Chapter 1: Master-Seravant Vow With an All To Beautiful Goddess

Part 1 

The Master-servant vow.

It’s the deepest loyalty one could give to one’s master.

It’s the ultimate form of a master-servant relationship, which could only be reached between a master who’s prepared for his subordinate to belong completely to him and a subordinate who could vow their body and heart entirely to their master.

On the other side of the unbelievable power that came with it, is a forbidden relationship that can’t be erased — among those whose souls are tied together by the master-servant magic, there aren’t many who could reach the master-servant vow. 

Therefore, until now it had been viewed as nothing more than a legend or fairytale.

—- Nonetheless, the master-servant vow exists.

That reason being Hasegawa Chisato having witnessed the fulfilment of such vow right before her very eyes.

And five of them too.

Toujou Basara, became the absolute master within the space that Hasegawa had created.

The girls Naruse Mio, Naruse Maria, Nonaka Yuki, Nonaka Kurumi and Zest became absolute slaves. 

— Hasegawa was the one who suggested the vow to them.

In the ancient past — those expelled from the divine realm became demons, and swearing revenge on the divine realm, came the great power from the master-servant contract magic.

For a divine being like Hasegawa, this wasn’t information she was familiar with.

But, knowing that Basara had tied a contract with Mio, Hasegawa went to collect the information.

Basara is the child of Hasegawa’s (Afureia’s) beloved cousin Raphaeline, who had her divine power stripped from her as she was sealed away. A miracle born from Jin of the heroes, Sapphire the sister of previous demon lord Wilbert, and Raphaeline.

If it’s for Basara’s sake, Hasegawa has resolved to do everything she can. 

For Hasegawa Chisato, Basara is an irreplaceable person.

She found Basara adorable for refraining from sexual acts for the contract whenever the group was pushed into a corner by an enemy, but also when it came to relieving Mio and the other girls whenever they fall into an aroused state, To top it off, this was all while repressessing his own desire as a man —- seeing Basara like that, she couldn’t repress her own desire and entered the bath with him. 

She just wanted to tease him a bit. But, Basara washed her breasts lewdly, and even though she held no previous experience with men or desire for romance, Hasegawa felt an uncontainable ecstatic pleasure… Without realising it she kissed Basara.

Basara was unable to control his urges towards her… Hasegawa let Basara do as he desired with her body, she then put his penis between her breasts and serviced him.

For her, it was the first time that someone was able to make such a strong impression as a man towards her. 

Hasegawa was unable to contain her growing feelings for Basara.

When Sakasaki Mamoru — Ornis, caused an incident that made Brynhildr go out of control, and knowing that Basara and the others had to go to the demon realm, Hasegawa asked Basara for a secret relationship of a man and woman between them. And then, fulfilling her own feelings as a woman, and for Basara to release his desire, Hasegawa bestowed divine protection upon him.

There was benefit in it, Basara got through the decisive battle with the current demon lord that unfolded in the demon realm by being more resolute. He then returned to Hasegawa’s side. 

—- On the flip side, she held a cold-heartedness she didn’t hold to this extent before.

Worried for Basara… Hasegawa invited him on a trip to the hotspring. There, he asked her to tell him about his own birth and about herself — Therefore, Hasegawa bared it all. How Basara was born, and of her true form.

She had always kept quiet about it. She had always lied about it, yet Basara was so kind.

He thanked her and told her about how she’s precious to him too.

She could no longer hold back… Therefore, Hasegawa tied both a contract to connect him with part of her divine powers, as well as tied the master-servant contract with him. Altering the time flow within a barrier, in what flowed like a year, she lewdly fell into being Basara’s sex slave.

With that, Basara’s power increased, and Hasegawa became a new trump card for Basara.

But even with that, Shiba Kyoichi managed to surpass Basara.

The strength of the man Basara must defeat—- of Shiba Kyoichi, was truly that fearsome.

Shiba had absorbed and corrupted within him the Togami Reginleif. He had manifested Kouryuu within the barrier he had created through the divine vessels, the four gods, and his power in the five elements continued to grow.

To win against Shiba, simply reaching the master-servant vow wasn’t enough. 

Mio and the others, all five of them have an element they’re in charge of – converting that to power and sending it through to Basara, flowing it so it’s compatible within him so he could fight on par with Shiba. With this much, in terms of skills and strategy, Basara should be able to fight on the same playing field as Shiba.

It was a risk. Against Shiba who has had everything sorted, Basara had to make miracles happen five times in a row.

Even so — Basara managed to reach the five vows splendidly.

Hasegawa watched as miracles happened one after another.

And then, even though she felt happiness for Basara and the other girls’ attainment of this new strength, what occurred in Hasegawa’s chest was a painful feeling of loneliness of herself being the only one left out in this.

—- Because at this point, Hasegawa can’t give Basara her virginity.

If they add Hasegawa’s power, they would then ruin the five elemental compatibility that was built by Mio and the others.

That’s why she has to endure it. That’s why she thought she could endure it.


When she came face to face with Basara in the changing room after he washed off the sweat from his sex with Mio and the others, she was unable to contain her welling feelings.

Even without tying the master-servant vow —- Hasegawa’s feelings for Basara are certain.

She shouldn’t have to repress that.

Therefore — Even if it’s only kisses, Hasegawa piled them on Basara’s lips.

Basara allowed that of Hasegawa, and wrapped his arms around her waist,

“Haah… mmm, chuu… nmm… aah, Basara, nchuu… chuu ♥”

Hasegawa, being in Basara’s arms, lost herself in the lewd kisses. 

Having just bathed, Basara was naked. Hasegawa was in a babydoll so sheer it was transparent.

As they exchanged bodyheat with the sensation of their bodies, and with just how their tongues intertwined lewdly, she understood.

Basara’s power as he reached the vow with Mio and the other girls, had now surpassed that of her own.

“…Amazing… Basara, you’ve gotten to this point…” 

She shook in pleasure in response to the might of her master who had achieved this change. 

With that —- Basara did more to her, who was as such.

As they kissed, he moved his left hand down from her waist to her butt, then his right hand moved from her back to the front to softly fondle her chest.

Having already felt so much from only kissing, Hasegawa’s nipples stood. 

“Mm, aah… Basara, chuu… haah… no… mmm, aaah”

Her chidings had melted sweeter than anything.

With a lewd pleasure that made her tremble, Hasegawa couldn’t stop the lewd happiness that’s overflowing from herself.

For a woman who had completely fallen into being a sex slave, there’s no way that they wouldn’t feel joy from their master’s affection. 

With the tempo of the immodest thrusts of her waist, the right strap of her babydoll fell, and in that way, it slowly revealed her breasts… Exposing the lewd shape of her erect nipples.

With that,


At Basara whose lips parted from hers, so close that they share a breath,

“Basara… Mm, no… If you do more than this…”

Though it’s a feeling she can’t suppress, even so thinking of stopping —- it was at that time.


Suddenly, there was a sensation at Hasegawa’s crotch.

Looking at it, Basara’s penis which had ejaculated inside Mio and the others, was once again hard.

However, it wasn’t Basara’s penis that Hasegawa was familiar with, it was completely different in size than Basara’s penis which she had serviced with her mouth, hands and breasts. 

“…It can’t be… Basara, can’t be this big…”

As a side effect of the master-servant vow with Mio and the other girls, Basara’s penis had grown to an even more impressive size. 


In response to the overwhelmingness of it,

Hasegawa unconsciously gulped down, and she was unable to take her eyes off it. 

Basara’s member ,throbbed lewdly with his arousal.

“….Wait. Just now, Naruse and the others girls are calling”

Hasegawa was flustered as she turned her heels back towards the bedroom, and Basara took hold of her right wrist.


The gaze of Basara who called out to her again, was without a doubt one that desired service from her, as he held on to her wrist, he led her hand down to his crotch.

With that, Hasegawa could feel the hot sensation of Basara’s hardness, and at that the manly sensation against her,

“….Ah, aaah….”

Hasegawa simply submitted. Though she understood she can’t go for more than this —- but if Basara desired for it, she could no longer suppress her feelings.

—-Therefore, she could no longer deny him.

Her eyes filled with sensuality, she drew a seductive smile on her face,

“Doing this…. At this rate you won’t be able to come up with any of strategies straight”

“Leave it to me” —  as she said that, she slowly moved her hand and began stroking Basara’s member.

—- How to pleasure Basara, it’s something Hasegawa Chisato is familiar with.

So Hasegawa, moved her wrist as her slender fingers lewdly worked on Basara’s shaft all the way up to the head, rubbing on it. With that, soon, a bit of pre-cum began to leak from the tip of Basara’s penis. Using the sticky, transparent substance as lotion, the service from Hasegawa’s hand was lascivious. Soon, she could feel even the veins of Basara’s penis’ hardness, and the shape of the head which had thrust mercilessly into the insides of women, as it lewdly stands up.

“…Amazing, to this extent…”

With the increase in size, Basara’s penis felt even more lewd, the aroused Hasegawa, without thinking, began kissing Basara. Basara responded back, kissing with his tongue, further, he groped Hasegawa’s now exposed left breast.

