Chapter 3: With You on This Night of Resolution

In the midst of the discussion in ceremonial hall, Yuki and Kurumi had been dismissed by orders of the elders.

And then following after Shuuya out of the ceremonial hall, the two of them were currently on their way back to the Nonaka home, leaving Basara and the others in the middle of discussion. They didn’t use the car they had used to come here from the station – after all that belongs to the <<Village>>. As such Yuki and Kurumi, walked following behind Shuuya with the goal of their parents’ home.

— However, this wasn’t the elders’ instruction nor Shuuya’s decision.

It’s something that had been decided in the discussion with Basara before coming to the << Village >>. If case the << Village >> was provoked, at that moment it was decided that Yuki and Kurumi would carry the burden of the frontline roles — in the case that the reason for their actions might be broken off, to avoid the chance that they would fall as hostages or bargaining chips.

At the Elders’ manor, Basara’s group was right in the midst of the discussion with the << Village >> and << Vatican >> — Then, there’s the demon world’s special envoy Takigawa, if they acted like they opposed the terms of the secret document, there’s a risk of invoking an all-out war with the demon world. Shiba’s appearance was no small surprise but, it wasn’t just them who stopped Shiba, but Celis from the << Vatican >>. at the very least that should guarantee Basara’s and Mio’s safety in the proceeding meeting. However,

…We can’t do that.
With her eyes falling to her feet, Nonaka Yuki assessed the situation calmly.

The << Vatican >> complained that the << Village >> doesn’t have enough strength to properly suppress Basara and Mio – in that case, it’s not limited to the elder’s use of Yuki and Kurumi to suppress Basara. It also couldn’t be denied that among the hero clan, even more than those who belong to the << Village >> would be using this to their own advantage, politically and in the bigger picture. The hero clan are those who protect the world from the threat of evil — That duty isn’t one that can be fulfilled with just beautiful words.

That duty of theirs was one they take nobly, thinking of it with pride. However, they can’t be an impediment to Basara. Luckily, although the elders had told them to leave the hall, they had not said they must wait in a different room. Most likely, they expelled them following Shiba’s ad- libbed suggestion, they stopped at just dismissing them from the room as per what Shiba said, as they took into consideration that Shiba may go against their expectations and goal Yuki and Kurumi took that chance. The manor of the elders was in short, the elders’ field. They had to be at the utmost level of alert. And they wouldn’t know where or what trap might await them.

However, in the Nonaka home Yuki and Kurumi are completely familiar with the structure and environment. At the very least, more than at the elder’s manor, they could prepare provisions in case of emergency, so that they don’t end up getting used for the political speculation of the elders or village.


As Yuki and Kurumi were dismissed, they didn’t know much about Shiba’s goal. If Shiba used the two of them during the meeting, at least they could object. However, he had taken them by surprise and attacked Basara suddenly. Now that Yuki and Kurumi had been dismissed from the meeting, at the very least he wasn’t able to use them to take advantage of Basara and Mio’s kindness, twisting the direction of the meeting. Then, at that.


When she looked at Kurumi who called out gently to her, Kurumi’s sight was directed elsewhere — to the environment around them. Kurumi had been examining the area without letting her guard down, it’s something Yuki noticed earlier — it’s the eyes on them. It takes twenty minutes for them to walk to the Nonaka home from the elder’s manors. Under good noon weather, normally they should have encountered someone along the way. However, despite almost reaching the Nonaka house, up till now they haven’t passed by anyone. It’s completely like the whole Village was holding their breaths quietly within their homes. However, although there was no one, they can feel eyes on them. In short, this too could be the elders’ instruction for the Village.

It’s not just Basara or Mio. Yuki and Kurumi too, were put under surveillance. So, “—”

Nonaka Yuki, as she’s placed her eyes on the back of Shuuya who’s walking ahead of them, thought about how she and Kurumi had given their beloved father such a difficult problem,

…As expected.
This situation can’t get ignored any more than this – so, “….Father”

She called quietly to the back of Shuuya, who till now had been walking ahead of them. With that,

“Yeah… But, we are almost there. Let’s talk when we get home”

The words Shuuya said while walking ahead were the truth. At the end of their sight, they could see the Nonaka house – That’s why Yuki, didn’t say anything, lined up with Kurumi as they walked on behind Shuuya.

Walking alongside a stone fence, stepping onto the ground through the gate, the front door was right in front of them. Just ten meters or so, Yuki and Kurumi moved forward – and then the moment Shuuya was in front of the door, it opened to their home,

“—Both of you, welcome home”

The warm voice that welcomed them, was their mother Kaoru. Though the two of them carried such a serious problem with them, she had smiled gently at them without showing an atom of feeling that.

“Mother —”

At the moment they saw that Kaoru – Kurumi who stood by Yuki spilled out a voice that sounded like she was about to cry.

“Oh, what face are you making… But, what good timing. It’s a bit early but I just started preparation for dinner. I’d like help from the both of you. Come on in”

Kaoru made a small bitter smile, turning a heel to head back inside.

So Shuuya followed behind, with Yuki and Kurumi through the door. — At that moment


Mixing with the nostalgic scent of their home, floating through from the kitchen was the scent of Yuki and Kurumi’s favorite of Kaoru’s cooking.

That was, a dish that Basara and Jin who often came to the Nonaka home liked. They’ve learned how to make it from Kaoru, It’s the beef stew that Yuki made after the fight with “Byakko”, as she was put back to observe Mio in the Toujou home. That’s why – as Yuki was inside that, inevitably,


Yuki, bit down on her lips, as she took off her shoes at the front door following Shuuya’s lead, he turned to them as he stepped inside the house,

“Welcome home – Yuki, Kurumi”

It held a different nuance from when he had picked them up at the station – it was words to welcome back family. At that Shuuya, Yuki and Kurumi expressed what was sure for them now.

With a natural feeling on it — we’re home.

Part 2

The meeting, which in addition to the elders and Celis had mixed in Shiba, drew its curtains for the moment.

Mio, who became the focus of the problem, as well as the treatment of Basara had been put on hold, and in turn they awaited the duel between Celis and Basara.

Their fight was to happen tomorrow. The place was the large area outside of the proud << Village >> – said to be part of a mountain used for training exercises.

— And then, one hour after the meeting. Mio stood amongst white steam.

Leaving the ceremonial hall, where the elders had dictated Basara and Mio should stay at tonight – that is, the house where Basara had once lived with Jin, Mio had soaked herself in the bath.


In the tub, she subconsciously let out a sigh, that was born from her relief at being released from the stress she was under.

Since they arrived at the << Village >> — No, from the time they saw Shuuya’s face at the station, Mio’s heart and body had been in a tense condition, but she was finally able to breathe.

— That’s why all kinds of things came to her mind

After Basara and Jin were expelled from the << Village >> – time at the Toujou house had stopped as it was, it didn’t feel like it was that old. A house without its owner would quickly decay. After it was decided that Mio and the others were coming, it would have been too late for cleaning and tidying up. Most likely, someone had taken care of it periodically after Basara was exiled.


Naruse Mio thought – the person who did was most likely Yuki.

The feelings she had shown towards Basara during the time it was ordered for Mio to be eliminated, what was shown by Hayase Takashi, wasn’t as simple as the feelings of a childhood friend. The Kurumi they’ve completely reconciled with now too, at that time with no doubt showed clear hatred for Basara. Most likely, it should have been that no one in the << Village >> protects Basara and Jin. Now thinking about it, in the five years Basara had left, Yuki is who kept thinking about him all this time. As to not trouble her family, she must have done this in secret.


All alone — at the thought of young Yuki, going alone to the Toujou home, Mio thought of her.

