Testament of Sister New Devil Departures PV


The first PV for the upcoming OVA is out. The animation looks great. It looks like they actually have a budget this time when the animation is compared with season 1 and Burst. The anime original direction that this seems to be going in is a bit disappointing. I’m glad Basara we’re getting a “swagged out” version of Basara complete with his winter coat from volumes 8-10. I’m curious as to how they are going to handle Chisato as well as the Nonaka’s being summoned back to the Village. Hopefully we get a second PV that will gives us an idea on what to expect with the service scenes during comiket.


Story Synopsis:

After the struggle for supremacy involving the entire demon world settled down, Basara and the girls have regained their peaceful everyday life. One day that starts with Mio’s “Full of Wrong Bathroom Soap” play, they go to an indoor pool on Maria’s recommendation. However, Mio activates her curse of aphrodisiac by Basara’s accidental action! For Mio who is writhing painfully, Basara decides to take action in the pool…!? Meanwhile, Yuki and Kurumi receive an order from the hero village that is making a threatening move. Basara and the girls’ exciting vacation begins in a short holiday!

Based on the synopsis I’m under the impression that we’re going to be getting anime original content mixed in with a liberal adaption of content and themes from novels 8,9, and potentially 10.


In other news Nomi should be finished with part 2 of the volume 11 prologue possibly tonight or tomorrow. Translations for part 3 should start by Sunday.

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