot sigh. 

“No time to relax yet, Mio… the best is always saved for last”

Kurumi said in a lewd voice. 

— Mio was unable to understand the words with her mind, but with her vagina. 

Basara’s penis thrusting inside her began twitching. 

At the lewd vibration inside her body,

“Nooo… haaah…. w, what is… this…. mm ♥”

With a confused voice, Mio started to understand what was happening.

— the instincts of a girl who had fallen into a state of being a sex slave.

Basara’s ejaculation hasn’t stopped with the medicine.

With that certainty, she looked at Basara, and he looked back at her with gentle eyes.

“—Mio, are you ready?”

He asked. 

With that question, he was asking permission to give her the lewd finishing blow. Mio understood that. 

Allowing that, would be allowing their time to end.

But Naruse Mio is Basara’s subordinate, his sex slave.

So, there’s only one answer.

Therefore Mio, said with a smile lewder than anything,

“Yeah… it’s fine, oniichan, cum inside me ♥

Right as she said that — the moment came,

“Guh—- aaaaaaaaaaaah”

With that moment, he roared like an animal, and his cum flooded out hotly from his penis and into Mio’s vagina.

“~~~~~~~ ♥”

With her vagina and womb assaulted by the semen, Naruse Mio reached the highest euphoria of pleasure.

Part 7

After Mio received a huge creampie, her consciousness melted away.

Celis watched as Basara’s penis slipped out of Mio.


Even after Basara’s hardness released that amount of cum, it preserved its monstrous size — its tip was drenched with the liquid from Mio’s vagina,


His presence is overwhelming, and incomparable to that of her dream. If that penis of his penetrates and rubs against the vaginal wall, surely one could only fall into the pit of sensuality.

Getting Mio and the other girls to submit, Basara had recklessly used succubus medication from Maria and Sheila. Precisely because of that, being able to get six girls – Mio, Maria, Yuki, Kurumi, Zest and Hasegawa to the point of master-servant vow on the night before the battle with Shiba was a great feat.

—- Basara and the girls tied their master-servant contract through the power of succubus.

In order for them to reach the legendary master-servant vow, required Mio and the other girls to completely fall through sensual acts with Basara, from the bottom of their souls, into sex slaves.

Ultimately —- he accomplished six of them.

It’s not only the realization that Mio and the other girls vowed eternal devotion to Basara. 

It’s also the realization that Basara is their master for eternity. 

That he had the might to rule over six sex slaves —-


“Ah… seriously Mio, only feeling good by yourself… Come on wake up, it’s no good if you don’t do it to the end”

Basara gave a wry smile to Kurumi’s reprimand,

“Let her be. She came really hard. Let her rest.”

“Really… Basara-niichan, if you’re like this you’re going to spoil her”

With that said, Kurumi smiled seductively,

“So, should I clean up in place of Mio?”

“Yeah… please do”

Basara nodded naturally in response to the lewd proposal — And then, the lewd mouth movements started,

For Kurumi who’s accustomed to performing fellatio, she could clean up Basara’s penis in no time at all.

However, that isn’t the end.

It’s inevitable that he would get turned on by having his penis licked by Kurumi.

Therefore —-


With Basara calling out to her with a low voice, Kurumi gave the appropriate reaction of a sex slave desired by her master. Taking in Basara, she fell into a deep state of arousal.

“Mm… haaah ♥ it’s still so energetic… It’s fine Basara-niichan, make me feel real good too”

At the moment she said that, Kurumi’s crotch was already soaked with her honey.

And then, with Basara sitting cross-legged on the bed, Kurumi used her hand to lead Basara’s member towards her secret spot as she straddled him.

With her honey pot taking Basara’s tip, taking it in as Basara began thrusting his hips, she quickly fell into a lewd state similar to Mio earlier. 

On the slightly swaying large bed,

“Aaah ♥.. yaaan… mm, aaah ♥ Basara-niichan, nfuu… amazing, ahaah…. amaaaaazing, aaaaaaaah ♥”

The two of them facing each other as they moved their hips were lost in a lewd dance together. The place where they’re connected is soaked with their bodily fluids, making “chupu ♥ chupu ♥” sounds which could be heard even by Celis who’s a little bit away from them. 

At their sensual intercourse,


Celis Reinhardt could only gulp down and watch. 

Even if it’s lewd — for Basara and the other girls it was a perfectly normal thing to do.

Just as Celis realized that,

“Sorry, but did I drop my panties here~”

From the changing room that connects to the large bath, a small girl appeared.

The completely naked girl quickly noticed Celis

“Ah, Celis-san good morning. It’s rare to see you venture into the basement.”

As if Basara and Kurumi’s lewd intercourse was nothing, she greeted Celis good morning with a bright smile, the Toujou family’s proud ero loli succubus Maria.

Having just finished her bath, her long hair is wet, and her small yet sexy body had water dripping from it.

And then,

“What’s wrong? Sitting in a place like that”

Maria said, pointing out while looking down at Celis.


It’s then Celis became aware of her state.

—- Celis Reinhardt had fallen to the floor. 

Likely, while witnessing the intense scene between Basara and Mio, her legs had given out and she had fallen down.


“N,no… it’s nothing”

With a red face, she gave a shaky reply as she stood up,

“I came looking for you. Zest said she has something to discuss with you”

“Zest-san? Alright, I understand. Thanks for coming all the way here to tell me”

With that said, the loli succubus began making her way up to the first floor.

“Maria… If you go like that, you’re going to get the floor wet. At least use a bath towel.”

A gentle voice sounding wet and sexy stopped Maria. 

It’s from the beautiful woman who left from the changing room after Maria.

Hasegawa wearing a seductive—-babydoll is the woman who asserted her opinion.  

“G,good morning…”

Instinctually, Celis greeted her respectfully.

—- Celis Reinhardt had heard about Hasegawa Chisato’s true nature.

In the divine realm, she had used the name of a high ranking togami.

Hasegawa’s real name is Afueria.

— At the Vatican, even more so than the rest of the Hero Clan, they particularly hold those of the gods with high regard.

Therefore, those in the Vatican receive their own baptism, and believe in a sort of faith different from the general believers. As a result they not only believe in the gods, but also recognize them.

Celis, a holy knight of the Vatican practiced this faith.

As such, it’s not that godly beings = gods, in the same way that it’s not so simple to mean that demons = the devil.

That’s why the Hero Clan could reach an armistice with the demons.

To the Vatican, the godly beings are set to the position of those who use the power of god — in short, angels. This isn’t in Japanese, in English too it’s called “God Tribe”.

The Togami Hasegawa is therefore one of the highest of those god users — a seraph.

As such, even for the Hero Clan which can see these godly beings, while possessing differences from the regular believers, still are incomparable in their faith.

So, to Celis — she can’t help but to embrace a sort of reverence for Hasegawa.

But that faith of Celis isn’t at all related to the loli ero succubus.

“Aah, thanks Chisato-san. Then, I’ll be going.”

Maria wrapped the bath towel around herself, and with light footsteps, she went up the stairs from the basement to the first floor.

As Celis watched Maria’s back as she left,

“Well then Celis, would you like to join me for a morning bath?”

“Eh? Ah… yes, but I just showered earlier.”

At the unexpected invitation from Hasegawa, Celis answered in confusion.

“Ah, is that so… But it would be better to go in again?”

Hasegawa looked at her with her kind eyes as she said that, with her gaze falling lower from Celis’ eyes.

“With your panties like that, you probably wouldn’t want to go back upstairs yet”


When she glanced to take a look, her new panties were already soaked from who knows when,

“—-this is…?”

Though she just took a shower, her new panties were already in such a state, she frantically tried to cover her crotch with her hands.

“It’s fine, don’t be embarrassed… This would happen to anyone if they saw Basara and the others’ state”

“See,” Hasegawa said with a sexy smile appearing on her face, as she lifted up her baby doll.

With that, Hasegawa’s secret spot was slowly exposed as well.


What Celis saw was how Hasegawa was much more wet than she was.

From Hasegawa’s crotch, lewd honey flowed out, soaking even her inner thighs.

Even so, to Celis who has reverence for her, Hasegawa’s lewd appearance was beautiful —- she was inexplicably captivated by that corrupted appearance of her,

“Now come… us two ladies who are lewdly soaked should take a bath together”

With the way Hasegawa said that — Celis could no longer resist.

Part 8

So then — Celis Reinhardt went to bathe with Hasegawa Chisato.

Due to the excitement of seeing Basara and the girls’ intense sex, it wasn’t just her crotch that’s soaked but her whole body was covered in sweat.

Since Hasegwa witnessed the same thing, she was in a similar state. They started by going to the washing area together. 

As Celis doesn’t have the master-servant vow with Basara, she generally uses the upstairs bathroom. She has been here, invited by Mio and the others on days Basara wasn’t around.


…No matter how she sees it, it’s bigger than the scale of a bathroom of a private residence.

Looking around the bathroom once more, she thought again that it’s amazing.

This giant bathroom is lavished with Maria’s tastes.

The main attraction is of course, the giant jacuzzi prided by the seven who live here. There’s a giant television on the wall, and there are two faucets in the washing area. It’s also equipped with two showers.

With its wide floor space, it has plenty of space befitting a luxurious bathroom, it wouldn’t even be crowded with the entire Toujou household in it.


Following Hasegawa’s lead, Celis sat down to wash up at the washing area, starting first with running the shower water over her whole body. And then, as if imitating Hasegawa, she reaches for the bottles lined on the wall, pumping out several times from the one on the right most side. Then on the bath sponge, creamy white body soap falls out, foaming up slowly.

As Celis washed herself with the foam, she glanced at the woman next to her. 

—- Hasegawa was again, washing her beautiful body with the foaming soap.

Everytime the sponge moved back and forth along her lewd curves, going from her chest to her waist, and back to hips, Hasegawa’s body was becoming sexier with the pure white foam on her. 


Celis couldn’t help but be mesmerized.

“You look so enthusiastic… Is a person bathing so strange?”

Hasegawa, catching her gaze, said with a smile. 

“I- I apologize… It’s just the first time we’ve bathed, just the two of us, so I did that without thinking”

“Ah, that’s true… We mostly use this bath, but you don’t come to the basement much, just when we invite you when Basara isn’t around”


That being said, it’s rare for Basara not to be home, so until this point, Celis had only used this bath four times. In addition, she’s only bathed with Hasegawa twice.

Since the other girls were there too, she didn’t look at just Hasegawa.

No, she could see – but regardless, she hesitated.

…After all.

With her being essentially a high-ranking god, Celis isn’t someone who can speak well.

Of course, Hasegawa is a former Togami, and she is now and forever, Basara’s subordinate who supports him.

With that said, she’s the same as Mio and the other girls. Therefore, from Hasegawa herself and the others as well, she was told there’s no need for extra formality.

…Even so.

In this current moment, Hasegawa’s presence became so overwhelming. 

“However, it’s been almost a month and a half since we started living together… I would be happy if you get used to it soon”

“I, I apologize —- no, I mean, I’m sorry”

Hasegawa smiled wryly in response to the frantic apology. 

“I’m kidding… That serious side is your charm point. It’s fine for you to slowly take your time to get comfortable around me”


Celis fell into silence, thinking about the words just said to her. 

“…What’s wrong? Are you nervous about tonight?”

Hasegawa asked her quietly,

“— No, I’ve made my decision about that”

Thus, while shaking her head Celis said, 

“The master servant contract with Basara —- I’ve thought well and decided”

Yes. With the full moon, tonight, Celis will be tying the master servant contract with Basara. 

──The purpose is to be prepared in case something happens in the future.

They have dealt with the problems in the Demon realm, as well as with Shiba — but the state of affairs for Basara’s group remained unclear. Within both the current demon lord faction and the moderate faction of the demon realm, many still view them as dangerous, there are those on the opposite side who want to make use of them, considering there are other factions of the demon realm too. On the heroes’ side, it’s doubtful that the village or the Vatican would do something excessive now, but that isn’t the same for the other districts of the Hero clan.

— The Vatican under the leadership of Albareos had many dark sides to it.

It’s hard to be able to say that the other districts aren’t the same.

As such —- for this one in a million chance, in order to mutually understand each other’s position, Celis suggested the master-servant contract with Basara.

She only told Basara and the group last night, but her resolve had been made for close to a month now.

She’s determined in it.

Thus — Basara’s group had accepted her resolve.

Therefore, she’s committed to it

“I see… in that case that’s good.”

“…Yes. I apologize for causing you worries.”

Having washed her body, Celis said that while letting the water from the washing basin flow down her shoulders to get rid of the soap. 

—- From a combat perspective, Celis as of right now, would hold Basara and the others back in battle.

Therefore, other than being able to determine positions, she plans to increase her battle strength through the contract. 

It’s not that Celis is weak. She could handle most opponents just fine.


Even so, Celis couldn’t do much in the battle against Shiba.

She was just barely able to help Yuki hold up the barrier. 

Of course, there aren’t many others with the kind of monstrous strength Shiba had. Other than that, there are few who could match up against someone like him outside of Basara’s group.

Precisely because of that —- if there’s an enemy that could harm Basara and the others, they could be even more dangerous than Shiba.

…Not only that.

Mio and the other girls are currently pregnant. Even though they’re protected by Hasegawa’s divine power, surely they would like to avoid battle as much as possible. Even more so, they would like to avoid fighting a strong opponent.

As such — Celis right now can’t be of use to them.

Therefore she can’t balk at getting the needed power from the master-servant contract.

…That being said.

Celis doesn’t have to tie the master-servant contract with Basara through the power of succubus like Mio and the other girls.

They plan to use Celis’ own magic for the incantation.

To change her inability to be of use right now.

Therefore she felt what should rule over her should be based on her own abilities.

Tonight…With this, I’m going to be of use too.

She’s going to be of use to the Toujou household — she clenched her fist tightly, thinking about that. 

The door of the bathroom opened, and someone entered. 

With that, Celis turned to look towards the door.



When their eyes met — she stiffened.

—- The one who entered was Basara.

Most likely he finished having sex with Kurumi. Thus, he let Kurumi and Mio rest from the intense sex on the bed and went to the bathroom to wash off his sweat.

Somehow, she didn’t think of this possibility.


Instinctively, she covered her breasts with her hands.

“—-Sorry, I”

Focused on his sex with Mio and Kurumi, forgetting Celis was in this bathroom, he probably didn’t even know she was in this basement.

With his face red, he started to hurry out of the bathroom.

Hence, frantically,

“T, there’s no need for you to leave Basara. I’m just about to leave”

“No, but still…”

At the flustered Basara,

“Please don’t worry at all. So then please excuse me”

Instantly, Celis bowed to Hasegawa and left the bathroom to escape.

She then closed the bathroom door as she left.


Basara saw her naked. And not only that, but she also saw his naked body up close too. 

In the changing room, Celis’ face turned red responding to that truth. 

…Ah… But—-

In this unlikely situation, Celis wasn’t the only one who was surprised but Basara as well. 

Basara had most likely bathed with Hasegawa many times. He’s surely used to her naked body. 

But — just now Basara was undeniably shocked and flustered as well.

She wondered why.

“…Is it because of me?”

All the girls of the Toujou household are attractive. And then with how they submit to Basara through arousal, becoming sex slaves through the master-servant vow, they’re extremely sexy, and as a woman Celis can’t match up to them in terms of sex appeal. Nevertheless, Basara was flustered by the naked Celis.



Celis felt a little bit happy. 

Even though there are girls as attractive as Mio and the others around him. Among them is even Hasegawa, a former Togami. 

Despite all that — Basara still saw her as an attractive woman.

In her dreams she’s wanted by Basara… for that to possibly be the truth. As Celis continued thinking about that, her mind was filled with Basara. 

…I’m, this…

The beating of Celis’ heart wouldn’t stop. She wondered if it was the same for Basara on the other side of the door. 

While continuing to think about that, she wrapped her bath towel around her body— and it was at that time, 

“Mm ♥… haah, Basara… Basara… haaaaah ♥”

Hasegawa’s sweet moans could be heard coming from the bathroom. 


Suddenly, Celis gulped down, without thinking, she turned back frantically — but the door behind her was closed.

She couldn’t see past the tinted glass door. But it’s obvious what was happening beyond it.

Hasegawa’s sexiness would invoke a different feeling in comparison to Celis who is also a woman. 

No matter how used to it he is, there’s no way that Basara, as a man, could hold back.

Furthermore —- Basara and Hasegawa have the master-servant vow.

With that said, If her master Basara was turned on, Hasegawa would fall into a lustful state answering to her master’s desire for her. It’s clear as day what would happen if Basara and Hasegawa were naked in a bathroom together. 

On the first night she moved in, having received baptism from Maria, Celis did lewd acts with Basara — it was something seen by Mio and the other girls. Thus Celis wasn’t the only one who felt shame from it, Mio and the other girls, seeing Basara’s dominating figure too shared in that with Celis. 

Hasegawa was included in that — So Celis, had seen her and Basara’s lewd sex.


Since she was in a state of sweet post-climax, she could just barely remember it. However, it’s different now — even though she’s turned on, she’s fully conscious.  


Thinking about Hasegawa’s lewd figure behind the tinted glass, caused a feeling of excitement to rise within Celis. She was surprised when she heard that Hasegawa was a former togami, but she was even more so when she found out Basara was able to tie a master-servant vow with Hasegawa and make her his sex slave. 

…Is it really, beyond that…?

Without thinking, she audibly gulped down. Earlier, when Celis saw Basara with Kurumi and Mio having sex, Celis couldn’t control herself and her crotch became all wet. 

What would happen to her if she sees Hasegawa with Basara now?

Celis was able to get close to Maria and Zest who are demons since they kept helping her from her lewd self. So, if she sees Hasegawa, a former togami, as just a woman – as just a lewd sex slave. She wondered if she could feel closer to Hasegawa.

Taking a deep breath, Celis turned to go back into the bathroom. 

And then, just as she touched the glass door,


She started thinking about just how corrupt her act is.

“Oh my, are you stopping?”

Suddenly, in her ears, was the sweet voice of a demon.


Surprised, Celis yelped 

“Oops… That’s no good, that would be too loud”

Right before she could let out her voice, a small palm covered her lips.

Looking towards the source, she could see a seductively smiling Maria —

 As she took her hand off Celis,

“W, Why…?”

She spat out, still unable to suppress her surprise. 

“As I finished my conversation with Zest, I decided to bring you a change of panties, Celis-san. Since you even took a bath, I didn’t think you would want to wear the old stained pair.” 

“Y-you realized?”

“Of course I did, please don’t underestimate me as a succubus. Well, here you go.”


Celis took the new pair of panties with a red face.

“But, for someone as serious as you to be peeping… but it’s not like I don’t understand your feelings. When I first saw Basara-san and Chisato-san go at it, I was really turned on.”


“My, my there’s no need to be embarrassed… if you wish to do that, I will help you.”

Maria laughed at Celis befuddlement. Reaching for the lightswitch on the wall, she lifted the cover up revealing another switch. After flicking that switch up — the tinted glass of the door became transparent.  


When the inside of the bathroom became visible, the sight of Hasegawa with her hands on the wall as Basara thrusted his hardness into her from behind, jumped into Celis’ field of view. 

She also realized that if the glass became transparent, they could see her too.


Maria stopped Celis from completing her sentence. 

“Don’t worry, this is a magic mirror mode for peeping. They can’t see us from there.”

“T-to have something like that…”

Maria grinned at the way Celis slightly trembled,

“More importantly, come look over here.”

Responding to Maria’s urging, Celis turned to see the same thing as Maria. 

“Mm… aaah… haah ♥ Aaah… Basara… haaah ♥ Mm, Aah, haaah, basaraaaaa… aaaaah ♥”

With each thrust of Basara’s hips, Hasegawa’s large breasts lewdly bounced, and her sexy ass shook. On her face was the look of a woman completely intoxicated in sensuality and pleasure. 

Celis found herself completely unable to take her eyes off the lewd sight of the way Hasegawa was being done. 

“Fufu, aren’t you surprised… That woman who’s getting completely wrecked as she’s having sex was once a togami, high ranked among the godly beings.”

Celis was unable to say anything in response to Maria’s seductive whisper. 

It’s because it was exactly as Maria said. 

Hasegawa as she’s having sex with Basara had succumbed to a corruption so obscene — and on top of it so very sensual.

Celis couldn’t take her eyes off of Hasegawa who’s trapped in a cage of pleasure from Basara. 

“What do you think… Doesn’t she look happy?”

Maria whispered sweetly, 

“If you wish for it, Celis-san, that could be you as well”

The meaning of those words were clear.

That’s why Celis, didn’t take it as a joke,

“…You mean, for me to become Basara’s sex slave…?”

She meant to sound resolute against the idea with her tone of voice, but regardless, her voice trembled. 

Her body heated up to its core as her eyes glazed over. 

“Please, I don’t mean to be rude. We’re all really thankful that you want to tie the master-servant contract with Basara-san for our sake. 

As Maria said that, she then flicked the switch one more time to turn off the magic mirror.

Thus, the door went back to being glazed and they no longer could hear Hasegawa’s moans as loudly as before.

Most likely, it switched to a mode that ensures privacy first. 

“But at its core, the master-servant contract is one that puts one’s life in harm’s way. You’ll be able to grasp the positions of each other, and if the bond between master and servant deepens, you’ll have increased power on the battlefield… Because of that advantage, it’s not to say that it is without risk.” 

As such.

“If, at this time you tie the contract with Basara-san with your power… The risk of damage through the curse, if it activates, will be high”

Celis is a holy knight who can wield all four elements, with her holy sword Georgius.

Continuing on, with Georgius being originally a “farmer” saint —- the sword that holds his name chose Celis due to her high affinity for earth magic. As such, the curse that would activate would be an earth type curse.

It’s most likely petrification.         


“I should be able to manage such a risk”

First of all, the curse of the master-servant contract is caused by feelings of betrayal towards one’s master, and the more severe that feeling is, the more severe the effect of the curse. 

However, it’s unlikely Celis would harbor such a strong feeling of betrayal towards Basara, to the extent it would place her life in danger. Even if it activated to a strong degree, the fear of death should increase her loyalty to Basara. In the first place — the master-servant contract is loyalty to the level of fear of death. Surely that’s the original point of it. 

And then for a light curse, you’d surely be able to stop the petrification by controlling yourself. 

At that point Basara could get Celis to submit, and there’s Hasegawa too. Hasegawa, with the power of togami returned to her, could surely resolve a master-servant curse easily.

Of course, it is not to say that there is no risk at all.

But when she said she wanted to tie the master-servant contract with Basara using her own power, Basara had given her his consent. Most likely Basara was thinking that if a new opponent appears and Celis is taken hostage — then he would be able to locate where she is. He didn’t suggest after to make the master-servant contract via the succubus curse as with everyone else.

In the first place, Basara tied the master servant contract using succubus magic with Mio by virtue of an inadequate explanation from Maria. Yuki wanted to have the same standing and relationship with Basara as Mio. Zest was due to an emergency situation through Sheila’s suggestion, as there was no other choice. For Hasegawa, it was in order for the contract ceremony to succeed giving Basara greater power  — and of course her desire to be like Mio and the other girls. Kurumi, who managed to go from contract to vow in one go, did it in order to be like her sister Yuki, as well as the other girls. 

To reach it with the succubus Maria, it was her own preference to do the same.

Until this point, Basara made contracts with the succubus magic, he acknowledged that and there are reasons behind that. So of course, without reason, he wouldn’t tell Celis to tie the contract with the same magic as Maria, like what happened with everyone else. 

If he said that — it would be like forcing Celis into a sexual relationship with him when she might not want that.

Other than Maria, the power with the lowest risk would be Celis’.

Basara with his Banishing Shift, Mio’s power that she inherited from Wilbert, and Hasegawa’s own great togami power are obviously out of the question. Using Kurumi’s power means connecting it to her spirit power, and they would like to avoid it. It’s the same with Yuki’s power that is tied to Sakuya. Zest’s power is earth, the same with Celis, but since they’re the same then Celis’ would be better to use. She has more affinity to her own power after all, not to mention it would be easier to deal with. 

“Well… For a succubus like you, me tying the contract with Basara through your power would be fun for you”

“I won’t deny that… But that’s not the main reason for it.”

Maria’s reply to Celis began with an “after all”. 

“As I said earlier, the master-servant contract is a magic that puts your life at risk. Of course, there’s no problem with the bond between a superior and a subordinate but… When it comes to tying two feelings, if one doesn’t consider the way it’ll make both happiest as much as possible, it’ll just invite unhappiness. The contract can’t hold to superficial feelings, but it has to hold true to your real feelings, after all the curse could activate because of jealousy.” 

As such.

“Celis-san, if you truly wish to tie the master-servant contract with Basara-san using your own power it’s not a problem. Basara-san too has objections to tying the master-servant contract in the way you wish it. But if that’s not the case… if you’re not being honest with your feelings, you shouldn’t be scared and be honest about those feelings.”

After all.

“If you’re unhappy Basara-san would be sad as well… And that in turn will make all of us sad. On the other hand, if you’re happy so would Basara-san. That’s how a family acts.”

With that, Maria said, 

“I want to be your family, Celis-san”


Celis replied to Maria’s words with a deep silence.

And then, Maria gave her a soft smile,

“Of course, I’m not trying to force you. Our relationship with Basara-san is a way of living all of us have chosen as best for us. To get to our current relationship, it took us time. In that time, we’ve had a very sexual relationship with Basara-san. Celis-san, since you don’t have the same experience as us, I’m not trying to force that life on you. 


“If you wish to be as strong as us, Celis-san, you should use my magic. Up until this point, there haven’t been many that have reached the master-servant vow… That’s why it’s legendary.” 

And the reason for that,

“It is likely because there’s a limit to how much loyalty one can get from a master-servant contract based on the danger of death. Our master-servant contracts were formed using love.”

Maria continued,  

“There’s still time until tonight. Please face your feelings a little more. After you do that, no matter the conclusion you reach, we will accept it. But, with it being a master-servant contract, it’s inevitable that your relationship with Basara will change.” 

With no regrets, Maria left those words with her and entered the bathroom. 

—-As she opened the door, Celis caught a glimpse of something.

It was the lewd silhouette of the blissful Hasegawa, moaning sweetly as she’s held happily by Basara. 

It was an expression of happiness allowed only to those honest to their own feelings.  

However, the door quickly closed and silence was all that remained in the changing room.


Celis Reinhardt simply stood still.

—- She didn’t truly understand what was happening in that bathroom.

Without having a sexual relationship with Basara, it isn’t something she needs to really know.


“…I understand”

With a soft whisper, Celis went to the towel rack, took a towel, and wrapped it around her body.

What kind of expression was she making in the mirror – in the end, she did this without looking in the mirror. 


After Hasegawa and Basara indulged themselves until they were satisfied in the large bathroom following Kurumi and Mio. 

Everyone gathered for breakfast — then, they all began making their way to Hijirigasaka Academy.

Basara, Mio and Yuki are in 2F, Maria and Kurumi are in 1F. Hasegawa, as before, worked as the school nurse.

And — now Celis began attending the school as an international transfer student.

Regarding her class, through the same secret means Basara used when he first transferred, Celis was placed in the same class as Basara and the others, in 2F. This F group, in order to make it easier to observe others of interest, also includes Tachibana Nanao and Takigawa Yarhiro. It also includes girls who get along well with Yuki and Mio, Aikawa Shiho and Sakaki Chika. With the inclusion of those two they make a natural seven-person group. 

Meanwhile, Zest B. Steward took over as a part-time english teacher, teaching second years. With the chime signaling the end of the fourth period, she closed the textbook. 

“—- So, let us end this here for today. Everyone, see you next time.”

She gently smiled at class 2D who all stood together and bowed. 

With the end of the lesson, the class became noisy. 

Because it was lunchtime, some of the boys rushing to get food from the cafeteria and store were running out of the room quickly, the remaining students gathered with friends, and prepared for lunch. 

Just as Zest was trying to leave the lively classroom, 

“Hey Zest-sensei, would you like to have lunch with us?”

A number of girls carried their wrapped lunch boxes.

Girls within class D who got along quite well with Zest. 

Zest spoke with a gentle expression towards them. 

“Thank you… but, I apologize. I’ve discussed it with the principal, but it seems like I can’t be too close to students outside of class time.”

With that said, the girls give a disappointed “Eh~?” as Zest tried to smile. 

— Zest is with Hijiragasaka Academy on a part-time contract, at 5000 yen per lesson.

As such, unlike the regular teachers, she has no responsibility over the students other than during class time. 

Therefore, if she interacts directly with them outside of class time and an issue occured, there wouldn’t be anyone able to take responsibility. Of course, she had handled cases of late students when there were no other faculty members around, but ultimately that was an exception. In general, only the classes and preparation for the classes — is all that Zest was allowed to do.  

Consequently — she was thankful in being tied by such restrictions.

Ultimately, she became a teacher here not for the money but to be by Basara and the other girls’ side. That’s why, as much as possible she avoided getting involved with other students. 


She was perfectly happy with how the students like her as a teacher.

As such,

“It’s a shame that I can’t interact with you guys outside of class hours, but we shouldn’t break the rules. If we do, then my contract might be terminated. I would like to be with you guys longer, so please help me do that”

As she kindly said that to the girls, she heard an enthusiastic “yes” from them. 

“You’re good girls…”

Zest softly pat their heads, then left classroom D.

To then leave the materials, she went towards the second faculty room used by part-time teachers. And then, as she arrived and placed the materials on her desk,

In order to store her teaching materials, she went to the second faculty room used by part-time teachers. Just as she arrived and placed the material on her desk, 

“Ah, Steward-sensei, Morino-sensei was looking for you earlier”

Said another female part-time teacher who arrived at the same time as Zest. 

“Morino-sensei is looking for me…?”

Zest said, tilting her head a bit to the side. 

Morino Miki is the homeroom teacher of class 1F.

As a new graduate, she went quickly from being the secondary homeroom teacher to homeroom teacher, so it seems like the school has high expectations for her. She has a cute face that retains the youthfulness of a high schooler, a bright personality, and a good healthy balance to her proportions, a popular teacher among both the boys and the girls.

In addition to that, she’s Maria and Kurumi’s homeroom teacher.

….is there something wrong?

Using the extension number on the desk, Zest called Morino-sensei, but instead a different male voice picked up, saying that Morino currently isn’t in the staff room.

Just to be sure, she contacted Maria and Kurumi using a messaging application on her mobile phone, but they replied with “nothing’s wrong” “I don’t feel anything is”. So at the very least there’s nothing to be worried about.

If it’s something that important surely Morino would come find her again.

As such, leaving the secondary faculty room, Zest began going towards a “certain place” where she always spends her lunch break. 

“—-Excuse me”

After calling out with a soft knock, the door opened and she entered inside. 

The first thing she felt was softer than spring. 

“Aah, Zest… I’ve been waiting for you”

Welcoming Zest was a smile from a beautiful woman in white,

It’s Hasegawa Chisato. 

“Yes Chisato-san… Let me pour us some tea.”

As she smiled back, Zest approached the earl grey can on the table.

With skillful hands, she scooped the tea leaves onto a spoon and into a glass-type teapot and prepared the hot water with the electric kettle. During that time, Hasegawa prepared two mugs for them, so when Zest brought the teapot over, all their preparation was complete.

Then, the two women sat on chairs at the table in the middle of the room.

“So then, shall we eat?”


Zest replied to Hasegawa’s words with a nod, then the two of them began eating.

—- Zest wasn’t allowed to eat with the students.

In short, she can’t eat with Basara and the others as well.

Of course, it wasn’t impossible to set up some sort of magic to hide themselves so that they could eat together, and on special days they would do just that. However, in the Toujou household they always eat together so it isn’t a big difference and it defeats the point of being in school.

…After all this is a part of the daily life they worked hard to achieve.

When you’re at school, do the things you can only do at school— that’s the conclusion everyone reached after their discussion. Not only with Takigawa, but Basara has more time with the other boys during lunch, Mio and Yuki too deepen their friendship with the girls they’ve been friends from first year, Aikawa and Sakaki.

Maria and Kurumi are often spending more time with their friends in their class as well. 

As for Zest — even though she wasn’t allowed to interact with the students, she could interact with the other faculty members. Of course, that included the school nurse Hasegawa, so Zest began eating lunch with Hasegawa in the infirmary, so she wouldn’t be alone. 

— From Zest’s perspective, Hasegawa is a senior who’s more used to being a teacher at the school.

At the heart of it, it wouldn’t be strange for a beauty like Hasegawa to be surrounded by both male students and teachers. In the previous year, Mio and Yuki had their own passionate fans and were called princesses by them, which caused quite a ruckus. But Hasegawa had no such thing around her.

That’s because Hasegawa used a divine technique to reduce awareness of her, so that she wasn’t regarded more than necessary.

Basara was the only exception, unable to suppress her feelings for him upon their reunion, even while hiding her true form she’s had a relationship with him, it wasn’t only Mio and Yuki who didn’t notice her, but also Takigawa — Lars, of all people also seemed to be in this category of people who overlooked her is notable.  