And then Mio’s next sigh — was of one more worry. At that,

“…Basara, will it be okay?”

Leaving the ceremonial hall, the elders manor behind them, Basara continued to make a serious expression. That was most likely – no, definitely, because of that man, Shiba Kyoichi.

…What kind of man was he?

Mio had not heard in detail about Shiba. Just how once something occurred for him to be held in the prison in the << Village >>, and that of his fearsome strength.

However — after Basara’s << Banishing Shift >> went berserk, after getting rid of the malevolent spirit on him, at first there was discussion about how Basara should be placed into the prison with Shiba. However, that was something Jin opposed, and at the very end Basara was exiled instead — to Basara, that must have truly been a cruel punishment.

…Even so.

Even in that form, Basara was given freedom. And then the hero clan, as she came to understand from the previous meeting, greatly valued lawfulness in their conduct. As such, if Shiba’s action was on a scale and depth that was not as bad as that of Basara’s, then it should be natural for Shiba to be released.

However — Shiba was never released from prison.

In that case, there’s only one answer. Even more than << Banishing Shift>> which could expel all to the zero dimension, the << Village >> had concluded that Shiba’s ability is more threatening.

Even though she wanted to hear information about Shiba if possible, if she approached the matter poorly it might harm Basara who’s tied to that tragedy.

If Yuki and Kurumi where there, at least she would be able to ask about that but — Unfortunately since they left the ceremonial hall, they were unable to meet up. From what was said by Kumano one of the elders, as they had acted without restraint to stop Shiba who attacked Basara, they had gone back to the Nonaka home in order to calm down.

At such, Mio who heard that was at first relieved.

In the end, Shuuya didn’t return to the ceremonial hall, and she had thought there might have been some sort of punishment dealt towards Yuki and Kurumi.


At the time Yuki and Kurumi were dismissed, Basara had been calm. Most likely even though Shiba wasn’t blamed for attacking first, he understood that fairly, Yuki and Kurumi shouldn’t have been punished. Thinking of that,

…The unfortunate one was in actuality Takigawa.

The place for the special demon envoy Takigawa to stay was, in the manor, together with Celis and Cleo of the << Vatican >>. This was as called for by Celis.

…Well, but it can’t be helped.

At the meeting, though the << Vatican >>’s upper hand seemed more or less sealed, the secret letter that Takigawa carried had at once changed the flow to favor them.

Because of that, if they carelessly let Takigawa in with them, that might have affected the duel with Celis tomorrow, Celis said that she wanted Takigawa where she could keep her eyes on him, and the elders had approved of that.

As such, it was just Mio and Basara who came to this house that was once the Toujou home.

As it was the house where Basara was raised there must have been strong emotions, she hesitated to be able to talk about that easily with Basara. Basara’s memories aren’t limited to happy ones — Basara after all had to leave the << Village >> and this home.

Furthermore, he must want to think about the duel tomorrow with Celis, and various things about Shiba. Even if he returned to his childhood home after a long while, Basara had been quietly thinking in the living room all this time.

As to not disturb Basara, Mio went to bathe first. Asking permission from Basara, he had given an “of course”, and that’s why — Mio now was in this warm water. However, from Basara’s position, she had suddenly asked to go bathe first.

…He probably thinks I’m being selfish.

At that possibility, Mio casted her eyes down, however the master-servant contract didn’t activate. Although she had a guilty conscience towards Basara, because of how he might think she was selfish, it’s more important not to disturb his thought—Mio was convinced of that

Probably, Basara understood how she feels. Not to be conceited – but what’s between Mio and Basara was a bond that could make her believe that.


Mio gave a single resolute nod, bringing herself up from the tub to the front of the mirror of the washing area. Even though after Basara and Jin left, all the gas, and electricity should’ve been stopped but, when it was decided they would come, some sort of lifeline had been put on for them. Soap and towels had also been prepared but, they had used things they brought from home.

If they could use what’s normal as much as possible, they could be calmer.

Mio started with shampooing her head, her rinsed hair was put with a treatment that takes some time, and she started washing her body while that went on.

Once he put his thoughts together, Basara would come talk to her.

“They said someone would bring us dinner later…”

Mio murmured, remembering what one of the elders had said as they parted.

She thought for a moment it would be good if it was Yuki and Kurumi, but quickly changed her mind.

— As they had talked with Basara, they had moved to return to the Nonaka home. They’re with their family after a long time. They should have some time for themselves. …That’s right.

Naruse Mio thought. Even though her own had been lost — Yuki and Kurumi still have parents who love them.

Part 3

Even as Mio began bathing, Basara’s condition of being in thought continued.
Just as Mio had been considerate, leaving him alone.
So what Basara must do, was to decide their action, deciding on it quickly, in just an instant.
— The situation as it was, he had been able to sort it out when they were in the ceremonial hall.

The way the << Village >> perceived him as a threat, the interactions and perception from that was something he could see through, Celis’ and – the << Vatican’s >> goal, making use of how the << Village >> thought and dragging Basara’s group along, reinforcing their influence within the clan, that kind of political assessment was something he could understand. That’s why, he could respond to it in real time during the ceremony.

What could Shiba be thinking — his true motive wasn’t something he could completely read.

Just as the elders said, Shiba has the power to act as deterrence towards Basara for the<< Village >>, and if Shiba plans to devote himself solely to that role, there was no need to stir up the hearing to that extent.

However, Shiba drove it to the point where Basara and Celis must fight – and furthermore after that a clash between Shiba and Basara and in addition, the possibility of an all-out war between the << Village >> and << Vatican >> exists too. With this, he doesn’t think that this situation is within the elders’ assessment. Not knowing the conclusion of Basara and Celis’ duel yet, but an all-out conflict… Surely this wasn’t something the << Vatican >> desired either.

In that case, then this was Shiba’s sole decision.
…With this, what kind of advantage would that person gain?
Depending on the result of Basara and Celis’ duel, Shiba’s actions would change.

Whether it’s a battle with Basara, or one with the << Vatican >> starting with Celis. And then — winning either of those he would show that he was suitable as a deterrent to Basara’s group, proving the usefulness of his own existence. With that result, he would surely get at least a little more freedom.

Thinking of this it should be right. It’s all logical.

However, there’s one more thing.

There’s another possibility. The current condition that Basara’s group wants to preserve – in short, for them to live together in the Toujou home in Tokyo, they couldn’t allow themselves to be taken to the << Vatican >>. As such, in tomorrow’s duel with Celis he can’t lose.

And then, even wanting to avoid Shiba who skillfully appeared, his true intention was to win against Shiba who was in reserve.

…Even so.

Putting aside the possibility of winning and losing, if he wins against Celis who was dispatched here as a representative by the << Vatican >>, and on top of it against Shiba who was chosen by the elders as a deterrent against Basara’s group for the << Village >>. In the end, Basara’s group would affirm the deep fear the hero clan holds against them.

The dilemma that Basara’s group had been cornered into, what kind of advantage would it give to Shiba.

However – There are those like that in the world. Those who just simply enjoy causing confusion and chaos.

And then the impression Basara has of Shiba, was really that.
A mystery, with an unknown core… That’s the existence Shiba Kyoichi.
That’s why he doesn’t understand. What he himself — what they themselves should look out for. “…”
Basara pressed his right hand to his forehead, as he ruffled up his hair.
Softly, a sound echoed through the house. The bell from the entrance.
That was, to inform that a visitor had come,
…Who was it?

Basara was snapped out from his thought at once, going out from the living room to the doorway.

