Housekeeping and Updates

Crowdfund Contributors you’ll find the completed translation for volume 9 chapter 4 in the “LN translations” folder which concludes Basara’s duel against Celis. I have to say Uesu did a good job with how he handled Celis’ character. She’s by far one of the best “childhood friend” characters ever written. It’s a shame she doesn’t appear earlier in the series though.

Banyuusekiryoku makes Basara even more broken then he’s been established to be. 

Moving on

I updated the sample translations (I only post up to half of each chapter as sample translations. If you would like to read the rest contribute to the project)

-Added volume 9 chapter 3 part 4 (Maria and Zest onsen trip)

-Added Volume 9 chapter 4 part 3 (Celis and Basara are fighting)

Starting next week, the plan is to begin releasing the “sparknotes” version of volume 10. Crowfund contributors are going to get a play by play of every part of each chapter. For everyone else, I’ll probably just release general chapter summaries.


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