It’s almost here


Work on the volume 11 summary is going to start as soon as volume 11 downloads to my Bookwalker account. As I said before, Crowdfund contributors will be linked into the document and will be able to see updates in real time. It should take about a week before the entire volume is summarized and then I’ll be posting it for everyone else.

The Testament of Sister New Devil Departures


It’s not quiet an S3, but I’ll take a 60 min OVA with higher production values. Based off the description there’s going to be some anime original content. At some point, the plot might line up with volume 9 since Yuki and Kurumi get summoned by the Village. Maybe the volume 11 Afterword will shed more light on this project. Most likely we’ll get a PV during winter Comiket.

Take a look at the official Shinmai website for more information


Everyone that can afford it please help support the series and buy the BD Box on March 28th 2018.



Tentative plan for the next couple of weeks

Crowdfund contributors there should be an update to the “LN Translations” folder by the end of this week. Nomi is finishing up the remaining parts of the volume 9 prologue (parts 1-4).  Good news about chapter 1 and the remaining parts of chapter 2 is that they are much shorter and not as dense as chapter 3 or 4.

As soon as volume 11 releases on Bookwalker, Nomi is going to begin working on the summary. Most likely it’s going to take her a week to read and summarize everything. Crowdfund contributors will be able to see the updates in real time since you’ll have access to the google doc.

Once the volume 11 summary is completed, Nomi will begin translating the lewd/sex scenes because those are always of interest. So that actual translation of the remainder of volume 9 is going to be put on hold at least until the end of the month of November.

I also purchased the Toranoana version of volume 11 which comes with the 8 page booklet through DoujinRepublic. I’m not sure when Toranoana will be sending it to them though. The good news is that I have priority shipping and should have it in my procession 3-10 days after it ships. Based off of past experience with DoujinRepublic I should have it mid November.

I’m also going to make an honest attempt to make myself more readily available on my discord and elsewhere in order to answer questions or concerns. Email is still the best way to reach me since I basically live in my email.

Volume X summary

If you look under the “sample translations” tab for volume 10 you’ll find a new tab at the bottom labeled “summary”. The summary covers the main points of volume 10, but isn’t much of a substitute for the source material. Nomi didn’t bother summarizing the epilogue since she already translated it months ago.

Volume X Summary

Volume 11 Cover Illustration



The cover illustration for volume 11 has been released. I’m glad everyone seems to be happy. It’s a nice touch that brynhildr is hidden in the background. Remember volume 11 releases on November 1st. Everyone who is able, please show your support for the series and purchase this volume.

Housekeeping and Updates

Crowdfund Contributors you’ll find the completed translation for volume 9 chapter 4 in the “LN translations” folder which concludes Basara’s duel against Celis. I have to say Uesu did a good job with how he handled Celis’ character. She’s by far one of the best “childhood friend” characters ever written. It’s a shame she doesn’t appear earlier in the series though.

Banyuusekiryoku makes Basara even more broken then he’s been established to be. 

Moving on

I updated the sample translations (I only post up to half of each chapter as sample translations. If you would like to read the rest contribute to the project)

-Added volume 9 chapter 3 part 4 (Maria and Zest onsen trip)

-Added Volume 9 chapter 4 part 3 (Celis and Basara are fighting)

Starting next week, the plan is to begin releasing the “sparknotes” version of volume 10. Crowfund contributors are going to get a play by play of every part of each chapter. For everyone else, I’ll probably just release general chapter summaries.