Volume 12 chapter 1 complete

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Nomi finished translating the first chapter of volume 12 earlier today. She’ll be doing some minor edits over the next few days before starting work on chapter 2. One more really long chapter to go before volume 12 is finished.  In other news, volume 10 chapter 1 should be finished this weekend.

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        1. Basara and Chisato never have sex for a year. What you’re confused on is the contract ceremony in volume 8 which takes place over the course of a year inside a time barrier.

  1. I bet there will be tons of donations after the sample of vol12 ch1 gets posted.
    Everybody needs to see full scenes with Chisato

  2. This might be unrelated to this series but i want to ask a question if is possible to ask for another translation project? and how much money we have to gathered to keep the translation alive till the end.Im asking this because of Madan no ou to Michelia which i really want to read and i dun mind donating and perhaps could gather some donator for the project.

    1. Once the main volumes of Shinmai are finished this year, Nomi and Jhunius will translate the side volumes which aren’t nearly as long as the main series. The Shinmai donors are interested in getting the rest of Rogue Hero translated, and picking up Uesu’s new series in the event that nobody else decides to translate it. It’s possible, but I would have to ask Nomi and Jhunius about their availability for picking up translations for a series outside of the Uesu works that the Shinmai donor group are paying to complete.

      It’s hard to say how much money would be required to keep it alive until completion, but based off of my experience with Shinmai it would be thousands of dollars. Each chapter of Shinmai costs roughly $250 to translate.

      I only recommend going the crowdfund route in the event you’ve exhausted all other options. You’ll potentially face tons of backlash for starting something like this, but if this is the only way to have a series that you enjoy translated then I say go for it. However you have to be willing to put in the work to grow your pool of donors, because Rome isn’t built in a night.

  3. Thank you for the reply and my question is why im getting a backlash for this please elaborated it to me since im kinda ignorant with this kind of stuff.Also thousand of dollars kinda too much tbh and as you recommended through a crowdfunded like this what the necessary requirement so we can have this kind of funded for another series.

    1. I’m saying you have to be prepared for the potential backlash from people bitching about going down this route. Back when I originally started the shinmai crowdfund, there was tons of people bitching and moaning about locking translations behind a paywall.

  4. like how the first part is so far, but i was under the impression that it would be the whole chapter. Will you be posting the rest of it soon?

    1. This is a commissioned translation project, and the majority of the crowdfunders decided against posting full chapters on the site. If you want to read beyond the sample translations support the project.

  5. In this chapter, do Basara and Chisato have sex? I have read, but there are no sex scenes,
    Is the translation not complete?

    1. They have sex later on in the chapter. I only uploaded parts 1 and 2 as the sample translation for this chapter. Donors have access to the full chapter.

      1. oh means this chapter 1 has not been translated yet?

        did they have sex (basara and chisato) after mio saw them?

        when can I read the continuation?

        1. The translation for chapter 1 was finished in August. Nomi is currently working on chapter 2. There’s 9 parts total to chapter 1. The first 2 parts were posted as the sample translation. Crowdfund donors have the completed chapter. Basara and Chisato don’t have sex until after the strategy meeting. If you want to read the continuation, donate to the project.

      2. oh so in vol 12 after meeting strategy, basara and chisato have sex?

        Is Chisato pregnant?

        May I ask?
        before volume 12, in what volume did chisato and basara have sex for the first time?

        and how to donate?

        1. 1. Yes after the strategy meeting Basara and Chisato tie the master servant vow.

          2. Chisato is about a month and a half into her pregnancy like Mio, Maria, Yuki, Kurumi, and Zest; as of the chapter 2 of volume 12.

          3. The events of volume 12 chapter 1 takes place in between the events of the prologue and first chapter of volume 11.

          4. There’s a nice FAQ on the top left of the page that explains how to donate. If you have additional questions or concerns I’ll be happy to answer them.

      3. 1. After Basara and Chisato have sex, and then become pregnant, do they both live in one house and live happily?

        2. Are they both married?

        3. last
        after watching anime season 2.
        if you want to continue reading LN, at what volume?

        explanation please?

        1. 1. Yes Chisato lives in the Toujou house and is really happy.

          2. Basara’s wedding with all of the girls is happening a couple of weeks from the end of volume 12. It’s mid May in volume 12 chapter 2, and the wedding is taking place in June.

          3. After watching season 2 I would pick up the novels at volume 4 since they skipped over some stuff. If you’re looking for a direct continuation of where stuff leaves off from Departures then you are going to want to read volume 8 since Departures skipped over almost all of the actual plot.

  6. I saw the illustration vol 12. The chisato again in gangbang many men including basara

    who is another man besides Basara?

    explanation please?

  7. Is this volume 12, Basara and Hasegawa really having real sex?

    if true, in what chapter did he do it?
    I’ve read chapter 1, but they both don’t have sex at all, until mio sees them

    and whether in the ending of vol 12, chisato and basara are in 1 house?

    explanation please

    1. Yes they are really having sex.

      The sample translations only have the first 2 parts of chapter 1. Donors have access to the full chapter. So if you want to read the full chapter, along with the other volumes and chapters that have been translated or are currently being translated through the translation project, then i recommend that you donate to the project. There’s a FAQ at the top of the page that answers most questions, but if you still have additional questions or concerns I’ll be happy to answer them.

      Basara and Chisato’s master servant vow doesn’t start until part 5 and it goes until the end of the chapter in part 9.

      To answer your final question Chisato has been living with everyone in the Toujou house since the end of volume 11.

  8. Is the ending 12 vol, basara married?

    Who is Basara married to?

    Does Basara have sex with her aunt (Hasegawa)?

    Please reply

    1. 1. The girls and Basara decided to spend the rest of their lives together when they tied the vow. The formal wedding is happening a couple of weeks after the events of volume 12 chapter 2 since it’s going to be June. June is good for weddings because of how the goddess Juno protects women in all aspects of life, especially marriage and childbirth.

      2. Basara marries all of the girls. He has a box with 8 rings.

      3. Basara and Chisato are cousins. You would see this in the sample translation for volume 8 and then again in the sample translation for volume 12 chapter 1, where it clearly says that they are cousins. Yes they have sex.

    1. if you have questions about the way donations work read the FAQ. Email me if you have additional questions, and I’ll be happy to explain things to you.

  9. whether basara and chiasato have sex on vol 8.
    on valentine’s day?
    how many times did they do it throughout the story?

    1. They don’t have sex in volume 8. They get close to having sex, but it doesn’t happen. Basara doesn’t take Chisato’s virginity until around 2 months after they make the two contracts in volume 8.

      If I counted right they do it around 9 or 10 times while tying the vow. After she moves into the Toujou house, they do it at least twice a day, 3 times if it’s her night to sleep with Basara.

  10. Hello i am new member. I want to ask with giving 10 dollars will i get full volume with not missing any chapter.

      1. It’s missing from the site because I haven’t put it on the site yet. Donors however already have access to it.

    1. The FAQ on the top left of the screen is a great resource. You’ll also find my email at the bottom of it.

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