Slayer of The Ogre Slayer

Note: This chapter contains terms limited to the Japanese culture. Some TL notes are listed at the very end explained what some of the terms mean, said terms having asterisks. 


The sound of a vacuum cleaner rang across the Toujou Household, and one could hear someone humming as if they were in a good mood amidst the noise.


Apart from Zest, who was usually responsible for cleaning the house, Kurumi and Maria were also helping out with the chores that day.


“It’s not every day I help out with cleaning up.”


It wasn’t too difficult to clean the living room with the vacuum cleaner from one end to the other.


Maria and Zest had gone grocery shopping together…meanwhile, Kurumi, who had finished her daily routine of training and studying, was cleaning the house by herself.


There was a sudden, odd clacking noise; the vacuum cleaner stopped functioning and fell forward following it.


“Did something odd get sucked in?”


Peering under the living room sofa, she discovered that some beans were under it; they were not soramame* or edamame*, but hard, roasted beans.




As she thought of the reason why the beans were under the sofa, a bitter expression surfaced on her face.


“So there were some left behind,” She murmured, and what went through her mind was the disgraceful day where a demon had triumphed against man.


Part 2


“Are we not to uphold any events for Setsubun*?” Zest asked.


It was the 3rd of February; it was the morning of the Setsubun festival, and it all began when the group was having breakfast.


A special feature for the occasion was playing on the TV: between recordings of mamemaki*ceremonies being performed in the temples, promotions of a luxurious ehomaki *sale in department stores, as well as documentaries of the festival’s origin, the TV broadcast was generally centered on Setsubun apart from the general news.


“It is apparently an event that would clear any misfortune and bring about prosperity. I do admit that I would like to do something like that, but…”


Setsubun, huh…” Basara’s thoughts ventured to days past.


“I’ve never actually celebrated it properly before. Which reminds me,” Mio suddenly appeared as if she’d realized something, “Since my mother and father were both born from the Demon Realm, I never really got to experience things like that. I do want to pay more attention to the customs of the human world and try lots of things from here on out, though.”


“What about you, Basara?” Mio asked. Basara, Yuki and Kurumi exchanged their glances at her question.


“I’ve never really celebrated it before.”


“Mhm. Well, I guess it’s more appropriate to say that we’ve never actually celebrated Setsubun in a normal way.”


“What do you mean?” Kurumi’s words caused Mio to tilt her head in puzzlement.


“The Setsubun was originally conceived in the Heian period where people used to perform demonic exorcisms—basically a series of ceremonies meant to drive out evil spirits. The custom involved people who would chase away those that resembled demons and the like.”


“That’s true…it kinda does sound like a plausible origin for Setsubun.”


“Mhmm. Still, the Village of the Hero Clan is adopting the very custom that led to the festival to to begin with—they’re left with the real thing, the duty of exterminating demons and evil spirits.”


“For the Village, Setsubun is seen as a just a folk event. You can see it on TV right now, though…”


“That said, it’s not likely that Setsubun gives us any actual blessings, right?”


“Mhm. Well, if we’re going to perform the rituals seriously though, I suppose I can’t say there’s definitely not going to be any effect. Of course, even then it can’t really compare to the real stuff the Village is doing.”


“I see…” The words spilled from Zest’s mouth as her gaze remained fixated on the Setsubun special that was being played on the TV.


As Basara examined Zest’s expression, he went into thought for a moment.


“I guess if it’s going to work, even if a little…and given that this occasion doesn’t come every day, why don’t we give it a try?”


“Thank you very much, Basara-sama.” Zest’s expression brightened up almost immediately.


Part 3


“In any case, everything seems to be prepared now,” Yuki said.


It was afternoon in the Toujou Household; Yuki and the others had just completed their preparations for Setsubun in the kitchen.


“So this is the real deal…”


Basara gulped at the sight before him; it was beyond what he had initially expected.


Kurumi was holding a holly branch in her hand that was decorated by an iwashi’s (Japanese pilchard, a kind of fish/sardine) head at its tip—it was a traditional charm meant for Setsubun that was said to ward off evil spirits.


