Chapter 3: Counting the nights that belong to the two of us

He alighted from the train to discover a town dyed in a pure white blanket of snow.

Toujou Basara could feel the chill of the cold morning air piercing through him as he stood on the platform.

It was a sensation that prompted him to stop in his tracks, before he looked up at the empty sky spontaneously.


…It’s a little like the winter air in << the Village >> here.

It was the place where Basara had once spent his days living in; surely it was covered in snow right now as well.

—His present location was distinctly different from << the Village >>, however.

There was a liveliness that came from the conversations and footsteps of the mass of passersby.

Such was the fate of a famous tourist destination. There were many other tourists who had alighted at this stop much like Basara did, creating a wave of people towards the ticket gate.

Stopping amidst the lively movement of the surrounding passersby made him feel as if though he had been abandoned.

“—What’s wrong, Toujou? We should be going too.”

Following that, a certain someone took Toujou Basara by his left hand.

A rather cheerful voice had preceded the gesture, letting out white breath more transparent and clear than the surrounding snow.

It was the all too beautiful school nurse—Hasegawa Chisato—who had invited him to this place. And in light of her arrival—


Basara became entranced yet again—much like the surrounding people that passed by them.

…She’s so beautiful.

Having prepared for the far colder weather of their destination, Hasegawa wore a white long coat and a warm, mutton fur scarf that day, an attire that was befitting of the snowy vicinity. No matter how many times he looked at her current form, it always appeared fresh to him—much more different than that of her usual self.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ah, it’s nothing… Sorry, let’s get going, then.”

Noticing Hasegawa looking at him with her head tilted to the side with a puzzled expression, he embarrassedly tilted his head downward and apologized, before he started walking with her to the ticket gate.

Today, on the third weekend of January, Basara had arrived here from Hasegawa’s invitation—few days after Basara and the others had returned from the Demon Realm.

The memories of some of the faculty have been altered via Maria and Zest’s magic, but they had shown restraint in doing so in order to escape the prying eyes of the Hero Clan.

They’d brought a special battery and chip for their phones, similar to Jin’s, and with it they’d  informed the school that they were caught up with some trouble while travelling overseas, and would inevitably return to school later than expected. Luckily, and as a result, they’d encountered no real problems with their teachers or classmates even as they returned to school a few days late.

There was but one exception, though—the likes of half-vampire Tachibana Nanao, who had worried over knowing that Basara would return quite late after embarking to the Demon Realm…though the gentle Nanao had let out tears of joy upon reuniting with an unharmed Basara at school.

Takigawa, in the meanwhile, who they had seen in front of the station the other day,  had also resumed his schooling at Hijirigasaka Academy, although he had returned to the realm before the sports festival had infiltrated the school at a different time from Basara and the others, and had promptly used the same method of memory alteration on the staff to clear their winter assignments and fabricate passing grades, solving the problem of otherwise being unable to advance into the next grade. Given that Takigawa had only worked at a bare minimum to perform the necessary evil of tampering with the memories of some of the teaching staff, it was something that Yuki and Kurumi had deduced that the heroes would not see as a grave issue.

And with that, after returning to their day-to-day lives, Basara had taken the time to head to the infirmary…to visit Hasegawa.

—Before he had gone to the Demon Realm, Basara had received some good advice to keep in mind from Hasegawa.

It was to keep a flexible mind and not be close-minded—because of that, Basara did not end up blinded by what was in front of him and was able to see the bigger picture overall. It was because of that that he was able to devise a plan to go for Belphegor before the decisive fight with Leohart, and see his plan through to the letter in the end.

In the end, her advice had proven to be a great aid amidst their dreadful journey, and Basara had gone to her to express his thanks—something of which Hasegawa responded by saying that he could fulfill a request of hers if he truly felt indebted to her.

“Hey, Toujou, let’s stay the night at the hot springs—just the two of us.” That was what she had proposed to him with a seductive smile on her face.

Ever since the sports festival in autumn, Basara had shared a secret special relationship with Hasegawa.

It was an illicit relationship, that of a male student and his female teacher, one that had transpired willingly on the condition that they would not cross the final line; a relationship involving a man and a woman. After the celebratory party hosted by the student council before Basara and the others had embarked to the Demon Realm, Hasegawa had forcibly invited Basara over to her apartment, whereby the two then proceeded to ceaselessly crave and lust for each other in her bedroom.

Having been met with a tearful Hasegawa’s pleading of how unbearably lonely she’d been during the winter holidays when they had been apart, Toujou had, of course, been unable to reject her; that was the reason why Toujou was at such a place today.

Part 2

The first thing the duo did after they went through the ticket gate was to head towards the tourist information center situated within the station grounds.

They weren’t there to ask for directions—they wanted to leave their luggage for temporary storage.  Immediately after they had paid for the service with a thousand-yen bill altogether and relieved themselves of their baggage, Hasegawa entwined her arm with his.

“Since we’ve come all the way here, we don’t have to think about what everyone else thinks, so…You don’t mind, right?”

She fawningly huddled herself close to Basara; the scent of her sweet perfume wafted in the air following the gesture.

“Y-yes… Of course not.”

These parts were filled with numerous hilly roads; as such, Hasegawa had opted for low-heeled boots over her usual high-heeled footwear that day. Her line of sight was thus lower than Toujou’s by a notch, and she would naturally trail her eyes upward whenever she wanted to gaze at him under such close proximity—something that made her charm all the more devastating.

A red-faced Basara nodded in agreement; a response that delighted Hasegawa, who then asked for a more intimate connection as she connected her fingers with his, wanting to holding hands as if they were lovers. And then the two left the building just like that—stopping right in front of the station.

“So where do we go from here, sensei?”

The prospering hot spring district would take thirty minutes northeast by train from their current destination. Of course, the surroundings of this station had many hot springs, as well, but perhaps it was better for them to say that this place was more so famous for being a tourist spot, given its world heritage shrines, the historical temple and matchless natural scenery. This was Basara’s first visit to this place, but he had some semblance of knowledge about it from rumours and news here and there.

The fact that they’d stored their belongings they had brought here for the trip beforehand indicated that Hasegawa did indeed have some places around these parts she wanted to visit—thus why Basara had asked her that question.

“Ah, right… There are a couple of places I’d like to go to with you, but before that,”

Saying that, Hasegawa took Basara’s arm and walked towards the right of the station—to a souvenir shop right by the station.

“First, let’s try some of the fried red bean buns around here; I  hear that they’re very good.” Hasegawa said with a smile.

A closer look revealed a conspicuously placed article featuring an interview regarding this famous spot on the shop. The female shopkeeper handed a single, packaged bun to Hasegawa, who had bought it with some small change. And then,

“Here, Toujou,” She said, steam rising up from the white package that held the fried bun as she inched it towards Basara.

“I’ll be helping myself, then…”

As Basara reached for the bun, however, Hasegawa responded by pouting a little.

“You dummy…Open your mouth.”

Witnessing her make such a request with her upturned gaze made Basara unconsciously swallow hard.

“—Or would you prefer it if I fed you mouth-to-mouth instead?”

It was only with that question that Basara finally relented and obediently opened his mouth, before she then placed the bun into it. The light, fragrant scent of the dish came first, and following that as he bit into it was the sweetness of the red bean filling encased in the crisp, crunchy texture of the fried dough, seemingly made with soya and other dried soy products.

“This is really good…!”

As Basara was impressed by the deliciousness of the bun, seemingly popular enough to be reviewed and publicated on television and magazines,

“Fufu, there’s some crumbs left over…”

As she said that, Hasegawa picked them up from the bridge of his lips with her fingers, soon after leaving Basara’s lips, she brought her finger to her own lips and kissed it lightly.

Perhaps it was because the two of them have come this far away from home and don’t have to mind what others think that Hasegawa wanted to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of being lovers to the fullest—something that Basara eventually realized, before professing, “Would you like me feed you as well?” To which then Hasegawa happily responded,

“Then, if you would please…”

With that, as she was handed the bun by Basara, she smoothly slid her right fringe over her shoulder and moving her mouth close, intentionally biting into the part of the bun where Basara himself had already taken a bite, before chewing for a few moments and downing it.  Hasegawa then stuck out her tongue and licked her lips coquettishly, a nourished smile surfacing on her face.

“Mmm…it’s really delicious.”

All she had done was eat the bun; why did it have to look so arousing? Part of the bun’s crust where Hasegawa had bitten into was lightly stained with the color of her lips. Hesitating to be honest with his embarrassment out of fear of annoying her, he proceeded to finish the remainder of the bun as if nothing had ever happened.

And then—suddenly, Hasegawa kissed him.


It wasn’t a kiss on the cheek—it was a kiss on his lips. As Basara remained frozen in surprise, Hasegawa disregarded those around them and continued kissing him. And then, when she gently parted from him,

“W-Why did you do that all of a sudden…?”

“You responded as if you didn’t think much of an indirect kiss, so I’d wanted to see if you’d still be okay after a direct one.”

“…I’m glad you’ve gotten your answer, then.”

He was a student, and Hasegawa was a teacher; it couldn’t be helped that he was no match for her fundamentally. Even when there have been moments when he has taken the initiative when only the two of them are involved…


It was simply the fact that Basara had been played into Hasegawa’s palm as she’d wanted, wasn’t it?

In that way, Basara was able to be indulged by Hasegawa’s adult woman flexibility and charm, it’s something that he doesn’t have with Mio and the others, that’s why Basara, in front of that Hasegawa, would like to try how far would she let him go with his impulses, and in the process of that, how much pleasure and excitement, However, no matter how brazen Basara would become when he would throw away his mantle of reason, Hasegawa had always accepted him with a coquettish smile, answering to him happily.

“—So then, shall we get going?”

With that, Basara nodded in reply to Hasegawa’s words—and they began to move.

There was buses, taxis and rental cars as means of transportation around these parts.

When Basara asked what they were to do next, Hasegawa had opted for a taxi.

“While we won’t get lost with how recent cars have a navigational systems, as it is the weekend we won’t be able to avoid the traffic in tourist destinations.”

In the time they have, to know the best route to shorten the traffic time, and even on where to park, or even finding less crowded places, as well as knowing information that isn’t in the guidebook, are all things that a local driver would excel at.

“If we do have some spare funds left, it’s better to rent a taxi for a time, so we can enjoy our sightseeing.”

Having no objections to what Hasegawa had suggested, they booked a taxi among several that were waiting in front of the station till evening, as Basara and Hasegawa began their sightseeing around the area.

Before noon, they went to a lake situated in the west, and a large waterfall there for some scenery sightseeing. The winter lake stood a thousand meters over the sea, the mountain wind runs through the water’s surface, the trees standing by the lakeside that splashed with the water froze, it was a space, that looked completely like an icy chandelier.

The taxi they rented was driven by an old man, and once they said they wanted to go to this place, he had given them a good viewing spot for this winter—that is, for this day.

“It’s beautiful…”

Hasegawa murmured as she linked her arm with Basara’s, leaning in, Basara, who shared her line of sight, forgot how cold he was, captured by the beautiful sight in front of him.

“Would you like me to take a photo of the both of you?” said the driver. Surely, he had known other lovers he had taken here who he had helped remember the day. Saying that, Hasegawa, as if awaiting her chance,

“…Toujou, let’s take him up on his offer, shall we?”

“Of course, let’s take a picture.”

Basara had decided that during this trip, he would indulge Hasegawa in whatever she wanted to the best of his ability. With his approval given with a smile, Hasegawa happily took out her own phone camera, setting it up before handing it to the driver. And then, going over to Basara’s side,

“Thank you… Toujou.”

She murmured, in a small voice that only Basara could hear. So, in as if answering to her, Basara put his arm around her shoulder, and like that, pulled her close to him.


Hasegawa’s face turned to that of surprise for a moment, however, it quickly turned into a happy face, she leaned in close, her cheeks to his chest.

“—Alright, all set, and…”

They smiled as the driver said. And then, after they took the shot, he returned the phone and the Basara and Hasegawa on there could only be seen as lovers.

“…” “…”

The two of them, who looked at the photo together, when they looked up from the screen, they looked at each other at a very near distance. A picture is something that reflects reality. Seeing themselves in the picture, there’s a stronger consciousness of the other.

However, this time, the expression and feelings of Basara and Hasegawa in the picture had such a tremendous effect.

—So, with that, the atmosphere between Basara and Hasegawa changed.

“Sensei… This way.” “…Yeah.”

As they are far from home, it’s good that there’s no chance of anyone knowing them here, in the taxi, Basara held Hasegawa at the waist, Hasegawa leaned in without moving away. The driver, with his veteran discretion, did not talk to them about the scenery, leaving them to themselves in the back seat.

And then, they went to a waterfall known as one of the three greatest in Japan, to be able to get to the observation deck, they needed to take an elevator with a fee, the driver then waited for them at the car.

Heading to the elevator hall with the ticket, as it’s the weekend there’s a long line to the elevators. However, with one round, everyone to the front of them had come in… At the next round, tourists came pouring out of the elevator but it turned out that Basara and Hasegawa had the elevator to themselves.

So then—as soon as the door closed between them and the staff—

“Toujou, nn, chuu…”

Hasegawa, appearing teary-eyed, lunged at him and kissed him, as Basara assertively entwined his tongue with hers. As much as there may have been security cameras watching everything they were doing, they didn’t really care at the heat of the moment.

It would take 60 seconds for them to reach the observation deck— on the observation deck there were also lots of tourists.

