Prologue: Dedicating Everything to Each other

Part 1

There was a space filled with the sweet voices of girls, yet overflowing with an obscene scent.

It was the dimension Hasegawa Chisato – Afureia, created to rescue Basara.

In the center of the space, was the extra large bed from the basement of the Toujou household. 

There — Basara was exchanging vows with the five girls.

After taking Mio’s virginity and reaching the master-servant vow, he received the element of fire.  

Mio, after drowning in pleasure to the point that her consciousness melted, had been resting on the bed for an hour now. Basara had moved on exchanging his vow with another girl. 

Continuing on after the vow for “fire” with Mio, was the loli succubus Naruse Maria, who held the element of “wood”. 

In the middle of the bed, she sat on his lap, looking up towards him wearing nothing but over-knee socks as she rode him. 

“Aaah, haah ♥ Fuuh, ah… Haah, haah… Fuaaaaahn ♥”

Her moans grew louder with intoxicating pleasure, she was lost in moving her waist up and down on Basara, as her small elementary schooler body did a lewd dance on Basara’s lap. 

Maria looked at Basara as he fondled her breasts as if covering them from below, as his hardness lewdly pierced into her. 

He had gone all the way inside her, as she moved her hips, the membrane of her vagina was like it was a living creature sucking him in.

“Kuh… Ah…”

Succumbing to the pleasure, he inevitably ejaculated.

— Normally, a small body like Maria’s wouldn’t be able to take Basara’s hardness inside her.

Her undeveloped body had a small entrance to the point it’d be considered cute, and pushing in without much effort could cause her precious spot to tear.

But — Naruse Maria isn’t a human. She’s a succubus.

As such, regardless of how small she is, her body was able to take a man.

While being tight, Maria’s spot expanded enough to completely take Basara’s penis.

As Maria shook her hips, it created a lewd wet sound. The wetness of a man and woman mixed together overflowed from them, as it lewdly fell down Basara’s thighs. 

— In that lewd meringue, was a pink tint.

The indisputable proof that Basara had already taken her virginity.

On the neck of Maria now, appeared the same thing as when Basara first held her.

— The mark of the master-servant contract.

This was something activated between Basara and Maria by Hasegawa in the step before the vow.

During the master-servant contract, naturally a succubus’ power was used.

Now that the curse was activated, Maria had fallen into a state of arousal.

Moreover – this was something that would remain until the vow was completed.

Nevertheless, a succubus can handle more pleasure than other species.

Therefore Maria moved her hips to match Basara,


As Basara passionately thrusted his penis, he began pinching the sweet light pink nipples that stuck out from the middle of the breasts clasped in his hands.

“Noo ♥ aaahn…. Fuh, aaah ♥ Haah, nnn —- Aaaaah ♥”

Immediately Maria’s aroused voice spilled out, and with it a heightened pleasure.

Her long hair became disheveled as her small body bent back as it trembled in pleasure.

With that, Basara’s penis moved to be swallowed instantly whole by Maria’s spot.

“Kuh…. ah—–!”

The complex movements of the vagina of a climaxing succubus, would bring tremendous pleasure to her partner.

Therefore Basara didn’t hold back, releasing plenty of his seed inside Maria.

With that – thick white overflowed from the place where they were connected.

Basara had made Maria climax a number of times, and inside Maria as well was filled with a great amount of semen from Basara’s penis. As a result, it began spilling out instead.

However, without paying much attention to that, Basara put new seeds inside Maria as his lower half relaxed from his own climax.

— But this wasn’t his limit, especially with the vows with Maria and the other girls still not complete.

Basara’s penis remained hard regardless of how much he came.

With that — Just as Maria was coming down from an intense climax,

“Ah… Aaah… Mmm, haah… fuh… Mm… Fufu ♥”

She showed herself as a woman of utmost pleasure, her expression intoxicated as moaned sweetly; her coquettish face was unbalanced with her youthful appearance. 


More than anything else, Toujou Basara felt more turned on.

He wanted to mess this girl up – he wanted to make her completely his.

— There was a girl who was hugging Maria from behind.

It was Nonaka Kurumi, the girl responsible for the element of water, who was going to tie the vow next with Basara.

Kurumi, who up until this point had always been pleasured by Maria, saw the loli succubus reverberating in climax.

“Amazing… Maria can get like this too…”

“…That’s, haah… ah, aaah…. ♥”

With intense shame, Maria’s body trembled in masochistic pleasure as she moaned.

— But even so, the mark on Maria’s neck didn’t disappear.

This meant that the master servant vow had yet to be completed.

But — up until now, Basara had gotten a number of girls to submit to him.

And that took all sorts of techniques. 



Toujou Basara will be able to accomplish this.

Even if — he’s now with this succubus.


Before starting the master servant contract ceremony so she could tie the master servant vow; Basara told Maria about her upbringing.  

He told her the truth about her father – the previous demon lord Wilbert.

Maria wasn’t surprised to hear the truth though. 

In fact, she had accepted it. She felt like she finally understood how someone as undeveloped as her had the all important task of being entrusted with Mio.

Furthermore, when Mio was attacked by the Legion summoned by Balflear at Kinuta Park — Maria released an attack dyed in waves of crimson.

That light was certainly one of power.

Ultimately, her and Mio are sisters from different mothers — they’re truly Naruse Mio and Naruse Maria.

As she thought about that, she felt awkward even though she was happy.

— However, feeling that she felt she reached a certain happiness.

That’s why after Mio woke up, Maria had things she wanted to talk about with her. . 

With that said, when Hasegawa activated the master-servant contract magic for her, she was tied to Basara in both happiness and arousal.

However — even with them both having reached a heightened sense of pleasure, the vow had yet to be completed.

With Mio, after many climaxes her vow was tied as soon as Basara ejaculated.

Most likely — this was due to the difference in their submission level to Basara.

—- Naruse Maria, thought that it’s for the best to dedicate her all to Basara.

In that feeling, she doesn’t want to lose to Mio or the others.

However, in terms of her subordination and submission towards Basara, she was lacking.

Different from Mio, Yuki and Zest who had the master-servant contract from before and submitted to Basara many times, and Kurumi who had received baptism from Maria, Lucia and Sheila. In terms of Basara pleasuring her, Maria had always been on the side of inciting Basara.

As she’s a succubus, the pleasure she receives from Basara is considerable but at the same time precisely because of this nature, the amount of pleasure and arousal she receives is still within her limits.

— If it’s just this, there’s a possibility she can’t bring about the vow with Basara.

No, that itself should be obvious. If it was so easy there would’ve been more vows that came into existence up to this point.

However – she couldn’t think of a good solution to this.

Up until now, whenever Basara got Mio and others to submit to him, she had given them countless pieces of advice to help, but she had never thought about how to make herself submit to him.

…What should we do…? 

It’s already been an hour since she and Basara began. They’ve climaxed numerous times, and she had received a great deal of his semen.

Basara also remained inside her, this too is an obvious condition.

If they continue on with the way things are, there’s a risk as well that it would create a sort of spiritual resistance from her getting used to it.

In that case it would be even more difficult for her to submit to him.

— Plus, they’re limited by time.

After Maria, there’s still Kurumi, Yuki and Zest.

In the end, they can’t put her off until later. If they did that, they wouldn’t be able to give their elements in the order of fire to wood to water to metal to earth as they intended. 

But — panicking would also ruin their concentration, and it’ll cause submission to be further away.

Maria began growing frustrated with how unfortunate she was.


Suddenly, Basara called out to the girl behind Maria.


Maria’s breath hitched subconsciously. In an instant, what she felt was dread.

— At times, Basara could be ruthless in his discernment of a situation.

As such, there may be a possibility to first prioritize the other remaining vows, giving up on Maria’s element.

 Which was why,


This time, Maria raised her voice in protest, not wanting to be left out.

“Do you remember what I did to Maria, that time in the demon realm, when we proved our bonds in Lucia’s room?”

“…Yeah, I remember” Kurumi said in response to Basara. 

Kurumi who had been peeping on the situation at that time, perhaps remembered it and how she too, received the same from Basara after, spoke with bashfulness.

“At that time it was Lucia who showed us that… But Lucia is precious to Maria, her close, older sister. With her showing that, Maria accepted it like it was expected.”

Basara said.

“But Kurumi… Maria is always on the aggressive side with you. That’s why here, I’ll be watching Maria carefully, and I want to teach her. In that case—”

“I see… Yes, I understand. Leave it to me.”

A coquettish smile appeared on Kurumi’s face — from behind, she pushed Maria’s body down.

“Aah— ♥”

She fell on Basara’s chest from her riding position, and with it the angle of Basara’s penis inside her changed, her hips trembled from the pleasure of that.

Doing this, she’s in a position where she covered his body, with his penis still inside her.

And then, Kurumi moved from behind her back to a slanting position, Maria quickly realized what Basara was about to do. 

“ — Maria, I will make you submit to me”

With that declaration, there was a spark of absolute will in Basara’s eyes.

Those strong eyes holding her in at such a close distance,


Maria gulped down, and as Basara and Kurumi saw all she is.

