Volume 11 SS

To Dream and Learn of a First Experience

It was one of those days where Basara would occasionally be absent from the Toujou household.

In light of such an occasion, Mio, Yuki and Zest were usually capable of detecting their master’s location—Basara’s location—by virtue of their link to him via their Master-Servant contracts.

However, the three did not opt to do so in this particular instance.

They knew that anyone would want some private time for themselves once in a while and deserved to have such time; that said, Mio and the others would simply let their time pass leisurely while Basara wasn’t around. And as they spent their evening thusly, Mio ventured into the kitchen wearing only her bath towel around her after her shower before taking the carton of milk from the fridge.

“Um, could you hear me out for a bit, Mio-sama?”

“Hmm? Is something wrong, Zest?” In response to Zest’s formal tone of questioning, Mio asked her what was going on.

“Yes…I wouldn’t exactly call it a problem, but something’s been bothering me for a while now.” Zest replied, as the two then went into the living room; they then discovered Maria lying on the sofa in a particularly strange position, her eyes covered by an oddly designed eye mask as her hands were crossed above it.

“…Mhmmhmm…nhaaah….muhuhuhuhu…..ah, that’s good, that’s very good…”

Occasionally, the erotic loli succubus would toss and turn and let out some uncouth words as she slept.

“I agree. Perhaps it’s not really a problem as you say, but this is quite the predicament.”

“Yes. I was hesitant on whether or not I should just leave her alone…”

Although the phenomenon that Maria was displaying as she slept on the sofa of the living room was nothing worth reprimanding her for in particular nor anything particularly out of the ordinary, they had to admit that something was amiss; nevertheless, the kind Zest had felt that it would be inappropriate to wake her.

“I’ll handle this…come on, Maria, if you’re going to sleep, you should head back to your room and sleep on your bed…” Mio stood in for Zest and gently shook Maria’s shoulders in an attempt to rouse her.

“Mhmmhmm…don’t worry about that, Basara-san…Mio-sama’s saying “no”, but she’s only doing so because she’s about to become a lewd and full grown woman ready to give you everything as you ravage her—”

“….! What in the world are you even dreaming about?!”

A dull thump rang through the air as Maria awoke to Mio’s right fist slamming down on her head.

“Oof, that hurts…huh? Mio-sama? Darn, what were you thinking? And I was just about to get to the good part!” Maria said, evidently dissatisfied as she slid off her eye mask, to which her response elicited a sigh from Mio.

“Excuse me…but could you stop letting your imagination run wild and enjoy yourself with other people frolicking about your dreams without their consent first?”

“Oh, but you’ve misunderstood me so very terribly, Mio-sama. I’m not helping myself with all this at all, I assure you. This is actually a form of hypnopaedia, or sleep-learning—so to speak, you could call it hypnotic preparation.”

“Hmm? What do you mean by that?”

“Having made our Master-Servant contracts with Basara-san and for the sake of strengthening you all to the way you guys are now, Mio-sama, we’ve pretty much surrendered ourselves to him in every obscene way possible, haven’t we? As succubi, Lucia-neesama and I have inherited a dark element similar to that of Kurumi-chan’s. I should say that it’s not an exaggeration to say that such lewd sexual conduct between us has become absolutely necessary.”

“That’s…touche, I guess…”

“I suppose you’re right. We can’t really deny that at this point.”

Mio and Zest were red-faced as they could not find anything to say against Maria’s reasoning, knowing full well that what the succubus had said was the truth; Mio and the others had only managed to attain their current strength due to the countless sessions of erotic deeds that they had committed with Basara.

It was not as if they particularly enjoyed it, however; it was simply necessary for them to do so, given that a battle against a particularly powerful opponent was fast approaching.

Even so…

Mio was well aware that there was no longer a barrier between her and Basara ever since they had returned from the Demon Realm.

She could not deny her happiness when Basara did all those obscene things to her when Mio herself willingly surrendered herself to him.

Mio and the others realized that their relationship with Basara had transformed into that of one typical between man and woman rather than that of a mere familial one; at the same time, however, they could not deny the proudness that would well up in them when Basara would take the initiative and do what he would with them, no matter what it was or how violent it would be even if they were the only ones who could feel such pride amidst their secret relationship.

“As I was saying, the way things are now, we’ve never really crossed the final line with Basara for fear of the risk of losing our powers, but I know there’s a way for us to clear that risk somewhere out there.” Maria then continued.

“About that…we—”

“You guys want Basara to finally take you that way?”

Mio and Zest exchanged glances in disbelief.

Of course, the two had thought of doing something like that in the future.

More specifically, they wanted to belong to Basara—as of now, it had become their greatest desire.

“That said, if you guys are going to act all ignorant and mess up when you finally get the opportunity to experience the real thing, you’re going be nothing more than killjoys.” Maria said, “And there’s also the fact that you and the others have different weak spots, Mio-sama…it’s thus very important to consider the ideal positions for Basara-san when he finally makes his move on you all given that fact.”

“…Is that so?”

“But of course, Zest-san. If you’re asking why, it’s because we won’t know exactly when Basara will make his move, more or less the situation of which he’ll do so. It’s exactly because of that that we need to think about this as a group simultaneously rather than individually.”

“Why don’t you just treat your first time in each others’ arms as if it were work or something?”