“A,aah… Mm, chuu… Basara… haah, chupu… nchuu ♥”

Hasegawa who moaned sensually, moved her hand even more lewdly to service. With that, Basara’s penis grew even bigger and hotter,


Hasegawa’s moans mixed with Basara’s breath as they exchanged kisses, his hands moved even more intensely,

“Mmm… There’s no need to hold back, just like this… Cum…”

With her pleading mixed with pleasure, Basara, clinging close to her,

“…Ah, I’m cuming… Sensei”

Just as he said that, Basara’s penis shook considerably — and at the next moment, Basara’s member reached its climax in Hasegawa’s right hand. What he ejaculated is a plentiful amount of tremendously hot semen. And then, as it overflowed hotly from Hasegawa’s hand, it dripped down on to the front of her baby doll, staining the sheer silk fabric with a lewd white,

“Ah… Aaah, mm, fufu… Even though you came so much inside Mio and the others, amazing… haah ♥”

As Hasegawa was spellbound, she changed the movements of her hands around Basara’s hardness to gentle strokes, then, choosing to time it with the calming of Basara’s penis, she let go and opened her right hand.

With that, the semen that flowed in excess on her fingers and to her palm steamed lewdly, and just like that it flowed down to her wrist,


Hasegawa licked it. Basara’s semen, which she just tasted not too long ago, had a thicker taste and more pungent smell than before, and Hasegawa’s mind melted in its sensuality.

“Mm… chuu, haah… lick, mm… chuu… licks, nfu ♥”

Hasegawa was in a trance, she licked up all of Basara’s semen on her hand. She drank it up while letting it dance on her tongue, and then letting it slide down her tongue and into her like a lewd essence.

“Mmm…. Haah, aaah… ♥”

At the lewd sensation, Hasegawa’s pale butt trembled.


Her face intoxicated, she gulped down.

As Basara’s cum was gone, her mouth felt lonely… 


Basara called out to her, like he wanted to bring something to her attention.

As she looked, Basara’s penis which had just ejaculated was erect once more.

The huge penis shivered in what seemed to be pleasure, from the tip to the frenulum, the remains of the semen that he ejaculated on Hasegawa dripped. 


“Aaah… Leave it to me”

Hasegawa pulled an enchanting smile, pulling the semen-stained babydoll off from the shoulder straps.

—- With a string, she was naked.

And then she kneeled in front of Basara —- with that, right in front of her eyes was Basara’s hardness.

Basara’s member demanded service, and with that Hasegawa licked her lips lewdly, and brought her wet lips closer.

—- It was then that from the corner of Hasegawa’s eyes, she could catch a glimpse.

At the entrance of the changing room was a bare naked girl —- Naruse Mio, who had just tied a vow with Basara.                                                                                                                                                                

At the eyes of Mio who looked down at them, Hasegawa’s heated passion cooled down.

“I-I apologize Naruse… In front of Basara somehow, I couldn’t hold myself back…”

Although Hasegawa desired Basara, it could break the affinity built by Mio and the rest. Hence, Hasegawa quickly parted away from Basara.

“No, Hasegawa-sensei… You should continue.”

But as Mio spoke, Hasegawa was frozen still 

Part 2

 Basara furrowed his eyebrows.

It was because Mio said something that encouraged what Basara and Hasegawa were doing.

As Hasegawa and Basara looked on surprised —- Mio made an even more shocking suggestion.

“No, not only that. Hasegawa-sensei… I want you to tie the vow with oniichan.”


Unable to read the intent behind the suggestion, at how he was puzzled, Mio made a certain expression. 

It was a smile. 

And then,

“It’s true that with tying the contract with us, all our power had grown significantly… But”

With that said, Mio made her intentions clear. 

Her expression turned serious. 

“That man Shiba is our opponent… Surely, he could read that we could have chosen the vow as a way to beat him. Furthermore, it wasn’t just us who had gotten stronger. He has the power of the four Gods, and has gotten Kouryuu to manifest.”

And then.

“He surely has another trump card. I’m sure you feel it too oniichan?”


Basara gave a silent affirmation to Mio’s words.

—- In their previous battle, he had lost in reading Shiba, and failed.

And then most likely — No, for sure, that wasn’t the limit of all the power Shiba holds.

The four gods and Kouryuu… And then Shiba’s own ki and the corruption in him.

On top of that, the demon fist Reginleif.

Taking into consideration all of that together, Shiba might have another trump card up his sleeve.

“I get what you’re saying Naruse… But if Basara and I were to tie the master-servant vow, we would have a new problem. For starters, I’m a Togami.”

Hasegawa continued, 

“If we’re to tie the vow, if I am to support him completely in everything. Those of the Divine Realm… those who rule over it, the Ten Gods, they would take notice of Basara. If they decide that Basara is a danger —- likely, the forces of the Gods would come upon us.”

As Hasegawa who spoke of the risks, Mio didn’t give up. 

“That Shiba… He had absorbed a Togami like sensei, using that power as if it was his own right? In that case then, after this battle the Divine Realm would’ve already taken notice of us.”

In the current situation, the threat Hasegawa spoke of already exists — as she proclaimed that,

“In that case… Isn’t it right to think that even if we don’t use your power through the master-servant contract, they would already take notice of us if we defeat him?”

In short.

“First we have to think about the opponent before us… a way to defeat Shiba Kyoichi.”

The words Mio spoke resolutely, was as it is.

—-Currently, their plan for taking down Shiba was lacking.

In this situation, thinking of what the Gods would do is insignificant.

“…Shiba’s goal is revenge against the Vatican and the hero clan. Alongside the five elements barrier and the manifestation of Kouryuu, Shiba’s power greatly expanded as his plan progressed.”

Therefore, Basara said.

“Thinking of how bottomless it goes, there’s a chance he would add the power we gained from our vow on… As we go on with challenging him again, just like he did with Togami Reginleif, he might absorb it into himself.”

“And then… Surely he knows we anticipate that much too.”

“Yes. Most likely he already knows how much we calculated, how we move and a method so we absolutely can’t run…. Therefore.”

Basara’s group needed to think of what happens in cases where Shiba would absorb them.

—- In the prior battle, just being pushed to the edge made it impossible to fight.

They could easily be exposed to the *“kegare”* inside Shiba.


And then—- Most likely, there’s no way to avoid that. 

…But, there was a method available for Basara’s group.

Therefore, the two of them looked at Hasegawa.

“Indeed, my divine aura would work to counter his “Kegare”. If I could give it to Basara, then he would be able to suppress that.”


“If I form the vow with Basara, there’s a risk of ruining the balance of five elements you guys created. Though it may be necessary for absorption… But to let go of power you already attained for that, you may not be able to catch up with this man.”


Mio muttered in shock at the risks Hasegawa spoke of. 

She truly believed that the vow between Hasegawa and Basara could serve as a final trump card in the fight.


Hasegawa then looked apologetically at Mio. 

A dark air loomed inevitably over the changing room.

In the silence of the dark,


Only Basara – could see a path forward, a way for them to win.

Destroying the wall that stopped them, a way to change a dead end into a path.

That small hope —- Basara had found it.

“…A way for me to tie the vow with sensei, and still not break the alignment made by Mio and the others, isn’t completely non-existent”



Basara calmly took the surprised look Hasegawa threw towards him. 

“Besides that… If I tie the vow with sensei as well, we could further increase my power”

Basara then spoke of that method,

As it stands right now, like Shiba-san, my power flows in the five elements… It’s sublimes for the Yin yang five elements”

That is, in the general idea, matched alongside the five elements and yin yang principles. The five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal, water each on their own, and dark and light are attached on in addition. 

“Being opposites of one another, it’s not that light and dark extinguish each other. Usually, with conditions changed, they both have effects. Therefore if we can elevate the five elements with Yin and Yang, it’s not to strengthen the strength of each individual element, but to increase the overall power through compatibility”  

And then the five elements – are only compatible on a two-dimensional axis.

“Then on the Yin side, we have demons Mio, Maria and Zest, but on the Yang we only have those with heroes blood, Yuki and Kurumi. If we add sensei here… It becomes 3 v 3, and we could achieve a balance of Yin and Yang”

With that said, when absorbed in by the power of Shiba’s Kegare they would not only be able to resist it, but have the power to release light with the strength of Yin and not be devoured by that darkness.  

“We can benefit from the use of Shiba-san’s Kegare… In short, the inside of him isn’t completely cut off from the outside. Therefore, if gravity waves are released from myself, Mio and Maria together, we should be able to escape from inside of him”

“I, in that case…!”

At that moment, Mio’s eyes sparked. 

“But… There’s a huge prerequisite before tying the vow with sensei right now”

Basara then spoke of that problem. 

“Hasegawa-sensei, you’re scared that by tying the vow you’ll expose us to a greater danger.. In this situation, it’s difficult”

Part 3


Hasegawa Chisato heard the confused voice Mio raised due to the words Basara said.

—- However she wasn’t looking at Basara’s or Mio’s expression.

Instead she was looking down with a pained expression, while biting down on her lips. 


It was an expression showing what Basara said was the truth. 

—- Basara and the other girls aren’t familiar with the specifics regarding the Togami. 

