Volume 10 prologue sample translation

I posted the sample translation for the volume 10 prologue a couple of days ago. Nomi should be sending me chapter 1 of volume 10 at some point today.

In unrelated news, Uesu’s new novel Overdone Devil Exterminator’s Seven Deadly Sins Game (New Game) 1 “The Seven Deadly Sins Master Ruthlessly Shatters Taboos” releases on the 2nd of October. I’ll be checking this novel out, because I generally enjoy Uesu’s writing style. Hopefully we get some information on the final Shinmai volume though.


8 thoughts on “Volume 10 prologue sample translation

      1. Ah, ok, nice, thanks
        I just couldn’t help but notice the big eyes and thin builds for the males, along with the slightly effeminate looks so I had been wondering 😀

        1. Yeah the characters look like they were ripped straight out of K. It’s nice the manga adaptation starting serialization a day after the LN comes out. I’m hoping this gets an anime adaptation in the future, because from what I’ve read from the trial version of the novel it’s pretty interesting. Even Ookuma from Shinmai was nice enough to tweet about Devil Exterminator for Uesu.

  1. Hmmm. While I am excited about Uesu’s new writing, the art for the new series is comparatively much worse than Shinmai. The cover looks so generic and blend unlike Shinmai whose cover is hyper sexual. I would hardly think its from the same author

    1. It really boils down to VN/LN artist vs animation studio. Ookuma is one dude, whereas Gohands is an animation studio. At least for me, Ookuma does a much better job conveying characters personality and emotions in his art. There’s a certain level of stiffness in some of the Gohands illustrations for the novel. Ookuma was nice enough to draw his version of Yui (the FMC) in support of the LN.

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