Chapter 1: Neo Kichijōji’s Hungry Wolf Brigade

Having left the back alley where Shirou had subdued the group of men in black, Kōsaki Yuki had followed Sirou and Mikoto to a single tenant within a multi-tenant building.

There was a table and sofa inside, along with a large cupboard siding on the wall right next to the kitchen.

There was also a plain room deeper within the tenant with only a bed in it, as if the room were meant for rest alone.

“…Where are we?”

“It’s a building we occasionally use—one of the few safehouses we have.”

As Yui sat on the sofa, eyeing the tenant she was visiting for the first time with great curiosity, her question was answered by Mikoto, who was boiling tea in the kitchen.

“A safehouse…you mean this is one of your hiding places? But to use a tenant in a building of all places…I’ve heard things here and there when I first came here, but this Hungry Wolf Brigade that you’re both part of is really something, isn’t it?”

The brigade was a group of supernatural ability users that existed in Neo Kichijōji—and Yui knew the name of the group clearly, even if she wasn’t very familiar with any information surrounding it.

It was a group that was seemingly associated with being the strongest of them all within the supernatural ability zone.

“While we’re at it, Sirou-san’s actually the senior leader of our Hungry Wolf Brigade. You could call him our group’s Number Two.”

“The senior leader…you, Takanashi-kun?”

“More or less. Though the position only gives me a bit of an extra say when the group makes decisions, really.”

Yui let out a surprised expression as she stared at Sirou, to which he only wryly smiled back at her in response.

The image that Yui had of Sirou until up now was that he was just a male classmate who never really stood out—he was usually either sleeping or staring absentmindedly out of the window in class.

Anyone would find it hard to believe that someone like him would be the senior leader of the Hungry Wolf Brigade—nevertheless, Yui found herself capable of accepting the truth.

After all, she had borne witness to his incredible strength first hand when he’d defeated the men in black back at the alleyway.

That, and…

There was that one time where she’d seen Sirou alone in class after school; the way the evening sunlight pierced into the classroom and onto his distant profile as he stood still had seemingly given him an unknowable intensity, as if he were another person entirely.

Yui had felt a rather overwhelming presence from him, such that one would presume that the unremarkable front he usually put on was merely deception; she’d caught a glimpse of a different side to Takanashi Sirou by chance.

What she saw had weighed on her mind to the point where she became more attentive toward the otherwise unremarkable Sirou—but now, she finally felt satisfied with the explanation she was given toward the expression and the intensity she’d seen in him back then.

“Still, to think that you have the ability to cut through bullets with a blade…you really have an amazing supernatural ability, don’t you, Takanashi-kun?”

“Who knows? For one, I’m not one of the Awakened.”

“Oh, is that so? Then I’m assuming you’re—”

“I’m not a Pure-Blood, either,” Sirou couldn’t help another strained smile. “My power…was obtained when I was summoned to another world.”

Yui had asked Sirou a question that he’d been asked too many a time to count, even to this day.

How in the world had he managed to obtain power of such an extent?

He’d given her the same answer to the truth that he’d always used—and he was expecting to be replied with the same reaction. Nothing would change.

And yet—

“…And what was the name of this other world, exactly?”

Yui had instead asked another question in response—Sirou’s eyes widened at the entirely unexpected reaction.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” Yui asked, puzzled.

“Pfft, ahaha…do pardon me. Most would either get really angry or utterly dumbfounded whenever I bring this topic up…to see someone actually believe it is admittedly quite refreshing.”

Having been unable to resist laughing out loud, Sirou eyed the girl before him yet again.

…I see why the boys at school are so obsessed about her now.

He was referring to the boys at Seikei Private Academy, where both Sirou and Yui were enrolled in; it was an educational institute that adopted an integrated school system, one that offered admission for education from the elementary to the tertiary level.

Sirou had come to know Yui when he admitted into the academy as a senior high schooler; his recognition of her had come from the fame she possessed, having been given the moniker of “a once-in-a-millennium chairwoman” ever since she’d admitted into the school during her elementary year, largely in part due to her consistently excellent grades and extraordinary appearance. 

Currently, Sirou’s batch of first-year senior high schoolers had recently completed their year-end exams and were preparing for spring break to arrive; Yui, however, had stopped coming to school after all the tests had ended, and she’d been pursued by a group of armed ruffians, who might’ve identified her easily given the prominence of her school uniform as she went about the streets of Neo Kichijōji.

…And I wonder why they did it.

Sirou’s curiosity, of course, had led to the current situation of him having saved her; nevertheless, if Yui were to get too close to him, she’d been a target among various organizations or even individuals possessing supernatural abilities scattered across the city.

It was in her best interest to not get her involved with them more than needed. And yet—

…It just so happens to be Thursday today.

The fact that today was Thursday in itself was the major problem that turned the otherwise rational course of action on its head. 

“I’d delve deeper into the story of my abilities, but can I trust you to keep what happened between us today a secret from the school?”

“Oh, of course, that was my intention exactly…still, why did you choose to come to our school in the first place, Takanashi-kun? Given that you’re a member of the Hungry Wolf Brigade, surely you would’ve considered going to other, better schools that accommodate supernatural ability users like yourself?”

“—You call them schools, but places like that just want to conduct research on supernatural abilities one way or another.”

“It just wouldn’t do for the secret and mechanics of our abilities to be revealed…that said, should any foreign organizations happen to get wind of all that, it would cause us nothing but trouble.” It was Kotori who spoke next, having finally finished preparing her tea and arrived to join the two. “Sorry to butt into the conversation. I just happened to finish some delicious tea~”

The young maid carefully arranged a series of cups onto the table and began to pour the black tea she’d prepared into them. The scented aroma of the hot beverage began to rise and waft in the air.

“It smells wonderful…” Yui murmured, her expression reflexively softening.

“That said, well, I’d note that the members from the current era of our group who are enrolled in the school did happen to choose Seikei Academy on purpose, given how it’s not really interested in the whole supernatural ability research thing and all.”

“Then, Mikoto-chan, I assume you too…?”

“Yeap! I’m enrolled in Seikei’s middle school branch, along with my twin sister.”

“Still, there’s really no need to worry. We can just really go about our lives as if nothing that happened today ever transpired between us; you’d simply be acquainted with members of a major organization that holds power within the city.”

“A major organization…you mean here, among Neo Kichijōji?”

“Mhmm. I’m sorry we kept quiet about it. I just thought that it’d be inconvenient for you if you got involved, that’s all…”

“…Please, you don’t need to apologize for that.” “I’d be willing to keep any secret, Takanashi-kun—not just for the both of you.”

“Excuse me, Takanashi-kun, if I may—” 

Yui suddenly stood up straight as her tone took a formal turn, and she quickly bowed before Sirou.

“I’ve sorry that I’ve yet to properly thank you up until now. I’m really grateful that you rescued me from danger just a short while ago. You’re now my savior, Takanashi-kun.”

“…You’re a good girl, aren’t you, Chairwoman?” Sirou said, administering her as she straightforwardly gave him her words of gratitude.

“Hmm? You think so? …It’s nothing out of the ordinary, really…”

“…What do we do, Sirou-san?” It was Mikoto who spoke as she sat beside Yui, her large eyes glistening in anticipation as she noticed Yui seemingly being unaware of her genuineness. “I’m…actually really interested in getting to know more about Yui-san, you know!”

“Good for you. Though you shouldn’t go asking for the color of her underwear,” Sirou rebuked Mikoto as she began getting excited, and he then turned toward the time on his wristwatch.

…The time limit’s only merely minutes away.

They’d already explained the reality of their circumstances to Yui and subsequently obtained her understanding toward them.

Then it’s about time we be honest with her, Sirou thought.

“I’ve noticed that you’ve been paying a lot of attention to the time since a while ago, Takanashi-kun…is there something you need to attend to?”

“…There’s still time before I do need to attend to something, yes—though I admit it’s also a bit of a pressing matter.”

Yui’s question was the cue for Sirou to finally delve into the topic that he had to discuss with her.

“…To be honest with you, Chairwoman, there’s something that I really need to apologize for.”

Part 2

“You want to apologize to me, Takanashi-kun…?” Kōsaki Yui suddenly looked confused.

She was then replied by Sirou opposite the sofa she was sitting on.

“You know,” He began, “I’m talking about when I decided to jump in to save you at the spur of the moment and we ended up falling to the ground together, Chairwoman…”

“Ah, um…I see. Yes, back then, we…” Yui’s cheeks reddened as she averted her gaze, unconsciously and gently touching her lips.

It had been her first kiss, as far as the experience itself was concerned—it only meant that said experience was etched clearly—extremely vividly—into her memory.

After all, he—

Despite having attempted to flinch away from him in the flustered state she was at…Sirou had not allowed her to do so. He’d instead held her body close to his and kissed her a second time—though of course he’d also done so to rescue her from the armed men in black who were aiming at them.

“It was just an accident, Takanashi-kun, so it wasn’t your fault…though I will admit that recalling what happened the second time makes me very embarrassed.”

The second kiss felt like it was almost planned by him with that he’d forcefully grabbed her by the waist and stole her lips while clutching the back of her head—and she could remember him going as far as to force his tongue in amidst little traces of the hazy sensation that remained in her mind.

She had no idea how to refuse Sirou’s entry given that it was her first time experiencing something like that—resulting in a state where she was unable to think and locked in an erotic kiss with their tongues intertwining with one another.

Back then, I…

She’d shut her eyes and willingly succumbed herself to Sirou kissing her.

Unbelievably, she’d also let out moans while having her butt groped by him, suggesting that she enjoyed the sensation somewhat.


Her thighs rubbed against one another unconsciously as she recollected the sensation.

“B-but, you know…that all happened while you were in the middle of saving me, so…” Her gaze was downcast as her forced voice faded away near the end.

“—Grandschewlt.” Sirou suddenly mentioned an unusual name.


“That’s the name of the alternate world that I was summoned to. That was when I obtained my power.”

As Yui lifted her gaze, Sirou continued to explain.

“The power I obtained from that world translates into the elements of the Seven Deadly Sins in this world. How familiar are you with the Seven Deadly Sins, Chairwoman?”

“Let’s see…there’s Pride, Wrath, Avarice, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth and Lust…that makes seven, correct?”