After hearing that, Zest had gotten help from Hasegawa so she wouldn’t draw any unnecessary attention from the male students and faculty members. Mio, Yuki, Kurumi and Maria had asked for the same thing too.

—- After all Zest and the other girls belong to Basara alone. 

They had no interest in other boys and being looked at with sexual eyes was simply unpleasant for them.

That’s why, being sought after and “asked out” was just absurd.

As such, thanks to Hasegawa, they now have a pleasant school life.

Then, just as lunch was ending,

“By the way—-“

Zest began saying, 

—- Normally, Hasegawa and Zest spend lunchtime talking all about Basara. 

However — today was different.

“About what’s happening tonight… What’s your opinion of it Chisato-san?”

“Chisato-san… what’s your opinion about what’s happening tonight?

“About Celis, huh…?”

Hasegawa eyes narrowed a bit,

Zest’s concern was about the master-servant contract between Basara and Celis.

—- It’s not like she herself had anything against the master-servant contract.

Since Zest first met Celis right after the battle with Shiba —- she’s only been able to spend a short amount of time getting to know her. 

Nevertheless, she could see that Celis is a reliable person.

It’s not only because she put the Vatican’s advantages and interests away when her childhood friends Basara, Yuki and Kurumi were in danger, lending her strength to them. Towards the previous demon lord’s daughter Mio, as well as demons Maria and Zest, Celis had been respectful as they interacted.

She couldn’t sense any ulterior motives. If that had been the case, surely she wouldn’t have relied on Zest earlier when she was embarrassed. 

There’s no mistake. Celis Reinhardt was a reliable person.

For her to tie the master-servant contract with Basara, there’s nothing more reassuring than that.


Celis Reinhardt was insistent in not tying the master-servant contract using the power of the succubus, and stubbornly wanted to make it with her own power. 

Of course — it’s true that just because Zest and the other girls had their contract with the succubus power, it doesn’t mean that Celis had to.

—-However, this morning, Celis dreamt of Basara and came in her sleep.

It’s likely that she herself didn’t realize it —- but her true-self, is one that’s undeniably lewd. Thus, despite being away from Basara for so long, she still held on to her feelings for him.

If she had the master-servant contract the same way as the other girls, she would be able to have a sexual relationship with Basara, and surely that should make her happy.

…More than anything.

With Celis’ power as the base for their master-servant contract, if something happens a “petrification” effect would trigger

The fear that came from that could possibly lead to a higher degree of loyalty towards Basara but — it’s hard to think of that as a good thing for Basara and Celis.

—- For instance, take the case of Yuki and Kurumi who are also childhood friends with Basara.

The reason their relationship as childhood friends wasn’t ruined — even after tying the contract and later reaching the vow, was because they tied their contract and vow with Basara using succubus magic. 

For Yuki and Kurumi who hold feelings of love for Basara, submitting to Basara sexually was something that was easy for them. With their sexual relationship deepened, their bond as childhood friends which was already like “family” developed into that of a real family. Of course, it’s undeniable with the vow that they show a side that’s like a sex slave but the relationship of Basara, Yuki and Kurumi that was based on being childhood friends isn’t gone.

It’s the same for Mio. Even though she tied the master-servant contract with Basara that then developed into the master-servant vow, their original relationship is that of her as his little sister, as his family — that was deepened and because of that they were able to reach the master-servant vow.

With the succubus magic for their master-servant contract, their sense of submission to Basara surely deepened — but so did their romantic love for him. 

It’s because they have a happy relationship with the contract that they were able to make a miracle come true with the vow.

“Celis-san offered to make the master-servant contract with Basara-sama because she cares about Basara and us but… It’s not only that.” 

“Yeah. Although it’s for us… At the same time, there’s a “regret” that she’s holding inside that continues stirring within her.” 

Hasegawa, thinking about Celis’ pain, gently closed her eyes. 

“A sense of responsibility for having the Holy Sword Georgius taken away from her, and therefore allowing Shiba Kyoichi’s treachery to get to that point. Thus, with us and Basara cleaning up the mess, she felt she didn’t help enough in that and regrets it. Therefore, from that regret, she surely believes by tying the master-servant contract with Basara, she could become a more useful person.”

“However… if they tie the master-servant contract with a curse based on fear, For Celis-san, there is a risk her treatment of Basara-sama as her childhood friend would change based on that fear.”

That might be the true nature of the master-servant contract —but it surely isn’t one that would fit Basara and Celis well. It’s possible that through the master servant contract, Basara and Celis’ relationship as childhood friends might be destroyed. It was something none of them wished for. 

That includes Celis herself.

The reason for that being,

“For Celis-san, Basara-Sama isn’t just a childhood friend but a man she longs for as well”

Zest asserted with certainty. 

Subsequently, Celis’ feelings surely aren’t inferior to Zest or any of the other girls.

“While it’s my opinion… If it’s possible, I think it would be good for Celis-san to tie the master-servant contract with Basara-sama in the same way as us, through the succubus magic.”

It’s not that she’s trying to be mischievous, neither was she trying to increase the size of Basara’s harem.

But to Basara, it’s certain that Celis is someone like Zest and the other girls —- someone he doesn’t want to give up.

Zest and the other girls as well, they have no objections to Celis being the same as them. 

The reason being she’s that kind of person.

However — because of Celis’ regrets and feelings of responsibility, she was sacrificing herself.

Surely that was something they should avoid.

“So, this morning I asked Maria to see if Celis-san would change her mind. I believe that in the bottom of her heart, Celis-san would like to be like us.” 

“I agree… According to Maria, Celis with eyes filled with desire watched me having sex with Basara in the basement bathroom. In addition to that, she also watched Basara have a threesome with Mio and Kurumi. It’s clear what she really wants.” 


“Even though we say that, Celis herself hasn’t admitted it to herself.”

“Yeah… That does seem to be the case.”

Hasegawa shrugged her shoulders, giving Zest a wry smile, and Zest responded back with a wry smile of her own. 

For Celis, with her serious personality and her world view, it’s surely difficult for her to say she wants to be like Zest and the other girls. Thus, it became a problem. 

“So… what do you think Basara-sama thinks of this?”

Zest said in a modified tone.

This time, it was Celis who suggested the master-servant contract, but it doesn’t mean things will move forward just like that. 

For Basara, Zest, and the other girls, whenever there’s something they need, they would discuss it together, in order to make the right decision.  

As a result of that, 

“For Basara-sama, If it’s what Celis-san wants… Under that condition, he would give his approval, and they would tie the master-servant contract using Celis-san’s magic.” 

“Basara-sama isn’t a hard-headed person. It’s actually quite the opposite, He’s sensitive to these delicate things. If that wasn’t the case, then we wouldn’t have been able to reach this point — we wouldn’t have been able to to reach the point of submitting enough to reach the vow. Rest assured, Basara-sama is aware of Celis-san’s true feelings.” 

Zest continued, 

“Why would Basara-sama decide against using a method that wouldn’t risk destroying his relationship with Celis-san as childhood friends, I wonder… He most likely has his own idea regarding this.” 

Zest and the other girls weren’t all that concerned.

Basara wouldn’t let Celis be unhappy — that much they’re sure of. 

“It will certainly be fine if we leave it to Basara-sama, but I don’t just want to be saved by him, I want to understand his decision-making process and how he comes to his conclusions. Certainly, if I’m able to do that, I’ll be of further use to him.” 

At Zest’s words,

“I see… For a maid, to just follow your master’s orders without injecting any personal opinions is seen as a virtue, but on the other hand, seeing it from the other side, it’s simply the limit for many kinds of maids. You don’t want to be limited by that.”

“Yes, it doesn’t mean that I plan to be intrusive. It’s just… I want to come to truly understand Basara-sama.”

“Got it… Well, this is ultimately a conjecture on my part but,”

“I think I understand what you mean… Well, this is ultimately conjecture on my part but…” 

Beginning with that, Hasegawa began to speak. . 

“Most likely — Basara would like to have the best master-servant contract with Celis. In order to do that though, he can’t only think of the result, but he must also take into consideration the process.” 

“So… the process?”

“Yes” Hasegawa nodded. 

“Basara’s master-servant contracts, started with Mio, Yuki, you, and then myself — followed by that in the battle against Shiba he had tied the master-servant contract with Kurumi and Maria that went instantly right to the vow.”


“Until now, Basara has never asked for the contract, not even once. It was always something we’ve asked for, something we desired… And he fulfilled that wish of ours”

“…Yes” Zest nodded in agreement

The first master-servant contract with Mio, was in the midst of battle with an enemy, unable to discern each other’s location, the idea was set in motion by Maria. With Yuki, it was because Yuki herself wanted to be just like Mio, and also because they received warning regarding Zolgear from Takigawa and did it as a precaution.

…And in the case of myself.

As Sheila said there were risks involved with Zest remaining with the moderate faction. They tied the master-servant contract in order to protect Zest. Followed by that, not only because she knew about what happened in the demon realm, but also because she wanted to be a trump card in regards to the current demon lord faction and the cardinals, being Basara’s power— that Hasegawa’s strong desire, and they started the “Contract Ceremony” to achieve the master-servant contract. 

In the battle against Shiba, with their five master-servant vows, Maria and Kurumi also tied the master-servant contract first but, hearing about the vow from Hasegawa they too wanted to tie that with Basara. As a result of all this, they managed to achieve the master-servant vow with Basara but —- none of it was set in motion by Basara himself.

“So, even if Celis-san says she wants to use her magic for the master-servant contract because of her own shame and ethical values, he’s going to respect that now…”

“Yes. It’s possible to get Celis to recognize that she truly has a desire for sexual submission and force her to tie the master-servant contract using succubus magic. However, If you force Celis to realize that truth herself, it’s no different than rape.”  

Hasegawa continued, 

“For Basara to tie the master-servant contract with us, and then the master-servant vow, was probably not his true intention. Of course, it’s not like he regrets it. It’s because he wanted to take our everything that we are that we were able to reach the vow in the first place. However, because he loves us, I think he would’ve liked to avoid the master-servant relationship, had it been possible.” 

The reason for that being. 

“The magic used for the contract was that of the succubus, and with that through bonds that grow through lewd actions, we grow stronger… For that, we desire sexual submission by Basara’s hands. For us, that’s happiness, but on the other hand, it’s different from the “normal family” that Basara desires. If it had been possible, surely he would’ve liked to avoid relying on the master-servant contract”


Zest was at a loss for words. 

“Yes. The situation wasn’t one that easily allowed what Basara wished for. With all the dangers and the enemies coming for us, there was no other choice.”

Hasegawa continued, 

“Thankfully, Basara is the most important person to us, and Basara not only loves us dearly, he also wants all of us to belong to him, and for reasons beyond just a sense of cheap justice and ethics.” 

“Yes… We’re truly happy”

In order to tie the master-servant vow with Basara, Zest fell into becoming his sex slave.

—- But Zest wasn’t the only one that fell.

By getting someone to fall into becoming a sex-slave, the other side also falls into a sort of savagery.

Basara wanted Zest and the other girls as his own, and he fell together with them.

It was because Basara was as such that he could achieve the master-servant vow with Zest and the other girls.

Therefore, even if they fall into a lewd sexual slavery forevermore, he’s able to keep answering to them.

Thus — Zest and the others don’t regret the choice they had made, not even a little.

“—But this time, it’s different”

Said Hasegawa.

“While there is certainly good in a master-servant contract with Celis, there is no immediate risk in not doing so either. Therefore, Basara would surely prioritize the best method to it”

By the way.

“Zest, you yourself reached the master-servant vow with Basara, and as a result you’re now carry his child, but in the process,  you had also fallen into becoming his sex slave. How do you feel about that?”

Hasegawa asked.

With that question, Zest crossed her hands over her chest as if she was hugging herself and answered. 

“About that… I think I’m proud”

Outside of them, there aren’t others who have such feelings for Basara to the point where they would be willing to dedicate so much of themselves to him. 

 Being one of the girls who did so, gave Zest a deep sense of pride. 

Hasegawa gave a playful smile responding to that.  

“Zest, do you know what kind of face you’re making right now?”


At that question, Zest turned her face towards the full-length mirror hanging from the wall,

With that, she saw an intoxicated smile on her face, the face of a sex slave. 

Zest found herself at a loss for words, as she reacted to her appearance, which was much more seductive than she had though. 

“There’s no need to be surprised… It’s the same for me, When I think about how I’ve become Basara’s sex slave, there’s a trembling feeling that wells up inside of me. It’s likely it’s the same for Mio and the other girls too.”

As she said that, Hasegawa had the same intoxicated look as Zest.

“So, if Basara wants to tie the master-servant contract with Celis using the succubus magic, we won’t object to it — if he wishes for her to become his sex slave, we we’ll make it come true, even if she may object to it”

Do you understand?

“This is the curse of our master-servant vow. We are slowly, we are quietly, bit by bit, becoming more twisted. But the reason for that isn’t in the master-servant vow, it starts with the succubus magic we used for the master-servant contract”

Of course, said Hasegawa.

“We’re very happy now… We’re satisfied with being able to service him as sex slaves, we gain pleasure from being the outlet for his desires. And of course, Basara too should have gained pleasure and happiness as a master. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t desire us to this extent.”


Zest nodded, agreeing from the bottom of her heart.

“No matter what, the way our relationship is wouldn’t be viewed as normal by those who are bound by common conventions. But no matter how strange we may seem to them, if we had not reached this point, there’s a chance we wouldn’t even be here now”

“Indeed” Hasegawa said in agreement. 

“But to us that isn’t a problem. Not only was Celis raised as a Holy Knight of the Vatican. From everyone among us, she was the one raised the furthest away as possible from sexual sensuality and pleasure. In the last two months her immunity and affinity towards it had been improving but, despite that what’s considered “normal” to us and Basara now is still too much for Celis”

Anyways said Hasegawa, 

“What’s normal for us now… Is different from the normal when Mio and Basara tied the master-servant contract, a level of lewdness beyond what we could even think of back then. Pushing the point of happiness and pleasure we’ve reached onto Celis would be unfortunate for her”


“The problem is we, including Basara, are very fond of Celis… At this rate she might get dragged in more than necessary. Basara is certainly trying to ascertain how far it can go while maintaining the best for Celis.” 

“The best for Celis-san…?’

“No— the best for all of us”

Hasegawa said with a confident smile on her face. 

Part 10

It was then — right as the conversation about Celis came to an end.

“Come to think of it… is she alright?”

Hasegawa nodded “Yes” in response to Zest’s question. 

“She’s fine… After all, she’s grown quite used to Basara and us”

At that time, 

There was a knock on the infirmary door and it opened.

The one who appeared is the young man who Zest and Hasegawa love. 


“Is something wrong?”

Hasegawa asked, slightly surprised.

“It’s nothing… I happen to be close by, so I thought about dropping by”

“Fufu… You got confessed to by another girl again didn’t you?”

“Oh my, is that so Basara-sama?”

At how Hasegawa seemed to be right, Zest asked with a smile surfacing on her face,

“Well, I wonder”

Basara shrugged his shoulders while smirking. It’s a reaction confirming their suspicions were correct.  

The girls including Hasegawa, use Hasegawa’s divine powers to evade interest from the opposite sex so that they don’t get asked out or looked at lewdly by other male students or the teachers.

However, they didn’t apply the same sort of technique on Basara —- or more correctly, it wasn’t possible to do the same for Basara. With the master-servant vow completed, Hasegawa is now in a completely subordinate position to Basara. Therefore it’s not possible for her to deflect the interests of the opposite sex in Basara, as it could lead to harm in Basara’s pride and rights.

And then —- since before the sports festival, there had been an increasing number of girls that started to have an interest in Basara.

The reason being is because he’s close to and lives together with Mio and Yuki who were treated like princesses last year.

In addition, starting this year, it was also known by the younger girls that he lives with Kurumi and Maria.  


Both Hasegawa and Zest announced they are living in the Toujou household. 

And then — from an outsider’s perspective, Basara isn’t dating anyone. 

They can’t say that all of them belong to Basara, and on the other hand saying he’s dating one of them would then appear unfair.

As such, it’s natural that there are other girls who think they’ve got a chance — Basara gets a confession at the rate of one or two a week. Basara had continued to refuse them by saying he has no intention of dating right now, but as of now the number of girls who confess to him have yet to decrease. 

Hasegawa Chisato started thinking as she looked at Basara. 

…Well, it’s impossible to tell them not to fall in love with him.

Surely this was a side effect of making all those master-servant vows with Hasegawa and the other girls. Recently Basara began to overflow with sensuality that attracted not only girls his age but older women as well. Simply put, Basara is now emitting pheromones that attract women.

Also — even though there’s Hasegawa and the others, the girls approaching Basara are all those who are confident in their looks.

Nevertheless, in order to not hurt them, Basara continues to reject them.

After all, Basara already has Hasegawa and the other girls.

It was for that very reason, 

“— Zest”

Hasegawa said, calling out to her. 


Zest standing next to her nodded, as if she understood everything. 

At that moment — Hasegawa and Zest synchronized their movements

They began slowly stripping off their clothes. 

Part 11

Toujou Basara watched as Hasegawa and Zest stripped off their clothes before stopping until about halfway through. 

Their beautiful bodies clad in sexy lingerie was on full display as they took off their clothes. 

Among the girls Basara tied the master-servant vow with, Hasegawa and Zest are the two with the most adult sexiness.

As they have sex with Basara again and again, their already large breasts grow even more so, and their butts took on a lewd shape as well. 

The way Zest and Hasegawa look could easily entrap men. 

“—- What are you guys planning to do?”

Basara asked slightly surprised.

“Restraint is poison to the body…”

Hasegawa said, as she smiled seductively. 

“We’re your servants… We can’t do anything of the sort to you”

“What do you mean by that—“

“After tying the master-servant vow, Basara-sama, and us as well, received a great expansion in our powers”

Said Zest. 


“The base of our vow… is succubus magic”

“—-That being said, the vows are all tied only to you”

Hasegawa said.

“But, in order to always answer your desires, we have grown to be increasingly lewd. It’s in that, that we became true sex slaves”

“Also Basara-sama…. you tied the vow with all six of us”

Thus, Zest said,

“Six vows with the power of the succubus… Well, of course as the master you may not have the curse”

“But your sex drive should be much higher than ever before”

Although it was speculation on Hasegawa’s part, it was likely to be true.

“…So, you realized it”

Basara sighed as he looked up at the ceiling.

Hasegawa’s guess was correct.

With tying the master-servant vow with the girls, the state of desire within Basara spiraled, and currently without meaning to it had run wild.

That was the reason for their animalistic sex every night even though all the girls are already pregnant.

“Sorry, I ended up troubling all of you…”

“This is the result of the vow that we wanted… There’s no need for you to apologize”

“Please don’t worry about it. We’re happy to just be wanted by you”

Basara looked at Hasegawa and Zest with apologetic eyes. Still wearing their sexy lingerie, they slowly walked closer to Basara with gentle smiles on their faces. 

“Even though they know you live with us, they still confess to you. And they’re all good-looking girls too, aren’t they?”

“Those girls confess to you with their cheeks red and their eyes watery, surely it can’t be seen as anything other than inviting”

“You’re outstanding Basara-sama… You’re always kindly rejecting them like a gentleman”

“Surely that takes a deal of great mental strength, one that requires you to suppress your desires…”

Hasegawa said.

“In short, you must be quite frustrated… You really always try too hard”


Basara’s silence showed that Hasegawa’s words weren’t wrong.

Thus —- alongside a sweet smell, a soft warmth enveloped Basara.

Hasegawa and Zest were getting closer so they could snuggle up with him. 

“Didn’t we say? We belong to you… So there’s no need for you to worry or hold back around us”

“It’s fine for you to give into your instincts and take us without hesitation, Basara-sama”

From a distance so close that their breaths could touch him, the two of them whispered with their wet voices. 

When there were others around, Hasegawa carried herself as an adult — a teacher.

—- But their expressions now were the complete opposite of that.

They were the faces of sex slaves who wanted to have lewd sex, and who would allow Basara to do anything to them. 

It was a that moment the two of them spoke very seductively,

“Be true to your desires… If you’re troubled come to us”

“We’ll heal —- all of Basara-sama’s pains”


Toujou Basara indulged in their words and let go of his reason.

He released his sexual desire that he kept suppressing and directed it on Hasegawa and Zest.

Thus, instantly, the mark of the master-servant vow appeared on them,

“Aah… mm, haah… Basara-sama ♥”

“Mmm…. haah ♥ Fufu… Well, then, come here”

With their eyes completely filled with lust, Hasegawa and Zest invited Basara over to the bed.

“…Do you mind if we take off your clothes?”

“Yes… Please do so”

Assenting to Hasegawa’s request, Basara let her and Zest take off his clothes, leaving him in only his boxers. 

“Aah… Basara-sama, amazing… You’re already so big”

Zest spoke with her eyes entranced. Her eyes were focused right on Basara’s crotch. 

His crotch was so swollen it was about to break through his boxers. 

Thus, Basara then joined Hasegawa and Zest on the bed. 

Since the bed was originally intended for one person, the weight of three people being on it made it creak. 

The bed was originally intended for one person, so the weight of three people being on it made it creak. 

Nevertheless, it was able to handle the weight of Basara and the two girls. 

“Come now Basara… rest your head here”

Kneeling at the head of the bed, Hasegawa gestured to her thighs, inviting him to place his head on her lap. Indulging in her invitation, Basara placed his head on her lap, and the softness of her stomach met with the back of his head.  

Basara was instantly enveloped right under Hasegawa’s large breasts as they his field of view. 

“I’m sure you’re thirsty after your lunch…”

With a seductive smile, Hasegawa lowered the upper half of her body to him. 

Then, the nipple of Hasegawa’s left breast approached Basara’s mouth. 


In this lewd state, Hasegawa’s nipples were erect to their utmost. 

they quivered slightly, as if matching the beat of Hasegawa’s heart.

And then — a white liquid spilled out from their tips.

Basara knew exactly what that liquid was.

As a result, Basara met Hasegawa’s nipples with his lips. 

“….Mm, chuu”

He took them both into his mouth and sucked. With that, a great amount of milk lewdly overflowed from Hasegawa’s breasts, spreading inside Basara’s mouth. Hasegawa watched as he swallowed it down with the movements of his throat visible. 

“Mm… haah, mm… That’s right Basara… drink it, more… haaaah ♥”

Hasegawa’s body began to shiver due to the sensation of lactation and her lewd breastfeeding. 

At that time, Basara’s boxer shorts were already removed by Zest. 

And then, Zest looked right at Basara’s penis with eyes filled with the heat of sensuality.

“So, I’ll be taking some of Basara-sama’s penis milk”

With that said, she took Basara’s penis in between her brown colored breasts, as she rubbed her soft breasts up and down its length, she extended her tongue to lick its tip.

“Aaah…  mm, chuu… Basara-sama… licks, mm… chuu ♥”

Basara received pleasure from Zest’s lewd paizuri-fellatio, and because of that he began to suck harder on Hasegawa’s nipples. 

“No… so, strong… aaaaaaaaaaah ♥”

Hasegawa trembled, and let out sweet moans due to the sudden pleasure that rose up within her. 

At the same time, it wasn’t only from her left breast that Basara was sucking on, but milk began lewdly gushing out from her right breast. It was the reaction of a woman who is lewdly climaxing while filled with breast milk inside her. 

To contain her level of climax, Basara released her breast with his mouth, and at that moment breast milk dripped out from the tip of her nipple. 

“Ah… haah… ahh… mm ♥”

At the sweet reverberation, Hasegawa made an expression of pleasure. 

Zest seeing Hasegawa’s lewd state, got all excited in the sensuality. 

“Haah, mm… hmm ♥ Chupu… licks, nchuu… chupu ♥”

While performing paizuri, she took the tip of Basara’s penis in her mouth. The fellatio which was originally only licking instantly intensified. 

Zest bopped her head up and down continuing to lick Basara’s penis lewdly while it’s enveloped in her mouth. 

Due to their lewd master-servant vow, Zest and the other girls’ bodies had completely transformed to easily facilitate ejaculation from Basara. Therefore, it wasn’t only their vagina and their ass, but their mouths too had turned into a splendid sex device.

“….Zest…. I’m coming… ah…. aaah!”

As Basara’s pleasure increased, he lewdly came inside Zest’s mouth.

“Nnfuuu~~~~ ♥ mm, Nfuu… mmm ♥”

It was Zest who worked hard to drink every drop of Basara’s cum, but due to their master-servant vow, that act of having Basara’s loaded ejaculation was enough to send her into a next dimension level climax.

As such, to make sure Zest didn’t drown in semen, Basara grabbed her chin with his right hand, and lifted her head, making her release his penis from her mouth. 

Nevertheless, Zest, a loyal maid who had grown in her lewdness having reached the master-servant vow. As her mouth was taken from Basara’s penis that was still ejaculating, she took all the semen on her face and breasts. 

“Mm, mm… chupu, ah, aaaaaaah ♥”

Bathed in a load of Basara’s cum, Zest’s dark coloured skin was dyed white, and in that joy she let out a voice that sounded intoxicated as her body slightly trembled.

Seeing her lewd appearance caused Basara’s penis to stand erect once more. 

“Fufu… Amazing, Basara-sama, you just came but you’re already this big again… Nchuu”

With a seductive face covered in Basara’s cum, Zest leaned in giving the tip of Basara’s penis a lewd kiss.

Suddenly, an electric sound echoed through the infirmary.

It was the phone on Hasegawa’s desk.

“Oh my, what bad timing…”

Hasegawa sighed as she began to get up from the bed. 

“No, Chisato-san just stay there, leave this to me”

Fulfilling her duty as a maid, Zest went to the desk before Hasegawa could.

Even though she was just walking normally, the look of Zest from behind, barefoot with her butt shaking naturally, was the lewdest.


He wanted to chase after her, and penetrate her while she’s on the phone… Or at least that was the thought in Basara’s mind. 

“Fufu… We just told you Basara, you should be more honest with your desires.”

Hasegawa spoke softly into his ears from behind him, in a tone to kill his reasoning. 

“Do what you desire. That’s what Zest wants as well”

Zest received the call from the landline phone on Hasegawa’s desk, which was used for calls inside the building.

And then, she brought it to her ear,

“—- Yes, this is the infirmary”

“Eh… is this Hasegawa-sensei?”

There was a confused voice on the other side of the line.

It was a voice Zest was familiar with.

“Is this… Morino-sensei? Good afternoon, it’s Steward-sensei”

She realized the voice on the other side of the phone belongs to Morino Miki, the teacher of 1F. The fact that Zest is often in the infirmary eating lunch with Hasegawa is one that many of the faculty members and students know about. 

“Um, is Hasegawa-sensei there?”

“Right now, Chisato-san is a little…”

At Morino’s question, Zest looked turned around, glancing in that direction with a smile.


She suddenly held her breath,

She thought they were on the bed, but Hasegawa and Basara were right behind her.

“By the way, you called me earlier didn’t you? I’m sorry, it’s me who had something to bring up with you, but I left my desk for a bit”

Morino apologized for how they just missed each other when Zest was looking for her earlier,


Basara’s eyes met with hers —- and in that way, he put his left arm around her waist,

It was right at that moment, he took hold of her, and started lewdly fondling her breasts.

“No—- haah… aah… ♥”

Unable to hold herself back, Zest let out a sweet moan and dropped the phone from her hand.

However, before it fell to the floor, Hasegawa caught it and placed it once more by Zest’s ear.

“Steward-sensei? Is something wrong?”

At the same time as the question, Hasegawa whispered into her other ear,

“(Zest, it seems Basara wants to do you while you’re on the phone… Just keep talking)”

At that whisper, Zest looked at Basara with surprise in her eyes.

Basara — made a face showing what Hasegawa had told Zest was indeed the truth.

So Zest smiled seductively, and slowly began forming her words.


“Morino-sensei… please hold for a bit”

As she said that to Morino on the other side of the phone, Zest moved with Basara and the phone to the sofa, as it was being held by Hasegawa. Since the cord wasn’t long enough, even though they removed the jack from the plug, they managed to stay connected to Morino thanks to Hasegawa’s powers.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting… What would you like to talk about?”

After resuming the call with Morino again, Zest was on the sofa, sandwiched between Hasegawa and Basara.

“(…Alright, go ahead)”

Zest spread her legs apart, lewdly exposing her crotch. 


Basara who’s right in front of her, had his penis stand erect, twitching at the sight of Zest’s wet spot. With that, he pushed into the spot he desired.

“When we were using tablet pcs during class, she… was browsing pornographic videos”

“…Aaah… a pornographic video, was it… mm ♥”

Zest, who had Hasegawa fondling her from behind, could feel herself being messed up but she tried her best to hold back her moans as she answered. then, Basara’s penis began pushing inside her vagina. 

“That’s right… And when I told her to come see me in the faculty room during lunch break, she didn’t even try to come. I thought I might as well check on her in the classroom, but she was nowhere to be found”

“That’s… ah, haaaaaaaah ♥”

“I-is something wrong?”

Morino was surprised at the sudden change in tone, but Zest wasn’t listening.

With this depraved, sensual situation, having Basara’s penis enter her all the way to its base made her come.

“(Zest, Basara isn’t satisfied yet… At least keep going until he is)”

You can do it right? Hasegawa asked.

“Ah, aaah…. haah… S- s…. I’m sorry… Morino-sensei…. I thought I heard something behind me… mm ♥”

She said, with her glazed eyes staring sensually at Basara.

“So… Please don’t worry and continue… ♥”

At her prompting,


Without saying a word, Basara began thrusting.

So, Zest then juggled having sex with Basara while talking to Morino on the phone,

Basara’s thick penis lewdly rubbed against her inner vaginal walls.

“Naruse-san often goes to the infirmary as well, is she there today?”

“She seems like a bright, good girl… Is something wrong at home?”

“As far as I understand she lives with Toujou-kun from second year too, is there something going on at home?”

As all the questions that kept coming,

“Mm… that’s… that’s… haaah ♥”

While letting the pleasures brought by Basara and Hasegawa melt her mind, she kept answering the questions one by one.  

And then, with how she so admirably kept talking to Morino, Basara’s penis that was thrusting inside her began to grow bigger. 

“(….Zest, just a bit more, I’m coming soon….!)”

Basara said, announcing how he’s going to come.

“A,ah…. please…. go ahead… ♥”

“Eh? suddenly…What’s wrong?”

For a moment, she forgot she was on the phone and she said words that didn’t fit into the conversation chain of logic at all, leaving Morino confused on the other side of the phone.

“N,no… it’s nothing…. haah… mm… ♥”

Her voice desperately trying to lie, sounded wet already. 

“…Steward-sensei, I’ve been a little concerned from earlier but”

Could it be.

“Are you at the infirmary because you aren’t well? I’m sorry…  for taking up so much time, please lie down on one of the beds and rest”

Hasegawa could hear Morino’s suggestion from the phone. 

“(What would you like to do? Would you like to lie down as she suggested?)”

She whispered with a mischievous smile, all while Basara was looking at her.


“N, no… I’m alright, mm… So, just like this…♥”

At her pleading, Basara instantly — right away, he answered to Zest.

It was at that exact moment; he thrusted in and loaded a creampie into her.

—- Her open womb was showered in the heat of his load of semen.

She was unable to hold back her voice due to the sweet climax that came from that. 

“Ah, aaaaaaaaah ~~~ ♥”

Zest’s intense climax caused her to let out a moaning noise coming from the back of her throat. 

Hasegawa Chisato saw Zest cum right before her eyes. 

And then,

“Hello, are you still there Steward-sensei? Are you alright?!”

Taking the phone which had the worried voice coming from the other side to her ears,

“Hello, Morino-sensei… This is Hasegawa-sensei. I just returned and I put my hands on Zest’s shoulder and surprised her while she was on the phone.”

“Hasegawa-sensei? I-is that so? Is Steward-sensei alright?”

“Yes, she’s alright…”

With that said, Hasegawa glanced at Zest once more.


“…Ah, mm… aah…. aah… mm… ♥”

Zest’s body trembled from the pleasure of having reached an intense climax and having been creampied. 

Her eyes, wet with sensuality, were no longer able to concentrate.

“Seems like she lost consciousness but… She should be fine with some rest”

Just as Hasegawa said that, 

Basara pulled his penis out from inside Zest.

Despite coming two great loads, Basara’s penis stood erect. 


Basara then slowly looked at her. 

And at the same time, Hasegawa could feel a sweet tingling from her vagina to her womb,

“Mm… aah, haah… ahh.. fufu ♥”

She smiled seductively as her secret spot became wet.

The aphrodisiac effect of the master-servant vow activating meant that Basara wants to have sex with Hasegawa.

And in that case —-Hasegawa had no other option than to have sex with Basara. 

…In any case.

There was no need for the effect of the master-servant vow. Just by seeing Basara and Zest having sex in front of her, Hasegawa was already aroused.

This caused her chest to beat lewdly 

“Aah… mm… Anyway, you called my extension because you have something you need from me, right?”