“Please… Punish me, and make me yours down to the marrow of my bones”

At the moment she pleaded — with a rupturing sound, Maria felt a burning sensation against her ass.

Basara’s hand had slapped her hard.

— With that pain, they thought she would cry out

But — with crying out, there was a sensation that came upon her, much stronger than the pain.

It was a pleasure that was even greater than having her breasts fondled.

“—–Aaaaaah ♥”

With that, Maria gave the loudest moans since Basara started with her.

— The reason for that was an intense sensation she had never experienced before.

The stinging pain to her ass… And the assault from Basara’s palm, was expressed to the very depths of Maria.

…A, amazing…. What is this….

It was something akin to the pleasure she received in Lucia’s disciplinary room.

However, it was completely incomparable.

Maria was instantly muddled up from the unbelievable climax,


She then started thinking about what would happen next and the condition she would find herself in.

No matter what, she would feel good —  after all Basara’s hardness is inside her.

— nothing else mattered at all.

This is why her body trembled to the core with Basara’s palm, her womb reacted to that impact.

With that, the inner walls of her vagina convulsed, squirming as if it was licking and sucking around Basara’s penis.

“….Ah, haaaah ♥ No, aaaaaaaah…. ♥”

Maria, feeling the hardness of Basara’s penis inside her, climaxed instantly.

— But that wasn’t the end.

Before the trembling in the depths of her body stopped, Basara swung his hand down for a second time.

“~~~~~~~ ♥”

As Maria was intensely climaxing —-Basara slapped her ass for a second time.

— As he was doing that to her ass, he also began thrusting fiercely inside her.

The inside of her vagina shuddered with the spanking her ass received, she could come with just that — but her vagina which already reached the utmost pleasure, also had Basara’s hardness rubbing hard against its inner walls.

The answer to the lewd mystery of her body — is something Naruse Maria herself understood.

It was a pleasure of another dimension that only a succubus could experience.

“Haah… Basara, ah ♥ No…. Ahh, mmmm ♥ Fuuh, aah, wai, waaaah, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo — ♥”

Like a cry of pain, Maria moaned, but she couldn’t escape.

Kurumi’s hand which had been on her shoulder suddenly moved down — she pushed her towards Basara so she couldn’t get away. 

“Aa~ah, you’re coming so much from having your ass spanked…”

Sealing Maria’s escape, Kurumi had an excited and sexy sadistic smile on her as she spoke, 

“Fufu… Maria you’re such a pervert”

Her tone was purposely disdainful.

“…Aah, aaah….”

As moans spilled out of Maria, she tried her hardest to argue back. 

She wanted to say this was done so she could submit to Basara. She wanted to say Kurumi is just as much of a pervert too since she can cum from just having her armpits licked. 

“….Aaaaaah~~~~~~ ♥”

Instead… What came out of her was the truth of Naruse Maria. 

It was the sweet moan from the sensation of being taken roughly by a man.

Having her ass spanked, alongside having her innermost walls thrust against, submitting to the boy she has the utmost love for, this is her happiness. 

Maria who became a woman despite her loli body, all at once fell to being a lewd sex slave.

In that itself — was a hell where even the word succubus could no longer catch up to her.

— That’s why now, she no longer had reason.

Maria without realizing began moving her hips intensely.

“Fuaaahn… Mmm ♥ Basara-sa… Aaah, us together…. aaaah ♥”

Understanding it’s almost time for their vow, she pleaded as she held Basara’s face in her hands,

“…Aah…. Let’s go… Maria”

Basara instantly increased the intensity of his movements. 

And then — with a monstrous roar Basara spilled his cum inside Maria.

At the same time, he spanked Maria’s ass with the hardest force yet.

Therefore — together with that moment a torrential pleasure burst from Maria.

It was that time,


Naruse Maria suddenly received a feeling of full affection.

— It wasn’t something she could feel from Basara’s ejaculation or the harsh spanking.

Even though continuing on like that, they could finish it as such.

Instead in the intensity of it all Basara gently caressed her ass. 

It was at that moment Maria finally understood what he was doing to her. 

At that moment, in a dumbfounded voice, 


The master-servant contract mark around her neck disappeared, bursting away.

— Naruse Maria had crossed the line to the master-servant vow.

It wasn’t from the punishment of her master — but from the affectionate kindness he has for her. 

“Ah, aaah….”

Not being able to understand what had just happened and how she had tied the vow, Maria was speechless. 

Basara lifted her chin,

“Maria —- with this you’re mine forever”

As he locked in with her eyes, 

From Basara’s erection —- he ejaculated into Maria with a burst.

Part 2

The intense climax Maria experienced just as her vow was tied, was more than enough to render her unconscious. 

Basara then gently placed Maria down next to Mio, letting her sleep. 

It was then as he watched the two sisters huddled against each other as they slept, 

“Mm… Hey, Basara-niichan”

A girl softly leaned, seductively against Basara.

It was Nonaka Kurumi, the girl who was next to tie the vow with Basara. 

As he looked, the girl who was responsible for helping to support him in tying the vow, Nonaka Yuki, had gotten on the bed.


She called to him, in a voice full of affection.

Therefore he faced another set of sisters — his childhood friends who wanted to be held by him. Kurumi was already in just her panties and over-knee socks, while Yuki was in just her panties, with that said, they were ready. 

“Just like with Maria, I’ll have a master-servant contract, with that I’ll be able to submit to Basara-niichan more… is that alright?” 

Just as Kurumi said that, her eyes were hot with lust as she looked at his penis having just been taken out of Maria. Basara’s burly erection tilted back, and due to having cum a great deal while it was inside Maria, it was trickling with a cocktail of his own and Maria’s cum. 

Basara understood Kurumi’s ‘intentions’.

“I don’t mind but…Will you be okay?”

Like Maria, the mark of the master-servant contract curse appeared on Kurumi’s neck. She’s already in an aroused state. 

Even so,

“Yes… I’d like to do it like this”

Kurumi said, having expressed her desire,

“Got it… If that’s what you want”

Basara decided to grant that wish. And then, he softly brushed against her cheek.

“Thank you… I’ll try my best”

Kurumi said with a happy smile, she then bent down to Basara’s crotch level. In order to help her with this, Basara leaned against the headboard of the bed and spread his legs.

“Mmmm… Chuu, haah ♥ Chuu, licks…. Hmm… Chuu… Mmm ♥”

Kurumi took Basara’s cock in her mouth — and licked lewdly with her tongue.

Nonaka Kurumi was turned on from licking Basara’s cock.

— This is as her desperate wish had finally come true.

It was all thanks to Hasegawa — that now she, like the other girls, tied the master-servant contract with Basara.

…At last, Me too…

Up until this point, due to various circumstances, Kurumi wasn’t able to have a master-servant contract with Basara. 

Of course, there’s that time with Sheila’s baby doll negligee, where by Zest’s power she had a pseudo master-servant contract with Basara, and that strengthened the bonds between their hearts, Allowing her to experience a lewd level of climax as three with Basara and Zest. There were also times where she was told not to fuss about it by Basara.

However, even after that she had always been jealous of Mio, Yuki as well as Zest — in the bottom of her heart, she felt an inferiority complex that could not be completely erased.

However, having left the Hero Clan to be with Basara and the others, there’s nothing hindering Kurumi anymore.

— When they informed Basara about their decision, that time they went to the house where he grew up.

If it had been possible, Kurumi would have wanted to tie the master-servant contract with Basara right away then.

However, in this world one can only tie the contract during the full moon, and to top it off, Maria wasn’t there.

Therefore, during the night before that fight with Celis, the only way to give Basara a power boost was to strengthen his bond with Yuki – while Kurumi participated, in the end, she could only play a supporting role in that.

After that, Shiba began taking action and they kept moving this issue back.

— It was then, as she opened her eyes in this created space,

She was really surprised to hear about Hasegawa and Basara’s relationship; and how the two of them had tied the master-servant contract. However, Kurumi harbored complicated feelings about how Hasegawa crossed that line ahead of her. 

Zest was the one who kept her feelings from being hurt.

Furthermore, not only from Kouryuu, but also during the incident with Sakasaki at the sports festival, Hasegawa had saved her. Hasegawa was someone Kurumi owed her life to. That feeling of gratitude kept Kurumi from hating her. 

Even so when she heard about Hasegawa and the master-servant contract – once again, she felt a strange helplessness at her inability to help.


The moment she heard that as a former Togami, Hasegawa was able to incite a master-servant contract with the succubus characteristic even without the full moon, Kurumi instantly pleaded this of her.

If she could somehow — tie the master-servant contract with Basara and have that progress into a master-servant vow.

With that said, Maria as well asked of this favor… And Hasegawa decided to grant the two girl’s wish.

That’s why finally — Nonaka Kurumi had a dream she’s always held on to coming true.

She experienced the curse of the master servant contract … By the power of succubus for the first time. 

…So, this is how onee and the other girls feel…

As she felt the same sensation that has attacked Yuki up till now, Kurumi was unable to contain her happiness. She has fallen into a state of arousal before, when she received the baptism through Lucia or Maria, or with Sheila’s baby doll negligee. However, the feeling of arousal coming from a master-servant contract with Basara was different. 