“I see…given that your power’s obtained from another world, it does make sense that you’re neither one of the Awakened nor the Pure-Bloods…” Yui murmured as she recalled what Sirou had said, biting her lip. “Still, why are you telling me all this now? Even then, are you sure it’s okay for me to know all this?”

“I actually shouldn’t be, though in this case it’s imperative that I must explain myself to you, Chairwoman. My supernatural abilities relating to the Seven Deadly Sins happen to manifest themselves to a particular strength based on the days of the week in this world. So, for instance, Pride, in relation to Venus, would manifest on Fridays, while Wrath, in relation to Saturn, would manifest on Saturdays.”


“While each and every planet manifests a different timeframe where it grants an individual amplification of a particular power, my power also possesses a period of time—the Reckoning—that causes one’s individual senses to be heavily stimulated. The issue arises when both timeframes—the day of the week in relation of the power of the Seven Deadly Sins and Reckoning itself—pile together.”

“Issue…?” Yui asked again, and it was Mikoto, who was sitting next to Sirou, who spoke next.

“Even if it was an accident, you did happen to kiss Sirou…and during this poor timing, as well. As unlucky as the situation is, I suppose you can only call it fate now.”

“………Um, what do you mean?”

 It was at the moment when Yui’s gaze wandered and she asked that as she was unable to understand the circumstances—that she suddenly felt a surge of heat deep down.


Following that sensation, she could feel another particular feeling welling within her.

“Ah…no, what is this…nnn! ♥”

Having only experienced something like this for the first time, the moans that came from Yui were rough and erotic. An oppressively warm pulsation was stirring within her chest and her abdomen as its pace continued to accelerate, her temperature escalating immediately.

“Ah, it seems it’s finally begun,” Sirou said apologetically. “You see, if someone happens to touch me during the active manifestation period of a particular power and happens to share an instinct with the particular power in question, their senses become stimulated based on the Deadly Sin the power originates from on that particular time. Usually it’d be just a minor occurrence and nothing more.”


“Should the bearer of the particular Sin find a compatible bearer, said partner is then engraved with a mark. And should one manage to attain and awaken said power for themselves, they attain a gift—a supernatural ability that corresponds to the particular related Sin.”

“While we’re at it, I happen to be marked with the Sin of Gluttony as one of Sirou’s compatible bearers,” Mikoto revealed, “Me included, three others apart from Sirou-san that are among the senior leaders of the Hungry Wolf Brigade, along with the leader of the brigade, are bearers of a unique supernatural ability related to a Sin.”

“Accordingly, there are seven supernatural abilities related to the Seven Deadly Sins. Much like Mikoto’s mentioned, there are currently a total of four bearers who have been marked, which means that there are only three left…at least, until a short moment ago.”

“Y-You don’t mean that…”

“Yes,” Sirou nodded, “Lust does happen to be among the remaining three, and today’s Thursday, which happens to manifest said Sin, as well…that, you reacted to the power of Lust during that delicate moment when you kissed me, Chairwoman. To make matters worse, you also happened to be compatible as a bearer of the supernatural ability of Lust.”

“N-No way…so does that mean I’m…” Yui asked, her thoughts trailing to the unthinkable regarding her current situation.

“Yes, you’ve been engraved with the mark of Lust,” Sirou said, “And what you’re feeling right now, Chairwoman, is the beginning of Lust’s Reckoning effect.”

“B-But that’s…Nnn, haaah….aaahn…” Unable to endure any longer, Yui collapsed sideways onto the sofa.

“Oh dear…are you alright, Yui-san?” Inaba Mikoto, who was seated opposite the sofa, quickly rushed ahead to help Yui sit up. It was then that she noticed that Yui was entirely flushed, the heat visible even through her clothes.

She was likely being attacked by an otherworldly pleasure that she had never experienced before, though it was more uncomfortable for her at the moment. Nevertheless, even as the heat went to Yui’s mind and slowly melted away whatever reason she could cling onto, she presented herself as quite the enticing sight.

T-This is really hot, isn’t it…? Mikoto could only manage a throaty voice as she watched Yui give in to her lustful instincts.

“Nnn! …Mikoto-chan, I assume you and others also had such strong, stimulating urges like this when you guys first experienced this…?”

“Not exactly…to tell you the truth, my sister and I are a special kind of the Pure-Bloods. Having already possessed quite a considerable amount of power before we arrived at this supernatural ability zone, so we adapted to this a lot easier.”

“So you’re…a special kind of Pure-Blood, Mikoto-chan?”

“…Yes. My sister and I are actually vampires.”

The Pure-Bloods did not comprise only those who possess supernatural abilities; the Sub-Races, beings that were not originally human to begin with, were very rare among Neo Kichijōji, which naturally extended to the supernatural ability zone as a whole.

Due to the risks and inconveniences that came with being a rare species, theirs was a secret limited to only a select few even within Neo Kichijōji, but they decided that it wouldn’t hurt to divulge this to Yui.

There was a possibility that she would be a new member of the Hungry Wolf Brigade, after all—there was thus no particular need for secrecy.

“I can’t really say that my own special case qualifies as a good point of reference…though what I can say is that you’ll usually be able to control these sensations after you make supernatural ability of the particular Sin yours.”

“A-And how do I manage to make it mine…?”

“In your case, Yui-san, you’ll have to accept that a newfound sinful instinct of lust is now dwelling inside you and satisfy it. While I’m at it, it’s also an erotic experience that you’ll have to face alone.”

“B-But that’s…”

“That’s right…it’s going to be quite a lot of trouble. To make matters worse, the duration of the Reckoning Effect only begins once you’ve started rapidly stimulating the body with the corresponding stimuli, and you’ll have to continue doing that for an hour. You’ll have to bear with that the entire while.”

“Nnn…I can’t…that’s impossible, I…I just can’t…” Yui shook her head almost adorably, shaking from embarrassment.

“Please don’t worry. Once you reach the point where you’ve finally gotten a grip on your awakened supernatural ability of Sin, it’s not like you can’t overcome it all on your own. Still, there are other methods apart from simply appeasing your aroused condition.”

“…Really…?” The allure behind her pleading gaze had long reached absurd levels, as one would expect from someone with the moniker of a chairwoman available only once in a millennium.

Whoaaaaah, that’s really hot…! The voice in Mikoto’s mind took on an almost authentic Italian accent as she bore witness to the obscenity of Yui succumbing to pleasure.

“It’s alright…um, everything’s going to be okay, Yui-san. There’s nothing to worry about.” Stifling her giggling, Mikoto then tenderly told Yui of her last hope.

“It’s Sirou-san,” Mikoto’s gaze followed Yui’s as they both turned toward the person in question. “


“Yes. Given that he possesses all of the supernatural abilities of Sin, he also has the ability to satisfy the mark of Lust that’s awakened within you. That being said,” Inaba Mikoto continued, “With Sirou-san at the helm, you’ll be able to know just how obscene you can be, Yui-san.”

Trembling amidst the fever of her obscene condition, Kosaki Yui brought the words Mikoto had said to what remained of her mind.

She could not think of how she could possibly accept such a ridiculously sexual sensation; above all, it also frightened her to think what she would become the moment she really submitted herself to it.


The mark of Lust now engraved on her was something that Sirou himself possessed within him as its original wielder—that being said, Yui accepted that he was indeed capable of saving her from this bind as Mikoto had mentioned.


Naturally, however, she still hesitated.

She was already so embarrassed at her current state, after all, and it was suffocating her to the point of madness…and to think that she was going to allow Sirou to verify just how obscene she was by testing the limits of the lustful instincts that were now raging within her…

It wasn’t going to be easy to awaken her lust if she were to simply endure her embarrassment, however.


Unable to steel herself against the sin of Lust, Yui regressed into a deeper state of obscenity; the sweet, lewd sensation was so strong that it left her helpless, and she was also well aware that her underwear had become wet over the sensation. It left her more desperate than embarrassed as she let out sweet moans on the sofa.

“Don’t worry, Yui-san…Sirou-san’s going to make you feel real good, you know?”

“…! …You mean—”

As Mikoto temptingly whispered in her ear, Yui turned toward the cute young maid with a look of disbelief. A coquettish smile abruptly surfaced on Mikoto’s face.

Mikoto was well aware of the sexual pleasure that awaited Yui if she were to frolic with Sirou.

“But that’s…Mikoto-chan…ahh!”

Her conviction wavered more and more as she succumbed further to the reality of her subjugated, obscene situation, despite how young the girl stimulating her was.

“…Well, Yui-san, what do you think?” Mikoto suddenly spoke softly. “Think of it as you having accidentally ingested some medicine you shouldn’t have. Medical officers would have to strip your clothes off and examine your condition in order to help you and give you the corresponding medical treatment. That’s supposed to be embarrassing, right? Still, what if you had to do that by a doctor’s orders?”

“…Medical treatment…?”

“Exactly. You’re now the patient and Sirou-san your doctor. And all Sirou-san is going to be doing afterwards is all medical care meant to help you.”

“Takanashi-kun…helping me…?” Yui murmured, and deep down she knew that there was an evident truth to Mikoto’s words.

Even so, the lustful instincts growing within her left her wanting to taste the sensation of what Sirou was going to do to her.

…Why am I like this…?

She’d had an explanation just a short moment ago—she happened to share a kiss with Sirou today, which happened to be a Thursday.

No one was at fault, however—it had all been an accident, and Yui had to accept that there was no helping the current situation that was the result of it, as well as the fact that Sirou was the only person that could help her now.

Yui’s gaze, wet with sensuality, turned to Sirou once more as she unconsciously swallowed hard.


He was gazing at her in return wordlessly, patiently waiting for her to make a decision—and she could see that he was actually worried about her.

It was a sight that softened her unease, even if only slightly; in return, however, the throbbing, suffocating sensation that was spreading within her chest only continued to grow stronger.

…If Takanashi-kun only wanted to keep his own identity a secret, then…

There was no telling the harm he could have possibly inflicted on her now that she knew about his supernatural abilities.

…And if Takanashi-kun happened to be someone who cares about nothing but his own desires…

He would have not revealed anything about himself nor let Yui speak her mind either, and instead, he would’ve surely dragged her to somewhere convenient for him to do what he wanted with her.

