Chapter 2: Ero Loli Succubus is Buying a House


The mornings of ero loli Succubus, Naruse Maria, are busy.


Since she’s responsible for the housework in the Toujou household, there’s a lot to do


that has nothing to do with the day after they come back from the demon world.




“Nn…. Aah, nnn… Haah… ?”


In the early morning at the Toujou household, there was a place where a seductive sigh leaked out from.


The origin of that voice, was Mio and Maria’s room – on top of the bed.


Within the mattress is the figure of Mio, her plentiful breasts exposed from her opened pajama top, wearing only underwear as her pants were taken off,


“…No, oniichan, noo… Fuaan ♥”


A sensitive response as her weak point, her breasts were fondled lewdly, her body wriggled sweetly, carnal sighs flowing out of her.


— However, both of Mio’s eyes were closed.


She was asleep. And then, the one who fondled her breasts and made this sleeping her feel this,


“Fufufu… Mio-sama, your reaction this morning is good too~”


Seeing the beautiful pink nipples perk up, ero loli succubus, Naruse Maria, let out a satisfied, stifled laugh.


— Since, she had seen a scene where Mio dreamt of Basara creeping into her room at night.


While she satisfied Mio’s desire, to further her submission towards Basara, Maria periodically showed Mio dreams where she was messed up by Basara.


So to say, it’s a sleeping lesson.


“So Mio-sama… Go ahead, without holding back”


With excited eyes, Maria squeezed down on Mio’s nipples.


“Nn— ♥”


Mio, with her eyes closed, had her body tensed up slightly.


She climaxed lightly while asleep.


That is the proof of the body Basara had developed. At the crotch of her underwear, Mio’s reaction began to gradually appear, Maria checking this, remembered the feeling of utmost bliss,


“— So then, time to go”


With others still waiting for her, she softly left Mio’s room.


And then next, she entered Yuki and Kurumi’s room, just like she had with Mio, she showed them a wet dream with Basara, a present for them as they sleep. She put her hand down Yuki’s underwear and fondled her butt, and opening the top of Kurumi’s pajama she licked at both sides.


“Aahn… Basaraa ♥”


“No, Basara-niicha…. Fuaaan ♥”


Just like that, the Nonaka sisters lightly came, Maria wiped the sweat with the back of her hand, feeling good at her work.


“This is good… Today too from morning, I’ve done good work.”


Fuuh, she smiled with a refreshed face.


Although – It has been a while since she did this kind of thing. At any rate,


…Of the late, it had always been so serious.


During the time they went to the demon world, they’re compelled to continue a strained state of mind.


To be clear, after the sports festival — after Lucia gave them directives to go to the demon world, the Toujou household had been in a state of tension. The difficulty of Mio being cut loose due to political motives in the demon world, as well as the full-blown fight with the current demon lord faction, it is more difficult than what they’ve done so far, whether it’s about knowing the situation that changes with every moment, they have to be constantly thinking.


In the usual cases, making a brighter state of the confused situation of Basara and the rest is Maria’s job but, as it was a more difficult situation, she held back her pranks for that time.




There’s a state where Maria had to be attached to Zolgia. Thinking that how next time if they go to the demon world again she has to be by Basara and Mio’s side, she was not in the mood to do any pranks.  


Of course – even so she put on a fake smile, and there were chances where she could direct Mio and the others in their lewd actions.




If she does it badly, Basara and the others would suspect she was forcing it, making the others worry more. For that reason, Maria had been self-disciplined.


They all could finally take a breather – was when they returned to the human world, which was yesterday. However, letting out being tired from the tense situation they were in, everyone went to sleep early last night.


Maria too of course, did not think of getting Basara and the other to do anything last night.




It had already been a night, and Maria’s succubus power was fully recharged.


Therefore this piled up desire, is better released before it spilled and overflowed.


Yes – There needs to be a reward for a professional worker.


Receiving the happy smiles of customers, words of thanks, or even a payment,


…Unfortunately, that’s not possible in my situation.


Their true feelings is that of happiness, but Mio and the rest wouldn’t acknowledge that.


Instead, Mio and the others are angry at Maria instead. Understanding there’s a flipside to their embarrassment, Maria smiles like it was fun, so it wasn’t as if she really wanted a reward.


What she does for them, was all unconditional love.