He thought it could’ve been Yuki and Kurumi, but it wasn’t so. From the location he could get from the master-servant contract, Yuki was still in the Nonaka home. If so, then it’s likely Kurumi was with her too. As so,


From the doorway, he responded cautiously


A deep voice came from beyond the door. As so,


Toujou Basara responded subconsciously. It wasn’t that he didn’t expect dinner. He had heard that as they were leaving the manor from Kumano.

What Basara was surprised at was “the voice” – He had heard it before, and while thinking it couldn’t  be he opened the door, just as he thought, a sole young man stood there.

And he said his name without thinking.


To Basara who calls to him as if surprised, Takashi made a displeased face.

“When I met the elders coincidentally last night, they told me to take care of your meal – take it”

Saying that, he thrusted out his left hand to hand a large cloth-wrapped package.

“Ah, aah…. thanks”

He didn’t think that Takashi would come. Basara took it as was said, Takashi gave a huff of his nose as he said.

“— Sorry, but I can’t guarantee the taste”
He understood the meaning of those words, but he didn’t understand it right away. “…….Eh, that…. Could it be, you made this…?”
Finally, Basara with confusion.
“It can’t be helped. I was ordered to take care of your meal”

Sounding disappointed, Takashi said that.

“I, I see… Mm, you really helped… But”

Basara said, thinking of what’s good to say.

“To take care of it doesn’t mean to “Make it” … It’s just to get us something, I think? In other words, “go get someone to do it” or something”

“…. What?”

Takashi furrowed his eyebrows at those words.

“No, it’s just a maybe but…”

Basara unable to return anything other than that,


Takashi was completely silent.


Basara thought of why. Judging from the size and weight from the package that was handed to him, it was probably a four or five-tiered box that took a great deal of time to make.

Takashi was fundamentally serious. Surely as he was counted on, he felt he had to work his best to make it. In that tragedy, Takashi’s mother had been killed by the malevolent spirit that rode on Seito’s hand so, it was said Takashi had been living alone. If that was so, he must have picked up housework in general, including cooking.


Without being able to bear how Takashi continued to be silent, “…Um, if you’d like would you like to eat with us?”
It could be too much for him to eat with just Mio, …Furthermore.

Going home Takashi would be alone. Even though that may be a ordinary day for Takashi, this kind of joke-like miraculous coincidence happened. Therefore, there must be some sort of bond.

Basara had suggested, thinking that.

“…Hm, I’ve no intent of mingling with you”

Takashi turned his heels as if this was ridiculous, leaving to go outside.

At his back,


Toujou Basara called out to stop him. Leaving the lunch box on the shoe cabinet by the wall, Basara waved as he stood there, saying to Takashi.

It’s not like. He thought with this the hostility Takashi held towards him had disappeared. It can’t disappear, to begin with.
Basara and Takashi too, couldn’t return to how they once were.
Even so — Basara expressed what he honestly felt now in his words.
It’s not just Yuki and Kurumi. It’s not just Celis.
No matter how much their relationship changed, no matter how much time has passed. Hayase Takashi was still, Toujou Basara’s precious childhood friend.
At that, Takashi looked over his shoulder.
“— I heard there’s the duel tomorrow”

Some time had passed since that at the ceremonial hall, and the battleground was still within the village. What had been decided at the hearing surely had spread through the << Village >>. At that,

“It’s been half a year…”

Takashi muttered. That’s how much time has passed since they were reunited again. And then half a year from that now — Takashi in front of him said.

In a sure tone.
“Show me… Your choice now, and then your resolve”
That surely was — The words Takashi thought he must say to Basara now.
— Half a year ago, Basara’s group fought Takashi who controlled the spirit “Byakko”. During that fight, Basara was forced to make many decisions.

And then after that too, there were a lot of things, and in that process Basara made many choices. The situation continues on to change, his relationship with Mio and the others changed too.

But — there are things that don’t change. That’s why, Basara with sure strength, “Aah… of course, I’ll show you”
At him saying that, Takashi said nothing else and left this time.
While watching this back, Toujou Basara thought. He clenched his right fist, …That’s right

After that battle, there was something he told Takashi.
— Continue to carry your past but fight for those important to you.
That’s resolve. That’s how he lives even as he was expelled from the hero clan. In this case, he doesn’t know what Shiba’s motives are. He also couldn’t t read his plans. But — the words of that time, aren’t a lie to Toujou Basara.
If so, what he must to do was decided.

It’s not thinking of Shiba’s motives, and from there getting torn up about not being able to read his plans. It’s to face his own goal and move bit by bit towards it.

To protect what he can’t hand over to anyone. And then, not to lose to Shiba Kyoichi.

Part 4

After parting with Basara and the others, Maria and Zest took the express train to a stop along the way, and arrived at the day’s lodging.

Since there was still time left till dinner, Zest and Maria worked to understand the interior of the inn and furthermore surveyed around the building as well. This was all preparation in case of emergency.

Knowing there’s no issue with safety, the two of them returned to the inn — and then now, they entered the communal bath together.

There are two types of baths – natural stone and natural wood, with a system that alternates the usage timing for men and women. Zest and Maria visited the stone bath for women.

“Is this, this world’s onsen…”
Though she knew of it from before, this was her first time to one.

As she soaked in the open-air bath, Zest scooped up some of the water in both her hands. With that, the low-alkali spring water flowed with exceeding smoothness, enveloping her body softly. Containing its positive ions, it most likely has a regenerative effect.


Both the bath inside the bathhouse and the open air one were made of natural stones. Adding to the initial natural spring heat, the bath was further heated by heat from the natural stones.

…It was well thought out.

Zest, who from the earth elements was most adept in the ‘earth’ magic, a bath that kept in mind the properties of stone was most comfortable.

Zest let a long sigh spill from between her lips. — Initially, Zest didn’t plan for this kind of luxury.

Zest has sworn loyalty as Basara’s servant and maid. Even if they were apart, she would await orders from him and following that, it would have been appropriate to find a suitable camping spot. It would be best for racing back to Basara as soon as possible in case of emergency.

However – Zest and Maria are demons. And then Basara and the rest were now visiting the hero clan’s << Village >>, and there might be trouble there. If Zest and Maria were carelessly in a deserted place, it may be assessed as a danger and there was a possibility of attack.

Also, Basara and the others told them to stay at a proper lodging.

Normally, Zest and Maria do most of the housework in the Toujou household – as such, Basara and the others wanted them to take this chance to let their hair down. Happy at their consideration, Zest and Maria looked for lodging themselves and found this inn.

At a station along the local line – just a little away from that was where their lodging stood. Designed by a contemporary architect, the building managed to incorporate Japan’s traditional beauty with modern sharp sensibility, that alongside an inn, it was filled with the mood of an art museum.

Of course, the price for it was appropriate.

The one who arranged for their stay was Maria. At first, she placed candidates divided by some values and looked up information on her phone. And then initially, Zest showed difficulty staying somewhere expensive. While she would never deny the price for their services, no matter how much Basara and the others recommended it, they didn’t need to spend that much on themselves.

However, if they purposely chose a strange but cheap place, they would risk making light of Basara and the others’ consideration for them – or so said Maria reasoning, and Zest was unable to argue back. Purposely picking a cheap inn to be frugal, might end up showing contempt for her master. At that, Zest’s assessment wavered. Consulting with Basara who happened to be in their living room at the time, his eyes fell to this inn from those Maria had chosen from.

Upon opening the page, it was managed by the same group as the inn Basara went to when he went to the world heritage site with many hot springs in its surrounding. Hearing that, even Zest was drawn in by it.


“The inn I stayed at was really good, how about you two stay here” – as Basara said that, Zest couldn’t think of doing anything other than that.

And then now — the two of them, let themselves be spoiled by Basara and the others’ kindness. “That being said–”

Zest went from the open air bath towards the inside – to the bathing area. With that, apart from the main large bath, there was something like a bed of wood lined up.

