News update


Thought I would do a quick news update since it’s been a while.

Crowdfund contributors this weeks translation is has been finished since early in the week. Nomi does all her translations using open office and then converts them. She’s continuing to have internet issues, She tried going to the internet cafe she usually frequents, but they were also having issues with their internet. She’s going to try and find a new place that she can send it from tomorrow. So hopefully at some point this weekend you should receive the update.

In other news, the Volume X “spark notes” version is almost done. It’s more or less in the revision stage and should be posted relatively soon.

Outside of that destroying my comiket art books is still on my list of things to do. I just wish it wasn’t so hard finding extra copies. Good news is I have a homie in Japan on the lookout for them.


Official Color Illustrations and Miscellaneous Content


I’m trying to be productive as I wait for the NA Fate Grand Order maintenance to end (Moon Festival is starting in a few hours). So I figured I would make use of my time and add some stuff to the site. I decided to add a miscellaneous tab and along with it the official color illustrations for novels 1-3.

It’s no surprise that I enjoy Shinmai. Whenever I purchase something related to the series I usually share with the fellow crowdfund contributors. However though, I posted on reddit quite a while ago that I would one day share the official color illustrations.

Although it’s a bit late I’m making good on my promise. Hopefully people that enjoy doing “fan colorings” for the series use the colors found in these Illustrations as a base.  Enjoy please enjoy the illustrations.

In addition to the color illustrations I added a “miscellaneous” tab to the site. This is going to be for content that doesn’t necessarily have a home of its own. Outside of the official color illustrations, you’ll find information on how to obtain the scanlated Arashi volume 3 we did last year, and eventually the Frontier Child Comiket Artbooks whenever I’m able to track down extra copies and properly scan them.

Status update and Arashi Manga


So crowdfund contributors expect a translation update on either Monday or Tuesday. Nomi is hoping to get the translation to me Monday, but depending upon her internet situation we might have to wait until Tuesday.

The next order of business is the completed volume 3 of the Arashi manga. I’d like to post it, but since it’s licensed I don’t really want to deal with take down requests. So i’m probably going to do what I did on the other website and with a post informing people on where/how they can obtain it. However I still believe everyone that is able should support the official release this fall.

If people have any questions, concerns, or even suggestions feel free to just send me an email. I try to reply to everything within a 2 hour window.

Crowdfund Contributor Update within 24 hours

Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a while. I’ll be updating the “LN Translations Folder” with the completed Volume X epilogue at some point today. Back when Nomi first translated the Mio sex scene from volume X she made the mistake of skipping over the first part. The first part more or less shows how Basara and everyone are reverse engineering the way Shiba used the elements to power up, and why Maria calls Mio “the worlds most sensitive virgin”

Next week we’ll be back to Basara versus Celis though.

Outstanding things I have left to post

I’ve been spending the past two days trying to get everything up and running. I’ve posted most of the sample content found on the old site with the exception of some chapter titles along with the Afterwords and Arashi manga. I’m considering making a tab for miscellaneous content. This would include the official color illustrations for novels 1-3 and the method for obtaining the completed Arashi volume 3.

Tracking down additional copies of the C88 and C89 art books have been quite the task. If people are interested in the illustrations from the books they’ll just have to deal with photos of the illustrations until I’m able to find additional copies of the book. The books are just too well made to destroy in the process of scanning.

In closing,

I’m still on the fence about freebie wordpresss. I’m personally not a fan of the ads at the bottom of the page. Chances are I’ll be migrating this to a self host to get out of dealing with the stupid ads.

Sample Translations

I’ve started putting the sample translations that were found on the old website here on this site. You’ll find them in their corresponding volume, side story, or chapter. As of right now there aren’t any plans to post entire volumes worth of content here on the site. If you aren’t a contributor and interested in the translations I urge you to help everyone out and contribute. is dead


Nomi decided to part ways with her web host. Trying to keep all of the sites associated with her former host from being compromised became too much of a hassle and reached the point where it was distracting her from doing translations.  I’m currently in the process of migrating all of the sample translations over to this blog. So from here on out we’ll be using

All crowdfund contributors I’m going to be sending out a document with all of the current funding information for the project  along with the translation I should be receiving from Nomi at some time today or tomorrow.