“I’ve strengthened it with my techniques, of course, so I’d say it’ll have an effect.”


Upon further inspection, the hiragiwashi*was indeed imbued with several magic circles she had conjured.


“As for Maria and Zest, in any case, I’ve only imbued it as such that it’s only capable of repelling lesser demons from intruding the household.”


“It’s all to make sure the process is authentic!”


“For some reason, this exorcism stuff smells kinda fishy…” Maria said, pinching her nose at the odor.


“Well, we’re using real materials, so I suppose it can’t be helped. In any case, I’m going to go put this at the door.”


As Basara saw Kurumi off as she attended to the errand, his attention then turned to the table nearby.


A large, uncut roll of sushi was set upon a large platter on the table—it was the ehomaki.


The nori (seaweed) used to wrap the sushi retained its dry quality unaffected by moisture as it had only been wrapped just recently, evident through its beautifully glossy surface. A variety of ehomaki had also been prepared; there were sushi rolls made with seafood such as salmon and shrimp, salad rolls with lettuce and tuna at the center, as well as tradition futomaki rolls with wrapped in rolled omelette and kampyo* (dried gourd).


The sight caused Basara’s stomach to rumble.


“…Well, I am kinda hungry.”


Glancing at Basara as he gave off an embarrassed smile, Mio and the others also clutched their stomachs. 


“Since we’re already hungry, I suppose we should dig in first.”


It was Kurumi who spoke as she returned, and Basara and the others looked as if thought they could devour the table at her words.


“The origin of eating ehomaki itself seems to have originated from Osaka,” Kurumi pointed to a corner of the dining room, “Every year, the toshitokujin* decides on a particular direction—an ehou (auspicious direction), if you will, which is basically a direction that’s likely to bring about good signs and omens. It’s said that if you manage to curl up an ehomaki into a ball and eat it while facing that direction, your wishes would come true.”


“The lucky direction this year is the south-southeast. Oh, and don’t say anything until you’ve finished eating.”


Zest wore a serious expression on her face after listening to Kurumi’s explanation.


The members of the family said “Itadakimasu” as they placed their hands together; after that, they reached for their respective preferred ehomaki and put the sushi into their mouths.


Basara thought that it was a fresh experience to spend the usually bustling mealtime in the Toujou household in silence, where not a single person said anything.


Perhaps due to their hunger as well as the fact that the food tasted delicious, Kurumi and Maria were single-mindedly stuffing their mouths with their ehomaki; Mio and Yuki appeared to be in deep thought, likely carefully thinking about the specific wishes they had.


Zest, on the other hand, seemed to be eyeing everything around her with great interest, perhaps due to the rarity of such items for the occasion.


Basara felt happy at the sight, knowing that the group appeared to understand the custom without having to say anything. It was then that Basara, too, turned to the auspicious direction for the year without saying anything, letting a mysterious feeling of solidarity settle into the dining room.


Basara then realized that he had yet to properly make any wishes yet—his ehomaki was already more than half finished in the meanwhile.


What should I wish for…? He asked himself.


Many difficult trials still lie ahead for both Basara and Mio; nevertheless, he would have to overcome these bitter battles with his own strength. He would want to reserve such a vague wish as a last resort for a time where the inevitable would come even if they’ve given everything they’ve got.


Basara thus considered to wish for the fact that he would have the strength to overcome such scenarios should they ever happen.


Nevertheless, he also realized that victories over his enemies did not equate to prosperity for his family. There was the possibility of accidents, such as illness—while Basara had no guarantee for their occurrence, he also could not find it in himself to deny the possibility of such events outright. Ideally, he wanted to avoid such risks as well.


For everyone…for his family. That, and he also wanted Hasegawa to be in good health. His wishes additionally extended to Takigawa, Kajiura-senpai, Nanao, and those who have had tragedy strike them in the Demon Realm.


As he wished for something that was perhaps far too simple given that the Demon Realm and a member of the Ten Gods were among those he prayed for, he suddenly turned to the side, a fondly smile rising to his lips.


