Quick News Update

Sorry I have been MIA lately. I will be doing some updates on the site at some point this weekend. It will probably include at least part of the volume 11 summary. There’s still some parts that need to be fleshed out a bit before I put it on the site in its entirety. Nomi also has her N1 exam this Saturday. I personally wish her the best of luck with that. Everyone please send positive vibes her way. As always If you need to reach me you can find me on discord or just send me an email.

Quick update

Sorry it’s been a little while. I added the chapter titles for volume 11 to the site. Crowdfund donors I’ve also sent out the link to the working draft of the volume 11 summary. It’s not fully completed yet. There’s a few spots that are going to be filled with additional information and if you have any questions regarding specific places in volume 11 feel free to reach out. The remaining parts of the volume 9 prologue should be finished by Friday, and starting next week Nomi will begin translating the volume 11 prologue.

For everyone else I’ll try to have the volume 11 summary posted on the site by Wednesday of next week.

Volume 11 Toranoana SS

SMnK Volume 11SS-Cover.png


So my physical copy of volume 11 arrived a few days ago with the Toranoana short story. People that were expecting vampire sex based upon the 2ch rumors will be disappointed. All the girls are still virgins. So this would set the story somewhere before the events of volume 9. If you’re into Maria being a troll this SS is classic Maria. There’s no illustrations outside of the fun chibi’s making an appearance again.

Volume 12


Volume 11 concluded the main story for Shinmai. However we can look forward to volume 12 which is going to be a collection of side stories. Based upon the preview we’re going to get a certain school nurse’s omitted sex scene from volume 11 as well as a brief look into the future from where volume 11 ends with Celis. ( a week to be exact)