Volume 12 summary

Chapter 1: Master-Servant Vow with an all too beautiful Goddess


Part 1

  • Picks up directly where the volume 11 prologue ends.
  • The start of master-slave vow with Chisato, some world building here but it’s all things that’s already established before about the vow, Basara’s lineage and their relationship
  • This service part is not part of the vow, but them kissing and such as started in the volume 11 prologue
  • Mio arrived to stop them but…


Part 2

  • Mio express that what she’s suggesting is for Hasegawa to tie a vow with Basara as well
  • Here they talk about the situation with Shiba and the advantages of the vow with Hasegawa but of course, there’s the problem with disturbing the established five elements from the other girls
  • Basara suggested it doesn’t have to be this way
  • He then explained it that the elements also have a yin/yang light/dark side, and since there are three demons (dark) and two heroes (light) so far then Hasegawa would be counting to balance on the light side
  • However, firstly it has to be on Hasegawa, and Hasegawa fear the risk she might put on them… (Chisato is afraid that if she ties the vow with Basara then the Ten Gods are going to come after everyone).  


Part 3

  • Here, like discussed in epilogue of Volume 11, Mio encouraged Hasegawa to tie the vow with Basara because she doesn’t want her to regret it.
  • Hasegawa reveals she does want to tie the vow with Basara


Part 4

  • There are some discussion about the magical aspect of how to tie the vow
  • It’s impossible for Chisato maintain the dimensional barrier she created to keep everyone safe from Shiba, while she’s tying the vow with Basara. Since  she has to dedicate all of herself to Basara she can’t be distracted by maintaining the barrier. 
  • The other obstacle with tying the vow is time
  • Maria offers her help with this
  • The preparation is ready by the end of this part, with help from Maria, tying it in a different place within Chisato’s subconscious


Part 5

  • The place is set as the school infirmary. Chisato is no longer wearing the babydoll. She’s wearing her normal work outfit, and Basara is in his school uniform.
  • Basara and Chisato then begin kissing, and Chisato starts to lightly cum.
  • This part covers the beginning of the vow and setting their subconscious link with each other and so on,  as well as ascertaining what Hasegawa desired.
  • After they figured out what it is that Chisato desired, Basara takes medical bandages and binds her wrists together.


Part 6

  • This part is primarily bondage foreplay, where Basara uses scissors to cut up Chisato’s skirt and sweater.
  • Of course she starts flooding as Basara cuts up her skirt. When he tries to cut up her sweater, he comes to the realization that Chisato isn’t wearing a bra.  
  • Chisato starts lactating and Basara begins sucking on her nipples.


Part 7

  • The breast feeding play sent her into a different dimension of pleasure.
  • Basara then takes the scissors and cuts off her panties. He then asks Chisato how does she want him to have sex with her.
  • The 4 Basara clones then appear, and they hold Chisato down on the bed.
  • Basara then ask to multiply his penis into two
  • It’s so he can take Hasegawa in both holes at the same time for her first time
  • Since at this point in time Chisato wasn’t living with Basara and the rest of the girls, She hasn’t been eating the food that prepared them for anal sex.
  • When Basara finally penetrates both of her holes, he doesn’t do it gently like with Mio, but he roughly penetrates Chisato.
  • After Basara finally breaks her hymen, and they start having sex, He feels something tighten around his penis. He then comes to the realization that Chisato’s hymen regenerated. She then begins lactating again and as they continue to have sex, her hymen keeps regenerating.
  • The first time Basara cums inside of Chisato he ejaculates for nearly a minute straight.
  • The clones are connected to Basara’s consciousness and he then orders them to help make Chisato more shameful.


Part 8

  • This part primarily focuses on the gangbang. The real Basara is still DPing Chisato, and the clones more or less get to play with and cum all over the rest of her body.
  • After the gangbang was over, the clones disappear and it turns into one-on-one vanilla sex.
  • They then begin developing Chisato’s womb as an erogenous zone to give her more pleasure than the vagina or clitoris.
  • Chisato’s womb comes down, and Basara starts fucking her womb until he cums inside of her. This satisfied the vow and the mark of the master-slave curse disappeared from her neck


Part 9

  • A reflective chapter on everything that has happened, a short epilogue to the vows of sort
  • But it covers what Basara asks Chisato to do for him regarding Shiba, asking her to save Shiba after he manages to defeat him
  • This is as he believes Shiba is not going to erase all dangers from their lives and wants to use him as a trump card
  • Chisato warns him of the dangers of Shiba
  • Basara then told her of his intent to tie the master-slave contract with him
  • However, the contract will use Basara’s power instead of Maria’s, meaning that instead of the aroused state like the girls, if Shiba breaks his contract then he would be sent to the zero dimension
  • Chisato said that if it’s to support Basara she’s happy and vows herself eternally his again


CHAPTER 2: I Believe This Everyday is Happy 

Part 1

  • This starts with Celis unable to sleep at the Toujou household
  • Getting up, she reflects on the happening at the open air bath
  • Having gotten up she encountered Basara
  • Basara took a kiss from her


