Epilogue: The Vows between those tied together

And then – as Toujou Basara was resolute in this.

Naruse Mio got on the bed with Maria.

From here, Mio will finally find herself held by Basara.

However, it’s not just the two of them – there is a reason Maria was there, different from the night before the decisive battle against the current demon lord faction in the demon world.

— The reason Mio and the rest are being embraced by Basara now, is not for the goal of the next step of their passionate love. No, there is that – but the reason why they decided to cross this line they’ve protected together up to this point is to win against Shiba Kyouichi. With Basara finally embracing them in this way, their master-servant contract will turn to that of a vow, at the same time as that giving them great power, it would have the elements under Mio and the others flow to Basara, existing within him.

And then, from the perspective of how to prioritize the elements Mio and others are in charge of respectively and how they counter against the four gods, it’s decided that Mio is fire, Kurumi is water and Zest is earth. Yuki as well, had fought against the manifestation of Seiryuu, despite how she had initially challenged it with metal it was “wood”, the same element as Seiryuu had an advantage and caused it to fall.

On the other hand, the remaining Maria was tasked with Balfear, who isn’t one of the four gods.

As such, it is judged with the attributes Maria and Yuki are in charge of, with each’s five attribute and classification with the idea of it, the cause and effect would be equally strong. With that, Maria who has the wood element when using the ‘eye’ of the succubus baptism was put in charge of wood, while Yuki, whose spirit sword was metal is in charge of that.

On top of that, it’s necessary for them to achieve the utmost result of affinity as it flows to Basara to further strengthen him.

Their opponent is Shiba, in order to strengthen himself, he had set up a barrier concentrated on ‘earth’ in the center area ruled over by Kouryuu.

In short, the affinity running in the space of Shiba’s barrier starts with ‘metal’, ‘wood’, ‘fire and lead into ‘earth’, flowing in that way.

As such — the way they match on their side, was to priotitize the amount of power Basara gets. As a result, the order of the attributes flowing into Basara became: fire, wood, water, metal and earth.

This is, a reversal of the original compatibility.

However, their goal is not in compatibility – their goal is increasing the strength within Basara. As such, for instance if the “earth” element flows in to where “fire” is, and despite strengthening earth by means of compatibility, the fire that had came in earlier — as due to the compatibility of the base material — would be weakened. That would have no meaning.

To let Mio’s attribute “fire” be received by Basara to a greater breadth, one put in Maria’s “wood”, as such lighting up the ‘fire’ that Mio had put in first — and then, to strengthen the power of “wood” for Basara, Kurumi’s “water” is added, and to strengthen “water”, then they add in Yuki’s metal which holds water. And then, to strengthen the metal added into Basara, Zest’s “earth” which holds metal is added.

In short, it’s the order the attributes are then to flow into Basara.

— Truth is, there are those who had done this without realizing it.

Edo Castle, in the middle of Edo City which was once Fuusui Toshi — the runners that once ran in the surroundings of the Imperial Palace.

Departing from Sakuradamon from the south — that is, where the attribute fire enters them, running counter-clockwise, you have in order wood → water → gold going in, the four elements before having the ‘earth’ that is contained in the middle, and as they go around this, they unknowingly increased the power in them. The rule for the counterclockwise run, as well as how many people assembled, there was this reason they didn’t know behind it.

— However, this method had a side-effect of the later elements being weaker.

It was no problem for simply running but, for those looking to fight Shiba, they cannot have this. Therefore, while someone gives the power of the element which they are responsible for to Basara, the person whose element is added to him next would be touching the former, as such, the element that’s added in later won’t be weakened. In short, Mio who’s in charge of fire will not just be giving it to Basara, but it’d be in the condition where it’s matched with Maria who’s in charge of wood.

In this way, Basara didn’t just receive the strongest power, for instance for Maria who’s next, her ‘wood’ attribute that is easily weakened by Mio’s ‘fire’, as she would be touched by Kurumi with the attribute ‘water’ after, it would be received by Basara without it being weakened.

As such, the person who’s to be embraced by Basara, gets on the bed together with the next person to be embraced by Basara, while the other three, so that they don’t cause interference, wait outside of the room.

That’s why now – Mio together with Basara and Maria were on the bed. And then,

“Haah… Nn, oniicha…n… chuu, mm… oniichan, haaaaah ♥”

Mio was presently entranced as she faced Basara and they entangled their tongues together lewdly.

— Her sighs are mixed with her sweet voice, and this is as he’s groping her breasts from over her clothes.

Since they exchanged the master-servant contract, Mio had experienced incredible  pleasure from Basara, submitting to him in climax she can’t fully tell. In general, this involved attacking her weak point, her breasts.