That being said, it’s the truth that she feels like she wouldn’t want to get the fist or attacked by magic at times. That’s why Maria rewards herself sometimes. A working office lady would treat herself to sweets and beer. It’s good for her to have that too.


So her feelings was that of payday.


“–This morning too, I’ll feast”


Maria expressing that, left Yuki and Kurumi’s room.


And then, as she walked down the corridor barefoot heading down to,


“Upupu, wait for me, Basara-san”


Yes — It’s to the room of the only boy in the house, Basara.


While wanting Mio and Yuki as the outlet of desire is good,


…Lately, there hadn’t been a situation with just Basara-san.


With Yuki and Kurumi living in the same house, there’s more chances for lascivious acts, but the chance for just Maria and Basara had greatly decreased.


Of course, participating in Basara subjugating Mio and the rest was super fun.


Super fun but, she has extra room in her stomach for time with just Basara.


…Yes, usually she would turn over for Mio-sama and the others.


Usually Maria, content herself with an extra spot. So then, once in awhile it’s good to enjoy a time with just Basara.


…So, what should we do.


In front of Basara’s room, Maria’s paused to think.


Previously, she had slipped herself under Basara’s T-shirt so,


“Hmm… Then this time inside his underwear maybe?”


Basara’s underwear are boxers, but if she stretched the waistband to its limit, most likely she should be able to slip in. Mio and the others can’t fit in Basara’s T-shirt, at this time, the loli body Maria is proud of makes the impossible possible.


Also, the morning phenomenon on a boy’s body is troublesome. Basara is still in his first year of high school. In the peak of puberty.


As to not hurt his delicate boy’s heart, she would have to wake him up gently.


That’s right.


“Basara-san, open your eyes… Hey, your crotch area is already awake”


Perfect consideration. But it’s not just that. If she takes off her clothes in the room, Basara might be awoken by the sound of clothes rustling, so Maria stripped gleefully there. Though that being said, leaving her cloth at the hallway would cause someone to find out.


As Maria tucked her clothes under her arm.




So that Mio and the rest do not find out right away, she had made their underwear plenty wet. When they open their eyes they’d be embarrassed, then they would get changed and secretly sneak off to the laundry room or bathroom to hand wash their clothes, that should be plenty of time.


“In that gap, I should be able to squeeze the best from Basara-san”


Excited, Maria quietly opened the door to Basara’s room and snuck in.




But, she quickly froze.


On the bed, Basara was already awake.


— But what surprised Maria was not how Basara was awake.


It was how someone else was on the bed with him. That is,




Maria muttered, dumbfounded.


That’s right – The one on the bed with Basara was Zest. On top of it, Zest wore only her underwear, sitting facing Basara on his lap. And with Basara strongly sucking on her plentiful breasts, her eyes were glazed with pleasure.


“Haah… Basara-sama… Aaah, Basara-sama… ♥”


Zest, with an intoxicated face, shook her hips while gasping happily.


Her left hand was tossed behind Basara’s neck.


While her right hand – had slipped inside Basara’s boxers.


Zest felt someone entering Basara’s room.


However, with her back to it — She can’t turn to see who’s at the entrance.


While she feels guilty about tasting this happiness with Basara alone, more than that, the love for Basara in front of her was great. As she drowned in the pleasure he gave, she also couldn’t stop the service for him.


— There’s a reason for Zest to indulge in lewd acts with Basara.


The day before, Zest arrived with Basara at the Toujou household.


However, as the rooms are full, the night before Zest had slept in the living room, and the kind Basara being worried for Zest had woken up early to check on her condition, going down to the living room.


Happy at Basara’s care… But at the same time as a result of her getting help inexcusably, Zest fell into a lustful state caused by the master slave contract. That Zest, was held by Basara and carried to his room — And then, it is as such.


However, it wasn’t enough with just receiving pleasure.


Zest is Basara’s maid.


There’s a consciousness of her having to service him. So,


“Fuaan… Haah, Basara-sama…”


While Basara sucked on her large breasts, she had his hardened member in her hand. Exposed from his boxer shorts, Basara’s member which was lubricated by the sticky fluid from its tip made lewd sounds as Zest continued to move her hand on it.


At that, Basara let go of Zest’s nipple he was sucking on,


“…, Zest…!”


Calling her like that, his already hard member in her hand further swelled up.