Even so, as Basara held to Hasegawa’s waist with his right hand, his left hand brought down the zipper of her coat to mid-way, and then, slipping in, he fondled her breasts with no hesitation, Hasegawa then thrust up her waist happily.

“Aah… Toujou, chuu… Haah, Toujou… Nnn ♥”

She wanted a more passionate kiss from Basara. As Basara’s saliva trickled inside her mouth, Hasegawa erotically drank it all down her throat.

They wanted to go further beyond this if the situation allowed it; but then the elevator reached the observation deck,

“—Sensei, we’re here.” “Nn… I understand, let’s continue later.”

They reluctantly parted their lips from each other, and left the elevator as if nothing had ever happened.

—The giant waterfall they could see as they arrived at the observation deck, had the intensity of one of the three greatest waterfalls in Japan.

The waterfall, falling lively for around hundreds of meters, just like the previous waterfall at the lake, showed a special characteristic for the winter that welcomed them.

Behind the large waterfall, like it was a bamboo screen, were smaller waterfalls meant to flow as well but —due to the low temperature of winter it had frozen and spread, looking just like wings.

As they were charmed by the blue ice created naturally,

“Umm~… Excuse me, is it alright to ask you to take a photo?”

Suddenly, from beside them, a girl’s voice called out. Seems like she wanted to take the picture alone with her but as her group was too big they weren’t really able to.

“Then, here I go – I’m taking it.”

Basara said expressing the timing, clicking down on the shutter button.

Taking it a few more times to be safe, they then checked if there’s no problem with the photo he’s taken,

“Waah~ You’re good at taking pictures” “Really… Like a pro-photographer”

As the girls praised him, Basara said “Thanks…”,  feeling embarrassed, he bowed his head down.

…This feels quite nice.

Rather than just having had made someone happy, it was the fact that he had just been praised as having the same talents that his photographer father Jin had that made him happier all the more.

—It was then that Basara could feel that words traced on his back.

Even through his coat, he could still understand the words were “Cheater” and “Idiot”..

You’re still teasing me… And yet when Basara turned around,


Hasegawa was not smiling, however. She was definitely glaring at him with a dissatisfied look.


Her eyes delivered the same overbearing gaze in the elevator of Hasegawa’s apartment that Christmas evening, when she had told him something that she hoped he wouldn’t forget; that she, too, was prone to an emotion called jealousy.


Basara immediately understood his mistake, but there was no denying that he’d committed it nonetheless. Not saying anything, simply looking up at him, being sublimely cute… Without minding the tourists around them, Basara was driven by an impulse to embrace and kiss her right there. However,

“Ah, excuse me… Would you two like me to take a photo of you?” asked the girl,  as Hasegawa asserted herself by linking her arm around Basara’s.

And then the two of them got their shots, with their back to the waterfall, after viewing the beautiful winter waterfall one more time, the two of them went on the elevator to go to the ground floor. As expected, going down they can’t have the space alone, the elevator being packed.

“—Sensei, over here.”

Basara, not wanting Hasegawa to be touched by any other man, stood guarding her;


A gesture of which Hasegawa simply wordlessly hugged him in response. Then,

“Toujou… During this trip, you belong to me alone, okay?”

“…Yes, I’m sorry.”

As Basara held a sulking Hasegawa in his arms, he also sincerely apologised to her.

Before long, they reached the ground floor. It was around lunchtime when they returned to the taxi, and they asked the taxi driver to recommend a restaurant. After confirming their plans and desires after lunch as well their desired cravings for the afternoon, they took them to a soba shop that was reputable among both locals and tourists alike.

And then, in the afternoon, they were no longer visiting natural sights, but instead one of synthetic, man-made fine art.

They went to visit the Shinto Shrine, a site recognized as a World Heritage Site.

Part 3

Basara and Hasegawa had arrived at the area of the World Heritage Site with the largest population of tourists.

Although the taxi could enter the area known for its two reputable shrines and a temple, the taxi instead went over to the southeast by Hasegawa’s request—going around to the front entrance where one would need enter by foot, it stopped in front a vermilion bridge, deemed to be a very significant cultural heritage site. And after requesting the driver to circle around and wait on standby until the two finished their sightseeing and would contact him by phone, Basara and Hasegawa slowly began to walk across the bridge.


Though he’d already started to notice it on the way to the lake in the taxi, the more the two progressed through the bridge, the clearer the air surrounding them would become.

To begin with, this area was a ground that is said to have a “Shinto Shrine” with a strong spiritual power but, coming here he could feel the spiritual power increase furthermore. That moment, Hasegawa, who was walking beside him, asked,

“—Toujou, do you know the difference between temples and shrines?”

“Well, I do, somewhat…”

There were a number of heroes who were born with the ability to borrow power from spirits and divine beasts, so it was important to at least know the basics about it. Thinking about it easily “fundamentally, the one with Torii* is a shrine, the one with graves are temples”, but there’s a different, rough “distinction” between them. Therefore,

* traditional red shrine gates

“I have had some knowledge about the various theories but… To say it broadly, shrines are Shinto, whereas temples are Buddhist, so it is said that shrines are places where gods are more likely to live.”

And then,

“Temples are where one practice Buddhism, fundamentally; they’re not places where gods live in, they are places where monks and practitioners live…or something like that.”

Nonetheless, to say for the heavenly beings who bestow powers upon heroes from a long time ago live in shrines all over Japan wouldn’t be right either.

Naturally, shrines have many spirits there, and it is also said to be a place where gods had once descended upon. However, that is something humans would never be able to see, if it has to be said, they are conceptual beings and Basara and the others could more or less feel those beings. To say this in an easier way, these heavenly beings which had bestowed powers to their ancestors, as well as the spirits and divine beasts they borrow powers from, are “more human like/animal like” beings. What turned into demons were once expelled from heavenly realms. Thinking of the existence of their counterpart, it is easy to understand as that close to humans.

That said—though there are gods revered by Shinto and human-like figures of Japanese legends, there are also those with the same name of the Shinto Gods, that blessed weapons, such as that of Yuki’s Sakuya. This is, beings with roots in the cultural myths, belief and spirit, and in long history many people had been recognised by it, easily gaining spiritual power. In short, the “Konohana Sakuya-hime” of Japanese legends, and the spirit of the blade that Yuki wields, “Sakuya” is not entirely the same being.

However, the origin of the above being, is not completely unrelated either… So to say, having admitted an entire clan, there’s still a practical problem, to somewhat feel a hint of such beings in shrines, to preserve it so they don’t get ruined and destroyed in fight with demons or low level malicious spirits.

That is the same with temples, and although they are, as Hasegawa and Basara said, the place where monks live, the general case is it’s a place with important connections to the vein of the earth, like shrines, they often divide the task of protecting the earth, and so for those places and present to not be lost, they worked together to prevent the “Staining” of it.

That is the reason why when they fought Takashi’s group which wield “Byakko”, they fought not in mountains or forests with little people — but within a barrier in front of the train station.

Similarly, with the heroes from other countries, with the myths and beliefs passed on in their own areas, have reconstructed their own strengths and weapons, they shoulder the responsibilities of preserving their own churches, temples and historic ruins versus the demons.

In short, those heavenly beings do not generally step out of the heavenly realms, they have created beings who are able to fight demons in this human world, with spiritual powers, and power with surge of acknowledgement unlike other humans, the heroes who had been bestowed this by the heavenly beings. That being said, in the great war, they had shown their form to a portion of the heroes. Since the great war ended however, there had been no report of them being seen again.

So then, having crossed the bridge and a road for cars, they reached the mountain path that would lead them to the world heritage temples and shrines.

“So then, if there’s beings like gods… Who don’t appear to help humans and animals as they suffer, what do you think of that, Toujou?”

Suddenly, Hasegawa, who walked ahead of him, asked. Not wanting anyone below them to peek up her skirt, Basara saw to continuously walking right behind her; he was thus unable to tell what expression was she making as she said that, and he was unable to guess the meaning of the question. Even so—

“Hmm…This is a theory too but, if those beings exist, surely they also think of all sorts of situations. Perhaps it’s not something we realize, but there may be times they have protected and helped us.”

And that’s because… thought Basara. He lifted his head and gazed at Hasegawa’s back in front of him.

“There are times where humans unconsciously give aid and help amongst themselves, don’t they? That’s why…even if they don’t reveal their true forms… Surely they’re still watching over us and give us their aid without our knowing.”

They were like the heroes, too, in that regard—in a similar vein, they have protected the world from Demons and lowly, evil beings without humans’ knowing.

“…I see.”

Hasegawa didn’t turn around as she gave her reply in a low voice, simply looking forward.

“…You don’t think so?”

Noticing her somewhat gloomy reply, Basara asked, worried.

“No, it’s not that…I was just thinking ‘So that’s how you look at it’, that’s all…”

As she climbed up the stairs, she turned back to look at him, giving him a gentle smile.

That was, Hasegawa’s usual expression—that’s why, stroking down his chest in relief, Basara lined up with her, and Hasegawa linked her arm with him, once more, leaning into him. And at the same time,


Though he saw that Hasegawa’s lips did move slightly, he could not hear any words from them.

Part 4

The first of the World Heritage sites that they visited was a shrine that a general who lived through the warring period had dedicated to the gods for unification of the country.  It was a marvelous building set with feng shui and onmyou teachings, engraved with patterns of animals and magical beasts, the famous three monkeys and sleeping cat, furthermore, set on the roof at the inside of the shrine, with mysterious reverberating wooden clappers with a dragon on it, was a famous standing point, where the two of them enjoyed their sightseeing.

And then—they proceeded to visit a neighboring shrine next.

Walking through a path lined with cedars, they soon passed under the torii, they reached the grounds of the historical shrine, washing their hands and mouth with the ritual water,

“…Sorry, but please accompany me somewhere.”

She asked, and Basara nodded in agreement. This is a shrine for a “land inherited god”, and there was a famous story with an injured white rabbit regarding him.

…If I remember correctly, he was someone who had a mountain of children…or something like that.

Accordingly, there were six wives whom he made a hundred-eighty children with.

Six was a rather coincidental similarity between Basara and this particular god; even if they weren’t his wives, Basara still possessed a deep bond with five women; Mio, Yuki, Maria, Kurumi and Zest.

…And then there was…

There was Hasegawa, who Basara, too, also shared a deep bond with, and it would truly be six women—like that of said god.

However, other forms of research seem to claim that he had seven wives, and there had been plenty written on this, so perhaps it was a coincidence not worth thinking about.

While there are other tourists besides the two of them, it seemed to be comprised of mainly women and couples. As it was a god who had tied a bond with many goddesses, on top of being known to command the lands of this area, he was also known to relate to marriage. Wanting to enjoy their time as a couple, it’s possible that’s why Hasegawa took him here.

From there, together with Hasegawa, he lined up with her like a married couple at the inner sanctuary, where there was a marriage cedar tree. If he were to be truthful, there was a lot that he could wish for, but,


Hasegawa, who closed her eyes as she held his hand, made an earnest expression; noticing it, Basara simply wished for whatever Hasegawa wished for to come true.

So then—at the end of the lines of visitors, they encountered a party.

It was a wedding ceremony. A dignified wedding ceremony at a world heritage shrine like this.

The groom, with the priestess guiding, wore a decorated kimono, with the bride in white.

Right behind them, were their parents, continuing after them.

With that, Hasegawa watched them with a spellbound expression,

“How enviable…”

She murmured, leaning her body against Basara’s. There were a number of thoughtless words he could have used to reply her with; he did not want to reply irresponsibly, however, so,


As Basara said all that he could muster, he tightened his hold on Hasegawa’s waist just a little. And then, as they gazed on to the wedding ceremony, and then, as seeing them back,

The groomed seemed charmed by Hasegawa. The bride, who noticed it, sulked as she pulled on his ear.

“—It seems that it’s over, so…let’s go, then?”

Perhaps it was pity to the husband who was berated for looking at Hasegawa.

Basara answered, far from that place, and Hasegawa too seemed satisfied.

“Yeah, that’s right… Let’s go.”

He replied with a nod, and then they left the shrine behind.

Afterwards, they went towards the other culturally important temple; however, they did not make it due to the winter closing time. As such, the two of them gave up on sightseeing, and went to the parking lot where the taxi they had hired was parked and waiting for them. They went over back to the first lake they had gone to.

It’s not because they had something they had forgotten to see. They were heading over to a building on the bank of the river.

“What an amazing place….”

Basara muttered, as he marvelled at the sight outside his window.

Going past the large welcoming gate was a wide spread of land of a famous resort company managed high-class inn.

In front of the building, there were already staff members, women waiting in traditional outfits, as soon as Basara and Hasegawa arrived with their taxi, the door was opened,

“—Welcome, thank you for coming in this cold weather.”

With a voice that didn’t miss a beat, she bowed down her head.

So then, paying the taxi their fee for today, they followed the figure of the staff who took them to a sofa and table at the lobby. As soon as Basara lowered himself on the couch, another girl poured them tea, together with the green tea served in an expensive looking set, was plentiful traditional sweets. However, they weren’t just there for tea, as evidence, a little after they drank their tea,

“Welcome—We do apologize for imposing on you, but if we could please have you check in?”

Upon that, Hasegawa was handed a leather-bound note and writing utensils.

And then Hasegawa, using it gracefully, wrote down their personal information.

Once she finished and returned the book, the woman bowed respectfully.