“It’s not much… I’m just wondering if someone from my class might be bothering you”

“Someone from 1F? Who might you mean?”

As she continued talking on the phone, she began to move towards the bed.

Since Zest was now resting, she was unable to respond to Basara’s desire.

With that,

“Naruse Maria. She often goes to the infirmary”

“Aah, but I didn’t see her today… What’s going on with Maria?”

“No, it’s just… Oh, but that’s right, you live with her too right, Hasegawa-sensei?”

“Yes… Since April”

“…I’m wondering, how is she at home?”

“Fufu… What are you thinking about?”

While continuing the conversation with Morino, Hasegawa got onto the bed and spread her legs, exposing her meltingly hot secret spot. 

“I’m not worried, it’s just, she’s a good girl but… she seems like well, that she’s too into lewd things”

Morino said with embarrassment.


Basara, letting Zest rest on the couch, began approaching Hasegawa. 

With his manly penis standing erect; still wet from the remains of creampieing Zest, white drops fell as Basara walked, lewdly dirtying the infirmary floor.

And then,

“Of course, considering her age, I think it’s natural for her to be interested. But I think her level is a bit much…”

At the moment Morino said that Basara stood right before Hasegawa’s eyes. 

He then began pushing the tip of his penis into her secret spot,

“Mm… Morino-sensei, are you busy after this…?”

She couldn’t hold back the shivering of her body as she spoke to Morino,

“?…I have no classes fifth period, so not in particular”

Then, Hasegawa feeling indecent happiness in her chest at Morino’s answer,

“In that case… I’m sure you have a lot to say, please do tell me about how Maria is in class. Then I’ll share what I know, perhaps knowing how she is at home could explain things a little”

“Is that alright? Thank you, I’m in your debt”

“I don’t mind… But actually, I’m sensitive like Zest. So if you hear weird noises from this side of the phone, please don’t be surprised and hang up”

“? …Ah, alright, I understand”

Even though she seemed slightly confused, Morino gave her understanding.

—- As such, everything had been settled.

Hasegawa Chisato rested the phone on her shoulder with the receiver pressed against her ear, she then wrapped her arms around Basara’s neck.

And then, with glazed eyes, she spoke to her master. 

“…Well then, give it to me as well… All the things you have been holding back ♥”

On the face of this lewd sex slave —- was a smile, seductive beyond compare.

Part 12

After school extracurricular activities took place once students were dismissed from their homeroom for the day.  

These were after school activities outside of the student’s normal classes. 

Today, as the deadline for the cultural festival fast approached, they would be focused on the preparations. 

Even after the student council meeting finished, Naruse Mio remained working in the student council room. 

She was updating the status of each group’s tasks while looking at summary notes of today’s meeting to ensure that there were no issues with the schedules overall progress. 

Displayed on the tablet PC was a schedule made using office software. 

This made it easy to summarize all the tasks in one place for each group, as well as color-coding the main goals. 

Mio was working using a mouse and keyboard. 

“…Alright, now we’re done”

After updating today’s status, she saved the file. 

By making a sheet each day, they were able to compare the progress each day. Backups were made just in case things didn’t go as planned. 

And then,

A girl next to Mio looked at her computer screen. 

“—-Thanks for your hard work, Naruse-san, how is it?”

Her glossy braided black hair was her trademark.

With her strong eyes, she gives off a cool and reserved expression.

It was the student council president of Hijirigasaka Academy, Kajiura Rikka.

“Well, I think it’s pretty good… see”

With that said, Mio then showed Rikka the latest data.

—- Starting this year, Mio became a member of the student council. 

It’s because Basara accepted the invitation to join from Kajiura Rikka who became the student council president.

With Basara joining, the girls joining was a natural thing. Basara, Yuki, and Mio were assigned to “overall affairs” as a trio. This sets them apart from the regular general affairs members. It was a role Rikka created with its own responsibilities and privileges. Having said that, it doesn’t mean they don’t do the work of general affairs. Maria and Kurumi, being first years were assigned to general affairs. 

Hasegawa was assigned as the club advisor; while Zest was a special assistant to provide her support.  

It’s unusual for the school nurse to be a club advisor; but apparently during the meeting about it nobody was opposed to Hasegawa taking charge as the club advisor for the student council. Like a normal school club, it takes up lots of time outside of school hours, and most teachers would like to avoid the additional trouble. 

As a result of that, the rationale for Zest’s participation as a part time teacher was because she wanted to better understand Japan. Since she was volunteering her time out of her own volition it wasn’t seen as a problem. 

Well, even if there was a problem they could find a way to push past it.

Followed by that — Celis, being an exchange student also participated, but as a special member of the student council.

Currently, Basara, Yuki, Maria, and Vice President Kanou Santa are having a joint meeting with the yearbook committee and the photography club. Meanwhile, Kurumi, Celis, and Nanao were meeting with the broadcast committee to finalize the sound equipment for the cultural festival as well as to give them a playlist. 

Hasegawa and Zest said they had a faculty meeting, so they couldn’t attend today. 

As such, outside of Mio, the only ones in the student council room were Rikka and Takei Touko who as of this year was promoted to secretary. 

—- Since Mio and the other girls of the Toujou household had always gone straight home after school, the activities of the student council were something new. 

They’re used to seeing the school from their individual perspective, but as a group, they could take it in as a collective and discover new things from it — widening their perspective and experience would certainly help them grow and be of more use to Basara. 

…More than anything.

Since they didn’t have any club activities, Mio and the others had gone straight home after school. 

However, after the incident with Shiba, the demon realm and the hero clan had stopped targeting them, so they were finally able to have a taste of that high school life and youth they never had.

Participating in clubs was a right given to all students, so they could join any of the other clubs even as second years, but joining late could cause issues, and besides, with regular school clubs, girls and boys might be divided. As such, if they just want to be with Basara they’d just cause trouble to the other members if they joined some cultural club with no gender divide that they had no real interest in. Considering their numbers, they could just create a new club.


They’d just create something that fit them, and it wouldn’t be much different from their time at home. As such, joining the student council seemed like the best choice; since they had already been invited. 

Mio was certain they made the right choice. 

Having busy days in a calm and peaceful environment without any fighting — that was the truth of youth.

And then, 

Looking at the data that showed they’re progressing 40% faster than the predicted pace. 

“Amazing… It’s so efficient it’s actually scary”

Rikka said with a bit of surprise and worry in her voice. 

“President… you said the same thing yesterday”

Touko said with a wry smile.

“Well, I don’t think my concern will ever completely fade… After all we had all sorts of trouble during the Sports Festival”

“That’s true… We really troubled you then senpai, I’m sorry”

Mio said apologizing. 

“No, it’s nothing for you to apologize for. It’s not like we hold you guys responsible for what happened back then”

Rikka said with a slight panic in her voice, while trying to affirm she meant them no blame. 

“Sorry Naruse-san… I really didn’t mean to imply something like that.”

Touko said in apology. 

“No, I understand… But with how out of control Donoue and the others got, was definitely because of us”

Until last year, Yuki and Mio received the feverrent support of many boys.

Among them, there’s Donoue Shohei and Kazumi Kaiji, who were respectively in the Mio faction and Yuki faction, and acted as a sort of leaders for the boys. Before, they were just loud, but when the relationship between Basara, Yuki and Mio was made public it escalated against Basara.

With how Mio and Yuki participated as committee members for the sports festival brought Basara lots of unqualified third years that made things worse for the committee. All things considered though; the events of the sports festival were ultimately manipulated by Sakazaki (Ornis). 

Luckily, nobody was injured, and the sports festival was able to proceed, but when Rikka who was Vice President at the time saw the third years riot, she tried to control them, but they didn’t listen to her. 


She had heard from Tachibana; that Rikka was frustrated about being unable to unify everyone as one of the leaders of the festival committee, and that she had cried alone.  

To a normal student; the actual event itself was the real thing; but to the student council president the preparation period was already the real thing. To the serious and responsible Rikka, not being able to subdue Donoue and the others must have been difficult for her to bear. Nevertheless, she persisted, looking towards what’s in front of her regardless of the difficulties, as she fought to the end, the sports festival ended up being a success.

Basara accepted Rikka’s invitation to the student council not for his own sake — not only as a means for them to further enhance their student and everyday life. It’s because he respects Rikka and wants to support her. 

That was the same for Mio.


“I don’t think about it as trying to make amends for that time but… This time, I’ll make sure this cultural festival is a success.” 

As members of Rikka and Kanou’s student council, they’re going to work hard to make this cultural festival one that will remain in everyone’s memory —- that is both Basara and Mio’s number one goal.

“Thank you… That’s really reassuring”

Rikka said.

“For it to progress at this rate, it’s thanks to Naruse-san and the other girls, as well as Toujou-kun”

“That’s not true… It’s going so well because president, you and the other members and Takei-san have been working so hard to prepare all of this since winter break. The kind of seniors like Donoue-senpai who didn’t listen to you are gone as well”

In any case, said Mio.

“Ultimately, I think it’s also thanks to Hasegawa-sensei”

In order to pass the student council’s agenda, it required all sorts of approval from the school. The majority of their agenda required faculty approval even going all the way up to the principal. Furthermore, it ends up having to be brought up at faculty meetings, requiring more effort than what a normal teacher would be willing to put in for a club.   

…. Despite that.

Hasegawa, who had been appointed as the advisor of the student council since spring, had managed to get approved 100% of the agenda and requests of the student council under Rikka’s administration. From what Hasegawa said, she didn’t particularly use any sort of mind control, but since it was for Basara, there are things that she could do. 

…They felt a bit bad for the other faculty members but, 

Since Hasegawa had recovered her Togami powers, she puts out a silent force — one that’s capable of setting the future in place. There’s no way a normal human could go against her. 

In times like this, nobody was more reliable than Hasegawa. 

“It’s true Hasegawa-sensei has been an amazing help… But Naruse-san, you and the others’ have been a big help to us as well”

Touko said.

“The preparations we’ve done since winter break was more or less just plans. In order to make them come true, we need manpower, and with that comes the potential increase in problems occuring.” 

“Yes… It does indeed increase with more people involved”

Rikka nodded along, 

“However, Naruse-san, you, the other girls and Toujou-kun would nip the problem in the bud before it could be anything, and even when a sudden problem happens you respond to it well, I believe that’s something that we couldn’t do without you”

“That’s right — how do I say this, Naruse-san, your group sure is determined”

“Ahaha… That’s certainly our advantage.” 

Being able to respond to an ever-changing situation in real time, attaining the best possible results — that’s a skill Mio and the others had honed in their life or death battles. With that, while they can’t say that a battle and the activity of the student council is the same, for Mio and the others who had to never give up regardless of any pain or difficulty, the inner school affairs seemed relatively simple.

“But —- even so, among us oniichan is the most amazing”

Mio, thinking about the master she vowed everything to, spoke with passion in her eyes. 

Basara is always thinking about what is beyond the beyond in order to figure out the end result of any situation. He takes into consideration all sorts of possibilities, and acts to see things through until the end. That much surpasses what Mio and the others could see, and the gap between them in that is evident. Nevertheless, despite having everything under his control, he decides to play a supporting role, letting Rikka use her capacity as the leader of the student council easily. 


With Basara being the way he is, Mio wants to support him and work hard for what he wants to do. As family, as his subordinate, as his lover —- as well a future wife. Not just to fulfill his desires sexually, but also to make everything he desires come true. That’s the role of Mio and the other girls, the meaning of their existence.


Naruse Mio was fully aware of the kind of person she is. 

—- And also, how special Toujou Basara is.

Thus — Mio made a prideful declaration.

“I’m sure it will go well… After all, oniichan is on it”

Looking at Mio, who believes in Basara wholeheartedly, 


Rikka found herself with bated breath.

It’s because Mio was showing to her an extremely seductive smile. 

It wasn’t the expression of a normal high school girl —- no, it wasn’t an expression worn by a normal person.


Without realizing, Rikka found herself blushing and rubbing her thighs against each other.

With that,


Suddenly she realized that Touko, just like her, was captivated as well by Mio’s beauty.


Touko’s eyes that met Rikka’s were filled with confusion but mixed with a wetness to them.

They couldn’t understand the reasoning behind Mio’s seductive expression. 

And then, 

Mio noticed what was happening to Rikka and Touku. 

“? What’s wrong?”

“N,no… it’s nothing”

With the automatic response, Rikka quickly shook her head. 

“It’s just… Naruse-san, recently you and the other girls in your group have this, how do I say it, like amazing aura”

With that said, Rikka looked at the girl named Naruse Mio once more.

—- At one time, she was called a princess by the boys, she was a school beauty. 

Tachibanna had always thought that appearance wise, Mio and the girls in her group were in a different league.

And then —- they grew sexier and more mature.


It’s been said that they’ve grown even more beautiful recently —- but it’s more like they’ve grown even more seductive.

In April, she saw them for the first time this year, and she realized immediately that her impression of them was completely different from before. It wasn’t only Mio and Yuki, but Hasegawa as well. 

…And then.

More than anything, the aura around Basara had changed.

Even from before, he had this manliness to him, but she could feel a sort of dignified presence from Basara who she hadn’t seen in a while. After — following Basara to the student council, Maria, Kurumi, as well as Zest, they all had the same kind of amazing aura as Mio around them.

At that similar impression of the girls who live at the Toujou household,

Rikka thought about how she felt about the girls living in the Toujou household. 


Rikka was certain of it, without a doubt something big happened during spring break.

—- But their change actually continued from then onwards.

Since that first day of the year, during the entrance ceremony, the beginning of the new term — Mio and the other girls only grew more seductive.

Basara as well, began to exhibit a force unlike ever before, a sort of greatness to him.

And then after their Golden Week holiday too, Mio and the others changed even more.

—- Not only the aura around them, but their bodies as well. 

Their breast size increased, and the curves of their hips and butt grew even more womanly. Especially the three with breast sizes already bigger than the average, Mio, Hasegawa and Zest, had grown to an amazingly large size.

…Adding to that,

Mio also started calling Basara “oniichan”.

— When asked about it, it seemed like she had been calling him that before at home.

But she was embarrassed to call him that in front of others at school… But she had a change of heart and resolved to call him that now regardless of where and when, in front of everyone.


Even though there’s a sibling feel to them —- the way Mio said “oniichan” seemed sexual, like a depraved kind of seduction.


Rikka and Touko unintentionally continued staring at her.

“—-Sorry, they really stand out huh?”

With an embarrassed smile, Mio gently touched her now bigger breasts.

“I-I’m sorry”

“B-but Naruse-san… I’m sure it must be really hard to find underwear at that size”

Touko’s face was as red as Rikka’s. 

“Yeah, it’s really just that… But Hasegawa-sensei knows where to shop for large size bras, so I’ve been shopping with her recently”

Mio said.

“Well, but they’re all mostly the sexy designs, and there aren’t a lot of cute ones”

“O-of course… That’s what I figured”

Rikka nodded, not all that surprised. 

Compared to Hasegawa and Zest who have more freedom in choosing their clothes, Mio had to wear their school’s uniform. Mio was unable to continue wearing the regular style uniform — as things are now, her breasts are overfilling it, leaving her cleavage visible.

It seems like they thought of getting special permission from the school to wear something custom made, but their school’s dress code is that strict to begin with and some modification is allowed, and even in the past Hasegawa wearing more sensual clothing items like a garter belt has been allowed as is.

Furthemore, perhaps it’s because the other boys see her as going out with Basara, or perhaps those under the influence of Donoue last year had graduated — but the boys this year showed no interest at all in Mio, so they paid her no attention. 

—- With that said, modifying their uniforms became common among the girls.

The skirt length of Hijirigasaka Academy, which was originally well over ten centimeters became shorter.

And then — even as the student council president, Rikka couldn’t pay attention to those girls.

Because Rikka’s skirt length had gotten shorter as well.

And then, as she tugged on the hem of her short skirt.

…Why Me…

Rikka isn’t the kind of person easily influenced by people around her.

If one had to say either way, she’s hardheaded and too serious and a portion of the student body isn’t happy with her.


With the members of the committee during the sports festival, as well as with Basara and Hasegawa, since winter Rikka has started to change.

Even though it shouldn’t be the case — She’s been having dreams of Basara groping her chest every night. In addition, at the end of the last term she dreamed that Nanao was actually a girl, and of Nanao doing lewd things with Basara in the student council room.

—- Having such lewd thoughts in her head greatly confused Rikka. 

Since then, she’s confided in Hasegawa with this worry of hers. She was told that it wasn’t strange for a girl her age. Furthermore, with someone as serious as she is, there’s perhaps even a sort of repressed desire inside her. 

“You should just embrace who you are”, following that advice from Hasegawa, Rikka began using the online shopping site used by Hasegawa to buy lingerie with more sensual designs. It’s likely — that it’s the same store that Mio mentioned earlier.

—Rikka then put the lingerie on in the privacy of her room and looked at herself in the mirror. 

Seeing herself reflected in the mirror, her body clad in sexy lingerie — together with an embarrassment that could twist her head funny, she was filled with a sense of ecstacy to that extent that it was chilling. In that moment, Rikka as she appeared in the mirror had a lewd facial expression to the point where it would seem like a lie to call her an honor student. 

— At that moment Rikka saw herself in the mirror, she instinctively understood, her facial expression was definitely the same as Mio’s. 


Even though Basara had said he didn’t have any romantic relationships with the girls living with him, and that much was supported by Mio and the other girls as well, 

He was certainly dating all of them — no they were certainly doing more than that. 

Yuki and Mio who are his age, the one-year younger Kurumi and Maria, even the teachers Zest and Hasegawa,

The only exception was Celis, she was different from them. 


Most likely, Celis would be joining Mio and the others in the near future.

Celis, living together with them, certainly knows the truth regarding Basara’s relationship with the other girls. 

Nevertheless, with the way Celis looks at Basara — it was with doubt the look of a young girl in love. thus, it’s really just a matter of time.

Noticing the relationship between Basara and the other girls — as if it was a natural thing, Rikka shortened the length of her skirt. Not only that, but today, she wore sensual lingerie to school. Rikka as she is right now…. Under her short skirt has on lewd underwear she’s not telling anyone about. 


Rikka wondered what would happen if Basara found out she was wearing such lingerie. 

Basara wasn’t the type of guy to put his hands on just any random girl. 

He properly rejects the girls who confess to him, and it’s clear he still treats them all with kindness. 


What if Basara asked for something himself. 

The moment Rikka imagined that,


A chill ran down her spine, causing her body to slightly tremble. .

Thus, Mio said, 

“—President, are you okay?”

Noticing Rikka’s condition was a bit strange, she looked at Rikka’s face.

“Y,yes… I’m fine, it’s just it feels like I just finally understood something”

Saying it like it’s not an excuse, Rikka realized something.

…Certainly, I’m…

She can’t imagine a version of herself who would refuse Basara,

That is for certain, with no excuses —- the truth of Kajiura Rikka.

— A lewd desire sleeps within the serious Rikka. 

Thus, it shouldn’t be strange for Basara, who’s such a gentleman, to have another side to him as well. Currently, Basara had most likely made Mio and five of the other girls who live with him his, and it’s all to their agreement. 

…That’s right….

 It isn’t anything strange. With Yuki and Maria who he’s gone off with right now,

Somewhere with only them —- there’s a very real chance something is happening between the three of them right now.

Part 13

Rikka’s imagination was correct.

After the joint meeting with the yearbook committee and photography club had ended, Basara, together with both Yuki and Maria found an empty classroom to indulge in sexual acts.

— On the chair in the center, with a long shadow cast upon it by the red sunset,

Basara was seated, and on his lap was Yuki, straddling him.

Basara still had on his uniform.

However, Yuki on his lap had her sailor top half open as she wrapped her arms around his neck, it fell like a haori on her elbows, and her breasts weren’t concealed by a bra — no, they weren’t hidden at all. 

Upon reaching this empty classroom, it was immediately stripped off by Basara and Maria. 

—This all started during the meeting with the yearbook committee and the photography club.

Maria and Yuki were sitting to Basara’s left and right. Their hands were focus on Basara’s crotch in order to lewdly tease him. 

With Maria unzipping his pants, Yuki slipped her hand into the pants, taking out Basara’s penis from inside his boxers, she started giving him a lewd handjob. 

If they were discovered, it would cause trouble — however Basara allowed them to continue. 

This morning, Yuki was in charge of making the lunch boxes with Zest.

During lunch Basara had a threesome with Zest and Hasegawa when he visited the infirmary. 

Yuki on the other hand, hasn’t had a turn at all today, most likely, she had also somehow heard about what happened with Zest during lunch. 

After school, when they were going to the student council, there was desire in Yuki’s eyes. 

Maria had certainly noticed Yuki’s state. Thus, while talking with the Vice President Kanou, she had gotten Basara and Yuki to be included in the members representing the student council during the meeting with the yearbook committee and photography club.

With that incentive, Yuki was able to be assertive through Maria. 

Basara, understanding Yuki’s feelings and Maria’s intentions, let Yuki do as she pleased. 

That being said, with Basara getting sexually stimulated, Yuki fell into an aroused state. Yuki tried her best to stifle her voice, so they weren’t found out by others, but the power of the aphrodisiac curse of the master-servant vow was stronger than ever. Yuki wanted to hang on until the end of the meeting but —- Basara put an end to it on his instruction*. This was because Yuki’s womanly smell was spreading through the room, and Kanou and the others started noticing what was going on. So, due to the redness of Yuki’s face, making her look unwell, Basara and the two girls left the meeting early. 

*T/N: The word used here meant more “he gave a directive to cease this” aka he put a forced stop for Yuki’s sake? Kind of thing. 

— As soon as they entered the classroom, Basara put up a barrier.

It was so they weren’t noticed by a third party with no relation to them, nor peeped on by anyone. 

And then, thirty minutes later.

The skirt of the half naked Yuki was on the floor, her panties were swinging about hanging off one of her ankles as if they were about to fall off at any moment. 

They were swinging from the lewd movements of Basara and Yuki’s hips.

Basara, still wearing his uniform unzipped his pants tipper and took out his hardness through there. Basara’s penis was then wrapped by something meltingly hot. 

Yuki’s womanly spot had taken Basara’s penis to the base. 

“H…. haaah…. aaah, mm…. yaa… haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ♥”

Upon Basara’s third ejaculation, Yuki reached an even higher euphoria — Basara’s uniform pants were wet with a lewd cocktail mixing his cum with hers. 

This wasn’t a problem since Basara still had the magic cleaning stone for clothes from Lucia. 

Thus — they continued to indulge in their passionate sex to their heart’s content. 

“Aaah… mm, Basara… haah, more… Basaraaaaaaaa ♥”

With her face melting with sensuality, Yuki lewdly moved her hips, as wet sounds came from where she’s joined with Basara. 

There was also another sound coming from Yuki. 

It was actually coming from the girl behind Yuki — from the loli succubus watching with a seductive expression. 

“Fufu, Yuki-san… How does it feel to be penetrated from both front and back?”

With her eyes filled with excitement, Maria was holding onto something with her right hand as a sadistic smile began surfacing on her face. 

It was the crescent shaped bracelet that Yuki often wears these days. 

However —- its true form isn’t that of pearls. They’re actually special-succubus anal beads.

As they’re inserted into the ass, it reacts to cum, and with every penetration they grow larger and get hotter to match its changing shape.

Starting at only 10 cm in diameter, the anal beads gradually grow to the size of a pheasant’s egg, then into a hen’s egg, and then finally they would reach the massive size and thickness of Basara’s penis.

Maria began inserting them into Yuki’s butthole. 

“No… Maria, mm… haaah… amazing… this is so amazing ♥”

Looking back over her shoulder, Yuki’s lewd face was stained with tears coming from her sweet anguish. 

Yuking being in an uncomfortable oviposition, with the hot and gigantic anal beads going in and out of her, felt a lewd sense of sensual depravity rise up, as the beads reacted to the hotness of her ass. 

Seeing Yuki like that, aroused Basara once more to a state of near instant ejaculation. 

“….ah, Yuki… I’m coming again!”

With that declaration, he came inside Yuki again without restraint.

Yuki too reached a new height of pleasure, as a hot shower filled up her womb. 

“Yaa, aa, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~ ♥”

As she climaxed, her body trembled as it bent back with her on Basara’s lap. 

 — It was at that time, there were flashes and shutter sounds. 

Trying to figure out what it was, it was Maria, ready with a camera.

“Hey, that’s…”

“Yes, it’s the DSLR camera we borrowed from the photography club earlier”

Maria answered as a satisfied smile surfaced on her face. 

What Maria had in her hand was an item that was signed out under the student council’s name for the cultural festival. Even during the day of the event, they might see things the photography club doesn’t, and take good pictures that could be used in the yearbook. 

“…Maria, I think I follow where you’re going with this”

“Yes, this is in the end something private between us”

With that said, Maria took pictures of Yuki as she completely accepted Basara into her body and drowned in the pleasures of it.

“You’re making such a good face Yuki-san… This will surely be a fond memory during these days preparing for the cultural festival. Well, it won’t make it to the yearbook, and I won’t be sending these pictures to the photography club either”

Maria said with a smile clearly meant to show she’s entertained.

“That’s right… I have to take the president’s photo later too”

“? What about Rikka-senpai?”

Basara asked dumbfoundedly, 

“Ufufu… Actually, today the president is wearing super lewd underwear”

From her succubus observation, Maria laughed seductively.

“Most likely she got this lingerie from the site that Chisato-san talked about. Not satisfied with wearing it in secret at home, she came to school wearing it”

“Seriously… Rikka-senpai?”

Basara’s surprise showed on his face.

“Well it can’t be helped really… After all, the target of the president’s first love is living with girls who are far sexier than she is, and he’s also rejecting every confession given his way from other girls”

Maria said with a mischievous smile.

“Even so she wanted to be noticed… She wants to be noticed. And believing that maybe she can change herself bit by bit, she bought some lewd underwear.”

Maria continued, 

“How about letting her show it to you when the two of you are alone together, after we return to the student council room, Basara-san? I’m sure you as well, have become aware of the president’s feelings.”


Basara responded to Maria’s question with silence. 

—- It’s true he realized Rikka’s feelings for him.

Kajiura is an attractive young woman. She has a side of her as a reliable upperclassmen, as well as a cute side as an older girl, and her clumsiness with boys also makes it hard to leave her alone.

But, if they’re going to go there then neither Basara nor Rikka would be able to go back.

What Hasegawa and Zest said during lunch was true.

It isn’t that Basara is rejecting all these girls while feeling nothing for them at all.

Naturally he’s happy to be liked — and he does have a sex drive. Having Mio and the other girls as his sex slaves heightens his sexual desire, and it makes it easy for him to lose his reasoning.

Precisely because of that — if it’s Rikka, it’ll be even more so.


Taking Rikka’s lips by force suddenly, ripping the tights she wears violently, slipping down her panties and assaulting her, that’s not a thought he had just once or twice.

Also — it’s likely what Rikka wants too.

However, that isn’t something he’s going to do. Most likely, Mio and the other girls wouldn’t mind Basara having his way with another girl if he so desired. From the perspective of Mio and the other girls, Basara had already become a person like that for them.

Even so, Basara doesn’t want to needlessly betray Mio and the other girls. 

…Adding on to that, 

Since Rikka is a normal girl, she had a much lower spiritual tolerance compared to Mio and the other girls. As such, if Basara was to make a move on her, she would become his sex slave — and perhaps it’ll break her spirit. That’s a situation he would like to avoid as much as possible.  “I understand your feelings Basara-san, you care dearly about the president.. That’s why you want to avoid bringing your relationship closer than what it is now”

However, .

“What would happen if the president has feelings for you she could no longer hold back? If I’m to make a prediction, after the cultural festival, the president will make some sort of move.” 

“What’ll you do if she begs you to accept her feelings no matter what?”


“Will you kindly reject her like you did the other girls? But, with that she might be hurt by your actions, and it might end up affecting her performance on the entrance exams, what’ll  you do then?”

Maria continued, 

“Even if it’s an unrequited love, just once is enough… There are people who regardless of others, want to create a memory of the time and live happily. I believe the president is that kind of person. If you’re afraid of going too far, you can have Chisato-san and I be there for it”

“Even if it’s just a bit… Think of the president.”


Due to Maria’s words, Basara fell into a deep silence.

It was at the time Maria apologized.  

“…I’m sorry, it’s not the time for this kind of conversation. After all, there’s the matter of tonight at hand as well”

Finally, Yuki came down from her intense climax.


She looked at him with unfocused eyes.

Those eyes are full of sensuality —- continuing to want him.

Basara himself wasn’t satisfied yet either. Having come a great load inside of Yuki his, his penis stayed inside and retained its erect size. 

“Yeah, leave it to me Yuki”

With that said, Basara grabbed Yuki’s butt with his right hand.

As he thrusted into her vagina, he started rubbing the anal beads in her butt lewdly against her inner walls. 

“—-Ahh, Basara-san, wait a moment”

Suddenly, Maria stopped them.

“I’ve really played with Yuki-san’s butt so, Basara-san don’t use the anal beads, use this instead”

What she proposed was using the DSLR.

“The photos and videos I take are of everyone receiving pleasure from Basara-san. Of course, I like the image of women drowning in sensual pleasure but,”

With that said, Maria took a glance at Yuki. 

“The subject changes through the lenses of different photographers. If you’re to be the photographer, Basara-san… Without a doubt, it’ll create pictures with a different feeling. Without a doubt, the one that can capture us at our most attractive , and at our sexiest is none other than Basara-san”

Above all.

“In an empty classroom awash with sunset, is one of the best situations for sex photos. Please take photos of the lewd Yuki-san”


Basara took the camera in his hands, and pointed the lens at Yuki.

With that,

“…..Yah, ahh…. Basara ♥…”

In front of Basara, Yuki lewdly twisted her body. 

It’s just as Maria said, the way she looked was truly the most lewd, and moreover, beautiful…


He clicked the shutter that he pointed at Yuki — with that, a flash came with the sounding click.

“Ya, aaaaaahn ♥”

Yuki’s vaginal walls, with Basara’s penis still inside, lewdly clinged to it. Instantly, Yuki’s insides were filled with cum. 


Basara gulped, as he looked at once more.

There’s no mistake —- Yuki felt Basara pointing the camera at her.

“Ah…. haah… mm, no… nooo…. I’m this kind of… haaah ♥”

As if she couldn’t believe herself, Yuki’s body trembled from the shame,

“No, there is no mistake… So, Yuki-san, come feel this completely”

Maria declared as such, with her eyes filled with a feverish heat, she then began moving  the anal beads inside Yuki’s butt.

With that, the clicking noise of the camera sounded,

“Mm… It’s coming out… h,haah… What is this…. aaaaaaah ♥”

Yuki’s moans escalated instantly. 

“What’s on these anal beads are my… a succubus’ cum, which acts as a powerful aphrodisiac. Combined with the aphrodisiac effect of the master-servant vow with Basara-san, you must be falling into the depths of a hell of pleasure now, Yuki-san”

As if saying “here we go”, Maria moved the anal beads more intensely than before,

Their size was no longer those of beads, but of eggs.

As the lewd slippery eggs went in and out of her,

“Yaa…. aaah, haah ♥ nhaaaaa, aaah…. aaah ♥ haah, aaah… I’m going crazy… my butt, I’m going crazy…. haaaah ♥”

While Yuki has both her hands on her cheeks, a new path to depravity was inflicted on her,

“Come now Basara-san, get ready… It’s the perfect shutter chance coming up”

With that said, Maria rotated the ball at the hook of beads sideways once more,

And with that, while they’re in Yuki’s ass, the vibration function activated,

“Yah? Kyaaaaaaaaa ♥”

Yuki feeling that pleasure, let out a scream that was more surprising than sensual.  

At that time, Basara had readied the camera on burst mode, pointing it at Yuki. 

“You’re beautiful, Yuki”

As he said that — Toujou Basara held down on the shutter button.

With multiple shutter noises came continuous flashes,


On Basara’s lap, Yuki, the lewd photography subject, reached a climax of a different dimension. 

Part 14 

There was a person peeping on on the lewd acts Basara, Yuki, and Maria were doing in that empty classroom. 

It was Nonaka Kurumi, who was tasked with delivering documents to the broadcast club on behalf of the student council. 

After leaving the broadcast club — Kurumi could feel Basara and the girls, and so she arrived here, at an empty classroom that seemed secluded.  

Peeking through the classroom door — she could clearly hear what was happening inside. 

“Yaah…. haaah…. aaah, Basara… ♥ aaah, haah… aaaah, Maria ♥ ahah, haah… yaaaaaaaaaaaan ♥”

Completly twisted by having Basara’s penis in her front hole, and Maria using the bracelet anal beads in her ass, Yuki is even more messed up than usual. 

“Amazing, onee… You’re really feeling it”

Kurumi let out a whisper that was mixed with her arousal and envy. 

—- However, double penetration was no longer anything new for Kurumi and the other girls. 

Yuki’s erogenous zone is her butt, she was the first to have anal sex, but the other girls started normally having anal sex too. 