Part 2

  • Talks about the first day Celis moved in and how she was in an aroused state and was helped by Basara and Maria to be released from that
  • Even though Basara handled her in all forms, he did not kiss her
  • However, she believes it’s because he thinks well of her, so she did not feel sad at this fact
  • Truth is, Celis likes Basara, but presently she has the possibility to choose a different future – hence, not only did he not cross the last line, he did not even cross the first
  • But then now in the dark kitchen deep in the night, he took his first kiss roughly
  • While she enjoys it, he began to undress her, but he says nothing even as he began groping her
  • Basically, it’s a service scene where Celis finds herself sensitive and climaxing, but turns out it was a dream that was something Maria did


Part 3

  • Celis woke up wet
  • This is one and a half month after Celis started living at the Toujou Household
  • Explanation on how the Pope disappeared after the battle between Basara and Shiba (the Jin and Albareos bit from the volume 11 epilogue)
  • This, alongside with things that is coming to surface about Shiba and so on put both Vatican and the Village at a mess
  • She was there at the Toujou Household by Basara’s help
  • She was supposed to receive punishment for her action in the battle against Shiba (she helped Basara without waiting for orders)
  • Pulling some strings, they managed to get her to be a supervisor to them and having her move to their household
  • Hence she’s thankful and wants to be of aid to Basara and the others
  • But Maria has been trolling the hell out of her
  • She could use her magic to clean it, but she didn’t want to alarm anyone
  • Hence she waitz for Maria and Zest who clean the beds daily but… This isn’t the first time this happened to her
  • While Maria and Zest are demons, they approach Celis as simply her, Basara’s childhood friend, not a part of hero clan, so she in return remains well to them, thinking of them as Basara’s family


Part 4

  • Celis moved towards the first floor to shower and wash up her panties
  • Then she smelled something appetising
  • It was breakfast, made today by Yuki and Zest who are chatting with each other happily as they cooked
  • She tried to sneak past them, but they noticed Celis and greeted her with a smile
  • Yuki still doesn’t know about how Celis comes in her sleep, so Celis called Zest to come with her
  • Zest figured it out right away and told her that she will help
  • Zest told Celis that she could shower, but if she could perhaps call Maria over
  • The part end with Zest saying she has something to discuss with Maria about their prep for that night


Part 5

  • Begins with Celis going to take a shower and putting her panties into the washing machine.
  • There’s a description of Celis’ shower as well as how Maria and Zest typically handle all of the household chores in the Toujou house.
  • After Celis wraps a towel around her naked body, she puts her panties into the washing machine and calls out to Maria.
  • There’s a description of how Maria expended her life force to limit break her powers in order to defeat Kouryuu back in volume 11. Basara has been engaging sexual acts with the girls in order to help restore the life force of Maria.
  • Celis then goes to the basement looking for Maria, and when she opens the door, she hears the lewd voice of Mio.
  • There’s a description of the general layout of the basement, and how it has large TV’s, sofas, and a big bed used for sexual acts.
  • Celis then looks at the bed and sees Basara, Mio, and Kurumi engaging in sexual acts. Mio and Kurumi are in their lewd outfits from the illustration.
  • There’s a description of the kurumi’s dominatrix outfit, as well as Mio’s cat outfit. Then it shifts to Celis watching Basara and Mio have sex as Kurumi plays with Mio’s breasts and the vibrating cat tail with anal beads inserted into Mio’s asshole.
  • Mio and Kurumi start going turbo lewd, and Celis looks on with an embarrassed red face.
  • Celis noticed that Maria wasn’t on the bed participating, So she begins to look for her again.
  • Mio is still having sex with Basara and briefly sees Celis’ embarrassed face. However she quickly goes back into turbo lewd, because Basara is about to ejaculate, and Kurumi is pushing the anal beads deep into her. The scene ends with Basara cumming inside Mio