—- With this, she, like everyone else could submit to Basara, with this she finally could be of help.

As she trembled with happiness,

“Chuu…. Nnn, chuu, lick, (kiss) haah…. nffu…. aaaah…. mmm ♥”

Kurumi gave Basara fellatio, as her mind was completely dazed in it.

It was in that moment she swallowed with the sound of a gulp, Basara’s semen that was mixed with Maria’s wetness that she completely licked it up.

“Mm —- chuu…. Aaah, haaah…… ♥”

Inside her pussy a burning fever began to arise, one that came from the arousal and pain, Kurumi felt a sweet agony as she released Basara’s penis from her lips.

—- A succubus’ cum, is an aphrodisiac.

Previously, she had heard about this when Basara and others came home from the large home improvement store, when Zest and Mio not knowing this ended up in an aroused state due to it.

So it wasn’t that she had to wonder how it would be to lick Basara’s penis which had been thrust into Maria numerous times as she kept climaxing. However, unlike Mio and Zest who absorbed it having been diluted in the water of the bath, Kurumi drank it directly.

However – the effect went far beyond her imagination.

“No… This, is so…. Aaah… ———– aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ♥”

It was at this moment that cum started to overflow from Kurumi’s hot womanly entrance. 

It quickly became something her panties couldn’t contain any longer, and it had dyed the mattress under them, wetting her inner thighs. And then — now, Kurumi was all ready.

“Ah…. Aaah, mmm…. Haah…. Aaah…. ♥”

She was in a state of arousal which she could no longer move herself, and the only thing she could do was let her lewd voice spill out. 

However, things weren’t over yet — the real thing was starting now.

“Hey, Kurumi… Basara is waiting”

With a kind voice, Yuki held Kurumi from behind and hoisted her up on Basara’s lap. With that, the innermost part of Kurumi’s crotch was right at the tip of Basara’s erection.

Sitting and facing each other — that’s the position Kurumi would take to tie herself to Basara.

“Basara… come look”

Perhaps because she was turned on from seeing Kurumi in a state of arousal, Yuki spoke with seductiveness in her eyes, she used her finger to go down into Kurumi’s panties, moving aside the crotch area with her finger, and as such – she completely exposed Kurumi’s pussy. It was clear that Kurumi’s nether region was in a state where it could take in all of Basara, whether she realized it or not. 


And with that, Kurumi noticed how close Basara was.

“…Aah…… aaaaaaaah…..”

With great embarrassment, she relaxed herself from the waist down.

— Kurumi naturally then started lowering herself down.

With that, Basara took his erection and adjusted the angle — the lewd shape of his tip aligned to meet with Kurumi’s entrance perfectly.

And then, Kurumi in her complete state of arousal, continued lowering herself down.

With a wet sound Basara’s penis touched her pussy, and as Kurumi fell, it slowly opened her womanly entrance. Basara’s tip then buried itself inside Kurumi. 


Nonaka Kurumi could feel Basara’s tip touching the barrier wall inside her.

— When Basara’s penis pierces through this wall, she would truly become his.

Therefore — Kurumi turned and looked over her shoulder,

“Hey… Onee, I’m sorry… I’m going ahead of you”

She said, apologizing in a hazy voice.

“Don’t worry about it. We all have agreed on this order for the five elements”

Yuki then smiled at her.

“I’m your older sister… It’s fine if I go later”

As she looked at her older sister’s kind expression, 

“…Yeah…. Thank you…”

Kurumi nodded, and then faced Basara.

As she looked directly at the man she decided to dedicate her everything, she said, 

“Please, Basara-niichan… Take me”

“…of course,”

Just as Basara said that — he grabbed her waist with both his hands. 

“Kurumi, let’s do this”

As Kurumi lost the feeling of her own weight, she moved down as Basara willed.


With that Kurumi’s spot succumbed to Basara’s penis and took him in.

As her crotch fell, Basara thrusted up. 

“….Aah…. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaah ♥”

Nonaka Kurumi instantly climaxed. It’s due to her strong excitement as Basara’s penis went completely inside her and took her virginity — with the pleasure from that, she came without restraint.

It’s due to her strong excitement as Basara’s penis went completely inside her and took her virginity. 

Perhaps it’s due to her aroused state, or perhaps it’s thanks to her experience up until this point, but instead of feeling the pain of her first time, she felt great pleasure, and tears of that pleasure flew out from her eyes. 

And with that, she could no longer think of anything else. 

As soon as she fell from her great climax, Basara began thrusting.

As Basara pierced into her, she felt good to the point she felt she could go crazy… she tightly held on to Basara as she began moving her hips to meet his thrusts. 

With her doing that, Basara himself received more pleasure, and as they kept moving as such, his penis gradually grew bigger inside her. 

However, Kurumi had no idea what that was a sign for. 


As Basara grunted, he abruptly came inside Kurumi.

“No… Aaah ♥ Cum… Basara-niichan is coming inside me… AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaAaahh —– ah ♥”

A huge load of cum went far into her deepest part — all the way into her womb.

Feeling that pleasure, Nonaka Kurumi climaxed yet again as she moaned.

Toujou Basara saw Nonaka Kurumi shake as she climaxed right in front of him.

However, despite that the curse of Kurumi’s master-servant contract did not fade. 

— If this was simply the normal curse, this should have been enough. 

What the two of them wanted to tie was the Vow, and as such this much wasn’t enough. 

Therefore— as Kurumi was intoxicated with how her insides were filled with cum for the first time,

As Kurumi was intoxicated with how her insides were filled with cum for the first time, Basara called out to Yuki. 

“…Yuki, help me with getting Kurumi to submit to me”

“Of course… What should I do?”

As Yuki was behind Kurumi, she asked for his instructions. 

“Do you remember that time at my house, when Kurumi and I did you?”

As Basara said that, he wrapped his arms around Kurumi’s back.

And then, he grabbed and spread the cheeks of her petite ass

“…ohh I get it”

With just that, Yuki understood – on her lips was a slight, mischievous smile.

On the other hand, Kurumi… As she was already in the midst of a great climax, having her butt spread by Basara caused her to feel great pleasure, she had no idea what the two of them were about to do 

“Aah…. Haah…. No… Mmm”

With Basara inside her, she bucked her hips lewdly.

— As Kurumi did that, from behind her,

Yuki, put her right hand’s middle and index finger all the way into her mouth.

And then — Yuki then slowly took her fingers drenched with saliva out of her mouth. 

“…Kurumi, relax”

With a seductive smile, she whispered into her cute little sister’s ears.

As Kurumi felt that,

“Mm… Haah… Onee…?”

With hazy eyes, she looked back over her shoulders,


She saw Yuki, with a captivating look, it was the first time she saw such a look on Yuki.

— However, now wasn’t the time for Kurumi to question that.

Basara’s penis was still deep inside Kurumi’s vagina, and she was filled with the sweet pleasure that came from that, and with it, she had let go of the very concept of thought itself.

“…I’ll do the same thing that was done to me”

The moment Yuki said that to Kurumi, she felt something slipping from beneath her.


Nonaka Kurumi, didn’t understand what had been done to her.

Her entrance was already filled to its utmost by Basara’s penis, there wasn’t any more room to put anything else in there. That’s how it should be — but something was put inside Kurumi.

“You should be able to see it like this…”

As Basara said that,  he shifted his body back a little bit.

Kurumi, as she was tightly holding on to Basara, naturally fell forward — however, since she was connected with Basara, her butt lewdly raised up spontaneously.


It was then — Nonaka Kurumi finally understood what was happening.

— Yuki’s right hand was extended towards Kurumi’s butt.

With that she followed her line of sight — and with it, she discovered the truth.

Yuki’s middle finger and index finger are both inserted in Kurumi’s butt.

“Eh… This is…”

It was a sight she couldn’t feel was real.

“Let’s go, Kurumi”

“Take it all… This is for you to tie the vow with Basara”

Basara’s and Yuki’s kind voices came to her from somewhere — 

at that moment

“Eh… No…aaaaaaaaaaah ♥”

Nonaka Yuki, bent her body back and trembled as she reached an intense climax.

The two of them began thrusting inside her — both of her holes were attacked at once.

— Yuki’s weakness is her butt. It isn’t, so to say, Kurumi’s.

However — Kurumi’s body was completely developed in the lewd movements of the two. Even though it was her first time, Kurumi felt the intensity against her inner walls, and could come as cum is loaded into her womb.

She could also feel her being attacked at her back hole too — combined with the attack from the front, Kurumi could feel two sensations of climaxing pleasure at the same time.

That enough was great, however

“…Not yet… more”

Basara said in a voice akin to a shout and continued the assault.

In their current face-to-face position, as he intensely thrusted, he was able to lift up her arm, as he tightly held onto it he began licking Kurumi’s weakness, her armpit.

Kurumi’s panties were stretched forcefully, as they were left on as Basara inserted himself into her, and with her sensitive spot lapped up,

“Haaah…. Basara-niicha,, the… aaah ♥ mm… haaah…. nooo ♥ Haah, aaah, mmm… mmm, haah ♥ Hiaaaan…. No, aaah… Fuaaaaaaah ♥”

Kurumi, swept by a storm of a new dimension of pleasure, fell to submitt to Basara as her womanly shower poured out of her — Even so, they continued on as such.

