Prologue: Facing The Winding Seasons

Prologue “Facing the Winding Season”

Part 1

There was a place full of boys and girls feeling a sense of freedom all at once.

As the third semester’s closing ceremony comes to an end, within the campus of Hijirigasaka Academy as they head to the after school

Their expressions as they left their classrooms and went towards the entrance through the halls was bright. There are those with dark expressions mixed among them, due to the poor results as given to them by their homeroom teacher but, there’s also some fun in that.

However, among them are those who remain in their classrooms, reluctant to leave.

— Hijirigasaka Academy changes the class order after every year. When April comes, they won’t be with the same classmates as this year.

There’s a girl in class 1-B who felt that loneliness as well as something else. Naruse Mio remained in her seat in silence. In the midst of her classmates’ conversations and moving about, Mio sat in the seat she had spent this third term, her gaze falling on her desk.

…Today is the last time I’m sitting here, huh? And then, as she thought back to this last year. “…What’s wrong?”

Softly, a quiet voice asked from next to her – it was Nonaka Yuki. Yuki was beautiful to begin with, but of late it seems like she grew increasingly so. At that Yuki, Mio instantly stood from her seat, to answer that question,

“Nothing… I’m just thinking of some things.” She shook her head with a difficult smile. “…I see”

Like she understood that feeling, Yuki let her gaze wander off Mio and to the classroom around them.

As such, Mio too looked to the same thing as Yuki. The scenery of this 1B which she belonged to.

With that Naruse Mio again, thought of the passing of time.
— After they returned from the demon realm, Naruse Mio was able to spend her days ordinarily.

While there were incidents with Maria and Zest right as they returned, they became something they could laugh at now. On the chores in the Toujou household, she talked about it over with Zest and they split them up, and now it isn’t strange to see the two of them in the kitchen side by side.

…That being said, there is something they can’t laugh at of late.

Maria who had completely regained her spirit after the introduction of jet bath, was just trouble with how she goes on in perfect form to the point it’s an inconvenience to others. She had argued with Maria about this before but,

…That time, was seriously the worst.

As a result of seeing the other girls with Basara, Mio fell to a strong effect of the master servant curse, her whole body attacked with a burning fever of intoxicating sweet sensations and in the end, her eyelids fluttered over her wet eyes saying, “include me too…”. She remembered Maria’s expression then, proud like having won “if you were honest to begin with, you wouldn’t be in this much pain to begin with you know?” and “if you want to join in, you should plead more lewdly”, Mio hadn’t forgotten the words said as they were carried away by the mood.

…Remember it.
One day she will take it down with a strike.

That being said, on that point there hasn’t been a point where their lives are filled with concern for danger.

That’s what Mio and the rest always desired, what they wish to attain — that is, a tranquil and peaceful every day.

…A year had passed.
Mio earnestly ran through her memories of the last year.

Last year in spring. When Naruse Mio came to Hijirigasaka Academy, she was alone.

It wasn’t as if she didn’t know anyone at all, there were a few who came from the same middle school as her.

However – they did not assertively seek to interact with her. Because they knew of the brutal murder of her parents.

— Of course, it isn’t that they knew the details of Mio’s upbringing. How she isn’t related by blood to her parents, and that she was adopted. That they were demons, and so was she. And that Mio was the only daughter of the previous demon lord Wilbert.

Those secrets of her lineage aren’t something to be known by normal people.

So, while there are those who kept a respectful distance from Mio taking pity on her, in this high school – there are those who she started to get along with more, bit by bit, in this class, soon, those who came from her middle school too started talking to her normally.

However. In this class, there are people who knew of Mio’s lineage, those who understood it as the truth.

That is, Yuki who is by her side, …And Takigawa too.

Mio took a glance at his seat. However, Takigawa Yahiro was no longer there. As the demon spy named Lars, He had disappeared to some place when homeroom ended.

The two of them knowing Mio’s true self, was from the beginning of second term.

— And the impetus for that, was a meeting right before summer break.

From that meeting, Mio’s situation had changed rapidly.

In this one year — she had met many, and just as much she had faced many battles and dangers that threatened her life.

Those days of fighting weren’t ones she would be able to overcome by herself by all means. …But.

She made a new family. Those she could trust slowly increased in number. That’s why, Naruse Mio was now able to finish the first year of her high school life. She faced this day with a smile.


So, Naruse Mio thought — I, we are okay. With that.

“Hey~ what are you two doing?” “We should leave soon”

At Mio and Yuki who are as they are, two voices called out to them. It’s their friends from class, Aikawa Shiho and Sakaki Chika. Mio and Yuki promised to go out with them after this.

Hence, Mio took her bag and stood from her seat and went towards Aikawa and Sakaki with Yuki.

“Sorry to keep you waiting”

As she apologized with both hands clapped together, Aikawa gave a sigh before changing to a mischievous smile,

“Haha~n, thinking about wanting to be in the same class as Toujou next year, you two got all melancholic huh~?”

At how Aikawa was able to hit the bullseye, Mio and Yuki looked at each other. “Well… I suppose” “I won’t deny it”

Mio laughed uneasily in return, and Yuki replied smoothly back. Those words weren’t lies or misrepresentation. The thoughts on wanting to be in the same class next year, it’s the truth of both Yuki and Mio.


Because of that, that should not be just in hope. In the future, they will without a doubt be in the same class.

The challenges surrounding Mio and the demons and demon realm have only reached the first step of its resolution.

The moderate faction and current demon lord faction had just started their negotiations, and there are also other forces within the demon realm. Not all the situations are resolved, and not all problems are cleared – on that, they don’t know when that would be. And then, as they don’t know what would happen next, it would be better if they are in the same class. As such, in the

same way Yuki and Takigawa were put in the same B class as Mio, there were plans to put Mio, Yuki and Takigawa in one class.


There’s also plans for Kurumi who’s a year younger to join them as a new student in Hijirigasaka Academy. As such, it should be possible to have Aikawa and Sakaki in the same class as well.

But for safety, to reduce risk and using magic to be in the same class, and the personal feeling of simply just wanting to be surrounded by people she gets along with is different.

To force her way through with whatever she wants, is much like betraying those she treasures around her. The moment she does that, it could cause harm to her surroundings. As such, though Mio wants to be in the same class as Aikawa and Sakaki, that is something she hopes and wishes for, she would not betray those who are her friends.

“…But it’s been awhile since the four of us went out like this”

Sakaki said softly as they changed their shoes at the locker, having moved there from the classroom through the halls.

“That’s true… Usually Toujou would be with us”

Said Aikawa, thinking about it. After returning from the demon realm, there is the danger of those who would like to disrupt the negotiations between the moderate faction and the current demon lord faction. As such for safety, they have been mindful to stay together when they go outside.

“—Oh, what’s up with Toujou?”
At Aikawa, who asked as she taps her shoes on the floor to fit it on, “Basara has a plan with his friend too”
Yuki answered ahead of Mio.
“Oh, in that case would that be with Takigawa-kun?”

Everyone knows that Basara gets along best with Takigawa from class. It’s not strange to think that Basara and Takigawa are going out together. However, Naruse Mio shook her head as if saying no. And then, on Basara’s plan.

“It seems like, he has something to talk about with Tachibana from the class next door”

Part 2

The students walking to the halls from their classes, then to the entrance.

There’s a place located far from the bustle of their movements.

A room which had the duty of representing the students – the student council room.

And then now, there is a person in the chaos of the student council room.

It was Toujou Basara. He, who had taken a different path from Mio and the rest, as he placed a hand on his forehead,

“Sorry Tachibana… I don’t think I heard you wrong, but could you say that one more time just to be sure?”

