Full Volume 10 posted


As promised, I posted volume 10 sometime by the end of the month. I’m still curious as to whether or not some people will still say that a season 3 would be all sex and no plot. My favorite moments in the volume would have to be when Chisato shows up, because she’s a scene stealer every-time she shows up. Her line at the end of part 22 of chapter 2 plays an important role in volume 11. Basara’s nightmare scene takes the crown though. It’s pure “feels”.  If you weren’t already aware of it, Shiba is a legit savage, and it just goes to show how far under Basara’s skin he actually gets. It also makes volume 11 epilogue and volume 12 interactions interesting in hindsight. With the nightmare scene we also got to see the version of Basara that gives up on himself, that Sheila was so concerned about back in volume 8. Enough with my rambling, enjoy.

Still haven’t decided if we’ll be releasing volume 11 or one of the side story volumes next, so stay tuned.

Akiba blog’s yearly ranking

For those of you that don’t know, Akiba blog annually releases a top ten list in terms of articles that have the most user views over the year. Unfortunately Shinmai wasn’t able to repeat and take the top spot two years in a row. A second place finish is still respectable though considering all of the R18 stuff in the top ten. They also have a ranking of popular articles by month. So if your favorite series didn’t make the top ten feel free to check the monthly rankings to get a general idea of the buzz surrounding some of your favorite series. Anyways I’m going to go enjoy some New Years festivities. Stay safe, Drink responsibly, and enjoy bringing in the new year.

unrelated: I uploaded the complete prologue of volume 10. I might be doing updates to sample translations for some of the other volumes in the event I’m not bombed when I wake up tomorrow.