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Hey everyone,

The official twitter page has been counting down the days until the OVA releases in theaters. Today they were quite generous and showed off some new images as well as the bonus poster for viewers who attend during the second week the OVA is in theaters. The new images confirm that chapters 1 and 3 of volume 8 will be getting adapted with this OVA.

In translation project related news, crowdfund contributors received the translation for part 6 of the volume 11 prologue. The remaining portion of it will be finished in Nomi’s next update. I also updated the sample translations on the site and added the 3rd part of the volume 9 prologue.

New Departures Images from twitter

New Departures Images from twitter

13 thoughts on “Departures news update/site update

    1. The chances of the lactation scene happening are fairly high since it looks like volume 8 chapter 3 is going to get adapted in the OVA.

      1. i agree but since its fairly erotic than the usual standard, maybe they’ll add it as a bonus scene in the ecstasy edition.

        1. If it gets adapted I’m pretty sure the second half of the scene is going to get cut from the theatrical version of the film since she’s basically getting “not quite” fucked from behind and squirting breast milk everywhere lol.

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