Part 6

  • Part 6 begins by talking about how and the 6 girls that tied vows with Basara are in the early stages of their pregnancies
  • Chisato who has regain her full powers as a Ten God is maintaining a protective barrier around the unborn kids. This enables the girls to have all the wild sex they want with Basara without having to worry about any potential miscarriages. The protective barrier also suppresses the not some pleasant aspects of pregnancy such as cramps and morning sickness.
  • According to Chisato, Mio,Yuki,Zest, and Chisato (in that order) were the first to get pregnant. When everyone found out the news, naturally the girls wanted to keep their babies, but it was also decided that all of the girls who have vows with Basara wanted to be pregnant as well.  
  • So Kurumi and Maria end up taking a succubus ovulation drug, and Basara drank a special tonic in order to impregnate Maria and Kurumi. With this, the six girls were happily pregnant and due for winter.
  • The girls decide to go the natural route for their pregnancies, but Chisato creates a maternal link between the six expecting mothers so that they can potentially give birth at the same time, and deepen their bonds as family.
  • Since Maria and Mio are the daughters of Wilbert, their children will be given political rank in order of birth, but to avoid a potential political crisis in the demon world, Basara wants the birth of all six babies to remain a secret.
  • It then shifts back to Basara and Mio having sex as Celis watches.
  • There’s a description recalling how Mio has changed over the course of the series in regards to when she first made the master servant contract to how she now has the vow with Basara.
  • Mio then notices Celis again. It mentions how Celis ignored her orders from the Vatican and aided Basara and company in the final battle with Shiba. Celis is usually embarrassed by watching and the other girls being lewd. In order to help Celis get over her embarrassment, Mio goes turbo lewd again, and asks basara to cum inside her.
  • Kurumi then pulls out a pill and suggests that Basara use it. Kurumi was originally saving it to use for when she and Basara had sex, but she wanted Basara to teach Mio the feeling that her and Maria had when Basara impregnated them.
  • Basara takes the pill and continues his sex with Mio. When he begins to ejaculate inside of her, her stomach begins to swell to about the size of a basketball (the pill caused Basara to ejaculate 5 liters worth of semen inside of Mio).
  • Mio looks as if she’s actually pregnant and Kurumi makes a joke about it.
  • The scene ends with Basara blowing a load inside of Mio’s womb.


Part 7

  • Begins with Celis watching Basara pull his penis out of Mio.
  • There’s a description of the master servant vow and how the girls are Basara’s eternally.
  • Then it shifts to Kurumi cleaning up Basara’s penis, and as Basara calls out to Kurumi the collar activates on her neck (since the vow, the curse activates when Basara wants to have sex with the girls).
  • There’s a description of how Kurumi was dripping wet with love juice, and then the two of them begin to have sex, and Celis watches on.
  • A naked Maria comes out of the basement bathroom and notices Celis watching on, and makes a comment about how it was rare for Celis to venture down into the basement.
  • Celis then explains about how Zest told her that she should talk to Maria about her little problem.
  • Maria then tries to head for the first floor, and the a voice from the changing room tells her to wear a towel or she’ll wet up the floor.
  • The voice belonged to Chisato who was wearing a babydoll.
  • Celis then said good morning to Chisato. It then goes into an explanation of how Celis is aware of the identity of Chisato, and that her real name is Afueria, and how she’s one of the Ten Gods from the Divine Realm.
  • It then explains a bit about the faith of those belonging to the Vatican and how since Celis is a holy knight of the Vatican she also follows their faith. Because of her faith, she has great respect for Chisato.
  • Maria then thanks Chisato for the towel, and she then proceeds on upstairs.
  • Chisato then asks Celis how she’s doing, and if she wanted to take a bath together. Celis of course responds by saying that she already took a shower, but Chisato tells her she might want consider taking a shower again considering the state of her panties.
  • Celis had wet herself watching Basara have sex with Mio and Kurumi. Chisato tells her that she shouldn’t be embarrassed about it, and how it’s something that happens to everyone when they see Basara.
  • Chisato then raises up the hem of her baby doll and Celis sees the lewd love juice dripping out of Chisato’s panties. Celis then decides to take a bath with Chisato.


Part 8

  • The scene begins with Celis and Chisato sharing the bath together, and Celis thinking of how amazing the basement bathroom actually was. It’s rare for her to venture into the basement, but she was occasionally invited by Mio into the basement bathroom when Basara wasn’t around.
  • There’s a description of Celis and Chisato washing their bodies, and how this was the fourth time that Celis used the basement bathroom, and how this was the second time that Chisato and Celis have bathed together. Celis then comments about how it’s been a month and a half since she’s moved into the Toujou house.
  • They then begin to talk about how Celis was to make a master servant contract with Basara tonight. Celis was to make a master servant contract with Basara as a precaution due to things that might happen in the future. Although the Moderates and Demon Lord factions are at peace right now, there’s no telling what might happen in the future with regards to the other factions in the Demon Realm, and there’s also the possibility that the other districts of the Hero Clan might make a move as well.
  • As they are talking Basara comes into the bath. Celis covers her naked body and then proceeds to move out the bath. As Basara was having sex with Mio and Kurumi, he didn’t notice that Celis was using the bath in the basement.
  • Basara then gets bright red as he notices that Celis was naked. Basara then tries to leave the bath, but Celis tells him that she was getting out anyways. She then leaves the bath, and was happy that Basara noticed her as a woman.
  • As Celis is leaving, She hears the moans of Chisato, and tries to see through the fogged up glass in the bath. Although she couldn’t see what was happening it was obvious to Celis that Basara and Chisato were having sex in the bath. There’s another description of how because of the vow, and how when Basara gets aroused, the girls get aroused as well due to the aphrodisiac effect of the curse, and how it was no different for Chisato.
  • Celis then begins to think about the evening of the first night living in the house.
  • She was surprised at first when she was told that Basara had made a vow with Chisato who was formerly a Ten God.
  • In an effort to understand Chisato better, Celis decides to watch Basara and Chisato have sex.
  • As Celis is watching Basara and Chisato have sex, Maria reappears with a fresh pair of panties for Celis.
  • Celis beat red takes the pair of panties. Maria tells her that she got wet the first time she watched Basara and Chisato have sex. Maria then switches the viewing mode of the glass into a special mode so that her and Celis could freely peep on Basara and Chisato having sex without them figuring it out.
  • Maria and Celis are watching on as Basara is railing Chisato. Maria then makes a comment about how Celis could get railed like that as well.
  • Maria then switches the glass to privacy mode, and her and Celis begin talking about how Celis was to make the contract with Basara tonight.
  • The master servant contract gets discussed, as well as the danger of using Celis’ power as the base instead of Maria’s succubus curse. Since Celis wields Georgius, and Georgius was originally associated with agriculture, Celis has a particular affinity for earth magic. If the master servant contract was tied using Celis affinity for earth magic, then the curse might take the form of petrification upon activation, but since Chisato has regained her full powers it’s possible for her to nullify the contract if something dangerous was to happen because of it.
  • Maria and Celis then weigh the benefits of using the succubus curse, and how Celis should consider making her contract with Basara using the succubus curse, and how there’s still time until later tonight for Celis to make up her mind regarding what she wants to do.
  • The scene then briefly switches to Chisato getting railed until she was satisfied, and Celis leaving the bathroom.