…And yet, he…

He had been thoroughly honest with her. He’d explained the risks of all that had transpired between them, and he’d even gone as far as to divulge his own valuable personal secrets—all the more reason for Yui to be more accommodating of the notion that Sirou would be the one that would undertake the unthinkable upon her.

—Of course, none of that meant that she was no longer embarrassed about it.


She didn’t imagine it after all—that instance where she’d found him alone in the classroom and felt something different emanating from him. 

Sirou had always piqued Yui’s curiosity—perhaps it was fate that Sirou had found her in that back alley, and he was now her savior.


She knew that it was best to comply for her own good, given that she was now afflicted by this strange mark of Lust. 

She then opened her mouth quality, giving away her truthful and final decision. 

“…Please, Takanashi-kun…help me…”

She was willing to trust Sirou and entrust everything to him.

“…I understand. I don’t think we’ll need to go the full stretch, though, so hang in there, okay?” There was a gentle but resolute tone to Sirou’s words; he’d said that there was no good in resisting, for it was crucial that Sirou would make her awaken and realize her innate lustful instincts.

“…Mhm,” Yui nodded deeply in response.


Wordlessly, Sirou then slowly extended his hands toward her chest.


He undid the tie of her school uniform, revealing the front zipper hidden underneath it; Yui’s hands then slowly directed Sirou’s to the zipper—whereby a sensual curve went across where it was situated, curves that indicated just how large Yui’s bust was.


Yui watched as she endured her first embarrassing and difficult experience of her breasts being laid bare slowly, their ample shape hidden only by a lace-embroidered bra.

Sirou didn’t stop there, however—he slid the zipper further down her navel until he unfastened it completely, leaving her in an immodest state.

“Chairwoman—” His lips loomed above her, slowly approaching her.

—This wasn’t going to be an accident anymore; he was going to kiss her willingly and without any excuses.

Yui did not resist, however.


Yui’s upturned eyes shut themselves as she remained on the sofa, steeling herself to accept the kiss.


Goosebumps ran across Yui’s body as she shivered at the sensation of their soft, slimy lips pressing against one another—the passage of time only meant that the mark of Lust was further sensitized, causing Yui to flinch from the immediate, unbelievable sensation from merely a kiss, her limbs now more sensitive than she’d imagined.

…Oh no…but it’s so…!

Yui then realized just how one’s lips could also qualify as an erogenous zone through that first of a sensation; and before she realized it, Sirou was already holding her in his arms.

“…! …Nnn…nnn…haah!”

Yui’s body shivered even further, heavily sensitive to his embrace.

…Amazing…this is…!

She was already a high school student—she was already equipped with some degree of sexual education appropriate for her age, even if she herself had neither the experience or interest in the subject.

Something painful suddenly began to throb at her abdomen near her waist, as if a hot clump were stuck within it—yet she could not stop the pleasure that came with each pulsation.

Kissing him alone was beginning to cause her to feel light, and Yui was becoming aware of that.

“Nnn…! Ahh…Haaah…nnn!…”

Yui’s lips separated from Sirou’s to conclude her first pleasurable climax, her body quivering in the aftermath of the pleasure as she let out warm breaths.

“You’ve already become like this only after kissing…that’s a pretty sinful level of lust you have there, Yui-san,” Mikoto wore a coquettish smile on her face as she said so, having watched the entire scene unfold from start to finish.

Yui wasn’t the one who reacted to her words, however; perhaps it was due to her body flinching from her climax or Sirou continuing to violate her, but the first hook of her bra suddenly snapped, fully exposing her large breasts. And there was the inexcusable sight of her pink nipples swelling up like nothing she herself had ever seen before.

“…N-No…!” Yui attempted to dash her gaze away, visibly and extremely embarrassed.

“Now that won’t do, Yui-san. The lust within you won’t subside no matter what if you’re going to be like that,” Mikoto admonished her, albeit softly. “As we’ve told you…please accept the lust within you. You must accept that you own all your embarrassment and immodesty—all of it.”

“…All of it…I…” Yui repeated Mikoto’s words hazily.

She understood that Mikoto was simply giving her advice meant for her own good; nevertheless, she couldn’t resist the embarrassment that was welling within her.

She couldn’t believe that she became like this—she was so obscene that her nipples were now erect over mere kissing.

But she wouldn’t be able to calm down her lust if she were to wallow in her embarrassment.

Knowing this, she took a single deep breath, and her gaze met Sirou as he stood right in front of her.

Her eyes wet from her extreme sensation, she then voiced out her desperate plea.

“Please, Takanashi-kun…don’t be so gentle with me…mess me up more…!”

Yui had asked Sirou to teach her of the ways of lust without regard for her own embarrassment.


Sirou’s eyes narrowed at her request, his movement stopping for a moment. He didn’t understand why she’d done so—but his next response came from his actions rather than words.

He extended his hands towards her bare breasts again.

Yui swallowed a breath, but she did not resist; she’d asked for him to act without regard for her on her volition, and so she willingly accepted his hands as they approached her.


As her breasts fell prey to his touch yet again, she moaned in echoes under his duress, her body shivering wildly.

She’d already kissed him earlier. How would she react given that she was going to have her breasts fondled this time?

She knew the answer full well in her heart, down to the bone in the literal sense of the word.

To deem it simply a pleasant sensation was inadequate to describe what she felt then—her view turned pure white as her breasts immediately went swollen with a sweet sensation. Said sensation spread across her body in an instant, her waist sensually rising as her back arched backward in response.

Her body went stiff as her fair skin convulsed in the obscene pleasure.

…Aaah…it can’t be…this is…

Her butt and her breasts shivered amidst the pleasure despite her embarrassment—it was all due to the burning sensation in her crotch, a burning, warm pleasure that was only growing in that area. Although her breasts were being fondled, it was that particular area that was becoming unbelievably hot, and before long, her body convulsed and went stiff again.

“…! Ah…haaah…ah! Ah…fu…ahn…! …♥”

Her breaths let out warmth akin to her sensation as her body shook neverendingly; it was such that even the mere act of breathing made the shivering sensation of her body feel pleasurable.

Such was how Yui felt her first obscene experience.

Yui was made to taste the corrupt sensation of climaxing under the Retribution effects of the stimulated mark of Lust, her body frolicking with another man against her own will to experience such pleasure.

She was approaching the point of no return as she continued to drink in the forbidden sensation—that said, in some respects, she was beginning to feel embarrassed again.


Despite her eyes dazed from her body being fully immersed in pleasure, she could see it clearly—Sirou’s hands had yet to let go of her pair of breasts, instead twisting and fondling them more erotically than he did earlier.

“…Ah, ah, ah…!” Yui could only let out dumbfounded noises.

Sirou was placing such strength in groping her breasts that lumps of their skin seeped through the gaps of his fingers, delighting himself in changing their shape into something obscene; her body, highly sensitive from her lust, processed the sensation before her mind could, reveling in the newfound pleasure that far surpassed what she had experienced prior.

“Yaaah! Aaah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh~~~~♥!”

Yui rose to her feet partially as her body flexed backwards, having easily achieved the extremity of her senses for the third time; she trembled more, unable to resist the sensation that was now stronger and lasted longer.

“Fufu…you look so adorable when you’re acting dirty, Yui-san. Now, it’s time we made you feel even better now.” Mikoto had maintained her luscious expression all the while beside Yui, and it remained still as she turned toward her.


As Yui continued to writhe amidst the pleasure, Sirou then turned her waist around—raising her body, he then positioned her as such that he was straddling on his knees.


Sirou’s legs were spread wide open, inevitably spreading Yui’s legs wide as well; her body twisted at her unbelievably sexy posture, her voice lost in her embarrassment.

She then suddenly became aware of the state she was in and swallowed hard; the top of her sailor school uniform and her bra had been removed, leaving her chest fully exposed. She attempted to cross her arms in front of her to cover herself, but Sirou was one step ahead of her.

“Chairwoman—” He whispered, gently kissing her again. But he wasn’t kissing her lips—neither was he kissing her cheek or her forehead either.

Sirou had kissed her left breast—right on the erect end of it.

A person in a pink dress

Description automatically generated


Yui couldn’t understand the sensation for a moment; still, she could see that Sirou was sucking on the nipple of her left breast with his eyes shut. The tip of his warm tongue swirled around the areola, delivering an instant rush of pleasure to her.


Her hair disheveled as she writhed on Sirou’s laps, screaming her throat out at the cusp of the extreme climax.

Part 3

The sensation of having her nipples erotically sucked resulted in her climaxing, something that was more than enough to drown Yui’s consciousness entirely in lust.

Extreme pleasure was not enough to describe what Yui was experiencing; she seemed to be almost consumed by an otherworldly, unholy power, such that even the gods and demons themselves would not be able to resist the lust that was overwhelming her.

Although she had become no stranger to kissing up since a while ago, she was now delving into actions far beyond that—she was thus unable to avoid the hellish stimulation of her senses.

Yui’s body went wild upon Sirou’s knees with every instance he sucked on her nipples.


Each and every unbelievably climax she experienced in succession filled her to the brim with sexual pleasure.

She knew full well that she was being very disgraceful—and she was also very embarrassed. Nevertheless, Yui’s mind was already completely dominated by the lust within her.

Meanwhile, Sirou was intent on fulfilling Yui’s plea of wanting him to mess her up—lifting up her skirt, he then proceeded to aggressively grope her butt through her underwear.


Yui’s arms wrapped themselves behind Sirou’s head as he assaulted her butt and her breasts simultaneously, clinging onto him as she continued to revel in the womanly pleasures Sirou was giving her. Releasing his mouth from her nipples for a moment, his lips then turned to kiss Yui’s again, his tongue making an entrance into her mouth.

“Ahhn…mmph…nnn…mmm…haaah, mmmph…♥”

Beginning to finally accept the extents of her lust, she voluntarily swirled her tongue against his coquettishly; it was a sign that caused Sirou to go further and take off her skirt, his hands reaching into her underwear from behind her waist to grope her butt directly. Yui had no intention of resisting any of it.

