Shinmai volume XIII Store Bonus Summary

Sneaker Bunko was kind enough to summarize all the store benefits for volume 13. Ookuma has gone on the record and said, all of the illustrations that are being used as store benefits will also be included in the novel. Therefore you don’t have to feel the need to buy everything if it’s too expensive for you. So far, this is shaping up to be a great ending for the series.

10 thoughts on “Shinmai volume XIII Store Bonus Summary

  1. I wonder if this is it for color illustrations or if Celis and Tachibana will get ones too. Meanwhile Kikka long forgotten

  2. Do you know whether those sites have uploaded the bonus sample or not? Espacially Kurumi and Maria – we need higher quality picture of those!

  3. I really wish to see Celis and Nanao in a wedding dress. And hopefully Rikka’s relationship being resolved

  4. Too bad I found out the Chisato bonus a bit late, would’ve went for her but luckily my order for the Mio’s version went through

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