Toujou Family Goes to the Amusement Park

It was a weekend, one that came near the end of February.


As Basara disembarked from the train, he could see a dazzling scene right before him—it was a grand, imposing hotel that stood out from the sea of multi-storey buildings set out in the metropolis. A spinning ferris wheel that matched the aesthetic of the hotel was also present within the vicinity.


Every member of Toujou Basara’s family had come to this massive attraction area where the hotel and amusement park were lined together with a domed stadium as its centre.


“Wow! This will be my first experience, Basara-san! My first time ever!”

“I don’t mind your enthusiasm, but I’d ask that you express it without saying things that might cause misunderstandings.”


Maria giggled and stuck out her tongue at Basara’s retort. “It’s true that this is my first time, though. Even if I have seen it on TV before…”


“It’s mine too.” It was Zest who spoke next, a smile breaking out on her face as she gazed at the massive Ferris wheel before her. “The Demon Realm has a different taste when it comes to entertainment, after all.”


Basara thought of how fresh it was to get a view of something so large with his very own eyes. “It’s been a long time since I last came to an amusement park as well.”


With a skip in her step, Mio lined herself beside Basara. “I’m glad that you’ve kept your promise in the end. Thank you, Basara.”


“My pleasure.”


During early February, Basara had promised the others that he would take them out somewhere. As their hopes grew stronger by the day, Basara knew he wanted to make good on their plans, and so he took the time to bring the Toujou household for an outing for all of them to enjoy themselves that day.


“It’s been a while since I did this too. Quite some time, really…” Yuki said, stepping forward beside Mio. “Even since we were kids, anyway.”


“That’s true…there weren’t any places like this near the Village, were there?”


The Village was constantly under threat of war and battle, and so it lacked any form of entertainment on a large scale; at the same time, the fact that the Village was also very distant from the national capital meant that it was very hard to go to a such a place for leisure. Getting permission to go out from the Village was also very time-consuming.


Such was why Basara’s first memories of going to the amusement park as a child were so precious to him—the contrast of the fond memory to the harsh times he had spent being raised in the Village with his earliest days of strict training passed onto him only made the memory that much more meaningful.


“Jin-san used to take me along back then,” Yuki said.


“That’s right. Takashi used to come along with us too.”


Basara and Yuki used to spend a lot of time with Takashi doing many things together during their childhood, and that day had been one such day for them as well.

“…I don’t remember it all that well, though.” It was Kurumi who spoke next, her lips pursed. “I was so small back then.”


“Still, you should remember that monster self-righting doll, though.”


“…Hmm? Ah, aaaaaah! That monster thing! I see. So that was when we bought it…” Kurumi suddenly clapped her hands together in remembrance of the event.


“I still keep it at home. It brings back memories…” She then shut her eyes and her thoughts wander back to such times.


“I had fun back then. I really did,” Basara muttered quietly. His thoughts went back to his childhood once more and how he had not anticipated the tragedy that happened after that; he had once believed that his friendships would last forever.


“…At any rate, let’s get going, shall we?” Basara said, deep in his recollections as ever.


Yuki, Kurumi, Maria and Zest nodded, as they began moving forward while gazing at the roller coaster. The group went on walking for a few moments before Basara suddenly realized something.




Basara turned around to discover that Mio was standing still all by herself.


 “Eh…mmm. I’m sorry. I’ll be right there.”


Basara could see her expression darken very slightly as she said so—he knew all too well what she was feeling.


Yuki and Kurumi had shared the same childhood Basara had; the three shared memories among one another.


On the other hand, Mio had no companion during her own early days; her parents, both of whom she had spent her childhood with, and whom could have been able to bring her to the amusement park themselves, had been brutally murdered by Zolgear.


“Mio,” Basara said, taking her hand. Mio let out a momentary look of surprise at the gesture.


“Let’s have fun together today.”


His words caused Mio to blink for a moment, and her expression lit up after that.


“Mhm!” Mio said, her voice springing up again. With their hands still locked together, the two lightly ran ahead to catch up with Yuki and the others.


The other girls were already at the front gate of the amusement park.


“So what do you guys want to ride first?”


That, of course.” Mio’s gaze turned to the snowing azure sky, fixated on the rails that ran high around the space of the metropolis.