—- And then

“….Ah…. haaah ♥… Aaahn… Haah… Mmm ♥ Aaah… haaah, aaah… ♥”

Kurumi completely lost focus in her eyes as Basara and Yuki continued to attack both her holes, drowning in the pleasure they bestowed on her.

“…Ah… I’m coming again, Kurumi…!”

Basara announced as he continued to feel good.


Kurumi wrapped her legs around his back — clinging on to him to the utmost limit.

—- That reaction was the instinct of a young girl vowing eternity to Toujou Basara.

With that, in the next moment — Basara released with the instinct of a man who had received eternal submission from Kurumi.

A wave like hot magma, all at once filled Kurumi all the way to her womb,

“~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥”

Kurumi climaxed to the point her voice had given out, as her grasp on her consciousness reached its limits.

And then — from her pale neck.

The mark of the master-servant contract disappeared.

Part 3

After the vow with Kurumi was successfully tied, Zest entered the room.

It was finally Yuki’s turn — and after that was finished, Zest was the only one that remained. 

Therefore, they put Kurumi next to the other two who had also completed their vows. .


Basara called out to his childhood friend.


Yuki nodded happily and leaned towards him.

— On her neck, was the same mark of the master-servant contract that was on Kurumi earlier.

Even though she said it was fine for her to go afterwards as she’s the older sister — her true feeling was that she couldn’t wait, and with the shame she felt towards her own lack of discipline, the curse of the master-servant contract activated.

That just goes to show the strength of her feelings for Basara. 

“Let’s begin”

He announced everything with simple words,

“Basara-sama… Yuki-san, please allow me to assist you”

Zest had a seductive expression as she announced her current role.

The element “metal” of Yuki that Basara is receiving, is compatible with the Zest’s “earth”.

“…Yes, please, do me in well”

Yuki said with hazy eyes, showing her own lewd will.

Therefore — Basara took a position for his fourth vow with Yuki and Zest.

He had Zest lie down facing up, with Yuki on top of her on fours.

“…Yuki, raise your butt higher for me”

As Basara her gave the quiet order,

“Mm…. Yes, Basara”

Yuki replied looking over her shoulders, and she raised up her butt lewdly so he could get a good look at her. 

As Yuki was in that position, Basara pulled on her panties, slowly sliding them down. 

With that the crack of her butt slowly appeared before his eyes — as he continued sliding them down the back of her thigh, he then took the panties off one of her legs. 


Without Basara saying anything, Yuki understood what had to be done.

Still on all fours — she spread her legs apart slowly.

Yuki was lewdly showing both the crack of her butt and the entrance of her womanhood. 

“Yuki… do you want it in the front or back?”

He asked, as he caressed her butt,


Yuki gulped at his teasing question,

“Mm…. Whichever, do it as you like, Basara”

She pleaded, as her hips trembled.

“……..Is that so — I got it”

Basara announced softly to Yuki, and then he prepared his penis as he moved closer to her. 

He then lowered himself forward and pushed himself in, 

As she felt Basara’s penis enter her.

“…Aah… ♥”

Nonaka Yuki let out a moan of ecstasy.

Her purity was taken by Basara — Yuki had been waiting and wishing for this moment.

What Basara had chosen was the same as with the others, it was to use her front entrance.

— Although that should have been obvious.

Giving her virginity to Basara — that was an absolute requirement of the master-servant vow.

Even so, Basara had purposely asked her in order to reach a new height in their relationship.

For Yuki and the others who are under the succubus’ aphrodisiac characteristic of the master-servant contract, if they are to vow themselves for eternity to Basara — there’s one thing they have to recognize.

It was that they are absolute sex slaves for Basara.

From childhood friend, to lover, then to a family — she could no longer wish for such a progression in their relationship.

However, Nonaka Yuki didn’t care about that.

All of them steeled their resolve as Hasegawa explained to them.

Besides — there exists a feeling between Yuki, the other girls and Basara.

No matter how sexually sinful their relationship might become, this feeling would never change.

They have faith in this — and wanted to prove it.

More than anything Basara wanted Yuki and the others to make their own decisions in regards to becoming his.

And then Mio, Maria and Kurumi as well… They have already reached a new height in their relationship.

Consequently Nonaka Yuki too, became Basara’s in both body and spirit.


Contrary to the feelings of Yuki — suddenly, Basara’s penetration stopped.

— Just a bit before Yuki’s entrance, there was something stopping his erection from pushing in.

She couldn’t believe it. With her thinking about Basara like this, and him being inside her, there’s something that stopped him from completely taking her.

Nonaka Yuki thought — how unnecessary.

Because it’s there, she couldn’t take Basara whole.

— However, that bothersome thing was something Yuki always treasured.

It was something that she always thought she wanted to give to the person she loves the most — to Basara.

Right now that wish was about to come true.

“Mm… Please Basara… Take my first time…”

She pleaded, looking over her left shoulder.

“Yeah… I’ll take it, Yuki”

Basara spoke to her with strong conviction in his eyes.

“It won’t only be this first time… from now on, I’ll continue taking you forever”

At that kind yet absolute declaration.


Nonaka Yuki nodded, as her body trembled with happiness.

And then, Yuki heard a small breaking sound.

— Yuki well understood how big Basara’s penis is.

She had seen it many times before this, having serviced him like everyone else with her lips and hands.

Perhaps it was because of the succubus medicine used by Maria, or because of the continuous submission by Yuki and the others from the master-servant contract, but now Basara had grown to be unbelievably big.

Yuki and the others as well experienced physical change, remarkably in the sizes of their breasts. Even paizuri which was impossible for Yuki when they first reunited, is now something she could do.

And now — Yuki’s lewd hole was able to take Basara in,

“Mm… Ah, haaaah…♥”

A trembling sensation ran through her hips and up her spine, as Yuki moaned in pleasure.

— In her current position, she wasn’t able to see it with her own eyes.

But despite that, it was without a doubt that Yuki had taken Basara’s penis to its base.

From the hot, hard penis spreading her insides lewdly, she felt not only that sensation and pain — she felt warmth against her butt.

It was Basara’s hips, right against her.

Nonaka Yuki had given her virginity to Toujou Basara — and now, she’s being held by him.

— By her childhood friend who she has known for as long as she could remember.

The two of them are now meeting miraculously with their lewdest of cells.

“Basara-sama, Yuki-san… At last, the two of you are tied together.”

Zest, serving as a warm, soft cushion beneath her looking up, said with an expression full of affection, congratulating them,

“Now, beyond that… As incapable as I may be, please allow me to assist you.”

As she said that, she encouraged the lewd exchange between Basara and Yuki. 

And then — that too, was Yuki’s wish. 

“Basara, please… Completely mess me up”

The true part of herself — begged to be spoiled in the greatest submission she’d experience to date.

“Got it… If that’s what you want”

Basara spoke quietly — as he pushed his penis in slowly to reach the deepest part of her.

With that, the neck of Basara’s tip brushed against her insides.

“….Aaaaaah ♥”

With that sweet sensation, Yuki’s hips trembled lewdly.

The pain she felt in the beginning now seemed like an unbelievable lie.

The only thing that remained — is what would come at any moment, the anticipation of unknown eroticism.

With that, he pulled himself out to just about her entrance, and he grasped on tightly to her hips.

“—Yuki, let’s do this”

He announced with a low voice.


Yuki nodded as she gulped down.

With a slapping noise, he hit Yuki’s butt without restraint.

For Yuki, her butt is her weakest spot.

Recently, whenever she fell into a state of arousal due to the mast-servant contact, Yuki could easily come from just that alone. 

But right now, Yuki wasn’t feeling the pleasure from her butt.

It’s because she felt much more intense pleasure from elsewhere.

— Basara’s hand wasn’t hitting against her butt, but his hips.

Basara was thrusting into the deepest part of her in quick strokes.

“….Aaah, aaaaaaah ♥”

Nonaka Yuki moaned louder as she felt a great wave of pleasure.

From the walls of her pussy to the deepest part of her, her womb, she felt Basara’s penis move in quickly, as she felt the hardness and thickness of Basara’s penis — The intensity of Yuki’s climax further increased.

“—-Aaah, aaaaah…. ♥”

Her hips trembled, and with that, her position on all fours collapsed.

She lost the strength in her arms and she fell forward on Zest.

With that, Zest’s soft, ample boobs took her in.

“It’s alright Yuki-san… I’m here to support you”

She said, softly holding Yuki’s head.

The nipples of Zest’s chest, where Yuki buried her head in, were erect. 

“That’s why, please give all of yourself to Basara-sama”

Those were her words… But Yuki was no longer listening.

Yuki’s butt that fell on top of Zest, was raised up forcefully.

It was becauses even as Basara’s hardness thrusted into her, she received even more pleasure 

“Mm… Aaah… Haah ♥ haah, Basara…. Mmm, noooo ♥haaah… no, haaah, mmm ♥fuaaaah, amazi…. haaah, no, mmm… haaaaaaaaaaah ♥”

As Basara thrusted into Yuki’s innermost part, his hips were hitting against her butt with a bam noise, and with that, an even louder moan came from Yuki.

