Volume 9 released


As promised, I publicly released volume 9 today. You’ll find it in the “sample and volume translations” for volume 9. I’m waiting for a graphic to be finished, so those of you interested in a PDF will have to wait until that’s finished.

For those of you that watched Departures and are looking to see what happens next, you might as well pick up the novel and start reading volume 9. Volume 9 more or less serves as the reintroduction of the Hero Clan into the series. One of my issues with the first half of the series, has always been that it focused way too much on the Demons. The focus on the Hero Clan was a much needed change of pace, which worked well for the series. One of my favorite characters, Celis finally gets her introduction. Unfortunately you only get to see one side of her in volume 9.

I have to go post translation updates for donors. Stay tuned for volume 10’s public release.

*edit this post will be updated with my soap box rant on why you should support the series and purchase the raws even if you can’t read japanese.*