Chapter 2: Ero Loli Succubus is Buying a House

The mornings of ero loli Succubus, Naruse Maria, are busy.

Since she’s responsible for the housework in the Toujou household, there’s a lot to do

that has nothing to do with the day after they came back from the demon world.


“Nn…. Aah, nnn… Haah… ?”

In the early morning, at the Toujou household, there was a place where a seductive sigh leaked out from.

The origin of that voice, was Mio and Maria’s room – on top of the bed.

Within the mattress is the figure of Mio, her plentiful breasts exposed from her opened pajama top, wearing only underwear as her pants were taken off,

“…No, oniichan, noo… Fuaan ♥”

A sensitive response as her weak point, her breasts were fondled lewdly, her body wriggled sweetly, carnal sighs flowing out of her.

— However, both of Mio’s eyes were closed.

She was asleep. And then, the one who fondled her breasts and made this sleeping her feel this,

“Fufufu… Mio-sama, your reaction this morning is too good~”

Seeing the beautiful pink nipples perk up, ero loli succubus, Naruse Maria, let out a satisfied, stifled laugh.

— Since she had seen a scene where Mio dreamt of Basara creeping into her room at night.

While she satisfied Mio’s desire, to further her submission towards Basara, Maria periodically showed Mio dreams where she was messed up by Basara.

So to say, it’s a sleeping lesson.

“So Mio-sama… Go ahead, without holding back”

With excited eyes, Maria squeezed down on Mio’s nipples.

“Nn— ♥”

Mio, with her eyes closed, had her body tense up slightly.

She climaxed lightly while asleep.

That is proof of the body Basara had developed. At the crotch of her underwear, Mio’s reaction began to gradually appear, Maria checking this, remembered the feeling of utmost bliss,

“— So then, time to go”

With others still waiting for her, she softly left Mio’s room.

And then next, she entered Yuki and Kurumi’s room, just like she had with Mio, she showed them a wet dream with Basara, a present for them as they sleep. She put her hand down Yuki’s underwear and fondled her butt, and opening the top of Kurumi’s pajama she licked at both sides.

“Aahn… Basaraa ♥”

“No, Basara-niicha…. Fuaaan ♥”

Just like that, the Nonaka sisters lightly came, Maria wiped the sweat with the back of her hand, feeling good at her work.

“This is good… Today too from morning, I’ve done good work.”

Fuuh, she smiled with a refreshed face.

Although – It has been a while since she did this kind of thing. At any rate,

…Of the late, it had always been so serious.

During the time they went to the demon world, they’re compelled to continue a strained state of mind.

To be clear, after the sports festival — after Lucia gave them directives to go to the demon world, the Toujou household had been in a state of tension. The difficulty of Mio being cut loose due to political motives in the demon world, as well as the full-blown fight with the current demon lord faction, it is more difficult than what they’ve done so far, whether it’s about knowing the situation that changes with every moment, they have to be constantly thinking.

In the usual cases, making a brighter state of the confused situation of Basara and the rest is Maria’s job but, as it was a more difficult situation, she held back her pranks for that time.


There’s a state where Maria had to be attached to Zolgear. Thinking that how next time if they go to the demon world again she has to be by Basara and Mio’s side, she was not in the mood to do any pranks.

Of course – even so she put on a fake smile, and there were chances where she could direct Mio and the others in their lewd actions.


If she does it badly, Basara and the others would suspect she was forcing it, making the others worry more. For that reason, Maria had been self-disciplined.

They all could finally take a breather – was when they returned to the human world, which was yesterday. However, letting out being tired from the tense situation they were in, everyone went to sleep early last night.

Maria too of course, did not think of getting Basara and the other to do anything last night.


It had already been a night, and Maria’s succubus power was fully recharged.

Therefore this piled up desire, is better released before it spilled and overflowed.

Yes – There needs to be a reward for a professional worker.

Receiving the happy smiles of customers, words of thanks, or even a payment,

…Unfortunately, that’s not possible in my situation.

Their true feelings is that of happiness, but Mio and the rest wouldn’t acknowledge that.

Instead, Mio and the others are angry at Maria instead. Understanding there’s a flipside to their embarrassment, Maria smiles like it was fun, so it wasn’t as if she really wanted a reward.

What she does for them, was all unconditional love.

That being said, it’s the truth that she feels like she wouldn’t want to get hit or attacked by magic at times. That’s why Maria rewards herself sometimes. A working office lady would treat herself to sweets and beer. It’s good for her to have that too.

So her feelings was that of payday.

“–This morning too, I’ll feast”

Maria expressing that, left Yuki and Kurumi’s room.

And then, as she walked down the corridor barefoot heading down to,

“Upupu, wait for me, Basara-san”

Yes — It’s to the room of the only boy in the house, Basara.

While wanting Mio and Yuki as the outlet of desire is good,

…Lately, there hadn’t been a situation with just Basara-san.

With Yuki and Kurumi living in the same house, there’s more chances for lascivious acts, but the chance for just Maria and Basara had greatly decreased.

Of course, participating in Basara subjugating Mio and the rest was super fun.

Super fun but, she has extra room in her stomach for time with just Basara.

…Yes, usually she would turn over for Mio-sama and the others.

Usually Maria, content herself with an extra spot. So then, once in awhile it’s good to enjoy a time with just Basara.

…So, what should we do.

In front of Basara’s room, Maria’s paused to think.

Previously, she had slipped herself under Basara’s T-shirt so,

“Hmm… Then this time inside his underwear maybe?”

Basara’s underwear are boxers, but if she stretched the waistband to its limit, most likely she should be able to slip in. Mio and the others can’t fit in Basara’s T-shirt, at this time, the loli body Maria is proud of makes the impossible possible.

Also, the morning phenomenon on a boy’s body is troublesome. Basara is still in his first year of high school. In the peak of puberty.

As to not hurt his delicate boy’s heart, she would have to wake him up gently.

That’s right.

“Basara-san, open your eyes… Hey, your crotch area is already awake”

Perfect consideration. But it’s not just that. If she takes off her clothes in the room, Basara might be awoken by the sound of clothes rustling, so Maria stripped gleefully there. Though that being said, leaving her cloth at the hallway would cause someone to find out.

As Maria tucked her clothes under her arm.


So that Mio and the rest do not find out right away, she had made their underwear plenty wet. When they open their eyes they’d be embarrassed, then they would get changed and secretly sneak off to the laundry room or bathroom to hand wash their clothes, that should be plenty of time.

“In that gap, I should be able to squeeze the best from Basara-san”

Excited, Maria quietly opened the door to Basara’s room and snuck in.


But, she quickly froze.

On the bed, Basara was already awake.

— But what surprised Maria was not how Basara was awake.

It was how someone else was on the bed with him. That is,


Maria muttered, dumbfounded.

That’s right – The one on the bed with Basara was Zest. On top of it, Zest wore only her underwear, sitting facing Basara on his lap. And with Basara strongly sucking on her plentiful breasts, her eyes were glazed with pleasure.

“Haah… Basara-sama… Aaah, Basara-sama… ♥”

Zest, with an intoxicated face, shook her hips while gasping happily.

Her left hand was tossed behind Basara’s neck.

While her right hand – had slipped inside Basara’s boxers.

Zest felt someone entering Basara’s room.

However, with her back to it — She can’t turn to see who’s at the entrance.

While she feels guilty about tasting this happiness with Basara alone, more than that, the love for Basara in front of her was great. As she drowned in the pleasure he gave, she also couldn’t stop the service for him.

— There’s a reason for Zest to indulge in lewd acts with Basara.

The day before, Zest arrived with Basara at the Toujou household.

However, as the rooms are full, the night before Zest had slept in the living room, and the kind Basara being worried for Zest had woken up early to check on her condition, going down to the living room.

Happy at Basara’s care… But at the same time as a result of her getting help inexcusably, Zest fell into a lustful state caused by the master slave contract. That Zest, was held by Basara and carried to his room — And then, it is as such.

However, it wasn’t enough with just receiving pleasure.

Zest is Basara’s maid.

There’s a consciousness of her having to service him. So,

“Fuaan… Haah, Basara-sama…”

While Basara sucked on her large breasts, she had his hardened member in her hand. Exposed from his boxer shorts, Basara’s member which was lubricated by the sticky fluid from its tip made lewd sounds as Zest continued to move her hand on it.

At that, Basara let go of Zest’s nipple he was sucking on,

“…, Zest…!”