— The doggystyle position she had taken provided her the most intense penetration.

In addition to that, to make things easier for Basara, he raised up one of her legs, and it gave him more width in how he could take her — with that erotic truth, Yuki had orgasms one after another.

As the proof of their union, Yuki’s blood, which wasn’t little in amount, flowed with the juices of her pussy that came with Basara’s penetration, and it dripped lewdly down, overflowing to Zest’s crotch.

Yuki and Basara, the two of them were like a single beast in the intensity of their sex,

“Guh… I’m going to come like this, take it!”

Basara was speaking strongly due to being aroused from all the pleasure. 

“…Haah ♥… Come… Come in me, fill me up Bas…. Aaaaaah ♥”

Yuki too, pleaded to be filled up with semen.

And then – that moment finally arrived.

“Yuki… a… Aaah!”

As he called out to her, Basara thrusted all the way to her innermost part — and a wave spread through Yuki’s insides.

“No… Aaaaaaah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~~ ♥”

Her womb was filled with a shower of cum, and Nonaka Yuki intensely reached a climax.

Though their current goal wasn’t as sacred as the act of making a child, she still felt an unbelievable pleasure from that sweetness,

“…Haah, mmm…. fuuh… haaah.. ah… ♥”

Drunk on that sinful pleasure, Yuki sensually shuddered.


Basara slowly took his hardness out of Yuki.

“Mm… aah… haaah… ah ♥”

Yuki’s body trembled, basking in the climax of having been creampied, believed that with this her vow with Basara was tied.

“…Mm… Basara….?”

Yuki, feeling something hot against the crack of her butt, turned back with hazy eyes — 

It was when she saw that, in her butt, as affected as the rest of the body with the fever of her climax, that Basara’s member that had ejaculated but was still erect, began burying itself into her,

“Aah… no, Basara… that’s…”

Yuki powerlessly objected, her voice no longer having energy in it spilled out of her,

“It’s alright, Yuki-san… A vow is to give all of yourself to your master. You can’t say no to something the master desires”

Besides, said Zest.

“Usually, one requires further preparation for anal sex but… Since we came back from the demon realm, I’ve been mixing my cooking with a certain medicine I’ve received from Sheila-san”

As such.

“Therefore… There’s no risk at all for Basara-sama to take us there”

As proof that those words were the truth, Basara’s penis was swallowed up,

“Th, at’s…. Aah… aaah…. aaaaaaaaaah ♥”

And then, as it was entirely in her to the base — Yuki’s head was twisted by the intense shame and with that, she shuddered with the sweet pleasure that came with how the inside of her ass expanded out.

— It was completely different from that time in the Village, where Basara inserted his finger into her butt.

Basara’s penis is of a size, both in thickness and length, that’s incomparable to a mere finger and it spread her ass, penetrating deep to the deepest part of her.

…No way… Basara really put it all in…

Even with the truth in front of her, Yuki, who still couldn’t believe the obvious pleasure she derived from it, was spoken to,

“…Yuki, your hands”

Then Basara, extended his hand softly.

But Yuki understood that it wasn’t an act of gentleness,

Basara didn’t extend his hand so they could hold hands. He did it to hold on to her wrists.

—- So, it was a position, where he takes her from behind while holding on to her wrists.

Yuki began imagining the position.

With that — answering to Basara, without a mistake the tying of the vow would be as such too.

Zest said… The vow is to give everything of yourself to the master, to see no choices but the choice as willed by the master.

That wasn’t something she’s lost on — that’s the truth of the master-servant vow.


Yuki extended her arms back.

With that — Basara gripped on tightly to her wrists.

“….Are you scared?”

“I’m fine…. Basara, do me as you like”

Nonaka Yuki said as she looked over her shoulders.

Basara received from her, a seductive smile,

“For you to do that — that’s my innermost wish”

Nonaka Yuki spoke, saying the wish from the deepest part of her heart.

— Basara said nothing back to her.

Instead — he quickly moved to answer her feelings.

“~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥”

With her insides being grazed against Yuki experienced a forbidden pleasure.

With how her wrists were being held from behind, her butt was raised up, while her back down in the opposite direction, it provided her an angle to take Basara’s penis deeper than ever..

Furthermore — perhaps it was because of their position that Basara’s hips hitting from her behind got even more intense, hitting her butt louder than before.

“No… Haaah, aaahn ♥ haaah… this is, is…. Basaraaaaaa ♥ hiaaaan…. Aa, Basara…. Basaraaaaaaaaaaa ♥”

She was intoxicated with how her butt was intensely assaulted, and she fell all the way to the deepest part of hell in her forbidden pleasure.

Basara’s cum that was just ejaculated inside her earlier, mixed with the wetness that came from new pleasure began dripping down her inner thighs. 

With Basara’s penis assaulting her back hole, the inside of her ass had a hot burning feeling that kept growing in her — Yuki spread her legs, desiring an even deeper connection between her and Basara. 

Matching the timing of Basara’s thrust, she began moving her hips to hit her butt against his waist, inviting Basara’s penis deeper inside her.

— The mark of the master-servant contract had disappeared from Yuki’s neck.

Since her butt was assaulted, Yuki had already tied the vow with Basara.

However — Basara didn’t stop his intercourse with Yuki.

Zest, without saying anything, watched over them.

As long as Basara desired Yuki, they wouldn’t end their intercourse.

—- Therefore, the two of them basked in it.

From Yuki’s ass, which had taken in Basara’s penis, a wet sound could be heard, as the two of them had tied the vow, they grew more intense as they grew closer to the end.

Then — as Yuki, who drowned in the happiness of having Basara’s penis inside her,

“….C… Yuki, I’m coming…!”

Basara’s voice was filled with pleasure. 

“…Aaah… mmm ♥ Come inside me… Basara, haaah… ♥”

She pleaded as she looked back at Basara behind her.


Basara jerked her back towards him with her wrists which he held on to — Yuki was held by Basara from behind. And then Basara, used his left hand to fondle Yuki’s nipple, while he used his middle and ring finger to go inside Yuki’s pussy,

“Naaah—– haaaah ♥”

At that moment, Yuki trembled feeling two pleasures. 

“….ah…. Aaah!”

With a roar Basara shot a huge load inside Yuki. 

Her crotch was shot into intensely, as her butt filled with hotness. 


Nonaka Yuki shed tears as she came, having experienced a forbidden pleasure the other girls haven’t experienced. 

Part 4 

From the climax that came with being filled in her back hole, Yuki lost her consciousness.

Even so, Basara was able to tie his vow with Yuki with no issue — that’s all that mattered.

With that, he left Yuki to sleep peacefully.

“…I’ve kept you waiting, Zest”

Toujou Basara, turned to the last girl he had to tie the vow with him.

“? Zest… What’s wrong?”

He asked, surprised.

“…I… I apologise… Basara-sama…. aaah… mmm ♥”

Zest had hazy eyes as she spoke with a voice akin to a moan.

On her throat – the mark of the master-servant contract surfaced,

“Zest… Why did this happen to you….”

“Mmm… haaah… aaah… mmm ♥…Basara-sama… I apolo, mm… haaaaah ♥”

With her body trembling, Zest collapsed. She fell on Basara, as he caught her, he could feel how her tanned body was already burning up, it was a tell-tale sign of Zest’s arousal.

With that Zest, who had fallen into a state of deep arousal, had an incomprehensible level of seductiveness about her.

“—–Are you alright?”

Basara asked worried, even though he himself was turned on by the sight.

It was the first time he had seen Zest as aroused as she is now.

With Zest’s unsteady breathing, her large breasts bounced up and down.

And then — in the center of those breasts were her shapely nipples, poked out to their very lewd peaks, begging to be sucked by Basara. 

As he needed to exchange the master-servant vow with the five of them, Basara’s penis had remained erect, but seeing Zest as she was now, caused him to get excited.

If possible, he wanted to take Zest without mercy right as is.

— But they have to tie the master-servant vow.

If she holds back so much towards her master Basara to the point of being in this state, they wouldn’t be able to reach a new point in their relationship like he did with the other four. 

“Zest… Let me relieve you a little”

As he announced that, Zest mounted Basara’s lap.

In this position, the back of Zest’s head was right in front of him, it was more or less her back to him.

But, Basara didn’t put his penis inside Zest.

Instead, he fondled Zest’s large breasts from behind. 

With that, as Zest was in a state of arousal, her breasts felt exceedingly soft, like they could melt into his hands, and as Basara seemed to enjoy himself fondling them, he moved his index and middle fingers to pinch her nipples.

“Aaah ♥ noo… mm, haaaan ♥ aaa… haaah, no… fuaaah ♥”

Zest grinded against him as she moaned from the pleasure his handling gave to her, she came with surprising ease — from her crotch, still concealed by gold panties laced with black, plentiful amounts of her womanly honey, wetting the bed sheets below her. 


Due to her seductive expression, Basara, having already held the other four and losing his reason, wanted to let go and put his erection inside her.

However, he couldn’t do that yet.

—- He had to get Zest to devote her everything to him, just like Mio and the others did.