“Nn… Please, let it out, Basara-sama…”


Moving her hand faster, Zest said with an inviting voice. With that,




The moment Basara stiffened — he spilled a hot load into Zest’s right hand.


That is the reaction of Basara’s climax. With how his semen spurt, it spilled onto Zest’s dark brown breasts and even her face.


“Aah… Nn… ?”


Even with that, Basara’s member continued to pulsate. With how it lewdly moved, Basara’s pleasure was further expressed.


— I was able to properly service Basara-sama.


She trembled, as she received happiness as a maid,




Subconsciously, Basara whispered her name in her ears — At the next moment


“— Fuaaaan ♥”


Zest with a sweet sound of pleasure, she threw her body backwards.


Her weak point, her ears, bitten by Basara, a large climax for her.



And then.


With this round over, Maria who had been standing still watching,


“— Aah, I’ve recorded you by accident!?”


When she realised, she had been recording the two of them with a video camera.


On top of it, the clothes she had taken off in the hallway and tucked under her arm had been placed nearly on the floor.


Her body moving as to not miss such a chance, if she’s to say so herself, a succubus’ instinct is fearsome. However,


…Mm, how odd.


Suddenly, Maria had an uncomfortable feeling. Even though she has a new treasure to add on to her new lineup collection, somehow her feelings didn’t rise up.


…Usually, I would be all happy…


I wonder why, Maria wondered tilting her head, Basara while putting on his underwear after placing Zest, unconscious from climaxing with ear bitten, reverberating with focus lost in her eyes on the bed,


“I feel like I’d regret this but… What are you doing Maria?”


Came a slightly embarrassed question.


“No, I also don’t really understand…”


Said Maria.


“I came to reward myself by coming to Basara-san’s room but, when I snuck in here Basara-san was already in the midst of being ero with Zest-san. When I realised, I was shooting it with my camera which is a good job if I say so myself, but for some reason I’m not that happy…”


Hmm, with her head tilting.


“Basara-san… Might you know why this is?”


“I’m not sure what to say”


He said wearily.


“Is that so… I suppose so”


Said Maria, regrouping her feelings.


“Well Basara-san — Can you go back to sleep again”


“? What’s with that”


“Yes, I just want to intrude into your underwear…”




His voice brought up.


“Shh~, you’d wake up Mio-sama and the others”


She put a finger to the confused Basara’s lips on the bed. And then,


“Aah seriously, the time for explanation is quite disappointing…!”


Maria used her succubus sleeping magic on Basara.


“Wh… You, wh…. at—”


The surprise attack was effective. Basara’s eyes that widened in surprise was quickly drowsy, Basara fell on his bed like a string had been cut, and his sleep breathing began.


“Fufufu, good night, Basara-san – Though it’s morning”


Maria grinned, she cheerfully moved on to her initial objective.


The plan to infiltrate Basara’s underwear.


Making a gap as she pulled the waistband elastic, firstly, the right leg – and then sliding in the left leg, like that her butt could tuck in.


“Kay… Then this is the left leg first right”


It’s more narrow than she expected. It’s a big difference from when she went inside his T-shirt.


When she finally moved in her left leg, Maria moved her hand backwards to pull on the front of Basara’s underwear.


“Funu, hmm… Nn, Somehow it works… Ooh, it works!”


Maria who successfully moved in till her butt, her happiness rose with the completion of a seemingly impossible mission. And then,


“Uwaah… This is a new kind of closeness”


In his boxer pants, Maria and Basara’s crotch were completely stuck together. And then,




Suddenly Maria, noticed how Basara’s member hardened.


The reason is likely the skin of the succubus Maria piled on, rubbing on his sensitive spot. Maria laughed with a ‘fufu’.


“Even though he just came, it’s already like this… Basara-san really can’t be helped”


The moment she said that — Suddenly Maria’s head was grabbed. And then,


“…Seem like you’re having fun from morning, Maria”


A voice laced with a cold smile from behind her,  


“No way… How did you get here so fast in that condition?”


Maria asked, trembling.


“How careless… It’s true I had to wash my stained underwear because of you, there’s Yuki in the dressing room and Kurumi in the bathroom, so I have to go after them”


She said with a low, cold voice.


“How stupid… Why can’t you wash it together with them like friends? If you don’t clean it quickly the stain will remain you know? Is that okay!?”