“Basara would never do something as horrible as—”

“Of course, I know full well Basara’s not someone who would do something like that. Still, I can’t help but believe that he’s going to get tired about our lack of progress, even if he himself hasn’t realized it yet. Don’t you guys think that it would be really bad if such a worst case scenario were to be true? And if he happens to get tired all because we weren’t prepared enough to make it happen and left everything to Basara himself…don’t you guys feel that you’ll regret that?”

“That’s…” Mio’s thoughts sealed her ability to let out any words in response.

Mio had never thought about the ideal scenario and timing of which she would finally tie the knot with Basara; nevertheless, if she were to finally cross that line, she wanted for Basara to be the one to initiate it, to desire her—such was the extent of the unyielding heart of the young maiden she was.

That said—

“…If that’s the case, what’s our best course of action from here, Maria?”

Mio’s inquiry for advice was met with utmost delight from Maria.

“As I mentioned a short moment ago, you must first decide the ideal positions for yourselves. In your case, Mio-sama, since your breasts are your weak spot, and considering that Basara-san would likely take the lead and start by groping your breasts passionately, I’d say the standard missionary position would suffice for you. As for Yuki, who’s weak on her butt, she has to be taken from behind doggy style. Then there’s Kurumi, whose weak spot is her armpits, so a sitting position opposite him where he could lick them while the two hold each other would be best for her. This would strengthen Basara-san’s arousal toward us as he holds each and every one of us one at a time.”

“Well, Maria, what of me, then…?”

“Your ears are your weak spots, Zest-san, so let’s see…I think it’s best if Basara-san was behind you in a sitting position. Of course, he could sit directly in front of you and bite your ears that way, but then he’d be vulnerable to being distracted by your breasts, so the former position would serve to limit Basara-san’s options.” Maria said. “Now that we’ve decided on positioning, what’s next is to put it into practice.”

“You mean we really have to do those things? But that’s really just…”

“Of course, I don’t mean for you to do the real thing literally. I’ve been using hypnopaedia or sleep-learning for that purpose. You’ll be able to retain your virginity no matter how many times you want to indulge yourself in his arms~ May I present to you Super Lewd Mistress Gita-chan!”

As Maria explained, she showed them the headset that she was putting on earlier.

“When you put this baby on when you sleep, you’ll be able to dream about the person you love and desire having his or her way with you. The sensation of this can’t be compared with the recent big hits of virtual reality and some such, though: while the VR sets only give you an illusory experience through what you see and what you hear, this set directly connects to your brain to reenact those experiences as if you were really feeling them. Pretty cool, huh?”

“Sure, it does sound quite amazing…but after exposing yourself to repetitive sessions of dreams that feel that real, won’t your mind automatically adapt and become used to it?”

As much as they did want to prepare for this, it wouldn’t be right if they were to become too accustomed before they actually had sex for real.

“You don’t have to worry a thing about that. While you might actually remember and feel all those memories when you put this Shita-chan on upright, you won’t remember anything once you wear it in reverse direction. In other words, while there won’t be any particular memories left, Basara-san’s body will still react on its own accord to accept you. It’ll leave your innocence of a prim and proper virgin behind. How’s that?”



Mio and Zest fell utterly silent—their reddened cheeks came from the highly inviting words that Maria had said to them.

“It’s a common saying among humans who are in love that one’s first time doesn’t always go smoothly and end up being quite awkward…and it’s no surprise sometimes that the worst case scenario happens and the couple splits apart because of that. However, as long as you have this baby with you, you guys don’t have to worry about anything whatsoever~ There’s absolutely zero chances of failure, after all.”

Surely Maria had kept Mio and Zest’s personal insecurities into account.

“How about it? What do the two of you say to trying this little jittery tool?” Maria asked, a coquettish smile on her smile. “I want the two of you to do it willingly and without excuses…I’m not letting the two of you use this device to have perverted dreams about doing lewd stuff with Basara-san reluctantly or to give it to the both of you as a present. It’s just that I’ve prepared just the right amount of these things for all of us.”

And with a single whisper from the demon—both Mio and Zest lost their ability to refuse Maria’s suggested technique.

Minutes passed after that.

“Who would’ve thought I’d get them to play along so smoothly! And with the way things are going…Mmhmmhmmhm…”

Naruse Maria could not resist her snickering as the Nonaka sisters suddenly knocked on her door on the second floor.


“Is something the matter?”

“Yes. Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it a problem, but there’s something I want the both of you to see.” Maria said, and the two sisters promptly followed the succubus back down to the first floor.

And the moment they passed by the living room—

“Ahn….haaah…onii-chan…haahn, onii-chan..!”

“Nnn….aah…Basara-sama…aah! Basara-sama…!”

Mio and Zest’s sweet moans echoed across the room.

“…This is…?”

“W-Wait a minute, what on earth are the two of you doing?!”

The moment Yuki and Kurumi stepped into the living room, they raised their voices in shock upon discovering Mio and Zest sweetly moaning and writhing upon the sofa.

“Oh, the truth is, Mio-sama and Zest-san are having Basara-san all to themselves in their dreams right now~ They’re preparing for the day where they actually get to do the real thing and really hold Basara that way in the near future. Call it hypnopaedia. Or sleep-learning!”

The erotic loli succubus answered as she licked her lips.

“Now, let’s see…how will I go about letting the two of have sex with Basara in your dreams as well?”