As she was aroused lewdly by Basara’s hands, Mio’s chest that grew more and more sensitive became weak to the pleasure — in her panties too, pleasure to the point it makes it feel like her mind is melting.

That much, is to the point where Basara loses himself in his goal of truly making Mio submit.

However, there was something necessary before that happens – hence as Mio kisses Basara, she began to strip off his clothes. And then, with Basara’s cooperation her hands which were used to this, stripped him off, and this time it was Basara’s hands at her chest that unfastened the necktie of her sailor suit and the zipper of it. How the zipper’s slider curved lewdly down, was as Mio’s chest is simply that big. Mio’s breast which were developed completely by Basara was not just rich in their sensitivity, but their plentiful size grew even bigger… The clothes she had when she first met Basara no longer fit her.

As the zipper was pulled down to the lowest point, Mio’s front was completely exposed.


Subconsciously, Mio’s body slightly trembled. As they kissed, her chest was groped by Basara

and it filled her body with a sweet fever, together with how it was exposed to the air of the room gave her a pleasant cool sensation.

With that, Basara moved his hands within Mio’s sailor suit — taking it off was easy from here.

Following her collar bone, sliding his hands from the inside outwards, he would be able to take it off her shoulder and arm. However.

“…Basara-san, could you refrain from stripping off Mio-sama’s clothes completely at the very beginning?”

Therefore, Mio’s partner Maria spoke from the back as she embraced Mio tightly.

Basara’s hand stopped at the suggestion of the young succubus who had initiated sex and pleasure when the master-slave contracts took place.

“But… Then it would get her clothes dirty”

Basara voiced a question back.

“That much is fine. I have received a confirmation from Hasegawa-sensei”

Said Maria.

“This space isn’t just to hide us from the enemy, but to deepen our bonds with Basara-san. As such, things other than our bodies and spirits, things like clothes and accessories, are preserved in their original state before we enter this space”


“If we leave this room to the room next door… if we go to the room we first opened our eyes in, our clothes will return to the state it was before we entered this space.”

“Is that so… But, there’s no reason for us to keep the clothes on as it is?”

At Basara who said that,

“In a usual bond, of course but… However, this time you and Mio-sama must deepen your bonds to a more absolute level than now”

As such, said Maria.

“Removing it bit by bit would be able to give a deeper sense of bashfulness but… There won’t be anything more if you strip it off in one go. More than worrying about clothes, we must prioritize thinking on the surety of your master-slave vows with Mio-sama”

“…I see”

Basara said, agreeing.

“Mio… Do you not mind that?”

He asked her. And hence,

“Yeah… Oniichan you should do as you like”

in reply, Mio gave a meek nod.

“In any case… It’s already too late”

Maria from behind said with a smile in her voice, she moved around and pulled Mio down to lie covering her — and then, Mio whose skirt was lifted,

“Aah…. No… Mm”

With her shy voice, she bent her hips up a little. She simply did not want Basara to see her underwear – she knows what kind of condition her panties were in.

As Maria said it was too late, by Basara fondling her chest and kissing, Mio was already overflowing with her womanly honey, the panties she wore were wet at the crotch to the point she couldn’t make excuses for it.

“Fufu… Mio-sama definitely is now the world’s most sensitive virgin”

Maria laughed seductively. With that, Basara who sees Mio in this state.


He gulped down audibly as he looked at her — With that, Basara’s member which was already exposed grew big very quickly as it stood, even now it expanded looking like it looked it was to burst.

…Ama, zing…

Seeing that intensity and manliness, Mio gulped down overwhelmed. Basara is bigger there than she’s ever seen him up till now — Naruse Mio thought. Now, that will go inside her.

— When she tied the master-slave contract with Basara, she did not think she would be embraced by him in this way.

It’s true, Mio was to be the master, Basara being the subordinate is something she couldn’t believe…


After their fight with Zolgia, she had thought she would one day be embraced by Basara.

As they went to the demon world… As they approached the current demon lord’s stronghold, she could only think of Basara to do this with.

And then before the decisive fight — as they went to the stronghold, as the five of them chose to submit to Basara in the guest room as well, she was ready to belong to Basara.


This isn’t the last line for them to go over, it’s the beginning of a new relationship.

And now — finally, that moment had come.


Basara silently moved his right hand towards her hips, he slipped his finger under the bands of her panties and slowly, he began pulling them down.


Mio’s hips thrusted forward slightly as if answering to him, taking it off her left leg.

By that time, she was already on Maria’s lap.