Also, They defeated not only the current Demon Lord Leohart, but also the demon god Chaos, and even the Cardinals who long ruled over the demon realm. Furthermore, Yuki and Kurumi left the Hero Clan — Collectively they have nothing left to fear except for losing each other.  



Being a Togami herself originally, Hasegawa was well aware of how powerful the other Togami are. The dangers that would come from them as their enemy are truly terrifying. 

All things considered, they are much more powerful than their current opponent Shiba. 

In this current situation, with their attention finally focused towards Shiba, Hasegawa holds a fear for herself and Basara tying the master-servant vow.   

That’s why she had suggested only Mio and the others to tie the vow.

—- However, her feelings of such towards Basara and the others, surely would hinder a master-servant vow.

It shouldn’t matter what happens, the only thing that should matter is each other. 

That’s the kind of attitude needed to face the master-servant vow.

Basara was able to tie it with Mio and the other girls due to their desire, made with an absolute will.

Therefore, for her to vow herself eternally even when turning the other Togami into enemies — as long as Hasegawa lacked the resolve for that, they wouldn’t be able to tie the master-servant vow. 

—- Of course, if it were allowed, Hasegawa wanted to tie the master-servant vow with Basara.

She’s determined to dedicate all of herself to Basara forever. 

Her feelings for Basara are in no way inferior to Mio and the others. Being able to reach the miraculous master servant vow, surely that itself isn’t impossible. If they could do that, she would be happy. 


There’s a possibility that she could lose Basara because of that — and she’s scared.  

A world without Basara has no meaning or value for her. 

Therefore, she decided to remain still and not step forward towards the vow with Basara. 


Hasegawa was enveloped in warmth.

However —- that embrace was not from Basara.


The one who was hugging Hasegawa was Mio., 

“Sensei… I understand your fear with regards to the dangers of a future only you can see. Sometimes, I am also scared of losing oniichan, so much that I can’t stand it”

Mio spoke her words kindly. It’s a confession of someone having experienced the pain from involving Basara in the battle with the current Demon Lord. 

“No, if it’s about being scared, it’s the same now as well… If something happens now and oniichan was to die, we would really regret it. We would surely regret it so much I don’t know how we would deal with it. That’s why I want to do everything possible to make sure it doesn’t happen”


“Because Oniichan is everything to us; we gave all of ourselves to him… And Oniichan took our everything.” 

Mio then said, 

“That should be the same for you sensei —— right?”


Agreement spilled out of Hasegawa, as if being wrung out of her. 

Toujou Basara is her everything —- those are, with no hesitation, her true feelings.

With that,


Basara smiled at her. 

“I won’t say have courage… but please believe in me, as well as in Mio and the others, more than anything, though —- believe in yourself.”

That reason being, 

“We know how much you cherish me more than anything. And then up till now, you’ve always helped us out sensei; especially during that time Shiba almost killed us too.”

Basara said, as he moved closer towards her. 

“It’s alright… Hasegawa-sensei, you’ll continue helping oniichan from here on too”

Mio said, as she gently drew away from her embrace of Hasegawa. 

“If you’re willing to devote all of yourself to me…Then please continue helping us from now on.” 

Basara said, as he stood directly in front of her. 


As her voice spilled out in surprise —- Hasegawa was held tightly by Basara.

“It’s not something that can wait for someday… Please give all of yourself to me here and now. Sensei, I want to tie the master-servant vow with you now. I want to make you mine right away.” 

As he spoke to her, his arms were tightly holding onto her without letting go; as if she was already his. 

“Mm… Toujou, do you get it? What would become of things if we tie the vow?”

“Sensei will become mine. In joy and in sadness, in bliss and in pain, in spirit and in body, in everything”

As Hasegawa looked lost, Basara was fully determined to reach the vow. 

“Or… Might you not want to tie the vow with me?”

 With an anguished expression drawn on her face Hasegawa spoke to Basara. 

“…That’s unfair. I only have one answer to that question, and you know that better than anyone.”

If Basara understood everything, and yet he still wanted to make the vow, then Hasegawa could have no objections.

Hasegawa was already Basara’s slave.

—- In the past, Hasegawa could only see the place where Raphaeline had been sealed.

Before someone she viewed as a sister had such a cruel punishment imposed on her, she was unable to do anything.

As a result of that she was unable to believe in herself.

With her Togami powers currently limited, she wasn’t sure of how much use she could be to Basara. 


Even though she can’t believe in herself —- she believes in Basara.

He yearned for Hasegawa, and wanted her. With that, his words and feelings are absolute.

Therefore, Hasegawa Chisato spoke her true feelings.

With tears on the bridge of her eyes, as if she was praying, 

“Basara… Please make all of me yours”

A pause.

“That’s what I’ve been holding inside all of this time.”  

Part 4

And then —- Hasegawa and Basara decided on pursuing the sixth master-servant vow.

That being said, their time was limited to until Kouryuu completely manifests. 

For that purpose, first Basara and the others returned to the bedroom and collectively thought about how to approach the final battle with Shiba. Ultimately, the unresolved problem was in regards to the moment Shiba pushes them into a corner, and what to do in the event the five elemental barrier breaks down along with the potential danger of the four gods going on a rampage.  

In addition to that, the “Solomon Pentagram” that Basara’s group pursued in opposition to one of Shiba’s trump cards. Mio and the others were tasked with creating another barrier with five points to overlap Shiba’s.

With the safety of the outside area secure, Basara would be able to fight without worry. 

The next item concerned measures regarding Basara and Shiba. 

—- The offensive aspect had been figured out. So next was the defensive trump card.

Therefore Basara, now continued onward to achieve the master-servant vow with Hasegawa.

However though, there were a number of problems that must be cleared for that.

Maria spoke of that issue first. 

“First we must take into consideration Hasegawa-sensei being the one who created this dimension…”

“As things are right now, Hasegawa-sensei must be concentrating and using a great deal of power to maintain this barrier, especially in order for a man like Shiba and a high ranking demon like Balflear to not find it.” 

“But… If that’s the case then she can’t tie the vow with Basara”

Yuki said softly.

“If you’re putting your focus elsewhere, it’s impossible to achieve the vow. You have to swear from the bottom of your heart, in order to give all of yourself to Basara”

“In short — Hasegawa-sensei, there’s the situational shortcoming that while you’re maintaining this space you will be unable to reach the vow with Basara-sama.” 

Zest said with a thoughtful look.

“Besides… Even if a vow could be reached anyway in this situation, if Hasegawa-sensei loses her consciousness…”

“There’s a risk of the barrier collapsing… or something like that right?”

Kurumi said with a grim expression.

“In that case… Shiba-san will know our location right away”

If something like that were to happen, then they might possibly have to face a battle with an unconscious Hasegawa. That would leave them in too much of a disadvantaged situation. 


Hasegawa listened without a word regarding the risks all of them brought up in regards to tying the vow.

However there was no hesitation or confusion in her eyes. She understood the risks.

Even so Basara desired a vow with Hasegawa, and she wanted to answer that.

As such — no matter what, Toujou Basara will tie the vow with Hasegawa.

Therefore, Basara asked a question.

“Shiba-san used the four gods to create a barrier with the five elements. For the sake of Shiba-san not finding us within it, Hasegawa-sensei created a barrier with the five elements as well — is it five sided?”

“Yes, and that five is utilized by what’s held by Naruse and the others”

Hasegawa looked at him, and nodded as she spoke.

During the earlier battle with Shiba, the reason why Hasegawa rescued Mio and the others ahead of Basara wasn’t simply because their lives were in danger. Creating this space using the elemental power of Mio and the others, was so the barrier could blend in perfectly inside Shiba’s barrier.

In that case,

“In short, this barrier could be supported by their powers… Is that right?”

Up until this point, it might have been difficult for Mio and the others to support the barrier even while combining their power. But as of now, they’ve already tied the master-servant vow.

Effortlessly — they gained power as if they had been reborn, and if they were to combine that, surely they’ll be able to even support a barrier that was created by Hasegawa.

In the event that they weren’t able to, they could add a Solomon pentagram over the barrier Shiba has up, so it’s not impossible for them to maintain the state of the space. 

“Besides… Testing the pentagram out here, we’ll be able to see the actualization and strength for when it comes time for us to set up the real thing ”

It links to reducing the risk in battle.

“In this case”

They could meet the prerequisite for Basara and Hasegawa to tie their vow.

“Other than that, is if sensei and oniichan can complete the vow before Kouryuu completely manifests.”

Mio voiced the last problem.

— For Hasegawa and Basara to tie their contract, they needed a year.

This vow of course, requires Basara to attain even greater submission from Hasegawa.

As a rule, it’s not constrained entirely by time. But, it could be constrained by it as well.

They could make an altered time space between the barrier, and it could pass less than a night. 

However though, 

“In order for us not to be discovered by Shiba-san, this barrier has to blend in, and because of that we can’t accelerate time like when you two made your contract…”

Kurumi said. 


“Since he tied the vow with all five of us, Onii-chan’s powers have increased the most… With that said, if since Sensei has a master-servant contract with Onii-chan her power should have increased as well. I wonder if it’s possible to maintain this barrier with us supporting it while accelerating time?” 

