Volume 8 Short Story

At the time Basara and the others went to the demon realm, to conclude the war against the present Demon Lord faction and the Moderate faction.

At the Hijirigasaka Academy which Basara, Mio, Yuki attended, was beginning its third semester.

Although Basara and the rest thought of treasuring their daily life as much as possible, it wasn’t possible with them having to end the war condition in the demon realm, which decides its future, school then began as they were absent.

As soon as the third semester started, the school worried about the absence of the three of them who all live in the same house. Especially as in the Toujou house, the guardian, Basara’s father, had quickly gone overseas for his job too..

On top of it Basara’s class, 1-B, had a “Problem”, which doesn’t lessen their worry. Since the sports festival in spring, there had been trouble happening with the mysterious disappearance of the homeroom teacher Sakazaki Mamoru.

So to say, when Basara and the rest went to the demon realm, they installed a special magic chip in their phones in order to be able to contact the school “we went overseas during winter vacation, but there had been some trouble getting back”, so there wouldn’t be any more serious additional problems.

However, there are those who still worry for them, who miss them in their absence from school.

That is, evidence that Basara and the rest had made a place where they could belong to at the school.

— And then, at the third day after the third semester started.

Hijirigasaka Academy’s Pride, “The Too Beautiful School Nurse”, Hasegawa Chisato was, sitting in her castle the infirmary, attending to one of the students.

As he sat in front of the cross-legged Hasegawa.

“Um… Hasegawa-sensei, it seems like Toujou-kun and the others haven’t returned to school.”

The one who said that with a worried expression surfacing on his face was, the most charming at this school, mostly rumoured as “Miracle Boy”, Tachibana Nanao.

With her fingers in front of her chest, crossing in the crevices of her hands, to the Nanao who looked at her with an upturned glance,

“Yes, so it seems…”

Hasegawa said, replying with a nod without seeming moved.

“…Sensei, are you not worried?”

Nanao asked that knitting his eyebrows together, looking puzzled..

With him doing that, she can see awkwardness in the eyes of Nanao in front of her.

Oh my, what a maiden in love.

Hasegawa smiled bitterly without thinking.

Nanao didn’t know Hasegawa’s true form but, Hasegawa knows the secret of Nanao’s true form — how Nanao was a half vampire, how in a fixed cycle regarding the changes of his hormone balance, that body is both one of a boy and a girl, how there are idiosyncrasies with changing in between both genders.

— Of course, it wasn’t that Nanao opened up about those secrets to Hasegawa.


It was just something that Hasegawa, who even among the heavenly beings is the highest ranked Ten Gods, could see through normally.


In regards to that Nanao,

“Toujou-kun and the others send information from overseas often. Did he not contact you, who is his friend, directly?”

Hasegawa who asked that,

“That is… Yes.”

Nanao nodded, but his expression remained clouded.

…It can’t be helped huh?

Just like Hasegawa, Nanao knows that Basara had went off to the demon realm.

Even though he received e-mails from Basara saying “it’s okay”, to not worry about him, it can’t be helped that he would be anxious.


It was hard for Hasegawa to put Nanao aside that way.


To begin with, to Nanao now, Basara’s words would carry more weight than Hasegawa’s


It’s not as if there was no way to manipulate Nanao’s memory with the power of Ten Gods Afureia. Even though the Ten Gods’ power was meant to be used for Basara’s sake, it was still possible in regards to Nanao’s memory, that is, “if Nanao worries, it will be a disadvantage for Basara”, in that kind of way it would most likely be able to get through the system.




Nanao is an important friend to Basara. Most likely, like Mio and the others, Nanao is included in the line of people Basara will “always protect”.


If Hasegawa recklessly alters the memory and spirit of Nanao, even though it’s her, Basara might avoid her.


That’s why Hasegawa tried a different approach to clear Nanao’s worry.


“– To begin, why do you think I’m worried for Toujou and the others?”


Hasegawa asked with a slight teasing tone.


The method Hasegawa had chosen to dissolve Nanao’s worry.


That is, provocation.


As she changed the topic, Nanao,


“Because, that is…”


Just as he said that far, he turned red and faltered.


— Perhaps Nanao would just stop talking, getting to this point.


Or now, it was possible that he couldn’t put his other problems into words.




Looking straight at Hasegawa, he gulped down and said


As his cheeks were dyed scarlet,


“Sensei too… is going out with Toujou-kun right?”


Even so, his gaze met with Hasegawa’s.


A coquettish smile surfaced on Hasegawa at Nanao’s change.


…As expected.


The questions he had been asking from earlier, with no doubt meant, as Basara’s lover, then one can’t take responsibility regarding what’s happening.




…Sensei too, huh?


The “too” that left Nanao’s lips was not “too” in conjunction to Nanao.


Most likely, Nanao more or less could guess about the relationship between Basara, Mio and the rest.


Therefore “Hasegawa too”.


As she thinks about the way Nanao is thinking, she says a truth.


“I’m not sure if there’s been a misunderstanding somewhere, but Toujou and I aren’t lovers you know?”


It’s not a lie.


Of course, she and Basara had tied that secret bond between a man and a woman after the sports festival but, it would be wrong to call that a lovers relationship.