Part 9

  • Starts with everyone eating breakfast before heading off to school. Basara,Mio, and Yuki are second years in class 2-F. Chisato pulled strings to get Celis into class 2-F as well. Maria and Kurumi are in class 1-F, and Zest is a part time english teacher.
  • It then shifts to Zest’s class at the end of fourth period. Some of her female students invite her to each lunch with them, but she politely declines, and tells them she’s not supposed to be getting close with them, because she’s a teacher.
  • There’s a brief description of Zest’s contract as a part time teacher. She makes 5,000 yen per lecture, and doesn’t have any of the regular responsibilities that full time teachers have.
  • Zest goes to have lunch in her usual place (the infirmary). After opening the door, she’s greeted by Chisato, and the two of them decide to make tea to go with their lunch.
  • -Mio and Yuki usually each lunch with Aikawa and Sakaki, and Kurumi and Maria usually eat lunch with the girls in their class.
  • Zest and Chisato are lunch buddies so that Chisato doesn’t have to eat alone.
  • Chisato has been using her powers to make herself undesirable to male students and staff. Mio, Maria, Yuki, Kurumi, and Zest have this done to them as well.
  • Zest and Chisato then begin talking about how Celis was going to make a master servant contract with Basara tonight. They talk a bit about the shenanigans that happened this morning, and how Celis must really want to do the contract considering how she watched on as Basara had sex with everyone.
  • There’s a description of each of the OG’s girls original rationale for making the master servant contract with Basara. The conversation then shifts to Chisato and Zest talking about how happy they’ve been since making the vow with Basara, and how normal people might not understand their happiness. They ultimately come to the conclusion that Celis’ contract should take on the form that works best for her.


Part 10

  • After the their discussion about Celis, there’s a knock on the infirmary door, and Basara enters. Chisato then asks him if something was wrong.
  • Girls have been confessing to Basara once or twice a week. One of the side effects of Basara tying the vow with Chisato has caused him to produce alpha male pheromones that attracts girls to him.
  • He politely turns the girls down, because he already has a harem.


Part 11

  • Chisato and Zest begin stripping off their clothes, so that Basara could see their fancy lingerie. There’s a description of how Chisato and Zest have the most adult sex appeal.
  • Uesu then describes how Basara’s sex drive has increased since making the vow with the 6 girls.
  • Basara is having a hard time keeping his sex drive in check, and Chisato and Zest decide to relieve his pent up desire.
  • The three of them move into one of the beds in the infirmary and their threesome begins.
  • After removing the rest of their clothes, Chisato’s breasts start leaking milk so Basara begins sucking her nipples (at this point Chisato is really into breast feeding). Zest then begins to give Basara a blow job and paizuri.
  • Basara ejaculates into Zests mouth. Zest tries to drink up all of the semen, but Basara has been unloading a ridiculous amount of semen because of the vow. In order to prevent Zest from drowning in semen, Basara pulls out and blows the rest of his load on her face and breasts.
  • After seeing Zest covered in his cum, Basara gets bigger, and Zest starts getting excited. The infirmary phone rings, and Zest decides to get up and answer it. Basara gets turned on by the appearance of Zests backside as she answers the phone. Chisato then encourages Basara to have sex with Zest as she’s on the phone.
  • Maria’s homeroom teacher is on the phone with Zest, as Chisato and Basara sandwich Zest.
  • Zest then spreads her legs so that Basara can have sex with her while she’s talking on the phone. Basara is railing Zest as she’s on the phone trying to keep her composure and answer the questions of Maria’s teacher.
  • Basara cums inside of Zest twice and she loses it, but Chisato grabs the phone to cover for Zest.
  • Chisato then starts talking to Maria’s teacher on the phone and spreads her legs to have sex with Basara. The scene ends with Basara and Chisato having sex.