“Haaah…nnn…wait…Takanashi-kun…aaah, nn…mmph…♥”

Entering a state of dreamy, sweet and passionate kissing, any last semblance of Yui’s rationale began to melt away.

And then—hot, yet wet fluids began to embarrassingly flow out of Yui’s panties. Yui’s womanly fluids were beginning to leak out, such that the watery noises that came from Yui rocking her butt due to her wet panties were now noisier than the sound of their tongues intertwining with one another.

Her skirt had long been left onto the floor, leaving her shielded only by her panties. It was a very lewd sight no matter how one would look at it, but the effects of the mark of Lust did not seem to show any signs of subsiding.

“…! Nnn…Takanashi-kun…aaah…Takanashi-kun…haaah…!♥”

Despite having already taken her sensations to the extreme since some time ago, and even though Sirou was supposedly the one capable of helping her while ravaging her, the warm, yet suffocating sensation within her did not stop overflowing.

“…It’s about time, now.” Sirou whispered, carrying her. He then led her to the bedroom just nearby, whereby he then released her. 

—He’d placed her onto the bed.

Still, Yui no longer found the circumstances at hand odd anymore; having already been overcome by the mark of Lust, she found herself accepting Sirou’s actions without question, and would be willing to accept whatever extent he would go further on her for his pleasure. As he gently placed her onto the mattress, she revelled in the floating sensation as she sunk into it, her skin flushed from her lust feeling heavenly from the smoothness of the bedsheet covering it. 


Yui’s upturned eyes from her lowered view as she was placed upon the bed could now see Sirou taking off his shirt before her, exposing a well-built chest that one could not have otherwise noticed through the clothing.

“Well…let’s continue, dear Chairwoman. As you’ve asked, I’m going to mess you up real good now.”

There was a warm smile, and Sirou inched himself forward, looming over her.


And Kōsaki Yui…welcomed him with open arms as he did so.

There was no turning back now.


Yui’s lewd moaning began to echo about the living room and even farther into the bedroom.

Part 4

—It had been thirty minutes since Kosaki Yui had been introduced to one of the safehouses of the Hungry Wolf Brigade.

Movement was present at the back alley where Yui and Sirou had first met; several vehicles had stopped near the entrance of the alleyway, but rather than patrol cars or police cars, the vehicles that had arrived were SUV vans fully coated in black, groups of rough men with black attire and sunglasses within them.

A lone figure was now standing alone within the gloomy alley; it was a man, likely a commander of the men in black. After he finished generally confirming the situation, he began to convey messages via a radio communication system.

“All teams, this is Omega 1 speaking. We’ve lost our target, and we’re currently collecting the injured units from Team Alpha. We’re also almost finished clearing the traces of the scene.”

After explaining the situation, his gaze then turned toward the sight before him. There was the wall of a building, heavily damaged and with a spider-web shaped dent in it; and there were scattered fragments of bullets that were seemingly cut down, evident through the sharp, sliced edges of the metal that remained.


The man continued gazing at the remaining traces that suggested what had happened there.

“Here’s our situation: before Team Alpha could retrieve our target at this current location, a supernatural ability user interfered. All four units of Team Alpha are injured and our target is missing, likely taken away by the person who stepped in. Our enemy is apparently a supernatural ability user in his late teens equipped with medium-level combat-based abilities at minimum. It’s best to assume that he’s a high-level user.”

Still, there was no need to be afraid of some chivalrous knight in shining armour of such a calibre around these parts—they knew full well that people like him existed around these streets.

Their mission had not changed—they would continue despite this setback.

“From here on out, all teams are to assist with the search operation. Arm all units in preparation for high-level supernatural ability users.”

He made himself clear again.

“Our enemy is a supernatural ability user from Neo Kichijōji. Eliminate all hesitations before you march into battle!”

Part 5

There was a lingerie store in a corner of Neo Ichjōji; the store’s atmosphere felt calm and composed despite the vividly colored surroundings.

“…I see. So you lost to Sirou-kun at a round of rock-paper-scissors and had to go shopping.”

“Yeah…and here I thought I could stay when things were getting good, too.”

A certain young pig-tailed maid was having a conversation with the beautiful employee that had escorted her out onto the storefront as she seemingly finished her business.

It was Inaba Mikoto—she held a paper bag in her hands, visibly dissatisfied.

…Ah, if only.

Despite wanting to see just how Sirou was to deal with Yui’s awakened lust in all of its finery back at their hiding place, Sirou had instead requested for Mikoto to buy Yui a change of underwear when she brought her to the bedroom.

“Well, I suppose he’s right that she’s going to need a change of underwear given the state she’s in right now.”

Although the two were likely not every aware of it themselves, Yui and Sirou seemed to possess a clear liking toward one another—it was why Yui’s reaction as her senses went wild with pleasure had been far more drastic than what Mikoto had anticipated despite being the one who enticed her to the idea.

…I suppose it’s only natural, then.

Given that there was no real other option to satisfy the mark of Lust from the supernatural abilities of Sin, Yui had to take in Sirou caressing all over her on a Thursday;

Something that was escalated into an unrivalled level on Thursdays.

His level of lust was such that he could probably make even succubi run with their tails between their legs, and he was a predator on the prowl.

“…I know it’s just a rumor, but…is Sirou-kun really that amazing on Thursdays?”

“Yeah…he’s actually really impressive.”

Mikoto knew full well, having received the mark of Gluttony from him.

On the other hand, Mikoto had to deal with an increased thirst for blood whenever her mark of Gluttony was activated, but she was eventually able to keep it in check gradually; given that her mark of Gluttony left her vulnerable to wild, unstoppable fits as the name implied, she had to discuss the matter of Sirou marking her with the supernatural ability with the brigade leader, to which she was given a solution of satiating her gluttony with the Lust parameter, which was similar to Gluttony in nature.

It so happened that the instinctual levels of Gluttony and Lust were closely related with one another—accepting that there was no other option available, Sirou agreed that it was best to to satiate Mikoto’s impulses whenever the mark of Gluttony was stimulated with even stronger lustful ones.

That said, Mikoto had also been in a similar situation that Yui was experiencing earlier—she’d succumbed herself to climaxing too many times to count in the heat of the moment, forgetting that she was a vampire entirely.

…Well, it all worked out in the end.

She was in love with Sirou, after all—she was thus completely accepting of Sirou partaking in sexual acts with her. Even then, there was a dimension of vampirism that also had a taste for obscenity, such that vampires naturally possessed an instinct that reacted to sexual pleasures well—Mikoto was also quite ravenous when it came to such instincts given the side effects of the mark of Gluttony.

Her wild vampiric instincts were kept in check due to Sirou regularly ensuring that they were, however—it was crucial that her mental state and her biorhythm was kept stable, lest her supernatural abilities become prone to running wild over their weak wielder.

There were many other girls around Neo Kichijoji who had to deal with their inability to control their supernatural abilities much like Mikoto—girls whom had sought out Sirou for help and whom he had willingly helped to their utmost gratitude despite the sexual relationships he shared with them.

In Mikoto’s case, Sirou had granted her with the ability to keep her Gluttony in check by enabling her to satisfy it with Lust.

It was all done to ensure that no one would get hurt as a result of his powers—the Walking Dick of Ichijōji” was simply the moniker given to Sirou for those who did not know of the truth behind his actions.

Although it was already quite extreme for Sirou to carry out acts like that usually, he was far worse on Thursdays.


Having accepted her role as bearer of the mark of the supernatural Sin of Lust, her obscene instincts, stimulated by the Retribution Effect, were now on the level of a completely different dimension; it was likely that her own instance of pleasure during her turn could not compare to the pleasure that Yui was now partaking in.

…That being said.

Although she was chosen as the bearer of the mark of Lust, Mikoto deduced that Yui seemed to have the makings of a capacity of almost devilish lust; given that she had the endurance and the taste for pleasure, there was no need for them to worry about the worst-case scenario.

She thought of how she could’ve had a front row seat in witnessing Yui, famed as being a chairwoman available only once every thousand years, drown in the hellish sensation of her stimulated carnal senses.

“…Damn it…just damn you, Sirou-san!”

She’d proposed that they could’ve just bought her a change of underwear after they were done, but he’d insisted on a game of rock-paper-scissors instead. He’d even gone as far to propose that she could join in on the action if she won—how could she have refused? It was a golden ticket to see Sirou on a Thursday, and Mikoto had felt extremely excited.

She’d lost horribly to him, however—and she’d even gone as far as to take off her own panties in preparation! She felt miserable and how she’d accepted Sirou’s victory so easily, staring at her right hand.

“Why…Why did I even play rock back there…! Ugh, this is just the biggest goddamned thing of the century!”

“Still…if this is an emergency, even convenience stores sell underwear nowadays, so why didn’t you think about going somewhere nearby and return as soon as you could?”

“No, Kana-san. I couldn’t have just that done that.”

Mikoto immediately responded to Kana-san—the beautiful store employee she was talking to.

Mikoto had bought Yui a set of skin-tight underwear—something that raised the prospects massively.

…Do wait for me, Yui-sa~n! She thought, hugging the paper bag with the underwear in her arms.

It was simple but also very erotic—she’d bought Yui a set of a bra and panties that was just the right size; Yui would know just how lewd her body is when she would wear them.

“Kufufu…she won’t even take an instant to understand.”

“Ahn…Mikoto-chan, what are you…nnn!”

As Mikoto laughed sadistically at the thought, Kana suddenly let out a seductive voice in her bewilderment.

…What’s this?

Although it wasn’t easy to spot, Mikoto’s right hand was dirtily groping Kana’s butt as she stood beside her.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s because of Sirou that I’m getting sexually frustrated, so I couldn’t really help myself. My bad!”

Despite her apology, her grip had yet to release itself from Kana’s butt.

“Still…I didn’t know your ass was this erotic, Kana-san.”

“No! …Mikoto-chan, wait…you can’t…!”

Mikoto’s Gluttony Parameter was now equipped with the Lust Parameter that Sirou had instilled into her—Craving, as it were, and while it was not as powerful as what Sirou was capable of, she was still able to provide sexual pleasure to someone easily.

Kana’s waist shook as her thighs rubbed against one another in a sensual motion, exciting Mikoto as much as she herself became aroused; Mikoto then inserted her hand into her skirt, reaching out toward her butt and caressing it without restraint.