It was a roller coaster.


“That’s as classic as you can get.”

“Are you sure that’s going to be alright for you, though?”


“But of course. I’ve been capable of holding my own against the various battles we’ve had until now, so I doubt something of that level will be enough to faze me.” Mio said, scoffing at the display.


“I wouldn’t say it’s actually fair to compare something like this to our usual battles, but…you may be right.”


Basara seemed to be content with the way Mio had answered him.



Ten minutes passed after that.


Mio’s screams could be heard echoing across the winter sky.


Part 2


“Are you okay?” Basara asked, handing Mio a cup of hot apple tea, a sweet-sour odor wafting with the steam that rose from the drink’s surface.


“O-of course…”


Mio shut her mouth with her hands for a moment, before she finally took a sip of the tea after calming down.


She was now sitting on one of the benches of the facility, her head hung in embarrassment.


Maria, Yuki and the others eyed Mio with concern; her face was pale and she looked unwell.


“To think that I’d have motion sickness over the ride…” The way she mumbled implied that she was having trouble speaking, “Even though I’ve already had experience flying with magic…”


“People don’t get motion sickness in the same way. Some don’t fare that well on cars, while others get seasick on ships.”


Unlike Mio, every other member who had come with her to the amusement park looked energetic despite having rode on the rollercoaster just as she had. 


“I suppose it’s also a matter of experience.” It was Yuki who spoke.


“That’s right. My older sister couldn’t possibly be incapable of adapting to any internal changes given her style as an all-rounder swordswoman. As for me, I guess I’m just used to travelling around normally through the air a lot.”


“The same goes for me,” Zest said, nodding in agreement to Kurumi’s statement.

Basara thought of how Kurumi and Zest were used to moving in a three-dimensional fashion, thus understanding why the two of them hadn’t wound up sick from the rollercoaster.


“I value speed, so I suppose I should be used to it by now. What about you, Maria?”


All eyes turned toward Maria, who tilted her neck to the side in response.

“As I thought, it’s best for me to stick with my usual lewd—”


“Maybe you’re that sturdy because you value strength.” *(I think Basara’s trying to get at a dick inneudo here)


“Did you just say something a girl wouldn’t actually say!?”


“Well, at any rate, I’m just glad you’re not really sick.”

“Mhm,” Mio smiled weakly. “I’m starting to feel better, so I was thinking we could get going after I rest for a little while longer. I’d like to check out more of the place with all of you.”



Puzzled, Yuki scanned the faces of the others before her.


Basara was scratching his cheek.


“—I’m feeling a bit dizzy as well.” Following the sudden remark, Basara slumped next to Mio on the bench.




“It’s embarrassing to admit that I’ve gone a bit sick over that Infinite Slayer rollercoaster. I mean, I should be strong enough by now.” He said jokingly. “That said, I guess you guys can go enjoy yourselves without me first. Mio and I will catch up with you later.”


“Good grief, Basara-san…” Maria said with a wry smile, while the others nodded in response. “I understand. Well, then, I guess we can now enjoy the lewdness of this amusement park to our hearts’ content!”


“And just where and how exactly is this place lewd at all?” Kurumi said with her brows creased, exchanging glances with Basara.


Zest took a bow, and Maria immediately went off on her own.


“See you later,” Yuki said.


“Mmm. Later.” Mio replied, forcing a smile.


With that, the other girls left Mio and ventured out to visit the other attractions in the amusement park.


Basara and Mio understood why they’d went on their own ways and left Mio behind as if they were no longer worried about her.


Wordlessly, the two remained on the bench together under the winter sky.


Part 3


“Since we now have all this time to ourselves, let’s not put any time to waste!” Maria said. She and the group had been walking for quite a while.

Zest, who now appeared to not mind the fact that they’d left Mio and Basara behind, gave off a look of slight surprise.


“Mhm, she’s enjoying herself alright,” Kurumi said, her tone more cheery than usual. “I thought she’d be less excited about it all.”


Yuki and Zest exchanged glances, before nodding and saying “That’s right,” in unison.


“I’d be more worried if she weren’t enjoying herself,” Yuki remarked, to the others’ agreement.