Calling her like that, his already hard member in her hand further swelled up.


“Nn… Please, let it out, Basara-sama…”

Moving her hand faster, Zest said with an inviting voice. With that,


The moment Basara stiffened — he spilled a hot load into Zest’s right hand.

That is the reaction of Basara’s climax. With how his semen spurt, it spilled onto Zest’s dark brown breasts and even her face.

“Aah… Nn… ?”

Even with that, Basara’s member continued to pulsate. With how it lewdly moved, Basara’s pleasure was further expressed.

— I was able to properly service Basara-sama.

She trembled, as she received happiness as a maid,


Subconsciously, Basara whispered her name in her ears — At the next moment

“— Fuaaaan ♥”

Zest with a sweet sound of pleasure, she threw her body backwards.

Her weak point, her ears, bitten by Basara, a large climax for her.

Part 2

And then.

With this round over, Maria who had been standing still watching,

“— Aah, I’ve recorded you by accident!?”

When she realised, she had been recording the two of them with a video camera.

On top of it, the clothes she had taken off in the hallway and tucked under her arm had been placed nearly on the floor.

Her body moving as to not miss such a chance, if she’s to say so herself, a succubus’ instinct is fearsome. However,

…Mm, how odd.

Suddenly, Maria had an uncomfortable feeling. Even though she has a new treasure to add on to her new lineup collection, somehow her feelings didn’t rise up.

…Usually, I would be all happy…

I wonder why, Maria wondered tilting her head, Basara while putting on his underwear after placing Zest, unconscious from climaxing with ear bitten, reverberating with focus lost in her eyes on the bed,

“I feel like I’d regret this but… What are you doing Maria?”

Came a slightly embarrassed question.

“No, I also don’t really understand…”

Said Maria.

“I came to reward myself by coming to Basara-san’s room but, when I snuck in here Basara-san was already in the midst of being ero with Zest-san. When I realised, I was shooting it with my camera which is a good job if I say so myself, but for some reason I’m not that happy…”

Hmm, with her head tilting.

“Basara-san… Might you know why this is?”

“I’m not sure what to say”

He said wearily.

“Is that so… I suppose so”

Said Maria, regrouping her feelings.

“Well Basara-san — Can you go back to sleep again”

“? What’s with that”

“Yes, I just want to intrude into your underwear…”


His voice brought up.

“Shh~, you’d wake up Mio-sama and the others”

She put a finger to the confused Basara’s lips on the bed. And then,

“Aah seriously, the time for explanation is quite disappointing…!”

Maria used her succubus sleeping magic on Basara.

“Wh… You, wh…. at—”

The surprise attack was effective. Basara’s eyes that widened in surprise was quickly drowsy, Basara fell on his bed like a string had been cut, and his sleep breathing began.

“Fufufu, good night, Basara-san – Though it’s morning”

Maria grinned, she cheerfully moved on to her initial objective.

The plan to infiltrate Basara’s underwear.

Making a gap as she pulled the waistband elastic, firstly, the right leg – and then sliding in the left leg, like that her butt could tuck in.

“Kay… Then this is the left leg first right”

It’s more narrow than she expected. It’s a big difference from when she went inside his T-shirt.

When she finally moved in her left leg, Maria moved her hand backwards to pull on the front of Basara’s underwear.

“Funu, hmm… Nn, Somehow it works… Ooh, it works!”

Maria who successfully moved in till her butt, her happiness rose with the completion of a seemingly impossible mission. And then,

“Uwaah… This is a new kind of closeness”

In his boxer pants, Maria and Basara’s crotch were completely stuck together. And then,


Suddenly Maria, noticed how Basara’s member hardened.

The reason is likely the skin of the succubus Maria piled on, rubbing on his sensitive spot. Maria laughed with a ‘fufu’.

“Even though he just came, it’s already like this… Basara-san really can’t be helped”

The moment she said that — Suddenly Maria’s head was grabbed. And then,

“…Seem like you’re having fun from morning, Maria”

A voice laced with a cold smile from behind her,

“No way… How did you get here so fast in that condition?”

Maria asked, trembling.

“How careless… It’s true I had to wash my stained underwear because of you, there’s Yuki in the dressing room and Kurumi in the bathroom, so I have to go after them”

She said with a low, cold voice.

“How stupid… Why can’t you wash it together with them like friends? If you don’t clean it quickly the stain will remain you know? Is that okay!?”

“In that case I’ll throw them out!”

Together with shouting that, she took Maria out of Basara’s underwear with a pop.

With that, Mio who had a cute ero sleeping face, stood with a vein popped on her temple, swinging Maria who she grabbed from the head, she was flooded with strong feelings and,

“Mio-sama… Your grip is so strong”

“—Eh, it’s all thanks to you”

Saying that, she sees Basara and Zest on the bed,

“Seriously, wanting a sex video to the point you involve Zest… I feel bad waking them up, so I’ll punish you thoroughly in our room”

Saying that, she gripped even stronger on Maria’s head and began dragging her.

“Aah, you greatly misunderstand! Wait you two, don’t just sleep and explain to Mio-sama please! All I did was use magic to make Basara-san sleep and fit into his underwear!”

However, Maria’s shout did not reach Zest who had passed out from an intense climax and Basara who is in a sleep magic dream.

So then, returning to their room – Mio gave Maria a stern lecture.

— While it’s natural, it had been a while since this too.

Part 3

“For me to be punished for just trying to help… things are so unfair”

Maria muttered as she made her way downstairs after recovering from Mio’s punishment.


There, on the breakfast table, lay a feast of a quality that has never adorned the tabletops of the Toujou household. Salads with various shades of green, freshly baked bread, and a piping hot omelette. A basic breakfast for sure, but each dish was prepared with the utmost care and quality. Even the way the portions were divided on each plate and the way the plates were set up showed the professional quality in which the food was prepared.

Maria just stared, mouth agape, at the display in front of her when she heard Basara and the others’ voices from behind her.

“Oh wow, this looks awesome.”

“It looks like a hotel breakfast at a fancy hotel…”

Who would be able to prepare such a dish? Just then, the answer to Maria’s question came out of the kitchen.

“I’m terribly sorry for the wait. The soup will be done in a minute.”

Zest, looking really adorable and cute in her frilly apron, said apologetically.

Maria was shocked. “When… when did you learn how to use the kitchen?”

It was only yesterday that Zest arrived at the Toujou household. And it wasn’t like she had a lot of time to herself to explore the house so far.

“Before I was handed over to the Moderates Faction, I spent a few days in this house. Back then I made sure to learn about the different functions and contraptions of each kitchen equipment. Under Sheila-sama and Lucia-sama’s tutelage, I was able to learn the ropes of being a servant and I wished to utilize my skills for Basara-sama.”

Basara gave a gentle smile to Zest. “Thank you Zest.”

However, there were still other questions in Maria’s mind. The foremost important one being in regards to the ingredients. Maria made sure to empty the fridge before their trip to the Demon World. While there may have been a bit of rice and preserved food in the pantry, the fridge itself should have been empty. There was no way Zest was able to prepare the feast this morning with what was left in the house. There was only one conclusion.

“Don’t tell me….”

“Yes, I went shopping this morning to the supermarket. It is indeed a very convenient thing. I was able to purchase all the ingredients I needed, during the early morning.”

Maria was doing the math in her head. If what Zest said was true, and she did indeed purchase all the ingredients this morning, it would mean that she would have to had gotten up before sunrise to make the cold winter trek to the supermarket for her shopping trip.

“But what about the money…?”

Yuki, ever the cool individual, asked the other question Maria had in mind. Maria was dreading the possibility that Zest may have threatened the poor cler–

“There is nothing to worry about.”

Zest placed a small black card on the dining table.

“A bla-black card?”

Maria had only heard of the legend before. This card was supposed to be something only individuals screened through a special process could use. She had always believed the card to be a myth, but there it lay right in front of her.

“If I am to serve Basara-sama in the Human World, I would most likely be serving Mio-sama as well. So Lucia-sama had given me one of these cards.” Zest explained.

Kurumi had her doubts though.

“That card… it isn’t a fake one is it?”

“Worry not. We didn’t want to catch the eyes of the Hero Clan or bring unease to you and your sister by using magic. All the money in the bank account for this card is legitimate. Lord Ramusas was able to convert the pure gold mined from the Valiant Mines in the Demon World, in the Human World and put the human currency in a bank.”

