The Hungry Wolf Brigade

I kinda felt like posting chapter 1 of Yarisugita tonight. This is more a continuation of the prologue more than anything. You won’t really have much of an understanding of why Yui is being chased until chapter 2. However this chapter you get to learn a little bit more about Sirou, Yui, Mikoto, and how the lust parameter works in the series for lewds. You’ll get to meet one of Sirou’s “friends with benefits” and Rem and Renya both get their introductions. So have fun.

Stream Shinmai On HBO MAX

I know they only have the censored version available for streaming on HBO MAX, but for those of you subscribed to HBO MAX please show your support for the series and stream Shinmai on it. Hopefully crunchyroll eventually sends them the uncensored version and OVA’s.