“Oh no~ Do pardon me, Kana-san, but this is all Sirou-san’s fault. It’s all his fault, alright?”

And the moment her touch reached her panties and began to grope Kana’s butt into an erotic form—

“Hey, you damned loli. Cut it with your creepiness and explain yourself already.”

She suddenly halted her hand at the sudden voice, and she turned to see someone familiar standing in front of the store.

“Ahh, Renya-san.”

It was another member of the Hungry Wolf Brigade, one that held a senior leadership position much like Mikoto—Midou Renya.

Tall and slender in stature, he had good features on his face that contrasted the strong, smoldering gaze he held, and one could see a pair of two-pieces earrings glittering on his left ear; he wore the coat of a school uniform over his dress shirt, but rather than the matching trousers, he instead wore a pair of vividly colored indigo blue skinny jeans. He wore a pair high-cut, gray cut branded sneakers designed for movement practicality. His handsome features, his above-average height, and overall good taste in style gave one the impression that he might be an actor or a model.

“Another video game, huh…which one did you get this month?” Mikoto asked, noticing a bag in his hand that likely belonged to a shop that catered specifically to otakus.

“None of your business. More importantly, what’s going on over there?”

“Oh, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“No…Mikoto-chan, please don’t…Renya-kun will see…”

“Don’t you get it, you pervert!” Renya growled, his cheeks red as he noticed Kana moaning in full view again.  

“What did you say—!” Mikoto released her grip from Kana’s ass, immediately darting her gaze at him as she heard the inexcusable from him.

She then leapt in front of him, eying him sternly—

“Take that back! Tell me, how exactly is Kana-san perverted, huh!?”

“What’s there to take back? You’re the pervert, damn it!”

Inaba Mikoto walked beside Renya along the arcade shopping district after Kana cleared up their throaty argument in front of the lingerie store.

“…Humph, I see you can’t count on Sirou for things like that,” Renya said.

“Yeah,” Mikoto nodded. “There’s been a bit of an emergency. He’s dealing with it right now.”

“An emergency…hey, you don’t mean it’s something that doesn’t have to do with tonight’s dinner, huh?”

“I wouldn’t have gone to Kana-san’s store if it weren’t the case,” As Mikoto showed him the bag that was storing the change of underwear that she’d bought for Yui and the lingerie store, Mikoto suddenly remembered something important.

It was the issue with their eggs. Sirou was supposed to be the one to tell him about that, but…

…If she were to keep quiet about the truth even after meeting him now, he would definitely get furious if he were to learn of it later.

I don’t have much of a choice. Mikoto sighed.

“Um…Renya-san, you know about the eggs that we were supposed to have for the sukiyaki, right?”

“Yeah. Those eggs are so rare that most supermarkets couldn’t get a hold of them and we’ve been reserving them for almost three years now, and Ki-san only managed to get a hold of them because he’s exactly the kind of person with the connections for it, right? If I recall correctly, they were pretty expensive.” 

“Yes, I’m talking about those eggs, the thing is…Sirou told me to pass them over to someone else.”

“Huh? Hey, wait a minute, what the heck happened that made him do something like that? What about our sukiyaki, then?”

As Mikoto expected, Renya immediately felt displeased by the truth.

“Well, I suppose we’ll have to just make do with normal eggs, then—”

“Not happening. We’ve already prepped high-quality meat and other ingredients, and even the seasoning’s as best as we can get for this. There’s no way we’re having shabby eggs with all that.”

“Well, I guess we’ll have to delay this dinner, then.”

“That ain’t gonna do either, you idiot. My mouth’s been expecting that sukiyaki dinner since yesterday.”

“Hey, I feel the same way too, you know.”

“Pfft, I don’t know what the heck’s going on, but I ain’t giving up that easily. Maybe Ki-san has some reserves with him given that we ordered from him just in case,” Renya said, and he withdrew his cell phone from his breast pocket to make a call.

“Ah, Ki-san? It’s me…ahh, you know, Sirou and Mikoto  went over to your place to pick up some ingredients for sukiyaki, right? Yeah, yeah…thing is, do you happen to have some of the same eggs in reserve…you do? Really!? Well, that’s why I can count on you, Ki-san! Sorry about this, but do you mean if we take those eggs from your hands too? Yeah, I’ll head over right now…just a jiffy. Yeah, okay, see you and thanks!”

“Yes!” Renya then ended the call enthusiastically. “So he does have some stock. Hey, go and get those eggs.”

“Huh? You’re asking me to go?”

“Obviously. You’re the one that’s supposed to be in charge of all the shopping today.”

“That’s true, but…oh dear, it seems that I do happen to have another errand from Sirou-san, so I probably won’t be able to deliver them to you.”

What actually was stopping Mikoto from picking up some eggs that were three years in the making was a chairwoman that was only available once in a millennium.

Her hunger for sexiness was stronger than the hunger of her appetite that day; and there were some erotic elements in that sexiness she hungered for, too.

“Tch…fine, whatever. Then I’ll help you deliver what you need to, so hurry up and pick up a new batch of eggs and help out with dinner preparations. Come on, hand over the bag.”

Renya extended his hand; in response, Mikoto tightly hugged the bag holding the underwear she had bought for Yui by crossing her arms around it, her face on the brink of tearing up as she slowly took a few steps backward.

And then she screamed.

“Maybe in the next life, Renya! If I don’t go back there myself, I’m going to go crazy!”

Part 6

After Mikoto had left to buy a change of underwear for Yui, Sirou had brought Yui to the brink of climaxing countless times after taking her to the bedroom—all for the sake of appeasing the mark of Lust that had activated its Retribution effect within her.

That said, Sirou did not cross the line with her—he intended to use the culmination of endless climaxes exclusively to save Yui from her bind.

Nevertheless, apart from activating the effects of the mark of Lust within her, it was necessary for her to recognize that she possessed an innate instinct that wanted to drown in lustful pleasures.

That said, Sirou was fully intent on making Yui realize that clearly.

“Aaah! No…Takanashi-ku…fuaa♥! Haah…Takanashi-kun…aaaaaaah! ♥”

Yui’s body had become extremely sensitive, such that she would climax at the mere touch; this was due to the relentless activation of the mark of Lust’s Retribution effect. It was thus surprisingly easy for her to achieve the extreme.

The peak of sexual pleasure that Yui was experiencing at that moment due to the stimulation of her lust was something no ordinary person would be able to taste…regardless of whatever strongest drugs were available to replicate the criminally pleasurable sensation.

A normal person would’ve long fainted from the overwhelming amount of climaxes, which would have been an expected occurrence.

Sirou initially thought that it was best to get it over with quickly, prioritizing her safety foremost as he attempted to satisfy the lustful instincts within her—but Yui seemed to have been able to take on everything that he’d tried to pleasure her with.

…She’s actually really something.

She seemed to have an inexhaustible capacity for pleasure—no one could’ve imagined that someone as earnest as Yui would have such a sinful appetite for lust laying dormant within her. And Sirou was stimulating said lust that was sleeping within her—if he were to successfully awaken it, one could imagine just how difficult it would be to deal with Yui in the future.

…But even still.

There was thus a grave risk to leaving Yui alone at her current state give her enormous libido; for someone to take advantage of that and fulfill their carnal desires with her as a sex toy would be no laughing matter.

It was thus a blessing in disguise that day for Sirou to have discovered this side of her.

Thirty minutes passed since he’d brought her to the bedroom—it was then, after the number of climaxes she had reached at least a hundred—that Sirou had managed to appease the Retribution of Lust within her without having to cross the final line, and earlier than its original lasting duration.

That said, Yui’s highly stimulated senses were beginning to calm down little by little.

Sirou was hugging Yui from behind as he remained on the bed with her, locking her in place his hands gently caressed her breasts—and Yui accepted his violation of her with an euphoric expression, still subdued by the aftereffects of the sensual pleasure brought out by her lust, her nipples erect and obscene the entire while.

“Nnmm…mmph…haaah…Takanashi-ku…nn…aaah…nnn…fuu..mmph! ♥”

Her head turned over her shoulder, she was fully absorbed in exchanging kisses with Sirou; each time Sirou groped her breasts, she sensually rocked her hips as if she were a kitten desiring to be spoiled by its owner, willingly locking her tongue onto his, as if to beg him to provide her with something more erotic than just kissing.

She was still drunk in her state of obscenity and pleasure; that said—

…It seems like she’ll be alright for now.

As he examined Yui’s current condition, he caressed his chest, lamenting the gravity of the situation.

A ringing sound suddenly reverberated across the area; it was the sound of the doorbell opposite the door from the corridor.

Sirou untangled their intertwining tongues and released his lips from hers; their combined saliva left a trail between the tips of their tongues before it eventually and quickly snapped.


There was a hint of reluctance at the small exclamation she let out; her gaze averted itself from Sirou’s, as if she were embarrassed from the realization that she was feeling reluctant to part from his embrace.

“Don’t worry…I’ll be back as soon as I can,” With a smile, Sirou planted another kiss on Yui’s lips.

Yui accepted his lips despite her embarrassment, having grown to be entirely obedient to him.

Sirou then walked out of the bedroom toward the main entrance and unlocked the door, opening it.

It wasn’t Mikoto that had arrived, though. In her place was a blonde teen near his own age, someone who worked well as Sirou’s partner in combat—Midou Renya.

“…The sun’s not down yet. Quite lucky, aren’t you?” Renya scowled at the sight of Sirou with his bared upper body, his brows furrowed.

“I can say the same for you, Renya. To what do I owe the pleasure of you coming here personally? Didn’t that game you were expecting release just today? Is it okay for you to not rush home and squeal in excitement about it?” Sirou asked.

This safehouse and their main hideout was quite some distance away from Renya’s apartment—it was rare for Renya to willingly involve himself in errands or favors, and his rare appearance at this safehouse was thus quite surprising.

“I happened to meet Mikoto while I was on my way back. I wanted to make her the errand girl for the eggs needed for the sukiyaki, but she insisted on coming back because of some errand you asked of her, and I told her to cut the bullshit over it. When I told her that I would come in her place, she acted all weird as if she didn’t want to accept. She didn’t seem willing to answer any questions when I pressed her either.”