It’s a shallow bed-bath. On one of those, resting her head on the rim headrest was a young girl. It’s Maria.
“Hafu~ This is the best… Ah, Zest-san. If you’d like, how about joining me?”
Noticing her, the completely relaxed Maria said.

“…No, it’s fine”
Zest refused curtly. And then,
“Completely relaxing like that… Are you not worried about Basara-sama and the others?” “Of course, I am. Because of that, shouldn’t we completely recharge ourselves for due time?” Furthermore, said Maria.
“I worry but – more than that, I believe in them”
She spoke in a quiet tone.

“If the situation was out of hand for Basara-san, Mio-sama and the others, they will surely call for us. At that time, I will rush to their side, and I will make it in time. Because I think that’s the duty of me who’s on standby”

Those words — were something that Maria who has been fighting at Basara’s side for longer than Zest could say. At the words of faith from their history,

“Or, is it not like that for you Zest-san?”

Zest who was asked, answered with her best effort.

As Maria said. If anything happens, Basara and the others will contact Maria – with that promise, there’s no need to worry unnecessarily, and that’s the same as trusting Basara and the others.

Zest tought — at this time, she’s wasn’t at Maria’s level yet. As she honestly respects Maria in her heart, despite that what she said was little bitter,

“That being said… Making such a slack face like that. You’re going to be looked at by those around”

Feeling the eyes of the other guests on them, Maria said, vexing

“No way, the one who’s being watched isn’t me but Zest-san, for sure”

“If it’s me, then it’s because of my unusual skin color I would think”

Currently, Zest like Maria has complete human form. However, her dark brown skin is as such, so she likely was thought of as a foreign tourist by the other guests.

“That would be one factor, but besides that it’s your ecchi body” Ufufu, said Maria.

“Because you live with us now… No, because you live with Basara-san, your body is turning more and more lewd, Zest-san”

“…You’re too much”

As she said that, Zest who does feel the other guests’ eyes on her felt embarrassment and hid her chest. However, since meeting Basara again in the demon world her chest had grown larger and her arms couldn’t completely hide her already bountiful breasts.

— But this wasn’t just Zest.

Mio breasts grown even bigger as well, Yuki and Kurumi as well compared to other girls their age have large breasts. It was irrelevant for Maria, but when she transforms – not just her breasts but besides that, her body and the sensations for her had also gotten lewder. That was just like Zest and the others, a natural transformation as they further submitted to Basara and continued to increase their service to him.

Zest and the rest now, have skin that was more familiar with Basara’s skin than to clothes. However, that was nothing to be ashamed of – to Zest, it’s a point of pride.
With that she could further bring pleasure to Basara. With that,
“Yes, yes… By the way, this onsen, seems to have a beautifying effect you know?”

At Maria’s casual words, Zest’s ears turned pink.

“If Zest-san looks different when we go back, what would Basara-san think?”


“Well, he would surely be happy, Zest-san getting prettier, you might be praised even more”


“Oh, Zest-san, where are you going?”

“I’m feeling chilly… I will go back to the open-air bath once more”

Saying that Zest returned to the open-air bath’s direction.

Making Basara happy — thinking only that, she heated up her body in soaking in the water.

Part 5

The clock that hung on the white wall – the clicking noise of the second hand that marked the time echoed within the space, that was the living room of the toujou house within the <<village>>, that Basara and Mio were staying at.

And then, Basara who sat on the sofa by the wall couldn’t calm his heart down completely. It wasn’t entirely nervousness for his duel with Celis tomorrow. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have any will to fight, but how tense he was came from his worry.

Although he could grasp from the position locator of the master-slave contract that Yuki was within the Nonaka household, even as the clock shows that it was eleven at night, he hadn’t received any direct contact from either Yuki or Kurumi. Even though one could say they were neighbors, and they could peep from the garden, there was some distance between houses out here in the country, which makes it impossible for him to truly grasp the condition of the Nonaka home.

Though there was the possibility of a temporary house arrest at the Nonaka house, not knowing the situation worried him.

Mio had the same worry as Basara, she wanted to stay awake until they could confirm the safety of Yuki and Kurumi, but Basara had her go to sleep first. It was clear to Basara’s eyes that Mio, who had been invited to the << Village >> was unable to sleep most of last night due to her nervousness, and her physical as well as mental state wasn’t at its peak. If they go into tomorrow without their condition at its best, if their consciousness and concentration was at the worst, they wouldn’t react properly, and if something were to happen where neither could make proper decisions, it could possibly lead to a fatal situation. As such, promising that he would wake her up if anything happens, Mio reluctantly went off to sleep – and she instantly fell quietly asleep.

That’s why now, Basara thought of Yuki and Kurumi’s situation alone It would be well and good if they were simply spending time with their parents, who they were finally reunited with after such a long while. However,

…Could it be.

They were captured for stopping Shiba’s attack on Basara during the hearing — in that case, they would be under heavy investigation. Even within the << Village >> their cellphones still worked, and he could contact them through that – But Basara was hesitant to contact them carelessly. As they might be perceived as a problem due to their support of Basara and Mio, they might be under surveillance and them contacting Yuki’s side first might place them in a worse situation. On the other hand, calling the Nonaka house may cause problems for Shuuya and Kaoru. That being said, if any danger was to come to Yuki and Kurumi they already said they would inform them right away, and furthermore their strength was enough to be able to run and break through into the Toujou house.

However, …. Even so.

Nothing was truly certain. This was because Yuki and Kurumi’s actions might endanger their parents Shuuya and Kaoru. Right now Yuki and Kurumi were in a situation, where it was like their parents are hostages of the << Village >>, that was why Toujou Basara couldn’t just stay quiet and wait.

He would take action before it’s too late. Looking at the clock on the wall, he had set an alarm. When the day changes — no, just before it changed, he would move to the Nonaka house.

In that case, there’s no way he could leave Mio here. He would wake her up, assessing that it would it to be around 20-30 minutes before he acted. In short,

…Thirty more minutes.

Basara started counting down. “…Ah…”

Basara let out a voice realizing something. Yuki who was at the Nonaka house began to move in his direction.

So, he went out of the front to leave the house. On the dark night road, there were two shadows that came towards him — it was Yuki and Kurumi.

So, he then patted down his chest and gave a large sigh, Yuki and Kurumi quickly appeared in front of him,

“…Sorry Basara, for being late”

Yuki said that, averting her eyes apologetically.

At her,

“No it’s fine… Are you two alright?”

At Basara who asked the two who had been dismissed from the middle of the ceremonial hall, Kurumi said “of course”

“I’m sorry. It has been a while since we’ve been home, we ended up talking about all sorts of things with mom and dad”

“Is that so…”
Basara was reassured that his worry had been irrational. “Basara… after we were dismissed, how did the meeting go?” “Aah, that’s — no, let’s go in first. We’ll talk then”

Even though it was spring, in the mountains nighttime was the same as winter. With Basara saying that, Yuki and Kurumi came back inside with him. And facing them in the living room, he went through the basics of what happened.

“On the way back, did you two hear about it?”

“After dinner, father was contacted by the elders… At Shiba-san’s suggestion Basara was to fight with Celis”

“And the details of that?”

“We have heard roughly. It’s to prove the deterrence ability of the << Village >>, first for the<< Vatican >> to demonstrate, and Celis-nee swallowed that, down right?”

At Kurumi’s words, Basara nodded with a “yes”. “Then… From then?”
At that question, the two of them shook their heads. …So that’s how it was.