“In that case I’ll throw them out!”


Together with shouting that, she took Maria out of Basara’s underwear with a pop.


With that, Mio who had a cute ero sleeping face, stood with a vein popped on her temple, swinging Maria who she grabbed from the head, she was flooded with strong feelings and,


“Mio-sama… Your grip is so strong”


“—Eh, it’s all thanks to you”


Saying that, she sees Basara and Zest on the bed,


“Seriously, wanting a sex video to the point you involve Zest… I feel bad waking them up, so I’ll punish you thoroughly in our room”


Saying that, she gripped even stronger on Maria’s head and began dragging her.


“Aah, you greatly misunderstand! Wait you two, don’t just sleep and explain to Mio-sama please! All I did was use magic to make Basara-san sleep and fit into his underwear!”


However, Maria’s shout did not reach Zest who had passed out from an intense climax and Basara who is in a sleep magic dream.


So then, returning to their room – Mio gave Maria a stern lecture.


— While it’s natural, it had been a while since this too.



“For me to be punished for just trying to help… things are so unfair”


Maria muttered as she made her way downstairs after recovering from Mio’s punishment.




There, on the breakfast table, lay a feast of a quality that has never adorned the tabletops of the Toujou household. Salads with various shades of green, freshly baked bread, and a piping hot omelette. A basic breakfast for sure, but each dish was prepared with the utmost care and quality. Even the way the portions were divided on each plate and the way the plates were set up showed the professional quality in which the food was prepared.


Maria just stared, mouth agape, at the display in front of her when she heard Basara and the others’ voices from behind her.


“Oh wow, this looks awesome.”


“It looks like a hotel breakfast at a fancy hotel…”


Who would be able to prepare such a dish? Just then, the answer to Maria’s question came out of the kitchen.


“I’m terribly sorry for the wait. The soup will be done in a minute.”


Zest, looking really adorable and cute in her frilly apron, said apologetically.


Maria was shocked. “When… when did you learn how to use the kitchen?”


It was only yesterday that Zest arrived at the Toujou household. And it wasn’t like she had a lot of time to herself to explore the house so far.


“Before I was handed over to the Moderates Faction, I spent a few days in this house. Back then I made sure to learn about the different functions and contraptions of each kitchen equipment. Under Sheila-sama and Lucia-sama’s tutelage, I was able to learn the ropes of being a servant and I wished to utilize my skills for Basara-sama.”


Basara gave a gentle smile to Zest. “Thank you Zest.”


However, there were still other questions in Maria’s mind. The foremost important one being in regards to the ingredients. Maria made sure to empty the fridge before their trip to the Demon World. While there may have been a bit of rice and preserved food in the pantry, the fridge itself should have been empty. There was no way Zest was able to prepare the feast this morning with what was left in the house. There was only one conclusion.


“Don’t tell me….”


“Yes, I went shopping this morning to the supermarket. It is indeed a very convenient thing. I was able to purchase all the ingredients I needed, during the early morning.”


Maria was doing the math in her head. If what Zest said was true, and she did indeed purchase all the ingredients this morning, it would mean that she would have to had gotten up before sunrise to make the cold winter trek to the supermarket for her shopping trip.


“But what about the money…?”


Yuki, ever the cool individual, asked the other question Maria had in mind. Maria was dreading the possibility that Zest may have threatened the poor cler–


“There is nothing to worry about.”


Zest placed a small black card on the dining table.


“A bla-black card?”


Maria had only heard of the legend before. This card was supposed to be something only individuals screened through a special process could use. She had always believed the card to be a myth, but there it lay right in front of her.


“If I am to serve Basara-sama in the Human World, I would most likely be serving Mio-sama as well. So Lucia-sama had given me one of these cards.” Zest explained.


Kurumi had her doubts though.


“That card… it isn’t a fake one is it?”


“Worry not. We didn’t want to catch the eyes of the Hero Clan or bring unease to you and your sister by using magic. All the money in the bank account for this card is legitimate. Lord Ramusas was able to convert the pure gold mined from the Valiant Mines in the Demon World, in the Human World and put the human currency in a bank.”


The method that Zest explained was the same way Lord Wilbert funded his retainers to look after Mio in the Human World. While money matters can often be solved by magic, Lord Wilbert probably didn’t want to alert the Hero Clan, so he decided to play by the rules.