“I see…so you’ve come here in place of Mikoto.”

“I didn’t want to come, but I’d sure as hell don’t want to ruin the special dinner tonight. If that girl had come here instead of me, dinner would probably be prepared late because of the excessive oil sales.”

“Here, the stuff you needed. This isn’t me passing you stuff on a buddy-buddy basis, though.”

“Then again, if you happened to pass me men’s underwear instead, I’d be in for a real pickle.”

“So is it true that this…Kōsaki Yui girl is compatible with the mark of Lust?”

“Yes. The mark seems to have hit her spot on—there’s no mistaking it.”

“Then what do you wanna do? Accept her into our ranks?”

“Who knows? In the end, the final decision will be based on her resolve and how she perceives her circumstances, and we’ll also have to consult our leader’s opinion on the matter. Though it’s also possible that she’ll just try and avoid me from here on out. Unlike you guys, it’s not like she got a chance to listen to an explanation and give consent before you received your marks.”

Receiving a supernatural ability of Sin and joining the ranks of the Hungry Wolf Brigade were life-changing events—whether the person would like it or not. It was the natural course of action if they wanted a normal life—more so for a good girl like Yui.

“Humph. I see,” Renya said, understanding the situation. His face suddenly reddened for some reason, “Hey…are you two perhaps still in the middle of it?”

“Why the red face…? What, do you want a front row seat?”

“As if! Dude, you should know that while you and the lady were out making merry or whatever you were doing, black vehicles surrounded this building. It seems that all passageways front and back are blocked off.”

“Ah, that…”

The group surrounding the black vehicles were obviously the allies of the group of men in black who had attempted to capture Yui at the back alley.

It wasn’t a problem, though—Sirou had anticipated such a situation.

“It seems they do have a knack for sniffing us out…well, I suppose we should confirm their numbers and get a move on, shall we?”

Laughing, Sirou then withdrew a portable terminal with a series of digits listed on it and made a call.

Part 7

After finishing his call, he then went back indoors where he left Renya from the corridor. He then picked up Yui’s scattered clothes atop the living room sofa and returned to the bedroom.


Yui had managed to sit herself up on the bed, her naked body wrapped under the white bedsheets, her eyes defying hints of the still-remaining pleasure from the lust had welled within her.

It was probably a bit challenging for her to think at the moment, but it was likely that she could move.

Facing Sirou staring at her, Yui averted her gaze, her cheeks red with embarrassment; the gesture caused the hair over her shoulder to flow onto her chest.


It was natural for her body to feel sensitive as a result of the aftereffects of the mark of Lust; her reaction was perhaps due to how she could still derive pleasure from even the mere ticklish sensation of her hair touching her body, causing her to flinch. The white bedsheets she used to cover her naked body ruffled at the reflexive movement, their creased shape as they twisted to the contours of her body providing a very dangerous sight.

…Ugh, this is absolutely criminal.

He was already taken aback when she’d pleaded him specifically to “mess her up” earlier; having lost herself amidst her carnal pleasures, Yui gave off an almost fragrance sense of sensuality as her mind settled on the reality of how sinful she’d been.

Sirou approached Yui as she remained on the bed and immediately sat down beside her.

“I’m really sorry to have put you through such embarrassment. I’d love to give you some time to calm down after all that, but it seems that the gang from earlier has surrounded this building.”

“..! But that’s…how did they find this place…?” Yui’s expression froze with shock.

“It’s likely because of the mobile device I picked up from one of them in the back alley. They must’ve detected its signal and followed us here.”

“Didn’t you remove the battery and the transmission chip, though, Takanashi-kun?”

“They must’ve placed a separate independent transmitter inside. It’s a simple trick, really.”

“…Then, you mean to say that even my cell phone’s possibly—”

“That’s what I think is likely, yes. After all, they immediately found you despite your attempts to hide in that back alley, didn’t they?”

“Oh no…but if you knew about this all along, then why—”

“Because I do have a particular understanding of their military strength,” Sirou explained as Yui gave her troubled query, “They did force themselves to the extreme back at the alley, after all, so I have no doubt that the best of what remains of their group is to play the numbers game. That said, I was thinking about luring them all here and beating ’em down in one fell swoop, but on the other hand, we could simply just ditch them and get away. Then again, I imagine the hassle that would come with having to shut down each and every one of them, so I suppose I prefer the more peaceful parting gift.”

“I agree, but…what about the device you took from them?”

“I’ve already copied whatever data that’s in that group’s device. We can just dispose of it here.”

Sirou turned toward the table near the window; on it was the mobile device he’d collected from the men in black, and it was currently connected to Sirou’s mobile device via a cable, the data transfer process having been completed.

Sirou then retrieved his jacket on the chair tucked into the table. “All that’s left is your cell phone, Chairwoman. Sorry, but could you replace this transmission chip with the one inside your own cell?” He then reached into his breast pocket and handed Yui an item.

“This is the stuff our brigade uses as a substitute. You can use it to make calls or surf the internet with it without any problems. Well, that being said,” Sirou smiled, “I’d love to see you in your fine and absolutely stunningly sexy glory a bit longer, Chairwoman, but I must suggest we make haste in preparing for our escape. Here’s a change of underwear; Mikoto was the one who picked it out for you, so do voice any complaints you have to the girl herself afterwards.”

He then handed her the paper bag that Renya brought, before he then put on his shirt and jacket which made up his high school uniform. Having finished preparations just by that alone, he then went ahead into the living room to wait for Yui.

Several minutes then passed.

“S-Sorry to keep you waiting,” Yui then came out of the bedroom, visibly embarrassed through her flushed cheeks; she looked no different than she did when she first arrived at their safehouse, at a glance.

Despite that, however, her embarrassment was an evident product of what Sirou had done to her earlier, such that she even had to get her underwear changed. Said change of underwear happened to be Mikoto’s choice, and one could imagine it had been of a lot more lascivious design than what she was initially wearing.

…Goodness me. That’s just adorable. Sirou thought, entertaining the idea of just how innocent Yui was at heart despite how far she’d fallen earlier.

And as he reflexively nodded in agreement at the sight before him as Yui finally finished changing—

“…I don’t like how you’re looking at me, Takanashi-kun.” She wore a slightly peeved expression as her upturned gaze stared intently at Sirou.

Yui was likely unaware of just how adorable she looked right now; even so, as much as Sirou would want to tell her that fact exactly, this simply wasn’t the time for it.

“You misunderstand me. Let’s get going, shall we?”

Sirou shrugged with a smile, and headed toward the entrance with Yui in tow.

Part 8

Kōsaki Yui followed Sirou out the door and into the corridor outside.

She then saw someone she didn’t expect to see—a certain someone of her age that she was familiar with was standing outside the room, waiting for them.

“Midou-kun…” Yui exclaimed his name, surprised.

“Huh. So you know Renya too?” Sirou asked.

“Not exactly,” Yui shook her head. “We’re not in the same class and we’ve never talked before. …It’s just that Midou-kun’s actually really popular among the girls.”

“What do you know, Renya. You haven’t even spoken to her and she already knows your name and what you look like.”

“Like I’d know and care. It’s not like Kōsaki isn’t supposed to be more popular in the first place.”

“That’s really not how it is…” Yui’s gaze then upturned toward Renya who towered over her. “…Are you a member of the Hungry Wolf Brigade too, Midou-kun?”

“Well, yeah. Still, I have no idea how you of all people managed to get caught up in all this, what with being compatible with Sirou’s lust parameter and…hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

Renya suddenly raised his voice, seemingly in embarrassment; Sirou was tucking the hem of Renya’s dress shirt up towards his abdomen.

“Nothing. I figured you’d be pissed if we happened to not get our eggs, so I just remembered that I made a promise with Mikoto to make sure I’d fix that…nothing wrong with that, I hope.”

“You really see it that way, huh?” The corner of Renya’s mouth twitched ever so slightly as he brushed away Sirou’s hand as the latter attempted to tuck in his shirt. “Damn it, let’s just go already.”

Renya then quickly hustled away on his own, with Yui and Sirou following close behind; before long, Yui was led to a place where she could oversee the townscape of Neo Kichijōji through her vantage.

It was the rooftop of the building; a vivid azure sky could be seen above them, and the spring breeze felt pleasant as it blew past them.

“…Is this where we’ll be leaving? The building is its own property and not connected to any adjacent ones. Are we going to escape via a helicopter?” Yui asked, and in response, Sirou made a phone call for someone.

“Hello, you there, Rem? Sorry for the wait, but we’re done and ready for action…what about things on your end?”

A short moment passed.

“Gotcha—we’ll catch you at the meeting spot in one minute.”

Sirou then ended the call and returned his mobile device into his breast pocket.

“Is someone coming to collect us?”

“Yeah, I happened to pick up a taxi from someone I know.”

“You picked a taxi up…? But the building’s surrounded right now, so…”

“No worries. Our meeting place is only a short distance away from here.”

“Then why did you come all the way up to the roof?”

“So that we can do this quietly and without fuss. Well, guess it’s time to go, Renya.”

“Yeah,” Renya nodded at Sirou’s words.

“But where are we going…eeh, wait a minute…?”

Yui’s voice suddenly raised in surprise before she could finish her question; Sirou was suddenly but gently carrying Yui.

“Takanashi-kun, what are you—”

“Hang in there for a little while. You can close your eyes if you’re scared.”

Sirou only smiled, and with Renya side by side, the two burst into a sprint, moving forward.


Yui’s eyes widened in shock as she remained in Takanashi Sirou’s arms—Sirou was already moving at an incredible speed while carrying her, however, and Renya was doing to same. It was then she realized what exactly the two intended to do.


Yui immediately wrapped her arms around Sirou and held him tight; Sirou and Renya then kicked off from the edge of the rooftop simultaneously.


Sirou and Renya then leapt into the air—over and onto the opposite building that sandwiched the street below them. From their angle, they could see multiple vehicles surrounding the building that they were initially in right beneath them, groups of men in black surrounding each one.


The group of men below were surprised by the sudden movement, but they couldn’t tell what it was.

Having landed on a building opposite the one they were at, Sirou and his group did not slow down, but only continued to move faster, leaping across the rooftops of surrounding buildings at a speed that surpassed the passing freeze.

