A winter morning at Toujou household.

The January sun rose late, and even with the curtains open, the living room remained dark.

But quietly, there’s shining silver hair.

One could see Naruse Maria in her pajamas.

“Fuaaah” she yawned, with the look of cherubic innocence.

Perhaps it’s because of the oversized pajamas on her small body, the sleeves too long making her look cuter.

There’s a noise in the kitchen.

“Good morning”

Maria’s eyebrows raised at the sound. 

The sleepiness left her face, as her eyes darted to the source of the sound.

The sounds she heard from the kitchen were the sounds of cooking. The sweet scent of the meal wafted even to the living room. 

A single maid girl was standing there. 

Her medium short hair is the same colour as Maria, but her dark skin and curvy body makes her completely different from Maria.

“Good morning, Zest-san… That’s right, it’s your turn to cook breakfast today”

Zest nodded as she continued cooking while wearing her maid outfit. 

“Yeah. Go ahead and sleep a little more Maria. I’ll wake you up later”

“No. It’s true I’m still a little sleepy but… Since I’m up, I’m up. There’s something I have to do”

“Something you have to do?”

Zest tilted her head.

“That’s right…” Maria said with a self satisfied look.

“It’s lewd things! Pushing forward with lewd things first thing in the morning…”

Maria pointed her thumb to herself, her face entirely proud.

“I’m a succubus! And more than that, Naruse Maria! Slipping into Basara-san’s underwear to do lewd things! Giving the sleeping Mio-sama the most lewd dream, making her underwear wet from morning! Or perhaps teaching Kurumi-san, aiming for both her and Yuki-san!”

After staring at Maria for a short time, Zest nodded with an “I understand”.

Silence then fell between the two. 

Maria, while still striking that proud pose, looks confused.

“…I’m just asking but. Do you not plan to stop me? If it’s Basara-san or Mio-san, they would try and stop me”

“Yes. If it’s something I can do, I would like to make Basara-san feel good, and that’s the same for everyone else too. But that skill is something you as a succubus is more equipped to handle Maria-san”

Zest then looked kindly at Maria.

“So, please work hard Maria-san. I’ll be here preparing breakfast.”


Maria suddenly trembled.

“What a kind heart! Deep inside your large breasts! I got it”

Maria pumped her fist.

“That kind, deep and lewd heart. I will do my responsibility to everyone. Early morning lewd dreams! Naruse Maria… now commencing!”

She turned around and left the living room.

As if she was holding on to something, her hands excitedly trembled  as she thought about her lewd ideas.

“Let’s start with Mio-sama! Let’s spoil her with a lewd dream”

“Who’s spoiling who?”

Maria was stopped right in her tracks by someone smiling. 

It was a smiling Mio, still in her pajamas, but the smile wasn’t intended for Maria. 

Although it’s quiet, there was a bright red aura flaming up behind her red hair. 

Maria witnessed this overwhelming magic right before her eyes.

“Ah, um… Mio-sama, it’s not like that! I’m talking about metaphors”

“You’ve been fooling around since morning!”

“It’s not like that! Lewd things are bread and butter for succubus!! This is a completely different reaction from Zest-san!! This sensation!!”

The magic Mio sent out made the living room glass white.

As Mio walked to her room to go back to sleep, she heard footsteps.

It was from someone checking on Maria who was on the floor. 

“Are you alright?”

Zest asked Maria. 

“…This is also the lewd spice of our daily life”

Maria, who’s burnt black, answered.

“In any case, let’s pour out some coffee”

Maria nodded.

Next to Maria, there’s the increasing amount of chairs at the dining table, now at six.

This is the daily life for Toujou Basara and the girls, right after they returned from their battle in the demon realm.