Chapter 1: Mio and the Far Away Demon Realm Prince

“Mio-sama! Look at this otome game!”

“What’s with you suddenly? I just got back from school”

Entering her own room, having just returned home from school, Naruse Mio could only look at Maria who’s in there being suspiciously noisy. 

“…Why are you in my room in the first place? We have different rooms. What have you been doing while I was at school?”

“That is of course, net surfing for lewd furniture and training Kurumi-san”

“You’re always like this… You don’t have to do this in my room”

Without Maria answering, Mio placed her hand on her forehead, unable to stop there.

“In any case, what’s lewd furniture?”

“By the way Mio-sama, look at this”

“You’re ignoring me again—!?”

When she looked, Mio saw a laptop she doesn’t remember being there on her desk.

“What’s this?”

“Fufufu… It’s the power of a succubus. When I was taking a walk, I picked up a refurbished PC for cheap”

“That has nothing to do with you being a succubus”

“Anyway, it’s an otome game! If you play an otome game, your girlish appeal will increase! And with that, when Basara-san finally notices he’ll say “Hah?! Mio, since when are you so girlishly lewd…! I can no longer take it!” Moreover, Basara-san unable to hold himself back will make the super girly Mio-sama submit! That lewdness will make this succubus very happy…!”

Maria held her body as if she’s hugging herself.

“Calm down”

Instinctively, Mio took a step back.

“But… to increase my girlish appeal, I don’t really know about that…”

“Fufufu. Mio-sama, you’re interested aren’t you?”

Mio wasn’t happy with Maria’s cunning face, but she can’t deny that.

“But, what’s an otome game? …But that reminds me, Basara plays some sort of game like that too… That… what’s it called?’

“The one Basara-san plays is for men, a bishoujo ren’ai game”

“Ren’ai…? Is it some sort of educational game?”

“Otome game is a romance game aimed at women. But that being said it’s similar to what Basara-san plays”

“are there educational parts to it”

“But, otome game’s special feature is its female protagonist. There are boys you can go for. So in short, it’s the opposite pattern as the bishojo games aimed at men”

“For me, I’ve only played that educational game, “My Unknown Youth Life with my Real Little Sister ””

With a sigh, Mio turned to look at the PC screen.

The game UI was already on the screen.

“”Far away demon realm prince?” Is it okay to play this?”

“No, not quite. We won’t be doing something quite so dull”

Maria shook her head.

“A succubus evolves everyday. Yesterday and today. Today and tomorrow. Continuing on walking this lewd path without stopping. That’s a succubus duty! I won’t lose to Zest-san”

“In short, I will infuse this game “Far away demon realm prince” with my succubus lewd dream powers. With it mixed, it’ll create a new otome game experience. In short, a magical VR”


Mio looked at her not understanding.

“I will use this game and you’’ll be seeing it in your dream. In the original you’d be reading the text, but you’ll be experiencing the world directly in your dream”

“I kind of get it, I kind of don’t”

“Well, well. Whatever, just go to sleep”

“You’re going to do something weird again”

Even though she’s not quite satisfied with this, Mio layed down on her bed.

When she closed her eyes, perhaps because of Maria’s magic, she felt like her heart was enveloped with sleepiness, and she quickly fell asleep.

Part 2


When she came to, Mio stood in front of an old, western-styled mansion.

With its brick walls giving an antiquated look, what’s right in front of her are flowers blooming proudly around it. In the area around the mansion is a forest spreading wide.

Then, Mio looked at herself.

“My clothes changed too”

As she just returned from school, Mio was wearing the Hijirigasaka Academy uniform.

Even though her overall appearance had not changed, Mio was wearing a robe over it.

A magician’s robe, which reminded her of this one time they went to a movie-themed theme park and the ones they wore at an attraction based on a magic school.

“Mio-sama, can you hear me?”


She looked around, but she couldn’t see the body of the succubus.

“Seems like you can hear me. I’m speaking into your dream. So I’m not there”

“I see. So where is this? What’s this mansion?”