“It’s a possibility…. But that’s such a large gamble. I think it’s better for Sensei to concentrate on the vow with me”

Just as Basara made a difficult face and said that, 

“Then how about using my magic here?”

Their gaze all fixed on one person.

The voice came from Basara’s right. From Maria the loli-looking succubus. 

“Using my hypnotism powers, we can release the deep consciousness of Hasegawa-sensei… Then, we can link Basara-san to her. That way, it’ll be easier to draw out her suppressed desire.”

In short, they can have Hasegawa’s heart completely bare.

With that it’s easier to get absolute submission, leading to the master-servant vow.

“But… In a way hypnotism is like a dream right? That means the two of them wouldn’t be able to have the exchange for real, making all of this pointless correct?” 

“There is no need to worry. When we succubus show a lewd dream, it’s not contained only in the dream. The lewd action can happen in reality. In short, the spiritual and cognitive state would follow that of the dream. The things she sees will be a reflection of her heart, the sensations would be set as so too”

Maria spoke with plenty of confidence. 

“And then… It could be changed to the same as this space. This is as sensei is the one who had created this space.”

“And then… this space can be transformed too. Sensei is the person responsible for creating this space after all. 

The space was created by the combination of the Toujou Household and Hasegawa’s apartment. That’s because Hasegawa had created it as such. Therefore if they release the deep level of Hasegawa’s subconscious, it should change according to her desires.

“And then in that state, we link Hasegawa-sensei’s consciousness with Basara-sama, and with that they would be connected.”

“In short… It’s not only the consciousness, but it’d be like entering her dream”

There, they go deep into her subconscious, and expose the desires even she might not be aware of.

Surely with this there’s a possibility of drawing out hidden and instinctual sides through Basara arousing Hasegawa. 

…In that case,

Just as Maria said, it’ll be easier to get Hasegawa into a state for the master servant vow.

At the clearly good idea, Basara’s agreement to it furthered,

“However… By using the deep subconscious state, there’s a risk of weakening Hasegawa-sensei’s own sense of self awareness. There’s a chance she won’t understand and won’t be able to grasp her own state”

“Going into the subconscious using the instinctual level for the master servant vow would make it easier, but on the other hand… it might make memories of the vow actually happening obscure.” 


“Worst case scenario, there’s the possibility she won’t remember anything”

Said Maria with a stern expression.

— The master-servant vow is an eternal vow.

The way Basara took Mio and the others one by one, and how they reached that vow would surely be something he remembers until the end of time. It’s surely the same for the girls too. No matter what lewd acts they do from here on out, what they did for their vow was engraved in their hearts, and the memory will never dull for them.

— But the memory of a dream could get vague.

Even though — that action itself was miraculous. 

Losing the memory of the vow with Basara — the girls who had made their vow with Basara couldn’t take the thought of that, and the five of them fell into silence. 

“…I don’t mind. Let us begin.”

Said Hasegawa, in a decisive tone. 

“Doing all this reduces the amount of time we have… But if it’s needed, the vow between Basara and I will succeed. Therefore please, hurry and begin”

She said pleading to Maria, as her tone carried her resolve.

“On top of that… I can finally tie myself to Basara. That truth is enough for me”

Hasegawa said with a smile. 

Responding to that Maria said,


Maria looked at him, asking for his permission.

Hasegawa’s gaze landed on him too,

“Basara… Let me do this”

She pleaded. Her heart’s already set on this.

— With that said, there is no other way to tie the vow with Hasegawa but this.

The only thing that Basara could do is accept Hasegawa, and make all of her belong to him. 


“…I understand”

Toujou Basara replied to Hasegawa decisively with a nod.

And then he spoke his thoughts.

“Please, do it Maria”

— A few minutes later.

The preparations for Basara and Hasegawa to partake in the vow were complete.

Having made their vows with Basara, Mio and the other girls have heightened compatibility with each other to its peak. It wasn’t difficult passing on the task of maintaining the barrier to them. 

It also proved they wouldn’t have any issues maintaining the Solomon Pentagram for when it comes to the real thing.

With that said, everyone will succeed for sure.

“So– let’s begin”

Maria said as she approached Basara. 

Hasegawa was already in a relaxed state next to him with her eyes glazed over. 

Basara was tightly holding onto her hand.

It was done in order to create a mental link with her consciousness. 

With that,


As Maria began her incantation, soft light began to appear from Hasegawa… It then began to wrap around their hands and linked them together. 

As he Looked at that gentle light, 


Basara thought about what he would have to from this moment on. 

— He’s going to go deep into her consciousness now. And there, he will tie the vow with her.

He had no worries. No matter what he would prove he could tie the vow.

And then, as he thought about what he must do when he enters her consciousness, 

“…Maria, can you give me a second?”

He said to the loli succubus in front of him.

He had an idea. Since he wasn’t sure if it was possible, he said it quietly to Maria so Hasegawa couldn’t hear it, and as he said it, Maria gulped down surprised.

“As expected… You’re amazing Basara-san”

With that said, the loli succubus smiled at him.

Part 5

Even though you’re able to make sense of it when you wake up, you don’t always understand how it starts. That’s the nature of a dream you experience as you sleep. 

However, Hasegawa in her current state is able to understand the beginning of her dream. 

“…This place is”

As she came to her senses — Hasegawa Chisato wasn’t in the bedroom she was in earlier. Instead she was somewhere else she recognized. 

It was Hijirigasaka Academy; her everyday place of work as a school nurse. 

Hasegawa was sitting on her chair, behind her desk at the window.

Her body was neither naked nor was she wearing the babydoll she had on earlier. She was wearing her work outfit consisting of her well matched green knit sweater, tight black mini-skirt, along with her cross motif garter stockings. With her white lab coat over it; She looked exactly like she normally looked during school hours. 

As she looked at the digital clock on her desk, it showed the time was just a bit past nine in the morning. 

— However though, the inside of the room was dimly lit.

It isn’t that the clock was broken. The curtains and windows were just drawn completely shut. 

Even so, a bit of light streamed in from between the gaps of the curtains.


From outside the window, they could hear the bright voices of students having their PE lessons.

With that said, Hasegawa began making sense of her situation.

“…So this is the place your subconscious chose for us to tie our vow”

As she heard a gentle voice behind her, she turned around. 

— There a young man stood.

His appearance was in a sense similar to Hasegawa’s everyday outfit — Basara, was wearing his school uniform.

“—That’s good. You can properly understand the situation huh?”

“Basara… What is this?” 

Hasegawa asked, confused. 

As she stood up, Basara smiled at her. 

— By Maria’s words, this isn’t something done consciously.

While you’re able to understand that this is a dream, like during a lucid dream, The brain is in a half awake state. During that bit of the sleep cycle, as Hasegawa neared unconsciousness, her deep consciousness was released.and she had an abstract understanding of her own consciousness. 

But now, Hasegawa has a complete understanding of the situation she’s in. 

Basara then walked towards the confused Hasegawa and said, 

“Truth is, I asked Maria not only to link the deeper part of the subconscious to me… But also your own surface consciousness.” 

“My own…?”

As she looked at him confused, Basara spoke again. 

“At the root of it, by activating the subconscious, the surface consciousness could easily be swallowed up… In short, it’s like falling into a trance. However, if we could link the surface to the subconscious, not only would we be able to have my thoughts, but also yours”

In addition, 

“You’ll be able to become aware of repressed desires you may or may not have been aware of. Moreover as the subconscious part is stronger, it’ll be harder to suppress your instincts. This way, it’s going to be much easier for you to tie the master-servant vow with me.” 

Above all Basara added,  

“If we do this… You’ll remember exactly what we do here” 


Basara said that with a smile as Hasegawa gulped down.

She wanted to tie the vow with Basara no matter what — Even if she wasn’t able to remember.

Nevertheless, Basara going above and beyond found a way to make her happy. 

“Sensei, you made it seem like you were fine as long as we tie the vow to increase our powers…even if you weren’t able to remember it.” 

Basara said that as he was already standing in front of Hasegawa. 

“I’m sorry for doing it without asking… But sensei, I want you to properly remember exactly how you’ll become mine.”

At such a close distance, Hasegawa was trapped in his eyes and no longer able to repress her feelings. 

Linked to her subconscious, Hasegawa had become at her most honest instinctually. 

Thus, as if flying towards him, she jumped into Basara’s chest, and their lips met in kisses. 

“Basara… Mm, haah… Chupu… Nmu, chuu… aaah… nchuu ♥”

Hasegawa sweetly, pressed her large breasts against him. Basara responded to her with kisses. In between their kisses, the two of them were closely entwined lewdly. 

“Aah… Chuu, mmm ♥… Haah… Mm, Basara… ♥ Mm, chuu…. haaah ♥”

The breath she spilled grew hotter with the way Basara’s tongue worked against hers. 

With the soft spilling of her voice, her body slightly trembled. 

With each kiss came a small climax, and Hasegawa’s pleasure had increased from just kissing. 

In her crotch, she felt a tremendously sweet throbbing. 

this is….Amazing, 

Hasegawa was incredibly turned on responding to the unprecedented arousal. 