Mio was smiling back at him as her gaze met his, her ehomaki still half unfinished; Basara entertained the possibility that her wishes were similar to his own.


“I’m finished eating!”


The one who next raised her voice was Maria—true to what she’d said, she had already finished her own ehomaki, and she’d also finished her iwashi (sardine) down to the bone.


Considering that the only other person that was close to finishing their ehomaki was Basara, who had eaten two thirds of his sushi, she’d finished eating far too quickly; even when considering her normal eating speed, it was evident that she had eaten her share in a hurry.


Maria now wore a bold expression as she sipped her tea, holding her favourite video camera in her hand.


She had begun filming Mio and the others before she had eaten her own ehomaki; saliva was dripping from the centre of her mouth down to her chest.


Maria’s face was letting out boundless lust, an expression that was typical of someone of her kind.


“Hehe…hehehe…that’s it…that’s the stuff! It truly is all dirty, isn’t it?”


Basara could not do anything other than remain silent given that he hadn’t finished eating his ehomaki.


What exactly about this is dirty to you? The disgusted thought surfaced in Basara’s mind.


“This is it! This is lewd stuff, all right! A bunch of girls eating ehomaki, that is!”


Basara could feel the others sharing the same thought of not wanting to look at Maria’s direction.


“Alright, continue to eat slowly, okay! Continue at it lovingly, licking it and craving it…go on, go on!”


Somehow, Basara had a clear idea of what exactly Maria had wished for.


The girl truly had nothing but erotic thoughts in her head.


Part 4


After cleaning up a bit following their meal, the Toujou household was about to uphold the main event of Setsubun—the mamemaki ritual.


“—Well, I guess this is how we’re going to do it.”


With a resigned expression, Basara put on an ogre’s mask that covered his face; although the mask was made out of the cardboard box that came with the beans they bought, the imposing look of the mask made it look as if though it was crafted masterfully.


“Perhaps you could allow me to assume the role of the ogre instead?” Zest said. “I do have horns and am a member of the Demon Realm, after all, so I do possess the appearance of a demon to humans.”


“No, please do have fun during the rounds of the mamemaki ritual, Zest. I do have demonic blood flowing through my veins anyway.” Basara said. His eyes started to feel slightly strained due to the his limited vision as a result of the mask, but he could see that Mio and the others had already finished preparing, carrying a box and some household bowls filled with roasted beans.


“Let’s go to the second floor now, shall we?”


Basara and the others went up to the second floor and into the farthest room.


Oni wa soto—(Demons begone)”


Following this cue, the others began to toss beans at Basara, who was now dressed like an ogre.


A strong showering sound resounded across the room.


“Ouch! Oh, you’re really taking this really seriously now, are you!?”


“Ehehe, I’m so very sorry! Fuku wa uchi—(May good fortune enter)…” The mischievous Maria continued to lightly sprinkle beans on the floor.


Oni wa soto—”


Of course, they did not forget to toss beans out the window and toward the yard; thereafter, they made sure to scatter more beans across every nook and cranny of the house. They did so on every room on the second floor, then the stairs, and following that, the rooms on the first floor— finally, they also performed the ritual in the living room.


“What do you think, Zest?”


“Well, I am admittedly enjoying myself.” Zest said, an embarrassed expression on her face despite the fact that she was holding back when tossing beans at Basara. “To be doing something like this with everyone…very much so.”


“I see. I suppose so. …Like I said, it hurts, Maria!”


It would seem that Maria had an entirely different idea of “fun” when she gave it her all when tossing beans at Basara.


In the meanwhile, Basara and the others were just about to finish with their final spot, which was the window of the living room; they were to throw beans out said window.


Oni wa— soto—. Fuku wa— uchi—.”


The beans fell into the yard from the living room—with that, the mamemaki ritual came to an end, and with everyone’s recognition of the activity being over, Basara finally removed his ogre mask.


At that moment, something unusual began to occur.


A blinding green light began to spread from the center of the living room, extending toward various areas around the house.


At the same time, Basara could feel it—a refreshing flow of spiritual energy, reminiscent of a cool, passing breeze.