Part 12

  • It then shifts to after school. Mio has joined the student council and was entering information relating to the student cultural festival into the computer.
  • As Basara entered the student council, so did Mio and Yuki and they’re in general affairs. Maria and Kurumi who are first years also participate
  • Hasegawa is the club advisor for the student council and Zest works as her aid.
  • Celis also participate as a special case, being an overseas transfer student
  • Presently Basara, Yuki and Kurumi, together with Santa is working on the yearbook with photography club, while Celis, Nanao and Kurumi are currently working with the broadcast club in relation to the school festival
  • Mio and Basara are committed to making sure that the cultural festival happens without many difficulties this year, and Mio is committed to making sure that Basara is able to realize all of his aspirations.
  • Rikka has started to notice that Basara and everyone has been different ever since they returned from to school following spring break. Mio, Chisato, and Zest are looking much more feminine with regards to their chest size and waist. Rikka assumes something must have happened over spring break.
  • Then it shifts to talking about panties and garter belts, and how the school uniform for the girls has been shortened by 10cm.
  • This part ends by talking about summarizing Nanao up until this point and it also talks about the girls who like and live with Basara.


Part 13

  • Yuki and Maria finished handling their student council responsibilities for the day.
  • Yuki is the only one that hasn’t been able to have sex with Basara today, so Maria encourages Yuki to go on the offensive a bit.
  • Basara, Maria, and Yuki end up going into an empty classroom so that Yuki could have sex with Basara.
  • Yuki got a magic stone from Lucia to clean their clothes so they don’t have to worry if they get a bit dirty.
  • As Basara is having vaginal sex with Yuki, Maria uses a special succubus toy to penetrate Yuki’s ass. It ends up taking on the form of anal beads with the smallest ones being the size of an egg, and the largest one being of similar size to Basara’s penis.
  • As Basara starts to cum inside of Yuki, Maria takes out a camera and starts taking pictures of Yuki, and rationalizes taking pictures as a means of making memories.
  • As Basara and Yuki are still having sex, Maria starts to discuss Rikka with Basara. Maria basically encourages Basara to think of Rikka’s feelings, but this ultimately just plays into the discussion that Basara had earlier with Chisato and Zest about politely rejecting the girls that confess to him.
  • It then switches back to the sex, and Yuki isn’t satisfied yet. Basara reaches to play with the toy inserted into Yuki’s butt, but Maria hands him the camera instead. Yuki then starts making all sorts of lewd poses as she has sex with Basara.
  • Maria then goes back to playing with the succubus toy inserted into Yuki’s ass. The toy ended up containing succubus love juice, and that basically caused Yuki to go turbo lewd.
  • The scene ends with Maria playing turning on the vibration function on the toy inserted into Yuki’s ass, and Basara switching the camera shutter function into continuous as he sends Yuki climaxes into a different dimension of pleasure.


Part 14

  • Kurumi finished meeting with the broadcast department, and as she was walking past the student council room, and noticed that Basara was having sex with Yuki in an empty classroom.
  • Kurumi flashes a quick photo of Basara having sex with Yuki. Just as she’s about to go into the classroom, she notices that Celis and Nanao were also watching.
  • After Kurumi notices them, Celis and Nanao are a bit embarrassed. Kurumi tells them to watch on carefully, because they’ll probably be doing something similar later tonight.
  • There’s discussion again about how Celis is going to make a contract with Basara tonight. Kurumi has always held Celis in high regard, and has always admired her strength. That’s why Kurumi was opposed to the idea of Celis using her power as the base for the contract with Basara.
  • Kurumi then decides it’s her turn to guide Celis in a similar way that Maria and Zest guided her when she was unsure of her feelings for Basara.
  • Kurumi then starts unzipping Celis’ top and unhooks her bra. Celis then starts getting embarrassed, and gets concerned about somebody potentially seeing them.
  • The barrier that Basara had set up is based upon the power of his 4 bloods and the Yin/Yang vows of the 6 OG girls. This makes it nearly impossible for people to find them.
  • Kurumi then takes off Celis’ skirt and laughs a bit because Celis is getting wet from watching Basara and Yuki.
  • Kurumi then plays with Celis a bit as they watch Basara and Yuki have sex. Kurumi makes Celis cum lightly, and suggests to Celis that she considers her true feelings when making a contract with Basara.