“So where do you think we should go?” Maria asked, looking around.


“Come to think of it…we never really gave it much thought, have we?” Kurumi said, placing a finger to her lips in thought. “This will be my first time going to any of these attractions some of you have visited before.”


“Well, I guess we can start with the haunted house.”


Maria and Kurumi suddenly went still at Yuki’s suggestion; the two became aware of the other’s expression as they exchanged glances with one another, and immediately turned their faces away afterwards.

“R-Right, I know you used to love places like that, big sis. Still, I think I’m already too old to go into places like…” Kurumi said, looking back and forth.

“Oh my…is something wrong, Kurumi-chan? Are you telling me that you’re afraid?” Although Maria was laughing scornfully at Kurumi, her knees were trembling.

“Absolutely not! And speak for yourself, Maria—you don’t look very thrilled yourself either.”


“Is that so? Well, I can’t say I’m bothered in the slightest, but if you insist, Kurumi-chan, perhaps it is for the best if we don’t go to the haunted house after all; I wouldn’t want to burden your already trembling body more.”


“You’re right. We shouldn’t go there since you’re scared, Maria.”


“I am not scared, okay! I’m just positively turned on right now! Still, Kurumi-san, all you have to do is to get on your knees and beg, ‘Oh, I’m just too scared and don’t want to go into the haunted house, so please just mess me up right now!’ and I wouldn’t be so hesitant about cancelling the trip to the haunted house!”


“Now you’ve just lost your head—what are you saying!?”


Yuki only watched the squabble between the two youngest members of the household wordlessly.


“I want to go in and have a look,” Zest said amidst the commotion. Maria and Kurumi turned toward her, wearing the same look of surprise.


“I’m admittedly interested in what the monsters in the human world are like…but is it all really not that interesting? If that’s the case…”


“Oh, no, no, no, Kurumi’s the only one among us that’s not really happy about going there.” “Maria’s the one who doesn’t want to go there.”


Their statements came out at the same time, before the two glared at each other once again.


“I’ll come along, then.” “I’ll follow you guys too.”


Their retorts came out simultaneously again.


“It’s just a haunted house, after all. Besides, there’s still the four of us even if Basara-san’s been left behind. We’ll more than manage.” There was a confident expression on Maria’s face, but she still could not hide her pale countenance and her quivering knees.


“Let’s hear the rules, then.” Yuki, who seemed to have separated from them momentarily, suddenly said so as she returned to them.


“Rules, huh?”


“This haunted house seems to be a walk-in attraction. That said, we’ll have to go in two-by-two.”


Maria became silent; Kurumi’s expression went blank. 


“Two people at a time is still more than enough company! What’s with the face you’re making, Kurumi-san—?!”


“I’m simply feeling satisfied with the outcome! That should be obvious, right, Maria—?!”


“Well, let’s get going then. I’ll pair up with Zest.”


“Yuki-san!” “Onee—!?”


Yuki could only tilt her head to the side in puzzlement as Maria and Kurumi raised their troubled voices.


Part 4


The name of the haunted house they entered was ‘Maison D’Inferno’.


“Do you want to know something, Maria? This is what they call a maison (in French), or a mansion. Long ago, where unfortunate events would occur on such a plot of land, the mansion becomes such that various rooms would suddenly appear out of nowhere.”


“I see! Now that’s just great! How very nice of you to enlighten me on this establishment that I’ve heard absolutely nothing about! Maybe we should continue to a dirtier topic while we’re at it!”


“No thanks!”


Maria and Kurumi had paired up and were now walking along the ominous corridor of the mansion. There was a sudden flicker of dim light, following it was a raspy sound reminiscent of a cat’s mewing—it startled the two girls into shaking.


Not wanting to show their clearly frightened expressions, their faces were turned away, though they slowly inched closer to each other as well.


“W-What’s the matter, Kurumi-san? I should say that I’d like you to stop sticking so passionately close to me…”


“I-I just thought that I’d be generous enough to give some service today. Even then, aren’t you the one that’s getting closer in the first place…?”


Kurumi forced herself to smile through her fearful expression.


Maria’s eyebrow twitched at Kurumi’s reply; her face still scared, she did her best to curve her lips upward and lightly puff her chest outward.