“Thank you very much. If everything is alright now, I will escort you to your room—This way, please.”

Saying that, she invited them to the inner side of the building. The Japanese styled building was covered in silence, and on the tatami covered floor of the hallway, only the sounds of their footsteps could be heard.

Before long, they were shown to their room. It was bigger than the Toujou house, a luxurious room. With two Japanese styled rooms, a living and bedroom. There’s also a bathroom, washing area and toilet, all in twos, it was easily a room for six.

So then, the two of them approached to sit on the floor cushions of the Japanese room, the woman who showed them to the room poured them tea. And then placing the hot water in front of Basara,

“Once again, welcome to this place again. I am this establishment’s manager,”

She said, bowing her head down with her hands on the floor. Upon seeing that proprietress,

…I’m glad I’ve been to the Demon Realm before this.

Having been received by Wildart in the Demon Realm, Basara was able to not feel intimidated with this particular head of the establishment. With that, Hasegawa who sat at the table not far from him, with composure,

“What of our belongings that we sent earlier?”

“Yes. They had arrived earlier, we had placed it over there.”

She said, pointing to the living room, Basara and Hasegawa’s belongings, which they had left at the train station, was placed there. The fee the two of them had paid was not just to leave their belongings—but also to have it sent to where they were staying.

Indeed—this trip was not a day trip. The two of them were staying here for the night.

“Um… Sorry to intrude by asking, but is today an anniversary of sorts?”

“Yes. Please let us spend it in that way.”

Hasegawa, who responded to the proprietress’ reservations, took an envelope out of her bag with a smile.  Surely, it was a gratuity tip. And when she laid eyes on the offer,

“That’s… I can’t accept this. All the services had been paid for in the lodging fees. We’ve already  received plenty from Hasegawa-sama.”

“That’s separate from that. If you’re confident in your service, there’s no issue in taking it. If you could provide us the best service possible, then it would be my pleasure.”

Hasegawa stated calmly, having the proprietress’ understanding,

“…So, I will receive this gratefully.”

She received the tip and put it away in her chest pocket, before returning to her serious expression.

“So then… As aforementioned, we will do our best to present to you our hospitality.”

Stated the proprietress, highlighting the inn’s features,

“—Please, enjoy everything at your leisure.”

Again, she bowed her head with her hands in front of her, and with that she left the room. With that,


Basara finally took a breath as he observed the room. It was not just the size of it, the sight of the lake, with the sunset out of the window was top class. So then,

…I’d like to take them here one day.

He thought of Mio and the others back home.

As expected, they disapproved of him spending the night elsewhere.

He didn’t really mention Hasegawa to them; his relationship with her was already a secret from them, to begin with.

When Basara had said he wanted to rest from the fight in the Demon World and wanted to spend one night out by himself, Mio and the others were genuinely worried for his safety.

From their point of view, they couldn’t understand as to why they couldn’t have gone with Basara…

However—they sent him off without saying anything in the end.

Most likely, the words of Takigawa who they met the other day “your worry can’t shackle Basara too much, it’s no good, so throw it away” were engraved in them.

Given that they were restricted by the master-slave contract, Mio, Yuki and Zest couldn’t follow him secretly. Maria and Kurumi, on the other hand, weren’t tied by the contract—Basara could thus be informed of  their location.

…I have Sheila to thank for this.

Basara’s gaze fell to his phone.

Just as Mio and the others were perhaps worried for him right now—Basara valued them and was worried about them as well.

Understanding their feelings regarding the situation, among the souvenirs Sheila had given him was a special chip made from Maria’s magic and Kurumi’s dark element; putting it inside his phone would allow him to track their location like a GPS.

He now had no doubts that Mio and the four others were in Tokyo. Checking the location on his phone, and they can also can tell each other’s location by the unblocked Master-slave contract, he had also e-mailed them while with Hasegawa.

Given that they knew about his location as well as having received correspondence from him, surely they wouldn’t be worried about him, would they?

As Basara’s mind drifted off to thinking of Mio and the others—

“—You’re still thinking about other women even while you’re together with me?”

Hasegawa, who rested her chin on the table, teased him.

“You went with Naruse and the others overseas during winter vacation. At that time, I thought of you all alone. Of course, staying with me like this, I don’t mind if you want to ease Naruse and the others by contacting but… Outside of that, please think only of me.”

Her spoiled request came with a seductive smile as Basara nodded and said, “Alright.”

And just as she’d said—during the time they would spend together, he would only think of her.

Part 5

There was still some time before dinner. To that, the two decided to check out the hot springs first.

Although a cypress open air bath was offered in their room, a large open air bath, in the end, was the inn’s real selling point. Although they had yukata in their room, the propritess had told them that there is also a changing room prepared for them at the large bath, and so they went as they were.

Perhaps due to the vastness of the building, they were expectedly enveloped by the silence of the interior.

“—So, later then…” “Yes…”

Saying so, Basara and Hasegawa parted, going to the male and female baths.

So then Basara, at the male bath curtains, took off his clothes in the locker room and placed it in the locker, putting the key wristband on his arm, opening the door and stepping to enter the large bath.

“…This is amazing.”

He said without thinking to himself. He looked over the massive bath, covered in steam, the bath and space was of a spaciousness he’s satisfied with. Even though it was already this large, there was also the open-air bath. The male bath seemed to be exclusive to Basara’s use only.

…It’s quite empty given that it’s the weekend.

It does seem like a high-threshold inn, perhaps the people who stay were few too. Or perhaps those others who stay here don’t use the large bath, but instead the exclusive baths in their own rooms.

At the Japanese-styled decorated large bath, while thinking of that, Basara lowered himself on the stool left at the washing area and began washing his body, suddenly – there was a presence from the locker room.

It seemed like there was another guest who would like to enjoy the large bath with Basara. Basara, patting down his chest in relief, began to wash himself, and before long, that customer too, entered the bathing area.

It was Hasegawa.


Unconsciously, a dumbfounded voice spilled out from him. However, this person, with her hair wrapped with a towel together with her body covered with a bath towel was without a doubt Hasegawa Chisato; and as that person discovered Basara in the bathing area,

“Did you wait long, Toujou…?”

With a gentle smile surfacing on her face, she stepped on the hot water of the floor to head towards him.

“W-Why are you doing this, sensei!? If any other guests come in-”

He did get the feeling that Hasegawa wanted to have a bath with him, but he did not think it would be in the large public bath instead of the personal ones indoors. And while he was happy for her thoughtful gesture, he absolutely did not want her naked figure to be gazed at by other men. However,

“Calm down. No one will be come in—Not any guests, nor any of the staff, as well.” Hasegawa said calmly.

“I’ve booked the whole place—for today and tomorrow.”

“This entire bath?”

You could do that? In response to Basara who had asked that question,

“That’s not all… The entire hotel.”

Hasegawa let that possibility leave her lips smoothly.

…Now that he thought about it…

It wasn’t just in the locker room or the bath. Since they entered this lodging, Basara had not seen a single other customer. And then, the proprietress had said when she was leaving their room — “Please, feel free”. Normally, it would have been “Please, do relax” or “Have a good day.”.

— However, the manager  had told them to ‘enjoy everything at their leisure”.

When Hasegawa handed her the tip, she also said she “had received plenty”, perhaps that wasn’t just lip service out of politeness,

…It couldn’t be.

To book up this high class inn on a weekend, how much would that even cost? Hasegawa who appeared in front of Basara, took off her bath towel, lowering herself to the stool right beside him, she began to let the hot water of the shower run over her body. Before the sports festival, after eating a meal from her, or during that Christmas eve, after he was pampered by her in her room, Basara had bathed with Hasegawa before and did all sorts of actions with her. Thinking of those times, Basara reacted unconsciously. With that, Hasegawa who noticed his condition,

“…Fufu, you’re fast.”

“No, this is…”

Saying that as he was gazed on with happy eyes, Basara’s words became muddled up, and then Hasegawa opened the cap of the body wash and let its content spill on her breasts. And then, to the point it spilled in the valley of her chests, she began rubbing her breasts against the other, her nipples lewdly standing up. Understanding what Hasegawa was doing,


“If we don’t take care of that, we can’t have dinner… Leave it to me.”

As he called to her, she gave him a seductive smile as she turned to his back.

And then, she pushed her covered large breasts against his back, circling her arms around his body. There was still plenty of body wash remaining on her hand.

And at the next moment—Hasegawa’s hands stroked Basara’s enlarged member.

“Amazing… It’s all big, Toujou… Nn”

She said excitedly as her slippery breast slided against his back, and she moved her fingers lewdly to stroke his member. Unable to deny the truth,

“…A lot of stuff happened during winter vacation…”

Perhaps using the nutrition tonic given to him by Sheila in the demon world, Basara had grown bigger there.

Basara who was serviced by Hasegawa answered with a moan.

“Is that so.. So then tonight, I’ll make it plenty big”

As she said that with a voice laced with laughter, Hasegawa increased the speed of her hands.

“Ugh… Ah…!”

Basara whose pleasure was increased, put all his strength to his bottom half,

“Don’t hold back… Relax, let go.”

Her hot breath accompanied her whisper in his ears, and with that she increased the intensity of her hand movement—So, Basara allowed himself to indulge in Hasegawa’s words. He released the pleasure he held back in her hands. Not held back completely by Hasegawa’s hand, his semen also spilled at the top half of the long mirror near them. With that, Hasegawa’s face in the mirror was dirtied in white, the hand that stroked his member too became more gentle,

“Nn… Fufu, you let out a lot…”

Hasegawa said,with a satisfied smile. Admittedly slightly frustrated for her to have taken the initiative alone, Basara turned around slowly, and understanding his intention just then,

“Don’t give me that look…We’ve haven’t even had dinner yet.”

Hasegawa advised Basara to hold himself back for the time being, but she certainly wouldn’t mind it if he did otherwise.

So, Basara took Hasegawa’s breasts in his hand and gently caressed them,

“Aahn… ♥”

Just like that, a sweet sound spilled from her. To that Hasegawa,

“…You’re one to talk, given you’re like this as well, sensei.”

Basara extended a hand and naughtily pinched the pale pink tip of her nipples.

“— Fuaaan!”

Hasegawa’s sensitive body trembled just from that—that reaction from Hasegawa brought up Basara’s excitement, he moved his arm to draw her closer to him.

“Before dinner… Let’s both do it, just once.”

Hasegawa suggested with a seductive voice as she tucked herself in his arms.

“—I understand.”

Basara nodded, before he proceeded to amply help himself with the sensation of her butt and her chest.

His hand serviced her breasts and butt at the same time, Hasegawa who was already excited from servicing Basara had her pleasure increased — Her body that faced him, had her waist raise higher bit by bit, at this completely lewd movement, Basara sucked on her nipples and she came lightly. As she held onto him, her sweet voice of ecstasy echoed through the bath—and then, as she recovered from the sensation of the climax, sand as their gazes locked together—

“Haah… Toujou… Nn, Chuu… ♥”

With her eyes glistening, she leaned forward and kissed him. Basara, too, reciprocated her kiss, had somehow pushed Hasegawa down on the floor—It didn’t take long before the two of them entwined and shuffled their legs in an indecent fashion and proceeded to dreamily desire the other.

Part 6

In the end—though they’d said they’d only do it once, they ended up going for it three times.

They knew it would be bad if they went any further than that; so, somehow managing to relieve themselves of their excitement, the two of them changed back into the yukata they had left in the dressing room and headed back to their room. The form of Hasegawa who had her hair up in a yukata, flushed from the pleasure of their bath, the nape of her neck slightly blushed pink,

…This is really bad.

With such an arousing sight in front of him, Basara’s head throbbed and he tried his hardest to calm himself down.

And then when they returned to their room, they were just in time for dinner prepared for them by the staff.

On top of the large table, a variety of delicious dishes was set out before them.

A pot of oyster and shabu-shabu, a platter of horse meat sashimi, a soft-shelled turtle steamed-boiled in earthenware teapot; a menu that, under normal circumstances, may have been too much for the average person, but for Basara, who’s used to a kitchen ruled by a certain Loli Succubus who makes food to draw on his spirit, he didn’t find the course too intimidating.

“It’s so luxurious…”

“We are obliged… Our chefs did their best for this meal.” One of the staff members said politely before bowing respectfully.

“Although we do apologise for the rather unsightly way we’ve served it on the table…”

And they’re apologising as well. As there was a huge number of food, as the staff said, it looked crammed on the table. With that, Hasegawa shook her head a little,

“Don’t worry about it… Even though you don’t have room service, you had fulfilled our request.”

On that, arranging to have this high-class meal delivered together with the next western food course was the wish of Hasegawa who wanted to treasure their time together.

—Then, after a short while, the food was served before them.

The food setting that was previously done face-to-face, was changed to side-by-side by Hasegawa’s request, when Basara asked for the aim behind that, “this way, it’s easy for us to eat together, and for our bodies to be glued together no?” Hasegawa whispered sweetly in his ears.

As the staff who finished preparing bowed their head and left, Basara and Hasegawa began to eat.

As expected of a high-class hotel—the ingredients were all first-class, and they had done their work diligently and to the letter. The flavourful high-class food turned into something delicious on Basara’s tongue.

And then, even with the knowledge on how this is bad manners, the two of them fed each other as Hasegawa wished, pouring Japanese sake into each other’s cups, Hasegawa was truly happy… She purposely displayed her breasts, pestering for a kiss, and when he answered that desire, Hasegawa’s expression made his heart happy too. So then after they finish their meal, Basara sat on the sofa of the western room with Hasegawa on his lap, he held her from the back as they rested. As they did that and they watched the view outside, Hasegawa brought her body sweetly to Basara’s.