Thinking of that, it’s a reproduction of when they exchanged their master-servant contract


As Mio gave a shy smile, she took a pose to make it easy for Basara to hold her.

With both her hands, she lifted up her legs lewdly to part them into an M-shape, exposing her treasured place.

Toujou Basara, saw Mio trembling right in front of his eyes.

— He had seen Mio’s naked body many times. It also wasn’t the first time he had seen that spot for Mio.

Up till now, he had inserted his member into her underwear, rubbing up, that last line had been in front of him many times, so even for a bit, he may even know better about Mio’s body than herself. But,


This situation now, in which everything was allowed, gave Basara a completely new arousal.

Looking at it, the collar mark of the master-servant contract had appeared on Mio’s neck. Most likely, she felt some guilt that came with the shame of being held by Basara. Basara got worked up thinking about Mio.

— Mio’s entrance, even at a glance, was incomprehensibly small and narrow.

Realistically, it would be most effective to have foreplay where he would lick her with his tongue.

However, Basara couldn’t do that – doing that with his tongue is servicing her.

It wasn’t a problem for Mio who’s subordinate to Basara but, there are things that Basara has to avoid as Mio’s master – at the very least, this time where they need to emphasize the master-servant bond.

— However, Mio could feel it even without Basara’s tongue licking her.

Her part, dyed with her pleasure as blood rushed in, was already plenty hot and wet. This sight was sublimely lewd — as such,


As if drawing in Basara’s tip, it made a splashing sound.

Mio’s womanly entrance was ready to accept Basara.

After this, it’s just their mutual feelings – their resolution.

And then, with Basara and Mio having really resolved that.



Looking to each other wordlessly, they moved forward together.

Basara pushed in his member, which was large enough to hurt, within Mio.

At that,


At placing it there, Basara’s member faced an elastic resistance.

That was something Basara clearly knows.

The proof of Mio’s purity, which has guarded Basara from piercing through up till now.

That’s where their relationship had just about stopped till now.

What they had taken care of till now — now, Toujou Basara and Naruse Mio will break.

“Let’s go—-”

“…Yeah. Come, oniichan”

Calling to him in this way, a smile surfaced on Mio’s face as she nodded.

So then, Basara moved to thrust forward his lower body.

He pushed.

And with that the resistance that is the proof of Mio’s purity, gradually let Basara pierce in.

Just as it felt like he cut through something, his member continued in deeply.

“No… Aaah…”

Mio let out a lewd voice, her body trembling to stiffen slightly.

At the same time, Basara’s tip was tied in, covered by a hotness,


Gulping down, Basara let his gaze fall. With that, his tip was definitely buried inside Mio… And then from the side, something flew out.

It was the most beautiful red in the world — as such.


Toujou Basara, felt a sense of accomplishment yet corruption at that.

— After all just now, he had taken Mio’s virginity.

At that truth, Basara trembled. On the other hand,


Mio clenched her eyes shut. ___.

This was their first time. They don’t know if with this, he’s really tied to Mio.

With that, Mio let herself sink in and met Maria’s eyes.


She said ‘not yet’ with her eyes. And then,


Toujou Basara, after affirming Mio’s condition, thrust his hips.

With that there’s nothing to obstruct them anymore — What had not been allowed till now, as if opening Mio’s tightness, Basara pushed his member further and further in.

And then, despite it being her first time, Mio’s inside melted like hot caramel.


At how good the lewd ties felt, Basara let out a gasp spill, as his member is further swallowed in.

And then.

At last, he pushed into the base, his tip touching something.

This was, the real end of it – the deepest part of Naruse Mio.

There’s no mistake having come all the way here. That’s why,


Toujou Basara, as if telling Mio that truth, spoke her name.

At Basara who called her name gently, Mio slowly opened her eyes.

At that, Basara was looking straight at her,

“It’s inside”

Even with such short words, Naruse Mio understood everything.

— She’s no longer a virgin. She now belongs to Toujou Basara.

At that truth, she trembled and felt great pleasure.


Without her realizing it, Mio was crying.

“It hurts doesn’t it… Are you alright?”

Basara asked her with worry. So then,

“No, I’m fine… I’m happy”

Mio shook her head with a smile, what she shed was happy tears.

— Of course, she would be lying if she said there’s no pain at all. However, it’s nothing she couldn’t bear with.

Of course. Even if it’s her first time, this pain doesn’t exceed the battles in which she had risked her life. With that,

“Basara-san, Mio-sama… The two of you are connected now”

With a serene voice and congratulatory words, Maria who has Mio on her lap wiped away Mio’s tear gently. And then,

“…How is it Mio-sama, can you see?”

