Shinmai Maou Volume 13 Releases Spring 2019


A good friend of mine that purchased the physical version of Overdone Devil Exterminator, sent me this advertisement that wasn’t included in the electronic version. As Uesu said in the volume 12 afterword, this volume should serve as the final volume of Shinmai for real this time.

Possible content: Once the page count for volume 13 comes out, I’ll be able to provide a much more accurate idea as to possible content, but based upon what Uesu has said in the volume 11 and 12 afterwords. This volume might possibly include the three EX volumes and the Jin story featuring the Divine Realm that got too big to be included with volume 12.

13 thoughts on “Shinmai Maou Volume 13 Releases Spring 2019

  1. Well I am new to the anime world and I liked this anime but can you tell me that there will be a volume 13 ?

      1. Is it connected to the studio which made the anime?? Cause it was bankrupt in 2018 if I am not wrong and also the previous volume was released in 2018. Please explain it?

        1. Production IMS wasn’t a part of the Shinmai Maou production committee. The production committee could easily find another studio in the event they want to make a continuation of the anime. Also spring 2019 was just a target date for volume 13.

          1. I see but the thing is it has probably taken already more than enough time to release it is more than 2 years after the release of the 12th volume we all can do is hope

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