With her reasoning gone, she lost the very concept of breath and lost herself in kissing Basara. 

Having used all the oxygen in their lungs; they finally parted. 

Nevertheless, sticking together their tongues refused to part.  

“Licks… eaaah, mm… licks… haah, aaah… chuu… mmm ♥”

While they continued kissing with their tongues, with a lewd expression on her face, Hasegawa tried taking off her white lab coat. 

But Basara stopped her hands from doing so.

“No sensei… It’s not time for that yet”                  

“Mmm…. But I’ve had enough with playing teacher, hurry and make me into your woman”

With that said, it was time for her to abandon her position as the school nurse. 

“But sensei —- if that’s the case, then why are you wearing this lab coat and why are we here, in the infirmary?”

At Basara’s question,


“If you really want to become my woman… Then wouldn’t it have been better having you completely naked in the bedroom like earlier. Even if it’s not that, it could be your apartment or my house”


“Still, your subconscious produced this situation to tie the vow with me. This is your subconscious… It brought out a desire from deep within you. The school infirmary, the lab coat you’re wearing, even the school uniform on me”

In addition to that,

“In the middle of first period —- with the curtains drawn closed, this exact situation”


Trying to come up with an answer for Basara, Hasegeawa was at a loss for words. 

She wanted to belong to Basara as soon as possible. It’s the truth of Hasegawa Chisato without any lie. 


It wasn’t… just that….?

For Hasegawa’s subconscious to produce this —- this is, in short, a manifestation from a hidden desire she has yet to even realize. 

“Please throw away all your previous expectations… This is what you wanted, Sensei.”

“Even if we don’t cross that last line, as we are now, we’re together as man and woman. During our trip together we were in that barrier. In order for us to fulfill the master servant contract, sensei, you’ve already completly become my sex slave.” 

As such.

“Even if we have sex, our relationship can’t go beyond this. This situation is the result of the way your subconsciousness feels.” 

“That’s… But it’s true I just want to be desired by you”

“Of course, I can feel that you’re happy through our relationship and actions. But it’s like you discovered enough pleasure in the master-servant contract with me, and I think that led to you being satisfied for yourself.”

However, said Basara.

“Even long before that… During Christmas Eve, sensei, you assertively sought me out, desiring me right?”


It’s just as Basara said.

Back then, Hasegawa wasn’t as lewd as she is now but —— Instead she desired Basara more then. At the restaurant they were invited to by the members of the student council, she teased Basara under the table. After that they went together to her apartment, she desired Basara as soon as they got into the elevator.  When they got to her room; she asked “would you like to mess up an older woman?” During the time of their trip to the hotspring; they spent a period of time together amounting to almost a year where Hasegawa’s feelings overflowed; started with an aggressive blowjob. 


“Since we’ve made the master servant contract, you act very much like a sex slave all the time. You allow me to pretty much do anything to you as if you don’t want anything else from me.” 

However, said Basara.

“On the other hand your feelings for me have grown stronger and stronger… I wonder if this means what you really want has gotten buried deep down somewhere in a hidden place instead?”

“Wanting… desire”

Hasegawa spoke as if she was in a trance. 

“Sensei looking back , I understand that you wanted me to be more aggressive right?  You used to say “Wreck me, “Go wild on me…” “Please make me yours”” 


Hasegawa agreed with Basara’s words while feeling shame. 

When her reasoning flew away with Basara, while she desired to be violently wrecked.. Only at times she accepted those desires, and had moments where she saw herself as just a woman. 

She desires Basara as only a woman —- not as a high ranking Togami of the Divine Realm. For Hasegawa, the lewd times they share together are of an utmost bliss that’s irreplaceable. 

Presently —- Basara and Hasegawa are alone together in their pursuit of the master-servant vow. 

However the location is the infirmary of the school and their clothes are that of a teacher and student. 

…And then.

Right now, all the curtains are closed around them. Even without the curtains, it’s easy to make sure they aren’t seen by the other students and faculty.

——What’s the significance of that?


Up until this point, whenever they did lewd things together, Hasegawa was able to forget that she was a teacher and was simply able to submit to Basara as a woman. Moreover, now she’s completely turned into a sex slave. 

But —- it’s just as Basara said, they’re stopped right here.

Even if they could do more lewd things, it may not expand their horizons as is, it may not feel like anything new.


What if she submits to Basara as a teacher…

If she could submit as a teacher, to Basara as a student,

Alongside greater depravity, it changes the power dynamic and puts Basara way over Hasegawa. 

correctly —- manifesting in a master-servant vow.

“…I see, so I’m…”

Hasegawa finally came to realize the desire from the depths of her consciousness.

How she herself —- wanted to be done in by Basara.

With that said, she met with Basara’s eyes once more.


Basara smiled as if he understood everything about her. 

—-Like Hasegawa, Basara was linked to Hasegawa’s subconscious.

Therefore — compared to her, who’s obstructed by her consciousness, he can feel more of her real desire than she herself.

“Sensei… What’s your real wish?”

He urged her to tell him the truth,

“…You’re really cruel”

Hasegawa said with an enchanting smile.

And then, she spoke her truth. 

“—-Please, Basara, please, completely wreck me as a student”

His sex with Mio and the others, had been put on display for her.

Her heart would no longer be satisfied with just an exchange of a man and a woman. 

She wanted to be completely assaulted by Basara. She wanted to experience a lust to the very core of instincts.

Exactly because she was a high ranking Togami, she wanted to fall furthest into becoming Basara’s sex slave.

And not only as a woman, but as a teacher.

—-She desired the most erotic, depraved rape.

It was a lewd desire from deep inside Hasegawa Chisato’s subconscious. 

Now with that truth finally understood, it was clear what the two of them must do.

As they moved to the bed by the wall, they took up a position facing each other.

“…Sensei, your hands”


Obeying Basara’s order; Hasegawa with the inner part of her wrists put together held out her hands towards him. 

Then —- he tied Hasegawa’s wrists with something.

It was a bandage.

Usually a bandage is used to treat injuries. It’s an important tool of work for the school nurse. Hasegawa’s eyes focused on how the bandages lewdly bound her hands. Feelings of depravity started to well up within her. 

“…Aah… mmm…”

Feeling her freedom of movement being taken away caused sensual moans to spill out from Hasegawa. 

“You seem happy… Do you know what I’m going to do to you?”

Basara said with a sadistic smile.

“…Sensei, you’re tied up now right?”

“Mm… That’s…. aaah”

Due to the truth that was Basara having her bound on a bed, Hasegawa felt shame and thrusted her body sweetly. After Basara secured the binding on her wrists, next he cut the bandages with scissors at the knot. 

“This way, as long as you don’t use your powers, your physical strength will be restrained”

“Until we complete the master-servant vow, I forbid you from using your powers. Right now, you’re not the Togami Afureia, you’re the school nurse Hasegawa Chisato… Are you okay with that?”

“…Yes, but are you alright with that?”

Hasegawa asked with her hands tied.

“Not as Afueria… but as Hasegawa Chisato, as the school nurse, I want to be taken by you and made to submit. It’s my desire to reach the master-servant vow. But for you, wouldn’t tying the vow with me, as a Togami be better?” 

“…Without a doubt, we dared to tie the master-servant vow because you’re a togami. But, me wanting to make you mine, isn’t because you’re a togami.”

Said Basara.

“It’s because you’re you, sensei… Because the woman Hasegawa Chisato is an irreplaceable person to me, I want to make everything of you mine”


Basara continued as she widened her eyes without thinking. 

“To tie the vow with togami Afureia doesn’t mean attaining you. I want to tie the master servant vow with you —- with Hasegawa Chisato, and gain Afureia through that. That’s my desire.”


With those words, Hasegawa’s reason shattered to bits.

“—-Then, do this”

Hasegawa worded her lewd desire.

“As much as you desire… Completely wreck me, Basara”

Part 6

In answering the lewd demand, Toujou Basara began his vow with Hasegawa Chisato.

First and foremost, in pursuit of that the clothing they had on became an obstacle. 

—-But just stripping them off like normal is meaningless. 

Especially since what Hasegawa desired is of the most extreme taboo. 

As such, Basara tried ripping off Hasegawa’s clothes with his own hands right there… But he caught himself and stopped his hands. Using brute force isn’t the only way to ravage a woman. 

Therefore he decided to use a “tool”.

It’s the item he used when he was retraining Hasegawa’s wrists with the bandages earlier — scissors. Basara’s hands reached for the scissors, slipping his fingers through the handle for holding it, he opened the blade. 


Hasegawa gulped down as she noticed the metal blade in Basara’s hand. She surely understood what was going to be done to her from here on out. 

Therefore Basara did just that. 

There’s a deep slit on both sides of Hasegawa’s miniskirt. It’s two ends are held together by three pieces of crossed fabric. Basara placed the scissors’ blade between the two lowest pieces of fabric.   



For a short while, he and Hasegawa stared at each other — then, in that position, he slowly closed the blades of the scissors.

He then pushed down with his hands at the part where it touched the fabric. 

With a metallic sound, as he moved to cut it, the scissors followed the motion of Basara’s hands, and the fabric holding Hasegawa’s skirt together was gone. 

