Whoever is posting our sample translations on Baka Tsuki

shinmai - 02

It wasn’t very nice posting our sample translations on Baka-Tsuki without permission. You should give credit where credit is due. At the very least, you should link people back to our website. Here they can find information on how to support the crowdfund project, sample translations,  in depth summaries of other volumes, and general news regarding the series.

So whoever is doing this please stop and ask for permission first.

*Edit* I created a Baka Tsuki account and deleted the translations. If somebody wants to repost them simply ask me before doing so.



4 thoughts on “Whoever is posting our sample translations on Baka Tsuki

      1. Thank you for confirming. It seems that it was new account that copypasted a whole chapter of volume 8 to BT.
        I’ll warn the user to not do something like this in the future. I apologize for noticing it sooner.

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