“So you are scared after all, aren’t you? Some demon succubus you are…”


“As a matter of fact, I am not! As a succubus, I happen to be a demon of the night, so the atmosphere makes me feel more like a housewife waiting at home! It is a mansion, after all.”


“Okay, now that just sounds a little off, doesn’t it?”


“That’s none of your concern, now, is it? At any rate, you’re the one that’s really scared here, aren’t you, Kurumi-san? That’s why you’re going on the offensive and avoiding the question.”


“Wha—! That’s not true and you know it!


“And you call yourself a member of the Hero Clan? Ahaha. Seems we have a good-for-nothing hero around here…”




The sound of footsteps could be heard from the back.


Maria stopped talking, and Kurumi’s own footsteps stopped at the exact same time as Maria’s.


—Click. There was that sound again.


And it wasn’t stopping; click and click, the sound came in slow, but steady intervals.


Maria and Kurumi could no longer hide how utterly terrified they were—before they even realized it, their arms were already around one another and they shivered amidst the dimly lit corridor.


“K-K-K-Kurumi-san, I think this is the best time for you to let out your inner protective heart now! What was that…”


“T-T-That’s supposed to be my line…”


Non-existent saliva unconsciously went down their drained throats; realizing and no longer denying the fear that festered in the other’s eyes, Kurumi and Maria slowly turned around to ascertain what it was that was coming toward them.


At that moment, the pace of the approaching footsteps suddenly hastened; the intervals between the clicking sounds were now very short. 




Screaming with tears in their eyes, the two girls made a run for their lives along the corridor, their hands locked the entire time.



Stopping at a short distance away from where Kurumi and Maria once stood were Yuki and Zest—having been left behind by Kurumi and Maria running away, the two watched on, surprised.


Yuki and Zest knew that they had the perfect opportunity—using the elaborately crafted spectacle of mansion, the dim lighting and carefully acted steps to create an unsettling atmosphere, the two got to witness how the two younger members of the household reacted as they ran ahead before them.

That said, though they initially thought about calling out to them and going through the facility together—


“They get along well after all.”

“Now isn’t that nice to see.”

Remembering the way Maria and Kurumi stood close together and held hands as they ran away brought fond smiles to their faces.





Panting noises could be heard amidst the faint light.


Finally stopping after seemingly endless running, Kurumi and Maria slowly put their breathing in order. They were so exhausted that there was no room for banter between them.

Maria’s expression became nervous once more; Kurumi, who arrived later than Maria, had her face as white as a sheet as she looked toward the same direction. 

The first sight they saw as they reached the end of the long corridor was a washitsu (Japanese room). 

The small, tatami-matted room was filled with old-fashioned furniture such as a low dining table, a TV, and a dresser. 

Synthetically deep shadows contrasted the dim lighting. 

Maria and Kurumi both felt the reality settle into them simultaneously without a single word exchanged between them. 

There was something in this room. Something was going to jump out at them. 

“…S-still, it’d be absolutely anti-climatic if we know what’s coming, right?”

“Exactly. Fear, after all, is a feeling felt when something strange occurs when you expect it the least. It would absolutely not be scary at all if we have a heads up. Don’t you think all this is really amateurish at trying to replicate that?”


The two trended into the room, watching their steps as they tread upon the countless shadows on the floor within.  

“Now, no matter where we go…”


Crash! A noise resounded from above them.


The two looked upward to discover a figure of a person hanging above them, swinging in large motions.




Their echoing screams threatened to wear out their vocal cords.


A few moments later, Yuki and Zest could be seen still slowly walking down the corridor. Their expressions had not changed, remaining composed in the strictest sense of the word.


“It seems Maria and Kurumi are quite scared.”


“That’s just part of the fun.” Yuki said. The two had heard Maria and Kurumi’s screams even from their distance. “As long as they’re scared in a way that’s enjoyable, that’s fine.”


“I see. This facility allows one to enjoy the feeling of being scared and frightened…a fascinating concept.” Zest nodded after surveying her surroundings.


As she watched Zest, Yuki’s lips suddenly opened to speak, as if something went on in her mind.


“When do you think you get scared, Zest?”