“Let me explain the setting. The mansion in front of you is the school dorm of the school you’re attending. It’s a boy’s dorm, but you’re pretending to be a boy and staying there due to circumstances”

“I’m staying in the dorm of a magic school”  

She held her robe.

“You’re hiding from evil magic. That’s why you’re being sheltered by this form”

“It’s somewhat like that magic school!”

“You can’t say the name. Anyway, in this dorm there are eight boys. All of them are your step-brothers”

“Isn’t that a lot!? Of step-brothers that is”

“All the older brothers are kind, and know of your situation. They will help hide you”

“I have a lot to say about this, but I get it. What should I do”

“This game is user friendly and easy to understand. Pick the character you want to pursue and follow on through the story. Through your choices, you can raise or lower affection. As long as you follow through one character’s route, it’ll be okay”

“Hmm. How should I choose..”

As Mio muttered that, a window suddenly appeared. 

It’s a UI window.

“I’ll be supporting you through the games UI windows”

“…I sort of get it. I’ve sort of seen this genre before”

As Mio operated the window, it slid smoothly.

She clicked the option text, and the options window opened.

“This is really a game”

“Displaying your choices”

In a new window, the step-brother names were displayed.

“Andrew, Jeremiah, Charles, Johnny, Ryoma, Claude, Hook, Tokage*… What’s with Tokage? Is that a name?”

T/N: Tokage means lizard, so it’s the only one that’s out of place in this list 

“In any case, please pick a step-brother”

“Hmm” as she thought, her eyebrows furrowed.

“I feel kind of guilty picking someone like this”

“Is your feeling of guilt towards Basara-san?”

“It’s a game, so that…”

Mio’s body softly trembled. It wasn’t much, but she let out a hot sigh.

On her neck, a mark appeared. The curse mark of the master-servant contract.

“Eh, I’m picking. Tokage is weird so let’s go with Andrew”

If she felt any more guilt than that, she would go into an aroused state from the curse of the master-servant contact. So without putting too much thought into it she picked Andrew’s name from the options. 

For a brief moment, a floating feeling took hold of Mio.

At the next moment, she was somewhere different.

It’s likely a room inside the mansion. There, she could see antique furniture on a red carpet.

Moreover, a smell hit her, an overwhelming animal smell.

In front of her, there’s a bull.


On top of it, he’s standing straight”

The face is that of a bull, but the body is a human man, 3 meters in height.

He’s covered in fur all over, but it’s easy to make out the shape of his muscles.

As he’s bending down, the face of the bull is right before her eyes.

The bull violently pulled at her red hair. 

Blood rushed to his eyes, and hot air floated off from his mouth.

“A minotaur?!”

“That’s right. Andrew is a minotaur”

“Why is the step-brother a minotaur!? Isn’t this game too much of an adventure?”


Suddenly, the minotaur jumped towards Mio.


At the sudden movement, Mio was pushed down.

He then began ripping her clothes off with his thick fingers. 


Beneath her ripped clothes, her underwear was exposed.  

Her large breasts, which can’t be entirely contained in her bra, trembled in nervousness.

“That’s right. Andrew is in rut. He has a forceful bit to him, that’s his special feature”

“Then he’s just an animal! Change! I want to change! I want to pick a different character!”

After that,  Andrew disappeared from over her breasts.

Next thing she knew, she’s in front of the mansion again.

After checking herself, the clothes Andrew ruined went back to their normal condition.

“This is…”

“The data loaded. Isn’t it good that there’s an auto save before you made your choice”

“I don’t understand, but it saved me”

She touched the softly glowing mark on her neck.

“Seems like Andrew isn’t your type. Oh well, how about picking a different step-brother”

“More than not my type, he’s a bull… We’re still doing this?”

With a sigh, Mio stretched out her hand to pick a different step-brother.

“Isn’t there some sort of gentleman type? I don’t want a beastly type”

“There is. Charles is the most gentlemanly”

“Then, I’ll pick him”

Mio stretched out her hand to pick Charles.

There’s a pungent smell attacking her nose.

“Ugh…” with that, she couldn’t do anything except twist her lips.