The content was as is, but they did not truly express it to the Nonaka household. Even at most, though Shuuya might have been told by the elders, he didn’t tell Yuki or Kurumi. That much might be the kindness of a parent on Shuuya’s part, but if Basara didn’t tell them it would simply be hiding it from them. That would hurt their trust – so that’s why he told them.

“As you guys have heard, tomorrow I will fight against Celis first… And if I win that I will go against Shiba-san”

And then
“If I lose against Shiba-san — Shiba-san said he would kill the two of you”

That’s a condition so Celis doesn’t hold back against Basara, as well as for Basara to give his all. At Shiba’s suggestion, the elders had said nothing. They didn’t permit nor refuse so in short — the elders acknowledged Shiba’s suggestion. They decided that the << Village >> didn’t mind using Yuki and Kurumi as sacrifices, and that’s why Basara couldn’t contain his mounting frustration.

…It’s enough with me.

It can’t be helped that Basara was expelled from the << Village >>. Basara himself could understand that.

— However, it’s different for Yuki and Kurumi. It’s true the two of them had fought for the sake of Mio, but just for that their training full of pain and hardships, the battles they risked their lives for spilling their blood for humanity lost all value and worth, and they were thrown away as sacrifices for some political means… It can’t be that way. That can’t be it at all.


Looking at them, Basara gritted his teeth. Yuki and Kurumi are precious and he would never hand them over to anyone. He wouldn’t forgive anyone who would hurt them. If Shiba was to kill

them, Basara would go against that — no matter what he has to do. As Basara held such a dark resolve, Yuki and Kurumi faced each other.

“…Kurumi” “Yeah… We’re not mistaken after all” Saying that, a bitter smile appeared on their faces. “Not mistaken… Did you guys already know this?” Basara asked in disbelief,

“There was no way for us to… Just, earlier that condition that Shiba-san came out with is obsolete, that how he would kill me and onee if we lose”

“How do you plan for that…?”

Basara asked if there’s such a way to get a favorable situation, Yuki opened her mouth.


“Basara— Kurumi and I are removing our surnames, and leaving the clan”

Part 6

“W…Wait Yuki, you said you’re leaving…”

Toujou Basara couldn’t understand what Yuki said right away.

“Could it be, it was because you interrupted Shiba during the hearing? was this the elder’s decision?”

He asked, as his thoughts were muddled up, however Yuki shook her head.

“No… This was something Kurumi and I decided. This was probably the best choice for everyone. That’s why we asked our father Kurumi and I —”

Severing their connection with their family, leaving the clan… At Yuki’s suggestion.

“In this way, even if we continue to be your ally, we won’t trouble mom and dad… After all, we no longer have any connection”

Kurumi said.
“On top of that, in the scenario where you might lose against Shiba-san, if we are part of the

hero clan we have to submit if he wants to kill us and we were ordered to, right?”

However, if they left the clan, they would no longer be obligated to follow orders, and they wouldn’t have to submit to Shiba if he wants to kill them. The two of them could fight alongside Basara without restraint, and due to this their family – that is, Shuuya and Kaoru, may no longer be blamed for it. However, Basara couldn’t fully agree with this. After all, it isn’t so.

“When you say it’s the best for everyone… You’re not including your parents, are you?”

As he said so, Toujou Basara felt immense regret for the naivety of his own judgement Not wanting this situation, wanting to protect what’s important for Yuki and Kurumi… That’s why Basara, had avoided saying this option himself. If he said so, Yuki and Kurumi might end up choosing this — they might place Basara and Mio ahead of their own feelings.

— However, the two of them had made this decision for themselves.

In that case, this is what he had to say — he had to tell them strictly that they can’t. That decision, which becomes a responsibility for Yuki and Kurumi was wrong.

However, Basara didn’t completely believe it.

“You decided on this… You couldn’t have wished to leave the clan, right? How did you even get the elders to approve this?”

Duty to the hero clan wasn’t something that could be put behind one’s own feelings. Furthermore, if they left the clan at this time, they would be acknowledged as Basara’s allies. While it’s not that the elders weren’t aware of that, thinking of it in the context of the political problem with the<< Vatican >>, it was even less likely it was something the elders would approve of. With that,

“We didn’t do anything special… All we did was express our feelings. Even if the << Village >> became our enemy Kurumi and I will always be with Basara. With that, not wanting to trouble mom, dad and << Village >> too, we wished to leave the clan”

At Yuki’s words. “—”

Toujou Basara, could perceive the reason why the elders might accepted Yuki and Kurumi leaving the clan. Yuki and Kurumi belong to the << Village >> – What would happen if they went against the << Village’s>> orders to be with Basara’s group? While from within the<< Village >> their parents Shuuya and Kaoru may be held accountable, to the << Vatican >>, America, the rest of the Hero Clan.

On the side of the aggressive << Vatican >>, Yuki and Kurumi leaving the clan might be something they overlook but, it would be a deep wound if they betrayed them while belonging to the << Village >>. The official reason for Yuki and Kurumi’s leave could be stated as them causing harm towards Shiba who had been chosen as a deterrent against Basara in front of the <<Vatican’s>> hearing officers, and with that the << Vatican >> should be calm. Having a substantial punishment in consideration of the << Vatican >> it would be difficult for the << Vatican >> to criticize the << Village >> on the political front. Regarding the fear of them moving to join Basara’s group, for starters, it could be said their reaction was a response to what happened as Celis, in other words the << Vatican >>, doubted the strength of Shiba, and doubted the authenticity of Shiba and Basara’s fight. In other words, they could say that the << Vatican >> had cornered Yuki and Kurumi. Even if they were going to wring out an investigation for Yuki and Kurumi, at that time too Celis protected Basara from Shiba’s attack – so it’s not something the << Vatican >> could attack Yuki and Kurumi for. Most likely, the elders had taken time to balance all this before making this decision. There must be more advantages to them in Yuki and Kurumi leaving – in that case,

“…In exchange of the elders you letting you go, what conditions did they give?”

At that question from Basara, Kurumi shrugged a “pretty much”

“To return my spirit gauntlet and onee’s spirit sword “Sakuya”… Those belong to the village after all. Well, that much was true and if we make too much of a fuss it’ll be trouble, so it was best to follow what they ask for as is”

They didn’t forget to take away Yuki and Kurumi’s fighting power before they left the clan… It truly was crafty. However,

“It’s alright… Kurumi and I have asked Sheila and Lucia through Maria, and it’s already prepared. As we can’t get Maria here, she could assist right away in this”

At Yuki’s smooth words, “She has it prepared…”

Basara was at a loss for words. To have a spirit sword at the level of “Sakuya”, as well as a gauntlet, even with the strongest succubus Sheila putting her all into it, it wasn’t possible to get it done overnight.

“You two, since when…?”
Basara asked, half dumbfounded,
“A little after we came back from the demon world. Around Maria and Zest was awkward”

“The two of us discussed with each other — the way we should live” Their faces calm as they told him — their expression showed that. Yuki and Kurumi, were intent in their decision to leave the clan.
— So Toujou Basara understood the last piece of the puzzle.

For he himself, even though he understood their intent and goal, he may not agree completely, but he really didn’t get at all how Yuki and Kurumi’s parents Shuuya and Kaoru would agree. Between the time they left the hearing, and till now there had been some time it wouldn’t be enough to get to approval.

Yuki and Kurumi had surely told their parents of their intent in advance. To escape the village’s investigation, there was only one way they could tell Shuuya and Kaoru. That time was most likely, during the order to return to the village, bringing Mio and Basara with them.

At first opposing it, but with Yuki and Kurumi’s explanation, they ended up agreeing. Leaving the clan, was their own decision.
…And then, ojisan…

Welcoming them at the station, was not just to inform them of the << Vatican >> hearing officers arrival, surely, even just for a bit more, they wanted to spend more time with their precious daughters.