Since Kurumi and the other girls had tied the lewd master-servant vow with Basara, not only their “normal” virginity, but it was natural for them to give their anal virginities to him too. So the development to double penetration was simply a natural course. 

At this point, all of them have had anal sex with Basara, and they’ve also recieved special succubus toys from Maria or Sheila. The vibrating anal beads in Yuki’s ass right now, was a gift given to all of them, and in different color. 

Yuki though is the only one that wears it to school. 

However it’s rare for her to be this messed up. 

Recently, not only because of Basara’s desires, but that of the girls’ too, they haven’t been able to hold back, and the chances of sex happening outside of home were increases. 

Thus the reason for Yuki’s condition wasn’t simply just double penetration in an empty classroom.

Moreover, Maria had taken photos and videos of their sexual acts often before. 

So what’s the difference this time?

“Aah, I see… It’s because Basara-niichan is the one recording”

Kurumi whispered with a lewd smile, understanding what was going on.

Up until this point, Yuki had yet to experience a scenario where Basara had lewd sex with her while recording it. Her body received a corrupting pleasure from it, completely elevating her sensuality. 

Kurumi, watching Yuki’s lewd state from outside the classroom; set her camera on zoom; and started taking photos of what’s happening before her eyes. 

She could see Yuki’s deeply intoxicated face on the screen, eyes melting from the pleasure — and on her lips, a lewd smile surfaced. 

“Fufu… onee, you’re truly happy”

Licking her lips with excitement, Kurumi placed her phone onto her bosom.

—- Normally, Kurumi would walk into the classroom joining them.

It’s not like she wanted to get in the way of Yuki’s pleasure.

After all, Kurumi had received plenty of attention from Basara; from last night until this morning. 

During that time, Yuki was making breakfast and preparing lunch boxes together with Zest.

So, it was Yuki’s turn to be happy. Letting Basara want Yuki; and letting Basara answer to Yuki who could no longer hold herself back; she had no intention of getting in the way of that. 

—- However, Yuki was feeling great embarrassment from having her sexual actions recorded by Basara. 

Therefore, if she knew her little sister Kurumi was watching; she would certainly be even more messed up. 

The way Yuki looked turned on both Basara and Maria —- of course, the same could be said for Kurumi as well. And then after Yuki passed out, she could engage in a threesome with Basara and Maria. 

But for now, Kurumi won’t go into the classroom.

She had something else she had to do.

So, Kurumi shifted her field of view from Basara and Yuki in the classroom, to beside her. 

With that said,

“…” “…”

Celis and Nanao, who went along with Kurumi to the broadcast club, were also watching the sensual scene that Kurumi saw. 

Their cheeks were dyed red, and their eyes glazed with arousal.

With their personalities taken into consideration; they’re the type of people who believe that peeping is a bad thing; so they should have scolded Kurumi and stopped her. 

But instead, the two of them are currently right beside Kurumi —- their eyes unable to look away from Basara and Yuki having sex. 

…It can’t be helped perhaps.

The forceful of raw sex with Basara and the lewd act of filming while doing so.

At the sight created by these two points, Celis and Nanao had their rational judgment to make decisions taken away from them. 

Kurumi looked at the lewd smile on their faces,

…Just a little more, then.

accessing Celis and Nanao’s conditions.

—- Finally, Nonaka Kurumi was able to test “something” out.

It’s something that this morning — before she went to school, she was entrusted by Maria with.

She moved quietly as to not be noticed behind Celis, she then wrapped her arms around her back and began gently fondling her boobs. Surpassing the sailor suit she’s wearing — and even her own bra, she could feel the warmth and softness of Kurumi’s hands.

“Wh, Kurumi? What are you… mmm ♥”

Alongside the surprise in Celis’ inquisitive tone came a super sweet sound. After witnessing the sexual acts of Basara and the girls in the classroom, her body was now sensitive. 

“U-um… Kurumi-chan, what are you doing?”

It was Nanao on her opposite side, raising up her voice in confusion. 

Just like Celis, Nanao couldn’t understand the meaning behind Kurumi’s actions. 

“Sorry Nanao-senpai… Because of what’s happening tonight, there’s something I have to teach Celis-nee”

“I-Is that so…?”

“Yes. Senpai, you should just keep watching Basara-niichan as you were. I think it’ll make for a great reference”

“O, okay… If you say so”

Nanao replied with confusion in her voice, but she followed Kurumi’s instructions diligently.

She resumed watching Basara and Yuki’s intercourse sensual eyes.

Celis wasn’t the only one tying the master-servant contract with Basara tonight.

The half-vampire Nanao as well, decided to tie the master-servant contract with Basara.

If it wasn’t for that, then Kurumi wouldn’t have brought Nanao to this place.

…For starters.

The event of tying the master-servant contract with Basara tonight had come from Nanao first.

After taking into consideration potential future threads, and after discussing it with Nanao, Basara came clean about the sexual acts he had previously done with Nanao to the other girls. 

It would be a lie to say that they weren’t surprised, but thankfully there had been a precedent set.

That being the case with Hasegawa.


Nanao also held a great love for Basara inside her, she had a strong feeling of not being able to live without Basara as well, and she felt regretful about not being able to help with the demon realm as well as with the situation with Shiba that happened after that. .

In addition, coming to the conclusion that she’s a weak link for Basara, she wanted to make a master-servant contract with Basara. Not for her own sake — but to make sure she doesn’t become a hindrance to him. 


According to Hasegawa, Basara’s sexual relationship with her had fixed her gender as that of a girl, and with a bite on the nape, he had a master-servant-like relationship with her through her vampiric side. 

Also, regarding Nanao’s relationship with Basara and her own growth — more than anything, it was hearing her feelings that had led Kurumi and the other girls to agree to her tying the master-servant contract with Basara.

— And naturally, the method they had chosen for this master-servant contract was through succubus magic. 

As such, there isn’t any problem regarding Nanao. 

The problem is — with this girl who no matter what — stubbornly insists on using her own magic.


Kurumi noticed that Celis’ face twisted into something akin to anger, looking at her seemingly dissatisfied.

Kurumi called out to Celis Reinhardt, calling her “Celis-nee”

The reason behind that is the same as to why she calls Basara “Basara-niichan”

Their time together may have been short — but Kurumi really looks to Celis as an older sister.

Even though she’s a girl, Celis possesses a strength that far exceeded other heroes the same age as them.

In addition, not being blinded by the promise of her own strength, she was kind to Kurumi who was young at that time and spoiled her. In Kurumi’s eyes, Celis is a special person. When she was young, she didn’t quite understand her feelings towards Celis, but now, she understood them clearly.

— She admired Celis.

Upon their reunion in the Village —- she once again felt deep respect for Celis who managed to reach such strength with her power alone without any sort of contract. Therefore, when Celis said she wanted to use her own power to form the master-servant contract with Basara, out of all the girls, Kurumi was the one who was most against it.

It was natural for her to be.

…Even though everything is over now, and we can smile together…

Unable to forgive herself for her failure against Shiba, Celis built a wall around herself, letting relationships fall apart by keeping a distance. Kurumi couldn’t take seeing Celis this way. 

From Basara’s point of view, he gave her space, he had to accept the situation as is — but Kurumi couldn’t agree with it. 

Thus, together with Maria and Zest who first suggested they should get Celis to come to terms with her feelings; they made their move. Mio and Hasegawa were in agreement as well. 


Of course, Yuki was also on board with this idea.

Yuki having sex with Basara in this empty classroom also was part of trying to get Celis to realize her own feelings.

And then Kurumi’s job was to stimulate the true heart of Celis — and to get her to shake on her feelings.

Kurumi’s role to play was to stimulate the true heart of Celis — and shake her feelings

— It was something that Maria and Zest had done for Kurumi once before.

Time has passed since then — and now it was Kurumi’s turn to play the guiding role.

So Kurumi, with her hands around Celis’ chest, used magic words that took away Celis’ resistance. 

As she groped Celis’ chest lewdly,

“Don’t make a noise Celis-nee… If you make a noise, you will disturb Basara-niichan, wouldn’t you?”

“That’s… Mm… ah… aaah…”

Celis’ resistance instantly dropped.

— The sex addiction Kurumi and the other girls have is a side-effect of the master-servant vow.

However, their victory over the Pandora’s box of the hero clan, against Shiba, was thanks to the master-servant vow. Therefore Celis had never said anything condemning their lewd acts, no matter how far they went, and of course she had never disturbed them.

Therefore, Kurumi was using Celis’ feelings.

“Ah… aaah, Kurumi…. Why are you doing this…. mm”

Celis, her childhood friend who was older than her, was falling into pleasure and unable to understand her motivation.

…I’m sorry, Celis-nee. But this is for your own good…

While apologizing in her heart, she didn’t let Celis know, her hands had chosen this path and they continued down it. 

“I can’t disturb those three in the classroom… But I couldn’t hold myself back, so I thought I’d use you for some relief, Celis-nee — it’s okay right?”

After all, 

“This morning, you did get to watch me having sex with Basara-niichan”

“T-that’s… Because Zest asked me…”

“Zest? Did she tell you to watch us have sex?”

She purposely said with a mischievous tone, and while doing that she removed the tie of Celis’ sailor suit, moving her hands to the front zipper and then pulling it down.

“I-it’s not like that… She told me to call Maria upstairs…”

“So, you went to watch me and Mio have sex with Basara-niichan until we were finished, and then you even watched Hasegawa-sensei’s sex with him too?”

Kurumi chuckled, and with that she slid Celis’ zipper to its lowest point, and just like that, she removed the front hook of her bra. And then, with Celis exposed, she continued her movements on Celis’ half-naked body.

With that, the now exposed tips of Celis’ breasts hardened.

“Look at that… Your nipples are already so hard, Celis-nee”

With a sadistic smile on her face, she moved her fingers to the tips,

“No… Kurumi, please wait… if you do it here someone might see”

Feeling deep shame, Celis’ body trembled. 

“It’s alright. You should know Celis-nee, that whenever Basara-niichan gets one of us to submit, we have a barrier that makes it so nobody in the surrounding area can see us”

It’s a side-effect power that Basara had gotten when he made the master-servant vow with six girls. 

That effect also includes ensuring that their voices can’t be heard by others.

So now, without any worry of being seen, they can engage in sexual acts outside as well.

“However, that demon… The demon named Takigawa could still see us…”

“There’s no need to worry, Basara-niichan wouldn’t take such risks”

Kurumi rejected Celis’ worry with a single kick.

“The barrier Basara-niichan had set up now, is one made up using the power of four different races and the five elements. The effect of the barrier extends to himself and all the girls he formed contracts with… as well as everyone we invite into it”

Kurumi slipped her hand down past Celis’ skirt, pulling her panties down her thighs, taking away the freedom of her lower body.

Next she unhooked the skit, and the skirt instantly fell onto the floor by itself .

With that, Celis’ pubic hair had a visual glow to it.

Having seen Basara and Yuki’s sex, and having her breasts fondled by Kurumi, Celis’ lewd crotch had gotten wet.

“No… I-it’s not like that…. this is…”

Panicking, Celis covered her crotch with her hands. But Celis was more wet than she originally thought, and her spot made a wet noise.

“Celis… What’s not like ‘that’?”

“…Ah, aaah…”

In response to the question asked with a mischievous smile, Celis made a small noise, her body completely relaxed in Kurumi’s arms.

She no longer had an excuse, and she recognized that trying to resist and run was worthless

As she groped Celis’ chest, 

“Look, Celis-nee… Look properly”

She said, getting Celis to watch Yuki and Basara having sex.


Celis’ eyes met with Yuki’s in the empty classroom.

Even though they’re wordless, those eyes were filled with sensuality.

…As expected.

Kurumi became more certain of a belief she held inside

—- Why Celis, even though she didn’t move, she was turned on.

It was because it was Yuki having sex with Basara in that classroom.

Maria and Zest are pure demons.

And Mio, who even though she was raised by humans had demon blood flowing inside her as the daughter of the previous demon lord.

Even though Celis held no prejudice towards them, she could make the excuse to herself that for those three, they could have the master-servant vow with Basara, and become his sex slave because they are demons.

Even though she holds the highest respect for the divine being Hasegawa, as a former togami, she was still different from Celis, and Celis had that kind of awareness that they were different beings. As such, no matter how lewd the actions were, she could still see them as something that was different from herself.

—- But it was different with regards to Yuki and Kurumi.

They were humans, and they were all raised as members of the hero clan.

Nevertheless, Kurumi was like a younger sister to Celis.

As such, she could rationalize it by saying that they went down different paths. 

It was different in regards to Yuki though. 

Celis and Yuki are the same age, making it easier for Celis to see herself in Yuki’s position. That’s why Kurumi used the image of her older sister drowning in lewd sex with Basara, as she was photographed with Maria attacking her ass. 

“— How is it, isn’t it amazing? That’s onee, she has devoted all of herself to Basara, and swore herself to him through the master-servant vow”

She spoke into Celis’ red ears, with her lips touching them lightly. 

“Come on now, take a good look… at onee’s expression. Even though she’s doing something so lewd, she’s so intoxicated… Doesn’t she seem happy?”

Just as Kurumi said, the Yuki before her eyes is indeed happy. It was a truth undeniable in anyone’s eyes. 

While raising up her sweet voice, she melted in the pleasure she’s receiving from Basara.

“…Mm… y,yes…. But to do that in a classroom…”

Celis retained a grip on her logical thoughts despite her wet eyes,

“Well, that’s right… Thinking like that is normal. But it’s not like they’re completely different in that. After all, doing that in school, They aren’t the only people to ever do this in school”

Kurumi continued,

“Peeping on their sex like this while I’m touching you, Celis-nee —— it’s not like you’re in a position to say anything either”

“…That’s…. mm, aaaaah ♥”

As her nipples were pinched — Celis let out a sweet moan, her body trembling as she did so.

Instantly —- Celis’ crotch which she was trying to cover with her hand began to leak with its honey.

Moreover, its drips found their way to her inner thighs.


Celis understood what was happening to her body. She was having a light climax.

—- But it wasn’t like a sensual fever that rises up and then fades,

Instead it was like an unfinished heat, an excessive sweetness. 

“Mmm… haah, aah…. aah ♥”

Celis’ eyes were completely wet, as she rubbed her thighs lewdly against each other.

As she did that, Kurumi suddenly let her go.


As she looked back, she found herself meeting Kurumi’s eyes.

Kurumi looked like she’s about to cry.

“I’m not trying to… If you truly want to tie the master-servant contract using your magic, then that’s fine. That’s the same thing Basara-niichan and all of the others think as well”

Kurumi said.

“After this, Basara-niichan has plans, so there’ll be some time before the master-servant contract tonight. Please think again… about your real feelings, Celis-nee”

“…My real feelings”

She replied as if reciting a spell, 

And Kurumi whispered “besides”,

“Not only our vows now but… some of use still value and believe that the initial master-servant contract with Basara-niichan is a precious bond”

Those words had a certain weight to them.

Which caused Celis to become speechless. 

Kurumi then quietly said, 

“So please — don’t lie about it.”

Part 15

In that empty classroom, Toujou Basara had lusted for Nonaka Yuki wholeheartedly, as he had sex with her. 

As a result of the continued climax that she got from him and Maria, Yuki’s consciousness completely melted away —- just like this morning with Mio and Kurumi, as well as Zest during lunch, Yuki needed time to recuperate.

—- That being said, they would trouble Rikka and the others if they didn’t come back soon.

As such, he left Yuki in Maria’s hands, and returned to the student council room to work on the cultural festival until it was time to leave school. 

After finishing today’s work, they walked together to the school gate, and Basara parted with Mio and the other girls going home and headed towards the train station with Rikka, Kanou and Touko who use the train to go to and from school.

They parted near the gate, with Basara heading alone to the second platform that’ll go towards the center of the city.

Taking the bullet train in order to make good time, he arrived at Shinjuku Station which holds the Guinness world record for busiest passenger station. 

Making his way through the crowd at the western exit, he took the escalator to the street level, and then headed north. 

Continuing north, he reached a pedestrian crosswalk and a busy intersection. 

At that moment, he saw a building at the corner of the intersection, 

“— Ah, there it is”

He’s confirmed,  seeing the name of the address he was looking for on a board before going up the elevator.

Getting off on the six floor, he met the eyes of the staff. 

Thus Basara went up to the staff member, who confirmed that he is indeed a customer.

“Welcome. Are you here alone?”

The staff said with a steady tone and a smile.

“No… I’m supposed to meet someone. I’m Toujou, who made a reservation at 8. I’m a little bit early but do you think I can wait inside? 

As Basara was saying that, the host instantly checked his watch and the reservation list.

“Toujou-sama for two at eight PM… Thank you for making a reservation with us”

With that said, the staff bowed down to him.

“Let me show you to your seat… Your company’s arrived earlier”

Saying that, she walked ahead of Basara.

The place she showed Basara to wasn’t just a regular table, but one of the private booths.

Stepping up the small platform to the booth, taking off his shoes, he went past the curtains and as the staff said, his companion was indeed waiting for him there.

In the calm and luxurious booth, he sat, acknowledging Basara’s presence and smiled.

“— Hey, Basacchi”

He called out to Basara quietly.

Basara gave a slight smile and sat across from Takigawa Yahiro.

Glancing at the table — he saw the water and wet towel on the table for Takigawa.

“Did you just get here as well? Well, it’s ahead of schedule but”

“Nah, I got here a while before”

“Really? Then you should’ve ordered a drink at least”

“Well… You said you’re treating me today”

“This place isn’t quite like you. Even if we usually go for yakiniku, a place as expensive like this is pretty weird”

“It’s my first time somewhere like this too. But you said you wanted a place with a buffet?”

“Yeah. But even after me asking you about this, if you didn’t show up, this place is at a level that would completely destroy my wallet”

“I see… So you waited until I got here”

And then, just as Basara whispered that, the female waitress came by to bring the wet towel and water for Basara.

After handing it to him, she bowed sincerely to him.

“Thank you for coming today, since you’re both here, shall we start?”

“Yes please”

Basara said.

“Then we’ll prepare the food. Would you like to order some drinks first?”

“Well… I’ll have oolong tea, how about you Takigawa?”

“I’ll have the same”

“Understood. So two oolong tea”

She said. As she left the booth, she drew the curtain behind both of them.

“When you think about it, the all-you-can-eat here has several different ranks. Which did you get Basacchi?”

“Of course, the most expensive one”

As Basara said that, Takigawa’s eyes widened. 

“…Hey, hey seriously?”

“Yeah, really”

“No but, it says here it’s all-you-can-eat Matsuzaka beef”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it”

“Including the drinks that brings it to over 30,000 yen… Ten times more than all the places you’ve treated me to before”

“It’s really fine. You’ve helped me more than that”

Basara said with a wry smile.

—- Thanks to Takigawa Basara’s life was saved, and more than just once or twice.

This much isn’t enough to repay his debt to Takigawa.

That being said, this wasn’t to repay his debt to Takigawa.

“As of now, I’ll still be in your care”

Today’s Yakiniku was promised when they went their separate ways in the Village before the final battle with Shiba. 

It’s been a month and a half since then, but finally they could make good on that promise.

The reason as to why it’s taken so much time — was a secret agreement that Basara and Takigawa made on the roof during the entrance ceremony day.  

Both the moderate faction and current demon lord factions had extended their protection to Basara so he could escape the political schemes of the hero clan. However, after the battle with Shiba, Basara had planned with Takigawa to go in the completely opposite direction. Which was, for Basara’s group to make their own alliances with both the demons and heroes.

Establishing a new ceasefire between the heroes and demons — to achieve that, Basara’s group will act as mediators.  At a glance, this idea of Basara seems absolutely prosperous, but if it’s done well, it could bring about a new balance, stopping the conflicts on both sides, and as an extension it’ll bring peace to both the human world and the demon realm.

And then Takigawa, promising to help with Basara’s grand plan, had been active in working with both the current demon lord faction and the moderate faction of the demon realm.


As in the past and even right now, Toujou Basara remains truly grateful to Takigawa Yahiro.

Takigawa had helped him numerous times. If he ever needed Basara’s help with something, Basara planned to extend his hand in aid no matter what. 

With the alliance with the demon side Basara is pushing forward, there’s the chance that it might endanger Takigawa, even if there’s some excessive requirement, Basara will help. That being said, the alliance with the demon side is already helped plenty by Takigawa. 

Therefore, even though in living with Mio and the other girls as family, Basara avoided excessive financial luxuries as much as possible, Takigawa remained an exception. Basara didn’t mind spending money on him. 

— Of course, he’s not planning to pay Takigawa back simply with money.

However there are moments like this where it’s appropriate. 

Of course, it’s not as if super expensive food serves to change Takigawa’s mind. But Basara decided that when it’s something he could do, he would give his all into doing it. 

So if something was to happen, he would be spared the feeling that he could have done more.

—- When something is lost, it can’t be returned to how it was.

That’s something —- that Toujou Basara is painfully aware of.

But Basara now has so many precious things he wants to protect.

…Losing them, isn’t something he’ll ever allow to happen.

Even if he has to fight god, he’ll never give in.

—- To Basara, Takigawa’s life is special.

For someone to be an important lifeline to him, on the other hand it would also mean that he’s a threat to his life as well. 

There’s no one more reassuring to have as an ally than Takigawa, but as an enemy, no one is potentially more dangerous. 

But at the same time, Takigawa is essential for Basara to protect all those he doesn’t want to lose.

So while showing his loyalty to Takigawa, Basara always told himself this.

There is something reliable in the life that is Takigawa Yahiro —- and something fearsome, as well.


“—But why’s this booth private?”

Takigawa said, as while looking around the room. 

Thus, Basara answered with an “ah”

“We’re just two high school boys and I picked the most expensive buffet course as well, certainly we’ll stand out in a bad way. Furthermore, with this, we can talk without worrying who might overhear”

“I get that but… This booth is too big for just the two of us. Isn’t there one that’s smaller and more compact?”

“Well… It’s not that there’s none”

As Takigawa said, the booth they’re currently using could fit eight people.

This restaurant has booths for four, as well as tables for two that would avoid others’ eyes.

— However, Basara had talked with the restaurant staff and pushed for the eight person room.

The reason for that — soon became clear. While saying “please excuse me”, a waiter pulled open the curtain and began bringing in the food. 


Takigawa’s surprised voice surely came from how there wasn’t just one member of the waiting staff who came in at this time. 

First came the waiter who brought the drinks, and then the waiter who brought the meat for yakiniku. 

—- But just that much wouldn’t be surprising.

But then there were two who carried the stove, and then the different kinds of soup.

In the end, there were different members of the waiting staff with different kinds of meats and soups.

“Hey, hey Basacchi what’s with all this?”

Takigawa asked, perplexed as he received his tea.

“It’s a special buffet. Didn’t I promise yakiniku with shabu-shabu? Hence I have the buffet with that, of course all of it is Matsuzaka beef.”

While basara continued his explanation, the waiter served more meat and soup. 

This restaurant doesn’t have just yakiniku, but also shabu shabu and it’s an all you can eat course including that. Like the yakiniku, the shabu shabu has different levels of quality as well, and Basara had chosen the most expensive Matsuzaka beef option for both, so they could enjoy Matsuzaka beef for both the yakiniku and shabu shabu.

And then — for around the same price they could have the two types.

But — this time, Basara asked for something more, for an order that wasn’t on the menu.

Therefore they have three types, all Matsuzaka beef: yakiniku, shabu shabu and sukiyaki.

That’s why the four-person booth wasn’t enough and they needed the eight person booth.

And then —- as all of it was displayed in front of them.

What’s on their table is an extensive show of super-high quality beef.

All the different kinds of cuts, and even the thin slices of shabu shabu, and those thin slices for yakiniku too.

It was, without saying, a magnificent view.

As the other members of the waiting staff left, the one that remained last was just the main female waitress.

“Since this is good meat, please enjoy it without overcooking it”

Upon receiving advice on how to cook the meat, Basara and Takigawa were speechless. 

—- Has anyone heard of “beautiful meat”?

Not delicious beef, or delicious looking beef —- but beautiful meat.

The red and the white fat — the beautiful combination of it could only be called edible art. 

It’s the meat romance of men. The ultimate Matsuzaka beef experience.

And seeing that, one could only feel an overwhelming awe for it.

It’s no surprise then that Basara and Takigawa were speechless at the sight.



Even the two of them, having matched up against the god-like Shiba and Kouryuu, could only gulp down at the sight before them.

—- However, that wasn’t the end of what enthralled Basara and Takigawa.

Next is what’s carried by seven waiters

On top of the plate was what could only be called the king of seafood —- the shape of a crab sat upon it.

“W-what’s this… We didn’t order that”

To Takigawa’s surprise, the staff gave an extremely pleasant smile.

“No, this crab is included in the all you can eat menu. The right is grilled and ready to eat, while the left will be used for Shabu-Shabu”

They said, placing a large amount of crab on the table. 

The “all star” Matsuzaka was enough to get them, but with this, it’s just overkill.

“…Hey, Basacchi”

“What’s up, Takigawa?”

“…This really is too much”

“…Sorry, I also didn’t expect it to go this far”


“…So, shall we take a picture?”

“Y, yeah, we should…”

At the words Takigawa just managed to say, Basara nodded, and the two of them took out their phones to do a little photoshoot. 

Basara and Takigawa don’t use social media, but at this very moment they could understand the feelings of people who are addicted to it. 

With that, perhaps sensing that they’re being a little strange,

“If you would like, I can take a photo of the both of you with the food”

“Ah… Then, yes please”

Handling their phones to the staff, the two of them got their picture taken with smiles on their faces. After getting their phones back, they see their own faces with awkward smiles on them,


Even if they retook it, it’ll probably end up the same, or at least that’s how they figured it, so Basara put the phone back into the pocket of his uniform.

With that,

“Well then, please enjoy yourselves. If you would like anything else, feel free to press the button on your table to call us”

With that statement, the waitress left their booth.

Therefore, Basara and Takigawa pumped themselves up.

“Let’s do this Takigawa… Should we start with this cut?”


Putting their all into it, they began grilling their meat.

The waitress that had brought their food in earlier was now in front of their booth.

When it came to the menu, she had received orders for the most expensive course. Two orders wasn’t new for her, but this was the first for three. 

And then on top of it having just two people in an 8-person private booth, that was almost unthinkable.

—- However, the restaurant had accepted the reservation with an added payment.

She had thought that the guests would be someone related to a politician, or perhaps it was a celebrity. 

However, the two that arrived were a pair of high school boys cladded in uniform. There had been celebrity children who could be difficult when reserving before but,

“…Well, those two seem different”

The waitress softly laughed.

Their reactions when they brought the food was sweet, and there’s something likeable about it all.

That being said, this was a limited-time all you can eat special. If they continue marveling over the food, it’ll be their loss. Since they came all the way here, they should make the best of it.

It’d be good if they make good memories from it, she wants that for them.


“I wonder if they started cooking it?”

It’s during that time she was wondering if she should peek in, thinking about the possibility that they might keep marveling over the food and not start.

She peeked inside the booth, 



She heard a monstrous cry from them both.

For someone working here, that’s the best reaction she could expect from a guest.

“…That’s good, it seems like they’re okay”

The waitress smiled, then returned to serve others.

Part 16

They’ve been moved by food before.

But — this was the first experience they’ve had that they could say they’ll never forget for the rest of their lives. 

Basara and Takigawa were completely enchanted as they ate the Matsuzaka beef.

Letting their tongues rest from the yakiniku, they had the sukiyaki, then going from that to shabu shabu, once satisfied with the shabu shabu they went back to the yakiniku, it was a whole rotation of Matsuzaka beef — and it was all you can eat as well.

Without taking into consideration their pacing, they kept consuming the high quality beef, letting their instincts guide them. 

And then with additional orders, all while saying words like “yum” “so good” “is this real” going on for more than an hour, they finally started to feel full.

Therefore, they decide to take a little break for now.

Taking a sip of their drinks, they let out sighs of satisfaction and happiness.

“I’m at my limit… Let’s take a break”

“Agreed. After that lets consult with our stomachs then make one last order”

Basara nodded in response to Takigawa’s words, then, his eyes narrowed.

“Then… Can you tell me about the current situation?”

What he means as he spoke in a quiet voice is what he’s asked for help from Takigawa.

Speaking in a soft tone; what he meant regarded what Takigawa has been helping him with; which was the Toujou family’s alliance with both the current demon lord and the moderate factions of the demon realm.

“We’ve talked about this before, but I want to understand the situation as accurately as possible. There are some things I want to go over, so it may take a bit of time, but could you start from the beginning?” 

“Hey, I don’t mind. I’ll explain right from the start”

With the slight shrug of his shoulders, he took the form of a demon — of Lars.  

“So Basacchi, right after we had that conversation about the alliance I started to make my move. However, there a lot of things that have happened since then, so it hasn’t been easy. For instance, you know how you wanted me to only talk about it with Leohart and Ramsus… Well that’s actually more difficult than expected.” 

“…Even for someone like you?”

Takigawa had the trust of both Ramsus and Leohart.

Moreover, due to the nature of his duties, he tends to appear in unexpected places so Basara had this image of stealth about him.

For Takigawa to find it difficult to make contact likely means,

“So it’s hard to get two great forces in one place…”

“Yeah. This whole thing was decided at a frantic pace with the fall of the cardinals… So it’s taken time for things to settle and all. There’s also those that are still upset about that.”  

Takigawa continue,

“Both of them are on high alert, there isn’t much time for the two of them to be alone together. Plus there are those who wouldn’t like it for the top two to be entirely alone. Even if it happened occasionally, they’ll be surrounded by security, and it’d be an important matter. So it’s not easy for me to sneak to them like that.”

“So how’d you manage to talk to them?”

Basara said, dumbfounded.

“That should be obvious… I pretended I’m done with getting to talk to the two of them alone, then I called both of them to me”

Takigawa said something so absurd with such nonchalance.

For both Ramsus and Leohart to come to him.

In other words, Takigawa had summoned both the previous demon lord and the current one to meet him.

“That’s… you’re really reckless again”

“Says the guy who asked me to do it. Well, while it’s hard for Ramsus-dono and Leohart to be alone together, it isn’t hard for them to say that they want to be left alone. Their subordinates are going to respect their superiors’ wish for private time”

And then after that, Takigawa said,

“I secured a place we could meet at. My power isn’t limited to only offense, but I can also set up barriers. Once they enter, then no one can see anything so there wouldn’t be any worry”

And then the meeting between the three of them commenced.

“I see… So what did the two of them say?”

“Those two had granted you guys protection before right? So they were surprised to hear the exact opposite from your proposal but… When I explained your decision, I think they understood it. Well, it doesn’t seem like it’s going badly at all.”

But, Takigawa said with a sigh,

“Despite me having taken the trouble to talk to them… The timing isn’t all that great, what with Naruse and the other girls being pregnant.”

“…So it’s Ramsus?”

“Yeah. He’s always had a sour look on his face, but he seems different when I met with him after he learned that you guys are pregnant. If he’s happy about it, you can definitely see it in his face. But well, how did he take it when you guys told them?”

The pregnancy of Mio and the other girls is an important matter. There’s no way to keep it secret from the other sides.

As such Basara — through Maria and Lucia, the succubus sisters hotline, reported that Mio and the other girls are pregnant to Ramsus. Of course, this was together with the discussion of how he plans to marry all the girls.

With that,

“”I see…” just that one word”

Through magic, they were also able to see Ramsus’ face during this announcement and his face didn’t seem to show any visible changes either.

For Basara to see through his thoughts, the same as he did back in the demon realm —- it wasn’t just his face that remained unchanged, the tone of his voice was soft as well.


“It’s no surprise it’s quite a lot to think about…”

“That’s obvious isn’t it. Taking away his cute daughter’s innocence, then getting her pregnant with all these other girls. It would be weird if a father wasn’t having complicated feelings about this”

Takigawa said.

“Well, Shiba Kyoichi was that difficult of an enemy, It’s not only me but Leohart ascertained it as well… Your dad also reached out regarding that. Speaking of that, has he been in contact with you?”

“He has… Even if I’m not the one making contact, he would sometimes email or call me”

If they told Ramsus (Wilbert), then they would also tell Jin.

After all, Basara would be married to Mio and the other girls. 

They had told Jin that they formed the master-servant vow but, after he impregnated the girls and planned to marry them after.

His response to that,

“If that’s what you’ve decided on, then I’m happy for you”

That’s what he said — but warmth and kindness seeped into that voice.

“—- Anyway, what’s happening with that old man of yours? Last I heard he went to the divine realm”

Takigawa said.

“For starters, is it that easy to go to the divine realm?”

“Well, it’s my old man so…”

Certainly he has some sort of abilities and techniques Basara has no clue about.

“So, did he find anything about your missing mother?”

“Yeah, as expected the divine realm has something to do with her being sealed”

“…But that being said, that means the opponents are the Ten Gods”

Seriously… muttered Takigawa, replying to him.