Part 15

  • After Basara finally finished having sex with Yuki, He returns to the student council room and finishes up some work for the cultural festival.
  • Rather than going home, he gets on the train to go meet Lars (During their conversation on the roof in the volume 11 epilogue, they promised to eat grilled meat together).
  • They have dinner in a private room of this really expensive grilled meat shop.
  • There’s a callback to the plan that Basara and Lars discussed during the volume 11 epilogue. Basara decides that he wanted to enter into an alliance with the Demons and Hero Clan. He would act as the mediator between the two sides. Lars naturally agreed to work with Basara on this.
  • There’s some Basara x Lars bromance stuff and how Lars plays an important role in Basara being able to protect the people that are most important to him.
  • There’s a description of the all the dishes of meat that Basara and Lars are eating, Basara and Lars then have one of the workers take a photo of them with the food.
  • This part ends with the food porn and Basara and Lars being bros continuing on.


Part 16

  • Begins with Basara and Lars enjoying their “all you can eat” buffet
  • As the “itis” sets in they get down to business and begin talking about the current politics of everything.
  • They discuss both Leohart and Ramsus. Lars is now aware that Ramsus is really Wilbert.
  • Lars tells Basara about Wilbert’s reaction when he found out that Mio was pregnant (He wasn’t exactly happy about it since his daughter lost her purity).
  • The conversation then shifts to talking about Jin’s adventures in the Divine Realm.
  • Since Chisato left the Divine Realm the members of the Ten Gods haven’t changed.
  • It’s revealed via email that Jin has defeated two of the Ten Gods and is planning on returning with Sapphire and Raphaeline in time for the wedding (it takes place a month from now).
  • It then shifts back to politics and the complications with regards to Basara marrying the girls.
  • Basara wants to avoid any and all political situations, so he decides to have his wedding in the human world in secret. Mio is responsible for picking a venue (she hasn’t picked one yet) and Chisato is in charge constructing a copy of the venue in a special dimension).
  • The wedding is going to take place in June (June is often associated with marriage) *unrelated to shinmai but the month of June is named after the goddess Juno, and Juno was the protector of women in all aspects of life especially with regards to marriage and childbearing*
  • The conversation shifts back to politics and Lars brings up Leoheart’s issue with Celis.
  • Leohart has a problem with Celis, because she’s a symbol of the Vatican, and there are people in the demon world that still have bad blood with the Vatican their bad history with the demons.
  • Basara brings up the fact that he’s going to make contracts with Nanao and Celis tonight.
  • Basara then thinks about making the contract with Celis, and how all the sex that has happened today was Basara’s way of showing her what it’s like to make a contract using the succubus trait.
  • They then talk a bit again about the issue of making a contract with Celis, because she’s a symbol of the Vatican. If Basara isn’t able to convince Leohart that Celis wouldn’t cause any problems, then that would dissolve the alliance with the demons.


Part 17

  • Parting with Takigawa, Basara reflect on how Takigawa’s current state as a demon and how it relates to demon world politics
  • He then reflect on how Takigawa went from being dispatched to watch over Mio to being the dispatch for both the current demon lord faction and the moderate faction of the demon world
  • Both sides trust Takigawa within reasons, but Basara trust Takigawa too
  • As he walk towards the station, suddenly a voice raise a question to him
  • But only he notice it, not anyone else around him
  • It was Shiba Kyoichi who he tied the master-slave vow with secretly
  • Shiba began to talk to Basara about his issue regarding Celis
  • He says Celis is Basara’s only real tie with the heroes presently, and if she choose to leave the problem with the demons would be solved too. But on the other hand surely Basara would not want to be reckless with his dealing with the hero clan too
  • Discussing the issue with Basara, Shiba said that the downside of Basara’s love and kindness is that now (according to Shiba) he has too many things that he must protect no matter what
  • Basara could see the truth behind Shiba’s words, as painful as they may be
  • He would do anything to protect the girls and reach their precious wedding ceremony, but he must admit there’s danger in it
  • He asks Shiba for his opinion on what he should do.
  • Shiba basically tells Basara that he needs to consider Celis’ feelings, because his relationship with the Hero Clan is going to be decided based upon the decision he makes regarding Celis.
  • Shiba then informs Basara that he dealt with a spy. Shiba was unable to read their Ki, but assumed that they could possibly be from one of the other independent factions in the Demon world (The Moderates and Demon Lord Factions account for 70% of the demon world).
  • They also come to the conclusion that there could be a mole in either the Moderates or Demon Lord Factions.
  • After they finish discussing the spy, Shiba hands Basara a bag with a toothbrush/breath mints, and tells Basara to freshen up before he goes home.


Part 18

  • Starts with the girls back at the house waiting for Basara to come home
  • It’s the moment of truth for Celis and Nanao. Celis is still nervous about making a contract with Basara.
  • There’s a description of how Nanao and Celis’ clothes differ. Since Nanao was planning on making a contract using Maria’s succubus trait, she was dressed in lewd lingerie compared to Celis.
  • It then gives a brief summary of how Nanao has gotten to this point, and how her relationship with Basara has progressed throughout the series.
  • According to Chisato, when Nanao makes a master servant contract, and then progresses to a vow, she’ll have the potential to unlock the abilities of the higher level vampires.
  • This part ends with Celis still hiding her true feelings for Basara, and being indecisive about making a contract with Basara.