The person who he asked in this place — his friend, Tachibana Nanao. “U-um… well, so…”
Nanao in front of him, wrapped her hands around her own body as she spoke. “…My body, from the beginning of the year it remained as a girl’s”

Basara, who just heard this earlier and hearing it again.

“So that’s the case…” “Um… Toujou-kun, could it be you realized it?”

At Nanao who asked with her face red of embarrassment, Basara nodded a yes.

…At this rate, it’s probably impossible to turn back to a boy…

Since he came back from the demon world, Nanao’s femininity had seemed to have increased from before — of course, Nanao had a cute look from the beginning. But,

…Somehow, she got cuter since the sports festival…

When he was in the sports festival committee with Nanao, she was still in a “cute like a girl” sort of level, so he wondered what happened. Since Christmas, Nanao had been in a level of “definitely a girl”.

— The half-vampire Tachibana Nanao has the special ability of body shifting.

Before 18, their gender isn’t set and hence they go back and forth between a male body and a female one. The change happens every month or so. And it seems like the final gender would

be one that Nanao herself would have a strong affinity with. However, at Christmas, Basara was able to confirm with his own eyes and hands that Nanao had a female body – normally, it meant that from then to today on the last day of school, Nanao should have changed bodies twice.

“Before now, have you had a late transformation before?”

“No, this is the first time…”

Nanao shook her head at his question.

“I thought my mother might know something about it so I thought of asking her, but I couldn’t get a hold of her… That’s why I wanted to ask you who knows the situation”

“I see…”
“What should I do? Do I have some sort of illness?”

Nanao’s eyes trembled as she said that. It was a first-time experience and she herself does not know what to do in reaction to it. Of course, she ends up worried. Hence,

“…I got it. First let’s think of why your body stopped transforming” Toujou Basara rested his hands on Nanao’s shoulder to assure her,

“Don’t worry so much about it, we don’t know if it’s a bad thing yet. I don’t know much about half- vampires, but I’ll think up of the solution with you”

“Toujou-kun… Yeah, thank you”

Nanao said that with a happy expression on her face.

“That being said, it’s hard to think up of how this could happen with no reason. Tachibana… Do you have any ideas of what might have? For instance, if you’ve experienced something for the first time…”

With the question, Nanao’s face was flushed red, her embarrassment obvious to him. “…What is it?” “That’s… Probably that Christmas eve”
Nanao mumbled,
“Christmas Eve… during the start of the sports festival?”

“Yeah… After we ate, we did some party game, if you recall?” “…Yeah that”

Basara said dejected. It was during the time Basara’s father Jin infiltrated the school as Azuma Takehito but – it was quite a game.

“At that time, the two of us had to change into a girl’s school uniform in the washroom, right?”

“Y-yeah… That’s right”

No, it’s not wrong it’s just there’s… Not much to say to that.

“On top of that at the time you kissed the nape of my neck, right? I’ve never done anything like that before… In the midst of that I had this feeling I didn’t understand.”

“…I see”

If this was heard by someone who doesn’t know what happened, it’ll sound like a story that could end in different ways, but with that Basara thought up of a possibility. With this new experience to her body, the memory of it was engraved deep in Nanao and hence it’s probably that’s why her body stayed in this form – in that of a girl. In short, with the intense experience it linked to her spirit and took shape, her body being in a nervous state and taking that. Even though this was nothing more than a hypothesis,

The way to do it was to erase the memory of that time.
That being said, just to erase that one bit of memory is mostly impossible. …So, in that case.
Basara began thinking if there was another approach to it.
“U-um, Toujou-kun”
Nanao pulled on his sleeve reluctantly, speaking as if scared.
“There… is something I’d like to try”

Part 3

Hijirigakasaka’s school gate, had a rush of people.

It was like a one-shot expulsion of students making their way home.

Walking against that wave was a single girl, she was heading towards the school building.

“…Ah, Kajiura? I thought you went home earlier?”

A puzzled voice called out to her, belonging to a boy. It was Kanou Santa. A boy who worked as the treasurer of the student council this year. At Kanou who called to her,

“Yes… That’s how it should be but”

Saying that, vice president Kajiura Rikka stopped walking, having brushed past Kanou.

Just now, the other executives of the student council gathered with her.

In short, it was a simple meeting. Together with the other members, they plan to meet at the student council room.

Kanou Santa, Takei Touko, Tachibana Nanao — the three of them plus Rikka herself makes four.

Tachibana Rikka thought Kanou’s question was reasonable. This was as with the end of school, each of them had plans with their friends, and it was Rikka herself, who announced as such they should finish quickly. Rikka too, had plans with her friends after this. But,

“I forgot to send the latest data for the school festival to myself”
“You forgot you say… But if it’s just the data, did you not send it yesterday?”
“Yes, that was up till yesterday. What I forgot was the updated version from today” “You’re coming to school tomorrow, so you could do it then… You sure are diligent”

That’s right. Tomorrow, the student council members including Rikka would come to school. On top of summarizing the previous year, they had to prepare for the school festival that would begin with the new semester, and hence they had to work during the spring holiday. To Kanou, who had a ‘seriously?’ approach to this,

“Well… I thought of that but”

As she said that with a small sad smile, Kanou in front of her looked at her in an unexpected way.

“…What is it?”
“You sure changed”
Kanou said to the puzzled Rikka.
“You were too diligent before, and you do things by yourself too much” “…Sorry for being so painful to look at”
“No, it’s not like that–”
At Kanou who panicked, Kajiura chuckled.
…That’s right.

She isn’t sure on too diligent, but if what Kanou meant was ‘inflexible’, Rikka thought she was indeed like that before. If you work hard diligently, put in effort appropriately, what she’s done up till now will become something. But since the sports festival, she understood that there are times when you can’t exist, unreasonably, with just that.

During such moments that’s unreasonable, those times when one own’s strength isn’t enough, one must rely on others.

If she has changed, she feels it’s probably because of that. A bit before this, Kajiura Rikka became interested in a boy.

A boy one year younger than her who participated in the sports festival committee. Hence at the end of last year, Rikka had invited him, “join student council activities next year” but, since she asked at the start of winter break, ‘he’ was still mulling it over undecided, having said “please put it on hold a little longer”. When she asked it seemed like he has a bit of a complicated home life, and surely that meant a lot of difficult things are undecided for him. She’s sure he’s thinking about it seriously. After receiving his answer,

Even if it was a no, Rikka would be able to accept it.

There’s a slight warmth in Rikka’s chest.

“You’ve really changed after all…”

Kanou said, shrugging his shoulder, as he said a name.

“—This is thanks to Toujou too huh?”

As she suddenly heard ‘his’ name.

“W-why are you suddenly talking about Toujou?!”

At once her face heated up. Though she can’t see due to the absence of mirrors, her face had turned completely red. With that,

“Nah~ Don’t worry. Though really people don’t change that easily after all” Having grasped her weakness, Kanou grinned as he spoke.

“It’ll be nice if he joins us next year. Since starting next year you’re president, you can use your power to make sure you don’t lose to those girls he lives with, coming up with an interesting plan right?”

“…Stop saying idiotic things, hurry up and go home!” “Damn, okay, see you tomorrow”

With Rikka raising her voice without the concerns of the other students around them, Kanou stepped away from her and towards the school gate with a teasing grin.


Rikka watched as Kanou’s back disappeared from her, taking a deep breath to calm herself down, Rikka turned her heels to head towards the school, walking with her cheeks flushed.

Part 4

What Nanao would like to try, is the complete opposite approach of what Basara thought of.

