Translation news update

Hey everyone,


It’s been a while since I’ve updated the page. I would like to begin  by welcoming a new member to the team that goes by the name of JhiniusOperandi. He’s primarily worked in the fan translation scene for Visual Novels. Since he has a prior commitment he’s  going to be working on doing some editing for the Shinmai translation project until his schedule opens up a bit.

In other news, On finished the remaining parts of chapter 2 of volume 9. If you’re a fan of the broader lore when it comes to series like this you should enjoy that chapter. With that said volume 9 is only missing the epilogue before it’s completed. On’s planning on having it finished by between July 31st and August 2nd.  So those of you looking forward to volume 10, translation will begin in early august.

I will be putting sample translations for volume 9 chapter 2 up on the site later tonight.

Nomi had some work functions all weekend. So she’s planning on doing a double update to volume 12 chapter 1 tonight and tomorrow morning. Those Chisato fans that have been looking forward to Basara x Chisato sex will be pleased the cum storm is finally over. Chisato has reached a nirvana of pleasure and the actual penetration will begin. As I said before you’re best off waiting until part 9 is complete before reading.

Progress update

Hey everyone,

Volume 9 is still on pace to be completed by the end of the month. On has another project due this week, but while he’s waiting for his partner to work on their portion of the project, he’ll be working on parts 1-7 of chapter 2. Whatever he isn’t able to finish this week, he’ll be finishing this weekend.

Nomi is still grinding out volume 12 chapter 1. She just completed part 5. Those of you that read the daily updates. I hope you’ve enjoyed all of the Basara x Chisato relationship development, because it’s good build up for what’s coming with the next few parts. Nomi will be starting part 6 tomorrow (bondage play). Chisato gets “completely wrecked” from here on out. So if you’re a male and don’t want to run the risk of blueballing yourself everyday, don’t read the updates until the vow is finished in part 9.

I’ll also be updating the sample translations with some of the road trip to the Village. Those of you that watched Departures, this pretty much picks up where Departures ended. So if you haven’t got into the novel yet, now’s a good time.