“It seems like there had been no changes to the members of the Ten Gods since Hasegawa-sensei left. Moreover, the source of my mother’s seal – it seems like they’re not entirely united in their opinions of it, and it’s a mixed bag”

“That much, your old man should already know right?”

“Yeah, it seems like sensei had told him when she brought me down to him in this world”

“So first, we have to start with working with the Ten Gods who were against sealing her”

“—-Do you really think so?”

“? You don’t?”

At Takigawa’s confusion, Basara gave a forced smile. 

“ Recklessly involving and troubling the Togami allied with us isn’t good… So he said it’s best to not even make contact with those allies at all, instead only making one sided contact with the enemy Togami that pushed for the seal to take place”

“One sided contact… Did he really suggest he’s going to do something like that?”

“I was worried too, I sent him a message, asking him if that’s really okay”

And then.

“For a while, there was no reply… Then suddenly, not too long ago, I got a message saying “it’s fine… anyway I’ve taken down two of them””

“…He was serious about it right?”

“So that my mother can attend the wedding, he said he wants to take care of it as quickly as possible”

“…This kind of monster”

Takigawa unable to keep up with this discussion,

“”Anyway, what are you planning to do with the wedding Basacchi? Forget the polygamy part, your ages would be an issue too, taking into consideration the laws in this country needing you to wait till you’re eighteen”

“Yeah… Then Mio and the other girls would give birth before that”


“There’s no point in going through official channels. Our special relationship isn’t something that can be understood by the conventions of this world”

In the end, the feelings Basara and the girls have are what’s most important.  


“For now, we’re setting it to next month… If we keep delaying it, the girls’ stomachs would already be showing by then”

“Next month would be good, but what are you going to do about the venue? There’s no place around here that would accept one groom and multiple brides”

Takigawa said.

“But it would be fine in the demon realm, and the maids of the moderate faction would be able to help you out with it”

“I thought about that but… After discussing it with everyone, we decided to have the ceremony in this world”

The reason for that is,

“We won’t have our wedding be yet another bullet point in the demon realms political struggles”

Of course, it can’t be helped that Basara and the girls’ wedding would have some sort of political implications.

It’s the wedding of the son of the strongest hero of the hero clan, Jin Toujou, Basara after all.

In addition to that, it’s the wedding of the daughter of the previous demon lord Wilbert who’s lauded as the strongest, Mio, as well.

And a famed succubus, Sheila’s daughter, Maria to top it off.

It’s the wedding of those three.

And it’s not just on paper that the Toujou family  is involved with the resolution between the current demon lord faction and the moderate faction.

Having faced off against the demon god Chaos, they put a ceasefire on the long-standing conflict between the current demon lord faction and the moderate faction, creating historic peace between the two forces in the demon realm.

With even just that much, it’s already impossible for them to avoid this being sensationalized.

…In that case.

Regardless of what the two leaders Ramsus and Leohart might think — this wedding might be one that’s celebrated with great fanfare by the moderate faction, but on the opposite, greatly disliked by those of the current demon lord faction. Furthermore, with the involvement of two from the hero clan, Yuki and Kurumi, there may even be those who brand Mio as a traitor, or they might make use of how Zest used to work for Zolgia, these were all possible dangers Basara had considered.

In this case, they could ruin the frail balance between the current demon lord faction and the moderate faction.

…Topping it off.

Basara holds several high level secrets too.

About how his mother is the previous demon lord Wilbert’s sister Sapphire, and how his other mother is one of the Togami, one among the divine beings, Raphaeline. 

How Maria’s father is also Wilbert.

How Hasegawa is a former Togami.

These are all things that, should they become public in the demon realm, wouldn’t be so easy to manage.

…And then.

Of course the same goes regarding the hero clan. Obviously, the secret of Basara’s lineage is already big enough, but even though there’s opposition to him marrying many wives, if it’s discovered that among those, Mio isn’t the only one who’s a demon lord’s daughter but Maria too, there’s a possibility they would break the alliance with Basara, who they would view as a greater threat. Working with Hasegawa’s true nature as a togami coming to light, if that was to happen, it wouldn’t be a simple matter either. If in this increasingly hostile environment they let it spill carelessly that Hasegawa is a former togami, they may even say that Basara forced Hasegawa to become his sex slave, creating further and deeper problems.

“Besides… If we have our wedding in the demon realm, it may be perceived as we’re siding with the demons and that’ll close the door on us making an alliance with the hero clan.”

In the end, even though it’s a ceremony for those who love each other —- it doesn’t mean that it would be received with joy and well wishes.

Those who have attained unrivalled powers. Those who hold titles above others.

For those to be tied together, there will be those who are envious and fearful.

The wedding between Basara and the girls — isn’t a simple matter.

That being said, there’s no part of them, not even a tiny part, that would give up on their own happiness.

Therefore they would like to hold it soon.

Even if.

If they’re to think of the best possible future from here on.

To succeed in establishing an alliance with both the demon realm and the heroes, then having the top members of both sides discuss equally at a round table, and that should then lead to a new era of peace between humans and demons.

Of course, ultimately they primarily consider their well being first and foremost. There’s still a possibility that the alliance won’t go well, and in that case they will think about what to do from there on. 

However, they can’t completely escape causing some sort of bitter sentiment coming from somewhere.


If on top of being able to make this difficult marriage happen, they can establish the alliance with both the demon side and the hero side, there could be nothing better than this wedding. 

It could even lead to long lasting peace between the human and demon realm.

Jin , Sapphire, Raphaeline.

Wilbert and Sheila as well as Shuuya and Kaoru.

Their parents’ generation had given their everything to achieve this.

Moreover, they put their children’s — Basara and the girls’ — happiness first.

Therefore —- to answer to that with everything they have, that’s what they should do.

— That’s why they decided to have a June wedding.

In this world, a wedding held in June holds a special meaning.

That even if no one wishes happiness upon it, they still wouldn’t give up on happiness.

That’s what Basara and the girls’ wedding means.

Their meeting, their loving each other, their bonds, —  In order for them to reach this point had required a number of miracles. 

But something like this isn’t limited to just Basara and the girls.

Certainly, it’s the same for anyone who’s getting married.

It’s not a game. It’s not a joke.

Not stopping at just this momentous day, but the purpose of their wedding is for their continued growth. 

Swearing their vows without a doubt, and forever, vowing to continue to maintain this current happiness. 

“That’s why in this world where it can’t be public — in this country, we’ll hold our ceremony”

“Well that’s a wise choice”

Takigawa said.

“Where are you going to hold the wedding?”

“It isn’t a normal wedding ceremony after all. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a grand banquet over it or anything, but there are people we must invite no matter what, because of our connections or because of the situation, but it doesn’t have to be in a conventional banquet hall.”

Therefore, Basara said.

“We decided we’ll replicate a space created in a barrier. If it’s Hasegawa-sensei, she should be able to make it regardless of how far the place is”

Regarding the place this space will be created in, that’s up to Mio and the other girls.

What’s important to Basara is just one thing — the happiness of Mio and the other girls.

Therefore, wherever they may choose is good with him.

It seems like they’ve already finalized their list of candidates, and they will be able to make their decision regarding the venue soon.

“I think it’s good. Regarding Ramsus-dono’s side, it seems like he’s calmed down about it, and if you invite him, I’m sure he’ll  attend. Once he fully agrees to this, I’m sure he will be happy to have grandkids”

“I see.. In that case that’s good”

Basara had gotten a feeling that Ramsus might’ve softened a little in regards to his attitude. 

It’s because through Lucia, they’re able to dispatch the maids to take care of things.

Therefore, it had been expressed that he’s thankful to the Toujou family, and to call upon them in case they need any help.

…That’s something Basara was really happy about.

Having made the master-servant contract with Mio, with it developing to the final stage of master-servant vow, Mio and the other girls had became akin to sex slaves for Basara.

As a father, surely that isn’t what Ramsus wants for his daughters.

So despite all that —- for him to send them his well wishes, makes them as happy as could be.

“—-So, what did Leohart’s side say about the alliance?”

“Well… It’s no surprise he’s more cautious about it than Ramsus-dono”

Takigawa said.

“When he granted the special protection for you and the girls he could, you guys were no longer his problem and therefore it’s easier for him to do so. But with the alliance it’s the opposite, both sides become more involved with the other. Even though admittedly there are benefits to it, it can’t be denied that there are risks to it that he would want to avoid as well”

As such,

“The special protection for you guys didn’t fully take into consideration a guy as bad as Shiba  appearing. This time the excuse was the presence of Balflear, but there isn’t always such a convenient excuse.” 

“That’s fair…”

The issue with Shiba was truly one of the most unfortunate things to happen, but there’s still good they can get from that. However,

“If, once again you and the girls get into a dangerous situation, Basacchi, then starting with Ramsus, the moderate faction will make a move. In a situation like that, then there might be something that disrupts the current balance, and it wouldn’t be odd for it to face a downfall. Worst case scenario, there might be war once more”

But. Said takigawa, 

“Looking at it from Leohart’s point of view, he would most likely want to avoid such an issue occurring. As such, with this in mind, he isn’t against forming an alliance with you. It’s just, he does have a condition,”


Looking serious with his eyebrows furrowed, Basara answered. 

“It’s about Celis Reinhardt”

Takigawa said the name of the girl currently living with Basara.

“Regarding Hasegawa-sensei, it isn’t much of a problem. Even though her being a former togami could get complicated, and we have to think of a way to explain this to the others well… But in any case, she’s currently no longer affiliated with the divine realm, the same as the Nonaka sisters who had left the hero clan”

In addition to that,

“Sensei had also tied the master-servant vow with you, Basacchi, and as such she’s under your control. As long as that’s the case, she isn’t a problem”

Takigawa said but,

“Regarding Celis Reinhardt alone, Leohart is reluctant”

“…Because of the Vatican, huh?”

In a soft voice, Takigawa agreed with a “yeah”. 

“The problem with that bastard Shiba, is based on long history with the Vatican… Moreover, Balflear who was linked to Leohart was also involved. In a sense, it was similar to the demon realm’s issues with the cardinals, but that particular aspect is gone now from the demon realm’s side of the equation”


“Even though the holy king Albareos is gone, the Vatican still exists. That much is enough to be risky in an alliance with you Basacchi, but Celis, who’s associated with you, is remaining by your side. There’s still the idea that her presence may present some sort of threat sometime in the future”

Even though he didn’t say it outright, it’s likely that at this rate, Leohart won’t form an alliance with Basara. Leohart understands how dangerous a presence akin to that of the cardinals to those around him, from his perspective as a demon lord.

“Even though you say that…”

Basara said to Takigawa.

“Actually right after this —- I will be tying the master servant contract with Celis and Nanao”

“Hey, hey… Are you expanding your harem again? How like you Basacchi”

Takigawa said with an exasperated look at Basara.

“That’s not exactly my intention but…”

In return, Basara gave a wry smile.

That being said, at the very least Nanao wants to live out her life with Basara in the same way  as Mio and the other girls.

They’ve gotten that confirmation from Nanao, and that’s exactly what she wishes for as well.


The form of Celis’ master-servant contract is something that remains unresolved up to this point. 

Mio and the other girls are of the opinion that Celis should make it with the succubus magic like them.

On the other hand, Basara thinks that they should tie the master-servant contract based on whatever form of magic Celis wants.

…As such.

Whether it’s this morning in the basement bedroom, or with Hasegawa in the bathroom there afterwards, or even when he was taking photos of Yuki while having sex with her in that empty classroom, all those times, Basara was aware that Celis had been watching.  So that Celis is true to her own feelings, Mio and the other girls were showing those kinds of things to her, and in its own way, that’s their compassion for Celis.

But Basara had a different reason for showing Celis such lewd acts.

That is — to show her clearly what it means to tie the master-servant contract with him using succubus magic. And then understanding it to the fullest extent possible, whatever Celis decides Basara would respect as much as he could.

But that being said, the fact that they will tie the master-servant contract won’t change.

As such,

“If like with Hasegawa-sensei; Celis becomes my subordinate, would Leohart agree then?”

Answering Basara’s question,

“I wonder… If Reinhardt would leave the hero clan just like the Nonaka sisters, it’s likely that it wouldn’t be a problem at all. But currently she remains affiliated with the Vatican right? If that’s the case, it might instead be more difficult”

“…What do you mean?”

“Because Leohart has some sort of idea what kind of person you are now, Basacchi”

Takigawa said.

“If it’s for those you won’t give up on, you’ll go further than anything. And then, it’s not only those important to you, but also those they hold important to them”


“If Basacchi ties the master-servant contract with Reinhardt currently as is, it might be seen as an indirect benefit towards the Vatican”


Basara could only reply in silence at Takigawa’s words. It’s the kind of silence where he couldn’t deny what Takigawa said.

For Celis to tie the master-servant contract with Basara, it’s ultimately her choice —- but regardless, it’s something the Vatican had given permission for. While Albareos is no longer around, those directly under him, also established members, allowed that.

The ever vigilant Albareos didn’t appoint a number two, and there are those who are glad to be rid of him but —- on the other hand, there are many who adore him and share his same goals. With Albareos’ disappearance and with many of his crimes coming to light, those people can’t support him directly outright, but who knows what’s going on behind the scenes.


While it’s just speculation, there’s a chance that Basara getting Celis to move in with him was also within the Vatican’s plans.

As such, Basara pushed to have the alliance with the hero clan as well, to have less evil intentions aimed towards them.

But getting Leohart to understand it from that perspective likely isn’t possible.

No matter what the others are doing, he has to think of the possible future risks going forward from here.

It goes the same for Basara.

Basara killed one of the Cardinals, there’s no more Belphegor. In fact —- as long as Celis remains affiliated with the Vatican, then Leohart won’t budge. 

…And if he ties the master-servant contract with Celis in this situation.

Toujou Basara understood.

In the very worst case —- it would dash out any possibility of forming an alliance with the demons. 

Part 17

In the end — Basara and Takigawa didn’t order anymore meat for their all you can eat session. 

It’s because there were so many unresolved items to discuss regarding the situation from here on. 

Despite that, the two of them found themselves more than satisfied.

And then after they left the restaurant, they went off in their separate ways. Unlike Basara, Takigawa had no need to go use the train. 

Watching Takigawa’s back disappear into the night time crowd,


Basara thought about Takigawa once more.

— Takigawa, a demon, could certainly  disappear from a human’s eyes easily.

As such, if he felt like it then he could do any malicious act he wanted.

However —- even after living in the human world for a long time, Takigawa hasn’t done anything like that.

There were two possible reasons for that.

The first being that he’s afraid of the possibility that he would draw the attention of the hero clan. His primary mission is to watch over Mio. If possible, he would definitely like to avoid the notice of the hero clan.

In addition to that,

It’s likely that the current demon lord Leohart forbade any sort of foul play.

Even if it’s towards humans.

Leohart’s plan was to get accepted as a demon lord through all sorts of political dealings, and reward those who had backed him on this as much as possible. 

But during the time of Belphegor and the other cardinals, they had unreasonably raised taxes for the sake of their allies and themselves, so Basara had heard that Leohart avoided such an unfair system of taxation.


Takigawa’s affiliation put him at Leohart’s side, quite close to Leohart himself, in fact.

Starting as Mio’s observer, he’s now dispatched as a joint operative by both the moderate and the current demon lord factions.

So he should be able to reap rewards that allow him to be quite free.

…Despite that.

He doesn’t seem like he reaps these benefits liberally.

This is just Basara’s theory — but it’s likely he takes just enough money for himself, then he gives the rest of the money to the orphanage which raised him as well as circulating it around other war orphans. 

This theory is likely correct. 

It’s because they know Takigawa’s true nature, no matter how casually he acts normally, both the trust placed in him by the moderate faction and the current demon lord faction both never waver.

Moreover — it’s the same for Basara.

—- That being said, it’s not like his trust is a blind devotion sort of trust.

He finally started walking towards the station. 

“What did you think?”

Basara asked, as if talking to himself, then someone appeared behind him.

—-But it’s something that only Basara could see, completely invisible to the others around them.

It’s not magic —- it all has to do with “ki”.

“Let’s see… I think the conditions the demon realm’s side placed are perfectly respectable”

The one who answered with a smile in his voice was a young man Basara once had a life or death battle with. 

Someone, who Basara had formed a secret master-servant contract with after that battle — Shiba Kyoichi.

Currently — for Basara to accomplish his goals, he leaves some of the behind the scenes stuff to Shiba. 

Recognizing Shiba’s talent with his mind, he’s serving as Basara’s right hand man.

Therefore, with the meeting with Takigawa regarding the current state of the alliance, Basara had snuck Shiba into the neighboring room.

As they walked up the hilly road up to the station at the same pace as those around them,

“There are two problems to consider regarding Celis-chan… The first is as had been stated, that to the demon’s side she’s affiliated with the Vatican and that can get bad”


“I think you already know this Basara, but the other is the state of Celis-chan’s own feelings”


Basara replied to Shiba’s words with silence.

“Wanting to consider Celis-chan’s feelings as much as possible, and wanting to respect her, I understand those feelings of yours Basara. But on the other hand, you also want to make the alliance with the demon’s side, you also want to achieve an alliance with the hero clan… Well, it’s pretty greedy of you”

Shiba continued, 

“After all, your one route to forming an alliance with the hero clan right now is Celis-chan. That being said, I do believe even if Celis-chan leaves the hero clan, you’d still be able to form the alliances you want. And if she’s no longer a part of the hero clan then your problem with the demon’s side would be solved as well. In addition, if you manage to form an alliance with them, then you’d be more fearsome by bounds Basara, and the hero clan would think twice before picking a fight with you.”


“I just wonder if there’s a meaning to an alliance forming in this way. Fear is but a temporary measure. And in excess it could turn into hatred, eventually birthing sentiments to get rid of it. That’s the beginning and end of the current demon lord Leohart and his sister towards the cardinals, and the same goes for me and Albareos.”

Shiba Said. 

“A little hatred is hard to see, but a large threat. It’s necessary to plan for it and prepare against it but —- idealistically speaking, it would be something which you should want to avoid as much as possible”

“In short… It’s a question of what I have to give up on”

Basara understood what Shiba was saying. It’s without a doubt that if he’s willing to give up on one of his goals, surely things would progress more smoothly.

But giving up is easy.

Up to this day, Basara and his group had faced many obstacles, and struggled to keep going on.

There were times it felt like they could drown in despairing tragedy.

Times where it felt like they could only submit to a greater power.

Nevertheless, Basara never gave up and continued onwards no matter what — that’s how they could stand here today as they are.

This time as well he doesn’t want to give up. 

It’s a feeling he strongly holds. 

“I’m not saying you have to give up or anything… Just that you have to consider your priorities”

Shiba said with a shrug.

“Basara, I think the list of stuff you won’t ever give up on is getting a little too long. That itself might be the downside of your love and your kindness. Well, it’s no doubt you’re currently in a place others would want to be in right now, and you hold tremendous power. I also can’t say that this time there’s absolutely no way that you can find a way for everything to go well.”


“Even so, you’re not an omnipotent god. Those who desire too much usually end up on the same path — and that is one of destruction. Of course, working hard isn’t a bad thing. However, you have to think that with the greed of wanting every desire of yours come true is the possibility that you could lose everything as well”

Understanding what Shiba meant to say, Basara muttered quietly, 

“…You make a good point there.”

—- It’s painful to admit, but what Shiba said holds true.

What Basara can’t give up on —- his family —- had increased.

And with the pregnancy of Mio and the other girls, it’ll only keep increasing from here.

Basara’s willing to give his all for the sake of the girls. 

However — he knows that it’s impossible to expect everything to go as he wishes.

Even the wedding ceremony that’s so important to them had to be held hidden within a barrier.

That much had been something from Basara sparing no efforts for it.

Therefore, he could understand what Shiba meant to say.

However, feelings aren’t as easy to control as that. With the way Basara is, once he decides something is important to him, he doesn’t want to give up on it —- he can’t give up on it.

But that strong feeling of his has a dangerous side.


“…Shiba-san, what do you think is the best course of action?”

Basara asked for help from the boy who follows him in the shadows. In the past, he often depended on Hasegawa for things like this, but since reaching the master-servant vow with her, there is no helping the strong feelings that Hasegawa holds for him, and him for her.

Therefore currently, Shiba’s the only one who could make a decision in the most cool-headed manner.

For him to rely on the person who he once fought to the death, Basara could see the irony in that.

“Let’s see… Well, I think it’s best not to overthink whether or not Celis-chan remains officially affiliated with Vatican”

After all, said Shiba.

“For the Vatican to approve of having her move in with you, isn’t it basically like a human sacrifice on their side? To have her turn into a sex slave the same way as Mio and the other girls, in order to make some sort of connection with you”


Basara could only reply to Shiba’s words with silence.

It’s because those words spoke the truth. 

Having lost their top leader the holy king Albareos, and having dangerous research revealed starting with Shiba, The Vatican itself isn’t in a great place and could stand to have a bit of improvement with better relations with Basara.

Moreover — he’s sure that’s something Celis herself understood.

…Even so.

Although something like this happened, Celis still feels indebted to the Vatican — to the hero clan who raised her. Within the Vatican as well, she has some friends who she had gone through many hardships with, and the top brass of Vatican who don’t have good intentions are aware of Celis’ feelings and are making use of them.

Therefore Basara had put Celis’ feelings first.


“You should’ve already understood Basara… What’s best for Celis-chan, and what her real feelings are as well. And also, what’s best for you and the other girls.”


Basara made a frustrated expression. 

“At the moment, for certain, it isn’t odd to have a master-servant contract go straight to master-servant vow if you tie it using Maria-chan’s magic. In that way, while you would be bound to Celis-chan forever, there’s also no helping her falling to a state of being a sex slave. In that, that’s no longer a normal relationship.”

However, Shiba said.

“For starters, the whole thing with a master-servant contract would make a relationship abnormal to begin with. Even if you use Celis-chan’s magic and the curse manifest’s as petrification, that’s out of the ordinary as it is. There’s also no easy inbetween magic for a curse between the aphrodisiac and petrification. I think then, the first thing you have to do is to think of a way to free Celis-chan from the cursed bounds of the hero clan.”


“If we’re to continue making an alliance with both the demon side and the heroes side, the matter of Celis-chan must be sorted, after all, currently she’s officially dispatched here from the Vatican as an emissary.”

And then, Shiba said.

“Basara, as well as Yuki-chan and Kurumi-chan, all of you are no longer part of the hero clan. Therefore, the remaining tie Vatican has with you is through Celis-chan, they would want to maintain that while giving Celis-chan to you, then when you make an alliance with them, they’d use that to optimize their position, I’m sure of that”

“You’re right…”

That’s why Celis said she doesn’t want to tie the master-servant contract using Maria’s magic but her own instead.

With a master-servant contract, if something happens with the Vatican she could somehow be free from it, but there’s no going back from a master-servant vow. While Celis’ own contribution would be invaluable, if something happens with the Vatican, they may not be able to completely deny it.


“If perhaps —- something doesn’t go well in our alliance”

“The Vatican would instantly abandon Celis-chan, making her shoulder the blame while saving their own skin. Well, there’d be some others involved who would have it bad as well.”

That being said,

“For starters, you guys are looking at the Vatican or Village as the entry point to an alliance with the hero clan currently. But, the Vatican has the issue regarding me, and the Village is far too close to you, Basara. I think if you’re looking to make an alliance with the hero clan as a whole, you may want to avoid these two avenues. You could possibly look to the other regions to form your alliance.”

Most likely, said Shiba. 

“If we speak in terms of ideals, they might be more receptive avenues to us. On top of that, they wouldn’t be forming that alliance based on fear alone, it’ll give it meaning and reduce the chance of it collapsing”

“In short, I have to look to either China or America huh…”

“Maybe, you can have discussions with the two of them? There’s some hostility on that side to begin with, and currently, with their political power being below both the Vatican and Village, they may see some sort of plan to direct the balance of power in the hero clan more towards their side.”

“At worst, having discussions with both, if they bite then that’s good… And also, the side that doesn’t choose to go with you if it happens, then you would at least have reduced ill will and hostility from them”

in acknowledgment, Basara muttered “ I see”. 

“There are more benefits than the end of conflicts by forming an alliance with the village. Right now, Yuki-chan and Kurumi-chan have left the village, and as such they’ve had to put a distance between them and their father Shuuya who’s a candidate for leadership in the village, as well as with his wife and their mother Kaoru. That’s one of the reasons you’re holding the wedding ceremony in a high level barrier made by Afureia right?”


If it’s within a barrier made by Hasegawa, then they don’t have to worry about the hero clan noticing.

This is also something they could say for Ramsus (Wilbert). 


“Basara, if you can do the alliance with the hero clan well, while Yuki-chan and Kurumi-chan may never return to how things were with their parents, it would be better than what they have now. At the very least, they can visit them whenever they wish. That’s the same for Mio-chan and the moderate faction right?”

That’s why, shiba said.

“You have to think well about Celis-chan. Most likely, what she does determines what’s going to happen next.”

A pause.

“Whether or not you can make a meaningful alliance — and whether or not you guys can grasp the future you want.”

After that, Basara went past the ticket gate and went to the platform, it was at that time,

“…Ahh, that’s right”

Shiba said, as if he had just remembered something.

“You might have noticed it already but… The strange guy who’s loitering around your house, well, about that, I took care of it this afternoon”

It’s been a few days since there’s something going around Basara and the girls.

Of course Basara himself noticed it, but as he can’t read the true nature of this presence, he refrained himself from taking a more direct action.

—- But at the same time, he obviously couldn’t just leave it be.

Therefore, this morning Basara instructed Shiba to do something about it.

“Thank you for dealing with that… in the end, who was it?”

He thanked Shiba for the speed of his work, and he asked that at the same time.

“I thought it was someone from the hero clan, or perhaps even from the divine realm but… In the end it was actually a demon. In any case, I’ve restrained him in my apartment for now”

Currently, Shiba is living in what was once Hasegawa’s apartment.

Without terminating her current lease with the apartment, Hasegawa continues on with it and they got Shiba to live there, and when Basara has conversations he can’t have in front of Mio and the other girls, he would go there himself.

“A demon huh… Do you know what faction they’re from?”

Basara asked, puzzled by this development.

If it’s regarding observation, Takigawa had already been dispatched as a joint operative from both the current demon lord faction and the moderate faction.

For either of the top two leaders Ramsus and Leohart to dispatch another person to monitor them doesn’t seem very likely. This is due to the nature of their current relationship with Basara and the girls, as well as due to the presence of Takigawa.

On that side, there should’ve already been a level of trust.

With that,

“I’m trying to get him to spill, but he’s pretty tight-lipped… But from reading his ki, he doesn’t have the aura from either the moderate faction or the current demon lord faction”

The moderate faction and the current demon lord faction have a slight difference in their magic.

The aura they emit when using it is different. 

And Shiba, who excels at manipulating ki, has no problem at all reading the aura of others.

So it’s likely that this person is someone from neither the current demon lord faction nor the moderate faction.

— The current demon lord faction and the moderate faction are two of the largest forces in the demon realm.

With their combined forces, they make up around 70% of the demon realm. However, there exists other factions in the demon realm, and there are also independent communities that exist outside of factions.

If there’s a third party who’s aiming for dominance in the demon realm, surely they won’t sit by and do nothing, looking on enviously as the two largest factions, the current demon lord faction and the moderate faction start working together. It is understandable that they would look into avenues around Basara and the girls, who could hold the key to their goals, and make their move from that point.

“We should report this situation to the current demon lord faction and the moderate faction through Takigawa”

“While I think that’s a solid idea… I think we should think carefully about how it’s told to the heads Ramsus and Leohart. I think it would be better if it’s told to just the two of them, just like the discussions about forming the alliance.”

“…What do you mean by that?”

“That guy —- I’m not sure, but it seems like they figured out Mio-chan and the other girls are pregnant”

At Shiba’s words, 


Basara narrowed his eyes.

—- The truth of Mio and the other girls’ pregnancy, is top level secret. It’s known only by a select few. 

The ones that Basara and the girls can confirm for sure are just Ramsus from the moderate faction, Lucia and Sheila.

Of the current demon lord faction, it’s just Leohart and Liala.

Of course — in order to have the alliance go forward, it’s necessary to disclose that Mio and the other girls’ pregnancy is the reason behind their planned marriage at this time.

When an alliance is being considered, if there are hidden major details like this, if it’s to eventually come to light at a much later point, it won’t be easy to control the situation and could leave a bad feeling.

—- In the end however, that’s a conversation that should still be limited to just those in the moderate faction and current demon lord faction.

They can’t see any good results from revealing the pregnancy of Mio and the other girls to other factions.

There’s only one possibility they could think of.

“Most likely a spy had infiltrated either the moderate faction or current demon lord faction, and that spy was spreading information to other factions.” 

“Except… Within the moderate faction and current demon lord faction there aren’t many who knew of this information to begin with. This isn’t a good look right now. Perhaps, this guy I managed to capture isn’t here to observe, but he’s here for an assassination.” 

Most likely, said Shiba. 

“It’s the action of a rebel faction in opposition to the alliance with us. Maybe they acted, thinking the pregnancy of Mio and the other girls provided a good opportunity to do so. If they managed to kidnap one of the girls, there would be a difference of opinions on how they would handle it between the moderate faction and the current demon lord faction, likely to a large degree… If it doesn’t go as well as it could, then in the confusion, they’ll be able to find some sort of opening to create chaos”

What should we do?

“We should deal with it in a straightforward way, and present this guy’s dead body to that faction, in that case, we could show that we’re aware that they’ve been spying, and we might be able to restrain them as well.” 

At that suggestion of Shiba’s.


Quietly, Basara shook his head.

“Let’s hand that guy over to the demons… We’ll get Takigawa to hand him over to Leohart. As much as possible, I would like to avoid doing anything that might be viewed as offensive, causing negotiations for the alliance to stop”


“If there’s a traitor in the alliance… That’s an error on their part. If we pin that down and handle it in a way that involves them by handing the guy over, it would be a positive impression”

“I see… But you’re handing him over not to the alliance but to the current demon lord faction. It’s one of the ways to handle the current issue with Celis-chan”

Smiling happily, Shiba instantly understood Basara’s intention. 

“Well done Basara… Looks like you’re gradually growing to be able to make some pretty clever decisions”

His string like thin eyes opened ever so slightly.

“You should face the issue with Celis-chan using that level of cruelty”


“Oops, looks like I said something out of line. Sorry.”

Haha, Shiba laughed.

“Well then… If that’s all decided, I’ll be heading back for now. After all, now that we’ve managed to get our hands on a high value hostage. I have to restrain him real well, even though his consciousness probably won’t return for at least another day, I would like to make sure he’s not going to die on us or anything like that, I have to ensure that his ki flow isn’t going to be a problem”

As Shiba said that, a train arrived at the platform.

It’s the super express that Basara’s taking.

With that,

“Well, I’m going now. Aah, right, I almost forgot.”

Like remembering something, Shiba handed a paper bag to Basara.

“—-What’s this?”

Opening the paper bag, Basara sees a toothbrush, toothpaste, breath mints and a small plastic water bottle, and on top of that, deodorant spray for his clothes,

“It’s the main event tonight. If you’d like, use these before you get home”

After those words, as Basara looked up to glance at him, Shiba was no longer there on the platform.

Basara, with a smirk, put a couple breath mints into his mouth.

After returning the case to the paper bag, he stepped into the open door of the train.

Part 18

The clock was ticking close to eleven at night. 

At the Toujou house, the preparations for the master-servant contract taking place that evening were finished. 

— As such, when Basara gets home, it’s time for the moment of truth.

Among those — one of the main players for tonight, Celis Reinhardt, was waiting for that moment to start in the room given to her to use on the second floor.

They’ll tell her when Basara’s gets home and Mio and the other girls finish getting him ready.

Next, Mio and one of the other girls would call her over, then she would go down to the living room —- after that, she would face Basara and they’ll instantly start with the master-servant contract.

The next knock on her door would determine her fate.

Even though that’s how it was,


Celis was sitting on her bed with her hands on her thighs, curled tight.

—- Her resolve, already made, letting her real feelings sit in the depths of her heart.

But at the moment, her heart still wavered.

With that,

“…Reinhardt, are you alright?”

Looking straight at her, suddenly a soft voice asked Celis that from right by her side. When Celis looked at her, she could see a cute girl who was also sitting on the bed right by her. 

—- It’s the girl who also wanted the master-servant contract together with Celis this evening.

The half vampire Tachibana Nanao.

But — how Nanao looks is completely different from Celis sitting there in her everyday casual clothes. 

Her womanly body is dyed lewdly, wearing a sensual bustier and garter belt.

There are fine details in places, with lace intricately worked into it, Nanao’s chest and butt was transparent in places — so that those important places could be seen faintly through the clothes.

It was far more lewd than simply being naked, and Nanao willingly dressed that way. 

The form of master-servant contract that Nanao would make with Basara is one that will be based on succubus magic —- and like Yuki’s time, they picked the same scenario regarding the kiss not happening with the master-servant mark.


“Are you… really okay with this?”

Still undecided Celis, launched the question at Nanao.