In short – it’s a replication of that Christmas eve.

Nanao’s guess was something along the line of, as her body had been stuck in the girl’s form ever since Christmas eve, that experience must’ve given her a shock, so with that it kept her body in this form. As such, if she experienced the same shock again, it would be able to get her to change genders once more.

Even if that fails, Basara’s actions on her now might also be able to lessen how vivid that memory was. For Nanao presently, that Christmas Eve further deepens in her.

If one reduces that, it may calm her condition down and she could return to how it was — that kind of idea.

…But still.

No matter how vivid something was, if it happens again, even if for a little, it could increase her resistance to the vividness of that memory. As such, to do the same thing to weaken that intensity, if they have to do that then it’s important to do it more intensely than the first time. But if it creates a new vivid memory for Nanao, would it instead have fixed on her body as that of a girl? In that case, then there is no need for something more intense, and just have the same kind to calm his spirit, or so he felt. However, for one to grow a resistance then it would need one to do the same action over and over. In that case, he would try the first idea first, then adjusting if that does not work.

…Though it would be good if there’s some other way.

They thought of ways to make Nanao’s masculinity stronger, but they couldn’t think of anything that would fit with the level of femininity she experienced till this point, and on top of it if she’s to be stuck as a male next, that would cause problems too. More than anything, this was Nanao’s personal problem. Basara should lend a hand in what Nanao would like to try. With that,

“..Um… So shall we begin?”
At him, who spoke as if reluctant. “Y-yeah… Please”

Nanao, who’s already flushed red, had changed into a girl’s sailor outfit uniform. On that, she also changed her panties of that of a girl’s. The approach method is to go into this intensely. In the end, there’s no meaning to go in the same way as that evening.

There’s a possibility of her enduring it more, as it goes gradually stronger. With that, Basara gave a deep sigh as he prepared himself mentally.


He has to treat Nanao in front of him like he does Mio and the others when the master-servant contract appears on them – then to have himself as an absolute presence for Nanao, getting a strong submission from her. Hence,


So, she understands the relationship between them, he purposely chose a cold tone, with her name being called with Basara like that, Nanao jolted but still replied with a “yes”. To that Nanao,

“First, lift your skirt up with your hand… Show me how you’ve become a woman”

As Basara said that.


Nanao answered that with a nod, embarrassed. After that – with Basara’s instruction she began to use her left hand to lift her skirt up slowly.

With that, her cute red-checked panties became visible.
“…I-is this good?”
She asked commendably, as her cheeks are bright red. Hence — Basara said. “Yeah… So continue for me”
“C-continue… But I can’t lift it up more than this”
Replying to her confusion,
“Did I not say? Show me how you’ve become a woman”
As Basara told her the meaning of his original words.
With the astounded word, Nanao took a couple of steps back.

Seeing Nanao’s condition and expression, Basara had a moment in which he wasn’t sure if he wanted to continue at this pace.

— We can stop here. And, if he told Nanao his goal, surely, she would be assured. But then he wouldn’t be able to use the same method again. Even if he changes things up on the same method, Nanao would still feel assured somewhere inside her. At that,

…There’s no meaning to having started this at all.

That’s why he continued Basara drew a sigh on purpose.

“What are you saying… Didn’t you say you wanted me to do this to you?”

Saying that, Basara closed in his distance with Nanao. She took steps back.

“But, this kind of method…”

Nanao spoke with a trembling voice, she was cornered till she couldn’t move back anymore, and right by her face, Basara placed his hand on the white wall.

“— So, should we stop?”

He asked Nanao with a piercing voice. At that,


Nanao wordlessly hung her head down, for a short while, she remained like that in silence. Then, not long after.


Like she resolved herself, she slowly inserted her hands under her skirt.

As she inserted both hands into her skirt, she thought of one thing.

…I have to do what Toujou-kun asked of me.

As Basara said, she was the one who asked him to help her with this. If she hesitated now just because she’s embarrassed, she’s barking her wishes up the wrong tree.

And this is something Basara does thinking about her. There’s no way she would reject the Basara who’s like that. Hence, Nanao brought her hand up her own waist, both her hands to wear the panties are – she pulled at the rubber of the waistband with the thumbs of both her hands.


Like that, she pulled them down with her hands. With that, under her skirt her most private spot was exposed.

…Mm, the air is…

With the cold air of the student council room stroking against her spot, she grew even more bashful. But,

…I’ve to grow even more embarrassed…

Saying that to herself, Nanao dropped her hands. She then bent down as far down as she could while still standing – she slipped the panties down her skirt line, so it goes down to her thighs.

However, it can’t end here. Because Basara told her to show him she had become a woman. Hence – this is what Tachibana Nanao did. She lifted up her skirt with her thumb and index finger, lifting it up slowly. With that,

“See, Toujou-kun… My body is that of a woman…”
At the moment she said that, she looked up to meet Basara’s eyes. Basara’s hand then, suddenly roughly grabbed her breasts. “Eh—?”

Ignoring how Nanao was dumbfounded by his sudden movement, he pulled down the zipper at the front of the sailor suit. With that he removed the front hook of her bra and that exposed her breasts. However, his target was not her breasts. Basara followed along the exposed Nanao’s collar bones to slip the shirt off. With that result, the sailor suit was just on her shoulders, and her white nape is presented to him with nothing covering it. Could it be — as she thought that, Basara moved his lips to her nape.

“Ah, Toujou-ku— Aa, aaaaaaaaaaaah ♥”
Though she was about to call his name, it turned to a sweet sound as her throat arched back.

Basara intensely sucked on her nape. With that, Nanao felt a sweet sensation that isz incomparable to that of Christmas eve. But he did not just suck on her nape, but he pushed towards her crotch, and on top of it he fondled her nipples lewdly.

And then — just as she realized for herself the pleasure, she had already reached an intense climax.

“No… Fuahh ♥ Aaaah…. Haaaah ♥”

With the waves of pleasure from the depth of her body, she wrapped her arms around Basara’s back gripping tight as her body shook. At that pleasure,

…Amazing… I… Am like Kajiura-senpai at the time…

At that Christmas eve where Basara sucked on Nanao’s neck, Rikka had her breasts fondled by Basara. While in the end the fact Nanao was a half vampire was wiped from everyone else’s memory besides her own and Basara’s, but at the time Rikka had climaxed from Basara’s hand enough times. The always cool vice president was unbelievably hot then and was even more beautiful than usual. She now was the same as Rikka at that time.

Thinking of that truth, Nanao became drowned in the sensuality of the time.
From behind Basara’s shoulder, Nanao saw something she could not believe.
Since when was the door to the student council room open, and there, was a single girl. “….”

She saw what she could not believe with her eyes, just the person Nanao had been thinking of, her senpai a year older than her — Kajiura Rikka.

Obviously Basara with his back to the door was oblivious, but Nanao herself thought of nothing as she was done by Basara and she too, did not notice the door opening. There should’ve been a sound, but it was probably masked under the sounds of Nanao’s pleasure. With that,

Rikka saw them — at that moment, Nanao did as if by reflex.
The eye of half-vampires.
However, due to the climax under Basara, she was unable to do it well.
It was stronger than Tachibana Nanao intended, and receiving that Rikka fell to the ground.


Part 5

“It’s no good, she’s completely unconscious.”

Basara who spoke, while holding Rikka and shaking her awake, “What should we do…?”

Tachibana Nanao, regretted what she had done. On top of the sailor suit with the zipper Basara had broken, she had the gakuran he lent draped over her shoulders, she held on tightly to the sleeves with a bitter look.