“Ah… aaah…”

Hasegawa’s body trembled at the sound of her own skirt being cut. 

And then — Basara had no hesitation as he inserted the blade in again.

Snip, snip, with loud noises made on purpose, Hasegawa’s skirt was cut open. And then as the bridge that held the slit together was cut, Hasegawa’s right thigh was completely exposed, and her appearance became lewd. But even so, Toujou Basara’s didn’t stop his hands.

Following the base of the slit, he cut all the way up to her waist, causing Hasegawa’s mini skirt to completely open up. 

At that point, not just the slit, but the skirt was gone. All that covered Hasegawa’s lower half was the remains of her ruined skirt.

At that moment, it wasn’t just the slit, but the entire skirt was gone. All that covered Hasegawa’s lower body was the remains of her ruined skirt. 


Basara grabbed both edges of the ruined skirt and made a strong stretching motion with his arms.

With that, her black panties appeared. One could see that a certain part of the panties was dyed a glossier black. Hasegawa had cum to the extent it was visible on black cloth.The love juices that overflowed from her crotch had flowed down in between her thighs and butt.

“…No…. aaah….”

As Hasegawa bucked her hips forward, even more juices overflowed from the slits of her panties. Having her indecent figure seen by Basara gave her a deep feeling of shame.


She’s so wet. There wouldn’t be any problem with him going inside her right now. 

He could cut her wet panties, and teach Hasegawa exactly just how lewd she is. But Basara didn’t do that.

Instead, he brought the scissors to the upper half of her clothes —- right on her knit turtleneck.

First, he inserted the scissors on the bottom right corner. With the sensation of the fine strings of the turtleneck on the scissors, he cut to the top left corner. He then cut diagonally. What appeared underneath the turtleneck as it lost its hems was her navel and garterbelt.

However, this was only the beginning. He then moved towards the fabric covering her bountiful breasts to the left… He put the scissors in through the middle area, then began cutting it carefully in a circle. With that, what appeared was the color of flesh underneath the knit. That’s right – Hasegawa wasn’t wearing any bra.

“…Sensei, why aren’t you wearing a bra?”

This is the scenario which was manifested by her subconscious. In other words, deep down inside Hasegawa’s heart she didn’t want to wear a bra. 

“Because…this way you can feel how soft my breasts are even with my clothes on right?” 

The words Hasegawa said with an embarrassed expression was no doubt the truth. 


“…Is it all for me?”

Basara asked as a mischievous smile surfaced on his face. Since he’s linked to Hasegawa through her deep subconscious, now no matter how embarrassing the truth really is; she would say it. 

Therefore, she spoke with her cheeks flushed with shame.  

“…When you’re touching me from over my clothes, this way… This way I can feel to a greater degree the sensations of your touch.”

Just as Hasegawa confessed to that, the mark of the master-servant contract appeared on her neck.

“So you’re not wearing any bra because you want me to touch you”

Basara softly smiled, as his right hand snipped the scissors to cut the area around Hasegawa’s left breast, his left hand began to fondle her right breast. I was just as Hasegawa said, since she had no bra, her breasts felt softer and warmer. That much was the same for Hasegawa as she was being fondled.

“Mm… aah, haaah ♥”

As Hasegawa let out a moan, her body trembled lewdly. Her expression melted in the pleasure of her breasts being fondled, and a lewd smile surfaced on her lips.

—-With Basara fondling her, Hasegawa felt pleasure from the bottom of her heart. 

Then, as he continued folding her breast with his left hand, Basara went on to cut the area around Hasegawa’s left breast into a circle.

“…It’s good like this”

When he cut the circles, he made it so the circles were slightly smaller than the circumference of her breasts, her nipples became exposed through the center area of the circle. And then, her nipples in the center area had hardened to a lewd state, in anticipation of Basara lewdly sucking on them. Basara as well, held this desire.

—- However, Basara had something he had to do first.

Cutting the circle smaller than the circumference of her breasts was done on purpose.

The reason was obvious – knit fabric stretches and shrinks.

Therefore, Basara, moved his thumbs towards the inner part of the circle he cut — and pinched the edges of both sides.


Pushing down on both sides, he forced it open. 

“Ya…. aaaah ♥”

At the same time a sensuous voice spilled out of Hasegawa —- from the stretched hole of the sweater, her breasts bounced out. Having received much attention from Basara, her breasts, which as large as they already are, were now even bigger than Basara’s face. Hasegawa’s current appearance, with her left breast having bounced out from the tight hole, was the utmost lewd.


Basara couldn’t hold himself back anymore.

In a voice filled with lust, he called out to Hasegawa. It was then he began roughly sucking on her left breast. Basara’s mouth was then instantly filled up with liquid. 

— The breast milk that overflowed from the virgin Hasegawa; It had a faint sweetness he had tasted for the first time when they tied the master-servant contract. 

With the way Basara was sucking on her, and the sensation of her breast milk being drank up, 

“No… That’s, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ~~~♥”

With her intense climax, her voice cried out in a moan that echoed to even outside the infirmary.

As she shook her hips, hot liquid overflowed from the side of her panties. 

It was a lewd womanly shower flowing out from her special place having just experienced an intense climax. 

It wasn’t only in her panties, but it overflowed to the bed as well.

— However Basara didn’t stop sucking on her breast.

It wasn’t only that, but he was more intense than ever in sucking on them.

Hasegawa wasn’t the only one who wanted to reach the master servant vow —- but Basara too.

Just as Hasegawa wanted to give all of herself to Basara, from the bottom of his heart, Basara wanted to make all of Hasegawa his. Therefore, he didn’t stop.

Basara suckled on her roughly in his desire of her virgin breast milk. 

“Haaah ♥nooo —— mm, haaah ♥ aaah, Basaraaaa… fuannn ♥ This is…. ahaaaa, this ♥ haaah…. no, aaaaaaaaah”

With the constant moving of his throat, Hasegawa drowned in the lewd pleasure from breastfeeding. 

With Basara’s intense sucking, Hasegawa’s breasts which were dyed with the fever of sensuality began getting softer, and with it; as he sucked; they quickly turned into a lewd shape in Basara’s mouth everytime it was filled. Hasegawa’s nipples spewed out breast milk that lewdly slid to the very depths of Basara’s throat. 

Even so Basara didn’t mind. Not only her nipples, but now he could roughly suck on her breasts. With that, Hasegawa whose pleasure was increased, turned back her white throat, and climaxed with a wordless moan. 

“~~~~~~~~~ ♥”

Part 7

—— Hasegawa Chisato is a sex slave of Basara Toujou.

With that, there are many switches to get her to climax.

One way is for Basara to suck on her nipples and drink her breast milk. 

Moreover, since Hasegawa’s instincts were now free, her every sensation of sexual pleasure increased far beyond what was normal. 

Therefore, with the lewd spewing of her breast milk, Hasegawa Chisato’s orgasm was stronger than ever before. Furthermore, as it’s linked to her subconscious, no matter how intense the orgasm, she won’t pass out. As such, she’s in a state where she could handle much more pleasure than usual. 

The ever increasing climax came to her at the rate of one per second as Basara sucked on her breasts.

It was the type of pleasure that could make one’s consciousness fly off from just one taste. Nevertheless, at this rate, it kept going, first it happened back to back, twice reaching even higher, thrice exceeded that, four times going beyond that and five times going even further.

“Mm… haaah…. aah, mm ♥… haaah…. ahh, nfuu ♥, aaah…. Basara, aaah…. Basara…. a ♥… fuaah… mmm…. aaah ♥”

Hasegawa had completely fallen into a nirvana of pleasure as she climaxed erotically, she kept on being engraved by a three hundred times scale of other worldly pleasure. 

“…Mm, haah”

Basara’s mouth finally parted from Hasegawa’s left breast. Finally releasing her from the storm of climaxes,

“Ah…. aaah, mm… haah…. ah… ♥”

As if she was ventilating her body from the heat that was suppressed in her body from the sensual pleasure, she breathed heavily. Again, Basara picked up the scissors and began cutting something.

Knowing it was her panties, Hasegawa subconsciously spread her legs.

“…ah…. aah, mm…”

With her wet eyes, she noticed the state of her secret spot.

Hasegawa’s spot which had been exposed to continuous orgasm, was filled with heat as steam came from there. Her womanly entrance’s membrane, had flipped up lewdly, wet with her overflowing love juices.

It couldn’t be more ready for Basara than this. 


Basara’s eyes were dyed with arousal from looking at Hasegawa’s lewd body. He then started taking off his clothes, and was naked in no time. 

Hasegawa looked at Basara sensually, while melting in her own arousal. 


Basara noticed as well and was completely prepared for the act of taking her.

His dick, a size so big it made her gulp, stood till it curved over his navel.

“…Sensei, how would you like me to take you?”

He asked, while filled with the utmost excitement.

The answer to that question, didn’t leave Hasegawa’s lips.

With her body still filled with the remnants of her otherworldly climaxes, she wasn’t in any condition to say anything.

No, it was to the point where it wasn’t possible for her to think.

—- But, this is a place materialized from Hasegawa’s subconscious.

Therefore, it was good without any words. He could understand even without a thought.