They will be tying this master-servant contract using the power of Maria, who by now had already tied the master-servant vow with Basara and whose succubus power exceeded even her mother Sheila, famed as a legendary succubus in her own right.

As such — the curse’s arousal power, shall it arouse, will be to a degree that’s never seen before in history.

With that in mind — Nanao will most definitely turn into Basara’s sex slave.

Understanding the meaning of that question, Nanao met with Celis’ gaze. 


With her cheeks red, she nodded with a happy smile on her face.

“You see, I… I have always been running away all this time. Afraid of being targeted,I keep hiding that I’m half vampire and even my own sex isn’t fixed because of it. Most likely, I’ve not only been lying to those around me but also to myself”

However, Nanao said while looking up.

At the end of that gaze, was her thoughts regarding her most precious person.

“See, Toujou-kun… he accepted all of me despite that, telling me that it’s all okay. That we will always be friends despite everything. Probably, that’s the first time I realized my feelings for Toujou-kun”

“But, Basara is…”

Before she could finish those words,

“Yeah… Toujou-kun has Naruse-san and the other girls, and even a secret relationship with Hasegawa-sensei. I have been told that to a certain extent. But, even so, I’m alright with that”

After all, Nanao said.

“Just like Naruse-san and the other girls, just like Hasegawa-sensei too — Toujou-kun is the only one for me”

Tachibana Nanao worded the changes in her feelings once more.

“Soon after I began to develop feelings for Toujou-kun, during the student council committee for the sports festival, I extended an invitation to Toujou-kun and Hasegawa-sensei. At that time, my sex wasn’t determined yet but, coincidentally it was a period where I was a girl.”


“After dinner, the student council played the “kings game”, and I went to the bathroom together with Toujou-kun, I took off all the male clothes I was wearing and had to wear female ones”

“All of your clothes…”

“Yeah… It was a cross-dressing thing, but panties and bra were included”

Celis looked on shocked at Nanao’s embarrassing confession.

“And then we returned and Toujou-kun had to kiss me”

“Wait… a kiss for a game?”

“Seems like it was a game for adults and it often happens but we didn’t go that far and it wasn’t determined where he should kiss me. It didn’t have to be on the lips, so on my hand was fine, or if you were brave on the cheek was good as well”

“It didn’t have to be on the lips” 

“—-Toujou-kun kissed my nape”

Tachibana Nanao said in remembrance, as she touched her name. 

“Probably, Toujou-kun didn’t think much of it. I myself didn’t think much of it at the time”


“A vampire’s trait is — when they want to make someone their subordinate, they would suck that person’s blood from their nape. And then at the same time then, my blood… It gets imbued by magic. In short, it’s a bit like a master-servant contract with vampires. And then — even though I’m a half-blood, I’m still a vampire”

“Since I don’t do any vampiric actions, being kissed by Toujou-kun on my nape was a powerful memory… Ever since that night, to me, Toujou-kun has always been someone I could never forget”


“Toujou-kun already had Naruse-san, Hasegawa-sensei and the other girls. I felt like there’s no way I could stand up next to such amazing people… For him to even be liked by this half-baked me, I felt like I was even troubling Toujou-kun. Therefore I put a lid on my feelings, using my magic eyes on myself, so that I didn’t end up liking Toujou-kun like that”

Nanao said, looking a bit upset. 


Celis looked at Nanao with a dark expression.

— Tachibana Nanao understood that expression.

Before she used her own magic eyes on herself — it’s the same face she always made as she looked into the mirror.

…So it’s just like Naruse-san said, huh…

At that time afterschool, they peeped on Basara and Yuki having sex in the empty classroom — Kurumi had said.

There’s a lesson they had to teach Celis no matter what.

Paralyzed at seeing the extremely lewd scene in front of them, she couldn’t really think much about it at the time, but later on Mio had told her the meaning behind those words. 

Celis was suppressing her true feelings all while proposing the master-servant contract with Basara.

It’s something Nanao had once done — and it’s something she knew she shouldn’t have done. 

That’s why they had to teach Celis.

“But Reinhardt… My feelings for Toujou-kun aren’t something that can be suppressed by my magic eyes. No matter how beautiful Naruse-san, Hasegawa-san and the other girls are, no matter how much I might trouble Toujou-kun… Despite all that, I still like Toujou-kun”

As such.

“Even if you may be able to fool your own surface consciousness, you can never fool yourself on a deeper level… So this body of mine, holding deep down my feelings for Toujou-kun, remains one of a girl”

Since then, Nanao said.

“At the end of the third term… I accidentally got into an aroused state due to my magic eyes and was helped by Toujou-kun. And then Toujou-kun, he properly confronted me… Even though Kajiura-senpai got dragged into it, Hasegawa-sensei still joined in to help”

And then.

“After that… Hasegawa sensei had revealed the truth behind what I had done, and nevertheless, Toujou-kun accepted my feelings.”

Therefore, Nanao announced.

“I’m now — not going to lie about my feelings anymore.”

And then Nanao explored a lewd action beyond all descriptions.

Following the instructions of Hasegawa, who by that point was already Basara’s sex slave. Nanao lewdly serviced Basara — desiring to be wrecked by him.

They didn’t cross that final line but it was to the point Basara’s penis had slipped inside her panties, rubbing against her womanly entrance — and it was then Nanao was fully reborn as a woman.

“And then after the end of spring break, going on to second year… After Toujou-kun joined the student council. I was told by him, about the fight with this amazing person called Shiba Kyoichi, and the master-servant vow with Naruse-san and the other girls, as well as all the uncertainties that might happen down the line.”

And one of those uncertainties was how Basara’s enemy might target Nanao.


“Hearing that, I instantly asked him. If he and the girls are alright with it… I want to tie the master-servant contract with him too”

When Basara went to the demon realm, all Nanao could do was watch him go quietly.

At that time, she was still hiding her true form — that of a half vampire, from Mio and the other girls.

—- But Basara, having returned from the demon realm had a different feel about him.

He had an unbelievable life and death battle, that much was instantly obvious.


The Basara who Nanao met after a long time during the entrance ceremony after spring break, was even more drastically different.

On one hand he’s so much more attractive —- on the other, there’s a dark and cold feel to him. It’s without a doubt he had emerged victorious over an unimaginable life and death battle again, and for the sake of winning that, he had lost something in the process.

Unable to hold her feelings for Basara—- Without really thinking, Nanao had serviced him lewdly in a supermarket bathroom.

Nanao couldn’t give anything more to Basara.

Therefore, together with Basara’s current situation, and also hearing about the master-servant contract and the latter master-servant vow, Nanao instantly wanted to have the same with Basara.

—- She didn’t want to be left behind anymore than this.

With that — it’s not only Basara who accepted her feelings, but also Mio and the other girls. 

Nanao, with the vampire’s blood flowing through her body is one which is easily targeted by the hero clan — particularly by the Vatican and the heroes in America. If perhaps on the path to forming the alliance; the Vatican or America might possibly become aware of Nanao; they might even take the opportunity to make an attack through her —- from a political standpoint, it would be difficult for Basara to repel such an attack.

Therefore, in order to protect Nanao, the girls allowed Basara to form a master-servant contract with her. 

The Nanao’s existence could still become a shackle in terms of the alliance.

— So for Nanao to be of use to Basara, they must hurry and get to the master-servant vow stage.

Even though there’s a gap in fighting power — through the master-servant vow, Basara and the other girls had reached a different dimension of power. So just a master-servant contract has no real reason now, and how far it will go with a master-servant vow is still incalculable.


According to Hasegawa, as Nanao has vampire blood flowing through her, there’s a possibility of unlocking an even higher level of power should they reach a master-servant vow.

If it all goes well, it might even have the potential to reach the current level of Mio and the other girls… When said like that, there’s no other choice but to bet on that possibility.

Therefore, they chose the method that helped Basara reach the level of phenomenon of master-servant vow, using Maria’s — the succubus magic, to tie the master-servant contract.

And then, with Nanao’s confessions, 


Celis continued to be silent, with her gaze shifting away.

Looking at her from the side, one could see her eyes tremble —- Therefore, Nanao was sure now.

…As I suspected, you’re lost aren’t you Celis-san?

Different from Nanao who decided to tie the master-servant contract with Basara using the succubus magic like Mio and the other girls, Celis had said that she will use her own magic.

—- Celis’ super serious nature, is something that Nanao had already noticed in the past month and a half she’s known Celis for.

Therefore, when she first heard of Celis’ master-servant contract, she understood that Celis would resist using the succubus magic for the contract, and Nanao herself didn’t plan to inject any of her opinions into it.


A master-servant contract —- whether in a bad way or a good way, it would change your life.

Celis decided to tie the master-servant contract so that she doesn’t drag Basara’s group down, a reason similar to Nanao herself.


Having met at school now, as well as working on student-council activities together, Nanao had gotten to interact with Celis many times —- and that’s why she realized.

The way Celis looks at Basara, it’s the same as her own,  as well as Mio and the other girls. 

— Of course, that much isn’t enough to say that she should tie the master-servant contract using the succubus magic like the other girls. 

To strengthen a master-servant contract, a deeper sense of submission must be felt towards their master Basara.

As such, tying the master-servant contract with the succubus magic would eventually end with them falling into being sex slaves like Mio and the other girls, and thinking about it normally, this wouldn’t  be acceptable to the serious Celis.

As a single girl who likes Basara —- surely she would want an intimate relationship with him.

That’s a natural way to feel.


Basara has Mio and the other girls. To Basara, they’re what’s most important to him. 

It’s because they all understood that the girls had given up on having Basara all to themselves.

…No, that’s not quite right.

They didn’t give up. All of them have something they can’t give up on.

Living by Basara’s side —- being able to lay with him, that future.

Therefore Mio and the other girls, they all naturally sought a way they could live by Basara’s side.

— Nanao had once thought of pulling herself away from those girls.

But she couldn’t do it. It was impossible.

…After all.

Tachibana Nanao as it is, already has no one else she wants to be with but Basara.

There were so many times she felt like Basara would go far away —- with Mio and the other girls. 

During those times she felt miserable, and it felt strange.

Once, she thought of forgetting it all.


Even though Nanao was the one who recklessly pulled her hand away, Basara held on to her tight.

She kept thinking that Basara is going far away without seeing it from his perspective… While Basara is there, looking at her in a place where she could reach.

That’s why now —- Tachibana Nanao can be here.

Like Mio and the other girls, living with Basara.

Standing at the threshold of that future.

…If perhaps.

If perhaps Celis could give up on Basara as a love interest —- to give up on the person she would wish to give her life to entirely, then tying the master-servant contract using her own magic is fine.

But —- if it’s like what Mio and the others say, Celis is just lying to her own feelings.

If like Nanao once did, she would continue to push away her feelings for whatever reason.

It’s a mistake to tie the master-servant contract with Basara in this way.

To Celis herself — and to Basara and Nanao and the other girls as well.


“Having met Toujou-kun, being able to spend time with him, I feel like I’ve truly found life. I wish to tie the master-servant contract using succubus magic with him, from the bottom of my heart”

Tachibana Nanao announced to the girl in front of her.

And then, with her eyes gazing straight into Celis, she asked,

“Celis-san…. What do you actually want to do?”

Part 19

Celis was questioned about the true nature of her feelings.


The feelings were right on the tip of her tongue, but then she swallowed them down.

What she wants to do with her true feelings, is a question she still doesn’t know how to answer. 

She likes Basara — that much is fact.

If it’s Basara, she’s willing to dedicate all that she is, and if that’s what he wishes for, she wouldn’t even mind becoming his sex slave.

If it’s together with Basara, she would happily descend into hell.

That much is all true.


If she does that, then it would be just as the Vatican wants.

Even though she wanted to tie the master-servant contract with Basara so she would stop burdening him, that master-servant contract could become trouble for him and the other girls.

That’s something she doesn’t want to happen at all.

Because of that, she doesn’t  follow what she wants but what she feels is best for Basara.

That’s the reason why she doesn’t follow what she wants, but what she feels is best for Basara. 

…Even so.

Basara had said he would tie the master-servant contract with Celis in the way she wants to.

—- It’s likely he completely sees through to her feelings.

Moreover, Mio and the other girls are set on how she should tie the master-servant contract using Maria’s — succubus magic. Because they believe that to be Celis’ true desire.

And currently Celis is being questioned. 

They questioned what she really wants to do. 


“….I’m sorry”

Even though they really made her think. Even though she really questioned her own heart.

Even though it’s making her confused — to the point of getting frustrated. 

When it comes to prioritizing Basara or herself, no matter what her own desire can’t find its way out.

Just as Celis tried wording an apology, 


Suddenly, a shocked voice spilled out of her. 

Nanao, who’s right beside her, enveloped her with a gentle hug.  

“It’s alright, don’t apologize… Didn’t I tell you, I couldn’t come to my answer by myself either”

The kind Nanao continued, 

“I didn’t even really understand my own feelings. When there’s more than two important feelings at stake… I’m sure that it’s hard to give up on either, and it must really hurt”


“It’s alright, you don’t have to suffer alone. We’re all here. That’s why, Celis-san, share your feelings”

“I’m sure we can find the best answer for you and for everyone as well”

After all,

“We’re all by your side Celis-san… I’m here, and Toujou-kun is too”

Having understood the feelings of Nanao,


As she’s held in that embrace, Celis’ voice shook. 

“It’s alright to call me Nanao… I’ll call you Celis-san too”

It’s at that moment, as Nanao rubbed her back gently,  

—- They could hear a sound from the first floor.

The opening of the living room door.

“—-Welcome home, Basara-sama”

“Welcome home, Basara-niichan”

Zest and Kurumi welcomed this house’s master— no, the girls’ master, and those voices could be heard from the room.

And then,

“—-Hey, I’m back”

Responding to Basara’s short voice that can be heard from the hallway,


Without realising it, Celis froze up and gulped down.

Finally, the time has arrived.

As Basara’s footsteps faded into the living room, Celis got super nervous. 

“It’s alright… It’s alright, Celis-san”

Nanao tried to calm her down by continuing to hug her. 

With that, Nanao’s chest was right at Celis’ ears.

…Ah… Nanao-san…

Celis then realized the sound of her chest had the same fast sounds as her own. 

Even so —- she faced Celis seriously, trying to calm her down.


Celis, almost in tears, hugged her back.

The two who are about to tie the master-servant contract with Basara — the two of them, were hugging each other.

—- And then, after ten minutes that seemed like forever.                     

Footsteps from the living room could be heard going up the stairs. 

Their destiny was slowly coming closer —- at that truth, Celis and Nanao gulped down, looking at the door.

The footsteps stopped at Celis’ door, and then there was a knock on the door. 

Celis and Nanao then got up from the bed. 

“…W-we’re here”

As their voices trembled, there was a click opening the door, and in they came. 

Three people walked in through the door. 

Mio and Hasegawa with their kind faces.

And then,


Nanao who’s next to Celis let out a sound towards Basara, who they thought they would face in the living room. 

“What’s wrong… Is there a problem?”

Even though one person was enough to call them over, three of them had come —- and on top of it Basara too. 

“No, it’s nothing. It’s just, we have something to discuss with Celis”


Celis returned Basara’s words with silence. 

—- There’s a condition related to her master-servant contract with Basara.

It should happen in a way that Celis truly wanted. 

Celis had yet to answer that question for Basara.

Of course, that reason being Celis still can’t get the answer out from inside her.

Due to her silence, 


Nanao’s worried voice called out to her.

“Nanao… You go ahead with Mio”

Basara said with a calming voice. 

“…Okay, I get it”

Since it’s something her master Basara was telling her to do, Nanao couldn’t do anything but  agree to do it.

Therefore Nanao began to walk downstairs —- at that moment,

“—-It’s alright. Believe me”

Nanao softly said, just so only she could hear her.. 

—- Those comforting words were surely meant to support Celis through regarding whatever Basara and Hasegawa wanted to talk to her about.  

As if having said all she meant with all her feelings, Nanao went to Mio’s side. 

“So Celis-san, we’ll be going ahead first”

At the moment Mio said that —- her eyes met Celis’.

On her face was an extremely gentle look,


The meaning of the look wasn’t easily understood, however Mio didn’t mind, she went with Nanao outside of the room, and closed the door behind them. 

After that —- two sets of footsteps walked down the stairs and disappeared.


Basara called out as he looked straight at her,


Reacting instinctively, Celis’ body trembled.

She was nervous. 

“Our master-servant contract… I had told you my condition for it is that it should be done in a way that you truly want. When we talked about it before, you said you wanted to use your own magic”

With that said, Basara’s stare intensified. 

“This is just a final confirmation but —- is that still how you feel now?”


Celis began answering back but no words came out beyond that. 

—- What’s the most important thing to Celis Reinhardt?

Is it her love for Basara? Or was it to be of use to Basara.

…I wonder, why?

Even though when I asked for the master-servant contract, I wasn’t conflicted.

Even after everyone told her to be honest, she still wasn’t sure what she should do.

“What should I do… I don’t know what’s right”

As she murmured, words finally spilled out. 

—- Even if they didn’t answer Basara’s question.

But what she finally said, was a lie without anything to conceal it.

“…Yeah, I understand what you mean” 


Celis looked up responding to Basara’s voice. 

With that, her eyes met with Basara’s right in front of her.

With a smile, so extremely kind,

Celis looked at Toujou Basara with her eyes full of surprise.

“Me too I… I don’t know what’s the right thing to do. No matter how much I keep thinking about it”

“What’s the thing I can’t give up on no matter what —- I thought of that”

“What you can’t give up on…”

To Celis who replied like in a trance, Basara nodded with a “yeah” taking a glance at Hasegawa as she leaned against the wall of the room.

—- That way of thinking, is a piece of advice given to Basara by Hasegawa when he was once conflicted.

Facing it that way, one wouldn’t just realize their true feelings, but also put them in the context of the situation in front of them, and it had helped him overcome many difficulties. 

“That’s why I now live with everyone in this house, and will be together with them in the future. Also, I want to protect our life we have now”

Moreover, Basara said

“This is just my guess but… Isn’t the thing you don’t want to give up on your sense of justice?”

As such, while she can’t forgive Albareos’ deeds, she can’t bear to lose the Vatican who raised her and her friends.

She holds Basara and the girls dear but, regarding their relationships based on the master-servant vow —- it’s difficult for her to understand, and it doesn’t fit into her own logic and common sense as per her world view.

…That’s why, for sure Celis, 

Thinking of that sense of justice inside her, she had said that she wants to tie the master-servant contract using her own magic.

That feeling is understandable.

Nonetheless, Basara continued to express how he really felt. 

“Rising all the way up to the rank of holy knight, certainly you believe the justice of the Hero Clan is right. And I don’t plan to deny that.” 


“I don’t want you to put yourself at risk with the master-servant contract by taking on a magic with such nature —- that’s how I really feel”


After becoming aware of Basara’s real feelings, Celis wasn’t sure what to say. 

“Doing what’s right… Even if it’s just by a little bit, I’d like to reduce the chance of a mistake. With your upbringing, and your personality, when you bring that into consideration I can understand how you feel”

Hasegawa, who had been quiet all this time, softly parted her lips and spoke.

“Originally, the master-servant contract was intended for those who were already master and servant. It’s because for those with a fixed role as such, they could strengthen each other through the contract. Even though there’s cases of tying the master-servant contract onto enemies by force, it’s because it didn’t matter if someone dies” 

“Celis… You and Basara are childhood friends. Even if you tie the master-servant contract with him using magic, it doesn’t nullify your relationship with him up to this point. There are plenty of possible incidents that could happen to trigger the curse of the master-servant contract”

To top it off, Hasegawa said. 

“More than anything it’s about personality… At the base of it, You’re overly serious. That’s not saying it’s good or bad. But that’s why while you have to acknowledge the nature of relationships between Basara, myself and the other girls, it doesn’t mean that you think it’s right”


Hasegawa smiled sympathetically, at Celis, who looked very sorry. 

“It’s alright. It’s not a wrong way of thinking. The relationship between us and Basara, if you look at it from a conventional point of view, it’s definitely going to be seen as odd”


“If you think your master is wrong, the curse will activate instantly. That’s why if you tie the master-servant contract with Basara, you have to believe, from the bottom of your heart, that our relationship is right. But, are you able to do such a thing?”

“…I probably can’t right away”

Responding to Hasegawa’s point, Celis spoke honestly.

“However… I can start to understand bit by bit”

“That’s an admirable position… if you tie the master-servant contract using your magic, the curse would activate as petrification” 

Hasegawa continued.

“The way to relieve the symptoms of the curse is to strengthen your feelings for your master from deep down. In the month and a half you’ve been with us, you’ve done that significantly but… Even so, your upbringing and personality really affix your values and worldview”

As such.

“The curse won’t wait for your change of heart. As you are right now, tying the master-servant contract. You wouldn’t be able to live in this house.” 


Celis said, trying to object. 

“Until I get used to it, can’t you lend me your help, Afureia-sama? You, with your togami powers… Surely you can help in keeping the curse from activating?”

“I did think of that but…”

Hasegawa said exasperatedly.

“Celis… I’m sorry, but that isn’t possible”

“W-why is that?”

Celis said, looking at her surprised.

“Do you not get it? I’ve tied the master-servant vow with Basara”

Hasegawa said.

“If the curse activates for you, that means you’ve betrayed Basara in some way. I can’t suppress a curse that activates for my master Basara”


Basara looked at Celis as she stood dumbfounded.

— It’s not odd that Celis had not thought of what Hasegawa pointed out. 

Ultimately, the master-servant contract is a system that came from the hierarchical demon society.

With the hero clan, even if they tie contracts with spirits and beasts, such a contract between humans doesn’t happen, so it’s hard to completely understand the finer details.

…In addition to that,

The Ten Gods are of absolute importance to the hero clan. 

Due to that reverence, the way Celis thinks, putting all her trust in Hasegawa, would stop there. More than anything —- to Celis, Basara is a close childhood friend.

With having her naïveté pointed out, Celis was at a loss for words. 

Hasegawa asked, 

“What will you do? Would you still want to tie a master-servant contract that threatens your life with Basara?”

And to that, Celis objected, 

“O-of course. No matter what, I will tie the master-servant contract with Basara. I will not give up on that. Without that I’ll be holding you back —“

Interrupting her, Hasegawa rejected her declaration. 

“—-In that case, unless you make it with Maria’s magic, it’s far too dangerous”

But Celis didn’t seem to understand that at all. 

“Why’s that, Afureia-sama… I don’t fear death”

“Of course. I’m not doubting your justice or your courage”

But with a voice turned cold, Hasegawa said, 

“If you die from the curse of the master-servant contract, it would no longer be an issue of whether or not you’re holding us back. It’s without a doubt, trouble to us. It’s a tragedy with nothing beyond it. Especially for Basara who continues to shoulder the blame for the catastrophe that happened because he couldn’t control his power, feeling the weight of it, do you want to add further to that?”


Celis looked at her surprised. 

Wanting to do things based on her own justice, that’s something that Basara can understand. 

—- But, in the end Basara and Celis weren’t seeing eye to eye.

The kind words turned to sharp. A soft sympathetic smile into a blank expression.

Celis didn’t know how she should react at all right now. 

Therefore, Basara, without looking at Celis,


First, He instructed Hasegawa not to torment Celis anymore.  

Because Celis wasn’t at fault for this.

Following his instruction, Hasegawa withheld any other words she might’ve had.

Basara then walked right in front of Celis, and placed his hands gently on her shoulders.



Celis still couldn’t manage any words.

The girl looked down quietly, as if she was about to cry. 

She said with an upset voice,  

“…Basara, surely you understand why the Vatican let me go to you”

Nodding with a quiet voice, he said, 


“Are you just going to follow the Vatican’s plans without any resistance?”

Basara shook his head as Celis looked up at him.

“That’s not it. We’re just going through with what’s best for us — if on top of it we somehow manage to meet Vatican’s expectations then so be it”

“…So do you think me tying the master-servant contract with you using the succubus magic is for the best?”

In response to Celis, 

Toujou Basara resolutely said, 

“If you must tie the contract with me at all cost — then yes”

To Celis who was wide-eyed in shock, it was an unexpected response. 


“But this is what I decided unilaterally. I’m the one forcing you to go through with it this way and you’re just going along with it. Therefore, no matter what the result, it’s not going to be on you. It’ll be my responsibility”

Even if after the fact, the Vatican said something, it wouldn’t be on Celis. 

By all others’ understanding, tying the master-servant contract using the aphrodisiac trait would entirely be Basara’s fault.

Of course, this isn’t the ideal situation, but even a little, it helps Celis’ heart.


In this way, it’ll also put to a stop the investigations of the Vatican, the ones with the most overwhelming power among all the different hero clan districts.

Of course, if it’s just as Basara wants, he would like to avoid causing anything that unnecessarily strengthens his ties with the Vatican . At the moment, Celis is by Basara’s side as a representative of the Vatican. As such, to the Vatican, if Basara and Celis tie the master-servant contract, they would see that as a reason to push for stronger ties with Basara.

And then, Celis, understanding the situation said,

“…I have to stop living as a member of the hero clan, huh?”

Basara responded,

“I can’t deny that it’s definitely a choice”

With that said, Basara then revealed something to Celis.

—- It was about his difficulties in establishing an alliance with the demons.

How Celis and her affiliation with the Vatican is the crux of that.

“That’s… I can’t believe I’m already troubling you, Basara”

“Don’t worry about it. Celis, you’re not the problem —- it’s the Vatican”

Toujou Basara said, in order to alleviate Celis’ guilt. 

“Besides —- there’s a way for you to remain in the hero clan, and for us to solve the problem with making the alliance with the demons, and even to thwart the Vatican’s plans”

“In addition to tying the master-servant  contract with me — for you to stand at the top of the Vatican”

Part 20

—- To protect this world from demons and beasts.

That’s the original duty of the hero clan.

However, to accomplish this goal, it isn’t enough to simply pick up a sword and fight.

That’s something up until this point that has been proven by history. .

But — there’s a possibility of long standing peace that could come with Basara making an alliance with the largest forces of the demon realm as well as the hero clan.

Therefore, they want to collect people who hold dear this original mission of the hero clan, just like Celis who Basara and the girls trust and organize a new Vatican.

—- The ones that are making it hard for them to make the alliance with the demons is after all, the currently existing Vatican.

That problem is clear.


With the master-servant contract, Basara would be above Celis and act like a constraint for the other districts of the hero clan. 

With the events regarding Albareos, there’s a high possibility that the holy throne is abolished in order to curb runaway power. With Europe being the center of power of the hero clan, of the different regions, The Vatican has the most power. Surely with this happening, different regions like America and China would move to undermine that.

— But, it’s best to have someone at the top that isn’t tainted by past deeds of greed.

Someone able to see what’s truly important.

“What’s truly important — that’s, friendship, like what you value”


Basara nodded at Celis who was a bit overwhelmed. 

“It’s definitely not easy. But it’s not something we can give up so easily either. There’s a lot of value in attempting this”

Those who view their actions as dangerous would prove to be a threat towards them, trying to appease them may be necessary. 

But—- with Basara as Celis’ shield, it would be difficult for the hero clan to take action.

He won’t allow the corrupt upper echelons of the Vatican to take advantage of Celis’ sense of justice.  

The master-servant contract between Basara and Celis is the key to everything falling well into place.

“There may not be that many who join us. The power we gather may be insignificant. But even so I don’t mind. After all, what you want to protect Celis, aren’t those kinds of people in the Vatican”

Those with a similar sense of justice as her — those who can work together to create a new peace in the world.

That’s what Celis really wants to protect.

Therefore, it’s enough to gather those who share her ideals,

“Of course — we will lend you our power to make that come true”

There’s no need to worry regarding a title from the hero clan.

Just protect what you want to protect.

What you really can’t give up, protect what’s important to you.

Even if it’s not the hero clan —- they can protect this world.

That’s something Toujou Basara understood.


“It’s alright Celis. Please believe in yourself. Even without a title from the hero clan, you have your own inner strength”

Just as he said that, tears began to flow from Celis’ eyes.


She leaned on his chest, and was gently embraced by Basara.

He then softly patted her back. 

“You’re so serious, you’re always thinking about how you can stop yourself from being a burden for Basara”

From beside her, Hasegawa warmly said,

“But with your title at the Vatican and your position in the Hero clan, without leaving all that, instead of thinking about how you can be of use to Basara, instead, it’s better to think about how you can make Basara most happy…” 


“Clearly —- that should be the same as your true feelings which you haven’t expressed”


With Celis, looking at Hasegawa while her tears overflowed, the beautiful togami spoke.

“Don’t be tied by the title you’re born with. Take better care of the true feelings inside of you. Members of the hero clan, the daughters of a demon lord, beings made through magic, a half vampire, and a former togami. All of us here right now we are freed from our positions and values”


“What we’re doing is not absolute justice. We understand our relationship is odd compared to normal, and we can’t forget all the mistakes and difficulties as well”

Hasegawa said.

“It’s good to do no wrong. And there are things that should never be committed. But, our faults… are just something we can carry within us. Also, our relationship with Basara, how we can deepen our bonds in such a way with him, the biggest reason it works —- is that we can share our same mistakes with each other”

“That gives us great strength, and we can be here now. Because we’ve been wrong before, we can move on forward”

Hasegawa’s words were the truth of Basara and the girls.

It was her way of saying what needed to be said. 

Therefore, there was only one thing left for her to ask.  

“Hey, Celis —- What do you really want to do?”

That’s what Basara asked with a gentle voice.

And with that, the girl in his arms, slowly said what’s inside her heart.

“…I… Always want to be with you, walking with you on the same path”

The long awaited words were the hidden truth of Celis Reinhardt.

And then —- Toujou Basara heard those true feelings.

He held her right, and Celis finally said for certain.


“Please Basara… Make me yours, in the same way you’ve made everyone else so”

Part 21

And then — Celis left the room, together with Basara and Hasegawa.

Basara led, with Celis and Hasegawa behind him. 

As they walked down the third floor hallway, even as when they walked down the stairs, no one said a word. 

—- There was no longer a need for words between Celis and the two of them.

Soon, Celis will tie the master servant contract with Basara.

Also, it’ll be in the most lewd way.

For that reason Celis said nothing, and simply let herself dwell on her own feelings.

However —-as they reached the first floor, Celis finally spoke softly.

“Is it not happening in the living room?”

With the place being different from what they discussed, she voiced her confusion to Basara. Due to that, with a smile that could be heard in her voice, Hasegawa walking behind her said, 

“Yes… Nanao’s and your contract will take place in the basement. Thinking of Maria’s power right now, we’re taking into consideration the compatibility in regards to the strength of the aphrodisiac curse. To be able to subject you guys at that state and gain your submission, the basement is ideal as it’s best suited in regards to that”

She stated the reason for that as she placed both hands on Celis’ shoulders and whispered in her ear.  

“If it’s there, you don’t have to worry about being overheard no matter how loud your lewd voices are”


Celis could only gulp at how wet Hasegawa’s voice was. 

—- Celis clearly understood what Basara does in the basement everyday.

This morning, when she came to call Maria, she was able to witness it with her own eyes.

But —- even if she had stepped in, she was, in all capacity, a spectator.


This time it’s different. This time, she’s the person in question.

With that — as they continued walking down the stairs to the basement, as Hasegawa walked behind Celis, she tightly held onto Celis’ shoulder, stopping her footsteps. 

And then,

She called out to Basara as he walked ahead of them.

“Basara…. We will be right with you. So go on ahead by yourself first.” 


Together with the dumbfounded Celis who looked back, Basara didn’t seem surprised at all,

“—-So that’s the case, got it”

That being said, he went down the basement stairs alone, and after walking all the way down Basara disappeared behind the door. 

“Your current outfit is very different from Nanao, so it’s kind of a shame…”

Saying that with a smile, Hasegawa clicked her fingers, and instantly the clothes Celis and Hasegawa were wearing were covered in light particles, and in the next moment they changed into something else entirely. 

It was similar to the bustier and garter belt design Nanao had on, the only difference is the color. 

“A-Afureia-sama… This is”

Celis was blushing with how her chest and butt, as well as crotch became transparent, and as she said that, 

“For tonight, you have to follow the dress code of this place”

Isn’t that so, Hasegawa said with a smile, seeing as she was dressed similarly. 

“For you right now, there’s no better look”

Hearing that reasoning,


Celis nodded, accepting Hasegawa’s words.

—- Of course, she was embarrassed.

Her heart was beating so fast a fever began welling up from inside her body. 

However —  Celis was going to tie the master-servant contract using the succubus magic with Basara no matter what.  

As such, as Hasegawa said, This is the perfect look for Celis.

Being in lingerie more lewd than being naked, it’s her true form. 

“—-So, let’s go”

Hasegawa then moved from being beside Celis, to infront of her. With that, Hasegawa led Celis down towards the basement. 

Next — as the door opened, she stepped onto the basement floor.

With that —- in a short time, Celis was finally in the place where she would tie the master-servant contract with Basara.

However, they weren’t in the bedroom with the giant bed.