“You’re asking me about the times I ever felt frightened? Well…” Zest’s gaze was downcast as she went into thought. “I guess it’s when I know that I can’t win and will lose something in the process. When such a thought comes to mind, at least.”


“I feel it when I’m unable to protect something.” Zest’s answer caused Yuki to purse her lips.


“I understand. I feel it when we’re fighting very strong opponents. Though more than the fear…there’s the uneasiness from the fact that I’m going to lose.”


“Yes. Even so, I—”


Before they knew it, they’d arrived at the washitsu (Japanese style room) that Maria and Kurumi passed by earlier.




The sudden sound came from above, and a figure suddenly fell from the ceiling, one that resembled a corpse that appeared to have hanged itself.


Yuki and Zest looked above them without any drastic reactions.


“In other words, I presume that after we’ve heard about the ‘Maison D’Inferno’ at the main entrance, all this has been set up to appear as if though this figure’s an evil spirit trying to attack us?”


“I would suppose so.”


Nothing else seemed to jump out at them after that; Yuki and Zest detected no notable change in their surroundings either.


“I heard a sound before this figure fell from above. It was faint, one that I would assume no normal person would have been able to detect.”


“I heard it too. Do you think we would have been more startled by the sudden occurrence if we hadn’t heard that noise?”


“The sound could have been drowned out by another sound to deceive us.”


“Perhaps we can exchange our opinions through messaging later?”


“I suppose it would benefit us both.”


As the two remained deep in conversation, the figure of the fake evil spirit quickly slid back up into the back of the ceiling panel.



“Alright, I want to get out of here right now. I’ve had enough of this place!”


“Let’s just find the exit…! Waaah, onee, Basara nii-chan…”


No longer capable of hiding their teary eyes from one another, Maria and Kurumi stepped into a room that looked like a living room. In a contrast to the washitsu they had entered earlier, the wooden flooring in this room gave off a feeling that it was brand new.


“Uuu…I don’t want to be scared anymore….I don’t want to see more of these frightening things anymore! Kurumi-san, what about the ceiling…?”


With tears still flowing from her eyes, Maria frantically examined the shadows of the items around her, such as the floor, the bed, and surrounding furniture.


“There’s nothing to open here. I’ve checked it with my magic! This is the power of the Hero Clan!”


Fighting back her tears, Kurumi’s gauntlet that utilized her spirit magic began to glitter. She had truly used her magic for his instance, even if it only manifested in a form that only examined the flow of air around them.


“That means everything’s alright here, right? Fufu…we just need to pass through here! This is all just child’s play! And soon I’ll be able to return to the warmth under the sun!


“That’s right! Let’s hurry…let’s hurry to the exit and—”



There was another loud sound, akin to the one they’d heard in the washitsu they visited earlier—a sound that resembled that of something vigorously knocking onto something.


Kurumi and Maria turned their gazes toward the sound.


It was not from the bed, furniture or ceiling…but from outside the window of the living room.


Something dark was stuck on it.  






“Is this a culture of your country?” Zest suddenly asked, a few moments after the two left the washitsu.


“This haunted house facility does indeed leave a lasting impression. It brings about the fear that comes from another having a potential grudge against you. A tragedy occurred within this mansion, such that the dead resent the living intruders that visit it, even if they have nothing to do with the mansion or the events that have transpired here. That is the essence of this mansion’s setting.”


“That’s true.”


“I have invited the ire of many myself.” Zest said, plainly.


Despite Zest’s unchanging expression, however, Yuki could sense Zest’s profound, dark thoughts depe down.


“And should their grudges toward me be reflected on the expense of others…”


“It’s okay to be afraid.”


The way Yuki clearly made that statement caused a slight shift in Zest’s expression.


“No matter what it may be. Basara, the others, and myself…we’ll protect you from it.”



Zest smiled lightly, and Yuki nodded back reassuringly in response.




The smile on Zest’s face abruptly disappeared, and Yuki prepared herself.


The two then entered a room that seemed to resemble a living room. Their senses, honed after going through many fierce battles, detected a unusual, wafting presence within the area.


It was a presence that no prop or feature of the haunted house could facilitate. Something was there.

Demonic aura radiated around Zest, and Yuki’s spirit blade, Sakuya, was already in her hand before one could notice.