There must be a reason for her, at this unfortunate time, to suddenly trigger the curse of the master servant contract stronger than what’s usually normal for her.

As Basara’s maid, her loyalty to him was stronger than anyone else’s.

For someone like her to have the curse activate to this degree, must mean that she felt her existence burdened or troubled Basara 

…So, what happened?

Surely it wasn’t because she didn’t want to be held by him.

This wasn’t him just being narcissistic. After all, Zest held great love for him.

And when she serviced Basara, she felt pleasure more than anyone else.

— It was easy to think that Zest would be the closest in fulfilling the master-servant vow.

However, with the way she is now… she’s holding something back from him.

So — he drew himself closer to the Zest. 

“I see Zest… you”

Toujou Basara spoke as he held his loyal maid.

As he thought it through, he realized the fear in Zest’s heart.

“You’re worried that if you lose your virginity, you’d lose your power with it.”

“…Haah… I’m s-sorr, y… Basara-sama… aah, haah… ♥”

She asked for forgiveness as the master she loves so much fondled her breasts.

Those painful words of apology from her, were because what Basara pointed out was the truth.

— To be held by Basara, was Zest’s dream from the time they were reunited in the demon realm. 

But —- tying the master-servant contract, being indebted to those around him and not just that, but as a result of getting power ushered in, the conditions had changed.

— Although Zest is currently Basara’s maid, she was once the servant of the high-ranking demon called Zolgear. 

And the truth of that, is that she was created by Zolgear using forbidden magic.

Zest is strong with the way she’s able to use earth magic. This is something that was true even back when she was a servant of Zolgear. Despite everything she’s had the strength comparable to that of a high-ranking demon. 

 The source of that power was her purity… being that she maintained her virginity.

With the earth element and things related to it there’s Virgo of the Twelve Zodiacs— it is due to limitations related to this that Zest is able to use such strong earth elemental powers.

Most likely, that hasn’t changed till now.

— But, as Hasegawa explained the vow, she didn’t seem to hold any worry over it.

Zolgear was dead, and Zest’s current power should have exceeded him then.

And on top of that, Zest now had tied the master-servant contract with Basara.

So, for her knowing that she would be able to be of more use to Basara, to be by his side forever made her happy.

But — as the vow with Mio succeeded, then with Maria, then with Kurumi, then with Yuki, the anxiety within Zest built up.

— At the point where they are now, even if there was a one and a million chance that she would lose her powers if she’s held by Basara, then Zest would just be holding Basara and the other girls back right at this decisive moment for them. 

Of course, taking into consideration Zolgear’s personality, Sheila herself had checked whether or not Zest had any strange curse put on her when Zest moved to the moderate faction. 


The fact that they had found no problems — is what’s causing Zest anxiety now instead.

Having climaxed from Basara handling her and weakened slightly by the curse of the master-servant contract, Zest timed herself to speak between her moans.

Turning to Basara behind her, 

“Mmm… Basara-sama…. I know well what kind of man Zolgear was.”

“He was full of tricks and took great pleasure in nothing more than in the suffering of his foes…. Moreover, he had pursued ancient books, having great knowledge of forbidden arts. So, there’s a chance that I may be holding a trap that no one’s been able to detect until now.”

“At the worst, if I lose my power, I don’t mind my life being ended… However, if holding me puts you in danger”

She said, in a voice sounding as if she was crying as she spoke out her fears.

“….Aaah…. mmm ♥”

Zest, who felt ashamed towards Basara, once again fell into a state of arousal. 

“Don’t worry, it’ll be okay… You’ll be oniichan’s power”

A kind voice called out.

That was the person with the element of “fire” that’s compatible with Zest’s “earth”, the girl who was meant to support Basara in Zest’s vow — the first one who tied the vow with Basara and slept as she reached her limit having been taken by him.

It was Naruse Mio.

With embarrassment having left her, she let out a moan.

Her body grew hotter. It wasn’t only the fault of the lust that came from insider her

—- Basara was watching her.

At that fact, Zest felt deep shame — and more than that, undeniable excitement.

“Hey Zest… Show oniichan properly”

Mio who was behind her, whispered right to her ears,

“Mmm ….Haaah…. Basara-sama”

Zest gave a hot sigh — her glazed eyes were fixated on her master in front of her.


Basara called to her, with a much deeper voice.

— With the master-servant vow, one must devote their everything to their master.

And the wishes of the master, none of it should be refutable.

Those were the words that Zest herself said to Yuki — just a little before this.

“…Please, take a look”

With both her hands, she spread herself, and with that she was able to fulfil the general requirement of the master-servant vow. Spreading herself as far as she could go, she exposed the symbol of her purity to Basara.

“…How is it, Basara-sama?”


Basara had Zest in his sight.

Seeing the resolution in his eyes,

“Mmm… Aaah ♥”

Zest felt an intensity, as if Basara was consuming her with his eyes, feeling the vibration deep inside her womb, she bucked her hips lewdly. With that, from the spot she spread out herself, her womanly honey spilled out, melting out of her to the point of reaching her butt.

Seeing that — Basara’s eyes on her grew gentle.

“…It’s alright. As I thought, there’s nothing dangerous within you”

Those words were full of security.


Zest asked, sounding dumb founded.,

“Hey… I told you right?”

Mio said smiling at Zest,

“Zest… You’re so serious so you might be troubled by the things oniichan feels, you may be trapped by them”


“We didn’t just tie the master-servant contract we’ve lived together under one roof, we’ve had our feelings grow over that time, Haven’t we? And your feelings, of wanting to dedicate everything to oniichan — would that be defeated by fear you may hold for a man who no longer exists?”

“…No, Mio-sama…. I do not think so…!”

With that strong proclamation, the power of the arousal coming from the curse weakened.

It was proof that the hesitation within Zest was fading,

“Yeah… that’s right”

Mio said, looking at her happily.

“When you tied the master-servant contract with oniichan you were reborn. And now, as oniichan holds you, you’ll be reborn anew once more. Let go of your past, and you’ll really become oniichan’s in the true sense of the word — It’ll be the same as us”


As she heard those words, the anxiety within Zest disappeared — in place of that, a trembling pleasure welled up from inside her.

— It would be good if she’s held by Basara.

So she thought — and she could no longer hold back.

“Mmm… Basara-sama… Please, if you would”

Zest bucked her hips lewdly, inviting him her spot.


Basara slowly began to go over her — his sizable erection pushed against Zest’s entrance. Even though Zest had spread it plenty wide, Basara’s penis is even wider than that, and as such with this position, it hadn’t quite entered inside her.

“—I’m putting it in”

As Basara said that, he slowly thrusted forward, as Zest spread out her lewd hole, the tip began to bury itself inside her. 


At the bit where Basara had entered, his penis began to make contact with that of Zest.

That, being the symbol of Zest’s purity — her hymen.

— Even though just seconds ago, she was so scared.

Now, she no longer had a molecule of fear in her. Within her is a new power, a new relationship with Basara — when they reach that, then Zest would be reborn anew yet once more.

“Basara-sama… Please, let me be reborn as your true maid”

Responding to Zest, who spoke her heart with hazy eyes,

“Of course,… I’m going in”

Slowly Basara, further pushed his penis into her.

With that, Zest’s hymen was pierced, as if she was welcoming her master.

— It was at that moment.

From Zest’s neck, the mark of the master-servant contract dispersed and disappeared.


In response to that, Zest made a dumb-founded noise.

It was as if the hard work of Mio and the others was a lie, Zest so easily tied the master-servant vow.

It was so sudden, that she couldn’t believe it.

“Don’t be so surprised, for you, your virginity is the source of your power”

Basara said with a gentle smile.

“To give that to me… In a case like this, it’s the same as you dedicating everything to me”

As he said that — his erection was already deep inside Zest, the tip of it right at the entrance of her womb, pushing right at it.

With that, the happiness of being held by Basara, the joy of having reached the same vow as Mio and the others, and the pleasure with how Basara’s penis is inside her, swallowed by her pussy connected together,

“Aah… aaah… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaAAAAAh ♥”

Zest, who reached the peak of sensuality, let out a loud and absolute moan as her body trembled lewdly.

— It was a pleasure completely incomparable to the times when her weakness, her ears, were played with.

Zest didn’t protect her purity.

It was like her purity protected the inside of her pussy, from this kind of pleasure.

— This intercourse was to tie the master-servant vow with Basara.

So it would be fine if they were to end this now.

But — as Zest was reaching the peak of her climax, Basara did the opposite.

He began to push his erection inside her.

But beyond her hymen — just after that, even as Zest had already gone into lewd pleasure, feeling it on a completely different dimension, his meatstick rubbed against her pussy’s inner walls, spreading it open from the inside,

“No… fuaaah… haaah ♥ aaah… Basara-sa, ma… aaahn ♥ haaahn… aaahn… haaah ♥ aaah, Basara-sama… aaah, aaaAAah ♥”

Zest already lost her thoughts, as they melted away with the continuous pleasure of a different dimension. Basara seemed like he wanted to play more and give even more intense pleasure after this climax.

And then — an hour later, 

Zest continued to be marked by pleasures of a different dimension. 

