General Roadmap Update

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Hey everyone,

I figured I would do a post just updating people on the plan for the month of March with regards to translations. Nomi is back to finishing up the translation for volume 9 and is going to try to have it finished by the end of March as well. Once both volumes 8 and 9 are finished she’ll probably start doing summary work.

Whoever is posting our sample translations on Baka Tsuki

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It wasn’t very nice posting our sample translations on Baka-Tsuki without permission. You should give credit where credit is due. At the very least, you should link people back to our website. Here they can find information on how to support the crowdfund project, sample translations,  in depth summaries of other volumes, and general news regarding the series.

So whoever is doing this please stop and ask for permission first.

*Edit* I created a Baka Tsuki account and deleted the translations. If somebody wants to repost them simply ask me before doing so.



Light Novel Volume 12 releases April 1st


Good news everyone,

Volume 12 officially releases on April 1st 2018. As always, everyone that is able should support the series and purchase a copy. Here’s the link for the paperback version via Amazon.


A lewd sequel —- Disclosing the everyday of Basara and the others after their battle!
Before the final battle with Shiba, how did Basara tie the Master-Slave vow with Hasegawa…? And then, Celis, who started living in the Toujou Household, trembling as she saw their lewd relationship—-


Here’s a link to the Kodakawa page for volume 12 for the skeptical folks thinking this might be an April fools.

Shinmai Maou No Testament Departures BD/DVD commercial



Hey everyone,

The official twitter page dropped a new commercial for the Departures BD home release. Everyone that is able please support the series and purchase the DVD or BD. Your purchase will help make another OVA or season 3 possible

Departures BD Amazon.JP

Departures LE DVD Amazon.JP

In site related news, Nomi is back to finishing up the translations for volume 9 chapter 1. Almost all of the translations for the foreseeable future will be plot related an non-fanservice. So this means that I’ll be uploading half of each chapter under the sample translations for people that don’t want to contribute to the project, but still would like to have a general understanding about what’s going on in the series. So look out for that.