Volume 12 is out

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Volume 12 is out and it’s currently a best seller on amazon which is pretty damn nice. Thanks everyone who continues to support the series. Nomi’s summary for volume 12 is currently a work in progress and we’ll try to get it out some time early this week.

58 thoughts on “Volume 12 is out

  1. In the new pic of Basara and Chisato having sex, what’s with the guys around her, is she gonna get gangbanged?

        1. Yeah those are just Basara’s clones lol. The hot spring scene from volume 8 serves as the basis for the deepest desire in her heart which was for Basara to forcefully have his way with her.

        1. The clones are connected to Basara’s consciousness. They never get to penetrate her. Basara grows a second dick and DP’s Chisato while she clones use her hair, hands, mouth, and tits.

        1. Chisato, Mio, Yuki, and Zest should be almost 2 months pregnant by the end of volume 12. Unfortunately there’s no information regarding the genders of the babies.

    1. At some point, we should be getting a volume containing all of the BD and retail exclusive side stories. So maybe they’ll include Basara’s wedding and do a time skip so we can get to see the babies born.

  2. When I first saw Chisato I thought she was Basara’s mom because they have the same eyes, I’m curious why do they have the same eyes if they’re not biologically related?

    1. Basara gets his green eye color from Raphaeline. The best answer I can give is “power of the Ten Gods” (They can pretty much make anything possible).

        1. Basara should actually be meeting them relatively soon considering Jin is trying to have them back in time for the wedding.

    1. Yeah Basara is marrying all of the girls. There’s 8 rings at the end of volume 12.There were two illustrations of Raphaeline and Sapphire. One was in volume 8 chapter 3, and the other was included as a bonus.

  3. Good to know, I didn’t know two of them, what do you think the relationship between Basara and his mothers will be like when they finally meet?

    1. They are probably going to be happy to see him and surprised at the fact that he’s married and with a bunch of kids on the way.

      1. Do you expect that Basara will have 4 boys and 4 girls to keep it equal among the genders? I think Highschool DxD did something similar.

  4. Do you think Chisato will have a boy or a girl if you had to guess? Also do you think we will get a lot of interaction between Basara and Sapphire?

    1. I think Chisato will end up having a boy. Basara’s interactions with Sapphire should be interesting, because they met once when he first moved to Tokyo. I’m most interested in Chisato’s reunion with Raphaeline though.

      1. Interesting, any reason why you think Chisato will have a son? I didn’t know they had meet before, what happened in their interaction? What do you think Chisato and Raphaeline reunion will be like?

        1. I dunno, I just always envisioned her having a son for her first kid. Sapphire helped calm Basara down, when he first moved to Tokyo, after Banishing Shift went out of control in the village. She erased his memory of her visit though. Chisato and Raphaeline’s reunion will probably be all tears for Chisato. Jin coming to the wedding with both of Basara’s mothers will be a surprise for all of the girls, since there’s no indication that they are aware of the fact that Jin’s been in the Divine Realm for the past month and a half or so.

    1. She’s maintaining a protective barrier around all of the kids. She’s also created a maternal link between all of the expecting mothers. So I think she’s going to be a pretty damn good mother.

        1. I don’t think there’s going to be a time skip. Uesu set up several new potential threats for Basara to face, in the event that his new series bombs.

      1. That’s a shame. I have another question, how do you think the story would have changed if Chisato was Basara’s mother?

        1. Basara is strong enough to take anybody on, and he wants the girls to maintain their regular lives without having to fight. They’re safer that way, and they’ll be busy with the kids. The four novels would have been completely different, and the series could have ended at volume 7 if that was the case.

  5. Interesting, I didn’t know that much would change. What do you think Basara and Chisato’s relationship would have been like if they were mother and son?

    1. They would be completely different characters. Chisato and Basara’s interactions are too integral to Basara’s character development. Changing their relationship would change their characters completely.

  6. Did the translation stopped unlike the schedule that have been said before?
    I’m Not putting any pressure here

    1. The series is over. We might get the wedding and birth of the kids in the side story volume that’s releasing at some point.

        1. Ookuma said back in december that if there was enough fan demand, Uesu might considering writing a sequel series to Shinmai. Things were left open ended enough as well. I would say that it’s over for now, and we’ll have to see how his new series does.

        1. The other districts of the Hero Clan have super weapons like Shiba, one of the less influential factions in the demon world are starting to make their move, Jin saving Raphaeline and Sapphire will no doubt anger the Ten Gods.

  7. Um, I might miss something. But I can’t find any of vol 12 illustration here. Could it be that you don’t place them here?

  8. You admins keep saying “till it’s released” and “not done translating yet”. In fact, about the last 2 volumes! When will you finally release them here, in your site? If it’s to difficult for you to do it all because of the lolicon-part in them, then just make PDF-files out of ALL the volumes, put them in some kind of a server where we all can download and read them and give us links to them!

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