The method that Zest explained was the same way Lord Wilbert funded his retainers to look after Mio in the Human World. While money matters can often be solved by magic, Lord Wilbert probably didn’t want to alert the Hero Clan, so he decided to play by the rules.

But Maria couldn’t just accept that explanation. “Bu-but why did my dear sister give you the card? If it’s for daily expenses, I’m more than capable of handling the money!”

Zest cooly stared at the pouting Maria and replied

“Lucia-sama had a hunch that funds will be spent on the purchasing of lewd items. Thus, I was entrusted with the household finances.”

“Oh, that makes sense…”

“What do you mean ‘that makes sense’ Basara-san? All the items I buy, all the erotic games I get, is for you to learn the ropes so you can dominate your harem. That’s why I put the effort in to read every online review and play the trial version myself! The money that I have been spending is never a waste!”

“Okay! Okay! Calm down Maria…. Let’s have breakfast since we’re all here now…”

As Basara took his seat, Zest brought out the soup and placed a serving in front of each of them.

“I hope it suits your tastes.”

While Zest spoke shyly and in a slightly nervous manner, everyone there knew that they didn’t have to worry about the taste. For it was amazing. The food tasted even better than the mouth-watering way it looked.

“Th-this is….” Even Maria had to admit defeat. The way the omelette was fluffy could only be made by a chef who knew their way around the kitchen and who has mastered all the cooking utensils. The feeling of Zest mastering everything and the gap in their skills was a hard pill for Maria to swallow.

“Hey Zest, why don’t you sit down with u—” Basara stopped mid-sentence when he realised that, just like the lack of a bed last night, there weren’t enough chairs for all the members in the house.

The Toujou household was originally a 4 person household. The two Toujou men and Mio and Maria. When Jin went off on his exploration, Yuki filling in didn’t cause any problems. But with the addition of both Kurumi and Zest, space and furniture were quickly running out.

“Please don’t mind me Basara-sama. It would be rude for a servant to share a table with her master.”

Basara refused to accept that reasoning. “That’s not true Zest. Maybe it is indeed rude for a servant to eat with her master. But in this house, you are family. And family always dine together. But having said that, we will have to get some furniture for you.”

The Toujou house was only 4 bedrooms with an additional study. With the study room being full of Jin’s camera equipment and items, the others had to share the 4 rooms. But with everyone’s reluctance to use Jin’s bedroom, the rooms were currently shared with Maria and Mio using one room and Kurumi and Yuki sharing another. Basara had his own room, but inviting Zest to share his room won’t end well for his sanity, nor will it do well for the jealous feelings of the other girls.

“Hmm, in that case Basara-san, why don’t we just look for a new house? While it may be possible to rearrange things in here to find Zest a room to board in, when Jin-san returns with your supposedly missing mother, we’ll definitely be over capacity then.”

Maria continued. “Of course, compared to the first time Jin-san introduced us to you, our relationships have changed greatly. If Basara-san wants to enjoy a bit of a risque way of having fun without being caught by Jin-san, I’m for it, but even I think it’ll be too cramped with so many of us.”

“Jin-san is definitely aware of the nature of the servant contract that Basara-san and Mio-sama signed and I’m sure he can imagine what we’re doing. But if we do live in a bigger place, you and Mio-sama can have as much fun as you want without worrying about being overheard. And Basara-san, it’s not usually the case where a son enjoys having his own father listen to him dominate his girl.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s a very rare situation.” Basara deadpanned.

“But if you do have the sexual fantasy of being watched by others, I won’t judge you for it Basara-san.”

“Of course I don’t!” Basara shouted. “But I do agree…”

“Oh, you want to be watched while you’re doing lewd acts?”

“NO! Step away from the sexual fantasies. I’m talking about living in a bigger place.”

With the Demon World being in the state that it is, it probably wasn’t so wise to cut their servant contracts just yet. So for the foreseeable future, they will all have to live together and occasionally, ‘share’ their rooms for some activities. And this house was just too small for this many people.

“But how can a minor like me just rent a house…?”

Basara knew that they could always use magic to get the realtor to rent them a house. But doing so will definitely alert the Hero Clan. And with Zest living with them, that was not a risk they wanted to burden themselves with.

“How about using the money in my account…?”

Zest explained. “This money was originally paid as a commission to Basara-sama for his services to the Demon World as well as money used to pay for taking care of Mio-sama. If you don’t wish to make a decision without consulting Jin-sama, how about asking for permission first to look for a new place?”

“That… doesn’t sound like a bad idea.” With his magic-infused cellphone, it wouldn’t be hard to get in touch with his father. If there was going to be any resistance to this plan, Basara knew that it would be with Yuki and Kurumi. Nobody knew what the ‘Village’ thought of the plan.

Sensing his question, Yuki reassured Basara. “It should be fine… As long as it doesn’t affect anyone in a bad way. We’re just moving houses. It shouldn’t affect society or the livelihoods of everyday people.”

As Basara looked around, he could see approval in the plan in all their eyes, except for Maria. She was the only one who didn’t look too pleased.

“What’s wrong Maria? You suggested this plan. Or are you having second thoughts?”

“Hmpf, of course not. There’s no way I won’t be happy about it.”

Maria tried to sound tough and Basara saw right through it.

“Well whatever you say. Regardless of whether we do actually move or not, it won’t hurt to start collecting some information. Let’s get started with that.”

Part 4

With her delay in waking up Basara, as well having a perfect breakfast served by another person, Maria’s pride was in tatters. Even her idea of looking for a new place to live ended up becoming a project being funded by Zest’s money.

“Ugh…I feel like a clown. Hey, are you listening Kurumi-san?”

Maria was currently taking refuge in Kurumi and Yuki’s room while complaining.

“Mmmf…Ahh….Yo-…you said you needed to talk….but why are we…. In the morning…aah”

Kurumi couldn’t hold her moans and blushing cheeks from inside Maria’s embrace. Meanwhile, Maria was having her aching heart soothed by Kurumi’s moans. After stripping Kurumi of her clothes and bra, Maria held the panty-clad girl in her arms.

“It’s not my fault. I’m just so bored…. Zest cleaned up the entire house last night as we slept and she even did all the laundry this morning while we were having breakfast.”

She wasn’t so much clown, but a dog whose master had no purpose for anymore. Maria fondled Kurumi’s breasts and stuck her free hand down inside her panties while giving her sweet armpit a nice and slow lick.

“Fwaaaaaaaaaaaa ah ah  ♥”

Kurumi let out a sweet cry and let out a hot gush of juices from within her panties, the tell tale signs of a woman in ecstacy. Her eyes were already slightly wet from the slow build up, but the orgasm led to full tears forming in Kurumi’s eyes.

“Oh, how nice of you to shed a tear for my predicament Kurumi-san.”

“N- no…th-this isn’t…Maria… ah…aahhhh”

“Oh don’t worry Kurumi-san. If you soak the bedsheets, that’ll just give me some laundry work to do. I know you and Zest-san grew closer in the Demon World because of the meddling of my dear mother. I can’t lose to Zest-san in this so bear with me.”

Maria licked Kurumi’s tears and rubbed her hands around her buttocks.

“How about joining us Yuki-san?”

Maria joked at Yuki, who was sitting on the other bed, back against the wall, and reading a book. Yes, Yuki was indeed in the room the whole time this was taking place. Some would say she was like a silent guardian looking over the blossoming relationship of the two young maidens. But in reality, she was just reading her book.


Yuki looked at both Kurumi and Maria then nodded and closed her book.

“I understand”


Kurumi never would have guessed that her sister would join in. Neither did Maria. As the two girls lay frozen in shock, Yuki made her way to the bed and stripped off her clothes sans her panties.

“But Maria… are you keeping an eye on the time?”

Maria replied as Yuki crawled on to the bed. “Oh yes I’ll be fine… We’ll be going after lunch.”

After breakfast, Basara sent a message to Jin about the plans and he replied with a ‘Do what you want’. With that out of the way, the others began to list a name of housing agencies to hit up since they weren’t really able to find a good house when they searched online. It was decided that they will go and visit these agencies after they ate their lunch.

“Since Zest-san will most likely be making lunch anyway, I might as well enjoy my sweet sweet dessert until then.”

“I see…that’s fine then.”

With that said, Yuki made her way behind Kurumi, who was now sandwiched between Maria and her sister.

“Wa-wait… sis…really…?”