Their gazes surveyed every nook and cranny of the room vigilantly.


In the end, what they found was


“Waaaaah…Zest-san…” “Onee—”

The two discovered Maria and Kurumi shivered and whimpering under the table.


Bang! There was another loud sound from the window, but Yuki and Zest paid it no mind and did not look around them.


“We should keep an eye on them.” “I suppose we should.”

The two exchanged glances with one another. 




Part 5


The sunlight that day was rather warm given that it was February, and there seemed to be no traces of the chilly wind.


Basara and Mio were sitting down on one of the benches; Basara was sipping some hot coffee beside Mio, who now held the plastic bottle of the hot apple tea she had finished drinking.


“I’m sorry…” Mio said, dejected. “I know it took you a lot to keep your promise, and it’s a rare opportunity in itself for all of us to be together like this, especially with how long we’ve been preparing for this trip…”


A heavy sigh spilled from her lips.

“You got sick, so it really can’t be helped, right? Unexpected things like this happen.”


“That’s not it,” Mio said, shaking her vermillion hair. “Even though you came here to enjoy yourself, I…I ended up feeling jealous of Yuki. And apart from that, I ended up getting sick over the roller coaster even though I said I’d be fine…and now I have to bother you with these feelings even though we were all looking forward to this trip…ah!”


Her voice suddenly turned feverish; her hand reached for the crevice between her muffler and her coat, blinking as she touched the nape of her neck.


There was no doubting the mark that appeared on her fair neck; it was proof that the curse of the Master-Servant contract had been activated.


And Basara noticed it too.

“I…this again…ahn!” Her sweet voice raised in agony.


“I see. Even earlier, you were…at any rate, just don’t think about it any further. It’s not like you’ve done anything wrong.”



Even so, the symptoms of the curse did not appear to fade.


“This is bad. Even if I could relieve her, I—”

Naturally, there were many visitors moving around them—Kurumi and Zest, the two people he knew that usually were the ones capable of creating a barrier for Mio’s relief in public, were also not present near him.


What am I going to do? The moment such a thought came into his mind, he suddenly heard a familiar voice that he had been searching for.


“You look unsightly, Maria.”


“You speak for yourself, Kurumi-chan. I’m through listening to this pathetic hero.”


He could see Maria and Kurumi, snorting as their backs were turned against the other. The red in their eyes suggested that they had been sobbing for some reason. Zest and Yuki also appeared to have returned, following them from behind.


“Thank goodness you’re all here! It’s Mio, she’s—” Before he knew it, he was already running toward the four of them.


“The curse?” Noticing Mio’s miserable state on the bench, the four girls immediately went over to examine her condition.


“I’m sorry…that I’m…like this…” Her cheeks flushed, her eyes in heat and wet, Mio appeared as if she could not manage to speak any further.


“What do we do…I suppose we could set up a barrier, but…”


“Now, I have a great idea as to what we can do.”


It was Maria who suddenly spoke, patting her humble chest. Although her eyes appeared as though she was crying a while ago, her gaze suddenly overflowed with more confidence than necessary.


“A good idea?” The way Maria said that caused Kurumi to look at her in a way that was disapproving in every sense of the word.


“That’s right! You can just leave it to me, this erotic loli succubus who’s not bothered whatsoever by some random haunted house here!”


Kurumi glared at Maria scornfully; Zest and Yuki said nothing at Maria’s statement.


Basara’s response to Maria’s front was “Come to think of it, you’re not good with the scary stuff, huh…”, a thought that came into mind and out from his mouth.


“Oh, come on! Can you stop looking down at me like that? I am a real succubus! A real succubus, I say!”

“For Mio’s sake, just let us see you put that mind of yours of an actual good idea this time, and fast!” Basara had to be serious with that statement.


Part 6


The distant view below displayed the metropolitan townscape and the closest station from the amusement park.

Basara and Mio were now at a place that allowed them such a vantage—they were now on the Ferris wheel that they had first saw when they had disembarked from the latest station. 


Mio’s body sunk upon the seat she sat on, her body limp and drained of her strength.


Her coat had been taken off, her muffler had been undone, and her clothes had been loosened; yet her breaths came out in struggling intervals, while sweat was running down her flushed cheeks.


