December Update

Happy end of the year! Hopefully everyone that participates in the various holidays during this holiday season was able to enjoy them. From what we know canonically, Basara and company end up spending their first holiday together in the demon realm dealing with all the political shenanigans they were forced into. So upon looking at the calendar, I’m pretty sure one of the first culturally important days they get to celebrate together actually happens to be Setsubun. Slayer of The Ogre Slayer fits well with the idea of family spending time together during the holidays. I also updated last months update. If you enjoy Maria and Kurumi together you’ll probably have fun with it. Zest and Yuki also have another interesting conversation that reveals quite a bit about the way Zest thinks.

Anyways I’m going to go enjoy New Years festivities. So have a good one folks.

November update

I hope those of you that are State side had a happy Thanksgiving and hopefully Black Friday deals were kind to you as well. Those of you participating in NNN hold strong, because it’s almost over. Since it’s still NNN I went with The Valentines of Sister New Devil. The majority of the main cast appears. The different approaches the pairings of girls take when it comes to Valentines is interesting. Yuki and Zest score some major waifu points.

In other news, Ookuma has a skeb page (it’s about $500 per illustration). The bad news is Shinmai and Hundred are off limits. He’s not allowed to monetize them, because he can run into rights issues with the IP’s. However I’m looking currently looking into a potential loophole.