Basara hung his head down wordlessly at the feelings of Shuuya.

“Basara… Don’t make that face”

With a quiet voice, something touched his cheek – that was, Yuki’s left hand.

“Kurumi and I have chosen to live with you… We have chosen that’s for the best. Of course, if we could have everything, we hold dear and continue to live that way that’s ideal.”


“That’s not something that can be for everyone… At least, it’s impossible for Kurumi and I. But that isn’t your fault. There are a lot of things in the surroundings, things Kurumi and I can’t control”

Kurumi nodded a “exactly” at those words.

“Don’t misunderstand… It’s not that we want to be like Basara away from the clan, or Mio with losing family. What Onee and I want, what we could do… We chose what we really couldn’t give up. With you tying your hands with Takigawa, with Mio deciding her path in the demon world, we have chosen ours too”

More than the life of a hero.
“—We want to live with you, Basara”
Even if they can’t meet their parents anymore. Understanding their feelings, “—-”
Toujou Basara thought — What the words Yuki and Kurumi said were.

For them who threw away their parents, clan, and way of life words of thanks are weren’t right. However, apologies are even more wrong. It might be right to ask about the time they spent with Shuuya and Kaoru. However, the very last words they exchanged with their parents belong to them alone – it was definitely not something that would be good for Basara to ask.


There was only one thing parents would wish for their beloved daughters — to be happy. That’s all.

However, to Basara who they had made such a painful decision for, he wasn’t qualified to speak a word on happiness – that was why, without words, he acted on this now spilling emotions.

Toujou Basara, held each of their arms.
And then then hugged both of them — all his feelings put into it. And then, “—–” “—–”

At how sudden it was they stiffened — However they instantly accepted it and relaxed. With that their bodies softened, and their arms wrapped around his back, in this way they hugged him back.

“—Basara, please”
Softly, Yuki whispered in his ears.

“Tomorrow is your fight with Celis… First, we have to win that” That’s why, she spilled embarrassed
“Please let us – be your strength somehow”

Part 7

Having decided to completely accept Yuki and Kurumi, Basara had no reason to reject their offer.

As they haven’t tied a Master-Servant contract, and the dark element received from Lucia was entrusted to Maria before they went to the << village >>, Kurumi wouldn’t get a power up from participating in the spiritual energy exercise but, it wasn’t possible to leave her out all the same.

— They’ll do it as three. That was inevitable for Basara and Yuki and Kurumi. As such, the three of them went to Basara’s bedroom from the living room. And then, to make sure they don’t disturb Mio who was already sleeping, they set up a barrier that blocked out sound, and soon there was nothing to stop the three of them.

That’s why Basara got up on the bed naturally. It was there, they had taken a nap together innocently when they were young. In the bed that contained so many memories, Basara took Yuki and Kurumi’s lips alternatively, entwining their tongues together while taking off clothes. As they dreamily sought out his lips and tongue loving him to the point, they couldn’t stand it, Basara answered to their desire by removing their clothes, and soon, they were in just their underwear. With that, the moonlight from the window illuminated their naked bodies, it was awe-inspiringly beautiful,


At that time, Basara, who was naked except for his one piece of underwear, like the two of them, was in a state where his desire for the naked Yuki and Kurumi in front of him increased all in one go.

Like always – Basara was sandwiched between Yuki and Kurumi, being licked all over his body by the two of them would surely enhance his excitement. However, today was different. The feelings of desire they all felt, was to an extent they couldn’t answer to normally, that’s why Basara leaned his back against the headboard of the bed, and at the same time, Yuki and Kurumi took of Basara’s boxers – starting an inevitable fellatio.

“Nn, chuu… Basara… hmm ♥” “Basara-niichan… licks, chuu ♥”

The sisters, whose eyes were already misty, licked and sucked Basara’s member lewdly. They alternately entwined their tongue and sucked at his hardness, running their tongues down his pole till it was soaking wet, in that way, then they moved their tongues to dance on his balls, as they’re sisters with coordinated breaths, they could also move their tongue lewdly in unison.

Basara, who received pleasure from the two of them, placed his hands on their heads, left and right respectively, with that they made a happy-sounding ringing sound from their nose, and began to service Basara’s member more aggressively.

And then, as they did their fellatio, a lewd sound appearing from that, and without him realizing, they also began to use their hands – and then Basara, had his left and right testicles serviced by Yuki and Kurumi’s mouth respectively, while his length was stroked by their hands. With that lewd usage of their fingers and tongue, Basara’s pleasure was increased all in one go, feeling strength moving to his lower abdomen as he bucked up his hips.

“…Cuming…. a, ah….!”

Just like that he released his semen. With that, the two of them moved their hands to right above his tip, for his cum that spurt out like a fountain to rain down on their faces.

“Aah… Nn, haah…. n ♥” “Aah… Gu,lps…. Haah ♥”

Yuki and Kurumi lewdly stuck out their tongues to accept Basara’s semen.

And then, after Basara completed his long ejaculation.

“…Haah, Kurumi…” “Nn… Onee*…”

The two sisters began licking Basara’s semen on each other’s cheeks indecently. Awed by the sensuality, it didn’t take long for Basara to get hard again.

As they gulped down with a sound, Yuki and Kurumi soon realized the condition he was in. “Haah… nn, Basara…” “Basara-niichan… cum”
With a glazed look, they invited Basara to subjugate them as he liked. That’s why,

“Yeah… Of course,”
Toujou Basara, with a nod, this time turned to give pleasure to Yuki and Kurumi. Nonaka Kurumi took a pose as ordered by Basara’s desire.
Laying with her back on the bed, she lewdly spread her legs.
And then – on top of Kurumi in that way, Yuki got on fours, as if covering her.

— With that, Kurumi’s underwear began to grow lewdly more wet. Where Kurumi’s own woman honey had bled out from, connected with a lewd string with the love juice on the underwear of Yuki above her dripping down. With that indecent pose


Nonaka Kurumi trembled, as she thought of what would Basara’s action towards them be from then on.

Then on, their lewdly wet sensitive places were put together – and then, Basara thrusted his

member where it folded. Moreover, aware of Kurumi’s weakness, Basara was able to use not just that to make her submit.

Yuki was on top, so he was able to grip onto her weak point of her ass. And then, Kurumi was below so she could show Basara her subjugated face as well as show Yuki her condition.

This was to increase Basara’s fighting strength with Celis – in other words, he needs Yuki, who he has tied a contract with, to submit. For Kurumi too, who was better if she didn’t participate, would also deepen her emotional bond with her participation.

That was, to show her subjugated form to Yuki. When Kurumi shows her intense subjugation to Yuki, it would increase  Yuki’s sensuality, and from that it would induce more of her submission to Basara – that was Kurumi’s role.

For that sake, now, the preparation to attack Kurumi’s weakest point was fully completed.

On both sides of Kurumi were hypersensitive pads – at first sight, they’re like those massagers which helped tired bodies. However, these were special objects from the succubus Maria, and it gives out a low frequency that stimulates the pleasure center. It could be used to get submission from Kurumi who could hear it, while Yuki couldn’t. Maria had talked about preparing such other items to get to the weakness of Zest and others when they hear it as well.

The cables of the pad were connected to the operational instrument at Yuki’s neck. That device light was already blue – which meant it was operational, and dialed up a little, the lamp would turn red and the pads on both sides of Kurumi would assault her mercilessly. And then,

“I’m starting.”