Part 19

  • Celis contract drama continues on and she’s having trouble making up her mind. Nanao then provides her some words of encouragement, and Basara finally walks through the door.
  • Since the moment of truth is quickly approaching Nanao and Celis are getting a bit nervous.
  • Mio, Chisato, and Basara enter the room that Nanao and Celis are in. Basara has Mio take Nanao ahead to the basement, so that he could talk with Celis.
  • Basara and Celis begin discussing the contract, and he admits to her that he’s not sure of the best course of action to take.
  • Chisato is standing against the wall of the room. Basara then remembers the advice that Chisato gave him a few months ago with regards to only thinking about the things that matter the most and having an uncompromising will (It was basically the advice she gave him in Departures).
  • Basara asserts that Celis is struggling with being true to herself and her feelings for Basara, and her sense of duty as a holy knight of the Vatican. Basara doesn’t want to make a contract with Celis in the event that it puts her life in danger.
  • Chisato then chimes into the conversation, and tells Celis that if she really wants to do the contract with Basara, then she had to want to do it from the bottom of her heart. If she believes that the way Basara and the girls chose to live is wrong, then the curse will probably activate immediately.
  • If the contract was made using Celis’ trait then the curse triggering would result in petrification, and she would die. Chisato explains to Celis that although she’s lived with Basara for a month and a half or so, due to her upbringing and the values instilled in her, the curse isn’t going to wait for her to one day have a change of heart.
  • Chisato tells Celis that as she is now, It probably wouldn’t be best for her to have a contract and live with Basara and everyone else.
  • Celis tries to counter Chisato’s point, and asks her if it would be possible for Chisato to use her powers help celis manage the curse, and Chisato tells her that it’s not possible due to her vow with Basara.
  • Celis is really emotional to the point where she’s almost in tears.
  • Basara then proposes an option that would help solve the issue of the Vatican.


Part 20

  • Basara then proposes that Celis should leave the Vatican. Basara talks about how Celis leaving the Vatican would create the opportunity to create lasting peace between the Demons and Hero Clan.
  • Basara basically tells Celis that she doesn’t have to take on the burden of trying to protect the world. She just has to focus on protecting what’s important to her. (This is kind of a play on a conversation that Basara and Shiba have in volume 10 when they talk about the nature of Heroes, and how misguided protecting the world really is).
  • He tells her that she she doesn’t need the a title or an association with the Hero Clan, she just has to rely on her own willpower.
  • Chisato then chimes in and talks about how what Basara proposed was the truth that Celis was afraid to speak.
  • There’s some general talk about the harem and how their relationship with Basara is different, and might even be considered abnormal by other people.
  • Celis is then asked again what she really wants to do, and she finally admits that she wants to be by Basara’s side forever.


Part 21

  • Celis contract drama is finally over, and she’s resolved to make a contract with Basara. So Basara, Celis, and Chisato then proceed to go downstairs to the basement.
  • Celis asks why they didn’t just use the first floor, but Chisato explains that the basement is better suited for what’s about to happen, and the basement is sound proof, so they don’t have to worry about neighbors hearing anything lewd.
  • Chisato then tells Basara to proceed into the basement alone. She then uses her powers to change the clothes of Celis and herself to something much more appropriate for the contract ceremony (Really lewd lingerie much more embarrassing than being naked).
  • When Celis make it to the basement she’s greeted by all of the girls, and they too are wearing lewd lingerie. Mio was glad that Celis was going to be like everyone else.
  • With everyone together, Maria decides to get things started, and invokes the rune for the master servant contract. There’s a description of how it’s a bit different now due to how powerful Basara has become.
  • Yuki then comes out and gives Basara a vial to increase his vitality that was created by Maria and Chisato.
  • There’s a description of Basara’s “package” and Nanao and Celis just stare at it amazed.
  • Since Nanao and Celis didn’t kiss the hand of Basara, the succubus curse activated. That way they could be the same as the original 6 girls.
  • Celis and Nanao start getting horny. Basara and Celis end up kissing (Celis considers this to be her first true kiss
  • The Celis, Nanao (using her Sfang) and Maria BJ happens like in the illustration.
  • There’s some chatter among the girls that are watching and Yuki is recording Basara,Maria, Celis, and Nanao.
  • This part ends with Basara blowing his load all over Celis, Nanao, and Maria


Part 22

  • Opens with a summary of Nanao’s relationship with Basara up until this point. She’s been meeting up with him and doing sexual acts in the gym storage room, and the male toilet (the school still thinks she’s a dude), but they haven’t crossed the line yet.
  • Nanao has always wanted to be useful to Basara, and has wanted to have sex with him.
  • Nanao tells Basara, she wanted her first time to be similar to the experience she had when Basara first made her a woman in the infirmary.
  • Chisato tells her to be honest about her feelings. Nanao wanted Basara to take her from behind, because she was embarrassed. The girls then start joking about the different sex positions Nanao could use since she’s being taken from behind.
  • Basara pierces Nanao’s hymen, and they start having sex.
  • When he blows his load the first time the effect of the curse wears off, but they are trying to tie the vow.
  • Naturally, they continue their sex, and when Basara cums inside her for the second time, they succeed in tying the vow. Nanao getting inseminated satisfied her condition for the vow as both a woman and a half vampire.