“It’s okay, I’m your older sister.” Yuki caressed her sister’s breasts gently from behind.

“Maria, you do that as well.”

“As you say!”

With a gloating look on her face, Maria brought her lips closer to Kurumi’s armpits. Although she tried to fight them, being ganged upon by two people was just too much for Kurumi.

“Aaahhhh…. Mmmmmmpf… both of you….stop….ahhh….ahhhh ♥”

Kurumi let the onslaught of pleasure take her as Maria drew her tongue slowly across her armpits.

Part  5

They really did pleasure Kurumi until noon. At some point, Kurumi felt it was unfair that she was the only one on the receiving end of all the pleasure. By convincing Maria to team up with her, it was the older sister’s turn to writhe in pleasure. With Maria gripping both her hands, Yuki couldn’t fight against the pleasure of having Kurumi play and fondle with her buttocks. From there, it turned to a battle of pride between the two sisters and they each targeted the other’s weak spot. Having exhausted herself from all the pleasure, Kurumi was unable to join the others for lunch and also missed out on the house hunting.

Kurumi knew what Maria was going through. It was the same feeling that she had to face when she first confronted Basara with Takashi and Shiba, and the feeling she had when facing Zest in the Demon World and even Maria when she first moved into the Toujou household. It’s not always easy to have your territory or comfort zone infringed on, but it is something you have to overcome by talking to and accepting others. So Kurumi knew that Maria will eventually overcome what she is going through.

And Kurumi knew that Maria will be fine because she has Basara. Basara has always helped Kurumi when she was feeling down. So she knew that Basara will do everything he can to make sure that Maria gets better.

As she entered the bathroom to wash off, she saw her sister sitting on the stool in the bathroom, slowly scrubbing herself with soap.

“Sis…why didn’t you go out with the everyone?”

The Yuki she knew will tag along with Basara to anywhere he went. Especially if Mio was also going to be there. The rivalry and competitiveness between the two knew no bounds.

And…it was strange for Yuki to team up with Maria to take part in such lewd acts. There was definitely something wrong with her sister today.

“Kurumi, what do you plan to do from now on?”

“Oh, I was just planning to relax for the rest of the day.”

Kurumi was still slightly affected by the demonic energy from their stay in the Demon World. Her body still felt a little heavy. Yuki, who had a master servant contract with Basara fused by the power of a demon, was not as affected by the demonic energy as Kurumi. So she still needed a few days to detox herself from the concentrated amounts of demonic energy lingering in her body. Little did she know that she missed the mark of her sister’s question by a long mile.

“Mio gave her answer on how she wants to live.”

The atmosphere shifted in the bathroom and all they could hear was the running water.

“She went to the Demon World and she told the demons exactly how she will live… now it’s our turn.”

Yuki turned to Kurumi.

“We have to decide how we’re going to live. As Heroes, and as individuals, with Basara. We have to make our decision.”


Kurumi felt like Yuki was staring into her soul.  She treasures Basara. And she knew that Mio, Maria and Zest are her close friends.

But… she is from the Hero Clan. That is a reality that she can’t escape from forever. With Mio having better control over Wilbert’s power and a S-class Demon like Zest living in the Human World, there is no way that the ‘Village’ will continue its stance of noninterference. Even Maria was now considered A-class or above in terms of threat level. Living with Basara would mean to accept this reality.

And how funny… While Basara was taking the others to find a new house, Yuki and her were stuck in the old house.

“Eventually Basara will make his decision on how he wishes to live. That’s why we will have to make our decision as well. There is a chance that Basara’s choice will be affected based on our decision. We must make sure that what Sheila-san was worrying about won’t turn out to be true.”

Kurumi retorted “But maybe our choice might force Basara to head down that path that we wish for him to steer clear of.”

“That may be so. But we can’t live a life of regret. In the tragedy 5 years ago, I wasn’t able to do anything, even when Basara saved my life. I had to bite my thumb and watch as Basara was driven out of the village. I swore to become stronger and to be able to protect what Basara wishes to protect. After being chosen by Sakuya and being chosen to monitor Mio, I was able to meet Basara again.”

“If something happened. If even one thing was different, I may have never met Basara again.”


Kurumi had no words to say of the anguish that her sister was carrying for the past 5 years.

“That’s why I’m going to make my decision before Basara makes his. I never want to be left behind again. And I don’t wish for you to make the same mistake as well… that’s why.”

Kurumi knew what Yuki wanted to say. They were sisters after all.

“I understand.”

Even Kurumi knew, that she would never want to see Basara walk away from her life, like he did 5 years ago.

Part 6

Full of erotic power from Yuki and Kurumi, Maria left home in high spirits with Basara, Mio and Zest and headed to the real estate agent near the station. Their goal was to find a new palace where they can all engage in lewd behaviour uninterrupted and with reckless abandon.


“I’m afraid we do not have any properties that meet your requirement.”

The agent gave an apologetic look as he explained the situation. Basara and co wanted a bigger place than their current residence, but also had to avoid apartments to not risk getting other innocent people involved in case something happened. And Maria added that she wanted each of them to have a room and for a bathroom big enough to accomodate all of them at once.

“I’m sure you have already checked our online database, but there really are no houses like the one you are looking for. Even if you visit other agencies, I’m sure this will be the case.”

“I… I see…”

Maria sighed in defeat. The current Toujou household was one big family. Even without including Jin, with the 6 of them, their new house would need at least 6 bedrooms. And when they factored the walking distance to school and even considered commuting by bus, there still weren’t any 6 bedroom places in the area.

“Don’t feel so down Maria…”

Basara placed a hand on her shoulder and Mio spoke up as well.

“Yea… we could always make do with a 5 bedroom place. If you really want a room of your own, you can have one. And with the bath, we can all just take turn–”

“No! That won’t work!”

Maria shouted when she realised that Mio didn’t understand why she specifically asked for those requirements.


“I’m sorry for raising my voice…”

Maria didn’t care about her privacy at all. The reasons she wanted individual rooms was for the sake of everyone. She knew that each girl would be able to open their hearts out to Basara if it wasn’t in front of everyone.

They would be able to do things that they would feel embarrassed to do in front of the others. But in a private room, they wouldn’t have to hold back.

And honestly speaking, now that Basara has taught all their bodies what pleasure is, the girls would need some privacy to pleasure themselves as well. Maria was sure that a lot of them wanted to, from time to time, stick a hand down their own shorts while thinking about Basara. And so this was Maria’s duty, no destiny, to make sure that the girls become more lewd by finding out the pleasures of masturbation in the confines of their own private room.

Making everyone more aroused however wasn’t just to satisfy her needs as a succubus. While the problems with the Demon World may have solved itself for now, there are still very powerful forces out there other than the Current Demon Lord Faction and the Moderates Faction in the Demon World. And while Leohart and Ramusas would probably wish to talk things out with those groups, things don’t always go according to plan.

So Basara and the rest will have to continue to become stronger to face whatever that may be coming their way once the calm before the storms ends. But none of them could really find a way to avoid the risk of losing their powers if they were to cross that final line. But they did still have to find ways to become stronger.

Even if Zest was better at cooking and at general housework, Maria knew that making everyone stronger was still in her realm of control. And while the private rooms will bring about more intimacy between Basara and each girl, they also needed a big bath that would fit all of them so they lose their shyness in showing their naked bodies to each other.

“How about buying a house?”

Zest broke the silence with her suggestion.

“If we consider buying a house, there may be more houses available that match our requirements. Please do not worry about the funds. There is more than enough to buy a house.”

“In that case we can definitely help you out!”

The agent sniffed the business opportunity from a mile away. His previously held apologetic look completely replaced with an eagerness not seen before.

“If money isn’t the matter, there are a couple of houses that are larger than 6 bedrooms. How about this one?”

The agent pressed some buttons on the tablet and showed it to the group.


Mio froze when she saw the property on the tablet. But the agent didn’t pay any mind to Mio’s frozen stature.

“As you can see the land is around 350 square metres, with a 9 bedroom house. If it’s this house, it can easily accommodate 6 people and you’ll still have room to spare.”

“Hmm all of this for a million dollars… that sounds like a good price.”

Zest seemed content with the house the agent showed her.

“Wowowowow wait a minute there Zest.”

Basara cut in to wave his hand in front of Zest’s face.

“Don’t worry Basara-sama, as I said before. The money in the account is more than enough to cover a meager purchase as this.”