With that declaration from Basara, Kurumi gulped down, and Yuki on top of her lowered her waist slowly towards her. With that, their sensitive spots were folded on one another, and their already soaked underwear made a wet sound,

“Nn… ♥” “Ha… aah ♥”
Kurumi and Yuki’s body trembled in pleasure, and the two of them moved their hips indecently. “To activate Kurumi’s pads, I’m leaving it to you Yuki… Is that alright?”
With those words, he entered the space between their sensitive spots, his tip pushing against them, “…Nn, I understand”
Nodding on top of Kurumi, Yuki met her glance.
Those eyes said – she didn’t mind him starting. So,

With a decisive nod from Kurumi, Yuki, with her hands placed beside Kurumi’s face before, moved her right hand, to turn the dial of the device on her neck – and at that moment. From her sides, a different dimension of pleasure came,


Kurumi left out an involuntary scream as her body shuffled, at the same time – Basara screwed his hardness through the sister tunnel.

As she felt her sensitive spot rubbed against at the same time as Kurumi, Yuki received an intense pleasure.

Whenever that place was attacked, she would flood with womanly pleasures and quickly lost her thoughts – however, now, Yuki was governed with a surpassing sense of pleasure of heart and body.

This was a tremendous arousal she had never felt before. What brought that feeling, much like being moved for Yuki, was right in front of her eyes – that was, her sister, right below her, which received pleasure more than Yuki’s own arousal. Wrapping her arms around Yuki’s neck, clinging tightly, was Kurumi going crazy as she continued to fall into the ultimate climax. Basara rubbing against their womanly sensitive spots. Yuki too, had reached climax several times. However, the intensity of the climax Yuki reached was incomparable with that of Kurumi. Already, at the area where their womanly parts touch, her crotch was flooded with Kurumi’s woman shower by to a ridiculous amount.

“—- ?”

Kurumi raised up her voice with a sensual face never seen before, she would soon exhale all the oxygen in her lungs, being unable to breathe. However, the pads Maria created were to measure Kurumi’s state – if Kurumi was unable to breathe from her nose or mouth, the adhesive surface would provide her with oxygen, the more intense the climax, the more it would continue to supply Kurumi.

Therefore, Kurumi could safely drown single-mindedly into a vortex of pleasure.

…Kurumi like this, for the first time…

Without her realizing, a desire to see her cute little sister be more intensely messed up bubbled up within her – without realizing, Yuki had been unconsciously dialing up the device.

“—- ♥”

Kurumi was messed up more and became cuter. Right now, she let her desire grow stronger with just seeing Kurumi dumbfounded, but it was about time for Basara to violently fondle her butt. With that, Yuki as well would be messed up just like Kurumi.

— Soon, she too would be messed up in submission to Basara.

That was why, until then — she thought, she would continue to gaze down and Kurumi who had her arms around her neck, without caring for the nail on her back.

However – being in a dream-like state as she looked at Kurumi, she didn’t realize her own big mistake. And then, stretching down Yuki’s back that had been marked countless of times in one go – and then, going inside her underwear.


In an instant, it was too late for Yuki to even take a breath. Kurumi’s hands, which were wandering around, gripped on Yuki’s butt – with that, the inside of her panties became wet and her ass slippery.

Immediately – a small pop sound could be heard from her ass, at that moment, “—”

Nonaka Yuki’s entire body stiffened. From her end to her brain, she obtained a sense of being pierced hotly by something. Then, she looked back in disbelief, her butt welcoming Kurumi’s second finger into her hole.

“…Ah…..♥ Aah….♥”

Even though she was shocked, with her butt, her weakness skewered, Yuki’s whole body skewered a she let out a voice similar to Kurumi, but Kurumi, due to Maria’s device, didn’t understand Yuki’s state. As it was, she furthered her grip on Yuki – at the same time, her middle finger reached the root within Yuki.

At that moment – Nonaka Yuki no longer could hold on to her consciousness.

Part 8

Somewhere far away, the wind howled.
Nonaka Yuki understood – that was the sound of the storm that came with heavy rain. — When she was young, Yuki was afraid of stormy nights.

In her darkened room, its light switched off, when she heard the sound of storms in such a darkness, she felt like if she was to sleep she would fall into the darkness of the night, swallowed whole – that’s why, whenever Shuuya and Kaoru would stay late with the << village >> council, she would tremble in bed together with Kurumi.

Worried for the two of them, Shuuya and Kaoru would drop them off at Basara’s house on such stormy nights… On the bed, Basara would hold on tightly to her and Kurumi, and Yuki who slept with Basara that way gradually overcame her fear of the storm.

— And Then, without realizing it, Yuki began to long for such stormy nights. On those stormy nights, if she suddenly opened her eyes, there would always be Basara there — holding kindly to Yuki.

Being enveloped in his kind warmth, that was happiness for the young Yuki.

And then — with a pleasant, happy feeling within her heart, Yuki woke from her deep slumber. Perhaps as she had closed her eyes for so long, her sight was hazy. Yuki was unable to tell where she was right away, but before her own location, she realized something else first — how her body was unbelievably flushed red.

A high fever, perhaps she had caught a cold… But, that fever felt good, and Yuki shivered from that, and not from chills.

With that, her sight returned to normal, …This was… a bath…?

With her mind still basked in the sweet fever, Yuki understood — she was in the bath of the Toujou family in the << village >>, her body without a single thread of clothes. Until Basara was exiled from the << village >>, Yuki and Kurumi had been in this bath with him many times. As those happy memories appeared in her mind,

“Nn…. Haah, chuu ♥ Basara-niicha…. Licks, hmm…. Nnchuu ♥”
Suddenly beside her, Kurumi’s sweet voice spilled out, as if she was in a dream.

Kurumi’s form was sitting in a maiden pose, and just like Yuki she was naked — that’s why, this is the bathroom after all, Yuki thought absentmindedly,

“Chuu, haah… Nmm… — Nn, fufu… Onee, seemed to have woken up.” Kurumi, who suddenly noticed Yuki, glanced at her with a smile.

The expression of Kurumi was unconsciously seductive – however, Yuki didn’t understand why Kurumi made such a face. The fever coursing through her was so unbelievably sweet, she had no space to think of other things deeply.

“Fufu, onee…. licks ♥”

Kurumi, going over on all fours like a dog, sweetly licked her cheek,

“Nn… Kurumi… Haah…. — Ah”

Yuki, who leaked out sweet voices in the sudden action – she realized, how her eyes met Kurumi’s, who was on all fours

— Yes, Yuki realized she was at the time, on both her feet and hands on the floor

Why – The question grappled her absent-mindedly and,

“— Yuki”

Yuki on all fours suddenly turned around in response to Basara’s voice behind her. As she did so, there was Basara, looking at her with a gentle look on his face – to that kind expression,


Yuki, who attained happiness, understood now. Her form, on all fours, lifted up her butt lewdly – that butt of hers, reached out to Basara’s right hand. And then,


Yuki, instantly, didn’t understand what had awoken. She didn’t understand the meaning of the scene in front of her. However, she was able to feel for exactly what she saw.

In Yuki’s back hole, Basara inserted his middle ring finger – it completely sucked at it, twitching on it like it was play-biting on the finger. Upon seeing that,

“No… Basara… Th, I…—?”

Yuki, whose thoughts have awoken, realized then — Yuki’s consciousness quickly understood the taste of forbidden pleasure, with that pleasure, with a strength that was hard to comprehend, was allowed in simultaneously to Yuki’s body. At the same time, from within her, a wave of sublime pleasure — the feelings completely overflowed,

“AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAaaaaAAAaaah— ♥”

As if being wrapped by her own body, Yuki’s thighs trembled, as she reached an intense climax. The woman shower that came down from her crotch indecently to the bathroom floor, was hotter than the hot water.