The route of which Sirou and his group opted for with sprints and jumps was all decided ad-lib; unrestricted to only the rooftops of buildings, they used power poles as stepping stones or occasionally ran horizontally across building walls, racing across the mid-air of Neo Kichijoji faster than the wind itself.

“…And we’re down.”

Eventually, Sirou and the others landed on the ground of a back alley from the rooftop; at the same time, a black taxi came to a halt right before them as they landed with perfect timing. The doors of the assistant driver’s seat and the back seats then suddenly opened automatically.

“…Sorry for the wait.” The young woman who was driving the vehicle welcomed them in a dull tone.

“Oh no, you’re right on time, Rem,” Renya laughed as she noticed the young girl who was driving and immediately boarded the assistant driver’s seat.

“You and I will sit at the back, Chairwoman. After you,” Sirou gestured Yui to enter the vehicle first he followed soon after.

The automated door then closed.

“Well, then, Rem, get us out of here safe and sound.”

“You got it.”

Rem nodded deeply at Sirou’s request, and she began departing the taxi away from that place.

Part 9

The taxi that Kōsaki Yui had entered with Sirou and Renya was pleasant and of a fine quality.

She felt no sense of oppression within the vehicle given its wide interior; the leather-laced seats were also quite comfortable to lie on, and even footrests were set up to her comfort at her feet.

“Thanks for the help, Rem. Sorry to bother you while you’re so busy.”

“Don’t mention it. I didn’t really have much other work to do and just had to do taxi driving today anyway.”

The driver was a beautiful young woman, her voice bereft of emotion as she spoke with Sirou; her most notable features were her large eyes under the transparent lenses of a pair of Boston-type glasses, her hair cut in a short bob style with a notable volume of hair, a skull-motifed hair accessory on the side of her head.

Her attire was of the punk rock type; she wore a leather blouson and short pants, along with long boots held together by buckles, all in monotone. A cross-shaped pendant glittered as it hung from her neck down to her chest.

It was difficult to detect any sign of emotion from her due to how she spoke, but her beauty was evident for any who laid eyes on her. Though the fact that she was capable of driving suggested that she was an older adult, one would associate her with a lovely doll judging simply from her youthful looks and speaking mannerisms.


Yui surveyed the interior of the vehicle once again as she sat on the back seat right beside Sirou. It didn’t simply provide high quality comfort for its passengers; a large, sleek monitor in the shape of a casket was installed in the dashboard situated between the driver’s seat and the front passenger’s seat. It utilized state-of-the-art technology, particularly a floating 3-D hologram console that was capable of autonomously monitoring all conditions inside and outside the car.

“This is a really awesome vehicle you have here, um…”

“—Rem.” Noticing Yui as she voiced out her surprise through the rear-view mirror, the driver introduced herself.

“Oh, this is the first time we’ve met…I’m Takanashi-kun’s classmate, Kosaki Yui. Pleased to make your acquaintance,” Yui nodded slightly.

“Mmm…I got it.” Rem nodded deeply in response. “—So I suppose we should be heading over to the hideout now?”

“Yeah. Though take a proper detour for an alternate route, to be safe.”

“Understood,” Rem said, and she turned left as she reached an intersection on her route.

“…Are you another member of the Hungry Wolf Brigade, Rem-san?” Yui said as they completed their exchange. It was a presumption that Yui had of Rem even if only for the short time she’d been introduced to her.

Rem shook her head. “I’m a freelance courier that’s not attached to any organization.”

“She may not look the part, but there’s only one or two others like her in the city. She’s been a great help to us.” Renya, who was seated right beside Rem, further elaborated on her.

Given Renya’s personality, it was quite the comment of praise directed toward her.

…She’s really amazing. Rem was surely someone that was well-known around Neo Kichijōji. Still—

“But if you’re a freelance courier, as you say…does that mean that you’re also up for tasks against Takanashi-kun and his group if the circumstances demand it?” Yui asked.

“Things have not progressed as such that something like that has to happen between us,” She replied, “Though I don’t know if something like that will not happen ever from here on out, either.”

“Well, I guess that’s all there is between us, then,’ Renya shrugged.

“Well,” The courier of a young woman prefaced again, “If something like that has to happen and we’re on opposite sides fighting to the death or whatever, I don’t think there’s any need to show hostility regardless. I’m capable of becoming a courier like this largely due to the Hungry Wolf Brigade, after all.”

“So does that mean…fuaaan!?”

Her face flushed a deep red as she glared at Sirou next to her—Sirou only looked ahead in response.

Unbelievable! How could he be so calm even though he was groping her butt? And right in front of Renya and Rem, too!

“What’s wrong, Kōsaki? Did a bug pop up or something?” Renya was unaware of the situation due to it occurring at his blind spot, while Rem looked somewhat offended by her reaction.

“That’s not it at all…don’t say stuff like that…” Yui retorted, immediately denying the possibility.

“………Is something the matter?” Renya asked again, attempting to meet her gaze through the reflection of the rear-view mirror.

“…N-Nothing…nothing at all…nnn!” Yui shook her head as she continued to have her butt groped, denying the truth.

—Sirou wouldn’t do this unless he had a good reason to—perhaps something really bad would happen if he didn’t do this, given that she was now engraved with the mark of Lust?

She had to endure it regardless of how embarrassing it was—or at least that was what Yui thought.

“Hmm. You’re saying there’s nothing wrong while your butt’s being groped. Quite dirty, aren’t you, Chairwoman?”

“I kept quiet because I thought you had a good reason for doing that, so why did you suddenly just brat it out, Takanashi-kun!?” Yui clutched Sirou’s collar and shook him as he bluntly revealed what was actually happening.

“Well, you did happen to learn information from our world unexpectedly, Chairwoman. You’re crossing a line with knowing about that alone. You wouldn’t want to be unable to turn back before you realize you’ve crossed that line, now would you?”

Rem’s eyes only widened ever so slightly despite her surprise. “So you’re saying she’s…just a classmate to the two of you?”

“For the time being, yes. That’s a bit thrown out of the water now due to various reasons, however, but I think she shouldn’t be too involved with the affairs of our group and this city in general.”

It seemed that Sirou was actually being considerate of Yui and taking her circumstances into account carefully.

“…I see. I’m sorry, Takanashi-kun,” Given that he indeed had a reason for how he was acting, Yui apologized. “Though now that you’ve made your intentions clear, I think it’s about time you take your hand off my butt, please?”

“Now that won’t do, Chairwoman. Your ass is simply devilishly…wait, what?”

The moment Sirou said so as he continued to brazenly molest her butt, his seat suddenly rotated backward with a shifting noise.

Sirou’s seat was suddenly sucked into the trunk room behind him.

Part 10

Renya watched as Sirou was sucked into the trunk from the reflection of the rear-view mirror, still seated comfortably in his front-passenger seat.

“So you have a feature like that too…”

It was another feature befitting of a vehicle as impressive as Rem’s—one that would ensure that anyone would cut it out the next time he was subject to the back seats.

Yui was dumbfounded by what happened given that she sat right next to where Sirou was sitting.

“Whoah, this place is dark and cramped…come on, Rem, let me out. This is going too far for a joke,” His voice came out muffled due to the isolated place, and banging noises could be heard from inside the trunk.

“Sirou…touching a girl’s butt whenever you like it is absolutely criminal. Go reflect on that.”

“No, no, I think it’s actually lawfully criminal that you’re stuffing someone inside the trunk of a vehicle like this,” Sirou retorted.

“By the way,” Rem added, “The trunk’s actually completely sealed, so you might as well try suffocating yourself in there.”

“What kind of homicidal taxi is this…”

“If you want to die that badly, I have the option to release lethal gasses in there, too.”


Sirou immediately stopped arguing back after that.

Serves you right, Renya thought. “Ahh, I assume that

“That’s right. The biological weapon mode of this program’s already been activated, and clicking on this X mark will cause the trunk room to be sealed shut. And if you press this X mark, you can release toxic gas inside that room too.”

“Now that’s a scary mode you got there. By the way, what are these marks with three different colors on each?”

“They display the different kinds of toxic gasses available,” Rem explained.

“Huh,” Renya said, his interest suddenly piqued. “—Which one of these is the strongest and the yuckiest?”

“The red one. While I’m at it, the emergency eject button for the trunk is on the lower right corner.”

“Why I’ll be. You can even take the trash out after you’re done with the murder. Quite convenient.”

“…Renya, we’re supposed to be friends, aren’t we?”

“Um…” Yui wasn’t sure how serious the two were with their conversation, but that was all she could manage to voice out her concern.

Like that guy would actually die off poison like that so easily. Midou Renya cursed in his mind.


Renya then eyed Yui on the back seat from the view of the rear-view mirror yet again. She was a chairwoman that was deemed to be one-in-a-millennium, and her beauty was the subject of much discussion, though Renya personally did not hold any suggested interest in her.


If Sirou had made the decision to protect her, he would follow and do what he could to help her too—though that was not because his relationship with Sirou was one that was chain-of-command.

It was true that Sirou could be considered Renya’s superior and that of the other members of the Brigade given that he was one of its senior leaders—but he wanted them to work as equals.

Then again, Sirou would undoubtedly lend a hand if Renya himself had someone he wanted to protect—something that the former had already proven throughout the time Renya had begun working with him.

He would thus do the same—if only to strive for a relationship as equals between them.

“…By the way, Renya,” Rem suddenly spoke in a voice that only Renya could hear from the seat beside hers.

“Ah, what?”

“Someone’s been following on our tail for a while now…a black Land Cruiser three cars behind us.”

Renya peeked at the wing mirror near the door beside him, confirming that there was indeed such a vehicle behind them through its greater height.

“Oh, them…Sirou and I were supposed to have left those guys at that earlier hideout, but…”

If they happened to catch Rem, one of the most outstanding couriers around Neo Kichijoji, there was little room for doubt, if any.

…That means the enemy’s utilizing a detached force, Renya thought of the possibility.

“—Still, you can just outmaneuver them, right?”

“That would be easy. Consider that they’re likely to chase across multiple units, however, and so we’ll probably won’t have just that one truck to get away from.”

That said—

“After we get a lead of them, we’ll have Renya and Sirou get out and continue on by foot.”