It’s different from the beastly smell from earlier. This one smells fishy, suffocating and sour. Perhaps it’s closest to call it muddy.

This time, Mio is still in a room inside the mansion like Andrew, but the place is odd.

There’s a wet sound.

On the brick walls in front of her, are the remains of slime, then on the other end are ugly, fleshy lines.



One of the tentacles climbed up her kneesocks, resulting in the slime getting on her leg.

“That’s right. Charles was originally a gentleman but, because of a magical failure, he was met with a tragedy where he transformed into this”

“This is Charles!?’

“Right now, none of the original Charles remains. He became a being driven only by instinct. Uuh… what a pitiful thing, Charles. What tragedy! Please give this step-brother who met tragedy your love!”

 A tentacle started going up Mio’s arm.

Then a thick one started going up where she couldn’t reach.

It was sneaking under her skirt.

“Nooooo!! Load! Load!! I’m sorry for Charles’ circumstances but hurry and load!!”


“Don’t eh me!! If you don’t load up I’ll kill you a hundred times over!!”

And then, without noticing it, Mio stood right back in front of the mansion.

Even though the slime and nasty smell on her should’ve faded away, Mio twists her lips and roughly sighed.

“What’s with this? Isn’t there a normal character? Are all otome games like this?”

“What are you saying Mio-sama? This game, “Far-away Demon Realm Prince” is called an avant grade otome game, with astounding characters, it’s very famous! It’s not the same as normal otome games!”

“Why are you making me play this kind of otome game!? What about raising my girlish appeal?”

“Strengthening girlish appeal from the heart… In short, raising girlish appeal”

“Don’t respond to me with something shady! Aah, seriously! I don’t want to do this! Is there no human character here?!”

“There is”

“There is!?”

“They can’t all be monsters, it doesn’t work out for the plan”

“You said something realistic just now…”

“Ryoma and Tokage are humans. Why not try them before quitting?”

Mio furrows her eyebrows in suspicion.  

“…Tokage is human huh. Anyway, this is the last one okay?”

After a sigh, she picked Ryoma who she deemed safer than Tokage.

It was a dark room. 

The room with Andrew the minotaur and Charles the slime monster had windows and furniture, and the smell of them living there, but this is different.

There’s no window, and the air feels perfectly still.

It’s like the mood of a basement, Mio thought.

And then, she looked towards the direction of the sound of footsteps.


She muttered, surprised. 

That virile face and the wound on his cheek, the toned body.

His clothes too, were similar to the magician robe Mio had on. It’s truly Toujou Basara in front of her.

“By coincidence, he looks like Basara. But this is Ryoma. Formerly from a well-known magic family, but to save you he left that family, that’s his backstory”

“That’s… exactly like Basara”

Basara— no, Ryoma, stepped towards Mio.

“Be my slave”

Those were the first words he said to her.

“Basara wouldn’t say that!”

“There’s choices here. Pick from the choices and the story will continue”

“Suddenly it became like a game”

“Pick the choice you want”

1 / Know your place, low life

2 / Slave? That’s something I don’t understand

3 / Kuh, die

4 / I-I’ll be your slave oniisama 

“This heroine’s personality isn’t right? It all seems off”

“There are people who like crazy and eccentric choices. I also don’t agree with it being too crazy”

“Somehow Basara… no, Ryoma. He seems to have in his hands a collar and dog food”

“That’s because Ryoma has animal play as part of his character”

“That’s so sketchy! No way! I don’t want this”

“But he’s also experienced tragedy. To save you, he left his family. And after that, he received a curse”

“There are lots of curses in this game”

“Yes, it’s a lot. That curse is the discipline curse. Even though he’s so kind, he ended up loving discipline play. If he doesn’t do it, it won’t break the curse… and if you can’t break the curse it’ll grow deeper within him, and ultimately destroy his mind”

“What a weird curse”

It’s a bit like their master-servant curse. Mio kept quiet about that.

“So what are you going to do Mio-sama? You have to make your choice. You can abandon him too.”

“I don’t want to pick any of this but”

But, Mio was lost.