Smack! There was a sudden, loud noise, and Zest, Maria and Mio were blown out of the house.


“—!” “Ehh?” “Kyaah!”


Narrowly managing to brace themselves, the three landed safely on the yard outside.


“W-What…” The surprised Mio glanced behind her, and the smile that was present on Zest’s face up until a short moment ago disappeared, replaced by a stern, composed expression as she stared at the living room.


There was clearly something wrong.


The scattered threads of green light suddenly linked together around the Toujou household, as if to envelop it in a webbing of sorts.


Zest extended a hand toward the green traces, and as her fingers touched the light, flying sparks shot out along with another smacking sound, springing Zest’s hand away from it. Although Zest was not injured from the gesture, smoke rose from her fingertips, an aftermath of her attempt of examining the substance.


“It’s a spiritual wall,” Zest said, after assessing the reticulated wall of green light.


“But why is this happening? More importantly, why are we all okay despite this happening?” Basara, who was still in the living room, said those words with a surprised expression rising on his face.


“Ah…” Kurumi mumbled, wearing an embarrassed expression. Yuki also nodded in realization of something as she stood beside her.


“It seems that we’ve really overdid it…”


“What do you mean? Could it be that…you’re talking about the hirragiiwashi we placed on the front door?”


“So it’s true…still, that’s not all that caused this. Apart from the iwashi charm, it seems that we went really overdid it when we went around the whole house working on the exorcism rituals, but rather than really exorcising any traditional demons, we ended up making a barrier that repels members of the Demon Realm instead. Here, look at that!”


“So the scattered beans from the mamemaki rituals earlier are the source of the barrier…these roasted beans are quite something.”


“The fukumame from the mamemaki rituals earlier must have made the exorcising inscriptions.”


“Still, why are the three of us all right, then? Does this mean that this barrier only works against demons?”


“That’s right. At the same time, Basara isn’t purely a member of the Demon Realm, so the barrier must have excluded him from its field of effect.”


Basara clutched his forehead at Yuki’s explanation.


“If the barrier’s only of this quality, then it would be easy to destroy it,” Zest proposed, hesitantly.


“Yeah. Still, it’s not the greatest solution for this, is it?”


Coincidentally, the technique used by the village involved a barrier that had been set up was made from utilizing a mysterious presence from the earth. The barrier having been formed by such a way meant that the caster could not manually dispel it, and forcibly destroying the barrier would bring about the unwanted outcome of corrupting the earth that was used to form it. That said, the only other plausible method was to subdue the power of the Heroes who had cast it, as they fought by lending the spiritual energy from the earth.


“That said, what would be an appropriate way to dispel this barrier?”


“We can’t just get rid of the beans, either. Given that this was cast by accident, it’s important that we first decipher the inscription. While it won’t be too difficult, I imagine that it’ll take us at least an hour, I think.”


Basara glanced around the yard.


“Hear me out for the time being. This light is similar to the energy a spirit blade or a magic sword would let out, one that can’t be seen by a normal human being.”


“I guess that’s our silver lining for the dark cloud we’re having. Still, I imagine that we’d be really obvious if people knew about the reality of the situation.”


“…It’s going to be very troublesome to remain like this for an hour. We’re going to stick out too much.”


“Even if we can’t decipher this technique, it’s possible that we can simply render the ritual obsolete in some way, but…”


Kurumi suddenly stopped, and her attention turned to Basara and remained on him for a few moments; Yuki’s gaze also turned on Basara just like her sister’s.


Staring at Basara’s ogre mask gave them the correct solution.


“We can dispel it!” Kurumi suddenly said, confidently. “We reverse the effects of the ritual! This is a exorcism barrier meant for demons that’s been made for the purpose of chasing away demons from the house, so if we make it such that the caster doesn’t want to continue that anymore, the technique will automatically dispel itself.”


“In other words, what am I supposed to do?”


“Make us submit to you.”


Her voice reached the yard outside; Maria smiled another perverted smile like the one she’d let out when she and the others were enjoying their ehomaki a while ago, peering into the living room.


“You’d be, as an ogre…making the casters of the exorcism submit to you—making us members of the Hero Clan yield to you would do it!”