“While I’m grateful that you’re prepared, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t just take advantage of me like that…” Renya smiled wryly as he rejected Rem’s idea.

—Sirou didn’t ask Rem to help them just so he could endanger her.

That said, he retrieved his cell phone from his breast pocket and sent a text to Sirou in the trunk room, informing him of the possibility of there being a pursuer behind them and what course of action he would want to take. He was then met with an immediate reply—

I don’t want to deal with the hassle.

He then followed the text with an emoticon that displayed an irritated look.

…Leaving the reins to someone else, huh. Well, it seems he’s being awfully relaxed about this.

As Renya sent “Hope you won’t regret this” on a message, the window of the Land Cruiser following them opened, and there was a clicking noise, something glittering in the evening sunlight.

“—Hang on,” Rem quickly swiped the steering wheel in response to the sudden flurry of gunshots coming their way.



Yui swallowed a breath, astonished by the sudden occurrence, and at nearly the same time, a ridiculous voice came out from the trunk room.

Yui turned around to see that a man in black had emerged from the window of the black Land Cruiser, armed with an assault rifle.

“Oh no…” Yui cried out. She thought of how the attack was going to affect the entire city.

“Don’t worry. This vehicle is armored as such that it can easily withstand the shock of crashes. All we have to do is run over the wall of cars right in front of us.”

“But if we get the cars in front of us into an accident, won’t we end up being dragged into this…?”

“We would. But only the cars in front of us would be targeted, and we would elude investigation by the police.”


Renya watched as Yui clenched her fists or her knees in response to what Rem had said. She then lifted her face up—

“I’m sorry, Rem-san, please let me—”

Get out of the car by myself. But before she could continue—

“Sorry, Rem, but could you steer a little closer to the left?” Renya asked, opening the window closet to his seat. Rem then understood his intention.


Rem immediately shifted into the left lane. It was then that Renya then extended his left hand out of the window—grabbing something from outside with ease.

He grabbed onto the handle of a motorcycle that was illegally parking—lifting almost 400 kilograms worth of metal single-handedly while remaining seated.

“Huh…?” Yui was flabbergasted by the sight.

“Chew on this, you bastards!”

Renya then hurled the large motorcycle backward in a slanted angle without much effort—the bike landed onto the bonnet of the Land Cruiser after a clean parabola in the air. The crash caused the glass pane of the vehicle to break, the bonnet falling onto the roadside as the motorcycle projectile caused the Land Cruiser to bounce into the air. 

Perhaps due to mishandling of the wheel due to the unexpected event, the Land Cruiser lost its balance as it landed, topping sideways; shrill crashing noises resounded as the Land Cruiser continued to roll onto the roadway.

“Ha, get a load of that…hmm?”

Laughing heartily as he shot his middle finger out of the window and toward those behind him, a massive truck went out of the way of the fallen Land Cruiser and into the main lane, knocking aside the vehicle next to them as they approached Rem’s taxi. Against the headwind of their high-speed chase, Renya’s gaze then met that of the man standing on the roof panel of the new vehicle chasing them.

His left hand was clad in a red phosphorescent light, giving away only one possibility—he was a supernatural ability user. And judging from how strong the light was—

“The average second-class user, eh? Seems like that group’s got connections around Neo Kichijoji as well.”

Among the diverse pool of supernatural ability users, users who specialized in combat abilities comprised less than three tenths of the population; even then, a large majority of this subgroup of supernatural ability users were low-level on average, with those with medium or middle-level abilities being few and far between.

As Renya deduced the class of the enemy, said enemy suddenly unleashed a massive dragon of flame.


Its bellow shook the atmosphere as it turned toward the taxi the group was in; its flaming, red body seared the asphalt of the road as it rapidly reached a state of level flight.

However, the dragon did not follow them, instead staying behind a short distance away—it then rapidly soared into the air.

“Was that an oversight…?”

“No, they’re trying to make it so that we can’t escape.”

As Rem turned her gaze toward the flaming dragons swirling into the air, she suddenly realized what Renya was trying to do. The dragon then began to descend in a swooping motion toward the vehicle.

“…What are you doing, Renya?” Rem asked, wanting to know his next course of action. He was about to unleash his full power while inside her vehicle.

Renya only laughed gaudily. “Come on, you know what I’m going to do…I’m doing this!”

He pressed the mark indicated on the lower right corner of the dashboard—the trunk lid then opened in a loud, springing motion, forcibly springing its contents outward and into the air.

Part 11

He entered a visibly relaxed position—his arms were crossed right in front of his head, his feet, too, elegantly linked with one another. He was vigorously firing toward the heavens, aiming at Sirou.

“Goodness me. Now you’re just being terrible, Renya. Your allies aren’t exactly fireworks, you know,” Sirou sighed as he noticed the blazing dragon inching closer to him.

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“A dragon of flame…an elemental ability, huh.”

Manifesting his favorite weapon of choice, the Seven-Key Heavenly Wolf Fang, he then chose to augment it with the Sloth parameter of his Sin abilities.

Assuming a drawing stance, he then unsheathed his sword in a sweeping motion that unleashed a shock wave, the transparent line from the swinging motion slicing the massive body of the flaming dragon into equal halves.

“…Eat em’ all up,” Sirou commanded, and the Seven-Key Heavenly Wolf Fang began to rotate in a horizontal, circular motion with the handle of the blade as its center.

He then opted for the parameter of Gluttony in place of Sloth, absorbing the body of the giant fire dragon into the blade almost immediately; a radiant brilliance shone from the holes of the blade as the fire was absorbed into it, a sight that resembled the Big Dipper shining in the night sky.

He then returned his blade to his sheathe, rotating in mid-air—

And as he gracefully landed on the ground, he did so at the exact same time the giant truck was heading straight toward him, the user of the fire dragon remaining on its roof. 

Part 12

The truck’s speed was now well over 150 kilometers per hour.

It was being driven by one of the men in black that Sirou had subdued back at the back alley—the one whose head Sirou had smashed into the wall, and the one whose same head had found itself atop the package of broken eggs that had fallen onto the floor.

“GO TO HELLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!” The fear of failing his mission as well as his resentment toward Sirou was more than enough to strip him of any sense of rationale, and the man in black screamed in a fit of rage as he attempted to run over Sirou with the truck he was driving.

A large crashing sound then ensued, one that resulted from the shock that came from a ten-ton truck ramming into something at 150 kilometers per hour. Any normal person would have been easily crushed by such destructive power. And yet—


The man in black instead saw the allied supernatural ability user who was on top of the truck—a sight that he saw through the newly unfolded airbag within the vehicle. It meant that the impact had not managed to knock Sirou away.

The truck had stopped right before it could run over Sirou—but the engine was still roaring tempestuously, given that the driver was still furiously stamping upon the accelerator pedal.

What actually managed to withstand such a magnitude was right in front of the truck: something was stuck inside the sturdy front bumper of the vehicle, seemingly as if it had pierced through it.

The blond-haired teen had unleashed a front kick with his hands inside his pockets; the truck that had missed its intended impact had its front completely detached from its rear by the attack, causing a massive dent in the entire vehicular structure.

It was the teen who had tossed the large motorbike that did the unthinkable act; the man in black wondered when exactly he’d left the vehicle their group was targeting, seemingly unwilling to believe that he’d leapt out the vehicle with the door open during a high-speed chase unscathed, even if the taxi was now nowhere to be seen.

“Impossible…” He murmured. Due to his persistent hold on the pedal, the circuits of the engine of the heavily dented vehicle were suddenly short-circuited, halting the function of the engine.

He then witnessed the blonde young man make his next move.


Removing his right leg from the front bumper he’d thrusted it into, the teen then muttered an incantation of sorts the next moment, as if to activate something.

Another booming noise followed, and the men’s gaze could only see that he was in mid-air.

The blonde had kicked the truck up into the air from below.

“So what do you wanna do? You okay with me sending this guy blasting off like that?” Renya asked Sirou who was standing right beside him, his gaze fixated on the massive truck that was now in mid-air, small pieces breaking away from its main structure.

The group of their enemy was after Yui—the next course of action was thus not Renya’s decision to make but Sirou’s, as he was now responsible for Yui’s safety.

“Nothing, really. I’ve already settled that.”

The moment Sirou said that, countless lines ran over the body of the truck—the giant lump of metal then suddenly broke into tiny pieces. However, due to the airbag surrounding the steering wheel and the driver’s seat, the driver was not at risk of losing his life even as he fell to the ground.

Although the shock of the impact toward the ground would have caused a risk of the gasoline tank catching fire in the distant past, the vehicles of the supernatural ability zone now dominantly utilized electric motors, so there was no risk of an explosion occurring.

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“…When did you even pull that off?”

“Hmm? You know, the moment you kicked it upward,” Nonchalantly withdrawing his Seven-Keyed Heavenly Wolf Fang back into its scabbard, he then undid the blade’s manifestation, he then began to walk ahead with an air of composure about him.

Renya could only click his tongue and followed Sirou.

Then, before long, the two could then hear the numerous ringing sounds of metal clattering around ten meters behind them; the remains of the truck were littering from the sky onto the ground like rain. Renya and Sirou paid no heed, however, as they simply continued walking without looking back, passing by the group of fallen men by the roadside.

“…Well, while I’m at it, it seems that we had to go against a Fire Dragon user this time.”

“So it seems. Then again, I suppose we really did go overboard this time. I imagine our enemy also has a lot of connections on their belt.”

“I guess this means Kosaki is really worth that much to them, huh…”

They’d entrusted Yui in the care of Rem; they’d also entrusted Rem to take Yui away given the events of that day—take her to the hideout of the Hungry Wolf Brigade, that is.

“Well, let’s save that for when she’s around to talk about it with us,” Sirou changed the topic as Renya arrived and stood next to him. “Besides, it seems Mikoto’s managed to pick up a new set of eggs without any fuss, too,” Sirou smiled as he received the message informing him of the latter fact when he had been in the trunk of the vehicle.

He was wearing the optimistic smile of a teenage boy, rather than the smile of one of the senior leaders of the Hungry Wolf Brigade.

“…As planned, we’re going to be enjoying some really good sukiyaki tonight.”