“Aah… haah… aaah… ♥ mmm… haaah… ahn ♥ haah… mm, fuh…Basara-sama, aahn… mmfuu ♥”

This world’s most lewd maid was reborn, and she bucked her hips erotically on top of Basara.

From the place where they merged in their sitting position, white cum spilled as Zest moved her hips, trailing down the side of Basara’s erection to stain the bed sheets.

While he thrusted his penis inside her, he had his arm around her from behind and fondled her breasts into a different shape with both his hands, and she felt good to the point her head felt twisted,

“Fufu… Zest you’re making such a lewd face… It looks like you’re feeling really good…”

Perhaps excited at how Zest was being handled, Mio had the flames of sensuality fanned within her.

Mio sticking to her from the front, sandwiching Zest in between herself and Basara, put her arms behind Zest’s waist and fondled Zest’s ass roughly,

“Mm…. amazing, your nipples are so stiff… chu ♥”

Zest had her left nipples sucked by Mio’s hot mouth,

“No… Mio-sama, that’s… aaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~~~♥”

At the same time as this new pleasure, she bent her body as she came, her body convulsed, and her womanly shower squirted out hotly onto Mio,

And then, Zest who has already had a countless number of climaxes,

“…Ah… haah…. ♥”

As she was completely taken in, she spilled out with moans of pleasure,

Even though they’ve done so much, Basara’s penis was still erect — and this meant that he still wanted her. But even so, as Zest would soon no longer be able to move her hips in her trance,

“…Oniichan, how is it?”

“…Yeah, I’m also… Mio, I’m leaving the right ear to you”

She heard the words of the two that let her be reborn.

This was something to end this lewd action,

“Mm… No… Basara-sama… ah ♥”

Zest, seeming like she wanted this to continue,

“Yes… Once we’re finished with all of this, we will do it a lot more”

Zest’s most wonderful master in the world, said something to her from somewhere.

“….h, haah… ♥”

She nodded in reply and at the same time as she let out a pleasurable moan.

Basara and Mio each took one of Zest’s ears, as their mouths were closing in on them,

“Zest— you belong to me”

“Zest — you belong to oniichan”

As they whispered to her — the two of them took Zest’s sensitive ears in their mouth,

“~~~~~~ ♥”

As she was penetrated, and her weakness being taken, she felt at that moment the most intense pleasure yet,

At that moment, from her womb to inside her pussy, a movement pulsed through all at once — the walls of Zest’s pussy closed in on Basara’s erection, wrapping tightly around it.

“Kuh… aah… uaaah”

Inside Zest’s tight pussy — Basara once more, came into her, unloading a great amount of cum for the last time. 

Part 5

And then — with that, Basara completed the vow with the five girls.

Energy finally left him, and his body began to fall onto the bed. 

“…Haah,…. Haah”

With his breathing rough, he let out a sigh of relief as he spread out to lay down. 

It was then that he finally thought of what he had achieved, and a sense of trembling achievement welled up within him. 

— The legendary master-servant vow, he was able to tie five of such.

His sense of pride wasn’t just for himself, but also for Mio and the other girls.

This kind of ultimate master-slave relationship wasn’t possible with just the master taking everything from them, but they themselves being willing to devote their everything to their master as well.

Mio and the others willingly did that for Basara. 

As he thought about that, 

“…Oniichan, are you alright?”

With a sweet voice, one of the girls Basara tied the vow with climbed onto the bed, letting the spring bounce a little bit as she did so. She then looked at Basara as he laid down.

It was Mio, who just supported Zest’s vow just now.

Mio looked at him with concern.

“Yeah… How’s Zest doing?”

Basara asked, as he slowly woke his body up. 

“There’s nothing to worry about… She passed out at the end, but her breathing is fine”

Mio said, as she took a glance at Zest sleeping by Yuki, then, she looked back at Basara. And then — she looked at him with wet eyes.

“…What’s wrong?”

Basara asked, as Mio gave an “um” as she wiped tears off her cheeks,

“All of us… We really are yours now right, oniichan?”

She said, sounding happy, at that,

“Yeah… You’re all mine”

Basara said what cannot be discredited, an absolute truth. 

“I’m glad… We all managed to give you everything,”

As tears welled up under her eyes, Mio spoke happily.

He then took her shoulders and embraced her,

“Mmm…. aaah, oniichan ♥”

Mio leaned her body in towards him.

— Mio’s large breasts were pressed against Basara’s chest.

Mio’s breasts were still flushed with the fevers of pleasure, and as she felt the melting sensuality in them, her nipples hardened.


Basara called out, just noticing her condition. 

“Oniichan, do what you like… After all, I’m already all yours”

With an ecstatic face, Mio gave Basara the permission to do anything.

— Therefore Toujou Basara, did what he liked with Naruse Mio.

He took her lips forcefully, and in addition to that, he slipped in his tongue and fondled her chest gently.

“Mm… nn chuu… haah, oniicha…n, ku chuu… mmm ♥”

Mio bent her body happily, as sweet sounds spilled out of her with their tongues entwined — furthermore, she reached her right hand down to Basara’s penis which was still covered in his own and Zest’s cum, and then began to gently rub against it.

This was — all the afterplay of having been drowned in intense pleasure.

As he let go of her lips, he took Mio’s arm and fell back onto the bed. as she fell onto the bed on top of him, her breasts were directly in front of his eyes — he began taking her standing pink nipples in his mouth.

“Fuaaan ♥ haah, mm…. so good… aah, oniichan… ♥”

As Mio spilled out her moans, she didn’t let go of Basara’s penis and continued to gently run her hand over it.

And then — Basara feeling satisfied with having sucked on both of Mio’s nipples and let go of them. 

“Mm… Oniichan, just relax…”

Mio said, and she began descending down to his crotch.

Putting her bangs behind her ears, she began taking Basara’s penis which was still covered by his and Zest’s cum in her mouth, licking it.

“Haah… Chupu, mm… churu… fufu, it’s amazing… Oniichan is still so lively here… lick, chuu… mm ♥”

As Mio took Basara’s penis with much affection, a seductive smile appeared on her face.

— It was an expression Mio never wore before.

Of course, when she serviced Basara under the influence of the master-servant contract, Mio had made similar seductive expressions.

However — Mio’s current expression was completely incomparable to those times. When she dedicated everything to Basara, she surely had reached a point of lust so deep she could no longer return from it.

It should be the same with those sleeping now, Yuki, Maria, Kurumi, and Zest.

With that being said, he believed it wasn’t as if her mind and spirit were completely broken to a point where it couldn’t recover to full consciousness. 

It’s undeniable that she’s currently in a state where she temporarily doesn’t have a hold on her own mind. 

Most likely, it was just her sense of values being overturned from their very base. 

Toujou Basara thought that much was natural.

Her current condition was the result of how he had given Mio and the other girls more than enough pleasure. 

Right now, before his eyes was a sex slave by the name of Naruse Mio. 

That was something lost in the corruption of the vow, and something Basara gained through it.


So Basara looked at Mio who belonged completely to him. 

“Mm… Churu, Nfu… nchuu, haah… ♥”

As she took his penis, Mio focused her all into her lewd blow job, giving an expression showing that she was melting in ecstasy. 

During the first time they met in that family restaurant, he thought she was such a cute girl. His heart beat fast at the thought of how they were going to live together. Basata had made that Mio completely into his sex slave. 

But Basara didn’t have any regrets. Surely it was the same for Mio and the other girls. 

With the bonds between them changing, the only way to return to their daily life is to win this battle. 


If they had regrets, then they wouldn’t have been able to tie the vow with Basara in the first place.

All of them desired it from the bottom of their hearts.

That’s why they tied the master-servant vow, and then Mio and the others became Basara’s sex slaves.

By his desires, Mio and the others fell into the state of being sex slaves for Basara.


That fact caused Basara, a dark feeling of excitement, and his penis became even harder.

“Mm… Fufu, oniichan, don’t hold back… do as you like”

Mio let go of his penis from her mouth, and slowly pulled up her knees.

“Hey look… Over here, I’m already like this…?”

She exposed her most embarrassing spot to Basara.

With that, Mio’s most private spot was already flowing with her womanly honey, desiring Basara’s penis.

It was exactly like — the aphrodisiac effect of the now non-existent master-servant contract. 

So, Basara roused up his body.

“Yes… That’s right, you’re mine now”

Saying that, he pushed Mio down.

“Ahhhh… ♥”

With Basara on top of her, Mio gave a pleasant voice as she felt his weight, and she spread her legs apart,

“It’s okay oniichan… Take me as you like”

Mio, who became a complete sex slave by the master-servant vow, said to Basara,

“Hey, come here… I’ll help you feel good, oniichan”

Those words — were enough to take all reason from Basara.


So Toujou Basara as if assaulting Mio with all of the desire that welled up inside him, with no hesitation thrusted forward his erection into the lewd hole in front of him. 

Part 6

After Hasegawa Chisato (Afureia) managed to rescue and protect Basara and the others.

Shiba had managed to make Kouryuu manifest, and began synchronization in order to establish control over it.