Saying that like she was urging, Maria reached out for Mio’s skirt and lifted it up.

With that, Maria could see where Basara and Mio is connected without having Mio move from her lap by tilting her chin.

— However, she can’t truly confirm how Basara’s member was inserted by sight.

Mio and Basara’s lower crotch completely stuck to each other. Even so, Mio’s insides surely – has the feeling of something spreading her all the way inside. Furthermore, in a situation where it feels even all their hairs connect, there is no mistaking it at all.

…A, amazing… I, really took in all of Basara…

Mio still couldn’t believe it.

Mio, who has serviced Basara many times using her hand, mouth and chest knows his size well. She had thought that perhaps it wouldn’t fit after all, stopping halfway through. But despite that, Mio had surely swallowed up Basara’s member to the base – as if reading the surprise in her transparently,

“If the master-slave contract has its characteristic, so does the vow. Furthermore, Mio-sama, you and the others have the aphrodisiac characteristic to your bond with Basara”

Hence, said Maria,

“To reach a vow where you are completely devoted to your master, Mio-sama, you have to reach true satisfaction by your master Basara-san… Your body and heart now Mio-sama, is an existence that can give Basara-san the utmost pleasure. There’s no way it can’t fit”

“No way… Then…?”

At Maria’s words, Mio found herself dumbfounded.

— She thought of how Basara was holding her, and how she’s completely his.

However – it isn’t so.

Mio’s spot, even before Basara held her, had been his.

At the realization of that truth, a hot sensation rose up in Mio’s insides.

“No… Aaah, fuaaaaaaaah ♥”

At the moment she understood that was pleasure — Mio’s body stiffened. What had she become without her knowing… She climaxed, realising that truth. At a moment, her eyes were dyed white was she spasm lewdly, waves of pleasure washing up inside her.

“…Haah… aaah…. nnn… haah ♥”

Spilling out sweet moans, gradually, the mist that clouded her became clear and she thought of her first climax. She had climaxed with Basara inside her — at that fact, a trembling happiness rose up within Mio.

Hence — Mio, without thinking, met Basara’s gaze,


What she realized there, made her feel shame for being happy by herself.

— If it’s just to confirm their love, there’s a choice to simply stop here.

With how they’re tied with the master-slave contract, they’re like a real family, and more than anything Basara had shown kindness to Mio and the others.

That too existed at the time they did lewd things to deepen the contract.

However — love and kindness has been in hand as is.

What they want for now… What they want to achieve and wish for is beyond this.

An absolute vow.

For Mio to truly devote her everything, she has to become Basara’s in all ways.

All her heart and body — swearing eternally in her soul.

More than anything, Basara’s hardness that had been inserted into her is still stiff, wanting her.

That’s why — Naruse Mio, said the words to permit everything of the boy who is her master.

“Please, oniichan… kill me, a hundred times over….♥”


Whatever you think of, indulge in it on her — that’s her invitation to Basara.

To Mio, Basara showed her the happiest response of a man, that is, not holding back.

Letting go of his reason. And then,


Basara began to thrust suddenly. It was a movement too intense for Mio who was just a virgin.


“Haah, nnn…. fnnnn ♥ oniichan… aah…. haaah”

The first time is painful and nothing more — that was a lie.

Mio had already become a being that takes in all of Basara… That’s why, the feeling of heat that pieced inside her, Mio only felt happiness at being a woman.

Up till now, Mio had her weak point attacked by Basara multiple times and climaxed, in that she had been subjugated.

— However, if Mio’s breasts are her weak point, what Basara’s member was rubbing against now is all women’s weakness.

And then — Mio was truly a woman. So,

“No, aahn ♥ Fuuh, nnah ♥ haah, aah…. Aaaaaaaaaah ♥”

Mio moved her hips lewdly as his member thrusted into her, drowning dreamily in the pleasure from Basara. How sensitive was their membranes, finally touching, their hips moving together again for a lewd round, and without long as Basara thrusted into Mio, where they met made lewd sucking sounds – and it changed to a lewd wet sound. And then,

“It’s time to strip off the top…”

Said Maria, taking off Mio’s sailor suit and unhooking her bra.

With that, Mio’s puffed up breasts tensed up… With Basara’s thrusts, her large breasts moved in circles, swinging lewdly. Basara took grasp of Mio’s breasts,

“No♥ Aahn… Fuuh, naahh ♥ haahn, ffuh… Fuaaaah ♥”

As the shape of her breasts changed as they’re being fondled roughly – at that, Basara’s lower parts buckled up many times. At that intense pleasure,


Mio felt how Basara’s member grows more erect and hotter in her.