“What should we do now? We can go to the bath in the room, or perhaps the outdoor bath again… Shall we try the female baths this time?”

She asked him, looking over her shoulders—Therefore,

“Sensei… Before that, there’s something I want to ask.”

“Yes, what is it?”

She prompted him good-naturedly.

“Yes—I want you to tell me what you know about my birth.”

With a calm tone, Toujou Basara cut to the chase in bringing up the matter that was left unsaid for all of today.

The request eliminated the smile on Hasegawa’s face. She narrowed her eyes just barely and said,

“—Did Jin tell you something about me while you were there?”

That was her only reply—a question. Thus, Basara shook his head lightly.

“No.  I heard about it when I met my old man at the Demon Realm, that my mother was the little sister of the previous Demon King, Wilbert. And how that I have one more mother aside from her.”

“If you’ve only heard that much, how did you arrive to the idea of asking me about it?”

Hasegawa’s tone of voice, which left no room for negotiation as the truth,

“To be able to reach my goal in the Demon Realm, I had to surmount those who would be much stronger than me… So I relied on this succubus, and she made me a medicine that stimulated the demonic blood in me.”

And then.

“When I drank it, a part of Brynhildr’s memories flowed into me. I’m certain that it’s the evil spirit that resides in the sword. At that time, when my demonic blood was being activated, Brynhildr’s synchronisation in the sword was probably raised to a higher condition.”

That was how Toujou Basara knew about that.

“Demon swords and spirit swords which are embodied with its users, the spirits or beasts that live inside them can make links and choose. But for me to use Brynhildr, it wasn’t the same as how Yuki was chosen by Sakuya.”

Because Brynhildr had seen that tragedy, she understood.

“At the time of the tragedy five years ago… I caused everything to disappear in my vicinity except for Yuki and Brynhildr as my power ran wild. However, the one I thought of protecting then was just Yuki, and I didn’t have any allowance to protect Brynhildr. Even so, Brynhildr remained without being erased, and that’s because she ran inside of me. So from then on, Brynhildr continued to live inside of me.”

And then there was the day of the sports festival.

“Since meeting Mio and the rest, fighting again, there are many times that my life had been in danger but at that time—with Sakazaki, it was so that I did die for a time. If I, the vessel, die, then Brynhildr inside of me should disappear. Realising that it was in a situation that put herself in danger, when I lost consciousness, Brynhildr manifested itself and defeated Sakazaki with my body… And then-”

“I see…”

Finally, somehow getting a hold of Basara’s words, Hasegawa muttered.

“The incident where I stopped the Brynhildr who went amok with your body—and my exchange with Ornis, while you were unconscious— you know about it.”

It was when Brynhildr took over Basara’s body, defeating and almost killing Sakazaki.

When Hasegawa had restrained Basara’s body that was overtaken by Brynhildr.

Basara was unconscious at the time, but—

…Brynhildr, that had been restrained all this time, was reawakened.

To return safely from the demon world, Basara getting stronger through Brynhildr was planned but,

“To think that rather than knowing from Jin, it ended up being revealed by Brynhildr instead….”

Sakazaki had then assumed his true form, as Ornis, and attempted to kill Basara. That was why Hasegawa had also taken her form as one of the Ten Gods—Afureia— and she was able to destroy Ornis with her real form and power.

The conversation she exchanged with Ornis then, to Basara who’s not aware of the situation, it must seem like a lot of fragmented bits. But, he should know, as he was a hero, the meaning of heavenly beings and ten gods.


If he had learned in the Demon Realm through Jin that he had two mothers, it wouldn’t be odd if he was able to put together the pieces and arrive at the door of the truth. So then Basara must have realised—the door to the truth, and the key to opening it was all with Hasegawa.

Hasegawa let out a sigh as she shut her eyes; and when she opened them again, her expression became that of a bitter smile.

She could no longer lie to him—It was then that Hasegawa Chisato parted her lips slowly.

“…I’ve promised Jin that other than the case he talked to you about, it would be on my judgement to tell you the truth depending on the circumstances. However, in consideration to him as your father, if to respect him on that much is in your personality, after finding the truth from what he said, I think you wouldn’t push on it even if you find a way to… Going behind him to me like this, what’s with this change of heart?”

“Oh, that…well, if I’d learned about all this a lot earlier, I probably would have accepted what my father is doing for me and wouldn’t have done anything redundant or unnecessary.”

However, said Basara.

“The way I am now, though, there’s something  I have to protect… I have things I can never possibly give up on. Of course, I’m well aware that I perhaps may never be able to surpass my father on the battlefield. However, I don’t want to—and I can’t stand just to be someone that’s being protected by my father. So please, tell me.”

And that was Basara’s choice—his words of resolve to be independent of the protection that his father, Jin, had given him.

“Please tell me—Tell me why you said that I was the proof of living of the woman treasured more than anyone else back then.”

He asked her once again. So then,

“…How much has Jin told you?”

“He told me that it was during the previous great war of the Demon Realm where he’d met my mother—Demon Lord Wilbert’s younger sister—on the battlefield.”

The fact that he could trust such a simple statement from him really meant that Basara held a great degree of trust for Jin.

It was then that Hasegawa turned to face him again and began to add to the story with the details Basara wanted.

“This is what I have heard but… Your other mother is a demon woman named ‘Sapphire’, who served as a leader in the war, a most excellent commander, someone who was at the top in terms of her militaristic ability of those who battled at the front lines.”

Although that also meant that she must have been responsible for the deaths of many members of the Hero clan, Hasegawa skimmed over that subject and continued,

“She must have a great sense of responsibility… I heard when Wilbert started marching his army, she wanted a position at the rear guard.”

But it precisely due to that—that a destined meeting was born.

“At that time, Jin and his comrades had been spearheading the attacks on the demons… she and Jin had met several times and clashed.”

“They clashed… So that means-”

“Yes. The sister of Wilbert,  lauded as the strongest of the demons, managed to go head-to-head with Jin without putting on airs. And then at this time, she hurried evacuation of her men, and with Jin expectedly wanting to reduce the risk to his friends, the battlefield turned into one of the two of them.”

There, Hasegawa’s tone changed.

“However…. There was someone else who got in the middle of the two of them, who also fought on that battlefield.”

After a pause, she finally uttered “her” name.

“The one who would later be your mother, my cousin—Raphaeline.”

A being sent by the Heavenly Realm to watch over the previous war between demons and humans.

It was one of the Ten Gods before Hasegawa herself—Raphaeline.

“The holy sword Jin used during that war, Balmung, was secretly given to him by Raphaeline who watched over what had happened.”

But even as she helped one of the heroes, the peace-loving Raphaeline wanted to be able to reach a truce with the goodwill of Wilbert—so then, she intervened in the fights between Jin and Sapphire. On that,

“Due to their battle being on a knife’s edge, and as their fight was interrupted, Jin and Lady Sapphire had attacked Raphaeline separately.”

Raphaeline, who had simply made mere attempts at first, gradually grew emotional towards Jin and Sapphire, who just wouldn’t listen to her.

“—Before they realized it, it seemed like they were caught up in a large, three-way fight.” Hasegawa said, bearing a bitter smile.

Jin, revered by many as a god of war; Sapphire, considered to be on par with said god of war; and Raphaeline, one of the Ten Gods—the three clashed amongst each other. The match was fearsome, and as a result of the trio’s earnest fighting, a gigantic dimensional rift was formed, and they were swallowed by it.

“It was complex, the time in that dimension was an isolated space, and it was much like prison to them, after they quarrelled for a bit, they put their power together to try and escape.”

Hasegawa didn’t know how much time they spent there.

But for three of them, who had began to acknowledge each other, it wasn’t surprising for special emotions develop between them.

So with that, the three of them being together — faced their deeper problems.

“That space… It was the nest of the ancient dragon, Fafnir.”

Dragons were special living beings that exist outside of the heavenly beings and the demons.

And among them, Fafnir was among the strongest of the evil dragons, one of the most ancient of their race. And the territorial Fafnir, upon noticing Jin and the others on his turf, assaulted them to chase them away.

“—To speak of the results, it appear that Jin’s group was able to retaliate against Fafnir. However, having Fafnir fall caused a distortion in the space, and they were able to get a dimensional gap where they could return to their original world. However,”

There was an existence that deterred them from returning.

“There’s wasn’t just one Fafnir…”

The space where they have entered has a nest of Fafnir, and as they knew one of theirs was killed, they all came to them.

There were, in reality, 20 of them – As much as it wasn’t a large number on paper, it was also not an amount that the three could fight against.

And so they couldn’t escape through the dimensional gap to the world outside. If they do that, they wouldn’t be able to close the dimensional gap and let the Fafnir out too.

Just as Sapphire and Raphaeline gave up on escaping, as they’re about to close the dimensional gap, they were pushed out roughly—they were returned to their original world.

“Jin was the only one who didn’t escape.”

As to not let the rest of the Fafnir out, as Sapphire and Raphaeline escaped, Jin destroyed the dimensional gap and he alone was left in the dimension with the Fafnir.

The dumbfounded Sapphire and Raphaeline put their powers together to save him, looking desperately to open a portal to the space he was trapped in. However, even if they could make a hole in the dimension, to the space where Jin is at, they can’t quite open to the same time without his power that was there the first time.

“Still— the two of them continued to work together, combining their powers together.”

Raphaeline was able to detect the waves from Jin’s sword, Balmung, that she had entrusted to him and continued to track down the space, whereas Sapphire, with her great magic, discovered ways to twist through it.

“At the time, there was nothing about them being demons or heavenly beings; just a single desire in wanting to save Jin.”

Eventually, the two of them were finally able to find a way to the dimension Jin was in.

Immediately, they came running to the space that Jin was in, to confirm his safety.

Not knowing or caring what would happen to their lives.

“However… When the two of them finally got to him, Jin had defeated all the Fafnir.”

So Raphaeline and Sapphire, standing still and unthinking, was greeted by Jin with a smile and a “Yo, how are you?”. The two then were unable to hold back any longer.

“The two of them, as they took Jin back to their original space… The two of them both desired him together and tied the knot with him.”

As a result of their desire, Sapphire soon bore Jin’s child.

—But for a hero of the village and the sister of the Demon King to have a child together—the consequences would be disastrous if it were to be found out.  On the other hand, if they could raise this child well, he would be a beacon of hope for the next generation.

But Sapphire couldn’t return to the Demon Realm with Jin’s child.

“That’s why—Raphaeline took you, in order to give birth you in the Heavenly Realm.”

She who possessed the heavenly power of the Ten Gods would give birth to and raise the child. It would be their child, a child that belonged to the three of them, had it been done in such a way—and she was happy with that. So then the Basara in Sapphire’s tummy was transferred over to Raphaeline’s body, splitting the roles in consideration to each others’ situation, and as they finished discussing on this, they exchanged promises to meet again and they returned to their worlds.

Jin to the human world, Sapphire to the Demon Realm, and Raphaeline to the Heavenly Realm.

— Not long after that, the heroes and demons managed to settle on a truce.

Jin, entering the demon world secretly, and was able to work together with Wilbert and Sheila through Sapphire, and soon they entered a truce.

Everything should have gone well after that. However—one person had failed to fulfill their promise.

It was Raphaeline.

She’d lied to them, even if she was one of the Ten Gods… No, it was precisely because of her having such a high-ranking position that the notion for someone like her to bear a child—and with both demon and human blood in its veins, no less—was absolutely taboo.

Even so, Raphaeline gave birth to Jin and Sapphire’s child, after she spent a short while with him… Her crime was punished to the highest degree in the divine realm, having her memory completely wiped clean and her spirit frozen.

“I, along with two others, had sided with Raphaeline, but all the others were in favour of her receiving punishment… There was nothing I could do.”

As a result, Raphaeline’s spirit was taken from her body, and was confined in the Heavenly Realm forever —all in front of Hasegawa’s eyes.

“So it was then that I took you to the human world and entrusted you to Jin. Along with what had happened to Raphaeline, as well as her dying wish.”

Raphaeline understood the man that Jin was—and what he would do.

Had he known what was to happen or would have happened to her, she knew that he’d unhesitatingly rend through even the Heavenly Realm for her sake.

—It was just that there would be a great possibility they would lose their child if he were to do that—the child that represented their hope for the future.

That’s why she wanted him to take care of the child—to cherish the future where there would be no conflict between humans and demons and to always place that at the forefront—That was Raphaeline’s last wish. Hasegawa glanced over to Basara over her shoulder as she stated yet another truth.

“Toujou… Your name, ‘Basara’, was a name that was given to you by Raphaeline.”

This child from Raphaeline and the two others—Basara, ended up being entrusted to Jin, who could not see himself betraying her last, dying wish. Hasegawa could remember that moment clearly, however, when Jin had clenched his fist till it bled and how his teeth gritted so hard that she could almost hear his molars break to held himself back.

“After that… Jin went over to the Demon Realm secretly—in order to pass on Raphaeline’s dying wish to Lady Sapphire. She, who looked forward to meeting again in the human world and for the three of them to live together happily. She was simply unable to just accept a happiness of her own with Jin, choosing instead to live alone in the Demon Realm, isolating herself even from Wilbert. Perhaps she didn’t want to burden Wilbert with the dangers that would befall him how she had been connected with both a human and a heavenly being.”