As Basara eyed Mio’s miserable state before her, he examined his surroundings; he could see that the one of the cabins next to him on the Ferris wheel he was now on had passengers on it.


As per Maria’s instructions, Basara knew that Kurumi had set up a barrier for them that was not of a variety that cut them off the space surrounding them. Rather than making a new space, she instead made it such that the fixed space surrounding them could not be seen.


Basara waved his hand toward the couple within the gondola next to them that was within his view; however, they didn’t seem to have noticed him and thus gave no reaction.


In other words, the space was made as such that no one other than those inside the gondola Basara and Mio were now in could notice them.


No one could see the space that confined their gondola, and so no one would board upon it even if theirs were to descend to the ground, nor would anyone find the circumstances to be odd or unnatural. “In other words, you can do whatever you want right in public!” At least, those were words that Maria had said.


After ensuring that the technique had indeed been cast, his attention returned to the fact that there was something he had to do while he had the chance.


His current priority was to relieve Mio; he knew he couldn’t waste too much time doing so, however, as his thoughts wandered at the reality, knowing that he’d feel guilty about troubling the others for this, as well as the fact that the curse would deteriorate if he didn’t act in time.


“I have to do something now…”


Uttering thusly, Basara began to work on the remaining clothes on Mio, who was now faint from the curse; he started by unfastening the buttons on her already loosened clothing.


“Ah, ahn….naaah….”

Given her sensitive her body was at the moment, the mere sensation of cloth brushing against her body was enough to make her raise her voice. As Basara continued to remove her clothes, her breasts, held by her bra, were eventually exposed; despite her underwear containing them, the way they sprung appeared as if though her breasts would jump out from her bra at any moment.


Along with a mild hint of sweat, Mio’s sweet bodily odour began to waft throughout the confined space of the gondola.


Her lips than proceeded to press themselves atop Basara’s own; Mio’s arms wrapped around Basara’s back as she clung to him. She gradually began to lick his lips with her tongue, and, as if she could no longer herself, her tongue did not spare even his teeth.


Her squirming red tongue then proceeded to go deeper within his mouth, twining around Basara’s own tongue as their saliva mingled together, producing obscene, watery noises.


“Nnnn, nnnn, nnnn….”

Mio’s eyes narrowed slightly as she lost herself from her craving for Basara’s lips, her nails sinking into Basara’s clothes as her arms remained wrapped around his back, tears spilling from the corner of her eyes.

After a long session of kissing, Mio released herself from Basara’s mouth gasping for air, saliva trailing between her lips and her tongue.

“Onii-chan…” Mio’s grip on Basara strengthened slightly. “Ah…”

Nodding, Basara separated his body from Mio’s and stood up. He then moved her body toward the side of the seat that she had been sitting on—he turned Mio’s body toward the one of the windows situated beside his back of the gondola they were in.

Naturally, Mio’s body was pressed upon the gondola window—her ample breasts, barely held by her bra, gently changed their shape as they were pressed onto the glass.

“Aaaaah, aaaah♥….”

The cold of the glass on her breasts caused her to writhe from the sensation as she let out hot breaths that caused white puffs to form on the glass she was pressed upon.

Basara’s hands reached for Mio’s breasts, now adhering closely onto the glass, as he removed her bra.

“Fuaaan! ♥”

Having lost her last line of protection, her large breasts were now fully exposed as they were pressed upon the glass.

“Mio, look at that.”

Basara pointed toward the view on the other side of the glass; Mio’s gaze, marred by the pleasure she was now experiencing, turned toward where he was pointed.

For just a moment, Mio’s eyes widened at what she was seeing as she regained her soberness.

“Eh…? There’s people…Wait, Basara, the barrier…”

“Yes. They can see you.”

Mio had felt faint throughout her time in the gondola due to the effects of the curse; that said, she was unaware of the barrier that had been set up.

The thought that she was going to be subdued by Basara in front of the other visitors suddenly came in her mind.

“N-no…! They’ll see us! They’ll see my…”

Her breasts against the glass was in clear view of the female passenger inside that gondola that was right in front of the gondola they were in.

Let them see you.”