But Maria couldn’t just accept that explanation. “Bu-but why did my dear sister give you the card? If it’s for daily expenses, I’m more than capable of handling the money!”


Zest cooly stared at the pouting Maria and replied

“Lucia-sama had a hunch that funds will be spent on the purchasing of lewd items. Thus, I was entrusted with the household finances.”


“Oh, that makes sense…”


“What do you mean ‘that makes sense’ Basara-san? All the items I buy, all the erotic games I get, is for you to learn the ropes so you can dominate your harem. That’s why I put the effort in to read every online review and play the trial version myself! The money that I have been spending is never a waste!”


“Okay! Okay! Calm down Maria…. Let’s have breakfast since we’re all here now…”


As Basara took his seat, Zest brought out the soup and placed a serving in front of each of them.


“I hope it suits your tastes.”


While Zest spoke shyly and in a slightly nervous manner, everyone there knew that they didn’t have to worry about the taste. For it was amazing. The food tasted even better than the mouth-watering way it looked.


“Th-this is….” Even Maria had to admit defeat. The way the omelette was fluffy could only be made by a chef who knew their way around the kitchen and who has mastered all the cooking utensils. The feeling of Zest mastering everything and the gap in their skills was a hard pill for Maria to swallow.


“Hey Zest, why don’t you sit down with u—” Basara stopped mid-sentence when he realised that, just like the lack of a bed last night, there weren’t enough chairs for all the members in the house.


The Toujou household was originally a 4 person household. The two Toujou men and Mio and Maria. When Jin went off on his exploration, Yuki filling in didn’t cause any problems. But with the addition of both Kurumi and Zest, space and furniture were quickly running out.


“Please don’t mind me Basara-sama. It would be rude for a servant to share a table with her master.”


Basara refused to accept that reasoning. “That’s not true Zest. Maybe it is indeed rude for a servant to eat with her master. But in this house, you are family. And family always dine together. But having said that, we will have to get some furniture for you.”


The Toujou house was only 4 bedrooms with an additional study. With the study room being full of Jin’s camera equipment and items, the others had to share the 4 rooms. But with everyone’s reluctance to use Jin’s bedroom, the rooms were currently shared with Maria and Mio using one room and Kurumi and Yuki sharing another. Basara had his own room, but inviting Zest to share his room won’t end well for his sanity, nor will it do well for the jealous feelings of the other girls.


“Hmm, in that case Basara-san, why don’t we just look for a new house? While it may be possible to rearrange things in here to find Zest a room to board in, when Jin-san returns with your supposedly missing mother, we’ll definitely be over capacity then.”


Maria continued. “Of course, compared to the first time Jin-san introduced us to you, our relationships have changed greatly. If Basara-san wants to enjoy a bit of a risque way of having fun without being caught by Jin-san, I’m for it, but even I think it’ll be too cramped with so many of us.”


“Jin-san is definitely aware of the nature of the servant contract that Basara-san and Mio-sama signed and I’m sure he can imagine what we’re doing. But if we do live in a bigger place, you and Mio-sama can have as much fun as you want without worrying about being overheard. And Basara-san, it’s not usually the case where a son enjoys having his own father listen to him dominate his girl.”


“I’m pretty sure that’s a very rare situation.” Basara deadpanned.


“But if you do have the sexual fantasy of being watched by others, I won’t judge you for it Basara-san.”


“Of course I don’t!” Basara shouted. “But I do agree…”


“Oh, you want to be watched while you’re doing lewd acts?”


“NO! Step away from the sexual fantasies. I’m talking about living in a bigger place.”


With the Demon World being in the state that it is, it probably wasn’t so wise to cut their servant contracts just yet. So for the foreseeable future, they will all have to live together and occasionally, ‘share’ their rooms for some activities. And this house was just too small for this many people.


“But how can a minor like me just rent a house…?”


Basara knew that they could always use magic to get the realtor to rent them a house. But doing so will definitely alert the Hero Clan. And with Zest living with them, that was not a risk they wanted to burden themselves with.


“How about using the money in my account…?”


Zest explained. “This money was originally paid as a commission to Basara-sama for his services to the Demon World as well as money used to pay for taking care of Mio-sama. If you don’t wish to make a decision without consulting Jin-sama, how about asking for permission first to look for a new place?”