“Isn’t there a better solution for—” Basara couldn’t finish his sentence and went silent.


Kurumi tried her hardest to avert her gaze from him.


“I guess we have no choice,” Yuki said, a speck of red appearing on her cheeks.


“You guys aren’t trying to fill Maria’s head with any more stupid ideas, right? Are you sure this is the way to do it?”


“It’s just a coincidence. An honest to goodness, utterly wonderful coincidence, that is!”


“Damn it! I really don’t want to play along with what this erotic loli succubus wants, but…”


Basara sighed, and his gaze turned to look at the sisters of the Hero Clan again.


“…Are you sure about this?”


“From the looks of it, it’s not like we can expect Maria to catch a cold all of a sudden, and we’re kind of suffering from our own just desserts here, so…”


“The conditions of the ritual reversal mean that you’re the best candidate for it, too, Basara.”


“…You’re right. We have that condition fulfilled too, given that being a member of the Demon Realm passes as a traditional demon in this case…”


Basara went through his options as he rubbed his forehead, his eyes closed and his eyebrows furrowed. A few moments passed before his eyes opened again, his gaze brimming with newfound determination.


“I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this well, but…I’ll give it a go,” He said, walking toward Yuki and Kurumi.


He took a deep breath, and after that, he opened his mouth to speak.


“You’re both finished now!” He said in a dreadful, rough voice. “I am the lord of the demons, Basara-sama! Kneel before me!”


“You’re getting more worked up that I thought you’d be!” Kurumi exclaimed, and Yuki went on all fours beside her, her face twisting into an annoyed expression.


“K-Kill…” She said.


“You’re getting worked up too, nee-san?!”


“Damn you…!”


Basara’s hand grabbed Kurumi’s ponytail; Kurumi turned toward him, flinching at the violent gesture.


“You still don’t understand the situation you’re in, do you! You lot have lost! Lost to me, Basara-sama!”


He said it again! Kurumi thought, bearing the pulling sensation on her hair; however, from the strength Basara was putting into the way he was pulling her hair and how it did not feel particularly painful, understood something; looking at Basara carefully, he also appeared to be wearing the same, very embarrassed expression that he had on his face just a few moments ago.


They had to do their best for the sake of reversing the barrier cast.


I can’t help them out if I don’t put my heart in this, Kurumi focused on such a thought.


“But how…how could we lose?” It was then that Kurumi fell to her knees, feigning hopeless defeat. Beside her was her fallen sister, who had also sunk to her knees on the floor just as she was.


“Hehehe…how unsightly. I’d expected you two to at least grit your teeth amidst your misery.” Basara said, his callous eyes gazing at the sisters.


The three paid no attention to the fact that Basara was doing his best to hide his embarrassment amidst their enactment of the scenario.


“…You’ll never conquer our hearts.” Yuki said, biting her lip, her gaze a hateful one as she eyed Basara. Kurumi, surprised at the effort her older sister was putting into her acting, gave off her own vexed look as she knelt beside Yuki.


“Now, let’s see if the two of you can entertain me.” Basara said, circling around to the sisters’ back.


“Nnn…” Yuki’s voice spilled out. With the way she was kneeling on the ground on all fours, her butt stuck out more than usual, and Basara’s hand reached for it underneath her skirt, wriggling underneath the cloth.


“Nnn…” As Basara continued to toy with Yuki’s butt, miserable moans began to continuously spill from Yuki’s throat.


“What’s wrong? Let’s see how well you last against me. Can’t you show some resistance?”


“Gah…if you didn’t have my little sister as a hostage…”


“Me!? Are you saying I’m supposed to play the role of a hostage!?”


“We have another younger sister.” “That’s right—we’re talking about your youngest sister…heheheh…”


Basara and Yuki helped her cover up the sudden gap.


“So we have three siblings? S-So that’s the setting we’re going along with…Damn you! What a coward you are, demon!”


“Coward? I admire your choice of words.” Looming over Yuki, Basara’s other hand reached to grope her breasts, his other hand not stopping in its violation of Yuki’s butt.