From Hasegawa’s side, she wouldn’t deny how her supposedly guardian love for him had completely turned to that of romantic love.


That’s why Hasegawa did not say “I don’t have a romantic relationship with Toujou”, but rather chose to say “Toujou and I aren’t lovers”, which hid her feelings.


What Nanao asked was most definitely in regards to Basara, not Hasegawa, hence those wordings were not wrong.


However, even though it was impossible for Nanao to deduce her true feelings,


“But… After the semester closing party before, you took a taxi together with Toujou-kun.”


He said, tapering off.


“I was just drunk then, and Toujou was worried and took me home. There’s nothing for you to worry about.”


“Is that the truth?”




Basara didn’t simply take her back and go home.


Basara got out the taxi at Hasegawa’s invitation and went into her flat.


He had fondled her breasts as their tongues intertwined in the elevator, and as soon as they got into the bedroom of the flat, she had invited him on her bed, saying “tonight, would you like to see an older woman in a wreck?”, extending their obscene actions.


Basara’s member was pressed in the valley of Hasegawa’s breasts as she sucked on it lewdly until his semen was guided out of it, and Basara then put his member in between her panties roughly, as it rubbed wantonly against Hasegawa’s womanly place, she received unbelievable pleasure, and with that, having a climax to the level like returning to her heavenly body at the end.


That is, the truth of that evening.




It wasn’t as if that evening was the only time it suddenly went in that direction.


The relationship between Basara and Hasegawa, even before that — it was something that started a few days after the end of the sports festival in this very infirmary.


With that, to her words of “it’s nothing”,


“Is that so… I’m sorry.”


Nanao apologised, concealing his eyes.


— However, it didn’t feel as if he completely believed what Hasegawa said.


Most likely, Nanao even just a little could guess the relationship between Hasegawa and Basara,  


“There isn’t any need to worry about Toujou — it seems like he would return in a day or two.”


“…Has he contacted you?”


Nanao who asked, looking up with a surprised face, Hasegawa replied with a “yes”, accompanied with a smile.


— But, the one who had passed on that information to Hasegawa the other night was not Basara himself.


The conflict with the Current Demon Lord faction, as well as the political powers from the Moderates, and the chain of governmental problems with Mio had been settled for the moment, she seemed to have now returned with Basara to the base of the Moderate faction of the demon world. But the only one who would return was Basara’s group, while others would stay there a little longer to find the information regarding Sapphire.


Surely understanding that Basara would come back soon would calm him down.


After talking for a while more,


“So then I should excuse myself,”


Saying that with a smile, Nanao ran out of the infirmary.


And then, the Hasegawa who was now alone.


“Oh my… You’re so very popular aren’t you, Toujou?”


Saying that with a bitter smile.


Even though Basara now could say he had made Mio and the rest, as well as Hasegawa his, that part had also, with no mistake, extended into Nanao’s feelings.


…And then there’s one more person,


Most likely, the vice-president Kajiura Rikka too. She too, is probably thinking of Basara right now.


But there’s no need to worry about her. Surely right now, Nanao is returning to the student council room and telling her the information about Basara’s return for sure.


That’s why.


“— Toujou”


Hasegawa once more thought of the boy she held more dear than anyone else.


— Hasegawa vividly remembered the day she started a secret relationship with Basara.


Thinking of Basara is painful, bitter… wanting to be saved, wanting Basara to answer that final line they cannot cross.


That’s why Hasegawa stripped off her white coat, turning from a teacher to just a woman, inviting Basara as she stretched out the chest opening of her sweaters, exposing her chest. At that time, Hasegawa had spread herself on the turning chair which Nanao had just sat on.


That Hasegawa, made Basara unable to repress his arousal — and from then on, it was nothing but a happy time.


Pulled up to stand from her chair strongly, he roughly stole a kiss.


While lewdly fondling her breasts, he dragged her to a bed of the infirmary.


And then, when they arrived at the bed, they took off each other’s clothes one by one till they’re naked, confirming each other’s body till they’re sure of them.


This infirmary, meant to be used by the students and staff of the school, at that day, from that time on, became like a place where, for that moment, was theirs, for just their rendezvous.


Hasegawa wished to be taught the ways to please Basara, and the initially hesitant Basara too, gradually began to teach her, even though they locked the door so they’re not found, occasionally, other students or teachers may come close to the door, but now that only added to the excitement.


Hasegawa Chisato’s heart and body, became Basara’s to that extent. And then her feelings towards him, in the winter break when they couldn’t have met even once, quickly she became so worked up she couldn’t take it.


“So then… How can we cover it up?”


As she said that, she chuckled.


In the demon realm, he must’ve certainly deepened his bonds with Mio and the others.  


So then, it would be unfair if she didn’t get plenty of his affection.


Before long, she had an idea


She muttered with a smile.


“…Right, let’s go to the hot springs.”


Of course, just her with Basara. She could say they’d even stay over.


When Basara returned from the demon realm, she had decided to attain submission from him till dawn.


The night she spent with him — on Christmas Eve.


— She had been a good girl alone, all of winter break.


It should be about time for Santa Claus to bring her a present.