“That… doesn’t sound like a bad idea.” With his magic-infused cellphone, it wouldn’t be hard to get in touch with his father. If there was going to be any resistance to this plan, Basara knew that it would be with Yuki and Kurumi. Nobody knew what the ‘Village’ thought of the plan.


Sensing his question, Yuki reassured Basara. “It should be fine… As long as it doesn’t affect anyone in a bad way. We’re just moving houses. It shouldn’t affect society or the livelihoods of everyday people.”


As Basara looked around, he could see approval in the plan in all their eyes, except for Maria. She was the only one who didn’t look too pleased.


“What’s wrong Maria? You suggested this plan. Or are you having second thoughts?”


“Hmpf, of course not. There’s no way I won’t be happy about it.”


Maria tried to sound tough and Basara saw right through it.


“Well whatever you say. Regardless of whether we do actually move or not, it won’t hurt to start collecting some information. Let’s get started with that.”




With her delay in waking up Basara, as well having a perfect breakfast served by another person, Maria’s pride was in tatters. Even her idea of looking for a new place to live ended up becoming a project being funded by Zest’s money.


“Ugh…I feel like a clown. Hey, are you listening Kurumi-san?”


Maria was currently taking refuge in Kurumi and Yuki’s room while complaining.


“Mmmf…Ahh….Yo-…you said you needed to talk….but why are we…. In the morning…aah”


Kurumi couldn’t hold her moans and blushing cheeks from inside Maria’s embrace. Meanwhile, Maria was having her aching heart soothed by Kurumi’s moans. After stripping Kurumi of her clothes and bra, Maria held the panty-clad girl in her arms.


“It’s not my fault. I’m just so bored…. Zest cleaned up the entire house last night as we slept and she even did all the laundry this morning while we were having breakfast.”


She wasn’t so much clown, but a dog whose master had no purpose for anymore. Maria fondled Kurumi’s breasts and stuck her free hand down inside her panties while giving her sweet armpit a nice and slow lick.


“Fwaaaaaaaaaaaa ah ah  ❤︎”

Kurumi let out a sweet cry and let out a hot gush of juices from within her panties, the tell tale signs of a woman in ecstacy. Her eyes were already slightly wet from the slow build up, but the orgasm led to full tears forming in Kurumi’s eyes.


“Oh, how nice of you to shed a tear for my predicament Kurumi-san.”


“N- no…th-this isn’t…Maria… ah…aahhhh”


“Oh don’t worry Kurumi-san. If you soak the bedsheets, that’ll just give me some laundry work to do. I know you and Zest-san grew closer in the Demon World because of the meddling of my dear mother. I can’t lose to Zest-san in this so bear with me.”


Maria licked Kurumi’s tears and rubbed her hands around her buttocks.


“How about joining us Yuki-san?”


Maria joked at Yuki, who was sitting on the other bed, back against the wall, and reading a book. Yes, Yuki was indeed in the room the whole time this was taking place. Some would say she was like a silent guardian looking over the blossoming relationship of the two young maidens. But in reality, she was just reading her book.




Yuki looked at both Kurumi and Maria then nodded and closed her book.


“I understand”




Kurumi never would have guessed that her sister would join in. Neither did Maria. As the two girls lay frozen in shock, Yuki made her way to the bed and stripped off her clothes sans her panties.


“But Maria… are you keeping an eye on the time?”


Maria replied as Yuki crawled on to the bed. “Oh yes I’ll be fine… We’ll be going after lunch.”


After breakfast, Basara sent a message to Jin about the plans and he replied with a ‘Do what you want’. With that out of the way, the others began to list a name of housing agencies to hit up since they weren’t really able to find a good house when they searched online. It was decided that they will go and visit these agencies after they ate their lunch.


“Since Zest-san will most likely be making lunch anyway, I might as well enjoy my sweet sweet dessert until then.”


“I see…that’s fine then.”


With that said, Yuki made her way behind Kurumi, who was now sandwiched between Maria and her sister.


“Wa-wait… sis…really…?”


“It’s okay, I’m your older sister.” Yuki caressed her sister’s breasts gently from behind.


“Maria, you do that as well.”


“As you say!”


With a gloating look on her face, Maria brought her lips closer to Kurumi’s armpits. Although she tried to fight them, being ganged upon by two people was just too much for Kurumi.