— That’s the sign Basara’s limit was near.

That’s why Mio whose carnality was heightened, wrapped her legs around Basara’s waist, and the part where they met completely clung to each other with zero distance.

That was the true will of a woman vowing to the young man in front of her.

They don’t know any other way to accept all of him to truly become his — Basara promptly answered that feeling towards him.

Both wishing to cling on to each other, moving to an angle naturally… Mio’s legs riding up to Basara’s shoulder, him covering her to reach the limit of their depths.

“Mio…. You, you’re mine!”

With him thrusting in intensely, he shouted his words of conviction, to that,

“…Yeah, I’m oniichan’s… Oniichan’s… Haaaaah ♥”

Mio once more, had her body shake with intense pleasure as she nodded furiously, affirming Basara’s words dreamily.

And then – that moment had come.

“Mio…. ah!”

As Basara called her, him at her deepest… The entrance of Mio’s womb thrusted into by Basara’s member – at the same time, with a throb she understood his climax — she was creampied by Basara.

That was a feeling so sweet it scared her.

…Amazing, it’s throbbing…

She understood how good Basara’s member felt as it trembled inside her.

With that, from the depth of Mio’s body, from where she would bear children, she felt that where they met leaked out semen in the opposite direction.

“Ah… Aah… Haah, nn… aaah… nn ♥”

Moans filled with ecstasy spilled out, as if covering that up, Basara kissed her gently,

“Mm, chuu… Nn ♥ Mmm… Ahmm… Chuu… licks… Haah ♥”

Wanting Basara for herself, Mio tangled her tongue with his.

And then.

After they exchanged saliva in a long kiss – slowly, Basara’s member withdrew Mio.

At that, to her who still melted in the reverberation of her intense climax,

“Now Mio-sama… It’s done done yet”

Maria, who has Mio on her lap gently rebuked. At those words,


Since when was Basara there in front of her… And then, she saw his member which was just inside her, was lewdly wet.

That’s why Mio, slowly moved her mouth towards Basara’s member.

“Haah… Nn… Chuu… Haah… Chu… Nn… ♥”

And with a sloppy noise, she began to lick his member clean.

The seeds Basara released, mixed together with Mio’s honey, was on his member and it gave a taste that’s lewder than she could have thought — Enveloping his member with her mouth, she had it in her mouth with her saliva, drinking it up, at that moment,


Basara called out to her, surprised. At that, Mio raised up her head.

At that, red lights danced on Mio’s neck – at the next moment, it vanished.

Maria, who saw that

“You reached a true vow… Congratulations, Mio-sama”

Calling out to her excited, but Mio did not hear her.

To Mio now, it’s more important to clean up Basara’s member… So she continued to service him dreamily.

And then – from her lower lips, which the member was just in.

Plenty of Basara’s semen came spilling out.

Part 2

50 hours before Kouryuu’s manifestation reaches a hundred percent.

Of the result of them considering for rest and battle planning, that gives them five hours each to have each one held by Basara.

And now, it’s closing on to the end of Mio’s five hours.

— Even after they tied the vow with no issue, Basara continued to embrace Mio.

That was, so he could really take in the ‘fire’ element inside of Mio.

After having ejaculated inside Mio once, the two of them no longer have fear.

Mio was cute as she’s in extreme pleasure that came from Basara attacking her sensitive spot… Following his prideful impulses, Basara marked climaxes into Mio. And then within that five hours, more than a hundred climaxes that she had said, was marked upon her by Basara.

Of course, Basara had come many times as well but, even so his arousal doesn’t fall. Because this is the space that created by Hasegawa for them to tie their vows.

That’s why no matter how much he comes inside Mio, not just within her, but to the point all her body is covered in white, he doesn’t reach his limit. And then,

“Ah… haah… nnn…. uh… ♥”

As Mio was reaching her limit, she’s in a state of extreme intoxication in her ecstasy.

So Basara stroked Mio’s cheeks gently.


It was someone other than Mio — it was Maria, who has the youngest body of the five girls who love Basara. She no longer had Mio on her lap, and she said that to Basara impatiently.

After that,


Kurumi who was on another bed to continue on with Maria, was surely affected by Mio’s condition…

Her eyes were already wet with sensuality.

At those two,


Basara nodded, and slowly went towards them.

— Yes, it’s not over yet. This is just one of five.

It wasn’t enough.

Not his own power — and the ‘vows’, as well.

That’s why Toujou Basara won’t stop.

Just like Mio.

The girls precious to him, he will make them all his.

To defeat Shiba Kyoichi — to protect those he will never give up on.