“That may be so but, that’s not really the issue here…”

Mio and Basara didn’t really know what to say to Zest who stood there with a confused expression. The amount of money sitting in Zest’s account had a couple more zeroes at the end of it compared to the buying price of the house. But Basara and Mio knew that using that money would go against their wish of ‘living a normal life’. They didn’t blame Zest. After all, she was someone who grew up in Zolgear’s palace and received her training at Wildart Castle. And they knew that she probably only wished to serve her master Basara, and Mio, a demon from the royal bloodline, to the best of her abilities, using what resource was available to her. But they will have to teach her about the value of money. Since they are going to live together, Zest will have to learn the norms of the Human World as well.

After telling the agent that they will think about it, they left the agency for the time being.

Part 7

After leaving the housing agency, Basara didn’t quite know what to do. He knew that they could still hit up a couple more agencies to find some 6 bedroom places, but there was something more pressing he had to deal with at the moment. He looked to his left and saw Maria. It was clear that something was troubling her. With Maria quiet, there was an awkward silence in the group.

It was Maria who suggested that they find a new place, and while her requirements were hard to find, when they finally found a place, she wasn’t really eager to buy it. Basara wondered what was going through Maria’s mind. The others were also aware that something was wrong with Maria since breakfast this morning.

It was at that moment that Basara saw him. Across the street waiting at the traffic lights.


Mio and the others heard Basara’s mutter and turned their heads towards Takigawa as well. Their eyes met with Takigawa’s and he gave a big grin.

“Oh hey Basacchi! Out here on a group date? As expected of the rising star of the Moderate Faction”

“Takigawa… the fact that you’re here means”

Basara had a nagging feeling of knowing what was about to happen.

“Why don’t we…find somewhere warmer to talk. The cold out here is really killing me.”

So Basara and co ended up entering a nearby cafe. It was the cafe Yuki took him on his first day at school. It was really crowded today.

“Takigawa and I’ll line up for the drinks so why don’t you girls go and get a table?”

The girls placed their order, and even though Zest looked like she didn’t want to trouble her master, she knew that Basara probably wanted to speak to Takigawa privately, so she followed the other two to a table.

“I guess the Moderate Faction and the Current Demon Lord Faction came to an agreement on how to treat you huh”

“Yup. They agreed that it’s best that I keep my role as an observer. But this time it’s not just Mio, but all of you.”

“Huh, that was awfully quick of them to come to that decision. I feel like it was just yesterday they were at each other’s throats.”

It was indeed only yesterday that the leaders of the respective factions met to discuss a peace treaty.

“Well it’s your fault that it’s come down to this.”

“My fault?”

Basara was a little taken back by that statement. While he was certain they would be keeping tabs on him since he showed his powers against his fight with Leohart, he didn’t think that he would make the two factions treat him like a potential threat. And with Ramusas knowing who he was, Basara thought that he would try to distance any observers away from them as much as possible.

“Did they somehow connect me to what happened to Belphegor?”

The only one who knew about Basara’s assassination of Belphegor was the man who helped him procure the perfume and information on his whereabouts, Takiagwa himself. Of course there were many who suspect that it was him. Jin gave off hints that he knew and Leohart also spoke in a way that hinted that he knew. But Basara made sure to remove all traces of his involvement.

“Don’t worry. Belphegor wasn’t mentioned in the meeting and I wasn’t dumb enough to let anything slip…. But I was questioned pretty hard about my relationship with you from Leohart’s sister after the battle.”

Basara gulped down the breath he was holding. He had met Leohart’s sister just once. How could he forget Liala, Leohart’s sister, and the person who effortlessly slaughtered the other members of the Demon Council. If it was her, he wouldn’t be surprised if she dug to the bottom of who killed Belphegor. Her knowing would make sense for Leohart having his suspicions.

“Who is she anyway?”

The way she faced off Jin in that room that day, Basara was convinced that her strength was on par with that of the Demon god Chaos.

“Honestly, I have no clue. The only thing I know is that an orphan Leohart was adopted into the family and trained to take her place as the successor because of how she looks. To make sure people didn’t know he was an orphan, his parents made sure to inject a lot of their blood into Leohart. The reason Leohart was chosen in the first place was because his body didn’t reject their blood. Although his parents were a bunch of shitheads that only thought about themselves, Leohart was really happy because he was finally a ‘blood-related’ family to his sister. And Liala really dotes on her brother. So with that insane bloodlust and aura she gave off when she killed the old folks in the council, she said to me ‘Why don’t you tell me everything you know about the boy who killed Belphegor?’. I really thought I was going to die.”

“So what did you say?”

“Of course I did my best to feed her some bullshit to keep you away from Belphegor. But I did have to tell her about our relationship. I simply told her about going to BBQ together and cooperating to kill Zolgear. Oh yea, and that you’re Jin Toujou’s son”

“Are you sure she was satisfied with just that? I mean, that’s all information that the Current Demon Lord faction already knows.”

“Yea she definitely already knew all that. But she still looked really interested in learning about you. But I did legit shit myself when she said that she should have participated in the tournament if she knew that someone like Basacchi was fighting.”

“I think I would have too. I’m glad to know it didn’t turn out like that.”

If he was to have fought Liala, he would have stood no chance with his current strength. Even if he did use that Gravity Slash that he used against Leohart on Liala, he still didn’t see him winning against her.

“So anyway, I wanted to get away from the Current Demon Lord Faction and Leohart gave me the choice to be your observer again so I took that and now I’m back here.”

“Well, for what it’s worth, I’m sorry that I got you caught up in the mess.”

They received their orders from the staff and made their way to their table. As they sat down, Zest stared cooly at Takigawa.

“Lars, what brings you here?”

Takigawa let out a sigh. “I already told Basacchi here the reason why. If you really wanna know just ask him later.”

“Oh, is it something you can’t tell us yourself? That’s awfully suspicious.” Mio cut into the conversation.

“Hey come on now. Can’t you trust Basacchi’s words then? I thought servants were supposed to trust their master’s words?”

“Oh no, it’s not that I don’t trust him. I’m worried about him.”

“Well, just some advice young lady. While guys generally like it when girls dote on them and worry about them, but if you’re overbearing it just becomes too much, you just become a bother.”


Mio’s face flared up and even Zest had a scowl on her face. Takigawa snickered and took this as an opportunity to land a few more blows in.

“The worst ones are the type of girls who use ‘worrying’ as an excuse to try and control or find out everything about their man. When that happens, you just become too much Basacchi will just throw away your sorry ass. So best be careful.”

Mio had no retort to Takigawa’s words and could only blush in seething anger.

“Oh yea, by the way how goes the house hunting ladies? Basacchi here tells me that it’s not really smooth sailing. But I guess if you’re a 16 year old who has to look after your harem of 5 women, a lot of things don’t really go your way.”

“But you know, a 6 bedroom house shouldn’t be too hard to come across… unless you’re stupid enough to ask for something like a hot tub that fits everybody or add some ridiculous request like that.”

Just as he finished saying that, he saw the quiet Maria straighten her back uncomfortably and Mio and Basara give awkward glances to each other.

“Oh come on, you can’t be serious can ya? How much of a sex-starved deviant are you guys? You’re gonna end up draining Basara’s balls dry till they drop off.”

“Wha- what…no way!”

Mio’s face flared up once again and Basara had to come in before her fuse blew.

“Thanks for worrying but I’ll be fine.” Basara went in for some damage control.

Seeing Basara trying to calm down a seething Mio, Takigawa knew that he had to do something to get in their good books and he had just the idea.

“Well, seeing that I’m back in the Human World, let me give you guys some advice regarding house hunting.”

Part 8

After parting ways with Takigawa at the cafe, the group headed towards a certain showroom near the station. Takigawa’s suggestion was to simply use magic at their current home to make more space underground. Zest being a earth type magic user, she will be able to overturn the earth underneath the house to make more space.

When asked about the limits of her abilities, Zest said that something of that sort was easy to do and that she is also able to break through concrete and also make marble out of the earth. She said she was also able to make and lay down water pipes as they were made of steel, which was still within control of her powers. This indeed seemed like the most cost efficient way to accommodate everyone. It also meant that they didn’t have to actually move and that they can also design the new space on their own.

So now they were on their way to the showroom to get some ideas and have a look at plans for landscaping and housing designs. While Zest was more than adept with earth magic, she was no architect. After receiving help from a friendly staff about designs of underground rooms, the group decided to stick around and have a look some other designs.