Part 23

  • As Basara is finishing the vow with Nanao, Celis watches on amazed. However now she’s under the influence of the succubus aphrodisiac, and her own lustful desire for Basara.
  • Maria congratulates Nanao on reaching the vow, while Mio and Kurumi bully Nanao a little bit for completing the vow quickly. A joke is even made about how Zest completed the vow just by Basara sticking it in.
  • Chisato then tells them not to bully Nanao too much, and then takes her to a mat near the show.
  • Yuki then comes to clean Basara’s penis by giving him a blow job.
  • Yuki then encourages Celis to confess her desires (Celis wants to be railed by Basara).
  • After Celis confesses her desires, Basara and her start to kiss. Eventually Basara starts trying to have anal sex with her.
  • If Basara was to start by having sex with Celis vaginally, it would just solve the master servant curse, but starting with anal sex would work better for trying the vow.
  • As Chisato said earlier, Celis has a strong sense of morality, and Celis losing her anal virginity would work better in order to breakdown her strong sense of morality.
  • Celis talks about how she’s not prepared to have anal sex, and Zest relieves her worry by telling her that it’s going to be fine since she’s been eating the same foods as everyone else for the past month and a half. (call back to volume 11 when it was revealed that the food that the girls have been eating has prepared them to have anal sex with Basara.
  • Yuki tells her not to worry, because she too reached the vow due to anal sex, and how Basara will take Celis vaginally as well.
  • There’s more talk on Celis’ true feelings and how she really wants to make the vow with Basara. Then there’s talk about how Basara has prioritized Celis’ feelings.
  • Before starting, Basara asks Celis if she trusts him, and she responds with a “yes”.
  • Celis then takes up a position to have anal sex and asks Basara to take her first time.
  • The two begin to have anal sex and Celis starts going turbo lewd, and love juice starts squirting out due to the forbidden pleasures of anal sex.
  • As the two continue to have anal sex, Basara eventually cums in her butt.
  • After Basara pulls out, it’s finally time for vaginal sex, and as Basara presses his tip against her hymen, Celis tells him to quickly break it.
  • Basara finally takes Celis’ vaginal virginity, and as they have sex he uses his fingers to play with her clitoris.
  • As Basara continued to play with her clitoris as they had sex, the collar on Celis’ neck finally disappeared.
  • Basara then begins to lose his reason a bit, and tells Celis to raise her butt a bit. Basara then declares that he’s going to cum inside of her.
  • Celis then tells Basara to fill up her insides, and this part ends with Celis getting creampied.


Part 24

  • Picks up right after Celis finished the vow with Basara
  • Mio starts getting hot and bothered, but the main focus of today was Celis and Nanao. Basara can only make 4 clones of himself. So Maria gives him an enhanced version of Sheila’s drug from volume 8 that will allow him to make 7 clones of himself. (counting the main Basara its 8)
  • Mio starts having sex with one of the clones. Celis does 69 with one of the clones, and Nanao gives the real Basara a blow job.
  • There’s some narration about how the girls are Basara’s responsibility now.
  • Maria then comes through the door with a cake to celebrate Celis and Nanao making their vows with Basara.
  • They reminisce about the cake scene in the bathroom in volume 1, and how there’s 8 girls now.
  • Basara is then encouraged to indulge in the cake as well as his girls.


Part 25

  • Basara enjoys Mio in the bathroom until he finally passes out
  • When he wakes up he’s no longer in the bathroom, but in the bed.
  • Mio tells him that he’s been sleeping been sleeping for two hours
  • Celis and Nanao are pregnant thanks to the succubus ovulation medicine. Mio explains that Chisato is able to keep the children of Celis and Nanao protected as well.
  • There’s some talk of the master servant vow and how the strength of the master as well as the servants increases.
  • Basara is now at the point where he’ll be able to deal with most of the forces that threaten his family.
  • He’s prepared to take on the world and send all of his enemies to the zero dimension.
  • Basara then reaches for a drawer in takes out a box and gives Mio one of 8 rings.
  • The two then exchange vows and kiss. As they kiss, Mio begins lactating for the first time (she’s the 2nd girl to lactate. Her breast milk has a similar sweetness, but tastes different from Chisato’s).
  • Basara then begin’s drinking Mio’s first breast milk and he gets hard.
  • Mio then invites him to have sex with her.
  • There’s narration about how Basara makes his girls happy and how although their lives may be a bit abnormal, they’ll still try to live out their happy days.
  • Basara then sticks his dick inside of Mio and the novel ends.