“Aaahhhh…. Mmmmmmpf… both of you….stop….ahhh….ahhhh ❤︎”


Kurumi let the onslaught of pleasure take her as Maria drew her tongue slowly across her armpits.




They really did pleasure Kurumi until noon. At some point, Kurumi felt it was unfair that she was the only one on the receiving end of all the pleasure. By convincing Maria to team up with her, it was the older sister’s turn to writhe in pleasure. With Maria gripping both her hands, Yuki couldn’t fight against the pleasure of having Kurumi play and fondle with her buttocks. From there, it turned to a battle of pride between the two sisters and they each targeted the other’s weak spot. Having exhausted herself from all the pleasure, Kurumi was unable to join the others for lunch and also missed out on the house hunting.


Kurumi knew what Maria was going through. It was the same feeling that she had to face when she first confronted Basara with Takashi and Shiba, and the feeling she had when facing Zest in the Demon World and even Maria when she first moved into the Toujou household. It’s not always easy to have your territory or comfort zone infringed on, but it is something you have to overcome by talking to and accepting others. So Kurumi knew that Maria will eventually overcome what she is going through.


And Kurumi knew that Maria will be fine because she has Basara. Basara has always helped Kurumi when she was feeling down. So she knew that Basara will do everything he can to make sure that Maria gets better.


As she entered the bathroom to wash off, she saw her sister sitting on the stool in the bathroom, slowly scrubbing herself with soap.


“Sis…why didn’t you go out with the everyone?”


The Yuki she knew will tag along with Basara to anywhere he went. Especially if Mio was also going to be there. The rivalry and competitiveness between the two knew no bounds.


And…it was strange for Yuki to team up with Maria to take part in such lewd acts. There was definitely something wrong with her sister today.


“Kurumi, what do you plan to do from now on?”


“Oh, I was just planning to relax for the rest of the day.”


Kurumi was still slightly affected by the demonic energy from their stay in the Demon World. Her body still felt a little heavy. Yuki, who had a master servant contract with Basara fused by the power of a demon, was not as affected by the demonic energy as Kurumi. So she still needed a few days to detox herself from the concentrated amounts of demonic energy lingering in her body. Little did she know that she missed the mark of her sister’s question by a long mile.


“Mio gave her answer on how she wants to live.”


The atmosphere shifted in the bathroom and all they could hear was the running water.


“She went to the Demon World and she told the demons exactly how she will live… now it’s our turn.”


Yuki turned to Kurumi.


“We have to decide how we’re going to live. As Heroes, and as individuals, with Basara. We have to make our decision.”




Kurumi felt like Yuki was staring into her soul.  She treasures Basara. And she knew that Mio, Maria and Zest are her close friends.


But… she is from the Hero Clan. That is a reality that she can’t escape from forever. With Mio having better control over Wilbert’s power and a S-class Demon like Zest living in the Human World, there is no way that the ‘Village’ will continue its stance of noninterference. Even Maria was now considered A-class or above in terms of threat level. Living with Basara would mean to accept this reality.


And how funny… While Basara was taking the others to find a new house, Yuki and her were stuck in the old house.


“Eventually Basara will make his decision on how he wishes to live. That’s why we will have to make our decision as well. There is a chance that Basara’s choice will be affected based on our decision. We must make sure that what Sheila-san was worrying about won’t turn out to be true.”


Kurumi retorted “But maybe our choice might force Basara to head down that path that we wish for him to steer clear of.”


“That may be so. But we can’t live a life of regret. In the tragedy 5 years ago, I wasn’t able to do anything, even when Basara saved my life. I had to bite my thumb and watch as Basara was driven out of the village. I swore to become stronger and to be able to protect what Basara wishes to protect. After being chosen by Sakuya and being chosen to monitor Mio, I was able to meet Basara again.”


“If something happened. If even one thing was different, I may have never met Basara again.”




Kurumi had no words to say of the anguish that her sister was carrying for the past 5 years.


“That’s why I’m going to make my decision before Basara makes his. I never want to be left behind again. And I don’t wish for you to make the same mistake as well… that’s why.”


Kurumi knew what Yuki wanted to say. They were sisters after all.


“I understand.”


Even Kurumi knew, that she would never want to see Basara walk away from her life, like he did 5 years ago.