At this point of the conversation, Hasegawa let out a sigh. She knew that this day would come, readying herself for such a day where she had to tell Basara the truth, such that she had even thought hard on how she would express this story to him.

Having completed one of her important roles toward him, she raised her head slightly.


To see the boy before her, who was the most important person to Hasegawa, and the thing that overflowed down his left cheek.

Quietly, Basara was crying. Seeing that, Hasegawa moved to embrace Basara without thinking. But, she resisted the urge to fully extend her right arm that had already reached out for him halfway through. Someone like her who had lied to Basara no longer had the right to do that. But there was still something she had to tell him,

“Even so, Lady Sapphire had promised Jin that she could immediately come for the both of you whenever the situation demanded it. And then—she had shown proof that her words were not lies.”

Said proof being…thought Hasegawa.

“Five years ago, after that tragedy… Jin, left the << Village >> with you, you were setting up your house in the city. At that time, you’ve met her, for just a while.”


Basara, who raised up his head to look at her, saw Hasegawa wearing a smile.

“It was as Jin was just leaving as a photographer. At the time, as you’re still recovering from the shock of what happened at the << village >>, unable to stand straight, unable to go to school, shutting yourself at home. Perhaps as she was worried for you then, Lady Sapphire was unable to take it anymore. It seemed like she wanted to go to you as soon as there’s problems at the << Village >>, but as a Demon, she was unable to enter the << Village >>. However, after you left, she was able to come visit you in secret. That’s why she took a human form, to check up on your condition. But, as your calmed down a little and she had to return to the Demon Realm, she used her magic to erase your memories of those moments.”

After that, it’s as you know, said Hasegawa.

“Jin went to the demon world to talk with Wilbert, they no longer knew where Lady Sapphire’s whereabouts.. But, there’s no need to worry. If Jin really tries, he should be able to find Lady Sapphire”

That’s why—And now, her role is over. Hasegawa’s gaze turned to face him.

“That is everything… that I can tell you.”

She hung her head weakly as she said that.

“That’s a lie.”

Basara, right before her eyes and with a quiet tone, made such a declaration.


Toujou Basara wiped away the tear sliding down his left cheek with the back of his hand before turning around to meet the gaze of Hasegawa, who now turned to face him. Staring at her expression mixed with equal parts surprise and bewilderment, he said,

“I’m not saying that everything that you just told me just now was a lie… But, sensei…there’s still something you’re hiding from me, isn’t there?”

“What do you mean-”

“You’ve only told me about how I’ve been entrusted to my dad, and nothing more.”

Basara interrupted Hasegawa, as if he just knew the truth couldn’t possibly end there.

“But did you forget? The topics of your conversation with Sakazaki that Brynhildr heard, I know of that now. But sensei should have known that from some time ago… So all that about my dad and the others, you surely wouldn’t want to lie about it.”

But then—

“You, who loved and revered my birth mother like a sister, and had always blamed yourself of being unable to stop such an important existence to you to be punished in a way that stripped her of everything. That’s why you didn’t tell me, isn’t it?”

There was a pause.

“About you—the fact that you’ve relinquished the title and power of being one of the Ten Gods for the sake of protecting me.”


Hasegawa’s silence affirmed Basara’s words.

It was to be expected, as this had come up with the talk between Hasegawa and Sakasaki-sensei—thus, Basara continued explaining.

“Furthermore, just as my demon mother worrying for me who just left the << Village >>.. That’s most likely true but, at the time she was also still cautious about the << Village >>, as well as me and my dad. It must be difficult for my mother, who’s a demon, to have continued staying at our home.”

If her true form as a demon were to be found out, it would only prove to be more dangerous for Basara.

Most likely, Sapphire’s decision to go back to the demon realm was a difficult one to make.

However — As Hasegawa said, it was true that Jin’s job was busy. The state of Basara’s soul also gradually calmed down, was yet another truth. So then,

“In exchange of my mother who’s a demon, the one who stayed by my side until I calmed down, it was you, wasn’t it, sensei? A heavenly being like you was able to lie about your lineage to be that of a hero’s. And then, with you being there, my mother would be able to return to the Demon Realm without worry.”


“After you brought me to this world… You talked on how you didn’t go back to heavenly realms. You protected me even if you had to throw away your position as one of the Togami, up until now too you helped me with all your divine protection and advice. After I was entrusted to you by my dad, in these fifteen years you didn’t think of creating a period of nothing. Because you hold the other mother dearer than anyone else.”

Perhaps she told that lie in Basara’s best interests, to protect him more so than wanting to be at his mother’s side. A lie from Chisato Hasegawa—from Afureia, one of the Ten Gods.

Until now, she had always continued to treasure Basara.

Every word that Basara had just said to Hasegawa was nothing short of the truth.

With a look of surprise, she stared at Basara’s gaze which never left her own.

His eyes were the same colour as hers—as well as that of Raphaeline’s.

Those were the pair of eyes that Basara had inherited from the wise Raphaeline; they stared at her as if they were peering through her heart and exposing the truth from it, as Hasegawa reflexively reached for her left earring—a keepsake from Raphealine.

“…I’m sorry.”

Hasegawa said in a small murmur, as she hung her head down.

—Hasegawa Chisato had kept quiet about her true lineage while being with Basara all this time.

She understood that the story between Jin, Raphaeline and Sapphire was something she definitely did not want to lie about—but at the same time, she also thought about how she couldn’t possibly add own existence into that as well; there was neither the room nor necessity for her to be it.

That was simply how things were, was it not?  Within that story, Hasegawa—Afureia, one of the Ten Gods, had simply loved Raphaeline as if she were her sister, and she could only helplessly watch as she was punished in a way that rid her of her existence….that was all.

The only thing that she felt she could do, even if a little, was to make things lighter for Basara.

That was why, in regards to the truth behind the story of Jin and the others—she had twisted the truth for his sake.

But that was something Hasegawa decided by herself. If she were to see it from Basara’s perspective, she had undeniably lied about an important story, and that was something that would be considered an insincere betrayal.


Hasegawa didn’t care about that. To her now, Basara is the most important person. Like how Basara could decide for Mio and the rest, Hasegawa had decided she would do anything for Basara’s sake. Even if it meant that—even if she would have to lie to Basara.

Because of that, up until now Hasegawa as a school nurse, had been devoted to the growth of Basara’s various relationships and trust with Mio and the others—this is an undeniable truth. The time she could consult Basara on his important position. The time Basara gave her consciousness as a woman. When their reasons flew away and she was recklessly desired. At that time, she answered to him with trembling of her happiness.

To play the role of someone who Basara needed meant everything to Chisato Hasegawa.

…But alas.

It would all be gone soon. It was possible for her to alter his memory, no doubt, and let Basara continue to smile at her and desire her—but that would only be an empty void and nothing more.

Although she had resolved herself for this inevitable day, thinking of the end of her relationship with Basara caused Hasegawa to hang her nape down weakly.


Suddenly—an arm hugged her tightly from her back. So then, Hasegawa who was on Basara’s lap changed her posture around to face him.

“Please don’t misunderstand.”

He wrapped his arms around her waist, his tone and expression gentle.

“Have you forgotten? After I said I want to know about my birth’, didn’t I ask you another question?”

That being—

“’Why did you say that ‘I was the proof of living of the woman you treasured so much’?”

“Yeah… That’s why I…”

As she said that, Basara gave her a wry smile.

“But, what sensei told me is of my parents. Of course, I’m thankful to hear about things I’ve never heard till now, and thinking that I was loved by my three parents makes me happy but… But that’s not what I wanted to hear most.”

Then what could it be? She couldn’t quite grasp what he meant, and his words ruminated in her mind for a while.


At that, she let out a dumbfounded noise. She realized something.

—He wanted to know what Hasegawa knew of Basara’s birth.

—To know the reason for Hasegawa, who’s precious to Basara, to have proved herself to live as a woman.

The words that Basara expressed were not about or for Raphaeline or Sapphire, but because he wanted to know about where Hasegawa stood— her own feelings—as she embraced him.

“Seems like I did make you misunderstand but… I’m glad to finally understand your real feelings, sensei.”

As Basara said, he gently hugged Hasegawa again.

“Thank you… For all you’ve kept us in mind for all this time.”

He said that to her, with a sure voice, but…


Hasegawa was shocked, and she couldn’t find any words to return. Because she didn’t understand the reason, that what Basara wanted to know wasn’t the truth behind his parents, but rather her feelings, so,


To her who asked dumbfounded, Basara smiled and said,

“You don’t need to act surprised. Because, after all… the one who’s here in front of me now, the one who protected me all this time, and the one who’s been loving me all this time—it’s been none other than you, sensei.”

Such an obvious truth being spilled out surely revealed the extent of Basara’s true feelings.

That was why after she’d realized what Basara’s words meant—no, the very moment she understood those words—


Hasegawa was no longer able to hold back the tears that welled up in her eyes.

She was relieved that Basara didn’t hate her. With just that, what she had done regarding Basara till then felt compensated for—the moment she thought that, her tears overflowed.


The moment Basara gently wiped away those happy tears with his finger, Hasegawa Chisato—Afureia— could no longer could hold back her own feelings.

That was why the moment she gave herself to Basara, as if clinging to him—

Hasegawa and Basara’s bodies were wrapped in a blinding golden light.

Sensei, this is-”

“It’s the start of a contract ceremony… Between you and me.”

Hasegawa said, to Basara with unconcealed surprise. This is not the master-slave contract that bound Basara with Mio and the others. It’s a contract for a heavenly being like Hasegawa to give her powers to someone she considers worthy.  Still in her kimono, Hasegawa who has returned to her blonde haired, blue eyed Afureia form,

“You understand all the sensations will go up in one go yes…? Right now, this entire building is in a boundary to be our contract place.”

And then.

“The way I am now, I’m able to use the power of the Ten Gods for your sake– that’s why.”

“No, I understand that, but… But why?”

In response to Basara, who seemed troubled by how sudden the situation was, Hasegawa said, “Didn’t I tell you?”

“The me now is a being who exist for you… As you hold me dear, I want to be able to help you more. Even though the problem with demons temporarily calmed down, it isn’t all safe now right? If you found a use for this trump card when you went to the Demon Realm—”

There was a pause.

“—I hope that making a contract with me would give you a new trump card.”

The offer was made with a distance so close he could feel her breath. Without thinking, Basara swallowed hard again.

—Without a doubt, for hero clan contracts are relatively popular. Borrowing Kurumi’s spirit power was through a contract, and exchanging a contract with Yuki through Sakuya allowed him to use it. But,

“But, a contract with you, sensei…”

Essentially, when tying a contract, one needs to be deemed appropriate for it, and with that a long time is needed between them together—that was what is known as a contract ceremony.

Of course, the stronger the other’s power is, it takes a longer time for it to be acknowledged, there are cases when a reckless contract is started, they spend their whole life not being able to complete it. And then Hasegawa is the highest of the heavenly beings – a Togami.

It’s completely different from all the contracts he’s made so far with the others, and so.

“Don’t worry… There’s no way a contract between you and me would fail.”

“Is that so…?”

In reply to Basara’s question, Hasegawa nodded and said, “Yes.”

“This contract ceremony, it started as I want to be used by you… But there’s a lot of power involved in the contract ceremony, and I’ve decided how to best approach it.”

“With you, sensei, one of the Ten Gods…”

It’s an impossible recklessness. Basara pulled a wry face, and then she took his lips.

“Nn…. Chuu, haah… Toujou…”

Basara who froze up at the sudden kiss, when she drew away softly.

“You’ll be okay… The method for a contract with me is the same as the ones you’ve exchanged with demons like Mio and the others. There’s no need to think of it as difficult.”

With that, she smiled gently.

“—Besides, haven’t you already done something similar to that with me several times already?”

“That is… No, please wait a minute.”

With that, Basara was dumbfounded.

“So when you said you wanted a secret relationship with me, you wanted it to be this…?”

“That was what I’d thought, if you’d let me… But thinking of you gave me pain as a woman, that is also true. If not, then it wouldn’t have gone that far right?”

As she said that, a coquettish smile floated on to Hasegawa’s face.

Hasegawa had longed for this for a very long time. That was why-


Suppressed feelings deeply tucked within Basara Toujou were know freed from their shackles.

—Hasegawa wasn’t the only one that had to endure everything for so long up until now.

There was no denying that there were moments when his reason would leave him, and he would find himself recklessly desiring her, but he never wanted to subjugate Hasegawa the way he did to Mio and the others. He never wanted to hurt her, no matter what, throughout their secret relationship.

…Things were different now, however.

Even if Hasegawa was now so precious to him, the thought of making Hasegawa his and his alone did cross his mind a couple of times. Even so, Basara had simply acted as a recipient to her, that of someone who was doted on by an older woman and receiving her affections, and he had thought that such was what she wanted, as well. This time, however—things had changed. The Hasegawa in front of him…. Afureia, one of the Ten Gods, now strongly wished to be dominated by him. And with that he would answer her feelings, also gaining great power along the way. He no longer could hold back.

He would proceed to recklessly dominate Hasegawa Chisato and make her yield to him.

“It seems as if you’re interested in doing that… Come here, then.”

Basara with his eye colour changed, Hasegawa drooped down and took his hand, enticing him to the next space through the sliding door. There, there was a futon that had been laid out by the attendants—and at the moment she walked towards it,

The form of Hasegawa whose arm was pulled by him, returned to her regular form from Afureia.