Maybe it was a thing with girls and shopping around, but Mio was engrossed with looking at all the kitchen equipment in the showroom and she was busy going around and trying out different things. Zest on the other hand, was probably very proud of being chosen to make the new space underneath their house. She was already nose deep into the pamphlet and information from the staff regarding building an underground room.

A little further away, Basara saw Maria stare longingly at a hot tub on display. It was one of those tubs you saw in Hollywood movies, where celebrities enjoyed the jet bath with their friends while sipping on some wine. While the tub itself looked great, it was definitely too big for your average Japanese house. Basara stood next to Maria and saw the information panel and read that the tub had 50 different spa jets. He also read that the tub was big enough for 6 or 7 people. Now he understood why Maria was staring so intently at the tub.

“Is this what you want?” Basara asked and Maria gave a small quiet nod.

Maria knew that she was asking for too much. She knew that Mio and Basara didn’t want to spend too much money they received from the Moderate Faction, in case they use that to guilt trip them into doing favors. And the tub itself was no small purchase. WIth that money you could probably buy 4 brand new cars. And they lived in a rental property. Fitting in that tub will involve a lot of negotiating and renovating and that will just mean more spending.

“Well then, let’s get it.”

“Huh..?” It took a moment before she registered what Basara said.

“Didn’t you say that you want to get it?”

“Ye- yea I did but… a tub like this… it’s too big for our place.”

“Well of course it’s too big for our current bathroom, but we can always put it in the underground space that Zest will make. We can dig up a big a space as we want.”


“Anyway, it’s not so rare for big houses to have two bathrooms. We already have an upstairs toilet and a downstairs toilet. It wouldn’t hurt to have two bathrooms either.”

“Bu-but the money…”

“Well, just because Zest is digging up the space under the house, it doesn’t mean that everything will be free. She will still have to buy furniture and other things. So since we’re going to be spending the money in the account, a little extra won’t be so bad.”

“And while I do have a bit of money in my dad’s account, that was money I was using to support our family of four with you and Mio. Bringing in Zest, Yuki and Kurumi was my decision, so I can’t rely on my dad’s funds forever. That doesn’t mean we can just spend all the money we have in the account or get used to the free money.”

“What do you think Zest?”

“If Maria wishes for it and Basara-sama gives his permission then I see no reason to not purchase it. I’m sure Yuki-san and Kurumi-san will not oppose the idea either.”

“Mio, what about you?”

“We-well… I think it’s a bit expensive for a bathtub, but if everyone wants it then I’m not against it. And having another bath seems like a good idea. And anyway… how can we say no to a request from you, Maria. After all, you’ve done so much for this household up until now.”

“See, I told you everyone will support it.” Basara patted Maria’s head with a smile.

Maria still didn’t look sure. “Are you sure? Are you sure this isn’t a waste of money?”

“It’s something everyone will be using right? And honestly, if it’s going to make you happy, then there’s no way that this is a waste.”

Before anyone could react, Maria started to cry.

“Wha-what’s wrong Maria?” Basara was not expecting for her to cry.

“It’s… it’s just that…up until now I was able to stay at this house because I did the housework but…with Zest-san being so amazing… and even doing the work of making more space in the house… I was scared that… I would lose my place in this house…if you all came to depend on Zest-san…”

As fat teardrops streaked down Maria’s face, Mio and Basara just looked at each other and laughed.

“Geez, how dramatic of you.” Mio glomped Maria in a crushing hug.

Basara patted Maria’s head in assurance.

“Since when did our family ever become about how useful someone is? You’re not on a mission to protect Mio anymore. We’re all here to live together now, so you don’t have to think about things like your worth and your contributions. We all live together because we want to live together.”

“And Zest hasn’t been doing the housework to steal your position away from you or anything. She just wanted to do her part to help out the house.”

“Yes, after all I am the lowest in the household so it is my duty to help in the house.”

“Hey Zest, stop thinking like that. It’s not like that at all. I’ve told you many times already”

“I’m sorry Basara-sama…. Umpf”

A slight tremor went through Zest’s body, and she was just caught by Basara in time before she fell over. And there, right on her neck, was the slight tinge of the curse mark.

It was a bit of a problem with Zest. When she didn’t quite understand what Basara said, she seems to activate the curse of the master servant contract by accident when she feels guilt from not knowing something or being told off.

Basara had to think quickly.

“Maria, I need to ease the burden on Zest. Will you help me?

Wiping the last of her tears away, Maria was full of smiles by now.

“Of course. Leave it to me Basara-san!”

Part 9

“ — Then, I’ll be setting up the barrier.”

Saying that, Naruse Mio set up a barrier within the shop.

As they had no allowances to move anywhere with Zest having been affected by the curse,  they have to do it where they were but, even if they shield themselves from other customers with magic, the security cameras could still record their actions.

— To handle that, Mio had used her magic to draw a barrier.

The barrier type is, the same as ones used by heroes when fighting in urban areas before, besides sliding the space, it also replicates the conditions – A copy type space. At the time, they had used Hayase Takashi’s ‘Byakko’ as a medium so they were able to copy kilometres worth of space, but as expected, with just Mio this time, they can’t do it to that extent. Even so, with Mio’s power that had grown since then, it’s possible it’s enough to set it up in their surrounding floor. And so, as she set up the barrier, the figures of the other customers around them disappeared – just the four of them taken into it precisely. And as the preparation is done,

“Thank you, Mio-sama… Then, let’s begin.”

Maria said, taking initiative, and they began the action to have Zest submit to Basara.

The one who Zest had to submit to was just Basara but, this time, Mio was participating too – naturally, that was by Maria’s instruction.

…It can’t be helped.

If they don’t help, it seems like Zest will now acknowledge the friends she live with, and  she also doesn’t want to just stand and watch as Basara does Zest.

Plus, even if she goes somewhere else where she can’t see, she would be curious of what Basara and Zest are doing, and it’ll just worry her more.

The reason for her participating in these dirty acts, Mio had said herself.

“– Since we’re here, let’s use this tub.”

At the words of Maria, who was a little away, Mio was urged to take off her clothes.

She saw how, in a textbook way, Maria had fun while stripping of her clothes.


Even as Mio’s cheeks turned red, the loli succubus continued to take off her own clothes.

And then, with her bra hook being undone, standing nude with just her underwear on, she looked to Zest whose energy was gone and could not take off her own clothes.

“…Don’t force yourself. I’ll undress you”

“…Yes, please do… Mio-sama”

Zest, who eyes were glazed with arousal, was honest in being doted on by Mio. When Zest is undressed from her knit one-piece, her body that was under the curse already had the tip of her plentiful breast perked up, and her underwear drenched in her woman honey.

Drops from that, had even went down from her crotch to wet her inner thighs, and upon seeing this exposed woman in front of her, Mio gulped down,

“Fufu, Zest-san reacts easily huh…”

Having gotten the energy of her usual self back, Maria who was in just her underwear before anyone else, had somehow managed to find a video camera from somewhere rolling,

“Ah… Aah…”

Having her lewd figure exposed, Zest turned red with shame, embarrassed as she shut her inner thighs to rub together.

Finding that embarrassed Zest cute, while taking off her bra,

“Alright Zest-san… Let’s go to Basara together”

At the same time as Basara inviting them to take off his clothes, Zest nodded bravely.

“…Yes… Excuse me, Basara-sama…”

“—Yeah, please.”

At Basara’s agreement, Mio and Zest began to undress Basara together.

Taking off his outer shirt and the inner tee to reveal his toned chest – and then, removing his belt and taking off his trousers, and then, already, below his black boxers, they could tell the shape of his aroused member that grown in excitement.

“…I’m taking it off”

Gulping down, Mio, alongside Zest moved theirs hands, and then,

“The two of you – If you could, I’d like an image of you not using your hands to take it off, but with just your mouths,”

An order from Maria came in.

“Just our mouths, that is totally…”

Something like that, is one for a real sex slave.

And then, even if she was charmed by Basara, she won’t be able to meet his eyes.

…No, it’s not like that… Basara is.

No matter how indecent Mio and the others get, Basara would always accept it.

— Before too, together with Yuki, she had welcomed Basara home in the figure of a bitch.

At the time, with their lewd underwear figure, Mio and Yuki had licked Basara’s feet.

And then — the relationship between Mio and Basara now, had progressed from that time.


Mio glanced beside her. At that,

“…Alright, I understand.”