“Uuu, nhaah…” Yuki’s voice grew sweeter as she stirred amidst Basara’s subjugation.


“Heheheh…it’s vexing, isn’t it?”


“You coward…”


“I understand your frustration…but how about a little of this?”


Basara’s hand withdrew itself from under Yuki’s skirt, his fingers wet; Yuki’s womanly scent wafted in the air.


Basara showed off his dirtied fingers in front of her, as she attempted to turn away in shame; however, Basara clutched her head, forcing her to watch his stained fingers.


“Now, how does it feel? You look frustrated, but a certain part of you seems to imply the opposite.”


“…That’s not true. Even if you say that, I…” Tears were pooling at the corners of Yuki’s eyes.


Basara’s lips curled upward as he raised his hand and—


Smack! Basara slapped Yuki’s butt.


“Nhaah!” A scream came from Yuki as she flinched from the sensation.


Basara raised her skirt and smacked her butt again.


“Aaah, aaah! Not…not inside…aaah!”


Yuki’s butt naturally raised itself despite being beaten, the gesture suggesting that she relished the sensation and wanted more of it.




Kurumi wailed, and Basara turned to glance at her for a moment. He stopped, leaving Yuki helpless and slumped on the ground; she did not have the strength to wipe off the saliva that leaked from her mouth as her lips continued panting.


Her eyes were empty as she lay gasping for air, as if Yuki had truly surrendered herself at heart to him.


They were already past the point where they no longer knew how much of what they were doing was really just acting.


His hand extended toward Kurumi’s butt—


“You too.”


And his hand went down her skirt.


Basara reached under the black fabric of Kurumi’s skirt with the hand he’d used to torment her sister’s butt, caressing it as his hand noisily brushed against the cloth; Kurumi shut her eyes, attempting to endure the pain and disgrace that was assaulting her.


Smack! A slapping sound resounded again. Basara now slapped Kurumi’s butt through her panties.


“Nnn,” Kurumi’s eyebrows creased and she bit her lip, attempting to resist the sensation.


Basara did not stop, continuing to hit Kurumi’s butt twice, then thrice, and before long Kurumi was already spilling sweet breaths from her nose.


“Ah, nhaah…No, this is…Please stop, Basara-niichan…”


Basara said nothing; he only continued to alternate between groping and slapping her butt.


Each instance caused Kurumi to raise her voice in the heat of it all.





Mio and the others watched on as the ogre continued to discipline and subjugate the two sisters from the other side of the barrier of light.


Basara was embarrassed about doing this just a while ago, but now he was doing really cruel and inhuman things…it was really hard to tell if it was all an act of if he was really serious.


“Basara-san can really do something when he gets serious, huh…” Maria seemed impressed as she complimented Basara on what he was doing, though there was a hint of fear in her tone.


What was unfolding before them was the scene of a demon trampling all over the pride of two heroes in a one-sided beating.


At the same time, however, the obscenity seemed to have a certain charm to it; one could hear someone gulp down their saliva at the sight.


Mio, Maria and Zest could not take their eyes of the obscenities of the ogre before them.




“Well, admit it now! The both of you are defeated now. Completely defeated by my hand! By me, the lord of demons, Basara-sama!” As he continued making a mess out of the sister’s butts, he inched his face closer to their ears to taunt them.


“It’s about time you’ve submitted to me,” His lips curled upward as he gave another mocking whisper, speaking in a composed voice that threatened to echo and invade the very depths of the girls’ hearts. “Maybe I won’t treat you two so badly then. Maybe I’ll even learn to cherish you…as a toy for my personal use, that is.”


“I am…a hero…” Yuki could barely muster the words even through the heat in her eyes and her twitching eyebrows. “Even if my body submits to you on its own, my heart will not…”


Onee. I…”


Kurumi’s ponytail was flinging wildly as she shook her head in discomfort of the sensation, gasping for air beside her.


“I can’t take it anymore!”


Tears were flowing from her eyes.




“Please, Basara-niichan…just a little…just please be gentler with me, just a little! I…!”