Therefore, in place of Shiba, who was currently tied to Kouryuu in the Tokyo tower, adjusting the power of the four gods in the area, as well as locating Basara and the others, was a responsibility that fell upon Balflear. 

— The adjustment of the four gods, proceeded without issue.

It was an obvious result, because there was no one to interfere with Shiba.

And even with “Byakko” that was brought by Basara, it was currently still working with the four gods, and the element of metal needed for Kouryuu’s manifestation was still being released.

It was the same with Suzaku, Seiryuu and Genbu.

Therefore — with time, Kouryuu will be completed,

Shiba Kyouichi would then have obtained the power to rule over all. 

With that, there would be no one who could stop Shiba.

And this wish which they had been going through with for so very long, will soon come true.

Before that, if it was possible, he wanted to put to rest the number one source of their worries. For that reason, Balflear flew all over the heart of Tokyo within the barrier trying to locate Basara and the others.  

Since Kouryuu had already manifested, they should have had a good grasp on this space, and this should have been an easy search. 


He wasn’t able to find their location after all.

As a high-ranking demon skilled in stealth, as well as being able to use the powers of the contracted demon Wraith, Balflear is good at sensing the indications of his surroundings, and hiding himself. However, Balflear couldn’t find Basara and the others’ location. 

The reason for that is without mistake,

…The power of Togami Afureia, huh?

Most likely, she had created a false dimension within this barrier.

It wasn’t just the barrier itself, but even Shiba couldn’t follow the path of Basara’s group’s Ki.

With the reach of Balflear’s senses and magic, it wasn’t only limited but close to impossible.

— Even so, to further the success rate of getting Kouryuu to manifest, he must further strengthen the power within the barrier.

Even if it’s a false dimension, it wasn’t possible to prevent it from eventually breaking down.

Eventually, there will be a gap in the space, and seams will start to come apart.

…Further investigating more than this without aim, could perhaps be a risk instead.

The two of them comprised all their forces afterall. 

Other than maintaining the four gods, If Balflear was to stray too far from the center, they had to consider Basara and the others closing in on Shiba. 

— That being said, Shiba right now is already much stronger than at the time Basara and the others escaped.

There’s just a one in a million chance that it may all be too late but… Balflear was there to prevent that one in a million chance.

That’s why Balflear decided to stop his search for Basara and the others for now and returned to Shiba in the central district. 

And then on the observation deck of Tokyo Tower — on the edge of the outside wall, he stood,


Balflear couldn’t help but gulp down,

The power of the manifested Kouryuu far exceeded what they expected.

—- It’s way beyond a level that they could have even predicted.

The manifestation of Kouryuu is currently at 80%. It’s progressing as expected.

However, even though it’s just at 80% — Kouryuu is already well beyond Balfear’s 100% estimate in terms of its power.

Shiba has the four vessels. Moreover, the four vessels channel the four gods.

So because of that, the four gods as per Shiba had skewed the calculation but,

“Even so… for it to progress this far”

With the five elements, it contains the power of all of creation.

As such, with Shiba being able to manipulate Ki, he not only takes the power of Kouryuu but adds to the power of Kouryuu as well.

In short — they’ve reached an affinity.

“—Oh, so you’ve returned”

Without noticing it, Shiba was standing behind Balflear.

Surely, he had hid his own ki.

However, Balflear with the way he is now, had gotten used to things like this, and wasn’t surprised. 

Shiba’s power —- had far exceeded any dimension.

“My apologies. In the end I couldn’t find Toujou Basara”

He said, reporting the situation.

“Don’t worry about it. Thanks to you stabilizing the four gods, Kouryuu is manifesting without issue. That much is more than enough”

Besides, said Shiba.

“What is Basara going to do, what kind of plan he might have, I’ve pretty much guessed it. I’m sure he’s going hard in thrusting his hips right now”

He said while shrugging his shoulders,

“It’s Afureia after all. Since she threw away her place as Togami, she’s lost all sorts of her original power. I’m pretty sure she’s exchanged a contract with Basara”

“Even so — I don’t think he can match up with me right now”

At the moment Shiba said that, a phenomenon took place in the sky proving that truth .

In the middle and the four directions — the color of each attribute’s light shined, the power of the 5 elements reached affinity.

And then, Shiba Kyouichi smiled as he watched over the situation.

“We’ll continue on with our plan no matter what. Everything is going as we just as we wanted” 

Part 7

After using the last remnant of his arousal from tying the vows on Mio.

Toujou Basara went to the bathroom and took a shower.

— This space created by Hasegawa, used her apartment as a basepoint.

But it was made to be much larger, and it seemed like the guest room where they tied the vow was changed up. As such, there were many doors in the guest room that didn’t actually exist.

One of those led to a dressing room which then connected through to the bathroom.

Being able to tie just one master-servant vow should have been a miracle.  

Tying five consecutively in a row was nothing less than incredibly absurd. 

She must’ve thought that Basara might reach a stalemate midway through and needed to switch up the mood. Therefore, she made the space as convenient as possible. The bathroom was designed to be the same as the one in Hasegawa’s apartment, which was one Basara had known well and could use as he liked. With that said, he began washing off the sweat he worked up in bed. 

This time though he wasn’t with Mio and the other girls who he had worked up that sweat with. 

It had recently become normal to shower with them. Often after getting his back washed they would spontaneously do lewd things in the path. However, they never crossed the last line. 

However — now that they have crossed that line they protected so, they wouldn’t be able to hold themselves back. If they were to bathe together surely it would result in acts of desire and wanting for each other.

Therefore, they went in one by one.

— With that, it was natural for Basara to go first.

As they’ve tied the vow making him their absolute master, everything must prioritize him.

Besides — Mio and the others were still passed out from their intense intercourse.

Leaving them to sleep, Basara went into the bathroom.

After he finished showering, Basara left the bathroom — and in the changing room a beautiful woman was there, waiting for him.


It was Hasegawa, who had been in a different room while Basara and the others did the vows — That way they could immerse themselves in their intercourse.

“Do you need clothes? If so, I could prepare anything with my power, even your uniform”

As she stood in front of him, she was wearing a sheer silk baby-doll.

With its fancy design, one could see the outline of her butt, as well as her sensual breasts looking as if they could just burst right through. 

The sensual outfit didn’t constrain her body at all. Surely it was her loungewear. 

She forced herself into the barrier; saving Mio and the others from Kouryuu’s blaze. Furthermore, she saved Basara who was almost killed at the hands of Shiba. She then created this space that couldn’t be found by their opponent. It had only been tens of hours, but in that time having done so much, not even the extraordinary Hasegawa could do so without breaking a sweat. 

Looking divine in her beauty, Hasegawa didn’t even look the least bit tired. 

“In any case… it went faster than planned, but it all went well”

She said smiling seductively,

“…Yes, thank you”

As he spoke words of gratitude, Basara looked down at his right hand, clenching his fist tight. 

— He was aware that his body now held a power he didn’t have before.

It was the effect of the five vows, and the compatibility of the five elements.

Surely, Mio and the others as well had their abilities increased tenfold.

Shiba too would have had an increase in power with Kouryuu, but with this, they can fight.

As Hasegawa said, they managed to tie the vow faster than expected.

— It was because with the exception of Mio, as soon as the vow was completed the girl passed out.

That’s why although with Mio, they continued their intercourse for the remaining five hours, He didn’t do so with the others, ending it as such without using the remaining time allocated to them.

With this remaining time, he could prepare for his strategy against Shiba.

During their first fight, it was like they were dancing in the palm of Shiba’s hand, acting just according to his plan. Even if they increased their strength, if they didn’t take additional consideration, this time they’d face failure this time as well.


They know what Shiba is aiming for now. Of course, Shiba may have a trump card, and other things he may be aiming for, but even so they must adjust to the information currently available to them.

Therefore, Basara expressed his gratitude once more. 

“Thank you… all of this is thanks to you, sensei”

“The power you guys gained is proven by the possibilities you all had cultivated, and it took form in this way. All I did was teach you about it.”

Hasegawa smiled softly, with her expression looking a little sad.

She expressed her feelings on having seen them complete the vow from beginning to end. 

“Naruse and the other girls who were held by you, they all seem so happy. I’m jealous of that. me too if possible… I can’t help but to think about that” 

“But if you hold me then it may unbalance the power within you again… You may lose your ability to use Banishing Shift, and we cannot entirely avoid destroying the balance of the elements Naruse and the others had built with you. You have to win against that man Shiba after all.”

As she said that, she gently cusped his cheeks with her hands.

“Even so… Please, allow this much of me”

She planted a kiss on him — Basara felt a warm, soft sensation against his lips.

— Toujou Basara understood just how much Hasegawa feels for him.

So Basara put his arms around her waist and held her close.

“Aah… mm, chuu… haah, nmuu… Chupu… licks, nchuu… ♥”

As she entangled her tongue lewdly with Basara’s, from her closed eyelids, tears flowed down as she put her arms around his shoulders embracing him back. 

— It was a kiss of promise between two who hold the same feelings.

Even though they may not be allowed to go further than this for now.

But even so Toujou Basara will hold Hasegawa Chisato — he will take everything and tie the master-servant vow with her.

They vowed to that certain future.