To the surprised Basara, Hasegawa replied with a gentle smile.

“There’s no need to worry… After the contract ceremony starts, even if you subjugate me in this form, there isn’t any change to how I’d be lending you my power.”

So then Hasegawa lay atop the futon, taking off the top of her padded yukata.

At the same time, she unfastened the front hook of her bra, Hasegawa’s large breasts, dyed cherry blossom colored from her having drank some sake spilled out of the front, lewdly exposed to Basara.


With how her figure had caused Basara to gulp down audibly, Hasegawa, happily,

“More than my form as one of the Ten Gods, Afureia… It’s easier to subjugate me with this usual form that you’re used to, right?”

The lantern on the floor indirectly shone at her naked body, washing it with light lewdly, together with her seductive smile, it was sensational, but,

“It’s not like that but… I’m relieved.”

Basara who stood still at the entrance of the room, made a gentle expression.

“If I know the truth and you stop being my teacher, coming in contact with me as the Ten God Afureia, that would worry me.”

“Why is that…?”

Relief and worry—to Hasegawa, who couldn’t understand those words that came from Basara’s lips and asked,

“Because… Doesn’t that mean the relationship and trust I built with you, sensei, all of that—wouldn’t those memories become useless?”

But as Basara approached Hasegawa on the futon, lowering himself and meeting her gaze.

“If nothing’s changed about you, sensei, and you’ve remained as you’ve always have been… We would be able to continue on without giving up on anything.”

Basara had taken in even all of Hasegawa’s lies. Basara treasured equally what Hasegawa herself held dear and didn’t want to lose any of that—and thus he told her that there was no need to relinquish any of it. Such words did more than enough to melt away any remaining reason Hasegawa had within her—

“Wh- sensei!?”

When Basara let out a perplexed voice at the sudden action, Hasegawa had pushed him down unto the futon, taking off the yukata he was wearing along with his underwear and took his member into her mouth.

—She understood she had to be subjugated by Basara.

But her strong feelings for Basara were now overflowing, and she could no longer hold them back. That’s why just at first—just this once, Hasegawa performed fellatio on her own accord as if to convince him of that.

“Hmm, chuu… Chuu, haa… Chuu ♥”

This is the first time she experienced forgetting herself, she sucked on Basara’s member dreamily. Inside her mouth, Basara’s member quickly grew to a hard-sturdy size.

After she had told Basara, within the barrier, the feeling of pleasure was increased to more than usual, not just for Hasegawa but for Basara too. She licked and sucked, rocking her head up and down lewdly making sounds doing so, her left hand servicing his rod, knowing soon they would cross the limit. But—

She wanted to feel Toujou Basara more.

That feeling overflowed, so Hasegawa Chisato brought her right hand around the bottom of Basara’s butt.

During the winter break, she investigated what could bring Basara the greatest pleasure, and she gained new knowledge for that. And it’s just this once she would get to please Basara one-sidedly – that’s why Hasegawa Chisato made such a move. She turned up the middle finger of her right hand, meeting with Basara’s moans she inserted a finger into his butt gently—rubbing her fingers to stimulate his prostate, and at that moment

“—- !”

With a shout that didn’t make it into his voice and a shudder, his back jolted up, Basara released a load into Hasegawa’s mouth. Having such a reaction just from this much is a result of the barrier. But that could be said for Hasegawa too – from the Basara’s member which climaxed in her mouth, roughly rubbing against her tongue and throat, Hasegawa received a sweet ecstasy.

“Nnn ~~~ ♥”

Hasegawa trembled suddenly, from her back to her butt. The sensation of her drinking down his load brought her to a nirvana. The sweet juice overflowing from Hasegawa’s private part soaked her panties, eventually spilling out of the side, sliding down her inner thigh in drops. It was the contract ceremony between Hasegawa and Basara—one that opened with a simultaneous climax from the both of them.

Part 8

After the intense climax—when Basara next opened his eyes, he discovered himself on a bed.

“This is…”

As sunlight pierced into a familiar room—one that he had seen before, Basara could faintly recognise the room he was in as the bedroom of Hasegawa’s apartment.


If his memory didn’t fail him, he should be at the hotel at the moment; the contract ceremony couldn’t have already ended just like that, with him passing out at Hasegawa’s sudden attack—the thought of that caused Basara to bolt himself awake.

“Calm down, Toujou… Our contract ceremony is still ongoing.”

Hasegawa, who had slept together with him, chuckled as she opened her eyes.

“The room we stayed at was for six people, but it chiefly served two purposes… To put it simply, it’s too big for the two of us. So that’s why within the barrier I’ve created, the annex room door is connected to the duplicate space I made of my apartment. So, the place didn’t move from the hotel, so even if Naruse Mio used her locator, it’s fine.”

“Connecting it to a duplicate space… Why did you do that?”

Responding to Basara who couldn’t get a hold of the abrupt situation,

“It’s so that in this contract with me, you can draw out a lot of your power. As I’ve already said, you have to be mentally ready for this… But didn’t I carelessly take away your consciousness? That’s why, as our bodies remain as it is, I slowed down the time in the barrier by 100. While it’s already morning within the barrier, in reality, only one minute had passed.”

Look, Hasegawa said, as she showed Basara his phone. On its display screen, one would see that the time displayed was still 9 p.m.

“The difference with the time outside is large, it’s possible to say the time inside almost stopped but… As our bodies are unaffected, within this barrier, you’ll still grow older within it, but if you get used to that and return to the regular world, you might be burdened by the speed change and your body and mind can’t take it, at worst, it may even be unable to preserve your own existence. So, to avoid any risks, it’s best to stop at this current speed.”

“I…see. Thank you.”

He gently patted his chest in relief, knowing that his contract ceremony with Hasegawa was still ongoing.

…Speaking of which-

Basara calculated the time he had left. They had until noon to check out of the hotel.

At the worst, they could skip breakfast, and giving some time to give Hasegawa to prepare herself minimally, the limit would be at 11 p.m., which would leave them with fourteen hours.

Multiply that by a hundred and it’s 14000 hours—to transfer that into days, it would be around 583 days.

Perhaps misunderstanding Basara’s silence as he calculated this,

“Don’t worry about it, if you don’t want to take too much time, we can go back to the usual speed.”

“Ah, I’m sorry… It’s not that.”

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to spend time with Hasegawa; it was just that he was going to commit to a contract with someone of the Ten Gods, something that could take an entire lifetime, perhaps impossible until further generations arrived.

Thinking of it that way, 583 days was a rather short time, all things considered; furthermore, all the times she had waited for him—those 583 days are connected to the fifteen years.

She had always waited for him, and he had borrowed a lot of power from her without a contract, he wanted to answer to her feelings. However, there was another problem,

“How about food and other necessities?”

The copied spaces within the barrier would food from the hotel as well as Hasegawa’s cupboard, but even that would have a limit. With that,

“That’s why I connected it to a copy of my apartment… With the exception of our phones, the connected space’s original state is preserved, and I’ve set it to reset every time we go back and forth between the hotel and the apartment.”

Essentially, when they would return to the hotel, the condition within the flat would return to how it was originally, and from the hotel to here, the space would reset too. In this way, there’s no need to worry about food, as well as laundry and cleaning up.

He then understood the process of coming and going between the apartment and the hotel. In short, this boundary was a space where they didn’t have to worry about anything else and they can focus just on the contract ceremony.

“Since it’s a contract with you, I wouldn’t make such a beginner’s mistake, right?”

Hasegawa chuckled, she had told him how all is clear. There wouldn’t be any problems with them inside the barrier. They can return to the original speed at the middle. There’s nothing else to be desired. With this much preparation, he can’t hold back, therefore,

“I understand… Then, please let me continue the contract ceremony.”

As Basara’s face grew closer, Hasegawa smiled while pressing her index finger on his lips,

“There’s no need to rush… First, let’s have breakfast. Also, while I’m reluctant to say this, don’t you need to call Mio and the others at least once?”

“…That’s right.”

Mio and the others had said he can’t just text them, but they’d like to hear his voice over the phone.

With that, Hasegawa gave him a bitter smile,

“I’ll set the time back to the same as the outside for now. But be done by the time I finish breakfast alright? Just ten minutes multiplied by a hundred would be a week.”

With that, she kissed his cheek, and Hasegawa left the bedroom.

So, then Basara called the landline at the Toujou house. As he did that, the line connected,

“—Yes, Basara-sama.”

A respectful woman’s voice answered. They had been waiting for his call, and from the clear display they’d be able to confirm the number. So then, Basara laughed lightly and said.

“Zest, I’m sorry I’m late in calling you… How are things on your end?”

“Yes. We have been waiting for your call for a while, but just a short moment ago we decided to take turns bathing, and now it’s Mio-sama and Maria in the bath. I’ll now pass you over to Yuki-san and Kurumi-san— Hello, Basara?”

“Yuki, I’m sorry for worrying you… Did anything happen while I’ve been away?”

“It’s fine, there hadn’t been any problems.”

Feeling relieved by his voice, Yuki’s voice over the phone sounded rather soft.

After talking a little more, the phone switched over to Kurumi. Basara had first apologized for calling late, before explaining that he’d arrived safely at the hotel.

“Well, from your phone GPS and Mio’s location grasp, we can grasp where you are… It seems like you’re staying at an amazing hotel.”

“—Right, though I think it’s a little too luxurious.”

He didn’t mention that the one who made preparations was Hasegawa, and Basara kept his words vague.

“Well, isn’t it good once in a while? Maria bought a large bath tub too… Especially since Basara, you’ve been fighting on for a while.”

Kurumi said kindly as such.

“How is it over there? That area is famous for being a natural spring, I’m sure the air feels different.”

“Yeah, that’s true—”

Basara nodded in response as he talked about his impressions of visiting his destination with Kurumi.

—As he did so, Hasegawa, who had finished preparing breakfast, returned to the bedroom where Basara was.

Donning a naked apron and holding a huge plate with French toast, ham and eggs, salad, a portion for two placed on a single plate, Hasegawa noticed that Basara was still on the phone—


And proceeded to give him a condemning look. He quickly glanced at the time on his phone and saw that ten minutes had passed. Damn, the impatient Hasegawa walked towards Basara without saying anything, setting the plate on the night table.

She then softly got on the bed and began running her tongue down the side of his abdomen.

“-—” “Basara, what’s wrong?” “No, it’s nothing.”

Basara had to quickly put up pretense to Kurumi as he looked down and gave her an accusatory look—at Hasegawa, who simply smiled mischievously as her tongue ran down his stomach—before sliding down his lower half.

“(Hey,  sensei…?)”

“(Serves you right for taking so long on the phone… If you’re not quiet, you’ll get found out, so watch out, okay?)”

After whispering to him quickly, she placed a kiss on Basara’s member.

And then she ran her tongue up and down his length, wetting it lewdly with her saliva as she used both her hands to stroke it up and down, and Basara’s member quickly grew erect. With the added sensations from the barrier,

His hips jerked up, Basara only held back his voice,

“Ah, wait a minute, Mio is out of the bath, so I’ll switch over.”

Said Kurumi,

“— Hello, Basara?”

As it switched over to Mio, Toujou Basara was already receiving fellatio by Hasegawa’s mouth.

“Nn… Chu… Haah… Licks… Hmm, chuu… Nmm… Chuu ♥.”

As he looked down, Basara, unable to stand the lewd tongue used on him, and placed his hand on Hasegawa’s head, perhaps happy with how much he felt it, Hasegawa’s fellatio grew more intense.


Holding back, he let out a puffed voice in pleasure – the Basara who decided that, came into Hasegawa’s mouth without holding back in that way.

“Nnn ♥ nn… Nnn… Nnn chuu, haah…. Chuu ♥”

Hasegawa’s throat moved, drinking up Basara’s cum like it was delicious.

And then, as Hasegawa licked up the semen that dripped out of Basara’s tip.

“Basara… Hello, can you hear me?”

“…Yeah, you just got out of the bath?”

“Eh? Yeah… That’s right.”

Mio confirmed it with a bit of an embarrassment at his question,

“It’s an onsen there right? So, it’s amazing right?”

“Yeah, really,amazing…”

As he nodded and replied, Basara gulped down unconsciously, even though Basara had finished once, as he was still on the phone, Hasegawa started to give him a fellatio again.

“Chu… Licks, nn… Haah… Nn chuu, chuu… haah… chuu ♥”

In her hot mouth, with her tongue entwining lewdly sucking him, Basara who bucked up his hips without thinking,

“Onsen sounds so good… Hey Basara, let’s all go together next time.”

“A-ah yeah, sounds good… Next time, with everyone …… —!!”

As he was pestered by Mio, Toujou Basara released inside of Hasegawa’s mouth again.

“Nnfu ♥… Nn… Nnn… Haah, hmm… Chuu… Nn ♥.”

Hasegawa took it all in her mouth, and she drank it while making sweet noises.

So, then Basara, put down the phone after he exchanged promises with Mio to go to the hot springs with everyone, leaving his regards for Maria who was in the bath. He felt like the succubus Maria would be able to see right through him. As he did that, Hasegawa parted her lips away from Basara’s member and turned her eyes upward.

“…Breakfast is getting cold.”

“Sorry about that… But please stop being so reckless, sensei. What if Mio and the others find out?”

“It’s alright. Right now, the only one who can hear my voice is you—my contract partner.”

