Volume 11 translation is in progress


I’ve been fairly busy as of late, so apologies for not posting any updates on the site recently. The plan for this month has been to finish the remainder of volume 11. Nomi translated the prologue last year. Jhunius is planning on finishing up the remainder of the volume by the end of the month. With that, the translations for the main series  through volume 12 will be finished in December.  I have sample translations to update for the remainder of volume 10, as well as manga related things, and Shinmai stuff from The Sneaker to post later this week as well.

10 thoughts on “Volume 11 translation is in progress

  1. Speaking of Vol.12, I was wondering how long is the Hasegawa/Basara section after all the clone action weirdness, the vanilla part if you will, since some user or users mentioned that it is brief and ends quickly while someone else disagreed. Is the part after the clones lewd or just talk between the two characters?

    1. Some people seem to have this weird idea that Basara and Chisato’s vow scene is entirely a gangbang. Maybe they look at or read into the illustration way too much lol. The gangbang is actually the shortest part of their vow scene, and doesn’t lead to the completion of the vow. It’s the one-on-one “sweet sex” (as Uesu refers to it) where they have intrauterine intercourse and the pleasure Chisato experiences while getting impregnated from that is what leads to the completion of the vow. The final scene is just after sex bliss. Basara cuddles with Chisato and they have pillow talk until it’s time for him to go and fight Shiba.

      1. does Uesu ever mention the exact size of basara’s throbbing man-carrot by the end of the series? had an argument with a friend over it

      1. I know Chisato and Zest both give Basara Paizuri on two different occasions in volume 12. I don’t remember if Mio gives him any though.

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