Just in case, Nanao used her half-vampire power, “People Avoidance” to make sure people don’t come near the student council room area but, as the pleasure Basara dealt was enough to make her pass out and the effect of the power seemed to have weakened.

And furthermore, Rikka had come by in that timing.

On top of it, the magic eye that was used on Rikka was something that Nanao had used on her at the spur of the moment.

She wanted to cancel the effect of it, but the effect was much stronger than she imagined, possibly even more than Nanao could understand.


To begin with, when Rikka lost her consciousness, eyes closed, there was nothing that Nanao could try.

“I, what should I do…”

As panic began to swell up within her, Nanao started to call out in a heartbroken voice, “Let’s take her to the infirmary.”
Basara said that to her.
“To the infirmary?”
“Yeah, if it’s Hasegawa-sensei, she would be able to do something about this.”
To Basara’s words,
“If it’s Hasegawa-sensei… Ah, so then it’s true, Hasegawa-sensei… is like that too?” Nanao asked with a surprised face,

“Yeah… She’s lent me all sorts of powers.”

Those words and expression gave truth to Nanao’s impression. However, Nanao could not confirm Hasegawa’s true form. Neither Basara nor Hasegawa said anything to her, and she did not want to pry. With that,

“And then… if it’s okay with you, can you come with me to the infirmary?” That was most likely, to talk about Nanao’s true form to Hasegawa. Vampires have had a history of being prosecuted by Heroes.

Although Nanao only have half of that blood, a half-vampire, there had been a misunderstanding at sports festival and she fought Basara at the time. Thus, her being a half- vampire was something she’d like to get away from as much as possible. However,

“– If Toujou-kun says so.”

Nanao replied to Basara with a sure nod. She had caught a glimpse of Hasegawa’s true form from Basara. But how Nanao had told Basara her secret, was evidence of her trust for him. Even as she felt apologetic to the unconscious Rikka, Nanao was happy with that fact.

“Is it alright?” “Yeah… Because I trust you.”

To begin with, Rikka’s present condition was caused by Nanao. It would be odd to just leave it to Basara, and more than that, if Nanao who had used the magic eyes went, it would be easier for Hasegawa to solve this.

Furthermore, for Basara to bring up Hasegawa’s name to overcome this problem, then he must trust her. The decision of Basara was one Tachibana Nanao would not question – she trusts him.

“Is that so… Then.”
And then, to Basara who quickly changed how he held Rikka, “Wait. Before that I, haven’t changed to the boy’s uniform…”

She wasn’t embarrassed, with the fastener of her sailor outfit broken, but she wouldn’t be able to make an excuse from what people would think, with her going with Basara towards Hasegawa who he’s intimate with in this state. As to not trouble Basara that much, Nanao reached out for her own gakuran that had been folded away, as she did so,

“No — my gakuran that you have draped around you, if you would button that and could stand it that way, just use it.”

“That — I don’t really mind but”

From here, walking towards the infirmary, they could cover themselves with magic, so they won’t be crowded, and they’d be able to move without being seen by normal people. Basara’s gakuran is also a size that could cover Nanao’s top half, she definitely wouldn’t be embarrassed if seen. However,
“But then Hasegawa-sensei might be able to figure out what we did… Is that alright?”

To the her who was muddled up, Basara nodded.

“Since senpai came midway through, we haven’t managed to resolve this for you… But sensei might be able to help not just senpai but your problem too.”

Basara’s words, show he worried for her difficult to solve problem. But despite that, “If that’s… Okay with you, Toujou-kun.”
As Nanao said that, Basara said “then that’s decided” to her.
So then, the two of them, holding Rikka, left the student council room.

As they went to the infirmary, Hasegawa understood the situation as if she had seen everything. She then instructed them to carry Rikka to a bed.

“— Tachibana, come here.” “Y-yes…”

Nanao, who was called over went to Hasegawa, and as she did that, Hasegawa placed her hand on Nanao’s face.

“…Hm, is that so. That’s enough”

Saying that after a few seconds, she now approached Rikka on the bed and gently placed her hand on Rikka.


She mumbled words that Nanao didn’t understand. As she did that, there was a high-pitched sound —

“Just now –”

She understood something happened, but Nanao still let out a surprised sound. — Just now, Nanao’s magic eye that tied Rikka was dispersed.

Nanao herself wasn’t able to do anything, but Hasegawa who understood everything easily as always,

“It’s alright now. She’ll open her eyes by herself in a little bit”
With that, she gave a calm smile. Seeing Hasegawa’s power right in front of her.
…Was amazing…
Nanao stared on dumb-founded and surprised. Hasegawa’s power was incomparable to hers. — To begin with it’s a whole dimension of difference in level.
Nanao who witnessed how amazing Hasegawa was could only droop her head.
…To this person, I’m…
And then within Nanao, a miserable feeling welled up,
— At the end of winter break, just a little after third term started

There was a time when Nanao went to the infirmary to visit Hasegawa. Being worried as Basara was returning late from the demon world, she had gone to ask if Hasegawa had any details. At the time, she felt jealousy towards Hasegawa. To hide the fact she was half vampire, she wasn’t good regarding people, and was able to join the student council thanks to Hasegawa. She still felt indebted towards her, as well as thankful — even as she felt that way, she felt insecure, since she saw Hasegawa go into the taxi with Basara on Christmas night, Nanao kept thinking what they had done after that, and during winter break it had remained in her heart. She didn’t want Hasegawa to take Basara somewhere — that feeling probably existed within Nanao.

— However, the difference in power between her and Hasegawa caused riot on that feeling. To say it falls short was an underestimation — there’s that definite difference in power.

She could feel that with Mio and Yuki who just came back from the demon world had a huge increase in power. Most likely, to be with Basara, only people with tremendous power could do so. Thinking of that, there seemed to be a large distance created between her and Basara. Nanao who hung her head down,

“–So then, what were you two trying to do?”

As Hasegawa asked that, drawing closed the curtain of Rikka’s bed, Basara who stood by Nanao placed a hand on her shoulder.

Nanao looked to Basara surprised, his profile facing Hasegawa.

“I want to erase her anxieties… With that, I want to try what I can do. That is my wish.”


The loneliness within Nanao that she felt from that distance with Basara was calmed down, Basara from now on would be unchanging — no, from now on, would continue to think more of Nanao.


Understanding that, Nanao felt like she was going to cry.

…She couldn’t…

Basara said he wanted to erase Nanao’s anxieties. If she cried here, she’d further worry him… Thinking of that, Nanao tried hard to hold back her tears.

“I see… So first, one has to stabilize and fulfill Tachibana’s spirit.” Said Hasegawa with a gentle smile.

“In order to do that, it’s essential that we stop the origin of the discord between the body and spirit… Tachibana, do you mind if I say it?”


As Hasegawa suddenly asked her, Nanao replied without thinking. As she did, the Basara next to her,

“Sensei, do you have a theory?”

“More than a theory, I’m sure of this… Well, it’s something Tachibana isn’t really conscious of, so I suppose I should say it.”

Said Hasegawa with a little mischievous smile — And then, she said

“–Tachibana, you want to be seen as a woman by Toujou.”
At those words,
“Me… by Toujou-kun?”
It can’t be, Nanao thought of saying. But after that, she was at a loss for words.

It wasn’t that she shut up as the truth was guessed — she just couldn’t say anything. …W, why…?
As Nanao received a surprise to level she was dumb-founded,
“You used the magic eye. To push down the feelings for Toujou inside of you–”
A pause.
“That is, on yourself.”
Hasegawa affirmed.