Zest, with her intoxicated eyes, had completely taken on Maria’s orders.

A maid, who had also tied a vow with Basara, Zest had pledged to him her absolute obedience. And then, Mio, who compared to Zest or Yuki was not good at being honest, her level of submission to Basara, even before the war with the present demon king, had suffered a lag.

— Doing indecent things, till now she’s really embarrassed by it.

However, her feelings for Basara won’t lose to anyone — that is Naruse Mio’s truth.

However, she doesn’t trust him… At the moment she thought that, she felt guilt towards Basara,

“No… Aaaaaaah—”

This time it was Mio, who was put in an aroused state by the curse of the contract.

“Wh…. Mio?”

As Mio drooped down to his right leg, Basara called out to her in surprise.

“My, my, it seems like Mio-sama was overthinking…”

Maria smiled, amused.

“But that’s no good… Always having your curse activate and being spoiled by Basara-san. It’s a good opportunity, but if you want to be spoiled by Basara-san you need to compensate for it — first, remember clearly to service him”


As she face the sweet fever of arousal through her whole body, Mio nodded.

— If she was to be honest, she wanted Basara to mess her up right away.

Her chest was throbbing hot, completely melting in her underwear just like Zest. But to have her curse handled by Basara, it’s only after as what Maria could she have Basara spoil her.

Naruse Mio — had decided to become Toujou Basara’s possession. That’s why,

“Excuse me, Basara-sama….”

Saying that, she moved her mouth to Basara’s waistband.

…To make it easier for Zest, that’s my role…

There’s no allowances for any delays.


Just as expectedly, Mio too brought her mouth to Basara’s waist.

So then, lined up side by side, they took his pants waist by their lips, pecking at it, as they put the elastic part at their teeth, slowly, they began to slide down Basara’s pants.

It was harder than expected — Basara’s member had grown big, as such it had grown stuck along the way, and while it shouldn’t be impossible, it was difficult with their reduced strength due to their aroused state, they were thrown off.

— Even so, the two of them didn’t use anything but their teeth till the end.

Even though they can’t do it alone, together, they can.

Putting their strengths together, they pulled Basara’s boxers down slowly. And then, as they’re done pulling it to his ankle, Basara took them off his feet.


They were able to bring it to the end… Mio, who shook in a sense of accomplishment, looked up together with Zest.

There – there was a truth.


A hardness of unbelievable size in turn looked down on them, bringing about a sense of certainty to Basara’s existence – the two of them, looking up while kneeling, was taught once more who their master was. And then,

“—You did well.”

The earnestness of Mio and Zest in taking off his underwear, was accepted well by Basara as their master — at the moment he praised them and petted their heads,


Mio and Zest’s waist trembled, as they had sat on the shop floor, knees put together and heels spread out behind them.

At the same time – from their crotches, just a small wet noise sounded out,


As they dazed off unconsciously, a pool of water spread out below their crotches. No… What had wet the shop floor, was not water but hot bodily fluid.

Just from being petted by Basara, Mio and Zest had spilled out their womanly essence.

The noise just now, was that of their love juices spilling on the floor, unable to be contained by their underwear.

— Before letting that truth understood in their heads, their reason had flown off.

Before she realised it, Mio was sandwiching Basara inside of the hot water in the super large tub, together with Zest.

“Aahn… Oniichan…. Chuu, oniichan… nchu ♥”

Mio who had turned in front of Basara, had her butt gripped by his left hand, his right hand fondling her chest roughly, dealing out pleasure, even while so she had her hands around his neck, dreamily entwining her tongue in a deep kiss with him.

And then, Zest behind him,

“Basara-sama… Nn, how is this, Basara-sama… ♥”

As she pressed her large breast against his back, her hands went around to his front and stroked his member, drawing out lewd noises.

And then,


At the moment Basara let out a groan, hot liquid drenched Mio from her breast to her stomach. The liquid going down her, was Basara’s semen. That muddy, white, liquid trickled down, tickling her belly button.

Rather than soaking in the light pleasure, Mio chose to service the aroused Basara,

“Nn… next it’s my turn ♥”

Parting from her kiss with Basara, her tongue slid down him — as she welcomed his still-hard member into her mouth, she began to suck on his length naturally, beginning her fellatio just like that.

Opening her mouth to its limit to envelop his member, even though there was still remains of cums of pleasure on it, Basara’s hardness trembled like it was happy on top of Mio’s tongue.

…Basara, is feeling good…

As she licked up his frenulum with her tongue, she glanced up to find Basara’s gaze.

As she gave him a fellatio, she wanted to be petted by him too. However,

“Basara-samaa…. Chuu, nfuu… chuu, haah…. fuaaahn ♥”

Zest already closed up Basara’s mouth which Mio left with her own lips, his hands too were fondling her breasts and butt lewdly. With both his hands occupied, he wasn’t able to pet her head.

So then… Mio went all out on sucking Basara’s member, and he turned to her.

Using her own saliva as lubrication, she narrowed her cheeks as she sucked him up, she moved her head back and throat to begin deep throating him. Lewd noises came out of it, as she asserted her existence while servicing him with her mouth, just like that Basara’s hips began to sway, his member gradually growing bigger and harder in Mio’s mouth.

Mio knows that’s the sign of a man’s climax. So, while being ready to accept all that Basara would spill out.

“— Mio-sama, you can’t just enjoy this by yourself you know?”

Suddenly, Maria who was recording her fellatio right beside her chided in, Mio, while still sucking on Basara’s member, glanced at her.

“I understand you can’t hold back your like for Basara-san but… You should remember to be happy with your pervert servant comrade, Zest-san”

She said to her, remonstrating.

…Together with, Zest…

At Maria’s words, Mio who had to turn over the boldness of pleasure in her mind remembered — although having been affected by the curse made her hazy, the original motive of these acts were to ease Zest, and Mio was a helper… In short her role was to help ease Zest as Basara’s aide.

Despite that, all Mio was doing now was to “service” Basara

— Especially, with Zest who was related to Zolgia, this girl with a serious personality, easily felt indebted to Mio. For those who had become comrades through their master slave contract with Basara, to make Zest feel more at ease was Mio’s role.


Hence Mio slowly released Basara’s member from her mouth.

“Maria, what methods are there to do it together with Zest?”

Despite still having not been cured from her own arousal, Mio restrained herself and asked Maria.

“Please leave it to me — I will definitely teach a way that Mio-sama could participate in too”

Saying that, the loli succubus went to Mio’s side to correct her.

— The sweet whisper of advice to hear ears, was truly a demon’s whisper.

And then Mio, now, was ready to put Maria’s words into action, so then —

“…Oniichan, let me help you in easing Zest too”

With that pleading, Mio told the method taught by Maria.

“Inside of Zest’s underwear, can you put your member in there?”

What Maria had told Mio, was the same thing they did when they had stayed in the guest room of the current Maou’s Rendval Castle, when everyone else was asleep and Mio and Basara secretly deepened their bond. That was to Mio, an advantage she had to herself.


She would want to give Zest an understanding of the level of happiness she had received then… Only then would Zest truly stand in the same place as her.

To Mio who had been able to present such a request, Basara reacted in one way,


Even as he continued to kiss Zest — he removed his left hand from fondling her butt to pat Mio’s head.

She was praised by Basara — she was happy.

Trembling at the happiness of that, Mio firstly moved her left hand to Zest’s butt, slipping in her index and middle fingers to an opening near her crotch. At that moment,

“—- ♥”

As she kissed Basara, Zest’s waist trembled. Inside her underwear were far wetter and hotter than the hot bath water — And then, drawing out her two fingers, Mio made an opening, taking Basara’s member in her right hand and guided it through the opening she had made in Zest’s s underwear.. And then,

“— Put it in, oniichan”

With Mio’s words, Basara bucked his hips forward at the same time.

“Ah… Haah…. Fuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ♥”

In front of Mio’s eyes, Basara’s large hardness had gone into Zest’s underwear.  Entering from the gap below — that trajectory, while it doesn’t enter inside of Zest, it still could give the utmost pleasure, making sure of that was Mio’s role.

Hence, in place of where they moved their hips, she had inserted her hands, rubbing along with them, and the three of them that met in her crotch sat down by the edge of the bathtub,

“Be careful of the angle… It’s fine, I’ll make you feel good”

As Mio stated that, Basara began to piston his hardness.

