february Update

The Secrets of a Certain Competent Maid focuses on Lucia, eroge, the way she views the human world, as well as her relationship with her mother and sister. I’ve personally always liked her because of how different she is compared with Maria and Sheila. There’s this certain in series eroge title that appeared in the beginning of the series actually gets played in this chapter. Lucia has some fairly strong feelings regarding it. I’ll just say keep that in mind for when it pops back up again.

Anyways just a little bit of housekeeping. I will be spending the majority of the day traveling. So in the event you email me and I don’t respond within 2 minutes of receiving your email it’s most likely because I’m in the air.

So have a good one folks and remember to wash your hands so you don’t get Coronavirus!

January Update

Succubus Oriental answers the question of what would it be like to go on a date with Maria. Of course everything doesn’t go according to Maria’s plan. It does an interesting job with regards to contrasting the culture of the human world and demon realm when it comes to art, and it further explores the lens through which succubus view the human world. There’s some really good wholesome moments and Maria gets a bit of depth added to her that directly ties into her vow.