“Most likely, you used a mirror or something like it. The effect is beyond one of self-suggestion and is more like self-hypnosis, as it’s originally from your own power. You also didn’t notice that you’re under your own magic… It’s a good technique. However, in the end your feelings towards Toujou are strong. That’s why the reaction came out on your body in this way.”

“I… My magic eye on myself”
“It is all you. You shut down your feelings that might trouble Toujou.” “…”
“– What should we do?”
Hasegawa said, to Nanao who hasn’t fully believed this.

“You should probably be able to dispel your own magic but… Just like what I did for Kajiura, I can erase it for you. I can wipe your feelings for Toujou too. In that case, just like before you’d be going back and forth between your male and female form until your eighteenth birthday. This is your problem, so you should decide for yourself Tachibana. I’m good with it either way, you know?”


Presented with this choice, Nanao stayed quiet, unable to decide right away and with that,

“– Isn’t it okay?”

Said Basara beside Nanao, looking at her.

“Even if what sensei said was true, if the reason you used the magic eye on yourself was me… Then, it wouldn’t be troubling me at all.”

To her, who replied surprised.

“Receiving feelings from anyone, is an honor and not at all trouble. Whether it’s love or as friends.”

That’s why said Basara.
“If, like what sensei said… You wish me to see you as a woman, I will do that from now on.”

And a little shyly.
Once again, Basara called out to her — upon hearing those words.
Something snapped inside of Tachibana Nanao. And,
…This is…

It all rose up in one go, the memory of being held by Basara — with her condition in this way, Nanao understood. The effect of the magic eye had just now disappeared.

And then, what resurfaced in her memory was herself in front of the dressing room mirror of her house.

“…Toujou-kun, I…”

To Nanao, with sudden tears misting her eyes,

“Could it be, the effect of the magic eye…”

“Seems like it… Most likely, the condition set to dispel the magic eye was for Toujou to accept her feelings.”

The theory that Hasegawa proposed to the shocked Basara was the truth – and nodding to Nanao, “I see…”

After just saying that, Basara gently embraced her shoulders. At his kindness, Tachibana thought — in the end, it’s good that she likes this person – that she likes Toujou Basara. With that,

“So then — we’d have to finish this up.”
As Basara, who was hugging Nanao, asked by parroting Hasegawa’s words,

“Even if the feelings are stabilized, the body isn’t yet. But Tachibana had already decided. Then, truthfully, there’s no need to wait till she turns eighteen. To erase Tachibana’s anxieties, then it’s best to resolve this today — about living as a girl.”

“S-sensei, can you do something like that…?”
As Nanao was surprised by Hasegawa’s proposal,

“It’s related to Toujou-kun… Then it’s easy. That’s why I said so earlier. This is a problem of your life. The one who gets to decide is you, Tachibana.”

So then, Hasegawa.

“Even if you don’t do anything, your feelings towards Toujou are fixing you on as a girl… If that gets stronger, then your sex is stable as a girl.”

“Making my feelings stronger… How do we do that?”

If she could become a girl now, Nanao would definitely want that. However, even now she has had a lot of feelings for Basara, even to the point of wanting to cry… So, to Nanao who was confused at being told to make them stronger,

“You don’t understand it? Then let me demonstrate.”

Hasegawa said with a mischievous smile, she wrapped her arms around Basara’s neck.

And then — Hasegawa’s lips met with Basara’s lips.

At the sudden, stolen kiss,

“Wai, sensei…?”

Basara quickly took his arms off Nanao, grabbing Hasegawa by her shoulders and parting their kiss.

“What’s wrong? What Tachibana needs now is to have a stronger feeling as girl, she should be happy for you to see her as a girl… There’s no other method for this.”

Hasegawa said, unruffled. Adding on an “and then”,

“Isn’t it cruel to just suddenly let the Tachibana who knows nothing to think it up all by herself?”

“…But, because that’s…!”

Basara’s face turned red as he looked at Nanao.

At the sudden act, Nanao turned redder than Basara. However, completely ignoring Nanao’s reactions, Hasegawa gently pulled Basara’s hand, away from Nanao.

“Within Naruse’s group, there are girls who aren’t used to being honest right? …But, how were they? Watching you do that with other girls, don’t they end up wishing the same for themselves?”

She whispered sweetly in his ears. “That is…”

That is true. Kurumi was guided by Zest to open her heart to him, and when Basara tied his contract with Yuki, Mio had opposed it. Mio too, had asked Basara to do it with her when she saw him with Maria.

Then in that case — for someone like Nanao, who pushed down her feelings with her magic eye for so long, in the same way, would need someone to help push her along.

“You don’t mind continuing do you? What you and I are showing, is connecting the way for Tachibana’s wish to be a woman from inside of her.”

At those words from Hasegawa, Basara glanced at Nanao.

“…I understand.”

If it is for Nanao – Basara nodded, this time, he kissed Hasegawa.

As he inserted his tongue, Hasegawa entwined her tongue with his,

“Nnn.. Chuu, haah… Nchuu… Toujou… Nnn ♥”

With their noses against each other, their kiss increased in sensuality, and then beyond this was just between a man and a woman.

As Basara kissed Hasegawa, they undressed each other. Basara and the blouse underneath Hasegawa’s white coat, Hasegawa and Basara’s shirt, all was unbuttoned and with that, Basara began to lewdly fondle Hasegawa’s large breasts as he took off her bra, Hasegawa removed the belt at Basara’s waist. They matched, their movements without any hesitation as it was something that they’ve done many times before.

Just the other day — Basara had spent a year with Hasegawa inside a barrier.

While that was to tie the contract with ten god Hasegawa – Afureia – within that barrier, for a year they had both gotten unimaginable climaxes.

And as such, they took off each other clothes like it was so easy, in tens of seconds Basara had Hasegawa in just her panties, and the garter belt holding up her stockings, and Hasegawa had Basara in his boxers.

And then, in the midst of their clothes thrown about the floor, Hasegawa pressed Basara’s enlarged member at her crotch.

“Aah ♥ nn… Haah, aah… Nn ♥”

Hasegawa wiggled her hips happily, with Basara’s member pressed against her sensitive spot, and even though there’s her panties over it, a wet sound could be heard. With just kissing and light teasing of her breasts, Hasegawa’s sensitive spot was already overflowing with womanly honey.

— The relationship between Hasegawa and Basara was different than the master-slave contract he had with Mio and the others.

To ensure that a master slave contract with the Ten God Hasegawa could be tied securely, Basara needed to achieve complete submission from Hasegawa, as a result — Basara had gotten Hasegawa to completely fall as his sex slave.

However, this wasn’t just something Basara forcefully wanted, it’s Hasegawa’s wish too – it’s a mutual agreement, more than anything. While they still have not crossed that last line, if Basara so wished it, Hasegawa would give him her virginity. But to achieve complete submission from Hasegawa, it would likely be easier if she was still a virgin. Furthermore, tying that would lose them Hasegawa’s ‘weak point’, without going to the last point, it actually dominates, Hasegawa’s mind more. And then, even without going there, there is much she could learn as a sex slave, as Basara stopped the kisses and parted away from Hasegawa,


Along with a fascinating smile, Hasegawa moved her red tongue down Basara’s neck to his chest, then to his stomach, sliding it downwards. Before long, she reached ‘that place’, pulling down Basara’s boxers — she placed Basara’s hardness in her mouth just like that.

With his member wrapped in the soft warmth of Hasegawa’s mouth, she began to service him. Hasegawa now knows everything.