How would she wanted Basara to take her —- that question was answered by her instincts.

With that, Hasegawa’s desire that existed deep inside her began to manifest right before them.


Hasegawa Chisato, let out a dumbfounded sound. There were people surrounding the bed Basara and Hasegawa were on.

Four of them in total — all of them naked, and also all of them were Basara.

It was something from deep inside her heart, a lewd desire even she herself didn’t realize.

Hasegawa’s true desire —- was to be gangbanged by Basara.

—- Once, it happened during their trip to the hot spring.

Hasegawa experienced the most intense pleasure by six Basara doubles while learning to be a sex slave.

As the barrier accelerated beyond conventional time, they spent close to a year there — those days where she drowned in pleasure from Basara were her happiest memories.

And now, the opportunity appeared once more before their master-servant vow.

But the number of Basara was less by one from last time.

In order to reach the master-servant vow, Ideally it would have been better to have more than the time of the contract. With more people, the indignity that came from the gangbang could be increased. But instead, there were five including the real Basara. This was no coincidence —- Her subconscious manifested only what was necessary..

What was the significance of the five Basaras?

Decidedly, it was for the five girls who had already made the vow with Basara.

Mio, Maria, Yuki, Kurumi, Zest.

Hasegawa had always been watching when Basara had sex with the other girls.

The way they looked as Basara inserted his penis into their lewd, wet vaginas, breaking through their hymens, and their unbelievable climaxes as he came inside them to reach the master servant vow, was something that happened right in front of her eyes.

The vow between Basara and the other girls was Hasegawa’s suggestion. But as due to the circumstances Hasegawa was unable to do the same, she could only take little comfort as she watched Basara and the others tie eternals bonds through sex one after another from the space next to them.

Overlaying herself on the other girls, she rubbed her nails against her most sensitive hymen, she climaxed again and again — but Hasegawa was never satisfied.

Since she couldn’t hold herself back anymore, she appeared before Basara as he came out of the bathroom. 

—- But she had no reason to hold herself back anymore 

Hasegawa was now allowed to make the vow with Basara. 


“Untie me, Basara…”


As Hasegawa pleaded,

Basara quietly listened to her request. Being released from the bandages, On the bed, Hasegawa laid down on her back. As she moved her hands down to her crotch, she made a seductive smile. 

“Come here now… it’s time to rape this lewd teacher”

She slowly spread her spot that was drenched with her honey,

Hasegawa Chisato — said her desire in the most depraved way,

*  “…Now, come and ravage me completely.” *

*TL Note: ravage can also mean rape,violate, deflower. Seeing as this is an “all ages novel” Nomi decided to stick with a more general way of saying it. “Now violate me roughly” or “ Violate and mess me up” also fits as well.* 

Toujou Basara watched as Hasegawa Chisato spread her spot while smiling seductively at him.

The facial expression of a teacher asking him to ravage her was truly the utmost lewd. 


Completely aroused, Basara began pushing his hardness towards Hasegawa’s membrane.

Her flesh was red, like the color of a forbidden fruit, Her entrance, hot with having climaxed by breastfeeding, had a string of her honey on it, making it easier for Basara’s penis to enter. 

—- But, Toujou Basara did not thrust in just yet.

Right beyond her entrance is her hymen —- it’s Hasegawa’s greatest erogenous zone.

If Basara’s penis touched it, there was a high likelihood of her a grand climax. 


All things considered that would lead to normal sex. It wasn’t the kind of first time Hasegawa wanted.

What Hasegawa desired was the most lewd assault. Completely taking her consent aside — to have the most vicious rape. Basara has to do that.



Basara gave an order through his mind to the four copies of him manifested by Hasegawa. All four of them then held Hasegawa down on the bed in a crucifix position.

“Aah… Mm… Amazing, I’m really going to be ravaged by you”

Feeling lewd pleasure, Hasegawa’s body trembled in excitement.

But —- it still wasn’t enough. 

“…Sensei, I have a request.”

Toujou Basara was about to fill in the last thing that Hasegawa wanted to make herself feel fulfilled.   

“My penis… Increase it to two”

It would be similar to the penis of the leader of the cardinal sins who ruled over the demon realm for a long time, Belphegor. 

“…Though it’s my first time, are you planning to violate me from front and back right away?”

As Hasegawa asked him for his purpose dumbfoundedly, Basara nodded yes.

—- Doing double penetration as their first intercourse. 

it’s what Basara thought of, to give the ultimate rape for Hasegawa.

“If I violate you from the front and back in order, that would be like Yuki… You wouldn’t be satisfied with that. What you want is to surpass Mio and the others who went first. That’s why you made these clones of me right?”

That being said,

“For me to take you from the front, and my clone from the back, that’s also no good.”

That reason being,

“All of your virginity should be mine, sensei. I don’t intend to give it to anyone, not even to a copy of me”

As he made that declaration, with glazed eyes, Hasegawa let out a seductive sigh — in the next moment, Basara’s penis already increased to two.

“…That’s amazing”

Not horizontally but vertically two… A shape that could take her both vaginally and anally. 

There was no issues involed with anal sex, even though unlike Mio and the others she wasn’t eating the meals of the Toujou household; since Hasegawa was able to manifest this infirmary and also her white lab coat, she had also adjusted her body.  

Therefore — Basara having attained the best penis to violate Hasegawa, pushed both the tips of his hardness against both her entrances. With that, a wet lewd sound could be heard. The wetness coming from Hasegawa’s spot, dripped down past the middle part and had lewdly wet her asshole. 

As Basara’s penises were given a lewd coating, he declared, 

“…I’m going starting”

With those words, a seductive smile surfaced on Hasegawa’s face.

“Yes… Ravage me”

As she pleaded to him,

—- He answered her.

Much unlike the gentle times with Mio and the others, he inserted both his penises without any hesitation, roughly, following his desires into her vagina and ass. The head of Basara’s penis quickly thrusted through the soft crease, as the membrane swallowed in Basara’s penises. 

— instantly,

“Ya—- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♥”

Having both her vagina and ass penetrated, her front and back virginity taken, with her weak spot, her hymen being ripped through, and then the further lewd rubbing of Basara’s rod, Hasegawa climaxed suddenly, and let out a moan as if she was going crazy.

But, not only can’t she escape, she can’t even move her body.

Basara’s body doubles were pushing down on her body, holding her in place. 

“…..Ah, Ka, haaah….. aaah…. aa ♥”

The way Hasegawa looked as she climaxed with both her virginities taken away, her vagina and ass both violated, was the most lewd. Hasegawa, whose face looks intoxicated with the taste of forbidden pleasure, had white milk spill from her both her nipples as her body trembled. 


Truth is, Basara planned on having two of his clones bend down to suck on her nipples, plunging into the gangbang completely.

But, he couldn’t do it — after all, double penetration was new for Basara too.

Furthermore, Hasegawa’s ass and vagina were both suckined his penises into its tightness, as her trembling hot membrane wrapped around him, Basara was more aroused than he could have ever imagined. 

But — his reason for not doing that next move was something that caused him more arousal and surprise.

She had taken his penis all the way to its base, from her vagina that swallowed him in, her cum and blood mix together, and from the entrance taking him in and out, a red proof flowed out… telling Basara he had indeed taken her virginity.

But, right at the entrance — at the thick part of Basara’s rod, something else clinged onto it.

…No way…

Basara found himself stunned as he realized what it was .

As her subconscious still longed for her erogenous zone —- In Hasegawa’s vagina, her broken hymen regenerated again.

But it didn’t just stop there. There was something clinging onto his penis in her anal area. There was no mistaking it, in Hasegawa’s ass was also a sort of membrane. 

…Could it be, sensei…

Yes, there’s no mistake. The virginity of both her holes were taken at the same time —- Since Hasegawa’s subconscious wanted to expand the corruption of that pleasure, she was creating a hymen in her ass too. 

With Basara’s thoughts stopping with such an intense level of lewdness, Hasegawa finally came down from the intense climax of her double hole deflowering. 

“…Ah…. aaaah…. mm, haah…. aah… mm ♥”

Having the focus returned to her eyes after being glazed over to nothingness, her eyes wet with pleasure turned towards Basara. And then — as she slowly took in Basara’s penises in her vagina and ass to its whole length

“Completely ravage me… I’m still a virgin”

Hasegawa said, urging Basara seductively.

With her words words and expression — Basara had his reasoning completely broken,


Feeling this intense welling of pleasure, Basara gave into the full extent of his desire as he violently thrusted his hips back and forth as he pleased, starting the rough insertions of his two penises inside Hasegawa. Simultaneously, he grabbed her breasts leaking with milk and began sucking on it relentlessly,

“Yaaaa ♥ haah…. mm, aah ♥ aah… Basara, haah… Basara ♥More…. aah, ravage me more… Mess me up… haaaaah ♥”

Having her hymen in both her vagina and ass rubbed against, as well as having her breasts sucked on, in no time at all, Hasegawa drank in the taste of forbidden pleasures.

However with him going in and out, her hymen goes back and forth from a broken state to being restored, going back and forth from being a virgin and not as she takes Basara’s penises. Not only from her inner walls and the direct membrane, but also from how the membrane of her hymen tightens around his two penises, Basara felt unbelievable pleasure. 