On top of it, he bit down on Zest’s weak point, her ears — at that

“~~~~ Aahhhh —— ♥”

As her ears were bitten down, feeling a the ultimate feeling rubbing against her woman’s entrance, Zest naturally reached a huge climax while she was straddling Basara’s lap.

However — even with this situation there’s still something Mio has to do.

As Zest’s underwear are low-rise, each time Basara brought up his hips, the tip of his large member rose up at the top of her underwear And then with this, Zest’s underwear gradually slipped down.

That’s why moving around Zest, she slipped her hand in at the same place as Basara’s member… Inside her underwear from its legs, swallowed in by the slipperiness there.

So then Mio, as she drew on Basara’s member within Zest’s underwear, moved the waistband back to the highest she could bring it to — and then, for him to receive the utmost pleasure from how they made it like a fake onahole..

This too is Maria’s idea. And then, with this condition whenever Basara moved his hips, interestingly, Zest’s climax increased, and by her reaction so did Basara’s arousal, Basara’s member in Mio’s hand once more grew bigger and began to swell up.

And then, meeting the timing of Basara’s climax,

“It’s fine Zest — be happy.”

Mio, on the opposite side of Basara’s bite… Bit down sweetly on Zest’s right ear.

At that moment.

“~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥”

Zest reached an all out climax — as she was held by Basara and Mio.

And with that, Zest was given climax by Basara and Mio countless of times.

…Aah…. ♥

She was in a fever, as if her whole body burnt with pleasure, and within her heart too, she felt a good warmth fill it up. The name of this sweet sensation, is surely one of happiness.

Because of that, not just wanting to receive,

“Please… Maria, teach me as well.”

She asked.

“Of course… Please return plenty to Mio-sama, Zest-san”

Said the loli succubus, as she taught Zest how to impart happiness,

As Mio’s weakness is her breasts, even as she was in this position, with Basara’s member coming into her underwear from behind, Zest too touching Basara’s member with her right hand. As Basara faced Mio, his tongue entwining with her, she moved her hands from her back to fondle Mio’s breasts,

“Mio-sama… Nchuu… Haah, chuu…”

Zest took Mio’s taut nipples to service it by sucking on them alternatively,

“Fuaaah ♥ haah… nchuu, nn… Two of you, wait… That is… Aaahn ♥ Nnfu… Chuu, licks… Haah, chuu ♥”

Mio, showing endearment towards them, showed sensitive reactions, increasing several times.

“Maria…. Maria… you too…”

At the offer, the loli succubus too desired to be happy.

“Alright — let the four of us have fun ♩”

Maria placed the video camera at the edge of the bath, going towards them unguarded. But – Mio who had climaxed many times, and Zest whose sensuality had been ignited,


When Maria exclaimed, realised that, it was too late.

“Nfuu, caught you… ♥” “This time it is your turn…”

Mio, who had lost her reason and Zest caught Maria, ready to payback the loli succubus who taught them their happiness.

The source of her power — they’re giving her pleasure and arousal as a present. With that,

“W-wait a minute please everyone… C-c-calm down!”

At once, showing her own trembling arms,

“Then…. Go ahead, Basara-sama” “Oniichan, put it inside of Maria’s underwear”

With Zest and Mio stating that, Maria was put on his lap,

“…Then, just a little bit”

After Basara give a small bitter smile — he carefully answered to Zest and Mio’s wishes.

Part 10

So then Mio, Zest and Basara, gave Maria plenty of pleasure.

While she had just been showing her shameful body, with this chance, Mio and Zest was able to attack her, and the three of them could give Maria’s whole body caresses everywhere.

While Maria has a loli body type, perhaps as she is a succubus, that body is just as sensitive as that of Mio and Zest, so while she wasn’t in an aroused state, with Basara’s member rubbing against her cracks, she then had an intense climax.

In that condition, her small breasts were fondled by Mio from the back, the loli succubus’ nipples too became taut, and upon rubbing her there,

“…Ah, nn…. Haah…. Noo, aah —- Aaaaah ♥”

While on Basara’s thighs, while her eyes, blanked out in intoxication, her entire body trembled lewdly exposed, her womanly essence flowing out much like that of a waterfall.

With that climax from the loli Maria, Mio and the others were aroused indecently.

…Maria, so cute…

Mio gulped down. This could perhaps be one of the characteristics of the succubus race… Zest too, unable to restrain herself, put her hands down Maria’s underwear and started to fondle her small butt, the loli succubus, while bending her back, climaxed. So then — under Mio and Zest’s intense caresses, it did not take long for Maria to lose her consciousness.

They might have overdone it a little… But, they themselves too had always been done till they were faint, and they placed Maria to sleep by the edge of the large bathtub.

— Truth is, that should be the end of it.

After all, both Mio and Zest too had completely submitted to Basara.

However — their master-slave curse has yet to fade, and their aroused state continued on.

Instead, there was a suffocation that was stronger than usual rising up from inside them.

“N, no… Oniichan, I… It’s still so hot… haah”

“I’m sorry… me too, it’s the first time… it’s so amazing, aaah”

Mio and Zest attacked with a sense of sensuality they could not hold back, with their breasts that had grown big from being messed up by Basara many times, and with still thoughts of gaining more of that from Basara, used those deep valleys to sandwich Basara’s hardness between them from the left and the right.

“Haah…. Aah, amazing… Yaaaan ♥”

As they rubbed with their breasts against each other, his member grew bigger, drawn up by the pleasure it received, at the same time, sensing Basara receiving pleasure from their service, Mio and Zest’s reason melted, the two of them completely absorbed in this.

Unable to cure their arousals like Basara, from then Mio and Zest climaxed several times but, Basara’s member stayed in its aroused state.

“….ah, I’m coming!”

Groaning that, Basara’s member between Mio and Zest’s breast shook and shook bigger

— At that moment

“….Oniichan, kyaa ♥”

Crying out as a huge load of cum spurting up like a fountain, Mio and Zest’s face and breasts were greedily muddied up, dyed white lewdly. From Basara’s tip, semen continued to flow, the valley of Mio and Zest’s breasts were choked up with a spring of cum.

“Ah… aah… Amazing, It’s getting hotter… ♥”

“D-don’t move… Zest, N, noo… ♥”

Zest, who had thrown away all resistance, had her brown breasts bounce captivatingly with her pleasure, and just like a reflection, Mio began the same kind of movements, with that,

“….Fufufufu, punishment for taking advantage of the situation ♥”

A mischievous laughter was heard.

When they looked, the loli succubus who should have passed out,  with both her hands sitting on the edge of the bathtub, her chin resting upon it, looking at them amused.

“A succubus love juice is one of the strongest aphrodisiac… Raising up the state of arousal, and strengthening the ache for pleasure, it’ll be harder to break the curse now”

Maria said that, moving her right hand somewhere.

That is, this tub’s switch.

…C, can’t be….

The Mio who saw that, understood what Maria was doing, and trembled at it.

Although the original space did not have the bath turned on, the barrier that Mio had set up was that of a copy. Of course, electricity still ran through the outlet.

That’s why – up till then, it had been what was necessary.

“Let’s get it to your shoulders, I’ll set this to a hundred”

Saying that with a smile, Maria turned on the jet bath.

Immediately – all the jets of the bath worked to fill the bath with its streams.

Mio and Zest, with their bodies in intense arousal being sensitive, also had been soaked by the side of the tub as they serviced Basara

There was nowhere to run —- so then,

“~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥”

Mio, together with Zest, in one swoop fell into a whirlpool of pleasure that exceed ecstasy.

And then, as Maria said, the two of them had the counts of climax engraved to their bodies.

Part 11


Their outing ended once Mio and Zest recovered enough to remove the barrier and go home. Once they returned, they were able to get the approval of Yuki and Kurumi regarding the extension to their house. Zest, ever the diligent one, spent all night gathering information on the internet and even went to the library for a full day the following day before building the underground rooms in the Toujou household.

By utilizing the space under the gardens, they were able to make an additional 5 rooms. Two of the rooms were for Maria and Zest, and Jin would be getting 2 rooms: one for his sleeping quarters and the other for his camera equipment. Each room upstairs in the house were assigned to Basara, Mio, Kurumi and Yuki.

The last room underground was by far the biggest room. It was the hot tub/ bedroom. With the luxury jet bath for 6 installed, Maria purchased 2 king size beds to put them next to the jet bath, making the transition from bath to bed all the more easier. And thus, the grand “Love House” by the great loli-ero succubus/ architect was finally complete.