As time inside the barrier passes slower Hasegawa said,

“But as I thought, since you are so kind to Naruse and the others, maybe to be treated special by you like the way you treat them, I should do something like this too, huh?”

As she said that, she took Basara’s right hand. And with that,


The crest ‘kou’ surfaced on Basara’s right hand. Just as Basara blinked in disbelief, the crest quickly disappeared in exchange, the character ‘aza’ surfaced on Hasegawa’s throat as if were a collar, and she let out a sweet “Nnn… ♥ ” sound as she nestled into him.

Sensei, could you have possibly…?”

“Yeah… I’ve studied the master-slave contract you have between you and Naruse and the rest. This particular curse tied us down in the same way. In this case, you can’t leave me alone right…?”

“But that’s… Behaving so recklessly…”

Basara said, sounding guilty as he held back the rash Hasegawa.

“It’s fine. Until the contract ceremony changes it to a master-slave contract, I’m tied to you with these two bonds…” Hasegawa said, happily.

“Besides, I don’t think this is rash at all. Surely you didn’t think I’d fold over to such a small curse such as this, did you?”

What she had said was true; Even if Hasegawa, one of the Ten Gods, was vulnerable to the lustful effects of the curse, and while it would be a burden to her heart and body, there was no particular risk to her life. And yet—


Basara’s reply was with a brief silence. The master-slave contract he has with Mio and Yuki, as well as Zest had more than enough effect, and thanks to that, despite the fact that the burden on them wasn’t something to write home about, the increased power of their precious bonds had saved them multiple times. Surely Hasegawa truly meant it when she said that there was nothing to worry about.

But it still was not a funny matter that could be taken lightly. That’s why,

“—Understood. There’s something I’d like to try after breakfast, then.” He answered with a smile, and the two of them began eating the breakfast that Hasegawa made.

And then after breakfast—Basara and Hasegawa returned towards the space within the hotel Hasegawa had booked.

The time within the barrier is morning but, the traditional styled room closed off by sliding doors kept the unchanging darkness of the night.

Hasegawa only wore panties, so as to not cross that final line, she sat on the spread out futon that was restored in its space, Basara fetched a small bottle from his own travel bag. And then, in front of Hasegawa, he drank up the content.

“Fufu… Is this what you said you wanted to try?”

“Yes… Anyway, let’s begin right away.”

Hasegawa smiled, still having some of her composure, Basara sat down to face her straight in the eyes, and in that way, he pulled her into an embrace and forcefully took her lips. In that position, he slid his hands down the back of her panties, Hasegawa, who is in an aroused state because of the curse, is wet and hot, as if she was melting, even to her butt inside her panties, and as he roughly caressed her butt,

“Nnn… chu, haah… Chuu… Nnn… Fuh… Aaah… Nnfu ♥♥♥”

As Hasegawa arched her back sweetly, her tongue entwined with his, and furthermore her hand found its way to service his crotch. As his own member grew larger in Hasegawa’s hand, Basara drew out just his right hand from the inside of her panties, inserting his finger into the side of the crotch while it’s bent in a letter ‘ku’ shape. And then, while the crotch makes a lewd sound, he drew the finger that was swallowed in towards himself, creating a gap-like hole on the panties.

“– I’m going in.”

After that short announcement, Basara inserted his own hardness into her panties.

Hasegawa, who had Basara’s member inserted into her panties rubbed her sensitivity against his frenulum,

“Aah… Nn… Haaaaaah… ♥♥♥”

She climaxed as easily as that, her butt trembling as her voice escalated happily, her arms clinging tightly around Basara’s neck. She was positioned on Basara’s lap, facing him, once more, his right hand went down her back and into her panties. And then, with both of his hands holding tightly to Hasegawa’s butt, he pushed up there intensely.

“Haah, nn… Yaan, Toujou… Aah… Haaah ♥♥♥”

Because of the state of arousal, she received, her crotch was burning with intense pleasure; Hasegawa’s long black hair swung about messily and her back arched backward as she matched Basara’s movements. With the pleasant feeling, the medicine that Basara drank had completely disappear from her mind—but

“No — Fuaaaaaannn ♥ Wh…?”

Gently, his arms stretched around her back to fondle her chest, and as Hasegawa bent back in pleasure, she turned back hurriedly. And then,


The one who was there was Basara. Suddenly, something had awoken, and she wasn’t sure what.

…That, but…

Really, when she turned to face forward, the one clutching tightly to her butt, with his member within her panties was definitely Basara — However,


Basara in front of her lifted his face and looked at her with a smile.

“Could it be… The medicine earlier is… Aah… Aaaaaaaaah.”

She wanted to speak, but the moment she did, her words were wiped out by her coquettish voice. A hard member pushed against her inside her panties, and with that began to rubbed itself along Hasegawa’s crack.

She rubbed both her front and back entrance against him lewdly,

“Noo, nn… That… Haah… That… Haaaaaaaaaaaah ♥ ♥♥”

As Hasegawa, in her aroused condition, was pushed up to a climax and gushed out her woman shower, the two Basaras holding her in between them released their cum, Hasegawa’s underwear was filled with white, cloudy fluid. Because of this, she rested her chin on the left shoulder of the Basara in front of her, leaning her body on him.

“No… nnn, ha… ah… Toujou… this is…?”

Two Basaras narrowed in from her back and rear – on top of it, there are four more Basara in her surrounding.

“There’s this medicine I received from a female succubus, for when Mio and the other five all need to partner… But they didn’t say I can’t use it when I’m just with one person.”

While holding the dumb-founded Hasegawa, the Basara right in front of her whispered in her ears.

With a tone that would make her yield.

“So sensei, let us continue—our contract ceremony.”

As he said that, the Basara who had become six people went to cover up Hasegawa.

Part 9

At midnight, Nakai’s crew headed towards Basara’s room to start their post-dinner clean up.

It was so late at night as Hasegawa had requested this from them beforehand.

— Hasegawa wanted them to arrive at a time when they don’t disturb them if they wanted to clean up.

Of course, with the variety of food, there was plenty of it, and it wasn’t just Basara, but a woman like Hasegawa too ate hers up clean.  Relieved, Nakai told the chef as soon as they got back.

“But what amazing guests,”

Someone mumbled. Suddenly reserving through the main branch a few days, they can’t believe how they had gotten notification to reserve the whole place for today and tomorrow. As it’s a famous, high-class hotel, they have had celebrities staying there before, but it was the first time they had gotten a whole place reservation. On top of it, as this hotel takes reservations in advance, it naturally already had bookings for this weekend. That included some VIP regulars, but it can’t be helped for the place that the main office made such a rash decision, and the main office had completely followed on to contact the reservation guests and that made it less worrying for them.

Thinking as there’s no direct claim made towards them, it ended without any problems.

They don’t know how much that lady named Hasegawa paid but, it was definitely enough to give all the staff a considerable bonus. On top of it, to settle things with the regular guests, some money must have been used too—

So to speak, they had more than enough money.

The prioprietess had given them a thorough order to provide these guests with perfect service. So, as quietly as they could…

Even more, to not come close to the indoor baths or bedroom when they set out the futon in the adjacent, they also split up their work in collecting the eating utensils, putting all of them in the wagon they parked in front of the room, quietly closing the door behind them.

—At that time, within the barrier, more than four months had passed.

However—the contract ceremony was still continuing. In a white steam-filled corner of the outdoor male bath, a lone woman was swarmed by boys who look all the same—in the center of all of them.

“Aah, nnn… Chuu… haah ♥, nn chu, fuh… haah… fuaaahn.♥”

She straddled the hips of the boy who was fondling her breasts from the back, letting out gasps as she turned to kiss him over her shoulder. Each time her white butt shook lewdly up and down, an obscene wet sound came from her crotch area. The boy from her back has his swelled up symbol inserted inside her panties, pulling out and going in together with the movement of her hips.

“Nn… haah, nn…. Chuu… Nnfu, aahn… Chuu… Chuuuu. ♥ ”

The woman, drowned into a pleasant dream, kissed out the boy behind her as she extended both of her hands to the boys to her left and right, her right hand and her left hand both work hard on their members.

As the tips of her thumb and index finger rubbed the underside of his penis lewdly, their length gradually swelled. That’s why her hand movements grew faster and more obscene.

“”Ugh… aah…. Kuh!””

The boys to her left and right came at around the same time, bathing her chest and navel area with cloudy semen.

Feeling the warmth of the semen on her, right now, the woman is feeling good.

“Aahn ♥, nn, aah… Haah. ♥”

The woman’s face is an expression of ecstatic agony, pushing at her from below, the boy behind her,

“H-Hasegawa-sensei… I’m going to, soon….!”

He exclaimed to her, knowing that he could no longer hold back—and in response,

“Nn… Aah, Toujou…. Come as much as you’d like…”

As Hasegawa said that as if she was pleading for it, she let go of the members of the Basara next to her, slid both her hands inside her panties, taking the erection of the Basara behind her and began stroking it. As she rubbed Basara’s member up and down with both hands, her thumb rubbed the bump of her womanly area that was there to begin with, at the same time as the Basara at her back sprout out like a fountain,

“— Aaaaaah ♥”

Hasegawa’s senses were quickly heightened, and she spurt out from her vagina. Basara who held Hasegawa from the back held her gently, fondling her breasts softly.

Sensei… I was thinking it’s about time we moved on to the next form of training.”

“Yea… Aah… Nn, I understand… Toujou… Just as you wish for… Haah…. Chuu.♥ “

As she soaked into the sweet swelling of her climax, Hasegawa went past lips with the Basara at her back and entwined their tongues together.

What Basara took, was a medicine that made copies of himself.

He could make five copies at most—in other words, one for each of Mio, Yuki, Maria, Kurumi, and Zest. If it’s just numbers, then Basara himself along with four copies would have sufficed; however, such a scenario also meant that only one would be able to experience the real Basara, and they would thus take precautions to avoid any feelings of unfairness.

The copies made were physically and aesthetically identical to Basara—which meant that such copies are not meant to be used in battle. There were various abilities that could enable one to split oneself and dividing one’s power would definitely create limitations; but at the end of the day, such a form of medicine was simply an adult product from a succubus, so the copies made had no fighting abilities.

—They were more than capable of delivering sexual pleasure, though.

Time had continued on for eight hours long, on top of it, thanks to the characteristics of Hasegawa’s barrier, when they go forth between the flat and the hotel, the items inside Basara’s travel bag was restored to how it was.

Despite that, the number of copies he could make as Hasegawa as his partner was limited.

From the times he tested it, Basara figured he could make three copies at most. —However, to make Hasegawa yield to him easier, he manifested all five copies and surrounded her. Basara was thus able to make Hasegawa yield to her climax with six of him. And the venue of which they would do so was most commonly in the male section of the large public bath.

As the condition the hotel and flat set within the barrier would reset as they went back and forth between them, there was no need to tidy and clean up, but they couldn’t say the same for their bodies. On that point, as the outdoors bath has plenty of water, they can flush out sweat easily, and as it outdoors they can also cool down their heated-up bodies.

Taken again by six Basaras to the open-air bath and trying all sort of things, Hasegawa developed all sorts of senses she did not realize, and with the lustful days getting past four months that day, Basara finally said he would take Hasegawa’s training to the next step.

And then—the day after Hasegawa once again receive thorough training from Basara.

Hasegawa connected herself with the Basaras from morning to night, fellatio and mammary intercourse, from handjobs to between her thighs, every service is re-learnt from step one to till fluent. After doing so, Hasegawa was able to gradually understand this more and more profoundly—as she continued to find ways to experience extreme climaxes through Basara, she gained a real feeling of developing into a woman who can make Basara happy. Hasegawa’s eyes continued to be exposed to the true joys of sexual service. With this, Hasegawa’s sexual service had admittedly grown progressively as Basara would have her submit to several of him at the same time.

—Eventually, with the technique of her service going up, Hasegawa was able to serve four partners at the same time.

With that the last two copies of Basara came to suck on her breasts—finally, Hasegawa was able to receive her lessons from all six Basaras. Continuing the days of being able to please Basara and all of his copies, she was nothing short of happy —and before she knew it, the summer scenery outside the window was gradually being dyed with the color of autumn.

Part 10

—From then on, too, Basara and Hasegawa’s lust-filled days continued without end.

Although she had received overwhelming sense of submission to six partners, it would mean nothing unless she could submit to just one Basara in a normal situation.

Finally, it came to the point that he no longer used the medicine, and she began her training in submitting to just one Basara.

By that time, Basara had accomplished in turning everything from her breasts to her butt, lips to tongue, all parts of her, into an object that responded in lust to him.

“Nn… Chu,… Haah… Toujou… Nn chuu ♥ … Pichuu… Chuu, nfuu… hmm, nchuu… Aah… Chuu… Kuchuu, hmm… licks… chuu… ♥ ”

Her voiced raised with just her cheeks and hair being stroked in praise of her service, as she saw Basara climaxed, she trembled with happiness to the very core of her body, with how she used the technique she had with six people to love just one man without holding back, Hasegawa had completely become Basara’s captive sexual servant.

And then.

…To think I’d be shaped by Basara to such a degree…

Outside the hotel window within the boundary, snow piled up for the evening – Finished with the quota for her training of the day, they had a western-styled room with a bed this time, and Hasegawa lied down in his arms, watching the profile of the boy next to her.

“…Sensei, you can’t sleep?”

Basara, suddenly realizing that her gaze was on him, muttered those words to Hasegawa, looking concerned.