“Have you finally surrendered?” Basara whispered again.


Kurumi appeared to hesitate for just a moment, but she could no longer resist the overflowing wave of emotions that were welling within her.


“I surrender,” She declared. “I submit to you! There, I said it, so please be gentle! Be gentle as you slap me and grope me…and please do it in places apart from my butt!”


“Wow…Kurumi. I…I surrender too!” Yuki exclaimed.


Basara could no longer turn his eyes away from the sister’s gazes that were now drowned in pleasure, and he laughed mockingly at their confirmation.


“Hehehe…Hahahaha! At last, you surrender! You’ve surrendered to me, the lord of demons, Basara-sama! Well, then, I shall grant as you desire and drown you in the pleasures of obscenity—”


Crack! A sudden sound that suggested something had been broken interrupted Basara as he was speaking; he turned toward the source of the sound even as he continued spanking Yuki and Kurumi’s rears.


“The barrier’s been dispelled!”


The shining green light began to scatter; the barrier of light that had enveloped the Toujou household up until a short moment ago had finally shattered. Zest extended her hand, and the phosphorescence disappeared in a fleeting flicker of light at her touch.


Several seconds passed before the final traces of light in the air dissipated into the darkness; Mio and Maria then returned to the living room without saying a word.




The Nonaka sisters were still at Basara’s feet, grovelling with their butts raised; Basara then withdrew his hand after playing with them for so long.



“It looks like it’s all over, but…”


Yuki and Kurumi lifted their heads.


“Basara…I, more…” “Basara-niichan, I can’t take any more now…I…”


The sisters’ gazes were wet with pleasure.


“Um…Basara, the truth is, I…”


Mio’s face was blushing to her ears as she looked at Basara with upturned eyes; Zest said nothing as she stood beside Mio, but she held an expectant gaze in her eyes.


“No, but…”


“Basara-san,” The erotic loli succubus wore a bewitching smile.


It all caused Basara to sigh and scratch his head. His gaze fell onto the sisters who were now at his feet, turning to the trio of demons that had finally managed to return inside the house.


“So are the demons still barred outside?”


Sweet moans resounded across the Toujou household on the night of the Setsubun festival.


It was a night where the heroes had been conquered by a demon.



Part 5


Having had remembered all the events that had transpired that day, Kurumi’s face flushed a bright red as she collected the roasted beans under the sofa.


“I know it was all just an act, but…that really was just too much. We really overdid it,” Heat rose to her face, not looking as if though it would subside easily.


As she calmed herself down after being interrupted momentarily from cleaning the house, she suddenly heard the door being unlocked.


“I’m home, Kurumi-san. Were you trying to comfort yourself because you felt lonely while I was away?”




The erotic loli succubus was the first to enter the living room, with Zest behind her holding the groceries they’d bought.


Kurumi’s face was still red; Maria’s eyes widened in interest at the sight, before a perverted smile rose to her face.


“Wait, were you actually comforting yourself for real! Oh, but that’s just too obvious of you, Kurumi-san! If you really want it, I’ll be sure to go through every nook and cranny of your body so no part is spared from inescapable pleasure…”


Oni wa soto—!”


Kurumi released her spiritual magic, sending the beans flying forward with a swishing sound and hitting the succubus squarely in her face.


“An ogre!?” There was a wail.


And the heroes finally got some well-deserved revenge on the demons that day.


TL Note: 

  1. Soramame – Broad beans
  2. Edamame – Green soybeans
  3. Setsubun – A Japanese festival that celebrates the end of spring, typically near March. While the JP term means “seasonal division”, it usually refers to the spring. It typically involves an evil-cleansing ritual that utilizing bean scattering (mamemaki).
  4. Mamemaki – A bean scattering ritual performed during Setsubun.
  5. Ehomaki – a special kind of sushi eaten during Setsubun.
  6. Hirragiwashi -Holly and Sardine charm meant for Setsubun
  7. Kampyo – a type of Japanese dried gourd known as yugao or fukube in Japanese.
  8. Toshitokujin – a Japanese goddess that decides auspicious directions for the current year during Setsubun.