“Mm… Licks, chuu… Haah, nchuu… licks… Hmm… Chuu ♥”

With the way she lewdly used her tongue, lewd sounds of excitement arose, it had further increased Basara’s sublimation, so Basara used one of his hands to pet Hasegawa’s head, as if praising her, while his other hand fondled her breast. With that,

“Nn… Aaah… Nchuu… Haaaahn…. Nchuu ♥”

While Hasegawa wiggled her hips happily, Basara’s member was sucked in strongly, like it was by a vacuum. Furthermore, she pressed her chest lewdly against Basara’s thigh, and as she used her hands to rub against his, Basara received a pleasure that would make a man happy to have been born. And in that – Hasegawa, in being able to be a sex slave for Basara again too received happiness.

An impulse came out, unsuppressed, “–I’m coming.”

Saying it in the tone of a master, Basara cupped Hasegawa’s head with both his hands as he began to thrust his hips assertively.

An action, simply for his own pleasure.

Each time Basara thrusted his hips, Hasegawa’s long black hair shook, spreading out like wings at the impact. With something so violent, she should be feeling pain, but —

“Nnbu ♥ Nnchuu, chuu ♥ hmm, chuu ♥”

The beautiful sex slave accepted the dream-like joy from the rough treatment. That Hasegawa further pushed Basara to excitement and pleasure.

“Kuh…. ah….!”
As he reached his limit, Basara released his semen into Hasegawa’s mouth.

At the moment of this violent ejaculation, Basara’s member jerked around on Hasegawa’s tongue.


However — Hasegawa accepted all of it naturally.

“Nn, chuu…. Hnn chuu ♥”

She lovingly drank it up till the last drop, her eyes upturned to look at Basara. Basara carefully drew his hips back, taking his member out of Hasegawa’s mouth.

“Show me,”

So, he ordered. At that, Hasegawa took a sitting posture with both of her hands in front of her, she lifted up her head.

“Nn… Hahh… ♥”

She showed him the plentiful amount of semen that Basara poured sat collected on her tongue. And so,

“Good, drink it.”
“Nnn, nn…. Aah… Nn ♥… Nn… Aah”

As her throat sounded her drinking of Basara’s semen, her waist trembled, and as she drank it all up, she let out an ecstatic sigh. She then tucked her messed up black hair to the back of her ears.

“What’s wrong Tachibana… Surely you’ve realized our special relationship from a while back?” She said to the Nanao who had sagged down on the floor with a calm smile.
To Hasegawa’s provocative words, Nanao didn’t move from her stupor.
…They really do things like this…

She had a bit of an idea about the relationship between Hasegawa and Basara – but the reality was completely above Nanao’s imagination. Just watching had completely flushed her body, and dubious thoughts floated softly in her mind.

To that Nanao,
“What are you just there for Tachibana… Now, you who wants to become a woman too” “…Y-yes…”
At Hasegawa’s words, Nanao quickly stood up, as she did so,
“Eh… W, ha…?”
Even though she had lifted herself totally, she could not stand well on trembling knees. Then, “—”
Basara walked over to Nanao — wordlessly, he held out his left hand.

Upon seeing that, Nanao gulped down. Nanao understood what would happen if she took that hand — she would be doing what wouldn’t be far from the actions between Hasegawa and Basara. That’s why she didn’t take it, to provoke her, Hasegawa who looked at Nanao and Basara,

“If you’re still not in the mood, we’ll show you a more intense part of our relationship… Is that okay?”

The words Hasegawa said to her, gave Nanao enough determination and resolution.

Deciding with taking Basara’s hand, his gakuran on her shoulder fell to the floor.

At that moment, the path towards Nanao becoming a full-fledged woman had begun. Firstly, Nanao, Basara and Hasegawa, to the bed next to where Rikka was sleeping… The bed next to the window, separated by a single curtain. To Nanao sandwiched by Basara in front of her on the bed, and Hasegawa behind her.

“So, let’s begin with taking off your clothes… Come on.”

“Y, yes…”

Nodding in reply to Hasegawa’s words, Nanao took off her sailor suit easily in front of Basara and Hasegawa. Just like that, she took off her bra too and now Nanao’s top half was completely naked.


The Nanao who just let out a now embarrassed voice just noticed. Her nipples had perked up lewdly after witnessing the affair between Hasegawa and Basara in front of her.

“No… This is, it’s not like that… I wasn’t planning on…”

Nanao moved to quickly cover her breasts, but Hasegawa behind her spread out her arms and held them.

“Fufu… Why are you embarrassed now?”
Instead, she was in a posture that let Basara see her clearly. And then, “–Relax, Tachibana.”
Suddenly, Hasegawa whispered in her ear.

“Embarrassment and all that, there’s no need to hide or falsify yourself. Having feelings for Toujou, you pushed down your desire till your body turned into a girl’s first, right? You’ve worked plenty hard. That’s why you should accept and release yourself.”

“Release… myself…”
Hasegawa’s words deeply dyed into her heart, releasing away the tensions from her body. With her pupils glazed, Nanao,

With some hints of accusation in his voice, Basara called to Hasegawa, but Hasegawa, calmly,

“It’s alright, leave it to me… Come on Tachibana, you understand why your body was flushed hot, right?”

Nanao nodded. A sweet fever swelled from inside her body.

“This was something that had been damned by your magic eye up till now, your sense as a woman… From here, that sense for Toujou would be amplified many more times. However, you can’t just be passive about it. You have to seek it for yourself, just like me earlier… Can you do that?”

“…Yes… Sensei…”

“Good… Then, look at Basara in front of you well.”

At Hasegawa’s words, Nanao faced Basara in front of her once more.


As she did so, the naked Basara in front of her, his carefully trained body, but more than that how his member stood aroused, jumped to her eyes.

As she said his name without thinking, a thrill rushed down her spine.

It was a little scary… But more than that, she felt good. The embarrassment that was inside of Nanao disappeared, and what remained was a pure, womanly instinct. So,

“– Please, come”
Nanao voiced out her desire. And as she did so, “Yeah… I understand.”
Basara gave her a firm nod in reply.
“–I will make you a woman.”

At that moment — the infirmary bed became the training place Nanao would learn the ways of life as a woman.

— But, Basara and Hasegawa were not holding back on the beginner Nanao.

Basara sucked her taut nipples shamelessly, and Hasegawa fondled her butt lewdly over her underwear.

“Fuaaah — haah, nn… No…, haah… ah, aaaaah ♥”

It was a different dimension of pleasure from the time with Basara earlier in the student council room, Nanao quickly had an indescribable climax, and being a woman was carved into her heart and body.

Being messed up to reach a climax by two people, the slighting bit of reason was uprooted away from Nanao’s head. And then, she fell to the pleasure of her sex to the point of severity,

“Haahn…. No, ahaa… nn ♥”

Without realizing, the color of ecstasy rose on Nanao’s face, she had completely become a prisoner of the pleasure dealt by Basara and Hasegawa. She didn’t know how many times she came. Naturally, her panties were wet from her womanly honey, and even the bedsheets were lewdly stained.

However, to the point of not thinking of her pride, Nanao was taught plenty by the two on how she was a woman. Changing positions, with Basara fondling her breasts with both hands from behind her, Nanao was immersed in the happiness of a woman.

“–That’s not good Tachibana, feeling good by yourself.”
With a teasing tone, Hasegawa poked Nanao’s forehead,
“How long are you going to make Toujou-kun wait?”
With those words, Nanao became aware of the hard thing against her back. …This is, Toujou-kun’s…

It was, unmistakably, Basara’s member. As Nanao reached for it,
“There’s no way you’ve forgotten what I demonstrated earlier… Can you do it?” Hasegawa said with a smile.