“Yeah… That’s why I’m watching you.”

A smile suddenly surfaced on Hasegawa’s face. They have spent a year together alone in the barrier… Basara’s face had grown more masculine, and his physique had grown, as well as his hair and height.

“—Shall I help you get some sleep?”

He said as a smile surfaced on his face, with just that the depth of Hasegawa’s body tingled hotly.

“Yeah…. Please do, Toujou.”

Her eyes blurred, sweetly asking him, Hasegawa moved her body to embrace the woken up Basara, heading to his lap and sitting there. And then, taking off her negligee, a Hasegawa only in a pair of panties, kissed the Basara in front of her heat-tinged eyes.

“Chuu… Haah, nnn… Aah… Toujou… ♥ ”

She started entwining their tongues together in a kiss lewdly. As she did that, Basara answered her with his tongue viciously, softly and gently, caressing her breasts. It was not like the more intense training. It was meant to induce a happy, sweet feeling for Hasegawa.

—Having received one-sided lessons, Hasegawa had not been conquered by him.

Despite, within all the days spent having liquid poured into her in order for her to submit to Basara except for eating and resting, at times, Basara would be sweet to her… That’s why, Hasegawa lived with further endearment for Basara, happily, as if in a dream, as she received training from him.

At the start, even though just a little, Basara had more power than her, slowing down the time of the barrier, he should have trapped her in but – Just like that, that standing was reversed, and now it was Hasegawa who had Basara trapped. Even though she lent her power to Basara despite the Contract Ceremony not being over, Basara couldn’t end his training for her.

…It’s all because of this.

It’s been nearly a year—and yet the master-slave contract collar on Hasegawa’s neck had yet to recede, the symbol ‘Aza’ still apparent. It was a sign that meant that the slave had yet to fully submit to her master.

No matter how much they drowned in pleasure, to be dreamy with Basara—even though Hasegawa with the power of the Ten Gods couldn’t submit to that extent, Basara continued his training without end.

“Nn… Ah, haaaah.”

At a tempo when they parted to take a breather, Basara gently sucked on her nipples, giving Hasegawa an electric sensation that sent shivers throughout her body.

With her arms wrapped around Toujou’s head as she earnestly gazed at his expression, her mind traced back to when an adorable infant Toujou had once sucked on his mother Raphealine’s breast for milk, and how that infant had since grown to be bigger than she was, and how he was now lavisciously sucking on her nipples…

Even towards Toujou, I…

At the moment she thought that absentmindedly—something inside her chest thumped wildly.


As if suddenly surprised, Basara parted his mouth from her chest and gulped down something.


Looking downward, she could see something of a white substance obscenely trickling out from the left nipple that Basara had been sucking on.

—That moment she understood what that situation meant,

“I-It’s not like that… This is-”

Hasegawa Chisato flushed red, flustered. There was no way she could have been pregnant — though to begin with, if she was really carrying Basara’s child, she wouldn’t have felt flustered, but actually be truly happy.

When the contract ceremony was invoked, Hasegawa was in her condition as one of the Ten Gods, and she was able to use this power for Basara’s sake.  Hasegawa, having been subject to Basara’s training for almost a year, the sheer imagination alone of her breastfeeding Basara had caused the physical change to her body to be able to produce breast milk.

The unexpected situation caused her to flush in embarrassment as she attempted to cover her breasts with her arms.

“Put away your arms, Afureia.”

Facing Hasegawa, he delivered such a command right before her eyes.

In an instant, Hasegawa’s body jolted and trembled as she looked at Basara, who once treated her so kindly, and instead was now looking at her with eyes colder than any gaze she’d ever seen during her sessions with him.


The Basara who had called her “sensei” all this time called her “Afureia”—Understanding what that meant, Hasegawa gulped down. Looking at her, intensely bashful from the breast milk coming out of her, it was perhaps then that he decided that Hasegawa could yield to him completely.

Hasegawa had the same premonition. That if she submitted to Basara furthermore now, she wouldn’t be able to run away anymore.


And then Hasegawa, realized that Basara’s member was standing tall to a size she had never seen before —Upon seeing that, she felt like she can’t take it anymore. A pulse jolted through her, and that is, for a Hasegawa who had received training for almost a year, had an absolute meaning.


As a result, following Basara’s command, Hasegawa released her arms that shielded her chest. As Hasegawa did that, the tips of her contained breasts jolted in reverberation.

“—I’ll let you feel better now.”

Saying that with dark eyes, Basara approached her breasts with his lips—and almost immediately,


Hasegawa, who was having her left nipple sucked on obscenely, climaxed as Basara drank down her breast milk.

Hasegawa’s right nipple was also leaking at the same time, and her womanly substance gushed out of her crotch.

“Kah… Aah… Haaah. ♥”

As she fell into suffocating pleasure, her body trembled sweetly in ecstasy.

The face of a member of the noble Ten Gods quickly disappeared, and all that was left was the intoxicated, obscene face of a woman entranced by Basara and the pleasure he was giving her.

And that was the moment that Hasegawa Chisato—Afureia of the Ten Gods—had been devastated.

Basara, who had taught her happiness through falling in pleasure yet again, instantly escalated her arousal —When she came to, Hasegawa was in the bathtub of the open-air bath, with Basara sucking breast milk out of her nipples. With just a single sexual service technique—the sucking of her breast—she experienced a scary degree of pleasure.

“Haaaah, Toujou… Amazing… Aah… More, nn… Fuh… Haaah. ❤”

As Basara sucked on her, Hasegawa’s other nipple proceed to spill out breast milk, her body struggling in the hot water. Hasegawa’s breast milk erotically overflowed as if it were a spring, and just like that, the originally clear hot spring water began to take on a milky white hue. Thinking of how her own breast milk would drench itself not only into Basara’s mouth but his skin as well aroused her more than the time in the male bath where six Basaras had dominated her, and Hasegawa completely drowned in her surrendered state to him.

With that, Hasegawa’s lewd, disheveled figure made Basara throw away whatever remaining reason he had within him in intense lust as he dragged down Hasegawa’s panties, which were sopping wet in the hot water mixed with her breast milk and his essence—Goodness! Basara, now devoid of any sense or reason, ended up ripping apart her underwear.

“—Ahn. ♥”

Despite that, Hasegawa was happy, and then she put her arms around his shoulders and pushed him to the edge of the bathtub. And then,


He called out to her while his breathing was roughed up by his lust. It was obvious Basara wanted something from Hasegawa. In order to keep the promise that they wouldn’t cross that last line, Basara had kept these panties on even throughout the training—Basara was about to cross the line. That’s why,

“…Ah, aaah…”

Hasegawa trembled with happiness. Crossing that last line would not just be breaking their promise—it would also hurt Mio and the others. And Basara really treasured them more than anything. Basara, however, in his current state of mind, was now placing his desire for Hasegawa in front of him ahead of Mio and the others’ feelings; it was the first time Basara was so taken that he was shaken to a lapse in virtue.

“…Come on, come here Toujou…”

Hasegawa made a seductive smile, like one could see clearly in the open-air bath with no electric light, she spread out her slit slowly, exposing it to Basara.

What he was experiencing right now—it was akin to the lustful physical education of an all too beautiful school nurse.

Her juices glistened and erotically shined in the moonlight, and witnessing how Hasegawa’s slit was fiercely obscene,


Upon laying eyes on such a figure right in front of him, Toujou Basara gulped down his own saliva.

While strung with her honey, Hasegawa’s spot gaped open, even though it flushed with an obscene colour, just a little beyond that entrance is Hasegawa’s ready creased ring emblem that no man had ever known, anticipating being broken in by Basara’s member.

Hasegawa didn’t say anything more.

She simply lifted up her hips more as if to flaunt herself


She laughed seductively, and upon seeing that,


Toujou Basara’s reasoning completely shattered—his member fully erect, Basara pushed towards Hasegawa’s entrance. With that, Hasegawa’s entrance, which had been ready to welcome him in, made a happy-sounding sound… With that, she thrusted her hips forward, Hasegawa’s entrance pushed open for Basara’s tip, and began swallowing up his member.

And then finally, Basara’s tip touched Hasegawa’s ringed creases—upon that,

“—Nn, aaaaahn. ♥”

As Hasegawa’s throat released a seductive voice, her body jolted and bent backwards, spilling out her womanly shower.

With the tempo of how she lifted up her hips, the fact Basara’s member did not go deep into Hasegawa, is nothing but a miracle. It was the kind of climax incomparable to anything before.

“Hah…. Ah…., Toujou… Haah, nn… Aah… ♥”

Hasegawa was in a daze, gasping as her consciousness melted to a different dimension of pleasure.

—For Naruse Mio it was her chest. To Nonaka Yuki, her butt. And to Zest, her ears.

The first time they submitted to Basara, Basara had attacked those weak points to remove the curse, which he had learned from them as the master-servant ceremony started. However, in close to a year that she was training with him, Basara was unable to access Hasegawa’s weak spot. Despite that however, Basara was more than capable of giving her pleasure, so Hasegawa didn’t think much about it.

Finally, however, a hidden truth had been exposed.

…This is…my weak spot…

She couldn’t suddenly believe it but, Hasegawa’s whole body indicated that as it was wrapped in a climatic vibration.


Finally, Hasegawa stirred her body, heading for Basara—spreading both her legs, pushing her butt towards him. What she displayed to him was her hot, warm slit, dripping profusely.


As she did that, Basara put his hands over her.

“Nn, I don’t want your fingers… Toujou…”

Hasegawa asked sweetly, moving his right hand between his legs.

—With just that, he should understand what he should do to her.

So then Basara moved his hand to grip onto his manhood—And with that, Hasegawa who was between his legs began to lewdly draw in his member, Basara’s body completely clung to her from the back, and just with that, his hands circled to the front and fondled her breasts.

“Haah…., ah… Aah… ♥”

Alongside that, Hasegawa let out sweet gasps, just as breast milk obscenely dripped out of her breasts,  even so her hands on Basara’s member stroked him faster. With that, Basara’s member bulged out bigger, and grew harder too.

“….Ah…. Sensei!”

At the moment Basara called out to her with disparity – Hasegawa Chisato, as if she was bursting, guided Basara’s member into her entrance, delivering the finishing blow within her.

—She’d let Basara ejaculate directly inside her hymen.

Part 11

Toujou Basara had been dreaming.

He’d been dreaming of something indecent—being alone with Hasegawa as their lust-filled days continued on.

Even in a dream, Hasegawa remained sublimely beautiful, and Basara had seen to thoroughly training her.

And then, amidst a lewd session of fellatio by Hasegawa,


Suddenly, Basara’s eyes opened, he was in the hotel with a single futon spread out. And then,

“Haah…. Chuu, nn… Chuu… Nnchuu… Fufu, I see you’re awake, Toujou… ♥”

A naked Hasegawa was sucking on Basara’s member as it was tucked between her breasts, as she gave her morning greetings with a seductive smile. In response,

“…Good morning, sensei.”

As Basara said that, he gently petted Hasegawa’s head and picked up the phone beside him to check the time. It was closing on to eight in the morning.

“How long had I slept since the contract ceremony ended and you undid the barrier?”

He asked, allowing the reality of the fact that he’d spent an entire year with Hasegawa within the barrier settle into him.

“Nn… Chuu… Haah… Nn, probably not more than two hours… nnn. ♥”

“Then—You were at it the entire time, sensei?”

“Fufu… Yeah, I couldn’t help myself, seeing your sleeping face like that.”

As she switched to serving him with her breasts, Hasegawa acknowledged her lust toward him.

Her eyes were fully drowned in licentious lust—something that meant that there was no need for further explanation.

Through a long contract ceremony, the two were now tied together in a new connection, a new bond.

Toujou Basara had fully shaped Hasegawa Chisato as his sex slave.

There was no denying that, even if she was a god. With that,

“It’s alright… I belong to you now, but you were just answering my desire. You didn’t break your promise with anyone. So then, we can think about this situation later… That’s why now, just let me indulge in this just a little while longer.”

Haven’t we already decided that?

“Until we return to Mio and the others—throughout this trip, you belong to me alone.”

Hasegawa said that with a seductive smile, then not with just her breasts, but also while using her tongue and hand, performing a lustful service on him—and so, Basara wanted to indulge her.

…She already belongs to me, huh.

Hasegawa, who had once told Basara those words, was now happily servicing Basara. The new bond between them—even if it was something Hasegawa desired—was something Basara himself that had chose to reciprocate.

—They’d already passed the point of no return.

Hasegawa now belonged to him—he’d acquired the divine blessings of Afureia, one of the Ten Gods, adding another trump card up his sleeve.

And he’d also chosen to walk down the path of protecting his everyday life.

After that—the waitresses, who had arrived to serve them breakfast—had all noticed the conspicuous changes in their appearance and the atmosphere between them, though they had simply given their service without saying a word.

They’d only told them to do as they wished until they checked out…and in light and appreciation of their offer, Basara had plenty of room and time to ascertain his new relationship with Hasegawa in the fully reserved public bath.

Following that, he was sent off by first the proprietress and the entire staff body; boarding a taxi arranged for them, he then accompanied Hasegawa in happily sightseeing the world heritage temple they didn’t get to go yesterday.

Evening then arrived eventually, as the two then boarded the train they had pre-booked tickets for and returned to Tokyo.

And all the while, throughout the time before he reached home—he continued keeping the promise he had exchanged with Hasegawa.