The person in front of her is Ryoma, and even though he looks like Basara he’s a different person. Further, he’s a game character.

The first choice “Know your place, low life” is the only one she should choose. But 1 is also not in her character.

But, when thinking about it.

Ryoma is similar to Basara.

To protect Mio, Toujou Basara ended up making an enemy of his hometown, the Village. He even crossed swords with his old friends.

If it’s for Basara’s sake, if there’s something she can do, she would do it. 

In short, Ryoma in front of her could be treated like Basara.

“Be my slave”

The Basara with cold eyes, holding the collar — Ryoma repeated those words again


Could she abandon Basara (Ryoma) just because it’s a game? Would she regret it?

Mio was truly lost.

“Be my slave” the words were said somewhat sadly from this Basara (Ryoma), and understanding the meaning behind that, she stretched out her hand to make her choice.

Part 3

“This happened before, hasn’t it Maria?”

“I-is that so?”

Maria tried to laugh it off, holding her head, Basara was facing her and glaring at her from a close distance.

“You’ve placed your succubus magic on a sleeping Mio before”

In front of Mio is a man holding a collar and dog food.

On the bed is Mio with her cheeks flushed.

“P-please wait! This is getting to a good part! I set it so that Ryoma looks like you in her dreams, and using Mio-sama’s guilt, it’ll go on to a lewd choice… Hah!?”

Suddenly, as if realizing something, Maria clapped her hands together.

“That’s right! How about you dive into VR as well! That way you’ll really be Ryouma… Aah, it’ll be good if it’s Basara-san. Basara-san carrying a curse with a tragic destiny”

“I’m not going to dive in, and don’t curse me! Hurry and release her from your magic”

“I-it’s getting good from here! Mio-sama’s natural M tendency will show!”

“Release her”

Under Basara’s gaze, Maria gave a ‘it’s too bad sigh’ then released her magic.

“With this… It’s done.” 

Before Maria could finish her sentence, Mio opened her eyes and looked at Basara.

Slowly, her sight came into focus.

She looked straight at Basara. Her face is however, filled with anguish.

But at the same time, there’s a heat in her eyes, and her wet lips let out hot sighs.

The mark of the master-servant contract on her neck is a deep color.

“Why is the curse there?”

“Most likely she has an internal conflict. I’ve set Ryoma to look exactly like you, and she ended up not helping him right away. In that moment, the guilt towards you deepened. After all, Mio-sama is a kind girl”

“You took advantage of her being kind…”

Basara looked annoyed. 

Mio then approached him on all fours.


As she approached him on all fours, you could see under her folded up skirt even looking at her from the front. 

Her wet eyes were staring at Basara,  as she let out painful sounding sighs.

And then, she parted her lips.

“I-I’ll become oniisama’s slave”


Still on all fours, she got closer to Basara.

“Hey? Didn’t you release her from the magic”

“Eeh!? I did, I did it properly”

The surprised Maria suddenly realized something and said “So that’s the case”

“I got it, Basara-san. I released her from the magic, but she’s still immersed in the game”


“It’s a side effect from the curse of the master-servant contract together with the succubus dream VR. The curse is hazy, and it doesn’t completely release her from the dream. In short, even though Mio-sama is released from the game, she’s still stuck in it mentally… She’s unable to tell whether you are you or Ryoma”

“I don’t really get it from what you said!”

“Basara…! Oniisama. Oniisama! …It’s okay to put the collar on me. It’s okay to treat me like a dog”

Mio said.

“Oniisama? I see! This is… trying to submit to you as the game’s protagonist! This is VR Otome Testament!”

“Don’t give it a name”

“Well, in short. She’s unable to tell the difference between game and reality, in short a mind game”

“Mind game, don’t say stuff that has no grounds in reality! What did you do to Mio in the first place!”

“Oniisama’s slave! I’m Basara oniisama’s slaveeeee”

“I don’t want a slave!”

Ultimately, he got Mio to submit to him completely.

Mio, having regained her consciousness, then said, “well then, let’s start a game. A death game that is.” And what she did to Maria became one of the legends of the Toujou household.