“…. Yes”
So Nanao nodded, switching from front to back, taking a posture to face Basara.

“I’m sorry it was only me who was feeling good… I want to make Toujou-kun feel good too, is that okay?”

She asked with her pupils melted in pleasure. As she did,
Basara nodded of course. So, receiving happiness, Nanao,
“It’s my first time, please teach me lots on what could make Toujou-kun feel good.”
With a fascinating smile — Tachibana Nanao began to lewdly suck on Basara’s member. “Nn… Chuu, licks… Nchuu, haah… Chuu… ♥”

First with her tongue, Nanao licked carefully from the pole to the glans, Nanao covered Basara’s member with her saliva until it was slippery. The male scent and pheromones were frightfully choking, but more than that,

…I’m, licking Toujou’s…

More than anything, that truth gave Nanao an unbelievable excitement. She no longer remembered how she was sucking his member. Before she realized it, she was already lewdly into it.

“Nnm… Chuu… Hahh, mm… Lick, chuu… Hmm, nfu… Chuu ♥”

As her sucking obscenely entangled it with saliva, clear liquid also overflowed from Basara’s tip making an obscene cocktail in Nanao’s mouth. And with that,

From how well she used her tongue, Basara let out a sigh, as if holding back something, and his member grew somewhat harder and bigger in Nanao’s mouth. To Nanao who could feel that,

…Toujou-kun, is feeling good…
Thinking that, she could no longer stop.
“Haah… nfuu… Toujou-kun… Hah mm, chuu… licks… Hachuu… Chuu ♥”

She performed service with her mouth to the point breathing came later, and it was only when she did have to breathe that she let her mouth leave Basara’s member, using her hands too, she wanted to give Basara the utmost pleasure, it was the best service she could conduct. At that time, Hasegawa was able to service Basara with her plentiful breasts, but unfortunately, Nanao didn’t have that size.

That’s why Nanao desperately thought,

…What also could I do. No, what only could I do…?

That is, her own weapon — at the moment she thought that


Tachibana Nanao realized her own ‘weapon’,


Not long after she realized it, Nanao put it into action. With Basara’s member in her mouth — she drew out her teeth a little.

Fundamentally, when servicing someone with one’s mouth, using teeth was a big no-no. Acts like biting, intended to give pain to the other party, should be avoided on sensitive male genitalia.

But — Tachibana Nanao is a half-vampire. From a clan that has special fangs, which, when used to suck blood by impaling skin, the other partner would feel pleasure more so than pain.

That’s why Nanao did it. Precisely as it’s something she could do as a half vampire, using her sfang to give Basara supremely sweet pleasure. But the effect of it far exceeded Nanao’s estimation,

“…. Aah—”
In a moment, Basara screamed as he thrusted his hips, ejaculating a load into Nanao’s mouth. “Nnnnn, nn… Npuu, haaah ♥”

Although Nanao tried to make sure she did not spill a drop, letting Basara’s semen flow down her throat, due to the intense amount and with Basara drawing his hips back, removing his member from Nanao’s mouth, some cum spilled on her face and glasses.

“Haah… Haah… Nanao, that was…?”
Nanao, who was asked by the Basara who sat on his butt upon the bed sheet,


Trembling, in the enormous sense of her accomplishment. She was able to give Basara a level of pleasure that even surprised him just now — In that pride, Nanao received the utmost happiness as a woman. Then,

“It was good right…? I’ll give it to you one more time.”

Saying that, Nanao came close to Basara — and once more began to service him.

Part 6

From then on, Nanao completely drowned in pleasure through Basara.

Gaining confidence in bringing Basara to climax, Nanao turned into an aggressive girl, using her fangs to give fellatio to Basara.

However, to Nanao who was still weak to pleasure, was quickly once again given it by Basara.

And then – after they’ve been in the infirmary for some time. “–Fufu, you’re making quite a good face now”

Hasegawa, who watched from the corner of her eye as Nanao continued to be done in by Basara, gave a ‘seems like fun’ smile. However, Nanao couldn’t look at her. There was something in front of her that she couldn’t take her eyes off. That was, the window of the infirmary, that by Hasegawa’s power was turned into a mirror reflecting Nanao’s own form — Nanao was now, on the bed, learning from Basara that she was a woman.

—- That form, which should have been naked, wore the girl’s uniform. Hasegawa had decided that in this way, Nanao could develop a stronger sensation of a girl, and once more she put on the uniform.

Basara too, returned to his shirt and uniform trousers.
However, while Basara was properly dressed, Nanao was half-naked.

Nanao had her sailor suit, draped over her, the zippers having completely broken and it revealed her breasts. Her skirt, as well as the left leg that wore her over-knee socks were left as is.

Basara embraced this attractive looking Nanao from the back.

Basara’s left hand fondled Nanao’s left breast. And then his right, approached her crotch – slipping in within her shorts. Within Nanao’s shorts, a lewd, wet sound was formed. To the point that she couldn’t say where Basara’s finger touched her.

Volume 9-1

“Aah — No, Toujou-ku… Fuaah ♥ haan…. Toujou-kun, aaah…. ♥”
As her most sensitive place for a woman was rubbed against, Nanao wriggled her hips lewdly, “I understand Tachibana… When Toujou touches that place, I get happy too.”

Hasegawa said those words with a smile, but Nanao had no allowance to listen to her. Although she moved her hips, as if running away from the tremendous pleasure Basara dealt, Basara’s finger was able to reach Nanao’s most sensitive spot anywhere – trapping Nanao in a labyrinth of pleasure. – And then, it was that time again. Just a little before waves of climax,

“No… I’m, again…. aaaaaaaah ♥”

On Basara’s lap, Nanao’s lewd voice increased, her hips bucking up in the intense pleasure, at the same time, Basara’s hand in Nanao’s panties was drenched in her womanly shower.

“Ah… Aah… ♥N…o…. Hah…. ♥”

Her uterus vibrated, as if knowing happiness, sounds of ecstasy leaked from Nanao. Basara carefully withdrew his hand from her panties and then,

“–Do you get it?”
Saying that, Basara moved his right hand to Nanao’s face to show her.

Basara’s hand which had gone to Nanao was drenched lewdly in the womanly substance of her intense climax, on top of it, there was even faint traces of steam.

That was, a fever that came from the climax Nanao received as a woman.

“…Hah…. Nn, chuu… lick…. nn ♥”

To clean up Basara’s finger, Nanao gently sucked on it with her lips. And then,

“Completely a woman’s face… This way, you can’t lose sight of your own gender, anymore could you?”

Hasegawa said, as she chuckled seeing that form of Nanao, “–Toujou, it’s about time you thrust into Tachibana.”
“Yes… You’re right.”

Saying that, Basara unzipped his pants, drawing out his member. Perhaps excited by Nanao’s foolishness, Basara has grown valiant there – and then, Basara, created a gap in Nanao’s panties, near her crotch, by inserting his middle finger.

“Nn… Haah… Toujou-kun… What…?”
To Nanao who asked, looking at him over her shoulders with glazed eyes,

“It’s alright Nanao… It’s inside until your underwear.”

Right after he said that kindly, Basara moved his hardness through the gap he had created, screwing it into the hot, wet inside.


Nanao was confused at the sudden action. Why was it, that suddenly her line of sight moved rhythmically up and down, and every time her waist moved down, there was an indecent watery sound from inside her panties.


She looked down, dumbfounded. And there, she saw her most sensitive womanly place, being rubber by Basara’s member which pointed upwards. As her thoughts were unable to catch up with the situation,

“It’s alright, Tachibana.”
Said Hasegawa, with an amused smile.

