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VOLUME 8 (Completed)

Chapter 1: ‘Epilogue’ of sort to the previous volume’s Demon World Arc

  • Status: (completed)

Chapter 2: Primarily daily life arc with Basara and the girls. The chapter primarily focuses on potentially buying a new house as well as character development for Maria and Zest.

  • status (completed)

Chapter 3: Truth about Basara’s parentage, Chisato’s role and Chisato-Basara relationship stuff

  • Status: completed)

VOLUME 9 (Completed)
Overall, this volume is about Basara’s (strained) relationship with the Village, as well as the political conflict between the Village and Vatican.  As expected from such a volume, Yuki and Kurumi prominently feature. Mio, of course, is also heavily involved in the plot, and things get political too for Basara and the rest as they have to navigate through all these internal problems that they got caught up in. Maria and Zest do not have heavy emphasis on this volume. New girl Celis, who’s someone Basara, Yuki and Kurumi knows from childhood also appears for the first time.

Prologue: Nanao comes to Basara with a problem and Basara seeks out Chisato to help him solve Nanao’s problem. After Nanao’s problem is addressed, Basara and Chisato discuss the complications of their contract.

  • status (completed) 

Chapter 1: Glorified Road Trip to the Village. Kurumi and Yuki reunite with their father (In progress)

  • Part 1 (completed) 
  • Part 2 (completed)
  • Part 3 (completed)
  • Part 4 (completed)
  • Part 5 (completed) 

Chapter 2: Plot heavy. Primarily focuses on Basara’s return to the Village and discussion with the elders also serves as the introduction for Celis.

  • Parts 1-7 (completed) 
  • Part 8 – 9 
    Celis’ first apperance
    Status: COMPLETED
  • Part 10
    Continuation of the above
  • Part 11
    Continuation of the above
  • Part 12
    Continuation of the above
  • Part 13
    Continuation of the above

Chapter 3: Story heavy with particular emphasis on the Nonaka family. Yuki and Kurumi are forced to make a decision concerning their future as Heroes.

  • Part 1
    Yuki and Kurumi going home
  • Part 2
    Mio’s thoughts
  • Part 3
    Reunion with Takashi
  • Part 4
    An interlude from Zest and Maria
  • Part 7 – 9
    Yuki + Kurumi service scene with Basara

Chapter 4: Basara visits the epicenter of the tragedy that he caused 5 years ago in the village. Celis and Basara have the their duel to decide his fate.

  • Part 1 ( Completed) 
  • Part 2 (Completed) 
  • Part 3 (Completed) 
  • Part 4 (Completed)
  • Part 5 (completed)
  • Part 6 (Completed)
  • Part 7 (completed) 
  • Part 8 (completed)  

Epilogue (completed)


Volume 10 (completed) 

Picks up immediately where volume 9 ends. Shiba begins to enact his revenge against the Vatican. Mio, Maria, Kurumi, Yuki, and Zest all play a part in trying to stop Shiba and the four sacred beasts from running rampant and destroying Tokyo. Basara and Shiba have their long awaited battle. Chisato shows up in the clutch. Mio has her promised sex scene, and the stage is set for the final volume.

  • Prologue (completed) 
  • Chapter 1 (completed) 
  • Chapter 2 (completed)
  • Chapter 3 (completed) 
  • Epilogue (completed)

Volume 11 (completed) 

  • Prologue: Basara completes the master servant vow with the 5 girls. Shiba continues to adjust to and unleash his power. Basara and Chisato make a promise (completed)
  • Part 1 (completed)
  • Part 2 (completed)
  • Part 3 (completed)
  • Part 4 (completed)
  • Part 5 (completed)
  • Part 6 (completed)
  • Part 7 (completed)
  • Chapter 1: Primarily deals with the girls setting up the star of Solomon. Reinforcements from the demon realm appear to aid Basara and company. Basara goes to the Tokyo Tower to confront Shiba (completed)
  • Chapter 2: We have Basara vs Shiba as well as Lars, Maria, Kurumi, and Zest vs Koryuu (completed)
  • Epilogue: Jin makes an appearance. There’s a slight time skip. The new school year begins and the Toujou household grows larger. (completed)


Volume 11 SS 

  • Short gag novel which focuses on Mio, Maria, and Zest. Maria trying to help prepare Mio and Zest for their first time having sex with Basara, encourages them to try using a VR helmet.

Volume 12 (completed) 

  • Chapter 1: The first chapter picks up directly where the volume 11 prologue ends. It focuses on Basara and Chisato’s master servant vow and the drama surrounding it. (completed) 
  • Chapter 2: Purely a slice of life chapter that picks up about a month and a half after the volume 11 epilogue. Most of the focus of the chapter is placed on Celis and the drama surrounding her potentially making a contract with Basara. The girls are concerned about Celis and do their part to help Celis with making a decision.  (completed) 

Volume 13 (completed) 

Volume 12 SS (completed)

  • A short story that focuses on Basara and Lars. Basara picks up the custom wedding rings he ordered for the girls, while Lars wants to go eat some food. It more or less just serves as the back story for the rings that appear at the end of volume 12.

EXII (completed) 

Chronologically speaking, EXII is set during the first and second episodes of season 2 of the anime. Basara and Yuki go shopping together. Maria is up to her ero loli shenanigans and instigates a service scene involving Kurumi and Mio. Chisato and Zest don’t actually appear, but are referenced as topics of conversation for characters.

EXIII (completed) 

Essentially volume 8 chapter 2.5. It fills in the gaps between volume 8 chapter 2 and volume 8 chapter 3.

SWEET (complete) 
Daily life, love comedy + ecchi side stories focusing on Basara and different girls, split into different parts.  Although it’s not written by Uesu, it’s evident that he was involved in the general outlining of the volume since it sets up quite a bit of the events in volume 9. If you enjoy Basara and the girls living their everyday life then this is for you.

Light (completed) 

Episodic slice of life stories following the Toujou family’s return from the Demon Realm. Maria serves as the main character and it’s essentially a love letter to her shenanigans. In terms of LN canon, it’s set during the events of volume 8 chapter 2 and EXIII.

Yarisugita volume 1 (completed) 

Yarisugita volume 2 (translation completed currently going through editing) 

Yarisugita volume 3 (translation is completed) 

ARASHI!! (Licensed *Buy The Official Version*)

  • Chp 12 + 13
    Maria + Mio Focus
  • Chp 14 + 15
    14: Yuki + Kurumi, 15: Chisato
  • Chp 16 + 17
    16: Maria, 17: Zest, Mio


  • Ecstasy+ Departures Drama CD rates $1/30 seconds (Completed) 
  • Chisato Side Story
    A bonus side story bundled with the limited edition of volume 8 of the light novel. It primarily deals with Chisato’s  feelings after he left to settle things in the demon world.

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