Instead It was the large bath prided by the Toujou home.

— In the space filled with gentle mist, all those living in the house were gathered.

Just according to the ‘dress code’ Hasegawa spoke off, Mio and the other girls wore lingerie with lewd designs as well. Only Basara remained in his regular clothes,and sat on a chair meant for resting in the bath, and with that difference in their appearance, their master-slave status was made clear.

Nanao who came downstairs ahead of Celis,


Surrounded by Mio and the other girls who were accustomed to wearing the lewd lingerie, she was still embarrassed, her back curled in a little, and on her face a small smile could be seen.

It seems as if Mio and the other girls were trying to make her less nervous.

From among that group, the first to notice Celis was Mio. 

She left the circle surrounding Nanao, and walked closer to Celis.

—- With that, naturally, everyone there ended up looking at Celis.

With everyone seeing her lewd, sex-slave figure,


Celis’ shame deepened,

“Celis you made it… We were waiting for you”

She greeted her with a smile in a way that was different from before. 

It’s to show that Celis was no longer a guest, but one of them.

Therefore, Celis, with her cheeks red with everyone’s gaze on her.

“Yes, Mio… Sorry I kept you waiting”

Even so, she returned Mio’s words with a smile.

“I’m here now. Following you guys, to be the same as all of you”

Stating her resolve, Nanao went towards her happily,

“Celis-san… I’m so glad to hear that”

“I’m sorry to have worried you…. But, it’s alright now”

Celis expressed her feelings of gratitude to Nanao, who showed relief on her face. 

“Fufu, I feel relieved seeing Celis-san honest with her own feelings”

Maria came over as well with a seductive smile.

“So, let us start before anyone changes their mind”

With those words, a large magic circle with complex runes appeared in the bathroom.

The light from the magic circle not only covered the floor, but it spread covering the walls and ceiling as well. It appeared as if they’re completely enveloped in the runes. 

“This is the master-servant contract—-“

“…I didn’t know it was so amazing”

Looking at the overwhelmed Celis and Nanao, Kurumi cheerfully said, 

“The master-servant contract magic completely alters the power of the master and servant who make it”. 

Hasegawa too nodded with a “yes”. 

“Most likely, There’s a great difference from back when he first tied it with Mio. The need is as such due to how immense Basara’s power currently is” 

With that being said, Kurumi and Hasegawa turned back —- to Basara sitting in a chair behind them.

Seeing the seduction in their movement, Celis and Nanao looked at Basara as well.

“…” “…”

Both of them subconsciously gulped down. Very soon they’ll tie the master-servant contract with Basara —- and they imagined yet again how they’ll be after this.

However, paying no attention to Celis and Nanao, Yuki moved to Basara’s side,

“Basara… here”


With a nod, Basara took a small bottle from Yuki.

—- Celis understood what that small bottle does.

It’s something created by Maria and Hasegawa, a special item to increase sexual stamina. 

Therefore Basara, who already has the incredible stamina enough to make six girls submit to him, would be able to ejaculate almost without limit. 


Basara opened the cork of the bottle, and gulped down the contents in one go.

With the movement of his throat, instantly the power flowed through Basara’s body.

After handing the bottle to Yuki, Basara slowly stood up,

“Basara-sama… Please excuse me”

Zest removed Basara’s clothes with trained hands.

There was no hesitation in her movement — starting with Basara’s shirt, then she removed his belt and slid down his pants until he was naked. 

With that,


Celis, realizing something then, gulped down.

It seems like the tonic had taken immediate effect, with the crotch part of Basara’s boxers holding back an unbelievable bulge. 

Zest then took off those boxers, and Basara’s penis was exposed. 

Basara’s gigantic penis has the width of an energy drink can, and its tip reached a position higher than the belly button of his trained abs. 

At the sight of Basara’s penis,



Celis and Nanao were completely overwhelmed, and yet they couldn’t take their eyes off it. 

And then having stood up, Basara slowly walked towards them —- and then stopped as he was right in front of Celis and Nanao. 

With that, Maria snuck herself between Celis and Nanao, grabbing both their hands.

“Well then —- let’s begin”

Just as she said that —- Celis and Nanao’s master-servant contract began.

First, Celis and Nanao’s body was covered in light. Basara’s body was covered by the same light — then,  magic circles appeared on the back of both Basara’s hands. 

— Once Celis and Nanao kiss that symbol of the master-servant contract, then the contract would end without issue.




Neither Celis nor Nanao moved from their current position. 

This was something that had been decided beforehand. They understood the consequence of that.

—- Even so, Celis and Nanao wanted to form the master-servant contract in the same way as Mio and Yuki.

So in this way, they can be the same as Mio and the other girls.  

And then soon after, 

“—-It’s time to begin. Are you ready?”

Maria asked them — as the magic circles on Basara’s hands disappeared.

At the same time, Celis’ and Nanao’s body temperature rose.


Suddenly they gulped down, and a sensation rose up from within them.

From the lower half of their bodies— up to the entrance of their wombs, it’s pulsating sweetly like a heartbeat. 

The sensation was much stronger compared to the time Celis received her baptism from Maria when she first joined the Toujou household. 

“No… haah… mmm, aah…. fuh…. ah ♥”

“Mm… aaah…. haah, yaaa…. aah… mm ♥”

At the rising sensuality that gradually rose within them, without needing much Celis and Nanao were on their knees moaning on the bathroom floor. 

As that was happening, 

“So Basara-san… Please go ahead”

Maria said in a voice with a small smile… Immediately after, Celis heard something. 


Basara said in a low voice. 

“Yah, mmmmmmmmm~~~~~~ ♥”

Nanao beside her let out a sweet moaning voice.

— But, Celis couldn’t understand what was happening.

At that time, the master-servant curse created a strong arousal within her, bringing her into a deeply lewd state.

“….Hah, ah…. Nana, o-san…?”

With wet eyes Celis turned to Nanao who should be beside her —- she turned to her left, yet she wasn’t there. That’s because she had been quickly lifted up.

At just that,

“Mm… haah ♥”

Celis who’s in deep pleasure, leaked out her sweet voice as her body trembled.

— Celis currently is already sensitive enough to cum just from being touched gently.

Moreover, her eyes sensually wet saw the world in a blur — even so, she recognized the face right in front of her.

The one right in front of her is the young man she’s swearing total loyalty and obedience to.

“…Ah, haah… Basara…”

Filled with an intense sensuality, Celis let out his name from her lips,

“Celis… Here we go”

In the next moment after Basara announced that to her —- he took her lips,

Taking away the scenes she had seen this morning in the super large bathroom of the Toujou household basement from her mind like it was only a dream. 

That was, Celis Reinhardt’s real first kiss,


Celis’ consciousness was momentarily cut off.

—- And then, in the next moment she regained it.

“Hahh… Mmchuu, pu… licks…. mm…. chuu ♥”

Celis Reinhardt — together with Maria and Nanao, were giving a lewd fellatio to Basara’s penis together. When she looked at them with her unfocused eyes, she could see Maria and Nanao’s faces already covered with plenty of white cum, and from that she understood Basara had cum several times.

As she licked Basara’s penis, a joyful taste spread inside her mouth, and unable to hold back in wanting that feeling, Celis, Nanao and Maria licked Basara’s member like it was a competition. 

…E, eh…. I’m…?

In her vague thoughts, Celis began to think about the reason she’s doing this.

It should be certain —- she should’ve tied the master-servant contract with Basara.

But without finishing in the way the master-servant contract was supposed to go, the aphrodisiac curse continued.

And then, Basara kissed her.


Celis had gotten to that point in her memory —- and then she remembered something that happened after that.

—- Celis, having fallen into a deep state of arousal, had cum from just a kiss.

From that alone, just that once, she had already sworn loyalty to Basara from the bottom of her heart.

That’s right —- the effect of the master-servant curse on Celis was then broken, at least temporarily.

However, with the intense climax, the very concept of power was taken from Celis’ body…. She had completely fallen under the curse, unable to stop her own biological urges.

And then, together with Nanao who had the same thing happen before her —- the two of them, having regained their sense of self after such an intense climax, felt deep shame from deep within their subconscious and this reactivated the master-servant curse once more.

With that said, Mio and the other girls had kindly given them a shower, then stripped them out of their bustiers, making them naked —- then,

“Alright you two…. It’s no good to keep Basara-san holding back”

As if she was scolding them, Maria had told both Celis and Nanao.

“—- So, together with me, let’s service Basara-san”

Being prompted like that, the young loli succubus took the initiative, and extended her tongue to lick Basara’s still erect penis.  

At the unbelievably lewd appearance of Maria as she happily performed felatio,



Celis and Nanao who were initially taken at the sight, eventually took position on all fours and crawled closer to Basara, servicing him with their mouths together with Maria.

It wasn’t just Maria, Nanao too had extensive experience in felatio, and therefore she used the fangs that came with her half-vampire blood to graze against Basara several times. 

At that moment, Basara pet Nanao’s head… Celis, who grew to tolerate the suffocating feeling, followed Maria and Nanao’s lead and worked hard with her tongue and lips to service Basara.

And then —- when it was time for Basara to cum, Celis took his load in her mouth, drinking it down completely. After drinking all the way to the last drop, she too had her head pet by Basara,


In the moment she received his thanks, a feeling of happiness rose—- exploding inside Celis.

Without realizing that Maria left, Celis and Nanao continued to dreamily service Basara. With each time Basara ejaculated, Celis as well as Nanao felt a light climax, and from their folds their womanly honey had started overflowing, lewdly down their thighs.


Celis then started to remember what had happened up till this point. 

“….Ahh… mm, fuu… Basaraa… mm, haah… Chuu ♥”

Getting aroused at the idea of her own lewd self, her heart drowned more in service to Basara.

Because it’s what she thought she should do, as someone who had decided to submit to Basara using succubus magic as the trait in her master-servant contract.

“Look, Chisato-san… Celis-nee looks completely on fire”

“Yes, nobody would have guessed today was her first blowjob” 

“Fufu..You seem happy Mio-sama”

“I am. But you’re happy too right Zest? Now that Celis is able to understand us”

“Maria… Remember to record this”

“Leave it to me Yuki-san. I’ll be sure to make a great video”

In the washing area of the bathroom, from the chairs near the walls, voices enjoying the show could be heard.


“Hahh… Celis-san, amazing…”

With her eyes wet with sensuality, Nanao praised her. 

The movements of Celis’ lips and tongue grew more intense. Aroused from Celis’ blowjob, Basara’s penis gradually grew bigger inside her mouth.

It was the sign that Basara was about to come,

“….I’m going to cum”

At the moment Basara said that —- Celis let go of Basara’s penis.

With that, both Celis and Nanao’s faces were covered with Basara’s cum.

“Ah… haah… ah… ♥”

“Mm… so hot… aha ♥”

Celis and Nanao’s hips trembled in the white shower that covered them.

They came, taking Basara’s load on their faces. 

“Haah…. ah… ♥”

With that, Celis was showing a seductive face, at the pleasure of being stained by Basara. 

“Mm… Toujou-kun, please… I’m already…”

Unable to hold herself back anymore, Celis sweetly pleaded to Basara.

—- She must be at her limit due to the strength of her arousal under the master-servant curse.

When one looks at Nanao, one can see one of her hands playing with her breast, while the other reaches down to her crotch.

The meaning of that, isn’t something that had to be said.

“I understand…”

Basara replied quietly with a nod, and he glanced at Celis.

There’s something he wanted her to understand —- therefore,

“I’m still alright… Please take care of Nanao-san first”

Even though the curse is still upon her, Celis smiled, as she said that to Basara.

Between the two of them —the one that made the decision to form the master-servant contract with Basara was Nanao after all.

Part 22

—- If it was just to tie the master-servant contract, there was no need to cross that final line.

Nevertheless, Nanao wanted to be held by Basara.

She was already at her limit.

And the reason for that wasn’t the intense arousal that came from the master-servant contract’s curse.

—- It was the end of the previous school year, in the infirmary.

In that infirmary, Nanao had her gender fixed to that of a girl through the help of Basara and Hasegawa.

Basara and Hasegawa took hold of her whole body —- caressing her breasts and butt, teaching Nanao all the pleasures of a woman. And then Hasegawa showed herself giving Basara a blowjob, then taught Nanao to do the same — the kind that only she as a half vampire could perform for Basara, felatio while using those sharp fangs.

WIth that, in return Basara had assaulted Nanao’s spot with his fingers, giving her countless orgasms — in the end, he had inserted his penis into her panties, rubbing it directly against her entrance, and at the end of it he had bitten her in her weak spot, her nape, to give her the highest point of climax. 

She entered spring break as such, and then for a short period of time, she was unable to see Basara, On the day of the opening ceremony for the new term, She reunited with him at the supermarket and they began their secret sexual relationship.

He became so manly during spring break, almost as if he was a different person — his heart held a cold overwhelming presence, and she wanted to give him a sort of healing, even just for a little bit.

Of course, Mio and the other girls were able to fulfill such a role, but to Basara their actions had become the expected. That’s why Nanao thought she could be a sort of different force for him, a different sort of mood.

If she couldn’t do that much for him, then they were merely friends.

Nanao, who decided to live as a woman through Basara, did not want that.

And then Basara as well —- he took proper responsibility for fixing Nanao’s gender to that of a woman.

Having kept it a secret from the other girls, Hasegawa who was aware of the situation as well said nothing.

— However there were limited opportunities for the two of them to be alone together. 

Therefore during the times before or after gym, or times they went out together for student council jobs, that was their time. And then sometimes when Basara went to the bathroom they would go together, so in the storage room of the gym or in the stalls of any of the bathrooms, she would service Basara. After school today as well, Nanao was aware of him having sex with Yuki in an empty classroom.

However — there’s still a definite gap between them.

Nanao and Basara never cross that final line.

Even though Nanao herself didn’t mind — in fact, it’s quite the opposite, she wanted Basara to take her.

—- Therefore, she had even swallowed her shame and expressed such interests to Basara.

But — Basara never crossed that final line, instead he told her about the big changes in his relationship with Mio and the other girls that happened over spring break. 

It’s was about how they had completely turned into sex slaves through the master-servant vow. He told her about how it’s a completely miraculous relationship, yet one that was necessary to overcome the great battle that happened during spring break. 

Therefore, for Nanao’s sake, he didn’t want to make light of sex.

However — now being aware of their situation and possibly being a burden to them, Nanao then wanted the master-servant contract with Basara.

Having to hide how she’s a half vampire presents a burden for Basara, and she truly wants to be of strength to Basara —- to truly be a part of his family and work with them.

That feeling of hers was true.

In order to ensure that Nanao whose strength isn’t as good as the others did not become a burden to Basara and the others, they had agreed that this contract should then progress into a master-servant vow, and therefore it had to be tied using the aphrodisiac effects of Maria’s succubus powers.

Even so, she would be lying if she said she didn’t hold the desire to have sex with Basara. 

— Tachibana Nanao truly wanted to be of use to Toujou Basara.

But her desire of wanting to have sex with him are of the same strength as that.

And then now —- both of those wishes were about to come true.


In the middle of this bathroom where they had completed their master-servant contract, Nanao was on the floor and Basara was on top of her. 

Being in the missionary position, Nanao was aware of what’s about to happen

“Mm… Toujou-kun, wait….”

As she said that, the aphrodisiac curse of the master-servant contract showed its mark on her neck. 

“Before this, in the infirmary, I became a complete woman through you right…. If possible, I want something like that time”

“…You mean together with Hasegawa-sensei?”

As Basara said that,

“I don’t mind…. Nanao, you do know what you’re saying with that right?”

Hasegawa, who stood up from the bathing area, said that with a smile audible in her voice.

“No… T, that’s…”

Nanao, with the curse’s effects going through her body, was losing her words. 

As if scolding her, Yuki said, 

“Nanao… With you tying your master-servant contract with Basara, you should be aiming for the master-servant vow. And in that case, then you can’t lie to yourself. You have to properly say the truth”

At that scolding from Yuki, Nanao voiced her desire from her own lips.

“…Toujou-kun, I… I want to be taken from behind”

“…You don’t want to be seen by me, are you embarrassed?”

“N-no…. Well, of course I’m embarrassed but that’s not it”

See, Nanao said as a prelude,

“If I’m seen I’m scared that…. Scared that without meaning to, I would use my magic eyes on you”

Nanao’s magic eyes have the ability to alter consciousness.

But Nanao doesn’t want Basara altered by that, she wants to be held by the real Basara.

In response to that, Maria said, 

“I think Basara-san, who has tied the master-servant vow with all of us won’t be affected by the magic eyes, but…”

“Maria… Nanao, doesn’t even want the slightest possibility of that”

Mio said, understanding Nanao’s feelings.

“Besides —- so that she can properly submit to oniichan, she might not be able to forgive herself for even possibly using it on Basara.” 

“Fufu…. Nanao-senpai, that’s truly admirable”

How cute, Kurumi said with a smile,

“In that case then… Basara-sama, how about doing it with her on your lap then?”

Zest, who had been watching them suggested.

“There are many positions you can take from behind however…. As Nanao-san’s weak spot is her neck, this may seem like the most effective way to get her to submit”

“…That’s a good idea”

Basara nodded, agreeing with Zest. 

“So then, let’s do it there—-“

With that said, they guided Nanao to the waterproof sofa on the other side of the bathroom.

And then, Basara, sat down first,


Showcasing his large erect penis, he said as if instructing her.


Therefore Nanao, with her eyes blurred, gulped down, and as she stood she faced her butt to Basara and slowly spread her legs. With that, Basara used his hand to fix the position of his penis, and positioned it so that if Nanao lowered herself it then would meet with her,

“…Ah…. Aah…”

Even though he hasn’t put it in. Just from having the tip of Basara’s penis meeting her secret spot, Nanao’s crotch was feverish, and her hips trembled.

“What will you do Nanao…. Will you do it yourself? Or should I do it for you?”

Basara’s question came from behind her.

— The answer to that had already been decided.

She didn’t have to think about it. Therefore Nanao looked back behind her and spoke from the heart. 

“Do what you want Toujou-kun…. That’s what I truly want”

Since she’s already his slave —- He answered that wish of hers.

“….Got it”

Basara said…. 

And it was right after that.

Will he lower her down to him, or will he thrust up into her?

Basara picked a different answer from the two previous options —- he stood up.

Nanao, who was waiting for Basara with her legs spread open, instantly realized a wet sound could be heard from her crotch area.

And then,


Just as Nanao was lost in her thoughts —- Basara’s penis which pushed in through her secret spot penetrated inside her vagina, reaching her hymen,

“—-Here goes”

Realizing Basara’s whisper in her ear, Nanao’s words were all too late.

All she could do is what remains —- she gulped down,


What was she planning to say? That’s something Nanao will never know for the rest of her life.

Before the answer could even form, Basara thrusted his hips up.

Basara’s maverick of a penis that had trapped Mio and the other girls in a cage of pleasure, turning them into his sex slaves, easily, without any resistance —- smoothly, broke past Nanao’s hymen.

Perhaps it’s because she’s been in an aroused state all this time, but Nanao’s vagina, so unbelievably hot and wet, has a melting softness that makes it seem almost unbelievable that this is her first time. 

“Ah… aaah….. aaaaaaaah”

Nanao’s secret spot contracted, taking Basara’s penis to unknown depths.

But Basara’s penis is of an overwhelming size, one that’s big enough to completely cover all of Nanao’s insides —- so big that there’s no place inside of Nanao that isn’t rubbed against by Basara’s penis.

— Also, Nanao right now had the curse of the master-servant contract activated. 

And with it being Maria’s magic, it’s the aphrodisiac effect that ties her master-servant contract with Basara.


“Yeah…. aaaaah, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♥)”

Responding to the waves of intense pleasure, Nanao’s climax caused her sweet moans to echo throughout the large bathroom.

At the same time, she felt a sweet reverberation throughout her body, her vision going completely white, she felt like she was about to pass out.

But —- Nanao couldn’t pass out just yet.

“Not yet… I want you to feel me more”

Basara who was lewdly thrusting inside Nanao, held her from behind —- as he was inside of her he fell back to sit on the chair.

—-Even while standing, Basara’s penis was able to reach through to her deepest point.

Sitting down it could reach an even deeper part of her, and it made Nanao feel his penis at her womb,

“—- ♥”

Having her womanly chambers shaker, she once again fell into an intense climax.

—- Even prior to this, Basara had made her cum before.

But —- with the high level of aphrodisiac effect from the curse, she was already filled with a sweet, sensual fever throughout her body, from earlier continuing on till now, and the pleasure she then derived from being penetrated by Basara was already at an otherworldly level.

It was enough to take everything from her – her reasoning, her sanity.

Therefore, what came next was natural —- as Basara thrusted up from below her,

“No, haah ♥ nfuuu, fuaaah ♥ haaah, amazing…. Toujou-kun, amazing….. haaaaaaah”

Her voice, drunk with pleasure kept getting louder, she lewdly moved her hips as if in a dream.

Nanao who received climaxes inside of her, as Basara kept thrusting deep in her, had such an easy time cumming it was almost unbelievable. Her eyes drowned in sensuality, and her body was pleased in the idea of being Basara’s woman.

Initially, the sounds made by Basara’s penis thrusting into Nanao was a splashing watery sound, but with each of his thrusts she came by the loads, and soon, it turned into a smooth and lewd watery sound.

With that —- Basara kept thrusting his hardness into her, his left hand went up past her waist, holding her in place, while he groped her breasts and his right hand began playing with her clitoris.

“Haaah ♥ Yaah…. Toujou-kun…. Fuaaaan ♥ aaaahn, yaaan…. aaah, ahaaaah ♥ haaah, Toujou-ku…. Haaah, Basaraaah… Basaraaaaaaaaaah ♥”

Nanao who kept experiencing a completely different realm of pleasure —- had her hips tremble and buck up as she calls Basara’s name, having come and letting out her womanly shower again and again.

—- Even so, Basara’s penis was still thrusting inside Nanao’s vagina.

Basara was holding onto her from both sides, and wasn’t letting go.

He kept moving his hips —- 

“…uh… aaaah…. uh”

Nanao could start to hear Basara’s grunting behind her.

From all of Nanao’s coming, her pussy contracted all the way to its base — in that state, it’s easier to arouse the penis that’s inside of her.

Basara’s penis grew bigger as Nanao continued to come —- Nanao was able to completely feel how much bigger it was inside the lower half of her body.

And then,

Basara in a low voice said to Nanao, 

“Nanao… I’m cumming”

“Aaah…. fuaaah, y, yes…. come inside me ♥”

Looking back at Basara behind her shoulder, she said, 

“Please…. Inside of me right now, Basara, come….. haaaaaaaaaaaah ♥”

It was right after Nanao’s pleading —- the time had finally come.

“….Nanao…. aaah!”

With that shout, Basara thrusted to her deepest point.

— It was, Tachibana Nanao’s first ever creampie.

A huge load of cum flowed out of Basara’s penis, violently streaming into Nanao’s vagina.

“Aaah ——- ah, ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~ ♥”

With white cum streaming in through the entrance of her womb, Nanao wildly climaxed.

After —-  Having filled her completely with cum, from her vagina all the way to her womb, Basara’s penis inside Nanao from its base blew off again.

— That should’ve been enough as an ending.

Nanao had fully submitted  to Basara, and the curse mark of the master-servant contract had disappeared.

However, Nanao’s master — Basara further craved the submitted Nanao.


As he came, he bit down on Nanao’s nape, sucking forcefully into it.

It was the mark of a vampire’s submission.

Simultaneously one’s power would flow through the blood as it was sucked.

— There’s just one difference.

Basara was sending this power to Nanao, not to her neck, but to her lower lips.

And it wasn’t by blood — it’s by his large amount of cum.

But…. No, because of that, Nanao was able to be master and slave with Basara twice.

Not just as a woman, but as a half-vampire too.

Her body and her heart —- and even by her race, she submitted to Basara.


“Aaah….. Basaraaah ♥ yaah… aaah, mmm ♥ fun, aaah…. Basaraaaaah, aaaaaaaaaaaaah —- ♥”

Tachibana Nanao trembled at the intense pleasure, her voice corrupted, full of sensuality. 

— But at the same time the master servant curse mark disappeared from Nanao’s neck with a burst.

That told the undeniable truth.

That like Mio and the other six —- she had formed the master-servant vow, becoming a sex slave. 

Part 23

Celis Reinhardt watched the moment Nanao reached the master-servant vow with Basara.

Nanao, who was creampied a great deal by Basara, had obviously reached a high level of climax.

….That’s so… amazing…..

Having seen the intense raw sex between Basara and Nanao, Celis gulped down.

—- She had seen his lewd relationship with the other girls up to this point

But, this was the first time she had been so close to it —- the lewd scene took place right before her very eyes, and that sent a chill down her spine, as Celis sat neatly on the bathroom floor.

“Mm…. haah… ah… ♥:

With sweet moans, her butt trembled.

The aphrodisiac effect that activated with the shame in her mind, was able to be subjected during the blowjob with Maria and Nanao but it continued in her quietly.

—- Even until just a moment ago.

But, seeing Nanao’s deepest part being taken by Basara’s thick penis, this unimaginable lewd act was right before her eyes.

In additon, with the deepest part of Nanao coming from sex with Basara, Celis who was watching ended up having a sweet fever rise up inside of her —- and by the time she noticed, she was already in the same state as Nanao earlier.

If doesn’t have sex with Basara soon, she’s going to go crazy.

—- It’s not only because of the curse. It’s the desire that rose up inside Celis.

In front of Celis, who was struggling with both those feelings, Basara took his hardness out from Nanao’s secret spot. At the same time, Nanao’s vagina which had taken Basara’s thick penis had white cum lewdly streaming out of it. It wasn’t just a little bit of cum, it melted out, creating a pool on the bathroom floor, very much like pancake batter in its amount and consistency. 

A cocktail of Basara’s cum from his hardness and Nanao’s own love juice —- and topping it off, like a bit of berry sauce, was red blood.

The definitive and lewd proof that Nanao’s virginity was taken by Basara.

Then, sliding down from sitting on Basara’s lap, to lying down on the floor, 

“…..haah, mm…. fuh… haaah…. ah ♥”

With her face intoxicated, Nanao let out sweet moans. With the reverberations of her climax remaining, her butt trembled.

Maria, seeing Nanao, said words of congratulations. 

“Fufu… Congratulations, Nanao-san, you have successfully formed the master-servant vow with Basara-san. In this way, you’re now one of us”

“But, just one creampie was enough to tie the vow with Basara-san… You’re as easy as Mio-sama, Nanao-san.”

“Isn’t that good? That means we easily submit to oniichan”

Even though she was being teased, Mio says calmly with a seductive smile, 

“Besides, there’s someone who’s even above me and Nanao-san…. Zest just needed oniichan to put it in to achieve the master-servant vow. Right Zest?”

Zest who was embarrassed said, 

“…Really Mio-sama, teasing me now”

While hugging Zest’s side, Kurumi said, 

“Ah, Zest is getting all shy… Cute”


Celis could only watch the joyful sight of Mio and the other girls in this bathroom dumbfounded. 

Even though there was such lewd sex in front of them.

Even though Nanao fell so deeply into sensuality. 

Even though Nanao dedicated all of herself, vowing eternal submission to Basara, and fell into being a sex slave.

Mio and the other girls accepted that so easily like it was natural.

Among them, Hasegawa walked over to Nanao,

“Well, don’t tease Nanao too much. The situation between us and Nanao — the circumstances of which we had tied our vows are different”

And the reason for that,

“Having the five of you tie the master-servant vow with Basara using the five elements, then in addition to adding me, Basara was able to receive the greatest amount of power in terms of Yin and Yang. For Nanao earlier, it was a vow on just basic instinct, so it’s no surprise it went as it did.”

Smuggly saying that, Hasegawa gently picked up Nanao from the floor.

With that, Yuki walked closer, looking at Nanao in Hasegawa’s arms with gentle eyes.

“You’ve really tasted it haven’t you Nanao…. The joy of tying the master servant contract with Basara, and the pleasure of becoming a sex slave”

Saying that with a seductive smile, she walked in the opposite direction of Hasegawa who was taking Nanao to the mat near the shower, towards the waterproof sofa where Basara sat.

And then, once more, he had a girl on all fours in front of him.

“Basara… let me clean that up for you”

Yuki said that while looking at Celis, and began a clean up blowjob like it was natural. 

She extended her tongue out, licking the cocktail of Basara’s and Nanao’s cum off the head of his penis as well as the rod and the balls without leaving a single drop, and she looked awe-inspiring doing so,

“Mm… Chupu…. haah, churu…. mm… licks, chu… mmfuu ♥”

Perhaps it’s because she was excited at the sensual act, but her white butt lewdly trembled as she licked Basara’s penis.

With that, at the crotch of the bustier Yuki was wearing… Right in between where her crotch meets her legs, her womanly honey began lewdly flowing down her inner thighs .

That’s the look of a wonderful sex slave, no matter who might look at it, they would think so.

“Mmfuu…. hmm, chuu… Basara, does it feel good…?”

“—- Yeah, keep going”

Basara pet Yuki’s head as her butt trembled from the womanly pleasure she received from the act. 

As Celis watched the two of them, 

“…Haah…. aah… Basara…. Yuki…. mmm, aaah…… haaah….”

The unbearable feeling grows in her, that sweet pain welling inside her made her buck her hips forward causing Yuki to look back,

“Celis… Why don’t you just admit you want it, at this rate I’ll make Basara come”

She said that while lewdly moving her hands stroking on his penis. 

“….No, aaah…”

Celis’ voice trembled in pain, but she continued looking at Basara.

With that, she ended up locking eyes with Basara.

“Celis —- tell me, what you really want”

With certainty in his voice, he asked for Celis’ true feelings.

…Ah, aaah…

Already at the limit of her conscious thought, Celis could no longer hold back.

—- The sweet fever, welling up inside her, was driving her mad.

Therefore, she fell onto all fours on the bathroom floor, showing how lewd she truly was to Basara who she exchanged the master servant contract with. 

Then she slowly and lewdly her legs so that Basara could see her spot. 

“…Please, Basara, please… Take me, wreck me please”

Celis Reinhardt said the desire that’s been in her heart.

— There was no longer even a shadow of the holy knight of the Vatican in her expressions.

The only expression on her face is the instinctual face of a bitch who wishes to be Basara’s sex slave.

And then, with Celis exposing herself, Yuki’s hand let go of Basara’s penis.

“Basara… Look, Celis is finally honest. Give her a reward”

“—-Yeah, of course”

Basara said with a nod, as he got up from the waterproof couch and  went to Celis.

After that, he found himself on top of her, while she had her legs spread wide open for him. 


He said in a gentle voice, and then kissed her.

Naturally, their tongues were entangled in each others’.

“Mm… chuu, haah… Basara…. mmfuu…. churu, licks…. ♥

Celis put her arms around Basara’s neck, lewdly entangling her tongue with his, drowning in the thick kisses.

With that, as they kissed, Basara began to push his tip into her entrance.

“Aah… mm, Basara… fufu, that’s… not quite it”

Celis said, bucking her hips forward with a seductive smile.

— Because Basara was pushing his penis into her backdoor.

Even for Basara who has six girls as his sex slaves —- no, it’s seven now with Nanao — to make such a mistake… Celis felt more endeared by him, and thought it was cute.


She asked without thinking. 

In the next moment,

The expression on Basara’s face in front of her isn’t one of a man who’s pushing into the wrong entrance of a woman.

Therefore —- Celis Reinhardt was instantly able to understand his intention.

“A, aah…. that’s… but why, Basara…?”

Even though it’s her first time, they’re starting with anal sex, and she was confused by that.

“If it’s just to relieve you of the curse of the master servant contact, then the front door would be more than enough”

Basara said.


“If you wish to tie the master-servant vow with me —- it’s better like this, if it’s you”

“W, why…?”

“Because Celis-san, you’ve seen us have sex many times”

From a distance away, Maria was the person who answered Celis’ confused voice. 

“Furthermore, right now… You watched Nanao-san being taken at such a close distance, so without you realizing you may have built some sort of resistance”

“Besides… You’re the most serious and stubborn among all of us”

It was Hasegawa who continued on .

“To completely submit to Basara, we need to completely destroy your common sense and world view. Therefore, instead of doing it normally, having the more corrupt act of anal sex as your first time would be more effective, Basara’s thinking is correct in that”

“B-but… Using my ass without any preparation”

“It’s alright, Celis-san… There’s nothing to worry about”

Zest said with a reassuring voice and smile. 

“For more than a month now, you’ve been eating the same food as us. As such, Basara-sama can use your butt without any problems”

“Basically… Celis-nee, you don’t exactly have any right to refuse Basara-niichan”

Kurumi said. 

“If you’re okay with only the master servant contract and this is to alleviate that, that’s fine and all, but if you want to be like us… If you want to reach the point of a master-servant vow, you have to fully submit to Basara-niichan, that’s the minimum requirement”. 

“That’s… But, if it’s only me who ties the master-servant vow using the backdoor”

“It’s really fine if you’re worried about that. I also needed anal sex to reach the master-servant vow with Basara”. 