“It might seem like the sensation didn’t quite catch up in strength – but you’ll soon recognize this pleasure for what it is, and enjoy it the best.”

Whatever Hasegawa said, Nanao wasn’t able to understand right away. But,


Basara who called out to Nanao at her ears from behind her, ran his right hand gently through her hair, tilting her head to the right. In that way, the nape of her neck was exposed in its unguarded form.

“— You are, without mistake, a woman.”

Saying that with their sight tilted, at the same time, Basara bit down on her white neck with a strength that gave her sweet pleasure, intensely sucking at it.

At that moment – Nanao was able to connect all of the sensations. “—”

On Basara’s lap, she jolted and lifted her body, letting out the lewdest voice of that day. Climaxing as her sex as a woman was determined by Basara, Nanao gave a sensual cry of being born.

Part 7

After Nanao was completely a woman.

By Hasegawa’s power, the sailor suit zipper was fixed, putting the clothes on her, Basara placed the now unconscious Nanao to sleep on the same bed as Rikka.

And then, with a click of Hasegawa’s finger, the sheets returned to a clean state, and on the bedside window, Basara spent time with Hasegawa as she desired.

After they stripped off all their clothes,
“Nn… chuu, haah…. licks, chuu… nnn, I can finally have you all for myself.”

Wrapping her arms around Basara’s neck, entangling their tongues in a deep kiss, she parted her lips gently with a small moan, looking at him with damp eyes.

“Praise me… I was patient through that time you spent making Tachibana into a woman.”

“Yes… You worked hard.”

He pet her head gently, and pushed her down on the bed, as if covering her. And then,

“I won’t let you get away with this much… Today, you have to take responsibility and spoil me plenty.”

At any rate, said Hasegawa

“Tomorrow is spring break… Because you’re all leaving again, I’ll be filled with loneliness again, just like during winter break.”

“— That’s true.”

Basara replied with affirming words, wrapping his arms around Hasegawa’s back, he grabbed her butt to sit her on his lap. In this cowgirl position, Hasegawa led his hands to her plentiful breasts. Basara, with no hesitation, fondled Hasegawa’s breasts from below, lifting them up,

“Aah… Nn, haah… It had been five years since you’ve returned to the << village >>, or had it been six?”

Hasegawa asked, as the pleasure her breasts being fondled received caused her to twist her body.

“Yes – ever since I was exiled with my dad.”

As he enjoyed playing with Hasegawa’s breasts, Toujou Basara thought of the situation he was in.

— One week ago, Yuki and Kurumi received an order to return to the << village >>.
The time being spring break – and then.
…How he should come along with Mio.
However, this was something that can’t be helped. The situation they were involved in, was after the highest demon Zolgear had fallen – Kurumi, who had been dispatched as Yuki’s assistant too, had changed plenty by this time. Going to the demon realm, bringing home Zest from there, wasn’t a decision that followed their situation. In short, the << village >> could no longer overlook this. But it wasn’t just the observers Yuki or Kurumi, but they also ordered for them to bring Basara and Mio with them.

…On the other hand, this could be a chance.

Not just Basara, who had been exiled from the Hero Clan, but also for the previous Demon Lord’s daughter Mio to enter the << village >>, would be normally unthinkable.

Or it’s possible that the elders were trying to compromise with them. That’s why Basara accepted the invitation. If he was to refuse, it would cause suspicion and risk, and he can’t risk Mio being placed as an erasure target again. Rather than avoiding a short-term risk, it would be better for them to go to the village and discuss directly, to ensure there’s no future threats.


Even so, it’d be dangerous to see this optimistically. For them to be caught careless during friendly discussion, and all at once – that kind of possibility wasn’t at zero.

Thus, he decided to move considering such emergency situations.
“–Be careful, Toujou.”
Hasegawa said with worry suddenly, with her body enveloping him, as if covering him.

“I’ve told you this before… Regarding the contract we exchanged the other day, during our trip to the onsen, it gave you a large amount of my power. However, due to me having submitted to you too much, the power that I’ve lent you was too great. Now, you’re unlikely to be able to control my power inside of you…. To trigger it, or even to perceive it, should be difficult.”

Yes – it was something he understood later but, as a result of how Basara thought of just forming the contract with Hasegawa, and of Hasegawa submitting to him, the two of them might have overdone it. For it to have turned out this way, was not something either of them planned.

“Even so, with the contract with me, your basic combat power had increased… With the side effect of overusing the medicine the succubus Sheila had given, in that demon blood my Togami power had entered, and it also strengthen the divine being blood you have through Raphaeline. Knowing you have this demon blood, those of the Hero Clan’s Village wouldn’t risk it. That’s why you can decide to go to the << village >> now.”

However, said Hasegawa.

“I think you would have realized this but… With the imbalanced situation within you right now, you can’t use << Banishing Shift >>, the ability up till there and its triggering condition, still has secrets even its users don’t know.”

“Yes. After I tied the contract with sensei, I tested things out to see the change, and I can’t use << Banishing Shift >> alone… However,”

He didn’t mind that, that was Basara’s real feelings.

…That was because.

In any case this time, he wouldn’t be using << Banishing Shift >>

In the << village >> which had been a site for a tragedy, Toujou Basara did not want to repeat an imitation of the sin he had caused.


“It would be good, if I could come too.” Hasegawa said a wishful thing.
“As expected, that’s impossible…”

Basara gave a bitter smile without thinking. If Hasegawa came close to the << Village >>, there was a risk her true form as a heavenly being, or even worse, as a Ten God, would be revealed. Basara and the others went to the << Village >> to show that they aren’t a threat – to achieve a peaceful everyday life. Hence, if the Ten God Hasegawa joined, it might cause some misunderstandings and an unfavorable situation. “Sensei had already given us all sorts of power, it really helped us… That’s why this time, we will try our best first.”

“Then at least, let me do this much,”

As Hasegawa said that, she gently touched Basara’s right cheek,


As he closed his eyes, a warm wave washed over Basara’s body.

“Sensei, that was —”

“If you meddle with the divine and demonic powers within you, it could collapse the balance so. In exchange I released Brynhildr’s power in your thoughts instead.”

“Brynhildr’s power…?”
To his question, Hasegawa answered with a nod and a “yes”,

“The soul of those who fall to your magic sword – that is, the ability to suck out their soul. That, which remained from when you went against the divine realms… Putting it in the form of a magic sword, that power won’t be gone. You’d be able to use that.”

“That kind of thing…?”
“My contract with you just held you back instead of helping you so…” Hasegawa chuckled at Basara whose eyes widened in surprise, “Thank you… sensei”

At Basara’s expression of gratitude
“It’s natural of me who’s your servant. There’s no need to thank me.” But, said Hasegawa.

“If you think of me, please let me know that through your action. Just like I said earlier, I watched like a good girl as you did Tachibana… To be able to receive my master’s love, is the reward I want.”

Saying that, something soft touched Basara’s crotch – Hasegawa’s hand. And, with a lewd movement, Basara’s member soon grew big.
“Yeah – if that’s good, then anytime.!
Toujou Basara nodded and rose up slowly.

“– I’m starting, Afureia.”

To those words of Basara, Hasegawa nodded a ‘yes’, and on the bed she got in position, on all fours. And then, raised up her butt,

“Come, Toujou… Teach my hymen the taste of your semen.”
She opened up her already wet secret spot lewdly, looking at him.

—- That was the form, of the most beautiful sex slave which had fallen to pleasure through Basara.

That’s why Basara, as Hasegawa’s ultimate master, coveted her.
In that infirmary – gaining climaxes from him, Hasegawa lost her consciousness.