“Sensei… I’m going to come, this first time!”

As he took his lips away from her nipples to make his declaration for his ejaculation,

“Aah… Cum lots inside me, both my back and front… Both ways… ahaaaaaaaah ♥”

Hasegawa with her arms around his neck; looked into his eyes as she begged for him to cum.

It was the lewd request of a woman who wanted to be creampied inside the deepest part of her. 

With that, she wrapped her legs around his waist, increasing how close they are to its limits. 

Responding to Hasegawa,

“…I’m coming…. guaaaaah…!”

Instantly Basara’s feel for his ejaculation rose, and without holding back, he released it,

With both his penises ejaculating, he felt a climax like never before, alongside with the pleasure he felt, he released a large amount of semen into Hasegawa. The ejaculation lasted nearly a minute. 

“Aaah…. yaaaah, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~ ♥”

With both the deepest parts of her vagina and ass being ejaculated into, Hasegawa reached a grand climax once more.

With that, Hasegawa’s holes were greedily drinking up Basara’s semen like it was delicious, their movements milking every last drop from his pulsating penises.

Feeling that sensation, Basara’s penises grew bigger than before,

“…I’m still going”

Without pulling out his penises, he began ravaging her vagina and ass again.

With that, a large amount of cum acted as a lubricant, allowing Basara to move faster.

“——- ♥”

Hasegawa gave a wordless moan, feeling the increased pleasure of having both her holes ravaged violently.   

In order to further degrade Hasegawa, Basara commanded his body doubles using his mind. 

It wasn’t anything complicated —- it was just one word “ravage”

Nevertheless, that much was enough


Basara’s doubles gathered around Hasegawa while she was in a wreck on the bed. 

Part 8 

And from there — Hasegawa was taken in a full-blown gangbang by Basara and his doubles.

With the additional four penises and eight hands, Hasegawa was ravaged completely.

A penis was shoved roughly in her mouth, as both of her breasts were sucked separately, and though the actual Basara was ravaging her in both holes, a hand explored down to her clitoris, a spot so sensitive the skin seems to have gone raw had a penis rubbing on it from the side.  

She was ejaculated on again and again. In her vagina, in her ass, in her mouth, and all over her body. And then — more than that, she was made to cum by five Basaras.

However this isn’t the first time Hasegawa had dealt with multiple Basaras.

Since the gangbang finally started, two hours had passed, and in that time, her hands, breasts, even her sexy long black hair, had all been used as lewd tools for ejaculation.

“Aah, mm… chu… nnfuu ♥ nmuu, fuu… haah… chuu ♥”

Hasegawa fell into a trance as she’s gangbanged by the five Basaras.

By that point, she could no longer really make  the distinction between Basara and the doubles.

After her vagina and ass received five consecutive ejaculations —- Basara asked for a tit job, and she took his two penises between her breasts and began pouring her love on them.

Meanwhile, her vagina and ass kept taking in the penises of the doubles continuing her lewd violation. 

Her vagina and ass, as well as her mouth, were constantly filled with penis.

She didn’t care if it belonged to the clones. There was penis in front of her, so she naturally sucked it.

With every insertion came with a creampie in her ass and vagina.

As her nipples were sucked, she lewdly grabbed onto a penis in each hand, giving both a handjob.

As Hasegawa continued with that, she was ejaculated on by the five Basaras. She climaxed multiple times as both her insides and outside was covered in cum. 

And then —- after an hour, Hasegawa erased the doubles and Basara’s penis returned to normal, they drowned in a one on one sweet sex; looking to gain greater pleasure from that.

“—-Are you feeling good, sensei?”

— On the bed — she was riding Basara in a cowgirl position; while Basara was thrusting into the deepest part of her from below. 

“Mm… haah… aaah… I feel… A,amazing… this… ♥”

Hasegawa’s voice grew louder, deep in sensation.

Hasegawa was developing an erogenous zone that gives even greater pleasure; more than her vagina and clitoris — her cervix. With the continuous deep pleasure she received, Haegawa’s womb descended down completely. The entrance of her womb couldn’t get any closer to where Basara’s thrusting upward to. Every time she realized it pleasure welled up inside her body. 

The long continuous pleasure, intense as a flash, even though Hasegawa was unable to verbalize it; she was given a greater pleasure than everything she’s experienced thus far. 

With that — Hasegawa could feel Basara’s penis buried deep in her cervix harden a little more.

Hasegawa already knew, that’s the sign of an ejaculation happening soon. 

“Haaah…. fufu, are you cuming again… That’s fine, cum as deep as you can inside me like this”

As Hasegawa gave him an inviting smile, and with Basara thrusting up into her deepest part, she began shaking her white butt up and down lewdly. 

Just as Basara was about to cum — it was then

—-That she really took Basara’s penis into her very deepest point.

This was the result of the subconscious and surface consciousness unexpectedly synchronizing together — an incredibly lewd miracle was happening in Hasegawa’s body. With a small popping noise, the head of Basara’s penis penetrated even deeper. 


Experiencing a sensation she had never felt before; Hasegawa stopped the movement of her hips. 

Deep inside her vagina — at an even deeper point, the neck of Basara’s penis had penetrated through that.

Basara, who had six sex slaves including Hasegawa, seems to not understand this as well.

But, with Basara on the verge of cumming, she couldn’t think of anything more.

Still, as a school nurse, Hasegawa could understand what it was.

…It can’t be…

All she knew was the term and the meaning of it —- but this now is the reality.

—-Intrauterine intercourse

Hasegawa understood the term for her condition as Basara reached his limit — just like that, he came with a great load. Hasegawa’s womb then tasted the flavor and hotness of Basara’s cum.

“~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥”

Along with a climax that took her whole subconscious, she tasted a forbidden pleasure.

It was right after that, that the master-servant curse mark disappeared from her neck.

Part 9

So then, Hasegawa Chisato completed her master-servant vow with Toujou Basara. The climax that came with reaching that miraculous moment, had taken Hasegawa’s body and mind.

With her womb being violated, whatever remains of her consciousness completely melted away, destroying her sense of reality. 



There’s a sweet pain in the lower part of her body. It tells her of the truth of Basara having taken her, and her body trembled from the lewd joy she gained from that.


Her master, who she swore eternal and absolute loyalty to; gently tightened his embrace around her. 

Therefore — as if letting herself be spoiled, Hasegawa cuddled with Basara for a short while on the bed. 

When it was time, Maria would wake them up.

As Hasegawa was held in Basara’s arms; her cheeks leaned against his strong chest. With their skin against each other, slowly, their body temperature matched each other’s. 

With that, they felt a peaceful sense of unity that’s different from sex — she begins dozing off, comfortable in Basara’s warmth. It was then that she thought, this is what it means to be happy. 

“…Sensei, can I ask you one thing?”

Basara suddenly said in a soft tone. 

“In the final stage of this battle, if I’m going to have to kill Shiba-san… Can you save him?”

“…What do you mean?”

Hasegawa rose as she asked the question.  Basara then spoke of his intent.

— In order to defeat Shiba, Basara might have to use the trump card he attained this time.

But —- defeating Shiba doesn’t necessarily mean everything would end. 

They might not be able to escape to escape the mess that comes from the Hero Clan this time, and there’s still the issues of having to build new relationships with the Demons.  

In addition, just as Hasegawa feared, the divine might make their move as well.

“Therefore,  in order to prepare against that, I’d like to make Shiba-san my new trump card… I’d still like to keep it a secret from Mio and the others, though.”

Hasegawa voiced her opinion regarding what Basara just said. 

“If that’s what you want… But that man is dangerous”

Basara then softly spoke to her concern. 

“Yeah thats why; I plan to make tie the master-servant contract with him”

 On his face was a completely cold smile. 

“Of course, the contract will be based on my power”


Hasegawa gasped responding to Basara’s plan. 

The master-servant contract using Maria’s power, resulted in the succubus aphrodisiac.

The curse of the master servant contract follows the power of the caster who used their magic for it.

With that said, the unique characteristic of Basara’s power is —- Banishing Shift.

Furthermore, Basara now had made vows with the six of them, including Hasegawa.

If Shiba ever tried to betray Basara —- instantly, he would be banished far away to the zero dimension.

…Even though he’s going to fight after this.

The master Hasegawa had dedicated all of herself to — Toujou Basara wasn’t only focused on what’s right before him, but he also focused on the future Hasegawa feared. Not only with regards to trying to make such a deadly poison like Shiba Kyoichi into his trump card, but also taking into consideration the risks that might come from that. 

Him saying that was to show that the vow with Hasegawa was indeed the correct path. It’s because he loves Hasegawa. 

“I’m Sorry. Even though this may increase the chances of making enemies out of the divine”

Hasegawa shook her head as Basara shifted his eyes away. 

“There’s no need for you to apologize… I’m happy to just support you”

After all,

“All of me — is yours Basara”

As she said that so happily, she kissed Basara. 

And then the warmth they feel now, the words they exchanged, this moment, it engraved into the depths of their hearts.

—-This will be inside them forever, they believe in that.

It’s right here that they made a miracle — just like this vow.