Yuki said, as if it was the most natural thing.

“As you are right now Celis, you should be able to completely feel it through your butt”

“Besides… It’s fine Celis, don’t worry. Oniichan won’t just do it up your butt… He’ll definitely take your virginity properly. For sure. That’s why, don’t worry and leave everything to oniichan”

Mio said.

“There’s no way he doesn’t understand —- your real desires, since you’re precious to him”


Responding to Mio’s reassuring words, she looked at Basara.

— Basara had a gentle look on his face.

Even so, the eyes that looked at Celis were full of strength, expressing his certain feelings — that no matter what, he’s going to reach the master-servant vow with Celis.

…That’s right…

Even with her thoughts faded by the aphrodisiac effect, Celis Reinhardt remembered.

—Throughout this whole affair, Basara had always put what she wanted first.

He even thought of her real feelings, as well as her ideals and the future she wishes for. Because it’s that Basara — it’s because it’s him, that Celis wants not only the master-servant contract but to reach the master-servant vow.

—- There’s no way Basara was going to hurt her.

He thought of Celis more than Celis herself, and found a way to reach the most favorable conclusion for her.


“Celis… Would you trust me?”


As Celis nodded at him, she stood up from the floor where he was on top of her, heading towards a certain place. It was the single waterproof sofa where Basara just had sex with Nanao.

Celis got on the sofa, sitting in a position where the upper half of her body is facing away from the front.

In this position, with her thighs lifted up, she’s in a position where her butt was raised up lewdly.


She reached her hands around behind herself, using both of them to grasp on to her own butt and spread her cheeks.

That way not only her pussy, but her back hole was also exposed,

“…Please, Basara”

Celis, who took a position that made it easy for anal sex, looked back over her shoulder to see Basara.

With that,


Basara narrowed his eyes… And then walked towards her.

With Basara right behind Celis, he took her waist in his left hand, and with his right he adjusted the angle of his penis for easy penetration.

And then — Celis could feel the tip of Basara’s hardness against her back entrance.

“…Mm, aaah…”

At that moment, in a matter of seconds she started feeling hellish corruption, her body trembled. 

— But Celis no longer resisted.

What was going to happen next, for Celis…. no, for everyone, it’s what they all have determined to be the best possible thing to do.

With that,

“—Celis, I’m putting it in”

As he called out to her, Celis nodded, giving a seductive smile while doing so.

“Yes Basara… Please, take my first time”

Slowly he thrusted forward —- into her.

With that, perhaps thanks to having the lubrication from the saliva of Yuki’s earlier clean up blow job,  Celis’ back hole was able to take in Basara’s hardness.

It was a lewd sight, which Celis couldn’t take in fully to the end.

—- It’s because what Yuki had warned about earlier took place.

Thanks to the intense curse, Celis’ body had become sensitive, all the way to her very core — and that doesn’t exclude the sensation of her first anal experience, since prior to this, her body has never known the taste of a man.  

“Yah… aaah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”

As Basara’s super fat penis penetrates into her back hole, with the corrupting pleasure that’s born from deep in her butt, she let out a screaming like moan that shows her intense pleasure and climax. And, at the same time, Celis’ vagina all the way up to her womb reacted lewdly, and from her spot a great amount of cum flowed out,

“Aaah, n, no way…. That I, from my butt… this much…. yaaah, aaaaaaaaaah…. ♥”

Celis’ inner thighs were soaked in a lewd shower, Basara kept pushing forward without hesitation, burying his hardness deep inside Celis’ butt.

“Mmm… Basara, wai….. aaaaaaaah…. ♥”

Celis mid climax was assaulted by pleasure, and forcefully brought to a new high, 

With that — her butt was somehow able to take in Basara’s penis to its base. 

“Aah, haah… why, it’s my first time but…. my butt, is this…. is able to take in all of Basara….. Mmm, haaaaaaaah ♥”

Even Though Basara’s penis is so thick she couldn’t even put one hand around it, even when doing a blowjob she couldn’t fit it all the way in her mouth… Her butt still accepted his hardness, giving her an unbelievable feeling of pleasure. Feeling so much immorality from the act of anal sex, she climaxed from the forbidden pleasure.   

However, it wasn’t the end of it.

“Celis …I’m going to move.”

Basara said from behind her — marking the beginning of the actual act.

Basara grabbed her by the waist, and the penis inside Celis’ ass began thrusting.

“Yah…. fuaaah, aaahn ♥ aaah…. nno, Basaraaa ♥ haaah… no, Basaraa…. aaahn ♥ mm, haaah… aaah, aaaaaaaaah~~~ ♥”

Even though it’s her first time having sex.

Even though it’s anal sex at that.

That unbelievable sensation could drive her crazy —-even so, Celis tried to submit a little more to Basara. The deeper she takes in his penis, she follows his movement, meeting his thrusts with the lewd movements of her own hips. With that, she feels even more from the penetratration, and achieves more pleasure from it,

“Ah, fuaaah, Basaraa…. aaahn, Basaraa… ahaaaaaaaaaaaaah ♥”

With Celis remaining in her position on the couch, upper body taken roughly too, she kept feeling the sensation of forbidden pleasures. And then, as she reached higher and higher peaks of pleasure, Celis’ butt tightened up around the penis that kept thrusting inside, as it came closer to its climax, it slowly began to get bigger inside her. 

And then,

With a groaning voice Basara said, 

“…Celis, I’m coming”

But Celis wasn’t able to understand Basara.

“Aaah… haaah, yaaan ♥ fuaaaan, Basaraaa more…. yah, haaah ♥ mm… I’m, this is…. my butt, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh ♥”

Aroused by the otherwordly pleasure of anal sex, her mind was completely gone.

“Celis… Guh… ah…. aah!”

At the same time she heard Basara’s voice reaching his limit behind her —- she feels a hot flow streaming into the deepest point in her butt, completely assaulting her,

“Yah, Basarahhhhhhh —— aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ♥”

With a huge load of creampie in her butt, Celis falls into the sinful depths of sensuality.

Even so, having drank the succubus’ special medication, Basara doesn’t yield in the slightest, feeling that sturdy hot meat trembling hard inside her with the creampie,

“Ah… haah….. B-Basara more…. ah… mmm, haah… ♥”

Celis’ sensual voice leaked out, feeling the sweet reverberation of her corruption,


Basara slowly withdrew his penis out of her butt.

With that, rubbing against the hot membrane of her butt,

“Haaah… mmm… ah…. yah…. ♥”

Trembling from her butt to her hips, she felt sweet pleasure. 

“——Sorry I kept you waiting Celis”

“….ahh… mmm, Basara….?”

At the gentle voice from behind her, she turned to look back.

With that, the tip of Basara’s penis which had exited her anus moved slightly downward. What’s there is the hot, wet, lewd fold of Celis who had come from anal sex countless of times. 

At her vaginal entrance, Basara began pushing his penis, wet from the cum of Celis’ butt, white from his own cum from inside of her, making a lewd wet sound. 

And then —- slowly, the tip of Basara’s penis penetrated inside of Celis.

“Ah…. yah, mm… haaah…. aaah ♥”

The entrance of Celis’ secret spot that knows no man, spread into a lewd shape as it took in Basara’s penis. From the pleasure of lewdly swallowing Basara’s unbelievably thick penis, Celis trembled, and let out a sweet moan,  


Suddenly, the movement of Basara’s penis stopped.

There was something holding it in place inside of her. 

It’s because there was something stopping the entry of foreign objects into Celis’ vagina. 

It’s the proof of her purity, something she had guarded zealously until now.

The proof of Celis Reinhardt’s virginity — her hymen. 

— But, it no longer means that she’s pure.

Celis had already given her anal virginity to Basara. In addition to succumbing to corrupt pleasures numerous times, she also gave him a blow job as well as a handjob. 

Celis could no longer truly say that she’s a virgin.

Even so, there’s still meaning in giving it to him, and letting Basara break through her hymen. 

That reason being to go beyond the master servant contract ——  in order to reach that miraculous vow.

“Celis — You’ll now be mine”

Basara said in a sure voice with absolute certainty,

Since Celis currently feels nothing but pleasure, there’s no way she could refuse. 

“Haaah…. mm, please…. Basara…. hurry and break it…. mmmm”

Celis Reinhardt looked over her shoulder, and pleaded to the man who is her master.  

“So…. please make me fall, make me all yours…”

Basara answered Celis’ plea with action. 

Being a serious and stubborn person, Celis had thought her hymen would have the same kind of strength as her. She figured it wouldn’t be easy to break. However that ended up being far from the current truth. 

Celis’ hymen steaming in a sensual fever, was wet and slippery from all the cum that had come from the pleasures and climaxes of anal sex.

As such — there wasn’t even a breaking sound inside of her.

Nor a sharp feeling in her crotch, not even a bit of pain.

Basara thrusted forward pushing his hardness into her with surprising ease — her hymen broke as if melting around Basara’s hot cock.

With that, Celis’ insides easily took in Basara’s penis.

The way Basara’s penis completely filled up the inside of her vagina, the sensation of Basara’s hot tip, so hot it feels like it could burn her, lewdly pushing against the entrance of her womb, is what finally gave Celis the sense of having lost her virginity. 

“Ah… aaah….. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ♥

The feeling of accomplishment of having given both her anal and vaginal virginity to Basara, the joy of coming a step closer to the other girls, welled her up with sudden pleasure, making her cum like crazy. If the climax she felt from anal sex was next dimension level, the feeling of the insides of her vagina being lewdly assulted is scarily other worldly —- culminating in an intense climax, resulting in her vagina contracting as much as it could.

—- But it couldn’t.

Basara’s penis which had brought her to that climax is so burly and hard that the walls of her vagina can’t win.

Giving its all to suck it up, Celis’ secret spot embraced Basara’s hardness with love, like a lewd embrace of membranes.

Responding to the burliness of Basara’s penis that had taken her everything, Celis screamed. 

“Mm.. aah, haaaaaaaah…. mmm ♥”

Celis who had the upper half of her body on the sofa, began to slide down, and fall onto the floor. 

—-However Celis couldn’t completely fall onto the floor of the bathroom.

It’s because Basara’s penis was still inside her secret spot.

she’s in a lewd position like a female cat —- no, completely like a bitch, crawling on the floor. With that, Celis was trapped again in a new cage of pleasure.

Basara resumed thrusting inside her again, extending his hands to lift her hips up towards him. Putting his index finger, middle finger and ring finger as a triangle, he began playing with Celis’ clitoris which was already soaked in love juices.

“Aaah…. mm… ahaaah ♥ haah, Basaraa…. amazing, aaa, amazing…. yaaaaaaaaah ♥ haaah, Basaraa….. haaah, Basaraaa…. aaaaaaah ♥”

As her hips moved, Celis’ butt was lewdly struck, and that impact and with how her sensitive clitoris is being played with, caused her to feel too much —- resulting in a chain of climaxes.

—-And it was at that time, 

The mark of the aphrodisiac curse of the master-servant contract on her neck disappeared with a burst.

Celis Reinhardt successfully achieved the master-servant vow with Toujou Basara.

However, as he embraced Celis wildly, Basara’s reason had flown away from him.

“Not yet —- Celis, raise your butt higher”

In response to Basara telling her to intensify the movements of her hips, Celis answered lewdly. 

“Aaah, haah… mmm, haah…… okay… Basarahh ♥”

That way, the intense thrusting gives greater pleasure not just to Celis but Basara too,

“…I’m going to come like this…. get ready!”

He announced, not asking for permission, but stating in a strong tone. Basara’s words of desire aroused pleasure in Celis who had submitted to him, causing her body to tremble in pleasure. 

“Yes…. please Basara, inside of me…. come inside of me…. haaaaah ♥”

Celis’s body and heart are drowning in a sea of pleasure, and from the very bottom of her heart she wanted Basara to creampie her.

And then —- finally, that moment had come.

“Kuh… Celis…. aaaaah!!”

His voice announcing that he’s reached his limit, and at the same time he thrusted in as deeply as he could inside of her —- at that very second, Celis began thinking about the near future when she would be filled up with a large load of cum.

But —- the young man who she had dedicated all of herself to far exceeded her expectations of what’s to come. While pinching her clitoris with his right hand, he held on to her waist with his left to ensure that they could remain in this position — Basara quickly moved his hand down, thrusting his thumb into her backdoor without mercy.

Clitoris, her secret spot, then her asshole too —- he assaulted all three of her points at the same time,


Feeling layers and layers worth of depraved pleasure, Celis trembled.

“Kuh —— aaaaaah”

It was at that moment Basara erupted into her deepest part.

The hot semen Basara released into her vagina, became like a white tsunami pushing into her womb, instantly filling up the sacred space where a child would be created.

“Aaah, Basaraa….. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~ ♥”

As her vagina pushes some semen out, Basara’s penis pushes more inside her. The two flows of semen gave her a pleasure unlike any other as her womb is filled. 

Basara continued ejaculating filling her up,

“No… ah… mmm, you’re still coming… ah….. haah ♥”

Turning to her back lewdly, Celis Reinhardt made her eternal vow with Basara. Achieving lewd pleasure, she let out sweet moans with a seductive smile. 

Part 24

And then — Toujou Basara slowly pulled out his penis from inside of Celis.

With that,

Celis had her butt raised high in the air from Basara penetrating her, and she let out intoxicated sighs.

“Mm… haaah…. ahh… mmm ♥’

And at the same time, from her lower lips, Basara’s semen came spilling out.

—- It was from both her vagina and butt hole. 

The appearance and facial expression of Celis immersed in the ecstasy of sexual pleasure, while overflowing with semen from both holes, is the lewdest it could ever be.

Thus — the girl there is no longer a holy knight of the Vatican.

Having sworn eternal and absolute loyalty, she’s Basara’s newest sex slave.

And then, Maria looked towards Basara who had gotten both Celis and Nanao to devote everything to him.

“—-A job well done, Basara-san”

Maria came to him with a smile on her face.

Having arrived by Basara’s side, she looked at Celis’ sublimity with seductive eyes,

“How amazing… Not just Nanao-san, but Celis-san who had never done anything lewd in her life other than her first day here. You were able to reach the master-servant vow so quickly. Was it simply Celis-san’s nature, or perhaps it’s just as Chisato-san says, how you’re so fearfully powerful through the vow you formed with us —-“

Or perhaps, Maria looked at him with a smile.

“Or perhaps… You’ve completely grasped the essentials of the master-servant vow itself?”

“Let it go, there’s no way it’s that”

Basara said with a smirk, then facing Celis with gentle eyes,

“But I only plan to understand how to respond to those who have the determination to give their everything to me. It isn’t wrong to say that part is thanks to you guys.” 

Even if they’re bound to each other for eternity.

Even if they become the lewdest of sex slaves.

The responsibility of making the girls his, he’ll carry the weight of those actions. 

As he continues to take from them eternally, they’ll all continue to love eternally

It’s because of this resolve, that he believes he’s fit for being the master in a master-servant vow. 

And Basara had an unwavering resolve to make Celis and Nanao his.

—- He had no doubt about that.

Thus—- he believed that’s why he could reach the master-servant vow with them.

“…I see, so you’re able to establish what’s important to you”

Maria said, understanding.

“By the way, Basara-san… I feel bad asking you of this right after you made two master-servant vows in a row, but I have a little favor to ask of you”

“? What is it?”

Basara asked in a calm voice. 

“No it’s just… We were watching what you were doing with Celis and Nanao. Because of this, everyone has just been holding it in all this time”

With that said, Maria looked behind her, seeing the same thing as Basara,


It was the sight of Mio and the other girls in heat.

—- It’s to the point they could see how wet these girls are just from where they’re standing.

It’s clear that they want Basara to take them and wreck them.


The sight of those girls instantly turned Basara on. 

Even after completing the master-servant vow twice in a row with Nanao and Celis, Basara was still full of sexual desire.

To begin with, after forming the master-servant vow with Celis and Nanao, it was obvious he had planned to take Mio and the other girls for as long as his body would allow him. So with a gulp of his throat — the penis that had just cum a great load inside of Celis was hard again. 

“…Understood. So Who do I start with?”

He asked while looking at Mio and the other girls.


The curse of the master-servant vow activates with Basara’s sexual arousal — it simultaneously causes a change in the girls. 

It’s a sexual arousal even more intense than what Celis and Nanao experienced earlier,

“Oops… This is kinda difficult. If you go one by one, the latter ones might be in a bit of a pinch”

“ Well sorry… I can do up to four at the same time”

To Maria who seemed to be enjoying the situation, Basara replied with a wry smile. 

One could use his penis, one on each hand, then one could use his mouth… That’s Basara’s limit.

With that —- as usual Basara sought advice.

“—-Maria, do you have any good ideas?”

“Ufufuf. Of course I do. Please leave it to me”

Maria said with a smile, as she took out a small bottle hidden in the chest area of her bustier.

“Please take this Basara-san. It’s a stronger version of my mother’s body double medicine made by me”

“This again… Seems like something amazing.”

Understanding what Maria meant to say, he took the bottle Maria handed to him, opened the lid, and drank the contents. 

With that, Basara’s body was covered with a glowing light, which radiated from him covering the entire bathroom.

And then —- once that dispersed.

There were eight Toujou Basaras. One is the real him —  with the other seven being his body doubles.

Each of the body doubles then went over to the girls who are all in an aroused state, they positioned each girl to their weakness and began their intercourse with them.

“—— ♥”

The bathroom was soon filled with lewd moaning sounds, Basara watched on with his two remaining body doubles.

With that, Maria was next to him,

“The clones’ sexual prowess and techniques are set to be the same as the real you, Basara-san… In this way, Mio-sama and the other girls will be alright”

Basara was satisfied with Maria’s explanation.

However — it’s Basara now who’s holding back his own arousal.

“—So in that case, my partner is you then, Maria?”

Answering Basara’s gaze and desire,

“Yah…. haah, mmm… That’s a wonderful idea…. mm ♥”

While falling into an aroused state, Maria still has the awareness of her succubus self,

“But… I’m fine with a body double too. Since I’m the one that came up with this idea, It wouldn’t really be fair for me to be with you, when Mio-sama and the other girls who really want to be with you, have to be with a body double instead.” 


“Today is Friday…. There will be lots of time over the weekend. I think for tonight you should concentrate on the two you just tied the master-servant vow with”

As she said that, she set her sights on the vinyl playmat. 

There was Nanao, having regained her consciousness without anyone realizing, she looked around confused at the lewd scene around her.

However, her eyes were red with excitement looking at the lewd sex between Basara’s body doubles and the girls, she was unable to take her eyes off the lewd scene before her.

“She just completed the master-servant vow, so she must still be confused… So, please teach her what will become of her, Basara-san”

And then.

“By the time Nanao-san finally loses her consciousness —- Celis-san should have recovered”

As Maria said that, one of the remaining body doubles went to Celis on the floor, and took up a sixty-nine pose. With that, in front of Celis’ face was a hard penis as burly as Basara’s. 

Celis still reverberating from the intense climax, with a sublime expression, she extended her tongue and began licking the penis.

“Ah…. haah… Basaraah…. Mmm, chuu…. licks…. chuu”

Her facial expression was the same as Mio and the other girls —- the seductive face of a full pledged sex slave.


Slowly Basara went over towards Nanao on the playmat. 

Nanao then quickly became aware of his presence,


With wet eyes, she looked up at him.

Standing right in front of her, with cum on his erect penis that had creampied Celis earlier, he called out to her. 


“Ah… haah… mm, yahh…. aaah…. ♥”

Nanao let out sweet moans as she sat looking up at him. It was the sign she had become just like the other girls.

The aphrodisiac curse of the vow was causing her arousal.


Taking Nanao’s hand, Basara guided it towards his hot penis.

With that, in the intense arousal, Nanao let her sex slave instincts take hold, understanding what she had to do — She started stroking Basara’s hardness with her hand, and like that she put her lips to it.

“….Haah, mmm… churu…. mmfuu, chuu…. licks ♥”

She started her fellatio so naturally, taking in the cum covered rod and head mixed with her own salvia into her throat. Nanao’s mouth was so hot from her own arousal, she looked completely into it, her face was drowning in the deliciousness of Basara’s penis as she licked it.

As he looked at the lewd facial expression of this half vampire, 

…This is, Nanao.

He felt something like a strong tug inside him.

—Nanao during the time when he first met her was timid and calm. 

They learned about each other’s true identities during the sports festival last year, then after christmas they became aware of each other as man and woman, by the end of their third term they began doing lewd acts.   

This April, they came close to the line of sex with their secret relationship. 

…It’s my responsibility, huh?

Since Nanao has decided to live as a woman —- Basara felt a sense of responsibility for Nanao. In order for her to live as a woman, Hasegawa and Basara showed her pleasures that couldn’t be achieved normally.  

There’s no one who could escape that magical pleasure.

Not even Mio the daughter of the demon lord, or Yuki and Kurumi who are heroes, or the demonic being Zest.

Not even the succubus Maria, or the togami Hasegawa, in the end they all fell into becoming Basara’s sex slaves. Nanao and Celis were no exception.

So —- as a result of that, all Basara can do is take responsibility. 

Remaining committed to them as the master who made them fall into sexual slavery. 

With that, Basara renewed his feelings. 

Suddenly from behind him — came a voice from the entrance.

“—-So, sorry to keep you waiting~”

When he turned to see what’s happening, Maria was wheeling in a wagon,

“Hey Maria, that’s….”

What Maria brought in was —- a gigantic five layer cake.

It’s white, having used plenty of frosting, and it’s decorated with many fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. On the third layer, there’s a giant chocolate plate, nicely written on it was “Congratulations! Nanao-San and Celis-San for Reaching the Master-servant vow!”

“Seriously… This time it went from contract to vow in one go, I’ve been secretly preparing this ever since we decided we’d do it using the bathroom”.  

As Maria said that she purposely ran her index finger through the frosting on the cake. She slathered it on the Basara body double next to her, and lewdly licked it off his chest. 

“See, Basara-san you do love tasting girls and cake in the bathroom”

“Don’t say untrue things like that. I’ve only done that once…. In the first place, that was you using what I bought for your own shenanigans”

While Maria smiled at him with a mischievous smile, Basara let out a resigned sigh. 

— The story Maria mentioned happened when he had just tied the master-servant contract with Mio.

Thinking about it, that was the first time he did anything with Mio and Maria in the bathroom.

It was different from the time he bathed with Yuki and Kurumi when they were young — he had entered the bathroom then together with others who had recognized the differences in their sex. Basara from back then still had no immunity to lewd acts, during with the acts of Mio and Maria, he had passed out. Basara from back then wouldn’t even think of entering a bath with a girl.

But — now it’s different.

There’s a total of eight girls taking a bath with him. 

Basara had taken all their virginities, he had taken them without restraint and made them fall into becoming sex slaves.

The result of that is the scene currently unfolding in this bath.

Nanao had been giving Basara a blow job as he spoke with Maria. 

“Mm… churu…… haah, mmm…. licks… chuu ♥”

With dazed eyes, Nanao had completely melted in the sensuality.

And then —- the backdrop of that.

“——- ♥”

Mio and the other girls were all aroused. As they were assaulted by Basara’s body doubles,They bucked their bodies and let out sweet moans as their secret spots were thrust into by the hardness of the doubles. 

Even if somebody would think of this situation as abnormal, Basara so naturally accepted it. 

Maria was rather pleased. 

Mio and the other girls were in an otherworldly state of lewdness, drunk on pleasure. 

A feast of sensuality was unfolding within the privacy of the basement’s giant bathroom. 

“So then, Basara-san. Please enjoy your meal”

Maria said, bringing the cake over to Basara’s side.

She had an extremely lewd smile on her face.

“I guarantee the best possible taste… From this cake, and from us too”

Part 25

From that moment onward, Basara had sex Mio and the other girls in the giant bathroom.

Forgetting time, they simply downed in pleasure —- naturally falling into the hell of sensuality. 

Mio and the other girls used the frosting on the cake Maria made, lewdly slathering it on their bodies, letting Basara taste them, as he had sex with all of them. 

In addition it wasn’t just the cake —- Maria also prepared breakfast with Zest and brought it to everyone in the bathroom.

However as such —- Basara and the girls can’t indulge forever in their intercourse. Even if it’s what they truly crave, there’s a physical and mental limit to this. Therefore, after having reached his utmost limit with the girls —- Basara fell asleep while wrapped in their warmth. 

And then.


Toujou Basara slowly opened his eyes from his peaceful sleep.  

Instead of waking up on the floor of the giant bathroom, he was on the giant bed in the room right next door.

He was completely naked. 

As he lay there, from the corner of his eye, he could see a single girl enter the room. 

Just like him, she’s naked too.


The girl who so lovingly called out to him had moist eyes, and then she walked over to Basara and gave him a kiss.  

Basara answered Mio with his lips and tongue. His tongue so naturally slipped into her mouth, as their wet membranes lewdly entangled in each others’,  

“Mmm…. chu, haah…. oniichan….. nfu… licks”

As Mio let out wet voices, she put her body to his.

With that, Mio’s body was filled with a sensual fever —- her large breasts pressed against him were meltingly soft and her nipples lewdly swelled.

It’s a lewdly developed state — but Mio’s body no longer belonged to herself alone.

It belongs to Basara. So Basara greedily fondled her breasts. 

“Mmm, fuaaan…..aaah, aah…. oniichan… ♥”

As she let out sweet moans, she bucked her body, as her legs entangled with his.

After parting his lips from Mio’s,

“…How long have I been sleeping?”

“Mm… About two hours I think. So it’s fine if you want to sleep more. I’m sure you’re tired, after all you didn’t just give all your love to Celis and Nanao but to all of us right?”

“But, more than that I’m happy”

As if he has gotten a sweet feeling inside him, Basara expressed his real feelings, then,

“…Mmm… oniichan…”

Mio, being unable to hold herself back hugged him, and placed his arms around her waist, hugging her back. 

“What happened with everyone else?”

Basara asked, with only the two of them in bed,

“Everyone else… They’re still in the bath”

With that said, Mio glanced at the door leading to the changing room of the bath.

“With Maria’s medicine, even when you fell asleep, all the copies are still there… And since they’re already there, we used them on Celis and Nanao-kun as congratulations for reaching the master-servant vow and completely wrecked them. The rest of us used the remaining copy to practice servicing you, while we watched Celis and Nanao-kun. Then I went to sleep with you now so you don’t catch a cold”

“Celis and Nanao-kun are so lively too… They were confused at first, but were quickly fine with it after having experience with us. They’re probably in a dream like state right now”

As Mio spoke with a seductive smile on her face,

Basara inquired about something that had been on his mind. 

“Hey Mio… Are Celis and Nanao…?”

With a smile, Mio told Basara what he made true.

“Hasegawa-sensei confirmed it… Don’t worry, you’ve impregnated both of them.” 

“…Is that so. Then that’s good”

He said exhaling quietly.

— Not just having the master-servant contract and the master-servant vow.

He felt a little bad for Celis especially since she wanted to fight on behalf of Mio and the other girls while they are pregnant. However this time, Basara wanted to get Celis and Nanao pregnant no matter what. 

It’s actually something Basara has secretly wanted ever since it was decided that Celis was coming to live in the Toujou house. 

For that reason, they had used a fertility medicine Maria made on Celis without her knowing.

Since Hasegawa can adjust the way time flows inside the womb, they’ll all be able to give birth at the same time.  

— This way, both the Hero Clan and the Demons can’t touch Celis and Nanao as well as Mio and the others.

As they aren’t just Basara’s servants —- they’re his beloved wives as well.

If harm were to befall them, then that would be considered an act against Basara himself, who has made eight master-servant vows.

However, Basara wasn’t the only one to get stronger.

With his master-servant vows with Celis and Nanao complete, he gained new power, and with that so did Mio and the other girls – of course, this now includes Celis and Nanao.

— However, it‘s not just the master-servant contract. The master-servant vow also increases the power of both the master and servant as the number of vows increases. 

..And with this.

The obstacles related to the alliance with the Demons side as well as the Heroes’ side are more or less cleared.

In short, there’ll be no one that can touch those important to Basara.

His little sisters, his childhood friends, his maid, his teacher —- all of them are his family, his sex slaves and also his wives, no one will be able to harm them.

Even so — there may still be anti-alliance forces, similar to the one caught by Shiba aiming to do so.


If it ever comes to that point, he’ll show no mercy. He’ll kill anyone. Even if that might be a demon that far exceeds chaos in terms of strength, or even if it might be the absolute highest ranking of the togami that surpasses all of the other divine beings. 

Those seeking to threaten their peaceful days — their simple happiness are the enemy.

He will send them to the zero dimension, leaving no trace as he uses his Banishing Shift.

That’s because they’re threatening that which Toujou Basara can’t yield 

—— And Toujou Basara prepared something to symbolize his resolve for this. 

Therefore, he opened the nightstand drawer by the bed.

What’s there, is something which has been waiting there in secret before the ceremony with Celis and Nanao —- before Hasegawa brought Celis there and even before the other girls started waiting in the bathroom.


Much to Mio’s surprise, Basara took out a sky blue box that was well decorated. 

After placing his hands opposite the butterfly hinge the box opened. Inside were 8 rings surrounding one in the center.   

Basara took out one of the rings and put it on the ring finger of his left hand. 

“Oniichan…. is that”

Mio stared at it wide eyed, as Basara took out one of the eight rings — one that was intended for Mio. 

“Mio, please give me your left hand —- no, just give it to me”

Halfway through, he rephrased his words into that of an order. He did so as a means of showing his resolution to live as a master. 


As tears tears welled up in her eyes, Mio had both hands over her mouth. 


As he called out to her with a sense of sureness in his voice. Mio slowly then extended her left hand to him. 

Taking Mio’s left hand, Basara gently slipped the ring onto her finger.

“I will vow to you once more. I will love you… love all of you for eternity”

“Once more, vow to me too Mio… Not to any god, just to me”

Using his right hand, he tilted Mio’s chin up towards him. 


Mio cried as she nodded to him. 

“I… I, Naruse Mio… I belong to Toujou Basara…. to oniichan, for eternity”

WIth that said, Mio closed her eyes.

Basara — said nothing as he took her lips and inserted his tongue into her mouth.  

“Mm… chuu, haah…. oniichan… nnfuuh ♥”

He held onto Mio, clinging to her as their tongues intertwined.

At that moment, white liquid started spilling out from Mio’s breasts. 

“…Ah… Oniichan, what’s happening…”

Looking at Mio who’s confused with what happened with her own body,

As Basara looked at Mio, she had this confused look on her face over what just happened to her own body. 

“Yeah… looks like milk can come out of you as well”

In fact, up until this point, he had not seen this happen with anyone aside from Hasegawa. However, he then let out a smile over the fact that the same just happened for Mio. 

“—-I’m going to take a sip”

“Yes… Oniichan, come drink my first breast milk…”

Smiling deductively, she spread her arms out slightly, inviting Basara to drink. 

Basara brought himself to Mio’s left breast and began taking her nipple into his mouth. 

A warm liquid spread inside his mouth. Much like Hasegawa’s breast milk, Mio’s is somewhat sweet, but it had a different taste. 

Wanting to further savor the taste, Basara began sucking. 

“Mm… aah, oniichan… oniichan… haaah ♥” 

It wasn’t simply just having her nipples sucked on, but it was having her breast milk flow out and drank by Basara turned Mio on as she held onto Basara’s head. 

As he continued drinking, the taste of her breast milk began growing thicker. 

Surely it was the sweet sinful taste of sensual corruption. 

Mio began letting out moans of “ mm ♥ mm ♥” as her body started trembling. It was clear that while Basara kept drinking she was lightly cumming. 

Basara naturally then began showing a reaction —- as he continued drinking Mio’s milk, his penis grew bigger. 

It was something Mio quickly realized. 

“Mm… fufu, oniichan… you grew so big from just my breast milk”

Reaching out towards his member with her right hand, she began stroking it. Her gentle touches gradually grew more lewd, the movements faster —- and Basara’s penis grew to its utmost size.

Therefore, Basara and Mio could no longer hold back.

Looking at her with hungry eyes, his mouth moved away from her nipples. 


“Yeah… it’s fine oniichan, do me all you like”

With a seductive smile, she readily spread her legs on the bed, showing her secret spot. 

Showing her secret spot with a seductive smile, she readily spread her legs on the bed, giving him the lewdest invitation.  

“Please oniichan… I want you till I can’t take it anymore So let my spot here drink you up too”

Basara started thinking as he looked at Mio. 

He thought about how for him and the girls it must be difficult to achieve the kind of normal happiness most people have. 

Even so… No, because of that, he wanted to make these girls who are so precious to him happy. He wanted to make them happy as his family and as his wives; Even if — it means falling into the depths of depravity, no matter how lewd it gets; no matter what others think. 


Even so they’ll continue on together — believing in their happiness and living their daily life.  

“Yeah, I understand—- I’ll help you with that now”

Toujou Basara nodded and thrusted his penis inside Mio’s meltingly hot vagina without any hesitation.