Yuki’s butt which received that pleasure, brought her to a tremendously, lewd climax, “Nn, aah… nn… Haah…. ah ♥”

Reverberating with the intense climax, Yuki’s entire body spasmed uncontrollably, its entirety filled with pleasure, sighs flowing out with deep sensuality. Her pose on all fours, had dropped down so that her arm fell to her elbows.

— However, even so Yuki’s butt was lewdly raised up.

Basara’s finger was still inserted inside it. As she dropped her waist, she received an even stronger pleasure.

It isn’t dropping.

With that – as if lending a shoulder to Yuki, Kurumi wrapped her hands around Yuki’s body to support her.

“Fufu… Onee, you’re making such a naughty face. It must feel really good”

Aroused by the sensuality, Kurumi’s eyes had a sadistic glint, lifting up Yuki’s chin.

With her face, melted with pleasure, Yuki,

“No… Kurumi, that… — Aah ♥”

Quickly, the talking that vibrated her own diaphragm, was changed to pleasure with her butt, hot and sensitive, and she let out moans of sweet agony,

“Let go, accept it go deeper, onee… Submit to Basara-niichan more than this, you’ll get stronger together right?”

“…T, tha is… Haah…. Nn…”
At Kurumi’s words, Yuki looked at Basara’s with eyes filled with pleasure. At that, “— Can you keep going?”
He asked her, with concern in his voice. — So then,
…No good…

Even though Yuki wished to be done by him, as so to give him strength. The best that she could do, while she’s away from her own kind, not having “Sakuya” on her, was to go as far as possible in her submission to him. Yet now she concerned Basara – she had made him worry.

Nonaka Yuki thought. Basara worried for her, and that made her happy. But – Yuki couldn’t give herself more pity than that. That’s why,
“…Do it more”
Yuki desired for Basara – she wanted to submit more to him. To her,

“…— I understand”

Basara stated that and answered to Yuki with his action. He began taking in and out his middle finger in Yuki’s butt — and then, the moment that sensitive butt’s mucous membrane was rubbed against,

“—- ♥”
Nonaka Yuki, having her weak spot stimulated directly, had a grand climax.
— From then on, her reason had completely flown away, a time dedicated only to sensuality.

As the in-and-out grew faster and more intense, Yuki felt like her butt was roasted with the pleasure brought about by Basara’s finger as she climaxed countless of times, finally collapsed from her all-fours position to fell face down on the bathroom floor – from then on too, she dreamily went crazy with Basara and Kurumi. The three of them touched each other’s sensitive places, and as they worked up a deeper desire to their sensuality, Nonaka Yuki remembered something of her childhood. Of once before, completely innocent, pure, a happy memory of Basara and Kurumi’s warmth. But now, the warmth that Yuki received was more intense and hotter than before – together with a tremendous pleasure, Yuki felt Basara and Kurumi’s existence strongly.

But, for the three of them, the goal was Yuki’s submission — naturally, the two of them ganged up on Yuki, so as she received happiness while sitting on Basara’s lap facing him, her butt impaled with his finger, rubbing her hands lewdly against his member. However, Kurumi, from behind her, gripped onto her breasts, touching the tips of Yuki’s lewd breasts. At the same time, Basara too sucked strongly on Yuki’s nipples,

“Aahn…. Basara…. Haah, Basaraaa… Nn ♥ chuu… Aah, Kurumi….Haah…. Noo, nn Kurumiii…. Ah, AahhhAaaaAAh —- ♥”

Yuki’s hair swung messily with her intense climax, tossing her head back, showing her white neck, drenching Basara’s member with her lewd woman shower, while not stopping her hands that rubbed at his hardness.

For a stronger submission, she not only needed to receive pleasure, so she continued to dreamily service Basara. With that, Basara’s member grew bigger and harder — soon, Basara would cum too. And then Yuki, at the happiest being able to service as a woman,

“—- FuaaaaaaaAHN ♥”

Her butt, which was baked with the pleasure she received, was cooled down, she reached again with a jolt of her body. And then,

“Haah…. No, aaahn♥ Nn, Kurumi… Wha….-!?”

Yuki turned back her head, and upon that, she gasped. Kurumi stuck something to her left butt. That was – the pulse device Maria had made for Kurumi’s pleasure,

“Thinking about it, this could be used on others besides me. It worked on Mio and her breasts – it’s time to tease onee’s butt plenty”

Kurumi, who said that with a chuckle, handed the switch to Basara. Yuki, who was certainly just attacked relentlessly, asked ‘why’ with her eyes,

“Because… If I use it, it’s no use, onee isn’t supposed to submit to me, right?”

The important bit was for Yuki to submit to Basara. So,

“Later… Nn, haah…. This is… good”

Kurumi to the right side – on her weak point, she added one more pad. And then, holding her from behind, Kurumi whispered in a sweet tone at her ears.

“It’s alright, I’m with you… So, don’t hold back, it’s fine to fall down to anywhere” “Nn… Kurumi… Hah, aah—…”

Those words from her little sister were enough to make the last of Yuki’s reason fly away — Yuki gulped down.

In a little bit, they would submit to Basara without control.

However, she wasn’t afraid. On the contrary, there’s also a happy, warm feeling of security. Throwing away her life as one of the heroes, breaking away from her parents, and all that was left was one truth — to be with Basara, sisters who had chosen to live with him, going anywhere together. She could feel that much. That’s why, she stated to the boy she and Kurumi had entrusted their destiny to.

“Please Basara… let Kurumi and I ease you”
Stating that she wanted to submit, while feeling the happiness of making Basara cum, “—Yeah”
Basara nodded — and then,
“Hey, Kurumi…” “Yeah… Onee”

Yuki and Kurumi put their right and left hands together to envelop Basara’s member, and in that way, began rubbing him lewdly. Putting their skin together, they could feel each other’s body warmth, sure of the warmth of the present and feeling the future,

Nonaka Yuki thought — they could no longer go back to normal childhood friends or sisters.
— However, even so, she didn’t mind.
No matter how much it changed, their bonds as sisters or childhood friends would never disappear. From here on they’d be together, living together.

And then finally, that time had arrived.

“Ugh…. I’m cuming…!”

As he said that, Basara thrusted his hips, intensely releasing his semen – at that moment.

“—-” “—-”

The two sisters, once part of the hero clan, closed their eyes at the same time.

Right after that — their pleasured voices rose up to echo in the Toujou house bathroom till it trembled.

Basara turned the dial of the device in his hand to the highest setting.

Enveloped in Basara’s warmth, drowning in the pleasure that Basara dealt, the pride they held fell.

They sang out, in the happiness and delight of the ultimate pleasure.

Part 9

And then, not long after Yuki lost consciousness, Kurumi passed out as well.


Basara thought, as he held them in his left and right arms.

He felt their warmth, their softness, and then the weight of their feelings and lives.

He would never lose the two of them — and then, he would never let anyone take them away from him.

They resolved to throw away their precious family who had raised them. Toujou Basara must answer to their feelings.

Yuki and Kurumi had decided to dedicate everything to him — most likely, they couldn’t return to mere childhood friends. Not to those times they laughed together innocently.

— However, that relationship had disappeared the day of that disaster.

Those happy memories were a thing of the past, all they are in front of their eyes now was the truth.

However, they didn’t simply lose things. They also gained something new.
…That’s right.
From now on as well, Nonaka Yuki and Kurumi, the sisters would continue to dedicate themselves.

Basara had taken these two. He then should be able to proudly say – to declare. That these two were his. He would never hand them to anyone. He would never let go of them. If there was something getting in between that, Toujou Basara would never forgive it.
Whether the enemy was the <<village>> or <<Vatican>> – or whether it was Shiba Kyouichi.