The couple in the gondola in front of them smiled as if in chatter, pointing at the gondola behind them as they enjoyed themselves. Given that they were outside of the space of Basara and Mio’s gondola, the couple was pointing at the scenery outside, as it was all they could see from their vantage.

Mio was not aware of that fact, however, thinking that the couple was pointing at her; Basara had willingly decided to use such deception to free Mio from the effects of the curse as soon as possible.


Although she wanted it all to stop, she was too drained of her strength to resist. Basara then caressed one of her breasts while pressing the other harder against the glass pane, moving as if they wanted to make a willing display in front of the couple before them.


Basara gently pinched her nipple, and despite her words of refusal, her body shivered in the pleasure of her current state.

“You can feel it, don’t you? The way you’re being watched right now…”

“But that’s…ah! ♥ But that’s…nnn, ahh, ahh!”

Mio’s compressed body collapsed onto Basara; her lips piled atop Basara’s once more as if she could see through the other side of the glass through it. In response to her pleading endeavour of twining her tongue around Basara’s, he intentionally separated his lips from hers.


Mio’s ravenous tongue stuck out as it reached for Basara’s own tongue even as he attempted to split themselves from their union, their mixture of saliva glistening from their parting mouths.

As Mio’s gaze continued to look at the view opposite the glass, she expectedly could not find herself refusing any further—she could only continue to desire Basara all the while.

While Basara continued to exchange kisses with her while rubbing her breast, his hand extended further down her body. Going down her skirt, Basara’s hand then reached her precious area and began to caress it.

“Fuaah, ahh…” Mio began to writhe even more extremely.

She could not resist the warm, dampening sensation welling within her.

Each time his fingers dug deeper into her underwear, the motions making watery noises, Mio’s breaths became more intense.

And then, pinching her nipple harder, Basara stimulated Mio’s most sensitive spot by inserting his finger deep into it.

“Aaahn, aah! Nnnaah! No! Aaah, not over there, fuaaahn! ♥”

With a conspicuous, sweet moan, Mio’s body went stiff at the overwhelming sensation.

An equally sweet fragrance enveloped the confined space they were in.

The towel that Maria had prepared for her beforehand under her skirt had been stained with some of the overflowing liquid she was letting out.

Mio stood devoid of any traces of strength for a few moments, leaving her vulnerable body to Basara’s care as he supported her onto the seat.

Basara gently stroked Mio hair that was now wet from her sweat.

“…I’m…sorry, Basara…” Mio muttered, bereft of strength.

Basara gently stroked Mio’s head once more, wearing a brotherly, familial smile on his face.

“I had fun.”

The cabin door opened, and the two could see Yuki and the others waiting below the staircase that led up to the alighting area as they disembarked the ride.

“Let’s go visit some other spots after you’ve calmed down.”

“Mhm. Onii-chan…”

Tears spilled from her eyes as she remained in Basara’s embrace—tears that were born from neither

sadness nor guilt.

Part 7

The red of the setting sun made the view of the winter’s evening sky outside the window.

Basara awoke to realize that he had dozed off.

The rumbling sounds and the shaking motions signified that he was now on a train—Basara and his group were now on their way home.

After Mio had calmed down, she had changed her already ruined underwear with some new underwear that Maria had prepared for the day, and had joined Basara and the others in visiting various attractions the amusement park following that. In particularly, the group had went to appreciate the customary hero show, finding themselves cheering over the dramatic development that had unfolded after waiting in suspense. Their lunch for the day had also been delicious, such that even Zest admitted to how good it was.

Everyone, from Mio, Yuki, Kurumi, and Maria to Zest, had enjoyed themselves thoroughly; the girls were now asleep, lined up on the same row of seats as Basara’s.

Mio was asleep right next to Basara, and he could feel the warmth of her defenceless body upon him.

Thoughts of the horrific tragedy that had occurred during this childhood resurfaced yet again.

He had genuinely enjoyed that one day with Yuki, Kurumi and Takashi back then.

And as of now, after overcoming various tragedies and decisive battles, Basara had spent precious time with Yuki and Kurumi once again, but this time, Mio, Maria and Zest were with them—as a family, they had all engraved new memories in their heart that day.

With that, Basara let out a satisfied, toothy grin, and he shut his eyes again.